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Salute to Service
Saturday, July 21st
Salute to Service

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Our our I hate our number two weeks made it one done one day go. Welcome hug having a great Saturday. So segment number one our number two gang you know what that means it is tack. For your weekly dose of Gene Autry just a little bit gunfire. All right. Up first this week on rapid fire got idea passing of note and to honor this gentleman no disrespect intended so here goes. Die. Adrian krona Aaron passed away this past week at 79 years of age. He is the armed forces. Network or radio network DJ and air force veteran that. Was made famous in the 1987. Movie good morning Vietnam it. And he made clear in interviews and discuss whether other people that the the long round. Good. Morning Vietnam was part of his shtick and what he did in a lot of the music that was used in the movie met that. The antics the real crazy stuff was was all Robin Williams at. And and then he didn't get you know thrown out of Vietnam and as far as he knew did not have any friends that or actually via con. But interesting guy obviously stuff like that was a a yet think him back then you had the armed forces radio and snail mail yeah that was so I don't I'm not as you have all these. Amenities and things like guys and gals have now they can you know get on some Internet and social media stuff on their fair amounts. You know radio. Was super important and mr. crone our. Of course his career in radio is also a minister radio station owned an ad agency I was an anchorman and program director for a television news station. Voice over actor for TV and radio commercials and later in life. He was special assistant to the director of the prisoners of war missing in action office in the Pentagon raising awareness. The effort to account for America's missing you Linda and I Trout bill Virginia and you know again just one of those iconic. Figures. And appear passed away this week age of 79. You know if I'm not mistaken his replacement when he left Vietnam. Let's say Jesse Jack wheel of fortune and a half heard that I don't know I don't know that I drive I've heard that as well via slept out during a look into that but yeah. So in other news you know we had this thing. 68 months ago are Longo was. Where I was gonna apply for the the yeah veterans idea or we were comparing how quick I can get into the A fees. System and shop online and how fast he can get your card so I got on Uga had in the a fee system is about ten minutes ten minutes. So my application for my VA ID card has been showing processing them not being reviewed but processing. Cents. May 29 time. May 29 John. That he is you know upon for any benefits of this have been enough and this is just just a card a card should just up piece of plastic so that. You know you don't have Q your DD 214 around on veterans day today. Get my free meal at the apple plays realities or wherever I walk I will I can guarantee you I will never use this thing this is merely. And exercise. And she took futility it's yeah I'd just why honestly I just wanted to see out how we want to how long would it take you to get the car idea and and howl. She just insanely. Slow him and bureaucrat likely had the that this processes. In is compared to a for profit situation where you yet you were I was I was. Bend log in credentials and everything for shop and a snow out of ten minutes man kill this man. They are you say you're from Atlanta took that check no doubts that you're able to it to get an and you just fed up as supply what you're eager brand name on his great service social all right yes social I think maybe a couple of questions Adam and I that's maybe east. 46 fairly easy questions that you know in their system came back verify a veteran status honorable discharge status and bang them bro I had to supply these people with a copy of my DD 214 this is these same. Governmental agency. It has my paperwork yet. They know I have written. But I had supplied in the county Monday to fourteen they so Clint and get my picture to win people you extrapolate this alum is so it's. This is just to get the ID cards that the that the four men and women that are trying that choice program for health care is caddick sheet items unbelievable what those people and wanderers moving right along driven right along you probably saw this headline. If you do you use social media any at all because this story got shared around a good bit this week about the vandalism the monument honoring medal of honor recipient. Lieutenant naval lieutenant Michael Murphy the Navy SEALs the guy that was the F. The team leader for modestly trail on the other Navy SEALs the lone survivor the whole scenario samba the movie everything. And so there is in his hometown there was a a big black piece of granite and Michael laser etching. Picture of lieutenant Murphy and the dates and operation red weighing in and stuff like that in the medal of honor. Engraved on it. And so those people. Monday skillet may see this thing's been knocked over busted. Into several pieces. And encourage people see that type thing and they're they're outraged and police continued to investigate that AA and I found that ends up that a fourteen year old boy. Has been charged. We vandalism. After destroying this memorial and something New York State. As a lot of people of course Marcus Latrell and and others were offering reward money to catch the person but then also offering. You know funds to replaces so right now. They've found the F fourteen year old kid that that did it and the artist. And the governor's state in New York immigrants what you think of Cuomo. Say yeah we're gonna get replaced. Marshland trail other people come in the artist who did it says. Yeah I got a bigger thicker piece of black granite will use next time so they're gonna get this thing replaced right. And still. Now I think for the fame only of. Lieutenant Murphy it's him still hurts. But then the other thing that we've seen on this and it's like gamma how open yet whenever they caught this person you give them a good fought for interns at a fourteen year old kid. And there have been some comments are so much on our social media but some of these sites are reporting on this. And veterans so we're talking as adult grown and grown and grown individuals talking about you know. Beaten this fourteen year old kid senseless and Yani Yani idea and so on and so all of that violence against a fourteen year old yak and our common it back on one comment on our FaceBook page that wasn't calling for violence that you know I was saying out of the Dayton. Dazzling mail list for individual to the wall. In my com and I was like it was fourteen year old is in my day and I just hope that. The judge that handles this in a juvenile court family court wherever he gets adjudicated. Gibson punishes the kids for sure but then also if we've. The people involved the adults in the ring find a way to teach this young man something sure. And age of fourteen years old still impressionable still got a ton to learn about the world the way things work candlelight with that situation in at oh in Georgia. Where the seniors twenty class of 2018. He added class of 2018 on the flag and then raised the flag in the principal thought why pay act and expel these guys may come from prom growing. But instead of doing that Saddam wanna teach these kids some and so we had veterans come in and talked to these kids about what that flag means to them and what it means when you see your buddy. Go home and a box for that flag on top of it in Gaza and it. Had a profound impact on the skids and I hope. That's something similar happens with this fourteen year old appeared in New York State is this gets handled in the juvenile court system at solicitation will moment I think you should definitely such. Out of England and we don't do a lot of stories out England but I thought this one was. Well par for the course. A British pre op transgender prisoner in west Yorkshire was placed in a women's prison. With disastrous results occurring within his arrival. The prisoner who's been living as a woman for over two years reportedly sexually assaulted for women in the Wakefield based prison. Causing a serious stir with in the penitentiary walls. According to the Daily Mail the offending prisoner reportedly reportedly made comments about six to one inmate kissed a second inmate on the neck. Forcibly attacked a third and sexually assaulted a fourth with witnesses claiming to have seen the deviant detainee. Visibly or her eye institute. It's fat. The prisoner since been moved to a men's jail though it is unknown at this will remedy the situation. In the UK transgender offenders identifying women can only change your legal gender if they were medically diagnosed with Canada's four yeah. And have lived as a woman for two years with judges using this is a litmus test of source to determine. What kind of prisoner assigned to. So in here we go home. You know. I had just trying to keep him around lately we keep this family friendly. What a wise did you expect us. Honestly yeah to happen yeah and you know what maybe this is the first time maybe they've been doing this for years now and is everything's been hunky dory until now all of a sudden. You know. Joseph now Josephine. Come swing in and there and now he's gonna stir the pot makes some trouble for some ladies and honestly they could not have look at this and it's going to be a reasonable thing to do this is a good idea and other now there and a real conundrum. Right because now they're gonna have put this dude and dude prison. I mean the outcomes are going to be very good friend there or speed up the transformation I'm either but I'm telling you an actor in there and a little Barney five snippet in the blood count well actually. But now the the taxpayers over there on the hook for that because they've got the NH yes yup via national health systems so. There ego. This is a weird story man then I'm about to share with you and just laughter. He wasn't like he was this. But. Spontaneous combustion of tortilla chips plagues a Texas factory not show normal kind of up here and there. The factory was reportedly trying to new food waste system and I got thumbs down that notches in June that torture is okay Austin firefighters rushed to a factory twice in one week to put out blazes caused by quote. Spontaneous. Combustion of tortilla chips they said. The factory was reportedly trying to a new food waste system but the large cardboard boxes camp outside the factory camp igniting even once firefighters had arrived on scene this is avenue by the fifteenth. And apparently they had to do find out where they had been dumping. Storing these tortilla chips that word spontaneously come by anything. And hose everything. Down thoroughly now I've heard about spontaneous human combustion guest. I've last seen pictures of I might mulch mower it was a multimillion burn it mulch mulch will yep combined city itself off I had never ever. Ever heard. Spontaneous combustion of tortilla chips man I've. That's a new and and my pigeon racing before today I didn't know pigeon racing was with a vision racing as a page on eight carries in that thing absolutely. Spontaneous. Tortilla combustion. So this when. Where to go come on girls you what we'll do this one because I thought this was per. Pretty interesting as well binge drinking rates are highest in these military services. A third of troops reported binge drinking in newly released health study prompting researchers urged the military leadership to give immediate action to the problem. Members of the sea services were most likely to report binge or hazardous drinking according to data released by Iran is part of the defense department's health related behaviors that. Here's a surprise John. The Marine Corps had the factual. With 42 point 6% of respondents saying the engaged in binge drinking within the past thirty days statins the navy was next with 34 point 2% of sailor reporting binge drinking more than 31% of Coast Guard respondents also said they benched. Now binge drinking means consuming five or more drinks on one occasion for men and four more drinks for women. At least once in the past month according to the report. And it's I'm apparently a bit. Lets you know I'm in that they spent time in money on this well you know or listen respectfully. You know it. Yet is it's bad you don't want a bunch of drawn. Went yeah yeah and there specialists and in and night you know the health slowly and his military readiness an idea yes I get it that. That that we had to spend money and time on on this guy just something that you already need to know. You know. It's the Marine Corps leading the way now are right when we come back judge you're trying to the North Korea thing or do you wanna do the army the FT now. Is. This just stickler that what did that combat fitness to a service one a 63 W already check and I'll be right back. Welcome back salute service a lot of mogul John a chuckle wanna 63 WORG. And now to talk about the the army any new physical fitness test the for the common and they combat. Fitness test rather than just physical fitness and FT GAAP and and so with a one story we were cut had vote. We're gonna do about Korea last hour in them but spent time mom on the phone when our collar soma. Interesting stuff in his toured radio heard Joker will say that North Korea thing for another week in. Move on. This is a stain because we've we've had several conversations over the last. I was just say ten months examine some like that with changes in the military and especially the army where. There had been a study that came out about. Commanding officer senior enlisted leaders talking about troops skating out of basic and advanced training and getting to their first union assignment that they weren't really. As prepared as they should be as physically fit as they should be as combat ready as they should be then there was the course attitude issues and they and they did. Specifically mentioned that sense of entitlement. That many news new soldiers had as it was going to be some changes they were gone to. Eight expand. Training. Basic training and there expanding now like we saw. Just recently the hosts that once station unit training for infantry and stuff like that skip an extension to look at ways of increasing need these levels of proficiency rather than somebody. Leaving with leaving basic training or they're advanced. Individual training with. A moderate level of efficiency with whatever their jobs going to be here especially combat arms of the weapons systems that they're there. You know spend a little more time now articles assurance that she more. Ammo and spend more time on the range stuff like that. So it doesn't. Really surprised me is probably a very good thing that after you know 1718 years worth of combat deployments. That men and women that went in and as you know. Second lieutenants are. He won DT easy threes. You know in 2002001. And might still be in over repeated deployments and combat zones. Have seen that may be we also need to have some evolution in the the fitness. Test right in the arena how we train and test for fitness. And let's quit making bigger and bigger uniforms and just get these people in shape right now in line for the army quick change and we've changed keep the gamma pattern for awhile. Sonia found it for me ended before we in for Lou alive we were talking about you know evolution yet and when we were in the service yeah. Our. We were essentially preparing for Russian tanks to come across the border somewhere based in the we have here kind of any new Cold War air yeah tide situation worsened in a hole somewhere in in Eastern Europe weighed and weighed in on Russian tanks and that's that's kind of what we train for so. The Marine Corps pfc push up her I'm sorry pull ups sit ups got chuck. A three mile run. Sit ups and pull ups there probably did it a hundred times you gonna remember in the army. They're PF tee was way push ups set ups and two my hour right so there wasn't. Is big of a need for functional training. It that tie episode they thought he had the fitness testing was more of just an overall fitness testing rather than. Being a fitness tests that say okay can you drag a wounded soldier that are wounded you know human being right. Avalon a fire can you did live can gene when you've got to you can gene pick up something to move it lifted off some by all these. Tasks. Items that functional functional as men and women have been performing in hostile. Areas of the world for 1718 years now. These things have evolved to become part of this this new com. Fitness test so let me say is is six timed events is what their proposed and this is supposed to go into place October 2020s. A strength dead list at dead lift of three repetition maximum dead lift to test muscular strain that mimics movement. To safely and effectively lifting carry heavy loads. A standing power throw. This event involves throwing to ten pound medicine ball as far as possible over the head and to the rear measures upper and lower muscular power balance and whole body flexibility. Soldiers won't get one practice throw in the two throws for record. Hand raised pushups and I thought this was uninteresting. Two minute that forces a soldier to go all the way to the floor and raised both hands before coming back up again measuring upper body muscular endurance so you put your just on the floor PMs up off the floor and then push again now see you can't cheat. 200 missed fifteen meter sprint dragon Kerry. This is a five different eventual one event a fifty meter sprint a backwards fifty meter drag a ninety pound sled. A fifty meter movement a fifty meter curious to forty pound kettle bells and file final fifteen meter sprint in measures muscular strength speed power speed and reaction time. A leg tuck a soldier hanged perpendicular to pull of armory to his knees up to his elbows and back down again for one repetition performing as many as possible in two minutes. This exercise measures muscular strength endurance and grip. In a two mile ride retains Jim are run portion of the AP FT which is designed to measure erode beacon muscular. Endurance yet now when I first read this I'm like RS you as you Richard Armey because that. That is truly testing. A person's endurance muscular endurance. And they're mental endurance yet because especially the the that 250 meter sprint Greg Kari yeah. Man that's gonna hurt that that's yes that's nice stuff that's gone. That's a no go nowhere where on a few people now we have seen and seeing reports and read reports here and talked recruiters and so one. And they're having a hard time finding people for various reasons to enlist in the military all the branches but one of the biggest reasons outside of of drug or use in in just being dumb. Is that kids are not physically fit enough to get into the military and so. You know now with the army and again I'm not polishing the more important optimal the Marine Corps said there CF TP FTC FT in place for the last several years. Which is very similar to what we're seeing here. You've got two of the four branches now saying not only do you have to be in shape late. Reach reasonable physical shape bitch you have to be. Athletic yet worked a you have to possess some form of athletic ability. And I think that's a good thing because you have to train. It. Fighting it whether it be you know combat situation or war or or or. You have to train yourself like an athlete and I know one law enforcement I always. Thought to train like an athlete because what I was doing required athletics athletic schism. And you have to be strong and you have to be fast you have to be you have to have a lot of endurance. So I'm glad to see that the army is picking up on this in I'm telling you this this isn't a joke yet. A member of probably been in the last six months I guess we had this story for years I don't know if it was. Nationwide. That there were recruiters where they were actually its screen the recruits. EBay that OK you wanna go and you know a combat arms MO that's okay well as your recruit we're okay we're gonna do some testing here is. You know can write always send you down the maps and all that's right left. Okay can you lift this much weight jump this far do these things like you know it is certain physical fitness assessments means that the recruiters were doing with this young Americans and you know going into their offices. And then now this idiot eating in is I think it's it's a good thing and it's interesting with some of this stuff about. Like the that the kennel ball stuff and the standing power through instead that was telecommute. Earlier this week. I was watching a a documentary about general pershing in the American expeditionary force World War I and all that stuff. And some of the hour early propaganda film where the the American soldiers were training. You know go over there and you know gain in the trenches and stuff like that had them all standing up. You know doing something and turn around and passing out medicine ball. Running around and now watching this on this you know footage from you know over a hundred years ago how. It looked a little silly and it is a propaganda thing you know your stuff like that but then how now a hundred years. On down the road. From lessons learned in the last and a 1718 years of conflict we are. Bringing back you know the medicine ball. Cattle ball well sure and in your your training has to mimic the motions that your gonna be using yeah in in whatever it is that your gonna be doing so. You know the simple act of passing a medicine ball back and forth and in turning and twisting in hand and hand off to the person behind you. We think about how you unload ammo from a truck or anything forget what he did he make it once you pass and shells for an artillery. You know yeah I mean if it if you look at it from a functionality standpoint it all makes perfect sense is that it does it texture to say texture says there reverse way threatening concerned there'll be an increase in training injuries well. If if if you can't do it than I guess self mystery. Our salute to search 163 to be already check in John when we get back the F fifteen X ray stand by. I welcome back giant shell excellent service got Jim has Colin on the eagles' advantage still free talk on Jim welcome to the show. I load gentleman and I hope you have a great day and I love. You thank you. You were talking about doing the physical to get in the military in very bank yeah. Back in 1975. By joined the navy. They had to stretch my title little bit back then they they listed yet 57. And I think I await our honor and they gave me a weight waiver that I was exposed to gain weight by the end of boot camp Brighton. Well by the end of boot camp I was six foot tall. I look at. And I think I made a 139. Or what they did they put Donner and 395. Foot seven all of you made the weight. As back in 1975. They were dying to get very very different world back then yeah. Yeah and I eight. It was a new key those nuclear power. So they really wanted me and then eight apnea in the engine room as all night as a machinist mate. And. You catch screwed. Are out bad taste out all night stick to gather around sorry were different Burry you know we didn't see the daylight he won and we went general quarters eight. Pat you down patches and locked us in and you know we knew we were the first ones that died a week. After you have did you get an awful G Cobb. I. That's a bad at my little. Skinny but everyday and now I'm sixty years old. And need. I might hit a 130 buys steel mallet six foot tall bed. I pulled my weight. The entire time nobody ever complained that I couldn't do the job. What is the IE and sometimes it's not the the size log in the fire inside the fight the dollar. Yeah there are right there we go mandate they so much for the college and we appreciate it man we got to move on the next topic but you know it yeah that's an encouraging stories you've got. Yeah I want when I want to boot camp out 5900 point nine pounds yeah came out and 155. Yeah I gained weight because I was skinny man you know and the story out. Dabbling in skinny as a rail and that's showing up I don't. Twenty pounds maybe some more in the camp that I cannot gala talent did man with psychic kit. I don't I that the gipper looking in and that kind of shaping unit in it 52 years and they. And Allen now lives in only contracted Canadian hands inferno ended a mean we've been together for over 31 years now so it's like she's noticed that we. She's ever heard it. She's over at incidence is more of about you've got enough in the 401K so weakened or the assets you know looks and a man that lasts forever bit. He. All throw on. Them. Okay. Boeing is a game that we've we've talked some about the ad to air fleet that's that's out there far. Naval guys the air force gas or Marine Corps. I pretty much more talk in the fixed wing asks access. Assets. The guys out of Boeing have come up with an idea that there are pitching and I think it sounds like a pretty good idea to me it's very similar to. What has been done with the the hornets. The and now we've got the super hornet. They upgraded engines and better weapons systems better avionics things like that and your your work in with an air frame that. You know solid reliable there's a high level of familiarity with him for pilots and crews. Main ground crew. Well Boeing's looking to do something with the NF fifteen eagle. That man you know iconic great aircraft F fifteen I believe got them. You know rental area out they're retired. Fighter pilot a you know flying in and commented on this one oppose this article on mine down I was glad that bloom open for some input from him. You have given his Corky her you know his ex it was eight birdies on this about. Kind of taking and making something older some something new and this is that coming at a defense line reporting that Boeing. Is pitching a new version of the F fifteen eagle. As a service defines its inventory mix of fourth fifth generation aircraft and is going to be called the F fifteen acts. The fire would be equipped with better avionics and radar and would carry more than two dozen types of air to air missiles. And they're also look and yeah boost Dane. Fuel efficiency. A better targeting systems better censors some of these things that we've put. Armies you know latest generation F 35 that Tony today's stuff like that her. Good bills and talk to one yeah just putting these things and a little bit native version of the F fifteen and I thought yeah that's seems like a good idea to me because. You don't. You don't necessarily have to reinvent the wheel every time and come that was something new their ways we've learned enough. Over the lifespan. When the F fifteen you know first came down enough pilots have flown it in and out of combat and that. You know you take some of their expertise. It could in some of this high tech stuff. You know gives me isn't you know engineers at a school that you know maybe be able to think outside the box a little bit and take that air frame into something within. And ally cow. Brother Larry out there and comment on our FaceBook page says agree we don't need the entire fleet to be full stealth. A balanced mix with the less non stealthy in a second wave after radars are degraded can be very cost effective solution and he was. He articulated kind of the idea I had grown ran in my handing him but it damage yeah I mean initially. You first waste stuff maybe you do need to hide in the stealthy. Church Stefan does it big again and again and then once she's taking care of that and year you know. You know in the process of the final steps of establishing air superiority may be in something like this F fifteen acts. Might be a cost effective way. Two EO still have air dominance in technology. In quantity because quantity is equality and of itself. What it is and we talked about this a hundred times on the show. You know once you lose ten F 22 you can have 35 well they're just gone yet they're gone they're not they're not just roll them off the factory. You know. Like all right are now saying yeah like like back in World War II it's so he others there's a finite number of well all of these names but with. It and in F sixteen slept programmer and F sixteen slept programmer and 810 or B 52. Not always their pilots familiarity with the airframe itself all they're doing is learning you know switch Knology Yunnan and whatnot. But they about the supply chain to desk critical. There's already a supply chain established for these are friends now the engine you're gonna change in and you know the avionics suite gonna change but the end of the day I feel like. A vast majority of the bits and pieces. They keep this airplane that landing gear strikes balls yes. Cotter pins all this is alive saying stuff is critical president we just had a story about how some air force gas figured out how to 3-D print a toilet seat to save money on one of the the larger cargo aircraft tanker aircraft. Because nobody's making any anymore and European 101000 a pop to have them. You know custom manufactured a shocker that something like this could be a good program for not only our military to for the US taxpayer when we come back who loves a parade salute to service one of 63 W a RD check in John stand on standby. I AM PT intro. PT PT every game. Killen cellar and I not a I giant jug final segment in this week's show and a US for Foley went to break who loves a parade and loves a parade well not me not me not if you're talking about mean the guy or gal marching and it's. Not not not a big fish and had taken the kids to secrets operator comes on my dad completely different matter but this article up. Came out on a military dot com this week about the at the big parade the big. Shin dig beam. At least now planned. Up in Washington DC for this year's. Veterans day and now of course they've been referring to it is. Is you know Trump's big military parade they were talking about having tanks and again. Something theory. Flashing something flashy something very don't dump them rather Soviets as the murderous gonna something very excited slightly Soviet yeah. Bent down and the military for eco score recently Donald Trump. President trump talking about you know into these negotiations and whatnot discussions with North Korea said Lou we're gonna call off the the military exercises. The war games is simply refer to a man I'm gonna save a lot of money save a lot of money back homers off. And it turns out you know as well map 1415 million dollars let's say even if it's somewhere between fifteen and twenty million dollars in there were people stopping at that and incoming crazy and one of these people they still thinks Tina 1520 millions a lot of money that is a lot of ads a lot of money and so. Some people were counting hitting on this this week about this military parade is estimated to cost about twelve million bucks. Which you know that's that's not cheap. Now that's a lot and it's going to be a course military theme veterans day parade when they're talking manna I been Washington DCN according to the sick and if secretary Geoff that's Jim had s.'s office. Is going to highlight the contributions veterans have made through out the history of the US military. All the way back with a emphasis. On freedom from the revolutionary war to the present day in that school. Sure I get it I had you know course obviously this year veterans day will be the 100 anniversary of armistice day the the ending of World War I. So it's a Centennial kind of advance so I did it it's. This veterans day is it's it's important and you know should be celebrated its discount this. I'm torn on this side I you know I see you know good reasons and fiscal reasons to. You know remember in and do something on this veterans day and especially with the being in the Centennial of World War I coming to an end. But then you know if you're talking at 1215 million to pull it off. And I don't know and but then if balls down too as well that if if you're out there like you know me and check eve. Bin in the military. And you've had to do the big. Post per raiders Sunday and like I can guarantee that everybody that's being told. You're going to be innocent nobody's looking forward to this man anywhere you want to do something that says hey guys we appreciate you only on you is stuff like that that. Everybody site and it but the schemes with. You week yes I do you know what state take that twelve million dollars. Give everybody in 96 and on and you know that that's Thursday that your release and everybody for limo. Have a couple of kegs available because I mean we are in the Marine Corps mr. plus more than anybody else why not just exacerbate the problem but seriously. I it and I'll say I'm not a moron at all I in the vehemently vehemently opposed the idea of doing this one just on appearance alone I think it's gaudy and unnecessary. But done it to like you said there's not a a Lance corporal or specialist or. A petty officer or an airman that is looking forward to this. I mean how many times did you stand and in in a stink and change commands there ceremony in have to. Is John agents told a he's had just do. A fad if you will of the parades just going to be from let's say you're for example of tendon and it's just going to be your 1011 carries in my none and I added that people people that are going to be in there. Are gonna have to get the air corps a day or two ahead of time at least. And if the parade the say it's you know the the the ordered you know for march is going to be at 10 AM sharp which tea yeah yeah follow that. You know they're the they the CEOs going to be telling you wanted to be there in 0600 right and then your platoon leaders gonna say will will be here it in as 0545. In the bulletins are reasonably OK everybody needs to be here and 0530. Right. You know it's an Estes always gonna work for these guys and what I wanna march and it oh now. What did Masterson and a good idea I do it for free admission and time to see the Smithsonian that morals and Arlington. Option. They got there is there is that that I always Florida we are Natalie would go to another national. No I another Saturday coming got another show in the camp thanks so much for joining us everybody. We look forward to seeing you next Saturday same bat time same bat channel and as always if you can't be safe. The dangerous thanks for listening post season.