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Saturday, June 23rd
Salute To Service

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Welcome back. You've made it we've all survived our number one is our number two with a salute service show and it is segment number one of our. Number two and you know what that means gangs and it is time for your weekly dose. Of Gene Autry and just a little bit of gunfire. Oh yeah. Oh man that's a great story here and as kill me. Well enough of the giggling getting out of your mind right here we go. Okay purging the acceleration there US led coalition destroy he's Islamic state. Narcotics cash grow my health these guys were a bunch of Islamic puritans they're freedom front apparently now. Apparently not the US led coalition destroyed Islamic state narcotics. Cash including 300000. So called. G Hadi tales. Apparently they what John Jerry tell us did you you didn't see how many pills are. And working on ways to avoid the death with they're not Germany you know and that average off the show Flintstones vitamins kind of thing they're just do any calls some elementary eight hours take one. Oh yeah. It really Japan's. There's nothing here that says anything amount. All I say not just put a little ice is on it. And see what I did hear how. All right we're these these drugs that were destroyed by the a coalition of forces were estimated to have a black market value of roughly one point four million according to a press release from operation in here resolve headquarters. Quote despite crisis flip sides are out for Kate of the union six mountain Islamic purity is I'm just teasing I'm just these. Despite ice is the sign of Islamic purity is criminal terrorists are known drug users and traffickers the coalition's in his press release the cash included more than 300000 pills. That's capped a guy on its amphetamines. And frequently traffic drugs in the area so. You know and we Fred before where these guys were all like hooked on monster energy drinks in Red Bull that Snickers bars and everything well apparently when. We've got to get up when a Snickers while satisfy apparently a little G Hadi peel is what you need little. In and take take a little bit. Miss them men amphetamines and go out there on the front line and take your AK in a pocket full bottle it's going to coach nick filled tweak yeah. Yeah so this is out of Austin town Ohio home button. And ash till Bullock county man who tried to use. In underage victim with chicken offering hope. And sprite will serve seven days in the county jail now what right he has trying to sit there you saw it at an undercover obviously better okay is better. Albert maroon announced 43 was arrested an awesome town sexting back in December. He thought he was talking to a fifty year old boy online but it was actually an undercover Austin town police officer. Bruno operation meet the officer in Austin town he's principled and lubricants bright and chicken Alfredo. He'll be under house arrest for a 120 days you'll have to register a tier one sex offender. Brother hood if you listen if that's against best game you can spin it. It. It was. I'm gonna show up if you browse to meet me. How many she'll listen for real sprite and get this some chicken Alfredo Alfredo who's got landed a picnic I don't know I'm in now. Odd that include garlic bread bro this is just I mean this poor guy. The mug shot is worth every penny I guess as telling us early edition of whining and dining. This sprite is a grape soda there at the onset of seasoning there you know. It's well if so here's the thing if if dead the dead victim in this they would had followed through. Would would that have made him a murderer of a prostitute. The only indeed this other the rest the show about a. And I there's that there's no. We'll see you next week there's the door. All right this is really Candice as gummy SCSI prosecutor. Doctor hired by a VA sexually assaulted four female patient this. Was picked up by. One of the military news Alex. Picked up again there are passing it on from the San Diego true being. Four female patients from the US Department of Veterans Affairs were sexually assaulted by an Oceanside physician who was arrested on Wednesday. I don't bond doctor Edgar men's and error is slated to be arraigned in court out there California superior court. Met this guy was. Hired contract about the VA to. Do work reviewing. Pension disability claims and it. In the process of doing that apparently. For at least four female veterans. Nguyen in for. Review of disability claims and were sexually assaulted by this guy so if you and I think there's there's very likely more than four. In this guy what he was telling her to do I'm not gonna you some of these face down knock generated on the radio because. If family friendly ear and and it's gross out there got some kids in the car bit. Very inappropriate and so when I see stuff like this Urbina has been being a father of an adult daughters and just appreciative that. Though the women in this hadn't had the courage to. Speak up. Tell us it is it the oh yeah yeah. But too good to speak up and come out about that though it eight you know it's got to be uncomfortable and embarrassing for them but it. You've got you know if you don't have the courage to speak up and come forward then it happens again and again and again like that. Creek doctor that was with the women's gymnastic team and just yeah. Long line and young women that were abused by black guy there was the one recently too that the like a psychiatrist remember if he was a psychiatrist he was yes and when you win an assault when a sexual assault victims and mistakes contrary they're yeah re living there is so and again you know ladies please I cannot imagine what it would be tied to get through that bit. Have heart and encouraged to speak up when that type of thing happens that weekend that. He get these scum bags and let alone do you deal with them so here eaten out of floor. Had a Florida Florida woman's story. Police and police say purely done 35 lost her cool literally and figuratively. When her husband and his brother came to her lake city home last year to pick up an air conditioning unit that she was trying to sell on FaceBook. The couple going through divorce at the time according to the report done sat on the unit rented two men from taking it. When her husband tried to get her off BAC she tried to fend him off with a stun gun. Then fired around her now ex husband's testicles using a gun and her birth there was able to restrain died intake of breath in the hospital police say. Her husband picked the gun up and brought it with into the hospital and was arrested that day in book in the Columbia county jail without incident she later told investigators she gotten into shooter had been. She only wanted to scaring. Good for us. Those weren't negligent chiller you and happy he can do well nobody candy the other you know sure. Shot of the testicles. Air conditioning you again. Man. A god bless Florida yeah thank you very much sunshine state are right. Like hot sauce to your face is how the army's newest nonlethal weapon is being described its. Spicy. More and more in now and missions you know overseas. Are. Ground forces Indians specially are are sure haven't with a Marine Corps is well that the armies of one kind of move in this ball forward a little bit. Pepper ball to be precise. That they they have a need to. Control crowds disperse people and want to use nonlethal force to do that says. They were awarded a 6000. 6650000. Dollar contract to purchase a new nonlethal. Pepper ball down it basically end the neat thing that they've done. This is the variable kinetic system may map pepper ball technologies. It is kind of on a platform that look and feel of basic basics of it RO like the M four. So he's so good everybody's familiar muscle memory stuff like that in this guy like a drama or. Actual magazine. Sets up everything until you get again your equipment C that was pretty Smart of him because you're you're load bearing here your ammo pouches and and look feel muscle memory in using it we'll all be. You know very I'm very familiar did to the truce Elantra has a dual feed system. They've got they can I shooter can switch the selector knob between hopper mode and magazine I guess adds. How would be a war on top of ram fan and that's back in that can be instinct projectiles are effective to fifty yards and is just. Again I know the the troops and ended the last thing they wanna be doing is trying to get into a crowd control situations but then again recently where we had a story for the guy was accused of shooting into the truck that didn't stop for the convoy. Yeah yeah yeah it was I mean and they shot him with a bean bag you know it's obvious that our our men and women in the opera are needing something like this with the areas operating and so. You know kudos to these guys that pepper ball for coming up with something that has the familiarity factor. Hey polio risen cab to come as a spice of life John turn it. Out of Fort Bragg. North Carolina National Guard soldiers facing charges of attempting to steal weapons from Fort Bragg turn himself into his unit shortly before 6:30 PM Thursday. Specialist Cameron a recent break 23 was in military police custody as of Thursday evening according to a Fort Bragg spokesman. Military law enforcement plan to hand brain over to civilian authorities later in the evening after learning the had to stand towards first to rest up and and related crime. What an idiot he's been busy earlier in the day Fort Bragg please ask public's help in tracking down braves who would last seen fleeing on foot in the western edge of Fort Bragg training area near the intersection of king and Kennedy Connecticut roads. Braves accused of attempted larceny of government weapons said to post said post spokesman Tom com. Who said Brey attempted to steal two M four rifles while conducting annual training with the National Guard unit at Fort Bragg. He he's going to prison. Yeah. We end and at related Nate the mine on air force base out North Dakota where they had the M 240 machine gun yeah missing in that. And in the the the belt fed grenades yeah they haven't found the grenades that they did find that in 240 machine gun it was actually. In the house of off base house of an airman there not identified in this article that. He's got any good lawyer how would you do that and with something might. Another thing I don't understand either the colonel Jason Beers of money first security forces group was removed from command up there in mind not as he was. He was CEO in the Bucs have lawyers say there. But this is why not understand he's been reassigned now to Ayers air force special ops command in Florida. That wouldn't seem. This seems like a move up to me. I want you go from North Dakota to Florida after it out but then going from you know the the basic with you know air force special ops that's. I don't and it and it may not be this guy AM colonel Beers may be an absolutely. Outstanding on our thirtieth start and he just. Was the guy at the top and somebody had that. Yeah you know pay it pay a price for this I am not say in that kernel leaders as anything other than that. Yeah AA top notch air force officer but that just seems kind of I'm not in it may be may be that the reassignment what you know that's that sounds good there may be. Things with a that are are great they're usually are pros and cons to everything in an or maybe there's. In the investigation has talent will kernel be yours was doing everything he could there was some. Yeah some person you know down below that absolutely and he was operating. On the best information. He had being given to him by his subordinates. And is back but I'm glad they they found that I mean still no word on those. The grenades so well you know there there are things that you don't want in the hands of people are we were willing to steal them. You know I'm Jan yet again and again Ortiz is certainly that's thing that's that's as serious hardware yeah yeah that strikes me is something we don't want loosen wild with an idiot. Very true now I wish I wish I had one or a close friend and one that we get to shoot every now and then at a rally in a legal and responsible way but it. That latte what was going to go to break and when we come back we'll talk about this navy situation yeah an update on the McCain USS McCain collision and the the price that may be the price that may be paid or may not be paid by a a private company salute service one a 63 to BO RD check in John will be right back stay tuned. Now Naimi. You don't know you know normally and I don't have to tell you conclude the technically. Trainer asked well I don't know where he began. Are a welcome Zach salute to service Johnny jet on a 63 WORD you gotta catch up on some of these Texan of command common sense retirement planning tax line. 7130. Cent. Protects line during the bright star military exercise in Egypt the Germans and brits were forced to camp intense in the Al Al main battlefield. Both sides laid mines but neither side cleared into the Egyptian Egyptian government has decided to force him to clear crippling and find one tent peg that time. It's working to do. Well I I'll take your board and I thought I listen you can't control when you're gonna die. But she can't control how you're not gonna die via and I am not gonna die by land mine trying to deal with an Internet via thing happened. Also. I knew an MP back in 79 who collaborated with a crew chief to steal a cobra attack helicopter from forward. A two million dollar machine was gonna be sold for 200000 dollars and they were arrested when he accepted a 200 dollar down payment. That's a good financing plan right there before mafia made for mafia hit a sham deal a on to you know it is is this. Sometimes it just. I just and working really get to that point in my where nothing really surprises me much anymore private enterprise and this done. Up to date on the collision and legal fallout from the the USS McCain. Here's the headline. Ship's owner. Bruce ship's owner sues. To prevent payments. To US as McCain victims' families. Yes. Yeah exactly in. Yeah I saw this again I got to click on this I gotta read this and as on stars weigh drives just react to the headline John yeah I kinda instantly become outraged that I I Israel I was real tempted to just read only the headline and then in indymac and then just be mad in Indian repose Henry posted that we are reading the story yes I was tempted to but I didn't know what I read this story imposed did it. On our FaceBook page but what's. A little different spin on the commentary. Part that. A company that owns the commercial oil tanker that involved in the deadly collision with navy destroyer USS McCain last year has filed a lawsuit in federal court asking. Not to be held liable for damages of course we know ten sailors aboard. The USS McCain were killed. In that collision. And if they judge accepts this this claim being put in by energetic tank incorporated. They would not have to pay the families. Make payments to the families of sailors who died in the crash. Should they attempt to sue for compensation in the lawsuit it's been and dressed in New York federal court. And here's what energetic tank says the collision was not caused by any fault. Neglect or want of care of this tanker or its company. Or is company or the tanker. Alum it. It also sites and this is clever of them to do good lawyers. They're case also cites a passage in the navy's post collision report. That describes. Confusion and steering issues on the McCain in the minutes before the crash. If so would you and you see this kind of headline and you think wow that is outrageous if you did ten US sailors died and their families are dealing with this and everything. And it's tragic in a course our sympathies. To these trimmings obviously but. In reading this you cannot think about it a little bit with what we're discovering and and we get in the whole picture either I near do then. From what that the investigators say independent and naval investigators are finding about a million crews and equipment and I mean charging people and they've pled guilty to eight. In a dereliction of duty sure she's on the deck on this other stuff. If this. Companies. If energetic tank. They're they're ship. The I'll make if. If they are not. Guilty. It why should they have to pay is kind of market that's kind of the way I NN a way I posted it again rather than. Read a headline in and get angry and click and start blasting a a privately owned company. Brighton and yes they should payment won't really questioned that why would we if you've got a a big nice issue via the year that you -- guy you keep it up you maintain it. You take care of it. Your insurance everything's al-Qaeda and good and here comes along somebody in in a minivan that. And can do some service. Maybe some new tires new brakes the person behind the wheel has been. On a long drive without taking proper brakes and harassed and everything else and you know people in there. Are passengers are distracted or whatever and then you're doing everything pitcher supposed to do to safely operate your big nice issue V and then they come along and hit you and they get hurt we'll whose. Who's to blame should. Yeah I so that's the simplest analogy I can make for this has to watch until I see. Verifiable information and an end reports say in a release by maritime. You know I've got to say you know I agree what these guys why should. They automatically just be like who while yet we're gonna start right our check writing checks man you know why why should they do they do it that the foresight was good day and they knew that that would you know it is inevitable that that the lawsuits against our common from from the families. Lady your analogy is good if you look at it like a a car or act. You know if if somebody pulled out front you know they put those say you're driving down Woodruff road somebody pulls out in the parking lot of whatever target. And you broadside them and kill somebody and in the car. Well you're not at fault now you didn't you you were doing anything wrong they pulled out in front of you so when how we comes to work that Iraq. Derek fault yet so it's not mean I why the F paid and they pulled out Bernie yeah essentially that's what's happened here. Yet and one of the end and kind of part two of this energetic tank lawsuit is ask mean the court. That if if they are found who owner have to own up to some level of blogs some amount of liability on this. That the company. Be made only to pay up to a certain amount and and it's not chump change it's what they're they say their cargo was worth at that time of the crash. Sixteen point seven million definitely not chump change right. Eight you know and the thing is these families those who are. Not happy about this and insurers certainly have lawyers involved in right down and the you know lawyers I mean we we we need good lawyers out there but a lot of these them. Lawyers that are gonna get in into this I mean they're they're looking to get you know 33%. Share. Whatever I want a million dollars a person. You know I assault historian I might. The reaction to it again seemed to be overwhelmingly negative against this private shipping company inner energetic tank and I'm. Emma so manual what we don't. We don't know everything because I mean keeping an eye on these kind of stories are looking for updates and so I'm like well you know right now. Yeah I had a question energetic tank BB pay any any thing we we've got people that have. Been charged him through due process and investigations. And some that have pled guilty. So. Yeah how how you know. You know all the sympathy in the world these these these spouses in the and the parents. These men and women on the ships and you get that is something that was completely avoid a mountain. And then you. Read these IG reports and you know high ranking flag rank officers have been dismissed early retired. You reassigned. In and dereliction of duties and you know him charges of that that were so bad they were so negligent that they were. Yeah which charged with homicide. The net in naval personnel. That you go looking at. That that deep pockets of a a private company and it's just like. Again on my sympathies in the world towards you know our art our our grief for you you know and so sorry that this happened that. It's like that's the you're you're grief doesn't make it right to go and do this until we know more now maybe we'll find us may be. Maybe they are haven't happy hour on the bridge this. Tanker all there and if that comes out there's some type of binge air time investigate then absolutely. That that changes the game completely. I mean from what what are remembered from what we reported about Fisher talked about that hate to say reported like for reporters as we're not but it first about yeah. It did the McCain god and gotten the wrong plane from. And and essentially pulled out in front of me was broadside here yeah yeah so yeah I mean. Yeah it did just as it is pretty simple traffic collision right amount that very or ten or whatever they're using now owns them on their way. Yeah I in and again that's just part of on this things that we both talk about a lot is you know he's you see the headlines and it says. Everybody's busy new season again it just makes me so angry and pay rent and they don't distort salary in your take time to read the story and and think about that in Canada. Break it down into a simple analogy like your your Woodruff road correct thing. Yeah it's funny I've got to do when we come back we got a story here about a a good guy with a gun yeah I like those stories theater this is this is an exceptionally good story. So stay tuned for that sensors one a 63 to be or. Welcome back salute service John and chuck won a 63 WOR media stays talk station glad to have you with us. So this story. I don't wanna say it's heart warming because it you know somebody lost their life whether they're good or bad idea you know somebody died in this thing but. I'm surprised that this made even the local. Mainstream you know alphabet news and out of the Tom water Washington and armed civilian took down a shooter after at least two people were shot sending night. And Washington State Wal-Mart and mark 11 in the at a Wal-Mart. Two more police said the civilian describe vouchers good samaritan shot and killed the suspect the scene on Monday night KI RO seven confirmed civilian is a pastor. In worship the Oak Hill fire department where he's a lieutenant in an emergency medical technician shooting happened just after 5:30 PM at the Wal-Mart super Sydor and some water. I heard two bangs descend like god just may witness Robert Berwick said I looked down the aisle and saw a person running that's when Burke brand to. There was chaos in the parking lot and he said the shooting suspect tried to carjacked another man that's what the spy suspect was shot. I think differ state in my life Pirro said of the attempted carjacking victim who shot the suspect he didn't look like he had any regrets I hope he doesn't have any. Another witness to the shooting Megan Chadwick said her husband saw the civilian takedown this year. He said he watched him this year take his last press Chadwick said there were three civilians going after him. The shooter to shoot him in two of them had their guns up in the the third guy shot under the window of the call her. Chadwick said her husband was armed as well. She was inside the Wal-Mart during the shooting for multiple children a look towards a hundred people running out just to flow of people and everyone was screaming and frantic. When we got. About to the door heard someone say gun shooter in I knew something was serious well I mean obviously it so here we are in Washington State. Some knucklehead. You know it attempts to to carjacked somebody and not war and but story. Armed citizens. Confront wrist is fine I think one of them. Which gives them gives him a gift yet you know oh hole but he didn't come into an guess what he's. He's a pastor. He's a he's a fire fire. In any NT and EMT and a the sheepdog if she'd ask why you are an edge and draw all purpose looking and a beautiful cat I go rainy. I mean he he he did what had to be done and am I'm confident he doesn't have any. Rock regrets yeah. But in good good for this guy. For doing what needed to be done and I'm glad to see that it made the news in this isn't the first time this has happened this week yeah there's been other other instances but it just. Word of the wise folks if you have. An EDC if you have an every day Kerry garden and you carry every day in if you're a CCW holders in MVP older. Train. With your garden. Train in his deployment train in it she used to train your body to be able to use it know which parts of pieces. No it's it's it's everything and in train until you are. You're not a liability yet. You know yeah and and apparently that's what this guy's window and an end I recommend that there were gonna do a show about that. John did you know that the united meniscus and we've we've got I've got some things in the works with some people and the awesome so it's going to be good and this is its bid and almost every every week now for a while where we've had little Washington State we had Oklahoma. There was another one recently and I can't. I'm gonna be able to help the irony is that yeah I'm I'm look at them actually accurate but there's that this has been a more regular. Currency and I am glad they pick up. These stories happen in the local media courses more you know lies a local news items that. Bright barred Israel good they got their guy to DR Hawkins that writes miss their second amendments that has some good articles. And he you know polls. A lot of stories from local. Regional news outlets ressam Albright bars they get a lot higher level exposure and that's where I. Came across that particular store that you just shared I didn't find it anywhere else but song bright mark bratwurst and about it in American rifleman magazine out yet there yeah you're already had that they've got wait at least a dozen every month hurt pretty much every every every time you get the American rifleman and or. Crowd west. Blanket and it was it. The freedom first. A magazine that's why you have to get to the NRA magazine all right I think has won a game yet at the end they've got that section there. Mean pretty much the first few pages in that talk about every every year every issue is. You know multiple. Good guy with a gun you know armed citizen. Yet worries where people are you know. Utilizing their second minute ride to. Defend themselves well they end to it what I find it I guess. Interesting aside from the fact that it doesn't necessarily make mainstream media. Is. The number of these incidents that occur every year that the CDC. Yeah there's been aware yeah. But never publish this on the flip side of this I saw something this morning. The very ironic. And I hate to mention the kids and discuss these uber irritating the Holland kid David ought to be out there has has now has a book deal and always just or unless you have Macon Macon money. That was with the publicist and up in New York City doing a tour things in my day it was very interesting some people following him and some people kind of from our side of the second minute argument is well. And how the young anti gun mr. Hogg going around and making money and stuff like that is. Ernie is New York City protected by armed guards. Really yes and that was instincts I and I can't imagine. Off often Drudge link and I I hit it into the story came and went out that it was the air yet this idea yet as are. You know it's. Dig deep into speak to their kids just briefly. And Ascot briefly brief is good when you get. And I I would never. Minimize what he wins or via you know and and I can understand where somebody in that situation would have passion them. To do something. But it. Now to add to profit. From not only his experience but. The lives lost in that shooting. It can make money off of the backs of those kids. In that whole situation just seems a little distasteful to me. I agree. You know I agree current Ian and as Fides Willie couldn't get into college and we know. Well I mean if you're sitting on the admissions board for somebody lawn. As a potential troublemaker hyped priceless. Yeah well when we come back we've got a pretty good feel good story out about. Maybe Mattingly master chief here and it's a she yes it is it is a sheet about that as the years a year it's it's it's to the net. Two girls and as a girl salute service one a 63 Debbie Doherty check in now we're back. We really need Juliet took sun yat Donna sex lives service final segment of today's episode. Glad to have you list what in yet it's always nice when we can end the show with a a good motivational positive story and a this week we've definitely got line. Thanks to this amazing individual. US navy master chief personnel specialist. Reyna Hockenberry. From can be he'd Hawaii. This this is just really you can't help but be inspired by this master chief Hockenberry. Was. Over in Afghanistan. And oh they are doing some work on a tour of duty they stop for a how last briefing on the day of their at a facility where. The US forces were working with the today in a gas. Basically do basic training for. Afghan soldiers. And quote from her this interview quote we stopped far last briefing of the day when the Afghan soldiers just opened fire at through windows. He just started shooting. So green on blue and attack she suffered two gunshot wounds to the right leg shattering her tibia. Shot once in the groin and twice in the stomach. Spent. Let's see here. Went curse directly at a hospital. And ended outpatient rehab for six months then spent six more months at triple our Army Medical Center as an outpatient so with those loans and having lost part of her. A lot of the muscle in her lower leg please. Everybody thought. Well and quoting her she's as I was severely injured to the point where medical retirement made sense but I can't imagine not serving in the military. Is part of who we are and my fellow Brothers and sisters in the military we all believe in what we do and to not stand with them is something. I couldn't imagine while said Hockenberry. That is just Sokol so not only. Did she survive that and you know the the physical and the mental trauma. She is. And she's also an athletic beast and been taking part in the warrior games going to the convict this games. The warrior games check hits can't after getting shot knowledge Dimon rehab and everything else. Two gold medals and cycling. To gold medals and growing. For. Gold medals in swimming and event and she said for records in the swim one as well. And in the quoting here again and it's somebody that's accomplished all that. She continues on here I didn't metal empower lifting she said exasperated but I plan on meddling in the Indian peaks games in that this games in power lifting. And invade this games of course really coal you know we're not. Big you know cancers of the Heinz that Prince Harry. The solidarity unity is a solid guy and as spent time. On the ground over in Afghanistan was a big supporter and and where he runs and helps got the you have basically got the and Vick this game's going. And which is a really amazing thing in this. Historically we talk and share many stories especially when. Certain men and women pass about about the greatest generation that that World War II generation and and what they did that. There is great generation out they are now of the young men and women serving this country and I think one thing that it epitomizes the grit and determination in the greatness. If this current. Generation of men and women serving is when you see them. At these events like the warrior games and the evict this games that they've. They've lost bits and pieces parts of their bodies age and they are still out there competing. And I setting records. Aids day in inspiring people I mean she's she's still billions serving in the navy right now. How. Weird isn't here. By ship is she on. And I should highlight I've got all the other points I wanna talk about a highlighted that not that went. But anyway she's serving still on on an active vessel Alley in stationed at Pearl Harbor Hawaii. You know in what I find amazing is she medal in in cycling and swimming around them and then attempted power lifting the closure. Two of those are your very very different yes yes you can kind of see how cycling swimming. Go to get yet but but power lifting so cycling and swimming are very. Cart Il based activities. And power lifting is is the opposite. Of that a meeting pitcher heart rate up a little bit may not anywhere near. What cycling does so for her to. Attempt. To do those three things together yeah. It in to put your body through that. Man I can't even imagine mania after after Jesus the the injuries and stuff that she sustained and and and again obviously I mean she's a master chief's I mean. She been absolutely been at it for a few minutes absolutely she has and this is. You know I read stuff like this and it's like in of course I I try to eat a little healthier and stuff that I have in the in recent output in the past years and stuff like that and infill that are Alice White that. I don't like have a workout retain I don't go to the gym and do some like that now always I might leased into the pivot comes over the any excuse of well I'd just be wasting money goes yeah I was or just don't. And I don't feel like getting back into running or whatever right you know fifty not 52 year old knees and I get this going to go do some running now. In and you read a story like this and it's like. And I can't really have an excuse Cuba. That he's. It's sitting here in talking next to a guy that you very serious about you know working out and doing things like that but anyway just a great story. US navy master chief. Rain Hockenberry. The stories posted on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash W award easily disservice to read it get inspired when I'm talking about. There we go folks another Saturday come and gone another show in the can we'll see you next Saturday same bat time same bat channel and as always. If you can't be safe eating dangerous we'll see you next week folks thanks for joining us.