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Saturday, June 23rd
Salute to Service

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I tell you do out there this sign. Warm. Jeanne afternoon. Appeared all right John Turner it's important that it be with a year tuned into the salute to service show 163 WORD. Yesterday's talks station police to stop. Lyn no not at all not at all that. But because now we're officially in summer we are we are officially solving you know the drew woods gathering there step he didn't mention it. It's a doing whatever it is drew woods dreams do endangering any they were drooling. You know I have I found something just happened pull us out of my notebook aka. Did he is. I came to believe it's like divine intervention are right is a lead in to our first or okay. Pete do you wanna hear it go ahead like here you're going to want to hear it won't hear it gives. In the first place we should insisted if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American in assimilation self to us. He should be treated on an exact equality with everyone else. Ford is an outrage to discriminate discriminate against any such man because of creed or birthplace or origin. But this is predicated upon person's becoming in every facet in American and nothing but an American. There can be no divided allegiance here any man who says he's an American but something else also isn't an American at all. We have rumba for one flags the American flag. We have rumba for one language here and that is the English language and we have room for bowl one sole loyalty and that his loyalty to the American people. I know that's that's TR right it is Taylor as Teddy Roosevelt and that just pulled out you you Qaeda and I from the aria yeah it was sitting. On a stack of papers and I just happened it was sitting on top of the the the saint Christmas days behind the. Well that is rather see ironed it this is a weird as we we haven't done this in a while we used to. Can I kick things off with a bit of an op Ed where do on Monday to check out do on their namely we kind of got back to doing just kicking off more and a lot of times it just depends on how big the Newsweek is right. On what we do and of course we are ready to you know kick in and get talking met some of the stories we've got lined up but it talking about it before the show. We have a FaceBook post this week a little. I got just a little fed up with some headlines. And soundbites and selective video editing and stuff like that and so I posted a little thing on our FaceBook page and 44 for us in the number of followers we have it if it went viral for us because a guy like Tony six shares fourteen comments. Share in a scene back. Blow over 16100 people and and for us in the number of followers we've got that's pretty big so it's like well why not start the show with this. A little bit of an op Ed from yours truly so reading and again this is posted on our FaceBook page. FaceBook dot com slash W a RD salute service. Why you're here it goes. Okay I've had enough of the BS headlines and sound bites for people who want to try and compare. US Border Patrol and other law enforcement officers to Nazis for enforcing laws. Passed by congress and signed by multiple presidents. You really are showing the world a level of historical ignorance that's hard to have a polite description for. However that level of ignorance and stupidity should be physically painful. What the German national Socialist Party Nazis. Did to Jews slobs Gypsies homosexuals etc. is super easy to find out about it. You don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home. Just get online do some reading watch a few documentaries watch a few interviews with holocaust survivors. Listen to interviews with allied troops who liberated people from the death camps and saw naked bodies stacked like cord would. To sit here in this country with all the benefits it provides an all the potential it'll now for those who are willing to work for. Making comments about our own people in forcing duly passed laws as being Nazis. Is a slap in the face to every man and woman who fought against nazism. Into every innocent. Man woman and child who was brutalized and murdered by those goose stepping SOB's of the Third Reich. How about learning some actual history it'll open up a whole new world for. That was. Our viral faced a post that's it earlier this week with. All the Bologna in the news and got a lot of shares and and a lot of comments. Him. So we we thought we would just kind of kicked that golf end. You know here we are just a couple of guys a little local show and little bit of a face the following day after I did that and I saw. You know other people that are journalism professionals out there are more in in in the bigger markets doing the same thing and and one writer who is also weigh talk hosts some lawyer out in the midwest I believe in who is Jewish himself. Toxin. Very much in the same line that. People who. Use these comparisons. Fast and loose with that are completely inaccurate to begin with but it's it's a form of holocaust denial. It is because lessen its lessons the atrocities in the brutality things where we we held trot idols international tribunals. In sentence people to death for. Well here's the thing John it's it's eight it goes back to. Yeah you tell a lie enough times it becomes truth yet and who said that. Who let me see museum girdle wasn't yeah I think so so and propaganda minister for the right German. Not the Nazi party national are my part of the German social Workers Party via cell what you see especially in social media because I spend a lot of time on social media. Is. When these. It quote unquote talking points hit them you can see in mystery team how it gets repeated again and the big thing right now like you've pointed out is that Border Patrol heard ths in and of itself. In the term I've been seen thrown around as fascist yes yes which. I mean. Honestly I mean. I don't think that there are very many people living in this country didn't that are native to this country. Have any idea hmm what fascism living under a fascist. Government is truly like yeah you know outside of maybe people who have traveled other countries are yet we have done work in other places. So. To disparage. Law enforcement officers by by calling them fascists and all they're doing is repeating it enough times. So that they get their base worked out via whoever that basis yeah and and all of a sudden it becomes the truth that debt HS. Is a fascist organization. And you've got this. Nit wit Cynthia Nixon up in New York stay out she's run for senator or governor some thinning gonna she's she's an actress and was you know married name comes out well now now I'm I'm I'm gay you know a step in and stay out there in the news with the the cultural stuff right. And ran a first elected office that they're. Calling. Probably was on CNN. I'm not sure but I think CNN MSNBC one of those. Calling. Immigration enforcement office via ice. A terrorist organization. And there have been these anti for groups that have. Gotten the names and and addresses home addresses. Border Patrol agents ice agents and other police officers. And adopts them meaning you know they've out of them on social media with these social justice warrior groups and not just the names of the officers. But their spouses their children's information how they are putting these people at risk. But you wanna talk about who's committing the real crime here are the real atrocity right. Clearly. Putting people at risk of harm for or against her going out in enforcing the law. It anymore does anyone offer a number of dec exactly. Passed by you know. Congress. It people who come and gone from those houses and you know from you know. Bush to you know Clinton to another bush to a Obama on the what we've got now if you want to really get angry and upset at people what it was. Don't get mad at the people that are just trying to enforce the duly passed along get upset with the morons. That won't clean up the mess they keep using it as a way to divide people and get. Reelected what and they've got no interest in fixing it. Is the it and I think the real problem they can. All you've got to do is either repeal the current law where pass something to supersede what you've got yeah. I mean is it simple that's Congress's job that is her actual job absolutely. That's what they get paid to do they are our employees and we send them there to represent us and to pass laws. To be signed into law by the executive yet correct correct so. Why why what where's your where's there'll logjam here yeah if you don't like it. Fixed in this this applies to both sides yes because right now the Republicans hold a majority in both houses now they need sixty in the senate to get anything through. But they can't even get on the same pace themselves. Let alone bring in the number of Democrats say need in the senate to get anything through would've. If the party in power can't get it into an agreeable point on this then port. What are they even doing what we pay him for. What's the problem. Exit or shut up about it yet I agree in and again units. Kind of just that the big social media post on our FaceBook page from this week were. You know I'd really just kind of had hit my limit on people talking to the you know about our law enforcement agents Border Patrol agents as as Nazis obviously it. You do and that you clearly. Have no understanding of of actually history Tony's injury histories to you let's go to go to break brings back on the other so we get to collar sold to that we did to us and we come actually disservice 1063 Debbie Doherty Chet and John standby a standby. Mac John and show excellent service. Love the local 1063 WORD the F states talk station. Glad to have you in this and in all the Ingles advantage poll free talk time we've got found CN narrate Ed. Yeah subsite. I yeah I don't Nadal leads. Here you blitzing if you live in America you can dig that. Pain and yet. Let here's the question and it's kind of the misconstrued but I think that in results. Globally a 100% agreeable on. If they Germans something. Or a Nazi soldier. Literally sold out the Jews to be shipped to a concentration. Camps. Fortunately could be done so well. Are asked me that again it in on that amount and re calibrate my brain. There lit commander of lightning actively promote it. I try try one more time and in. At least I can do about it. Turtle all fortunately yes the site. Currently there are certain. Aura Nazi soldier. Literally. Sold out that he's Satan you. Two big ship to a concentration. Camp. What should legally be done to that individual. As it did depends on whose whose legality talking about a hundred million Lyndon B German legal system or the rest of the world's legal system. And are we climb that's an hourly applying it to them. Bad. Because it will be relevant on potato and leapt up in the battle. So if I'm if I'm gathering this up correctly. If it today a German soldier or IDA aid aimed at. German citizens sells at written this niche is for lack of a better term. Sales might literally sell. Achieving durable or to be shipped off to a concentration camp. What should be lately dent. Well I would imagine it would stand added they would probably stand trial on and I don't know that that would be Nuremburg class. Offense lets him blatant and you know I would suspect that they would stand trial on and on for for for something I I don't I don't normally see what's gone on with the in the guys that were just gorgeous or clerks in yet some of those camps and and even older. Women who were. Working on the female side of those things I mean you know as far as legally back. In the nineteen you know forty during the air of the Third Reich course obviously legally nothing happened to him. Then after that when I Nuremburg and then since then we've had. Tribunal's Hague war crimes in and Stafford and recently couple months ago there was the guy who had. I try I will always like 99697. Somewhere in that neighborhood guide that had been convicted and and again. That he was. Hey we wanna say you know just a guard he was a cog yeah Smart Car in the in the big machine and you know was sentenced. Until to life in prison that these health things I mean he actually died before he ever was so so what's the what's the punch line and where. We're going to I'd miss. I try and it is. George Soros that they took six page literally sold. It Jewish prayer and in him being Jewish to the Nazis for money. So that they would be shipped off to a concentration camps. The world and I'm telling you sort of bank. How in the world does you know what do you deal labor or. I mideast and I think I think a lot of that did it. A lot of that. His bend it in if you go back and listen to the sixty minutes. Interview that he gave where a lot of this stuff comes from a lot of that stuff has been kind of be bought he was he was fourteen at the time. And the way I understood it A&E you have to go back and and and again watch the the sixty minutes interview. I die I don't know how much of that holds water I think a lot of that's been deep bond now I'm not saying that George Soros is a good guy. By. By any stretch of the imagination but I think it. You know be in and it goes is is. Rant and on the Internet that George Soros was a notch here now aside we've us we've all seen the photos of him in the uniform as obviously a young. Teen boy but that wasn't even him at photographs not even him odd SE crazy I didn't know that that had been yet that that's and that's not even him he was he was like twelve to fourteen. During the occupation and he and his mother got out by the skin of their teeth yet again not to say to show us is again do not Nazis again got Ollie either bay in the other thing is historically you know that the Nate they. They didn't have a whole lot of choice if if you were a young girl you went into was it Deutsch and made no blond thing you basically that the Nazi girl scout campfire girls ethic and then that I always had to get a day Hitler youth and it was. Pretty much from mandatory and if he resisted that so there's probably. I'm sure. You can find a lot of lot of older people out there now when they're. Eighties let's say I guess would be about right you know late seventies into their eighties that were children and teens. And at that time that. Well that was going on my they they got into it that and you know we Jeanne. Somebody that was involved in that and forced into it the agent in a 1213 fourteen hold them as accountable as you would somebody that went in and did what they were doing at. 25. Our older. I don't know the date and ethnic about the exchange. Under the evidence that he's not allowed back in two. Hungry yeah and understanding is he's standing rule out back and took a one male. Because it is. Yes it will be as simple white he tried to. Fun day. There militant group and for yeah hunger. And there's been suspicion that he try to launch with Owen and have. What I believe this last spike in preparation bowl suspicion the communities. Small groups in. Try to create political unrest without going through optical process goes and then find it by himself up so. Charlotte hey yeah daddy got the guy is is is not a good dinner and has not had not enough in looking here and if you wanna go back the the interview was from 1998. And it was a sixty minutes interview. Eight in to quote him I was fourteen years old as of Q it was a tremendous evil very personal experience of evil. But it was an experience for which he felt no guilt source added unwittingly seeding smears that would follow and for the next twenty years early any occupation Soros worked as a courier. For the local Jewish council which Nazi set up and many occupied countries using Jews to identify and keep tabs on other Jews. The members of the Jewish council faced impossible moral dilemmas they were often unaware that the Nazis go with today at the ball abuse or even believe that. Working with your gene might benefit their community so it again not to give the guy passed but you've got to look at. We did this in historical context yeah. And you know again did a bad dude but I. I wanna be fair yeah you know what I area Hungary I don't I don't wanna I don't want to perpetuate a rumor that's not true. Yeah but my conclusion. I guess so a little bit. Porto the ride of your it's not all think he's definitely got its evil. Sure yeah here yeah I won't disagree with that I won't disagree with that at all I think he isn't he wielded. You know if there's no doubt about it but if we're gonna if we're gonna call evil evil than let's do it you know was to have based on you know facts and evidence verses. Rumor you know. So an eight man thanks for the call it we appreciate it now is yeah. Great great call you great call yeah they sent it back and for the to make she makes she think and in stuffing eight you know because and it's amazing how in tennis a glaze and disarm them what we're gonna get into later 'cause we need to take a break right now. But about the the ongoing relevance and impact of World War II Newton and those who were involved with his story came out this week the university over in England having a little. A little Mel how little meltdown and and we got that coming up later and again August that will sort of interest and right on the other side a little VA information yet just in just in case you weren't where some information came off the VA slid to service one a 63 W or. How we set loose stash straight nugget that beard trim. But you know no croquet I welcome back John show excellent service one a 63 WOR media stays talks station. And outside the FEM range from those that are listening and through the the web site are now the radio not comment policy stuff for hope you're having a good summer weekend wherever you're listening to and non. Glad to have you in this and that's always the coolest thing all week we've had been you know some guys up there and Eagles feeling nasty and Minnesota. Some people from Florida Arizona. Up in Maryland and then that the coolest thing ever that guy out message genius during we were doing a FaceBook Laffey one Tommy is with task force RR. Over in Afghanistan one of our South Carolina National Guard guys over there. And and yet keep those guys in your in your prayers the task force broader guys Mota made up mostly of National Guard members from South Carolina and some other states and leave Iowa and I came member the other. But they should be wrapping up before too much longer in these citizen soldiers return home so. Keep all our men and women are armed forces and law enforcement and your thoughts and prayers dangerous dangerous world out there don't have to. Don't have to remind you of that paper say that every day in the news that. Onward and up yep. The VA. Man you eat you know what. I'll I'll read this headline and knowledge you dig into the under beat a pitcher you're new intellectual. Obviously that you just raised expectations statements like to set the bar high. GA reveals his veteran suicides statistic included active duty troops now Adam. We've we've been familiar with the 22 a day in the actual number 220 point six or yen down along those line how you get points six of us in this I don't matter annihilating that's that's why don't like math and see that MetLife. The good the revelation here is that they had been this whole time including active duty people and so I mean I don't know how that counts is a veteran but it. Apparently it does. And anyway the the end result is still a suicide a man or woman has taken their own life and the the impact that that has on their family their friends. And for the active duty did the men and women of their individual units. It's it's it's tough and if you haven't heard you know the show who very much I've mentioned it several times this is you know. A situation I'm familiar with I have had. Two loved ones very very close. To me that did commit suicide and so when we see these statistics and you read these articles and a part of this article is the report shows that point is total is twenty point six suicides every day. Of those sixteen point eight were veterans and three point eight were active duty service members Guardsmen reservists the report states. That amounts to 6132. Veterans and thirteen 187 service members who died by suicide in one year. And there are. Some some studies some. Theories thoughts on also size that when a person does that the number of people affected. You know is I read one time that the site for every person that does that it's. You know forty. People close to them somehow immediate family close friends AA that that ripple effect is out and say you think about the the number of people affected in in dealing with this. Kind of situation and you know I've mentioned being before you is suicide doesn't stop paint suicide doesn't stop. Anything. Except for the life. Of the of the person who commits the act. The pain and the suffering the grieving that is a special kind of held to endure. Is just passed on to other people merely as nearly trance is transferred that that pain is transferred and and never really goes away I mean. For me it's been with with one this year makes twenty years in the other was eighteen years ago. And it's it is still. You know difficult and AE we read these numbers and of course it's been in the news recently again because of Kate Spade Anthony board dame you know sadly. You those two individuals did this. And and so it takes. Pop culture figures business figures people that are are well mound to commit suicide to. Wrong raise the level of conversation where people all right well we've got to do something about this we deduce about this and went. In the thing that gets me and having experienced. This situation myself. Is when people get that IL the so tragic so tragic Anthony board gainers so tragic so tragic in Kate Spade Alice unlike. What about the tragedy of the men and women every day gorgeous regular Joes regular Jane's. And their kids and their parents in their friends and their co workers and all that that's that's the tragedy these other. People its in its sad and I and I'm sad for their fans 'cause I'm I can understand and sympathize. Can hurt that that they are going through. But that we have to. As far as the general public goes it's not until that happens. That is cycle we've got this tragic but that's the facts are that suicide rates are going up in this country. And a lot of people have. Different theories on that there are some people that I. I've seen on social media some people that are that are. Very good writers and communicators both their. They're they're more as far as the media owes more on the I don't say there. Air quotes here that you can't see Christian journalists are religious faith values based journey that that that's. That's kind of they are niche and so they write about cultural social issues from from that for a Mac perspective. And about the yum. You know the the lack of respect for for life in the culture and innocent life and stuff like that is part of being. An element in this in the root cause but then. In dealing more specifically with veterans and one of the things we talked about before and has mentioned in this article that was not a military dot com this week about this all this information we heard about in 2012. Wasn't exactly a complete report because when they started out with it's twenty point six or that the 22 A day. That report. Only collected information from 21 states because it's not mandatory that states provide that information write to the department of the fans to. The veterans administration in two of the biggest states in the nation exactly two of the biggest most populous California and Texas. Which have large veteran populations were worst days that didn't provide the date worse South Carolina reports and I don't know I don't know but I'm obviously a large veteran community here in this state which she got to figure only 21 state shared information from the death certificates so out of fifty states I mean. That's less than half so you got. You know would it be safe to assume that date with those two large well with you know twenty. However many other. States not reporting yeah. Could that number of double BB match hire Andy. Yeah I got a thing you know people are people are people a human tendencies are human tendencies human nature is what it is. And so why would it. Why would it not increase. As what I would want somebody to explain to me is if you added in. All all fifty states. Yet especially these big loans large populations of California Texas how was that number not god how is it gonna stay the same it won't drop but how is it dumbest is is got to go well or Onassis and this is a it. The real question now. Do you think this the kind of person that goes into the military. Has higher propensity to commit suicide. If you look at if you look at. But it does the high profile suicides we've had recently Anthony morning Kate Spade Chester bidding to Bennington Vermont Lincoln Park yet. And into one back. These are all. Very driven via very successful people when they're at the the one thing they all share in common is that they were Trenton. If you look at the kind of person that goes into the military. Generally speaking yes they're very driven. Self starting type a personality so could there be a correlation in the I have no idea but could there be core relation. Did that makes debt debt kind of that personality shine more susceptible. And in my experience is a cop and I you know. Adam there are courses law enforcement and first responder communities it you know PTS and but that said the number of suicides and I've been around just an answering calls for service Tuesday I mean. I can't even I can't even begin to count the number suicides that have dealt with via ends. They're always seemed to be one common thread another common thread is that the people that actually went through with the we're going to do yeah there wasn't a cry for help kind of thing yeah yeah. They just did it and he knows some sometimes the family would say you know what we do our best but it. It was. It was inevitable and that in and ask and that's true sometimes. You know and talking with tea and grief counselor after my brother's death in no way he was saying in their sometimes individuals who. Mental health picture is so intricate complicated that it's almost. Terminal situation as if you had stage four cancer or something might I add that it's. And in stuff you know now whether I'm just not qualified is just pure speculation in my apartment that some of the the personality types that. May get into the military again mission focused on average more driven than name the average person off the street and stuff like that. There there may be something that I am so I thought somebody out there has probably done a whole in depth study on that. We'll nation down they should have told me now before it before essay question. In embarrassing myself. I take the first time. Half. When we come back there is a oh wasn't at school and and the UK Exeter university act Exeter Exeter university his his gotten their knickers in a twist yet to use the common parlance. And we'll tell you why on the other side when a 63 Libya already Chet and John we'll be right back. But welcome back salute service giant shell glad to be with you. And gonna wrap up our number one of the little stories. Right before you start under your quote here OK and that I will root revealed before we go to break who said okay this kind of a lead into what we're all right you're okay. Last words are for fools who haven't said enough. All right we're trying well I don't know what. A university has apologized. For using the motivational quote them. A University of Exeter. Senate quote out. In an email blast to staff since. Students with a scenic sunset background as reported by a guy that makes it that's like this even met. But the at any rate here's. Here's the quote because you know there trying to motivate people hate focus on the goal finished do will succeed Ellis says this is the quote. One cannot permit unique opportunities to slip by for the sake of rifles. I'll read again one cannot permit unique opportunities to slip by for the sake of rifles. So common every day American he's basically that no you don't go get them go get a rock stay focused don't sweat the small stuff focus on the big stuff. You're in the red zone push it across the goal line and score that's basic yet that's yeah. Mission focused mission accomplish exactly. And they got a little bit of trouble and that because one of the staff faculty there that since this thing out. It went isn't surprising to me is anything else somebody teaching. And a university eggs that are university. You know I can get this if like there was like you know Patterson bill community college or something Nina had somebody in there teaching. Math that and never read a history book or something but anyway a university spokesperson. Send a staff member who pick the quote out. It was Erwin Rommel I didn't know who. Erwin Rommel wise and just saw the information of a random quote generator and took it. And so. I. People got their knickers in a twist and hopefully you out there know who Erwin Rommel is surely if there's no shame on you especially in this audience about the Erwin Rommel was a a German field Marshal will war to World War I veteran of desert rock desert fox absolutely movies and books I'll about this guy I think I was a mechanized warfare in genius hadn't read his book -- read his book and if you had seen the amazing George C. Scott in that movie out there are your are your book. Yeah magnificent. So and so I read your book yes absolutely. And we've even talked about wants that was the gassed the Iraqis. That were taken prisoner by some American armor gas. And they were put him in the back of an eight PC or some like that and the US guys had a picture Erwin Rommel take up this other track vehicle. And the one idea Iraqi options like why Eaton he knew it was as I won't lie do you have united. And I well I mean. Brilliant commander a tactical genius. On the wrong side wrong calls right I mean history is what it is and rom heroes and we will I think the response was if you know if you if you knew he was that you wouldn't be sitting in the back my PC right yeah yes something along the N one or two he was and had studied the man yeah but so worry this you know a lot of people their course on damage control now. Career services. There as they exit her mistake. It quoting again from these people at the university eggs that are. University eggs that are must take appropriate action to rectify the damage calls. So that caused damage to Dan doors cause damage and provide sufficient reassurances. That's something like this will never ever happen again and so. The quote again one cannot permit unique opportunities to slip by for the sake of truffles and dirt general Erwin Rommel. And use that in any. Motivational talk to his troops in the African core. When they were unified in their northern Africa against the British eight army and in the American forces. So just because Rommel said it. Does it make it any less motivational any list applicable any less. Inside fool so if they had left if if the person sitting this out had left that unattributed yet yet. Would have just gotten cash and on right you wouldn't have gotten by. Would people of gone arm and that's that's great yeah you know painted in the mural and somebody's classroom or something that. I don't know man I I think that. Maybe maybe there being a little. Twosome is is it just because not necessarily quite a lot of vote not see no absolutely not that it's like I mean that once necessarily wrong with. That the the meaning of of the statement I mean there's other stuff here again you know we've got just again backed by comparison. You know along time ago being crazy meant something nowadays everybody's crazy. I had would disagree without having that's yeah I mean necessarily act as they pretty accurate statement that would you would you got that out. And never use that against because that Charles Manson was a one so that well let's look at it just our military history. West Point I think are probably at least tanks cool and teaches. Or at least touches on Erwin Rommel on the I would have to I damn minute hang school but I would assume that they would and I've and I've read. That it is the the tactics and father of modern guerrilla warfare was Nathan Bedford Forrest and his tactics are topped. So do we throw the baby out with the bath water yeah I mean does it does a a geniuses affiliation. Made their accomplishments. Any less season and again I. We're not we're not saying hey Nazis were good I'm just. What's his name. The the rocket yak I just turner Brohm wrong bond broad gap on Monday do we just cancel iron to our entire space. Platform program are our nation we go back in in get rid of all of our ballistic missiles. Yeah because it every young American boy and girl that was inspired by. What he accomplished in new about that man and he yes he is yeah. I was it was not a good didn't interest in little. Politically correct faux paw there eggs that are university in England. And it just just for the the sake of it the the quote I ran out last merger for fools who haven't said enough Karl Marx yeah. This because you may not like the person has that it doesn't necessarily make it any less. Interesting applicable are intriguing there's at the scene in the first hours that serves 1063 video or. Be right back with little gene altering gunfire stay tuned.