Salute To Service 6-17-2017 Hour 2

Salute to Service
Saturday, June 17th
Salute to Service

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Welcome back salute to service our number two John and check the studio you're listening to 1063 WOR. EDS states talk station. And just before we get into the Jeanne are treating gunfire wrap department got to get caught up on some text messages really quick. A C Bob Bob Bob Bob there's a difference between one version taking pot shots at individual politicians and people with during a trend local government and installing a new one. Al is there. And I mean perception gap perception Dan Rea reception and semantics while this is hey guys you know what kind of automatic rifle was used. By the attack on the senator congressman it was an SKS and it was semi automatic. You ginger 150 too late though constitution die and 1865 plain and simple region Tony on the how many unconstitutional lax government is allowed since then. How many and constitutional rights were allowed before an uncanny. The wild west had an effective way of dealing associate pass a compassionate takes refused to stay up in the Stanley addicts aren't policies trials and ropes. Now. Yummy eatery the declaration of independence which is not suffer more from the constitution is clear in the collar and yell missed it. Yell is now word also. I've never seen it is out before. I use it I just never seen honestly for. And and you are correct we actually when I saw your text message come up I didn't I didn't go back in an interview that portion and that is applicable. In we'll touch on that and and I work in a shipyard of north we have summary income in the had been hit. I'm heading former Russian sub rumor was they were playing chicken with the Russians and nobody moved. Yes I can and I can understand that went with subs and again especially back in the height of the Cold War then and you know he's here a lot of us. Story of course a lot of stories have been turned into the great movies with sub mariners and and their fellows manned maneuvering close Sean Connery yet. Yeah exactly greatly Veba analysts at all right now let's have a little Gene Autry and some gone far. We had a mother passing of of note this week a World War II hero medal of honor recipient Arthur Jackson died at 9080. Years of age in this gas story. Like so many of that generation is incredible. Our Jackson was given the medal of honor for actions he took on the battle Alou out there in the Pacific island. May eight in if you've ever watched. Gosh what was the the marine corps' her in the Pacific. The series the mini series a which is not a good not as good as band of Brothers but still good a very good news via a covered a lot of the and the action of course there's a lot of great documentaries out that. On the during the the battle for the island of paella is he single handedly destroyed a dozen enemy pill boxes and killed. Fifty at least fifty Japanese soldiers during the fierce fighting for Palin fighting for control the island that lasted for two months. And I believe in and one documentary I saw there were some complaining officers that actually thought they would have it done in about two days. But the the Japanese as they prove time again were very tough foe and had bad defense and depth plan that fighting for control outlasted two months. Beginning in September of 1940 for the Japanese contracting case killed 18100 Americans and injured 8000 more of that. This gentleman medal of honor winner receive a medal of honor recipient and part of the greatest generation Arthur Jackson dies at age 92. Pair wins. So this story has absolutely nothing to do with anything that we discuss regularly I just thought it was funny therefore I have included it in the rapid fire. According to a recent survey 7%. Of Americans. Believe chocolate milk. Comes from around the house the survey was conducted by the innovations centered US there in April 1000 adults eighteen and over or ask questions about the role no plays in their daily lives. Food and wine reported. The study found 48%. Of respondents weren't sure where chocolate milk came from. 7%. Thought chocolate milk only comes from brown house. That adds up to about sixteen point four million people more than the population. Of Ohio. Seat but that does apply because you take that and you look at the stories that were talking about and it talked about on other shows we're talking about you know loses serious serious topics. And so much of what we talk about you know the bulls down to you know perception and judgment you know semantics using the right words putting them. The right turn on on a phrase to get across a a true meaning stuff like that. You know and rights and the responsibilities. That come with rights and we have good discussions on here about that and and and calls when people and text messages and emails from it. And the people that think chocolate milk comes from brown cows and those in the larger percentage that aren't really sure. They're part of this giant melting pot that we know and love as the united date eight per cent so it does apply because well we're having these discussions in your thinking oh will somebody's. They're they're up to speed enough to have a good debate where this or bring up some salient points and stuff like you never know because they may be they they make. 48%. Of the population. Don't know or aren't sure where chocolate milk comes from John and of that. It did just just it would apply that. Local rise sixteen and a half million people in the United States of America in the year 2017. I think that chocolate milk comes from. Around the house as they're tree we let these guys here's here's an opportunity for us to do a very informative. YouTube video. And maybe need to work on that after an. I here's another little tit bit once again somebody is claiming that the crisis leader Al Baghdad he is dead course we spoke to an end and then again and have Intel like the May Day you only live twice right. Russia claimed Friday that it killed the leader of the Islamic state well they did in an air strike and I and I hope they did I wish him like lions are dropping bombs on those guys on our wish tomorrow lucky can't. But again there's been no move confirmation yet outside of that you know the US intelligence services are you know. Well they're all hello everybody on a literary and how he could have perhaps got to investigate the president right now. But we're still waiting for some kind of you know I don't know man may be MI five MI six out of the UK could verify it we could take their word for it that. You know I I hope the Russians big gala. Yeah I saw us all of the did. That gay you never know I was in the Clinton speaking. Speaking of the the sixteen point five million people who think that chocolate milk comes from around the house. Out of Oakland California the city of Oakland is banning anybody with police experience from joining their police commission but they are actively recruiting convicts the San Francisco chronicle reports that the notice on the city's website lists in the requirement. Must be in Oakland resident must be at least eighteen years old formerly incarcerated individuals encouraged to imply. In a gross understatement Oakland police officer association said that putting the inmates in charge of the cycle was extremely. Distasteful. The voter approved police commission band's current and former Oakland cops from serving on the commission as well as police union employees now pay it. Are those people who've actually been there done that can't be on the army is on the commission unless they've been on the receiving end of right in there done that by the former Laporte and just for for clarity bit the commission is the one who essentially does it. I want citizens review committee review I would you please actions you know. Police brutality Qaeda chewing yes so there you go. Here's you know sometimes you wish he had that. Thursday giving too much information and historians can really did need to know that this is not one of those stories this is one RI Mike how are really wish there'd been a little more detail and it. A this comes out of Fox News Dan and Texas a Texas woman slips. A loaded gun into jail. Inside her brassiere. Now we have the story not too long the guy down in Alabama that. Had the a small 380 pistol that he was trying to sneak into jail and it felt out of his thoughts are towards. But corrections officers found a loaded gun again giving her and it after she Larry had I guess the initial pat down and found the the weapon hidden inside her brassiere. And yet again they don't say what kind of weapon so I again. Oh let's let a small little Seminole 380 years something like that aren't the ones unless they've it was a full size 1911. I'm impressed. So I did an unfortunate event out of Newport Arkansas. Lieutenant Patrick Weatherford 41 of Newport Arkansas was shot and killed. While investigating a crime is that makes. What's the what's the total for the warning and wind between one law enforcement launchers for the year killed by gunfire. Now and then there was an article we shared on our FaceBook page. FaceBook dot com slash W Doherty salute to service where lending at postal lots of keep conversation under in the week and there was also sadly. From police were on an article about a lot forced an officer that he had taken his own life 44 years old and a one has so sad like two years on the job man but you know what they say sometimes you registered to lead this long enough. So. It's it's a topic that needs to be discussed now and we're gonna you know we've got to work on getting like he said maybe get in touch with and care as solid as maybe some others here locally and and do it. A show or early scene along with multiple silence in knock out an hour worth of a show dealing with the on the issue that PTS the stress and stuff like that with the offer as we talk about about the military ally yet but is there any other first responder on Forstmann communities as well. Truth is there enough time for your break you only get room. Richard on head is called in about it DAV event and correction on it if we understand correctly. The position I don't. Well what's happening there won't be here powered DA BD global service and found a brief boom area and the main culprit there are spread out. Well bill here in this Monday. Between 9:30. AM 430. Don't look at him wrong database. And equipped old green to a clinic after down. Would be. It's definitely too and are not part creek drive. To get out and whoever they do that is true not old Erica on Augusta grow. There's two new ones on creek drive greater Greenville memorial hospital. Okay. Well good I'll also. Go ahead that. OK. Richard that. Also this here we unfortunately got to do some of load different. Because group crucial to Christian charity. We wouldn't know it will be able. To look up Koreans know we can call. Brand new clean look if you wanted to come on the final step of quaint. Because all the rest some lawyer. I've been going around expecting all the computers to do it believes there's no way. I gotta be carefully yet network security issues understand that. If you don't get a chance to. To be seen by the also prevent folks there you know we didn't proclaimed. On Friday the week. And it all done by volunteers. There and audit would have to do it changed deserved an appointment call 864. 299. 16100. Extension 27. Well anyway. And it's someone woke con you back between work. Supported. Okay our outstanding man thanks Ron for the call brother we appreciate that thank you for the good information rather. LE NN time for the break and when we come back Ron don't go anywhere will grab you. And we're gonna have a little mad assessed when we get back as well salute to service 163 W a ordeal what chuck and John. We'll be back in just a minute. Welcome excellent service John and check the studio you listen to 1063 WORD. And to the phones we go run that is called in from Taylor's drama and the show. Hey you know on that whole thing over taken government. I think what a lot of Mitt is yep there they isn't serious also urging the court. Those two what the standard and even into decorations are off with a long later naked. Creator. What can anybody think that it was good to re establishment of a lot of government overthrow another the one a on. At home here at home in bed and thought about divine Providence. All these arms are pregnant when meaning me and I must be understood. Lord be alert and what is the limit. How and where we're anywhere near there. And according to what I read the declaration of independence. This man acted. Maybe with a few people encouraging. We know we're here. What the declaration of independence would have qualified as. A reason to overthrow government by attempting to assassinate. You know content. Especially the Republican Party congress. Yeah well but it doesn't matter what we in a matter what you think. It just matters well and I always in his mind was he was doing which now unless we we were talk and Dermarr commercial breaks in a year I think may be a guy like this left some type of manifesto some type of something written typed electronic. Trail again that to be followed. That may be won't learn more and then maybe people can. Have a reasonable com. Informed discussion. About. The dial Hulk that's going on in this country that that we're not gonna hear anything that I got for sure now. Mile and then you know it already. Ms. Pelosi talking about the republic starting at stopping 96 with Clint. Yeah Italy Caroline. No no matter who are Nancy Pelosi says not only thing Nancy Pelosi care to a Nancy Pelosi says it he's always done you know what people hurt people are paying far more attention these dim Winston then they deserve to be paid attention to. There there there are all in in this dissing this applies to both sides you don't get me wrong. Even in these hearings with coming in sessions and all this other stuff there were clearly defined sides. And if you're on the opposing team and you ask opposing team questions and if you're on the home team and you throw soft balls and it's. It's all just absolute garbage and it's all meaningless. Every bit and a story were about to get into with McCain's senate. I think tree caller I appreciate it with McCain's sent. Questions in the Tasmanian Madison stuff like that make. Fit perfectly into the pointy dismayed yet don't just think that about. A Democrat because they're Democrat or republic of have been just a kind of in total these people are just. Attention or is yeah media spouting. The party line drivel and stuff like that 'cause. You know in case you missed it Mattis was back upon. Capitol Hill this week topping up there and there was some good takeaways from his meeting but one thing I shared this on our FaceBook page. Does it just struck me as may end up. How much gold. Does one have to possess. And somebody that should know better. Ted Ted take a swipe bid Ed James Mattis. Elena read the quote read the statement tee and then tell you who made it. We are now six months into this administration. We still having got a strategy for Afghanistan. It makes us hard for us to support you when we don't have a strategy. We know what the strategy was for the last eight years don't lose that hasn't worked. Well I needed that you. You've been in this administration has been in for six months now and we still haven't got a strategy. You know who said that. I do but I'm not going to say who because that would be giving away a what you tell everybody. John McCain Republican senator from Arizona. You know in my thought on that is senator. Where in the hell have you the end for the last 1517. Years right where did you did what have you done. Well we know and we know overdue and I shall we and we know he sure is have an. Heck haven't done anything to the hell this current administration out and yet you've got the goal. To look former general Mattis now secretary defense matters in the face when you've done nothing that helps spread. Garbage about this administration that's in power so they're having to spend all types of time putting out fires. Trying to clarify this that any other which has been a little utterance which is the goal. And he's criticizing. Criticizing. James Mattis Lola mad cause worse next month and here's where Mattis AA and in many a.'s problem mark. More than one a better man than me Mattis replies. Quote. We are putting it together now and there are actions being taken to make certain. That we don't pay a price for the delay we recognize the need for urgency in your criticism is fair share that was changed masses not lines I mean done. Wow I mean that guy is. Of course I was more I was impressed with this guy. Mom before. You know he became secretary of defeat us but then seeing his performance again. With the concern that was on the mainstream media about what trump needs generals and get these generals and Mattis has only been the military 334 years not the seven that your party is gonna need to weigh in on this and an end. Madness doesn't agree with trump on this on interrogation methods and I think that's. And you look at so much that's gone on at this guy is the brightest spot. In the entire administration earliest truly truly. But then just the gall. The hutch. Senator McCain how how the man stands and walks on his own listed please put it that Leila. At more well. It's it's that say you've been in this administration for six months and we still don't have a strict you know again restore our strategy holy bull forty year where's bin your support what did you what did you do on what you know you've the Arab Spring you know isn't helping you spoke and I mean. I was foundations for ice is instantly to your guns or you know let let's take is criticized Regina. Go to break because what we've gotten in studio where it is today I aghast and moral Latin somebody that I drug along with me. My middle daughter is fresh out of the Marine Corps wrapped in her DD 214 blank him. Sitting ever so patiently on the other side of the studio microphone for a number and I've been waiting for the opportunity dash curse them that has some questions. And this is a perfect time Bailey. When it was announced that general Mattis. Was going to be the secretary of defense was there to what what was the atmosphere like in the Marine Corps what was your noticeable change in the Marine Corps. Was it positive was it. Yes and and a positive is when you think. I think in general madness that's pretty much the embodiment. Inquirer and all every marine was pretty much ecstatic when we found out the news that. That he was you know step up and be intersect that. Did it. Was there. Was like new hope. Oh yes definitely especially. With. The past few common on the the rain cores Thad and Lou when. Each of Nikkei you know we've been through a few and about. They're coming down and but mom and we've. Each one has come out and we've kind of sort of been let down especially with the but Shannon's. Our latest. Has gotten about their reasons. Scandals. That those stuff and on down. Though when. We heard. About general Mattis up and out it. It did give us new hope is his own we almost had like a little. Little ceremony putting his picture up the entire. Chain of command along and not. Everybody has. Saint societies they say you know let's just say that as an incentive there isn't a normal picture we've we've definitely got the same status picture upon our. Candles lit all right Allen and yet it's it's it's a shrine. The wall and I go. I can imagine that there would probably some. Some less than than proper. Ceremonial things taking place to hang that picture opened in varies he's across the horn and aunts and I'm sure didn't just include the Marine Corps either you know army that's another tape Lina got as recently retired from the army and other branches you know I know. This to a person it was like thank goodness jacket that's it he is a I think pretty universally accepted to be the I I think not only the embodiment of the Marine Corps like Bailey said but the embodiment embodiment of what the military is supposed to be calm measured. Thoughtful. And violent. That's that's. It's almost like he has that sort of he has sort of cool. On armory in it's it's like when you're doing and when when Marines are doing pushups or pull ups and now and went for just evil you know I mean I like. No well. Mattis is about to be a sect efforts. We never like to run but let's try to today let's run five miles for James Mattis yeah yeah. That's I mean that's essentially it what it was like in Rinker. You're jumping for joy we found out the news. And not surprised not nodded off and you know as for those of you listening. Bailey spent the last you know four years in the Marine Corps answers to our country and in. I'd like taking up K welcome her home in the thinker not not as a father but as an American citizen for her service or country yourself with service. And two to the accomplishments that she was able to achieve while in the Marine Corps. Her promotions. Up to sergeant. Airborne qualification. Honor graduate from from non in TO academy in and so on and so forth. All of which I had absolutely nothing to do wit yeah. Oh. Apparently got a lot more from other than any well I can't did that goes without saying that again this this was just a good opportunity mean for me to bring her and then in and publicly say you you've done a hell of job and we appreciated cancel your community appreciates. So what what's next. Luis do we start to cast steel thing. Will we need to head of break and then we've we've got more madness the six. Great deals right away that takeaways and tasks is perfectly solid just leave it with. Just that just the offending remarks from Senator McCain. And the outstanding reply from arsenic that but there was six solid takeaways salute to service 163 WO lord be with chuck and John will be right back. Don't Ask Don't Tell us. Lee did and I thought I am obligated to help are you obligated to at that as this deletes the long term relationship or you just look at bird of one nighter. Well I'm I'm willing to learn that he. Man welcome back salute to service John Turner chuck Porter glad to be with you this Saturday June 17. Day before Father's Day hope all the dads out there have a good happy and safe Father's Day tomorrow. I we're talking about sect Def Mattis and some Capitol Hill testimony this week and it just in my opinion that the gall they Republican senator from Arizona has gained. Scolding Madison is the the word from the headline about. Six months and this administration we still haven't got a strategy in come with hints about his level where you and indeed. And a bit Madison again a great response to that but then there are some takeaways. That. You know you really need to think about from this meeting because again mass was very forthright and direct. In his testimony and I think one of the great things that that came out of that one of the takeaways list. Kind of oh where he leveled a broad side at both parties. And said look for more talking about the military your feet. You know he's like quoting sec Def Mattis I need bipartisan support for this budget request in the past by failing to pass a budget on Tom or eliminate the greatest sequestration. Congress sidelined itself from its active constitutional oversight role. It's block new programs prevent its service growth stalled industry initiative and place troops at greater risk. You know any goes on a little bit more than congress as a whole has met the present challenge with lesson to not leadership. Two days and you know 50% of people on the committee had a look at the word lasted two media kit I still don't oil company conduct. But again a great take away from I mean just. One of the great things we've had a that we've seen with that that some of the generals that have been brought into the inner sanctum of this new administration that again mainstream media was. On cash east try the local channel that he can't Urals and what are we gonna do. I sit here and wring my hands over on in the brightest spots so forum have been consistently. Matters from petroleum McMaster yeah not so much land. No not yeah. That's a Muppets not lately not that got the last six months I thought but. Again you know him. Point out to congress could you guys have a constitutional role to play in this and you have been playing games and like we've said so many times and far less. And eloquently been in this sector defense. About look at that congress again and it goes back and its about face time on almost some news cable channel. Or you know faced get their face on some magazine her above the fold of the Sunday papers or something rather than thinking. Look police in the end in the use the terminology boots on the ground not a snub the roots its these are men and women these are American fighting men and women. These are people that are his sons daughters mothers fathers husbands wise. And your your games senior political shenanigans. Are putting them at risk didn't he say. I think all in his opening statement about the the the American service members have shoulder this burden. Without all of the things that they who should have been provided. There was something notable when there that I remember reading policy whereas if I found here there is. Seat he's got to hear no room for complacency and we have no god given right to victory on the battlefield another and that's a solid start out there man that again you know. Just because word the United States of America domain Maher always gonna win no we don't we if we don't do things the right way and we don't support the they these programs and support these. Branches of the military will just as stated that you you know. Our god given there's no god given right to victory on the battlefield I mean if you think about that. That's a pretty. Pro found statement made. And people have assumed for at least since the end of World War II that because we're the United States of America we are somehow. You know undefeated bowl were bullet proof yet just as we show up we're gonna win right and that's not K it's not the case and you can eat you know again in in the political issue the political tie and then. Sixer defense makes here. Perfectly fits back to end and a course. Again you say that you got to understand perspective on stuff. Not sliding. Any military effort. And and veterans of the Vietnam War about what I'm about to say that we we solved what will we could have. Bin successful air I I think. Believe it but what it was the political will. That we lag Vietnam is very illustrative of what happens when the president and when congress in the medianews group play games. With a a military situation. In and that's. Why we ended up where we did there well opinion you know Liu knew it was not that our our our military forces. Could not do the job a new morning. Does the civilian oversight of our military is a necessary part of necessary the way constitutional yeah necessary but when you get guys like you don't MacNamara wore them is some of these other cats that you know historically had been. Put in the second role or the secretary of the army undersecretary of whatever. 888 gets kind of dumpster fire Xia because they they don't understand. Military culture they don't understand how the military works or how it's supposed to work and how an operation what it needs to you know how it needs to be fed ordered. Biggest jump in I think in many cases that the truth. The true purpose and in mission. Of of what the the military is is is for it's not they are four to on the seat. And and you know the peacekeeping in all this in you know policing and stuff like that that's that's. That's not the job. Right job at how many times do politicians put our military people in this situations or put him in the situation. And then tie one hand behind their back like we saw that's what was done in many cases in in southeast Asia. And enough a lot of that that's what's been done with Afghanistan. Yep true story. When we come back slander cast steel there was a verdict and some people weren't happy about it now salute to service one of 63 W award deep second John will be right back with your text messages. And a phone call. Let them excellent service live and local or 63 WOR DN and we've almost shut the line for today man is getting them near the end that. Still time enough for some of phone calls Charles has called in from Barnes Charles welcome militia. This is ray from warrant. Outrage when we go to Patrick and thanks mice typing over there Patrick good job do you think. At the quickest tied for you this question. Cited was that I worked in the San Diego area. Out there and government projects or whatever. I got the chance to meet the guy that shot down aptly pointed it kamikaze pilot that Japanese obviously. And it was quite interesting topic until a I Canadian destroyer finally shot about air in and buy time he got it back disservice. The war was over. But. The question I have for is I'd follow a lot of military stepped quite as close politics. But the thing is I thought that the Russians had the biggest claim. What they were trying to take over asked him saying he can't not occupy it because the terrain just is very poor. For occupying with all the caves and whatever else they got there. And does wonders how we're gonna do the same thing if we win over there how would I keep. I mean that's that's a good that's a great question I think as she had British involvement there that didn't take everybody tried think everybody that's tried to take their place over a you know and and hold it you know. For some type of change on the air. Has really. Had it had a tough time would. So can we I think one of the big things for. For our side right for the United States to address is. Nobody has really ever. That agony of say that we're gonna achieve this goal this goal in this goal and when we've done that than victory is mad. Yeah and so I can kind of understand a little bit I don't have. I think he put it a little rudely as Senator McCain you know again about the holes we've been six months model of you know. But again has anybody come out with that something other than well is just not lose. Yeah and that's that's not victory not losing it doesn't equal victory yeah victory equals victory yet and somebody asked to tell us what victory is and in an interest in fifteen and we've talked a lot about different movies and stuff in on Netflix. Right now there is a AM. Of Netflix produced that movie called war machine Brad Pitt and there's other peeling your and it kind of deals a lot with that that nick questioned. That ray brought up in an in its. It's it's an odd kind of an offbeat military movie. But hey it was it was worth the watch in any kind of fits of that question is again what is victory going to be like how to we deem this that report. Or where's the line we're gonna cross is OK yes now we're. Finished and and in victory victories won victories achieved in its in its time to come home and you know and leave the Afghans. Nobody nobody's come down and stated what that is just real quickly from the text like is at fault right in this thing as I was on active duty in 1965 just prior tour for involvement in Vietnam brought us into a room. And they told us that we would probably be engaged engaging in full combat mission but we would never win that conflict because we didn't want to be. We we didn't want to be on the Vietnamese people lose face so we're going to loose from the start so it was pre disposed that it you know. The and that's just really again a true statement and one of the saddest things I think for the generation of men and women that went over there. Is they did what they were asked to make they put themselves out there and put themselves on the line so many did not come home. And you had the political games going on and then just culturally. Their own countryman. In many cases rejecting them when they came back dis sat. Real quickly somebody asked on the text line. It just curious how much instruction on the constitution founding documents to soldiers getting basic training and what kind is it. Original list on the premise of a republic form of government or regressive progressive I don't know what that means. With change that no hope. It was understood and John may have a different experience in Bailey may have a different experience but when Alan boot camp it was understood that you already knew you'd gone history class act already we didn't we didn't have a school we didn't form up in March somewhere and have a constitutional. History course or anything like we don't we knew we were gonna for me and you it's been a few years that Daley Thompson of -- what about Mary what about you was it was it. Did you have any kind of class on on constitution. It's basically what you just that I mean there's things like when you. When you get a school day your teachers expect your parents to teach you would it works the same way of their things that they expect you know are you know by the time you get there. After so it's common common right across the such feelings and that much had engine used in so art before we run out of time here for an a cash deal yet this is the the case that the coast that the social uproar up in Minnesota the one where the the the girlfriend of this guy. Black African American guys space FaceBook live to issue being oh after he had been pulled over for his little vehicular issue and then there was an also been a robbery in the area. The officer came up city goodness smell marijuana Denny saw. The land you know they the the gap again shot in a tenement museum put it somewhere and look at it look like he was getting ready to grip a weapon and in the in the girlfriends she's like no don't do it don't do this and it. Still has the presence of mind FaceBook alive the whole thing in any officer. You know drew his weapon and you know shot killed the guy died yet on the way the hospital or at the hospital. And then there was a weapon they're in and Alison yeah I can still carry holder. That I've I've heard conflicting reports on that. That well you my understanding was in in that may have been the bond but my understanding was he was CCW holder heard. CWP holder here on Carolina so he was you know lawfully permitted to have a gun. And it. Wazir asked not to touch your told to remove something something got lost in communication and the cop Wanda. Killer yet and while the mainstream media make sure to plaster this guy's name and face and everything all over the country. When this happened they've they've been a little less. Exuberant about letting it be known that the guy was found not guilty imagine that in house department did fire him yes well they let him go but there was really no way out of that cell. That's another show on the cam ladies and gentlemen thanks for joining us we'll see in next Saturday same bat time same bat channel. And as always if he can't be safe be dangerous scene next week guest.