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Salute to Service
Saturday, July 14th
Salute to Service

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I welcome back it is our number two a salute to service. And it is segment Hemmer once a you know what that means game it is time for your weekly dose of Gene Autry. In just a wee bit of gunfire. I first up on her rapid fire this Saturday. To the people out there that where instead and helping me in launching this ground roots effort for a sugar tit South Carolina to be the future home of the army's futures command I'm sorry he tried body we tried. We lost just can't sugarcoat it he. Hey there I was thinking. On the map right and if you've never heard of that yes and actually is. An official actual real place I've got a baseball camp within on it Bob possum kingdom yeah. As far as the army's future command as it made the announcement this week that the winner was this. Not sugar to South Carolina but Austin, Texas. About a half dozen army officials left Washington DC area Friday to begin setting up the news army futures command and taxes. Awesome boasts all the attributes that army leaders were looking for in a new home for the command. McCarthy says a generic. They were looking for top tier educational institutions with advance science technology and engineering and math programs say that's probably put in there that says exactly as I did it yeah. Access to cutting edge industry high quality of life and affordable cost of living so Austin is the right place at army secretary. Mark S spurred. There I guess I can see that I mean you know Austin me a good place for that again and again for that. Lot of room to yep out outskirts but I wonder if gene based didn't put in for electoral bitten. In the pot there and kind of cool and we've got a lot of things property values go up a little more that would OK with that never. Al anyway out of Florida being. Fort okay. The police chief and a small Florida town is accused of encouraging his officers cannot solve crimes on a random your eye black people so the department would have a better arrest record the Miami Herald reported Thursday. Former this gain park chief in I'm a butcher this name. Re moon though at least accuracy are now and two officers roll Fernandez in Charlie day Al. Have been charged with falsely accusing a black Haitian American teenager identified as TD. With burglaries to impress local officials in the village north of Miami shores all have pleaded not guilty to the accusations. The charges were part of a long history of targeting random people to achieve peace polish crime solving record before an internal investigation into when he fourteen. If they have burglaries that are open. If they ever goalies that are open cases that are not yet solved if you see anybody black walking through our streets and that someone of her record arrest him so weakened in the mall for the burglaries. Usher Anthony de Lepore said. At the start of the probe. They were basically doing the stab 100% clear tree for the city. That ushers the only one dimension Tarik Black people but former Biscayne park village manager Heidi chaperone told the newspaper that. The orders given officers were cleared letter simply for doing a lot of bad things you said police officers were directed to pick up people culpable in crimes on the and I laughed because this is so. Utterly stupid. I mean for the love of god your cop I don't care for 212 man apartment or 121000 man department. Your cops this this behavior. There's no reason to do this absolutely I mean. Saying it's wrong you'd be an understatement loses. This is disgusting behavior. In this. Oh my gosh they perceive them being sued out of existence well here's what I think's gonna wind up happening is just this pleased forms gonna be dissolved in whatever county this is is going to be responsible for policing and is it will be once again and an incorporated some part like Taylor's are yet NASA has got. So I just I hope that. This is these these allegations bear out to be true. That anybody responsible for this kind of behavior. Gets to it to stand in the corner degree bar motel that in think about their stupidity because this is this is just to. This is how we police folks that's that's. That's not right. OK next up Florida firefighters help save a man after our attack. And then they finish Islam were Kirk is as a day again hunting has a Florida man had a heart attack couldn't finish as yard work local first responders. Were called when he began examining some problems his wife. Called in and the guy had been down in working in the yard with a as a brother in law because. One of those lovely HLA's homeowner associations something wasn't up to snuff and he was gonna be given some hefty fines and he was. Trying to get this sod laid out some other stuff done for the deadline the H away and said. In an gas has our tax code the EMTs pair medics is show up out there they get this guy to the head to the hospital and all the while they're trying to get this guy taking care. I thought of giving Matt. He's taller man you might as well Haifa has brought them up like. Get the rest of this solid no way you get this don't we don't need this signed done and Bob unless they get into the hospital. And I am sure though the wiser wit him anyway the the brother mar still back out there working in the yard and says he starts hearing and some large trucks. Coming down the street in the direction of this house and he looks up and it's. Some vehicles that belong to the Pasco Kenny fire a fire rescue says. Anyway for knows it he says seven firefighters and EMTs jumped out put on gloves. And said they came back because they knew gene was in serious trouble I mean they saved his life ending came back to save his graphs. His wife Melissa told them the male mind that's just so awesome I mean Katrina Daryn good for them I mean they can just done what was actually within. They're defined task requirements today you know get together hospital on that but I guess you know slow enough they they came back and did a good deed Manson get on the ease gas. And here's a story with a new kind of a happy ending I did say it's a horrible story but. I Dolores county Tennessee would be rapists was stabbed with a spoon knife after he attacked the Lawrence county sheriff's deputies wife tighter up in ripped off for close. The incident happened Thursday afternoon the 25 year old woman was home alone 31 year old Stephen Purcell his vehicle near the deputies resonance in the sneak over to the house. Captain Adam brewer said the Debbie wife heard noises so she opened her garage and found Purcell in her garage wearing a mask. That's when Purcell started being the five foot three inch 100 pound woman. He was striking her in the face with his fist ended up on top of her one point and eventually pulled a knife holding it to her throat. She was able to fight him and get the knife away instead him a couple of times once in the side of his head and Purcell was able to zip tie your hands and rip off for clothes she was able to escape during the attack and run to a neighbor for help that when Purcell called 911 and pretended to be aware as to the attack. And Purcell OJ historian later claimed that two masked men coerced into attacked the woman there's no evidence boards claim. But there's play and evidence that he committed the attack like a stab wound in the side of this big dumb stupid and I hope it hurt the entire time man naslund it's gonna be safer be dangerous listen man you found out there. If you're a criminal and you decide you're gonna committed you know an assault on somebody. You better. Be prepared for the consequences of having a tiger by the tail yet both stabbed him in the stupid. And this story come into this from just down in winder Georgia down the road a little bit I've been through there atomic to a mile line World War II veteran 96 years old works through PTS deed by helping military children. The gentleman's name is Francis turner a nice six years old and this guy. The story is interesting and I posted this on our FaceBook page guy goes off fight in World War II. Is in an accident. Not necessary combat related that was in an ax and have their suffered a severe hand wound. And TT SB came back home after the war. Struggled. Was near homelessness he and his wife had three children with all with Down's syndrome. That that died and his wife has since passed. But this guy rather than just and his age 96 rather than just kind of you know will what was may enough and I can days. He volunteers and as work with can't corral which is AM. A nonprofit founded by the Golden Corral restaurant chain where kids of those that are killed in action or wounded. While serving in the military can go in have a summer camp experience in this guy. Has. You know done a lot to support that fund raise for it goes and actually works talks with the children. He says quote my father who was in the Marines are more or one told me to always help other people if I could. And so even add 96 this guy is still out they're still doing something and do and you know beat the dude. And and make any difference in the past five years he's helped. Another organization Disabled American Veterans chapter. In his eerie to rat race for over 26000. Dollars for the just be kids campaign. A you know an estimate is that if people just such you know still stay in in its failure in our stand in the fight man's being busy Indian stuff done. So here's heart warming story out of out of Afghanistan this and this is heartwarming. Let's see here. And SAS team was saved after a brave military dogs fought off a Jihad who had attacked the patrol always in Syria. The unnamed Belgian Malinois fears breed sheep dog known for his bravery and some other. And hate. Things and been out on a routine patrol when a team of with a sick and team kind bless America chuck. With a team of six crack soldiers from the SAS. They just in her small village in a convoy of our vehicles when they got out to continue the Reese on foot. Tenacity let's say the convoy they were attacked from all sides by awaiting Jihad he's in what is described as a 360 ambush. Essayist returned fire did you hide began closing in and tried to outflank them. The animals said to have led to the defense of the struggling British soldiers tearing the throw it out of a gunman who was firing the patrol it then turned on to other job bodies lead in the seriously. Injured before the other six. Fled the ambush. When the team under the building they saw the dog policy here I gotta go back because this. Source told the daily star the SAS found them selves and 360 ambush the initiative was with the terrorists in the only hope for the British was trying to make a run for it. The handler remove the dogs Muslim directed him into a building from where they were coming under fire they hear screaming and shouting before the bar him from the house stopped. When the team entered the building they saw the dog standing over a dead gunman. The incident was said to have taken place two months ago would need to go to the dog bravery can only be -- made public now for security reasons. His throat had been torn out and he had bled to death. There was also a lot of human flesh and one quarter and a series of blood trails weeding out the back of the building the dog was virtually on injured. How it it. Now you know that's a heck of a down those folks a little like that like dogs history major so imagine here you are doing your Jihad a thing you know you've got the you've got a really nice ambush set up you got some bridge walking through and hey we're gonna. We're a layoff and the challenge here and and induce and encourage. An income descendant seventy pound for missile yet in his storage chewing your buddies thrown out. Right in then he turns around in the middle of that invites a chunk of flesh out your other buddy in the your other buddy so you've got a DD now you've got to leave brightened our. In the dog turns around and just stand over this guy and watches him die like a stud. Just talk in the hole I am. Believe Sonja. Sorry not great that they. That story made my day when I found. Well I'd ME net. That their considerable. Traction when you posted that on the face yeah page you know if you haven't if your own FaceBook and you having on our page in and checked it out about it I mean. You should we you should you really should I mean we we try to balance it out of good stuff interesting stuff stuff that's. Heart warming topic this story not her against episodes feel good story John I mean image which I would try to keep it balanced and and we got a pretty good response rate we would come Ambac of people messages people send a silent. Check that out FaceBook dot com slash W a RD salute to service. Good times mountain time for a break when we come back. Dallas County in Texas in their intra sheriff. They will will just I'll let you know when we come back 1063 W or be checking John salute to service stand on standby. Welcome back salute to service we had a few things worth three narrow Miette comments since retirement planning takes on 71307. As it relates to our story about the the FitzGerald GAAP. Guys commander mentioned bears responsibility for the actions of every member of his crew even in the middle of the night when he's asleep they could say he didn't insurers crude probably train for the mission and and a week we agree yet that we realize that it's just. If from from a legal standpoint from a defense attorney stand point they're going to throw everything. They've got they're gonna they're gonna bring out all the stuff about well yes I asked for this I asked for that right you know. If if in fact he was doing it a proper job and you know there's going to be paperwork of hey we did complete this training oral we try to complete the training that we were unable to because of this because of the right you know we weren't ready you know I asked for you know longer stay in port for maintenance on this or that or the other it's. 'cause we all now. And again just thank you have a purely from a defense attorneys. Point of view. Where you're gonna try to be you know one teacher you. Each client off get the best deal you can US or the best deal you can get things get charges reduced. Or dropped. That they're gonna they're gonna pull out all the stops of everything we've been talking about for the past few years about you know the budget cutbacks all these things that are these sequestration. Cuts. And the the being overworked and you know qualified. You know people not. Being retained it in certain positions and you know the spare parts if she's polished all that stuff is is gonna come out you know when they tried to. Sway the jury well act how many times in your military career did you have training schedule and then having the tank because of operational other other stuff for earth you know working on that well with you know helicopters and other stuff jerk him as their enemy times with the way you can't fix this or that because she don't have. Did this or that if the official exit and a and Taylor I'm making excuses and I own and and I'm not nominees he's an all that. That type of stuff will come out they're on they're probably going to be looking for some of the navy's dirty long way to show how nurses and eighty wanna be before the make a plea deal yet I was gonna yet about exactly. Also another tester comes in same story would have their system was tacked. I would think there would be some type of evidence about that at this point there they're would have been generally raised I'm union deal IT stuff. Weekday job. The phenomenon security guy our security expert that I and understand enough on that from that my friends that work in that that. Generally there's there's trail some things are hard to detect other things are easier to detect if systems had had been hacked and there's probably some. I tee time forensics and right going on today that and again that would play in. Well for the defense I think absolutely. And finally from the last story guys a story put a smile on my face what makes even better is they hate dogs is almost as much as they hate pigs is okay if the SAS those in the stack of steaks and what we can do it that would here here's here's the mad scientist million dollar idea of the day is it somehow you could genetically modify cross breed Belgium mound going with with with some type of large. Call upon all hall type. Yeah but dig yeah. Can deploy those slow him the and we do you know just about anybody has got a little you know acne mad scientist a chemistry kit stumps in the basements and alienate or comment. So out of love Dallas County Texas Intron Dallas County sheriff Marian brown said she denied a fallen deputy funeral. I'm worried that again only in the duo with an apathy and faster some wrongs allowable John and yes that's. That ruins sometimes. Intra Dallas County sheriff Marian brown says she denied a fallen deputy funeral honors because she did not want it to appeared that the department was condone owning or glamorizing suicide. Off duty Dallas county sheriff's deputy Homero counter on forty died of a self inflicted gunshot wound in his residence on June 29 department said. There are no words can accurately accurately describe the sense we are experiencing so and so forth. We've public safety have a job to sometimes comes unique challenges. That's all well and good his widow sure on a counter on had also worked out county sheriff's office in the past. And said what she expected her husband receive certain honors after he served nearly two decades as a law enforcement officer. There are a lot of things that I was told I should have happened that didn't happen. The department's protocol dictates the guidelines for Oster funerals full honors are given only to Austria should die in the line and do any. But officers who passed away while off duty are also entitled to certain honors outlined in the department's general quarters. Those honors include an honor guard a bugler and officer standing watch over the fallen casket in a final radio call Brad broadcasting officer's badge number. None of those things occurred after debt deputy Calderon's death decision that was made my share of ground. It is your responsibility in the leadership of the department to make the decisions that we are deemed best for the department chair brown said in the statement due to the nature deputy Calderon's death. The sheriff's department does not want to condone nor appeared to glamorize suicide. The message that is sending is that we're not here for you said his wife now. Little known fact more cops died last year. Of suicide. Then died. By gunfire in the line of duty eaten a 140. Cops took their own lives last year. And there's a culture much like there is in the military in law enforcement. That. You can't. Did help yet. Did that help is available it's widely available you can you can ask for the problem is as soon as you ask for your. Your broken toys. Are damaged goods and an analyst part of that. Alpha personality top well. In an environment this like it it is dominant in in this community it absolutely is in part I believe. To that because I don't. I want appear weak and you know I can handle it man listen I I got demons that fine I can I use my name is on the inside defied the marchers on the outside that's that's that's the the prevailing wind yet I guess. The other problem is. If you do the Smart thing and you go ask for help now you've got a problem. You've got a document noble. Mental health issue. In the end may be get prescribed medication. Zoloft xanax. Whenever via. Axle. Now you're on medication. In your on medication with a documented mental health disorder you're carrying a gun in driving the patrol car. And you're serving the citizens of your community in a in and and altered mental state. So it's a double edged sword yet do you admit to having the problem. In risk. Losing your job. Or risk losing the trust of the people on your platoon or you know however you work now. Or do you just suck it up and deal with the demons and hope that you don't suck start your own gun. As this as a tough question the in U we've talked about you know the middle healthy is she news. Often. Over the last couple years. In about how. It basically not only are law enforcement officers. You know dealing with. The mental health. Crisis in this country from their perspective as is new law enforcement officers peacekeepers first responders with people there interacting with the correct. The issue they're part of society there a slice of society. Says these problems exist with them as well because they're only they're only human yeah I did today that the arrest them that filing box gets full yet. And there's only so much stuff you can put in their before an overflow via and in so it is very similar thing like it was in the military environment where people are reluctant to go and get help even if even if there's no medication involved but that teaches. You just need but you know an hour every week that you had to appointment we ego kind of the I gotta go send you've got you got to give that you gotta get download a little bit. Com. The one thing I think with this article. That this interim should there with the statement that. In in the air opinion. That to have had some type of department representation. There at at this man's Fino who served Allman nearly twenty years. As a as a law enforcement officer in this community. That having any EU. Bit of these full from full honors to the the partial honors for off duty deaths. Would have whoa what was what was the words can I don't know under glamorize couldn't do own and downed or glamour us. Are you kid why kind of idiot. In ID you know that's creeks that term lightly in this respect what kind of idiot. Thinks that doing. Any any of those things would condone or glamorized suicide but I'll only. Only these pathetic. I gotta wash my language in these individuals that. Generate some of the garbage that comes out of Hollywood and gets labeled as entertainment men would do anything that would seem to glamorize or glorifies suicide. You know it in your person who has dealt with this and I hand dealt with it first hand twice so you know don't lasting impression that it Lee yeah. In the only thing that the spouse in the end his kids if he had any. May have to hang on to these two decades of honorable service at the the the city of Dallas County Dallas. Could have at least given him that. Modicum of respect Pia and say you know what. We're sorry that your husband did what he did. What happens if if somebody you know and as that and you know where the fame his who has the say has attended church services for a long time that a minister says well I can't. You know you re a couple of verses or make any kind of comments that you know. So once those funeral because I don't want it to appear that I'm guys is that I'm that I don't mean it not your ears they're the future funerals are about those that are left behind yes he is trying to create some kind of closure. For those people the family and the friends that. They sheriff's. Well she's intra and she's in turn around and she's emotionally stunted her growth I would say so one service 1063 WORD checking down when we come back you've got to really cool story about a sixty the 63 year old guy GAAP. So stay tuned for that older back. Police it man. We're Tom I watch and stuff a streaming online again. There either re watching some stuff I may have to go back and re watch some generation killed then allow. It was a long time yeah along time then then off for instance of the willow along Nadal took our eye. A kid he guessed this can't understand. How to work with him every Saturday. Yeah I. Go every day tech's different instances it was a commenting on that last LS story about the interim sheriff in Dallas -- guys emotionally stunted is a very diplomatic way to describe their shared percent much harsher than what I said about her well she is Ian from sheriff hopefully the voters keep it that way in voter out. I can't you know the funny thing about. Local elections like that is is stuff like this especially at the I think when the average person goes and devote have been like for sheriff's race now. They just vote for the name that they recognize the name of they've heard on the news or seen him on on TV and in. They don't put them much thought into it so and emotionally stunted was good diplomat in us as. A lot of the number one rule here is don't say something that's gonna get us finder or lose the station it's a true story. So sometimes you gotta you gotta you really got to engage them firewall between your your brain your thoughts and your math and camp but. All right this was a cool story I found this morning. Most people when they're 63 years of age you start thinking about OK and next year too I'm going to be retire Iowa. You know put my feet up a little maybe do some things I enjoy a little little painting little scope to maybe a little travel may be volunteer with since I guess they sculpting sculpting. Equally good and art stuff like that sculpting and I guess entries and maybe it I just wouldn't put a lot of cultured chuck my okay. See you seem to work that. OK anyway this gentlemen this is and this is a dad has probably got some money that he can afford to do a few things like that though whether he if he sent choose Tuesday. Doctor Tyrone Krause. Chief of Carty at the drastic surgery in Jersey City medical center. 63 years old. In west this guy do. He joins the navy. Three joins the Navy Reserves activated more precise he is. Yeah Ed 63 thought it was the perfect time to start a new career. He's a heart surgeon from skilled in New Jersey joined the navy after receiving a waiver that permitted him to enter the reserves. A year passed the typical age limit because people with his skills are in demand and quoting him mrs. graces. Sometimes I ask myself how did I get into this why don't I just relax and sit in my backyard and drink some beer. But that's not my style I've always been on the move and hopefully I'll always be on the move I feel surgically I'm in my prime. And what's even need. More neat. About this is the end the pictures his. Swearing in his oath taking. He was administered. The oath by his daughter who's 27 years old. And is a an instant in the US navy man. And and of course you know that Israeli Cole said that you know after he's sworn in and he was a commissioned as a commander. So obviously with his agent skills that inning oh yeah gonna come in as a as an instance I'm like dancing got got some rain to come in ending this. And I his daughter after swearing in in she was the first person he saluted. But this guy. If this'll tell you about every everything you need to know about this guy and the daughter talking about her father says. And she's not surprised at this at all that after all her father had already worked in private medical practice for decades. Where he lacked earned a law degree at night after his hospital shifts when he was in his fifties unreal any also meant life. As a philosophy professor at Rutgers university in New Jersey this guy. Is a focused. Highly motivated driven individuals. It just. It. Again new gig can't get into that part of who this guy is what type of Manny is it's no surprise but then. Some people of all why is it worth this guy doing this in my day we'll think about this if this gas still in his surgical prize right. As 63 years of age and he's obviously vary fit healthy individual. Very physically active. If he does. Work with the name. Reserves there new four you know five years or even ten years. Think of the number of lives that he can touch and not just with patients where it might be a sailor marine or any any other males Aybar that comes there. That his expertise will enable them to. To live and maybe have you know better function higher Kerry allies think of what he can teach. Oh yeah college transfer to. Younger navy doctors and nurses and corpsman who were gonna be out practicing combat medicine you think about the clinics the literal clinics we have yet analogy in sports all the yeah but they you know this guy can put on a clinic for these doctors yet enable doctors there and army doctors and it would have cost them in the civilian sector. A guy of this caliber who is the the chief of white cardiovascular OS it. Yeah Carty you thoracic surgery yay we just. Jersey City medical center so that guy can probably. Ask a six figure speaking country. Probably and there are doctors going to make six figures easy years are part time at. Our medical school yes something like that is he's going to be able to transfer that knowledge to these these new doctors yet. And end. Man you can't. You can buy it but it's gonna cost you money yet like real grownup money yet and they're gonna get it free gratis I guess I'll this story any kind of you know just. It hit me to like the other one in rapid fire the 96 year old that was you know volunteering and doing things with children I mean it any. We all can't do the same things that everybody's capable of doing something and I think is to schooled they we've had that two stories were his people you know little further down the road life than. A lot of this in and they're still found ways to stay in the game be active and answer for India Alonso when we come back. Snitches get stitches salute to service one a 63 Debbie Doherty check in John stand out stand back. I welcome back final segment of today ease edition a salute to service Johnson Richard Porter glad to be with you 1063 WORD's. Happy to be anywhere. So are social social media eighteen yet well OK but we got to keep up and it got us gotta keep my dad through little post little things here and there finest are an inch to Graham. Because we you know we've had that we've had the idea account for the longest time and yet we we we finally got it. Back for. You fight dishonesty Graham at salute the number two service 1063. That's salute to service when your 63 on mr. Graham so. Will be posting pictures there and the occasional video and recipes recipes and in. What nine how to build bombs. No we know we want to we won't do that that would that would that would be not good. At a Pennsylvania this story. In this is something I'm intimately familiar with this this this culture of Pennsylvania teen was fatally shot at a party and Upper Darby over the weekend. In not one person out of over thirty attendees is willing to talk police. Covered army police superintendent Mike Chitwood expressed disgust towards a party over who refused to comport with information after the unidentified team was chased out of the house party into the street. Where he was shot three times. Around three to four males were involved in the incident remain unidentified thinks that tight little ball who went to the party. The people the party they all know Chitwood said no one has come forward in fact she would told Delco times to please were initially ignored in told to believe. If first they refuse to answer the door and they subsequently start yelling and screaming and cursing at the cops they did not want to say anything she would said. He claims that local Democrats to the neighborhood has a no snitch culture which is led to constant trouble. I've been doing this for fifteen years as part of the culture but is disgusting and disgraceful to see these bums loud take over the neighborhood to only come for the neighborhood won't be safe no matter how you address it best. The bottom line. And that. I experience that I can't count the number of times you roll up your answer collar role on crime scene there's somebody debtor hurt. And everybody saw nothing nobody nobody saw anything. Nobody saw anything when you know even I even the victims themselves. Man who shot you. Ohno. That dude what dude I don't know they calling you know frank I what I mean you know just some garbage. Well then it turns into well the police are doing their jobs because they had solved you know. Frank he's murder yet well we'd love to sulfur and you murder but nobody will come forward and give us any information and we can't magic it. Yet we can't make it up well I mean we could but apparently didn't and the cops and that floored it counted and see how play. I mean seriously it. We have to have information from eyewitnesses and other people to solve crimes that. And if nobody's willing to step forward and in saying hey here's what I saw and there's a litany of reasons for you brought up a good one. Yeah I think you know for some. People that we know that are that are good people that are. In a just economically challenged him right there working that he had done the best they can they're an honest person. In got to cater to that they're just. Did economics kind of stuck in any tough area where there where there is more crimes so what you do to a mom or dad. When and you you know you you may be witnessed something that. You know the people who did it and the chief got a 1012 year old kid pitcher worried about the hidden. You know. Hurt or worse then if people in the neighborhood see you talk into a a police officer and investigators something like that. When you don't have the means to move out so on the one hand back and I can. I can sympathize. That the that there are people in those situations sure and you know which doesn't make Iraq does it make it easy but India voice even and I'm trying to think by what what I'd do some money. If I saw some like that. And I don't have the ability to do that some as IKEA and if we know you talked and we're gonna hurt your wife for an hour and analyze your cars happen like that in that that also happens and that's a legitimate concern. But at the end of the day man. You know when it when you're talking especially about a murder the shooting that. I mean there are ways that you can get ahold of of of you know law enforcement. Without being overt without me saying that about him at into I think one of the things this. There were the revolving door eighties and now but the revolving door on the justice system is like I'm on to come and Todd do you. But then what's the likelihood that the end you know frank he's killer is gonna. Come man he's either gonna get off Shirley hell or get mail shirt he's gonna go and an old reduced charges and plea and he does. Five years and for whatever in any attack and I better be gone somewhere he's gonna kill me. Yeah I can see that from the perspective of the good people that are just struggling economically and financially stuck. In these areas I am I've they've got my sympathy. It it it's a real concern you know why did you eaten since she said that I'm I'm sitting here thinking to myself manner of people bit. Are just now getting out of jail that I put in jail. And they're still mad at me. Probably you know they I mean that's so for somebody that you know they live in an end and in. Economically oppressed area and let's say they've been living there for fifty years. And they can't afford to move in their their house isn't worth anything so they can't sell it there they're stuck they're stuck stuff but again. Right right. Wrong is wrong so do you just let the murder going Saul. The communities they that they terrorist yet it's as tough is this really tough and. There we go I don't know how I'll handle them as and that that would just be difficult when your word about your your your family your children your spouse. It is ladies and gentlemen of the Saturday coming on another show on the canned I'm sorry who can get your cold day we just ran out of time. Thank you all for joining us we'll look forward to seeing you again next Saturday same bat time same bat channel and as always if you can't be safe be dangerous thing to listen folks.