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Salute to Service
Saturday, July 21st
Salute to Service

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Welcome to the show. Again and good day out there nice this morning man not to not to oddity he made man very pleasant day so far side. And hope your doing well out there and if you're doing yard work spread Mott some in the difficult like that got us on your headphones and like that while publisher hard for a tune in and featured in the ads. Anyway that John church of course lip service alive and local homeowners 63 WORD's. Is a beautiful Saturday nice day nice day we've got to yeah a lot. On the agenda today we're going to be talk and a little bit later about the Massachusetts. Officer that was killed by it and use an air quotes here and an armed. Assailant. Some interesting commentary by a gentleman I got the post article on a bright mark this week about that. The North Korean doctor Jekyll and Hyde act that we've we've been witnessing for quite awhile now some good thoughts on that. And a little take on the the big parade the big parade the twelve million dollar parade that. Is being planned that probably nobody wants anything to do is going to be huge yes huge they're in DC and an interesting conversation after rapid fire in our number two. About the evolution of combat fitness. Some changes taken place primarily with the army now we'll see if it spreads out. Two some of the other branches and then some military aviation news Wales we get near the end of the show that that something that we can both. Yeah what we both enjoy him and we know out there we've we've got some a former fighter pilots in the audiences radio listeners out there than it did chime in on some of this on our FaceBook page. A FaceBook dot com slash WORD. Salute to service if he ever curious kind of during the week of what's. Most likely gonna end up on the show barring any kind of big breaking news event. It's finally got your city on the FaceBook page kind of throughout the week with a few surprises style stand attempt. How did this go and today there is something. Got a little bit of op Ed. Thing here from some. I don't get some mad. Any anybody and just kind of bothered so this past weekend to go up to the the training center in and shoot my. Recertification yes I can carrion Mark Pryor can mentally after his surgery here. Which is a good thing I mean yeah. And nothing wrong what's right now and he likes it doesn't like negotiation that that's a foregone conclusion but at one opponent in the training center. I noticed that the sign. It says you know remote cash yourself senator for mass training yet suggests that yet. But it's what it didn't say that kind of got under my skin. Several months ago. That. Training center was I guess re dedicated to the memory of drew major who was a platoon mate of mine who was killed in the line of duty. And the the the new official name was the major center for advanced training the and cat and we had a little. In a ceremony for written dreams would have shown up in the guys that were on platoon that day didn't know gun on the the FBI and yet. Other places or had retired. I remember him and not only from what. We you know discussed here and some pictures you put on non social media stuff live and I mean it made some local news out outside of our discussion about it. Well and if it meant something to those of us and it. Were were working that day that afternoon and I can. Yeah those are those are things a stick with you right so did. We were the ones that. Responded to that call we were the ones there you know shut up and says the parameter chase a guy in the woods. Why is true heroes loaded into an ambulance. Went to the hospital. It is in hand look at it look at his wife's face you know. We're the ones that did all that I know this sounds awfully selfish but it. Did to have that. In memory of him you know kid to have something permanent named in his honor so that every deputy coming through. Understands. What you're about to embark on yet you know this is a real thing yeah and end the risk is a real end. Here's coming to this training center and it trains and this is dedicated and and named. After a guy who went down in the line did yeah eight all right Brian Gay guys right here where you're going to be working so. To see that that had been. Changed see that that had been taken off and end. I understand. That. You know given the current situation the sheriff's office in in you know having and in battled against them. Sheriff who you know hasn't resigned yet but as you know has been indicted in the end. I can see wanting to erase anything he had done to pander try and remove that stained yeah. I'm from the agency in an in try and move forward to it and I get that idea yet. And I don't be grudge. You know sheriff brown for for taking that step but it. Too. That that gesture wasn't jet that was an A selfless or shellfish gesture yet on the part of sheriff Lewis is that meant something to those of us on delta platoon. That day in August. And it it. I think it's a bit. Early on just gonna say paddy yeah. To remove that because that meant something to us admit something to his wife is meant something to the other first responders at data ENT crew that showed up. The does the fire department guys showed up. The emergency room docs and nurses that didn't they tried to save his life I mean. Did to see that taken down. Over. And I guess trying to square circle yet. It is bothersome to me so it and I don't know and I don't expect that anybody important is listening in the and it really doesn't matter but it. I'd like to see that. I'd like to see that reinstated yet because I think that means something if nothing else to the deputies that were there. Into the family and age you know there's been it been brought up to me there's been other deputies and angry mechanic he'll want to didian that's true. The old there's nothing you know we we didn't do anything for them yet well. So do something for them yet. You know. The bit that was our that was our moment in time in Nash left an indelible mark on on Meehan and everybody else that was there. And that's something that I'll live with and these other deputies who live with for the rest of their lives in in you know big guilt in the the anger in the chain. And in to have that memorialized. Was pretty cool and and now it's gone for no reason other than. Politics yeah. And I I don't like it. You did say did some people Ito with say that there might be a an effort. An under way to put more of a. Haiti's a word generic mom memorial out fellow officers and Arlen officers' memorial. They're put but I mean I can Tennessee's like. Once the name had been done in a dedication. And effort. Live with majors name now and everything there and people get news guardian cat stuff like that that. Just may dig deep deep personalizing. It now sure it just seems to be. You know I don't know I can and should situationally sheriff's office aid for Greenville can I have some matches it's a mass. And boy oh boy. Anybody's. That would have come in. You know take over as interim while he now Willis honor and I and all that stuff works out however it works out. And it to be put in that position. You know it's there's politics involved a charter does anybody you know because the governor has two points a you know these guys. You know governors and people they elected office have been pretty much everything they they do in choosing somebody to fill and even into rom right. Until the next election cycle. Can come about it's it's all going to be political. And and certainly. Share brown is. Got a yeah quite the full plate in things that he's not seeing some positive things that they've got going on the interview and with him in there and have it. And again have their work for sheriff's office never been in law enforcement them. In my life but. In just seeing that this week can you talk in a Mattison Mike dad that I would think maybe there would have been. Sure there's things you want a roll back absolutely and undies and change that you needed because. In a situation in Gambia what it was Mitt. You know taking that down I don't know I can I can. I can count I guess put myself in your shoes and and see how that would be. It's frustrating yet that we would be for a point for us. Ration it again in let me stress I don't begrudge sheriff brown how I mean that guy gave me the job at sheriff's office you know when I transferred from the group police department to the sheriff's office and was. Kind enough yet. Hire me. And it it despite a link from career but I. But so again I don't I don't the guards the guy I understand that there are are things that. He felt like her feels like he needs to do you were on do yeah there's a hero being sure but. Pay act I really think that that when should probably be reevaluated in and in and let's let's try and find. You know something that may be little more substantive rather than symbolic yak. Yes in it it is what it is we are taking up the whole first. For us I mean it was on your mind as I guess I'll get my show it off there man it's all right when when we come back what do we got here that she says Scott killed by again air quotes. Unarmed assailant. Salute to service 1063 WORD checking Zhao will be right back so standby a standby. Really don't act. Heaven forbid that jelly doughnut welcome back salute to service. John and shot live and local one a 63 WORD. The F stays talk station and where you got the the last video thing as yet that run on our FaceBook page here. It used to read that man turn this thing here so people can hear me. Right now Trenton on one of mine mr. Graham yeah okay but I think you're in a minute we're gonna switch it over to look. Will will put it on the one of 63 OK okay Larry guess just to see states inferences to see it'll spread it around spread it around a little worried that will hijack our law hijack the entirety of the the social media platform okay 44 inferred through our rights all right. Just as a heads up out there whole last Sunday. This. Tragic event in Massachusetts. With AM that an officer killed in the in the line of duty and assault a story when I posted it. In a first thing they came in my mind is. Massachusetts officer. Killed after he's attacked with a rock and shot with his own gun and again. One of these cases shall where if some other officer had pulled up just in the nick of time. To have shot this perpetrate year. Do you mean Laura before he took the gun out of the off the fallen officers and it would ban headline when a man cops shoot unarmed man yet. Without health questions whole conversation in this whole theme. That that we discuss many times about how. You know this so called again he's an air quotes an armed assailants. Attempting. Two and sometimes successfully. Arming themselves. With the police officer's weapon we had corset. In the dumpster fire out there Ferguson Missouri now where it's obvious that's why it. That's what Michael Brown attendant who is trying to days than there was couch where was the other when I can't remember was that in Oklahoma honor some. Where it was a female police officer on a bus and clearly in the video. The guy was he did had a female officer down. Was going for her weapon yet and somebody else got up and I and shot they guy. And how again it is just. To make it clear that any situation that a police officer. Goes into a there's never situation where there are no weapons present because the officer themselves is walking in the air with a weapon and this guy Lopes are. If the s's pronounced with as a Z Lopez says slopes are low as one and it's one of the days that Mello PES. Calling bag he bad guy. Armed himself for the best weapon he could at the moment which was a rock. That he then used to. I hit me you know he did just and they had hit it in the head with a then takes his service. Weapon. And proceeds to sheet this police officer when it ten times ten times and has chest to chest and head yeah ten times man yeah. Hillary why. Why I mean you knock this guy out presumably just raw and you know the damage has been done just wrong and I mean you may have. That that it if there. The rock may very well killed Dave what you know I have yet yet so. Did to stop and take the timeout two unload ten rounds. In this guy. It. Unnecessary and that that. That illustrates. The the viciousness. The the cold hardiness. Of this particular incident rather than you know okay shot him once into golf but like you're saying it when you're standing over somebody. Essentially lightest person yet and jest. Competent Fuller rounds that's. But you you found out some other step so the story on all. With what we just knew initially. I don't know NASA is bad enough but then you uncovered some stuff again and it's just for people that are out there. Do. Think that okay week somebody commits a crime the police get down. They there's an investigation again to gather evidence and in these bad people go get locked up in May stay locked up. Yes none of us not so much in this kind of what you uncovered later in the week they came out about this guy so the bosh. Herald reporting that twenty year old bad guy. He was free on bail after he was charged with drug dealing despite the fact that he was caught filing is violating his probation. Bad guys most recent arrest occurred early in the morning after he crashed his vehicle. After driving erratically. In the area South Shore hospital he fled the scene of the crash officers began searching foreign ostrich as not. 42 spotted Lopes actively vandalizing a home and I when I'm imagining is he was trying to get into the home to LA from from the the cops. In Burton Shearson. Nor full accounting. Ostrich as we got out as troll Karl is duty weapon drawn and order Los stopped. Connor explaining ushered chase the suspect on foot. But then Lopes hit ostrich has not over the head with a large rocket knocking him to the ground at that point he stole the ouster duty weapon and shot in ten times in the head and chest. Obviously the officer to come news injuries. So here's the disturbing are the more disturbing part. Just three minutes for Los murdered Russian chairs and the dispatcher advised officers to girlfriend said love was bipolar and had manic episodes according to recording the radio transmission during the incident. So yeah take that in your mind is on hold onto that hold onto that no mental illness issues Jack. He was rain on Tuesday in order to help out bell however the judge and district turning it enforce the terms of his probation and April ostriches and was still be alive. He was out on probation when he failed a drug test on April 25 in court documents show the conditions of release include extension from drug and alcohol use. Including. Medical marijuana. So Los appeared in Quincy district court for district court judge Jean Marie Carroll on April 25. He was facing revocation of the 500 dollar cash bail she had set on 1 November 2017. After he was arrested and charged with selling cocaine miners in resisting arrest. In the interim most of failed to show for mandated pretrial drug test on February 7. When he appeared before Carol. In April of agreed to be tested for drugs on the spot and failed but he told probation officer. But it was approved for medical marijuana in the probation officer acted his is advocate with the judge say that's mind blowing there. I tested this low she was positive for marijuana your portion me that he has THC card. I mean come on man. Court docking mission Lowe's condition of release also report that he made no false statements probation officers. Spokesman for the state formation offs declined to comment imagine that. Korea Holland also says she didn't know why the medical marijuana prohibition was a flag is probation violation. When most feared forgery and his vote for grass for his client be sent to Bridgewater state hospital for mental health evaluation. So it. Here's all of the things that we've got. We've got a guy who. Is known to its a bare minimum his girlfriend in most likely his family I think his family and also most likely a doctor medical Doctor Who had to write the script for the medical marijuana card. So we've got a minimum of three separate entities. Didn't know that this clown has got. Mental health issues yet nothing wise die and yeah. He's also out on probation for. Essentially felony charges for refers selling will always it would be here. Selling cocaine. Selling cocaine to minors. And then he violates his probation by violating the abstention from. Drugs and alcohol. Why is to a probation officer says I'm good I got a TC card and then in turn his probation officer goes in the court. And an ax on his behalf in front of the judge and. This guy should not have been on the street yet. But he was on the street he runs from the cops he crashes a car ride from the cops again and eventually kills a softener officer just numb. In not just kills in which shoots in ten days and times John yet. Ten times that. Why not here's my grief. Not that I don't have a bunch already. There are strange for mountain tops right now bit. Law enforcement officers law enforcement agencies provide mental health training. The cops so that we didn't on the spot presumably diagnose somebody is having a mental illness. Yeah and structure the way we respond to the the situation around that yet. Would guess what Biden. And may have been a difference when Iceland when I put boots asphalt when I step out on a call for service are and they're solve a problem. However that needs to be solved yet and if it's going to be an armed confrontation Horry violent confrontation. If it goes in that direction. I don't care. You've got no ill illnesses I don't and I know that sounds terrible. But at the end of the day my job is to protect the lives of the concluded the community that I serve. In my life yet secondarily. It if I don't go home hey you know what I don't go home wife's gonna be mad my kids are going to be upset new and there's going to be a fancy funeral with a into the day. I'm exchanging mine for somebody else's if I died that means somebody else didn't have to via. So I I've got an obligation to protect the citizens and to protect myself. And if in doing so that means that that I have to deal with dispersants such a way. And it includes deadly force. Then then so be it. We don't have the time nor the resources to diagnose somebody on the spot. Now if we have the time if the it the call is such a situation sect were weakened contain it in bring in somebody. My mid disqualified. To deal with people with no health issues then that is great and don't get me wrong I'm all for the training yet if you wanna give us the training and give me at a certificate I can hang a mile long. Hey that's great but that doesn't change the outcome. That doesn't change the way that I have to handle things on the flop yeah. And if that means that I have to protect myself for protect the community and that's exactly what I'm gonna do in it. Bulls down to this the right now there's this guy. Officer. Chaz Nam was a military veteran. Served in Iraq and Afghanistan yet. Leaves behind a wife so their now widow and two fatherless children ages four and nine. Yeah okay and how many cracks again in this this Lopes Lopez. Guy fall through and end is the outrageous. Stuff again with a probation officer parole officer go and and and advocating. On this gas back half how sad is it this officer. Made it through. Multiple tours in a foreign country in a hostile foreign country only going to be killed on American soil. By a guy who should have been imprisoned yet and it's similar Iraq and takes his own weapon yet. You know what when we come back we'll get a hold this phone call and out will move on probably two and North Korea slid a service one a 63 W already checked in John we'll be right back. I welcome back salute service and John Jack live among them are gonna go straight to these phone calls it my first of these Chris. Is called in Chris welcome to the show. Thank you very much like thank you operate all service a maid service connected disabled veteran myself. And this radio talk about this Yahoo! shooting up police stop it a cup it is supposed to protect and serve. The last thing we need to do is pile on more crap on to their itinerary. Out of sync did you have a day like mentally diagnosing someone with a gun in their. Betty is the most ridiculous dang thing I've ever heard mile hikes. And this. Besides the fact that this is rooted politically into a certain party. The war on police officers had gotten ridiculous. They are supposed to. Do their job and when people. Right back again no way you resist arrest. I have no sympathy for them. If they end up getting hurt or shot because the easiest thing to do is say yes sir no sir let them do their job. And they will let you move on. I guarantee you and that you have a warm for your arrest or you do something being paid. You're gonna try to walk away from confrontation with the police. That that is that is pretty factual I can assure you that early as LSU as analogies they did it back and doing this year the only one that's ever been a cops visited the chances are man. You know you're either if you committed you know traffic violation or you've done so and I mean can you take it you move on her you know if you you committed a crime you go to jail but it's so much easier to just go to jail and then bond out. Then it is to get into a fight and then get charges stacked on top of the Vienna I mean it's just senseless. There Ager accused let them do their jobs that are you got to do. And if you're in the wrong in the end of going to jail. Or not the officers all I see. The last constantly complaining because police officers overreacted date. They're trying to go home just like you said earlier they want to go home to and the people better get it stopped it they wanna go home. Accept your punishment if each got one common and like you said bond out in golf hall you don't have to. To start a confrontation with the police officer. Then they do this and undergoing wiring and people know it starts. Handing out for them like it officers' golf and that. The most ridiculous. Hypocritical thing I have ever heard in my life. Gathered there starred in a martyr these these the bad guys in and that's just going to be counterproductive yeah all right so. It's unacceptable. It's just one of the many long list of things. That is got this country so divided that it either gonna end up where we end up in the second civil war. For. But all all all we make peace with bit and we move on but the way it's Roland I don't see. Peace coming in and year. Future well I'd I am I try to be a little bit more optimistic and in hope things work themselves out I mean we're Smart group rival and I think we can probably get this thing put back together before a fall completely apart that's my darling. Yeah worst group of people at the other. Part as meant they treat caucus I earlier cited that. There's that let's go ahead and move on quickly Jesse James. James you're body. Hey hey do this afternoon so far so good at keeping it real quick. And it's entry work done by us so their roots this week in did a great job and I hope he keeps sponsor the Lugar do really kind. Well I think this did all right and we appreciate that I'm I'm sure they like here that kind of feedback dismiss them accomplish that and thanks tanks. It's good news this is totally non paid advertisement here that is to swallow that you know that they are a good good. Bunch of posted to deal with the U but the thing Israel quit retire law enforcement from North Carolina. In I cannot see why and you. Only young people today who want to come into the all important profession. When they're getting beat down for everything. They do down the street it's it's just really want to be a psychologist. A preacher. And accordion instead of a warrior. Which can leave means you go back to call or go home instead of doing the job. You mentioned that word guardian aid and we've talked about that when that that guardian verses the warrior concept instead actually some articles on here for that's been written not by some mom the law enforcement first responder. Policy groups think tanks Hirsch turf if that's the line. There is an eight you know it's it's. Yeah are you supposed to be a guardian right but there is some wise man once said I'd rather have a warrior and a garden and garner wore. And believe it and I think that kind of holds true so. It's. You're right you're spot on and it's it's frustrating. HS grant thank you so much for the call that. You know is is great all back across the board yet and and I'm glad this. It does begin to here did there are people that still. I'm you know can can back up or a law enforcement officer yeah and SE NS good to hear any even. In any game when we're talking about the law enforcement stuff on come on and it from just kind of the the layperson the average person. Position on on this is like yeah I can understand that. Getting training is is always did getting Iranian exposure through learning continuing education's always a good thing. But then there are going to be situations. Kind EU stated Mike unfortunately I'm. Officer chestnut found himself in and countless other officers. Will find themselves and prime at as I'm speaking. Where. This time the place in the circumstances aren't appropriate for doing anything other than responding to the threat. Of the situation and that may mean using a firearm using pepper spray is going on or some other type of you know physical. Hands on force right. And that's just the reality of another may be situations again where OK you have an individual. And the circumstances are such that there is not a chance of them. Escaping evading running from you. There's nobody in any kind of imminent danger or the person is not in my imminent danger to themselves of jumping right front up off of something like that that you can take the time. To realize because we've seen even for a fairly recently there was there was some situations around here where a a potential jumper was kind of topped off my hand by some officers and that's. Fantastic that they got the area as okay this individuals obviously in. Some emotional state here right can be temporary can be a biochemical and who knows but they they realize and they. You know dealt with it and got the Guidant sure you do in this program as a great midnight then again. Will we be. What will is that the danger of going on the road without a psychological training and everything else of like by the collar said of like okay we need Judah. Mean investigator to be a crime stopper to do this do this via you know a traffic patrol officer and Psycho when regional where so many hats. As a law force Russia that she knows that that you're not really. Successfully wearing any album we've catching balance and we catchy chastened. Too many things. Well as in the day here's here's another danger in this whole thing and I hear is amusing and we got to go to break but. This these these things are put in places is kind of a CYA for the agency. Oh yeah yeah it panicked yeah you gotta be honest about it that that's a lot right but it. What happens when you know you've got that training and it wasn't able to be utilized in you had to take action and now you're in court on our wrongful death yet. You know anyway sort of service one a 63 Debbie Doherty check and John will it just North Korea thing next. And interest dangerous the threat of a North Korean story coming up talk about and I get a caller in Brett. Says he's got some stories about North Korea is so Brett welcome to the show what you got. A gas tanks are just collection on a huge fan of the show who. I as a former service member. Former army infantry officer I can appreciate all collar stories as well but the stories. I'll bet a lot of beyond law enforcement local PDR sheer well versed on say that. We appreciate that we don't have any prizes and giveaway for its. You heard we had prizes in alive. Well you can never think those that put their lives out there every day and start is on a two. You know share that because you know every every time I taker actually I dealt playing. Or I'm sitting in Jason's deli or somewhere or not CI agreed all share of salt it's come and sit down you're always. Now way over their table and shake their aunt and what they do because there really are what did spear when it comes to safety in Munich and I just can't appreciate them out. No I did it hit never gonna deal. So while I don't know about North Korea you got my curiosity yeah. So I'll and eleven outlook infantry officer art I got commission in mid January 98. Serbs. You're tours in Iraq and here in Afghanistan and in the middle there are Serb a one year. Tour ought to call hardships you're in. In Korea yet and not not many people know this. It's not very well as hurt as. Outside about the US army but there's a little hang out at sea it's. I hear itself in the demilitarized zone in South Korea I mean it is about. 500. Yards away from the experience that separate. Well it's essentially the first part of the report being in the system got. You gotta since you got man sealed and yet thank all makes it. At three court system well we we are we were responsible for a little sliver of real estate. Inside the demilitarized zone call joint security area and actually. Was about a week it was 800 metres by 800 meters Hak another North Korea apple its now. That's where it'll pollute building 12 and three -- easy either path yet. The South Korean dignitaries and are all meeting shaken he didn't stepping across also. All we were responsible for the security at that little piece of real estate. And we would conduct to you know combat patrols in separate the need. And welcome back a little yellow iron which is the action though. Which separate the two countries that is the actual line. And you know it it it it was not a very uncommon. Happening Laura uncommon occurrence where we would have you know we had a lot of equipment up there won't go and a lot of The Beatles are. Probably better that you didn't have the ability our intelligence capability that we had the ability there. Dull look around ninety you know month and it wasn't it wasn't too uncommon occurrence where the North Korean gotten inside South Korea. Yeah. And we we see them you know taken pictures or their little comrades. Who have things aren't stupid. Other horror against the what would call the the armistice agreement you wrote one night and it was I think it was and these timber. Low calorie we're largest its standard patrol. We had an accident what we call an accidental discharge. Where we had a young soldier that actually this artist weapons system. Our small arms fire and actually it hit and North Korean and guard shack. And let's talk about the flag going yeah you win a clear. We were well they call at the time Brit Force Protection condition delta out of reach. Are where we were all geared up new weapons locked and loaded and only hand alert around the clock. And and in the crazy thing about all that is bad stuff happen all are yeah never hear about it anywhere. But in that little piece of real. In Atlanta little section of the world gather stuff stared I was over there did did the the hardship tour. Over there. He's living without with a you know. A eighty aides say 88. And nom. And yet this stuff I would not you know near the DMZ area but it just stuff you know you're running into other people in the year here in scuttled by then you know little safety bulletins and stuff like that come down about stuff and mentally and a friend didn't blow it yeah bullet out of I guy was a friend of mine in and high school. He had a brother that was what like a U one year behind us and all three of the send out in the army in the younger brother that I knew the when my close buddies with was a cab scout. Vienna ended up over the air and was stationed at the DMZ in doing stuff from on top with him once after he'd finished up over there and yet there's the third stuff. One on all the time little instances and tunnels being found and I thought I was over there there was some exercises go one on and anti tank. You know roll around. Do kind of fell through a hole and it wasn't a sinkhole they just collapsed the weaker part of that tunnel for coming in from the north and if there's. All types of stuff you you learned over the air the realities of that situation that you know aren't made in the the nightly news over over here. And right now on and then there's other stuff I knew a couple of guys that were in a station at the DMZ area kind of in the mid seventies late seventies that. In had some the stories to tell that was after the the big gap. Tree cutting down incident. And and stuff yeah it's it's it's it it's it's almost forty up there man I mean I never saw it firsthand but enough deeds I know that trusted network. You know tell me about their experiences as yet residents there is is not a dull place to be a. Hey Brett let me ask your always well I got you while yet John alignment given the current situation. That were where we find ourselves and with with North Korea. Do you see this. Having a positive outcome or to kind of foreshadow John's story do you see this being a Jekyll and Hyde situation like we've seen for the last three. I generations of of cams. You know it's it's it's interesting that you ask that in and not try to Limbaugh implied by the it's. The same Montrae. Trust but verify the idea. I don't trust Kim Jong-Il and any further than second earliest orderly sell you know I. I I would have to say you know let that not diplomacy riot. Let's keep trying to work through it in a diplomatic action yeah we've got it. The capability to monitor what did they do not let this debt anywhere near in the country. So we should exercise every resource we possibly can't. Without having the good you know our soldiers and or civilians in harm's way. And end all let's just infamous let's give him a shot let's see it sees it he is going to do what he says he's gonna do. And you know you know Larry ambassador and and secretary or state any of those folks are. I know that they're working hard to try to get some type of line in Spain and where you need to do it is about that day. In order to gain a little a little credibility yeah this company good faith but. I would I would say we need to you have to give them shot out of a new generation. Kim in that and in the in the presidency or not and mark dictatorship if you will. Abrams we got to roll buddy I'm sorry cut you off my friend that did not say good right now Brent thank you very much who deserves 1063 Debbie Doherty check in Josh standby for a little Gene Autry gunfire.