Salute To Service 8-12-2017 Hour 2

Salute to Service
Saturday, August 12th

Salute to Service


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I welcome back salute to service this. Fine fine Saturday hey at least it's not raining and it may be little. Well illegals already in and were inside yes absolutely we are remote today held instantly fraudulent home alliance this we need helium. That's what we oh my god is are you in an analyst at rocket at some point we need to do that but we're out here today with a defensive EC PI universities they have campus. Discovery day open house nobody's gonna wanna come. Probably. That can be a problem well think positive. That again our second time around here they've got some neat programs and especially if your area veteran curious about. Technological type programs in them other educational opportunities team and leisure Jia build here toppled but the big head and neck products electronics engineering health care administration database programming business administration. Mean they they run and the end of stuffs there of things things thinks of his programs of programs and things he can date. But it. It is segment number one of our number two days so it is time. For your weekly dose of Gene Autry and just a little bit ago and. It's yeah it's fun. All right first story obviously is. A good guy was yet again and good guy with a gun stops a not so much a bag that was again back with a knife it's on the standings Parikh. This story comes to a Stan. It is and Dallas County Florida. This gentleman 49 year old bought the Marten Watson was trying to rob a woman in a public parking lot. Dan. Chief is resisting saying he pulls a ninth out stabbed her. Another citizen sees this going on a male. This woman mean attacks he runs ever tries to do some get stamped himself. Then yet another parent tries to intervene and one half he gets stand and then finally. For Donald rush solve what was happening. To his vehicle. Grant is legally own firearm whip back stop this guy from stand and anybody else and held him and at gunpoint until. Deputies are getting after issue he did not. Did not have to fire is again so this site that presents presents our arm put it in to us that as stabbing spree absolutely. Well I can't features. Picked him night in her treatment cuts announced unskilled people would just in in of them said yeah they'd they'd they'd they always have in my imagine. It's crazy yet crazy now this story. Kind of falls in the F surgery right category I guess yet. Jury orders blogger to pay eight. Point four million dollars to ex army colonel she accused every colonel David will Reagan's after highly decorated army career that included multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan was on the verge promotion to brigadier general. In July 2013 when he got a phone call the page pentagon from the army CID. To come in for a meeting was there you learn that blogger in Washington. It just accused him of breaking her. In 1980 C news. They were both cadets at West Point he dropped out of West Point one and get a degree of some other school. But here we are 19861996. So almost thirty years later point some odd years later I don't math very well clearly. This this woman accuses it all it takes is the accusation yes I actually an arch area. Of of great. And they shot and now he's he's out of the army yeah. But just the act is an accusation. And I guess it. Goes on to say here than it did. The accusation proved false and that she admitted to being grossly grossly intoxicated. At the time for which she says this. Now I am not by any stretch of the imagination advocating or I'm not a minute rate is okay yeah I'm simply saying that. That was to me like Susan Shannon of Everett Washington got flickered up. And I I either. Did something with this this guy hired maybe didn't do anything at all or some are somebody else or nothing at all and in thirty years later. Polls I've ever heard you know what that day. This guy his about the pin on his his star yet he rate. Manso. Yeah I mean neither one of us obviously game we're both married which we've got a daughter. Daughters in and so it was like now and absolutely not seen any thing is OK with. Sexual harassment here Draper any type of solved it this site if you're gonna again do that type thing I mean you'd better you'd better. Be appropriate. So it just did to kind of wrap this up Shannon fifty to sit she was devastated by the furry and fearful for her family's future. I feel like I'm a financial slate for the rest of my life. I told the truth in my article and had trousers she wrote an article about this on her little blog site. In the try to carry it over and try out now the the colonel. Said the judge that perjury took the right steps to restoring his wife that's history we've been on for the last four years and nine dollar amount is meaningless. On I was looking for was the operative and yet his his his life his his world Liz Liz. This career brilliant career isn't. So and it obviously not this stuff was was triple. Yeah. I AM. Well here's a good story this that this is something we cannot smile about mrs. Via Coronado California US navy. The navy honored a 102 year old veteran Anthony black pioneer. Chief Steward and emails. Some of these World War II stories and again it's amazing we just can't a hundred years ago yet that a 102 years. That. You know the segregation and everything else that. Existed in the military. Two and through World War II anyway this gentleman ain't emails was a retired state chief Steward. They brought him out there to this basic corn a Californian because at a 102 years old they wanted to honor him. Was something that people normally. Are they Ganassi and yet give posthumously in it is to have a barracks named after him. And one of the interesting things about this gentleman. In 1942. Bills loses aboard the USS York. And again operate just working there as Stewart that the New York counted it's been missing at an excellent commanders. Point at a junior officers as a lieutenant under instant whatever. These guys do it here and go get the records at the ship's date so they take off to get the the instant it knows the current lieutenant who averaging Europe's. And as the combination like say he can't open it. It says mr. mills says let me take a lack. So he goes over there is that now here's some clicks opens the all of while the ships being you know got sacked. It cracks this heat so that they can get up payroll document it you know all the paperwork everything it's in there and you know. Put in bags or whatever. In gated off the ship before the York counts which it at which it did and that there's what's kind of curious about that is there's no mention of what mr. mills did before he was then and 86. Not exactly sure I don't have a thing to do nordic track this year is that it would file under fire maybe not an eight he was in banking. May banking NASA Atlantis are getting in banking we're gonna go that says congratulations to him I mean countless in the 102 years old. The colts sit down with a guy like that top for. You know it does things that that Yorktown did saint but it didn't think we all know there's York rebuilt yet Yorktown in that ship. This is now on their patriots point was not supposed to be the Yorktown. It was going to be the bond art. And when the original York counts thing. In order to kinda. Messed with the heads of the Japanese empire. They renamed. This this what was going to be the bottle Rashard. The Yorktown in sailed back out there said that the ship with a Japanese thought they thought was sitting right here you aren't yet. Hit games pretty pretty interesting stories yet. So. This story counselors on Arkansas. Eight it was in unfortunate shooting no charges against police officer in fatal shooting of Arkansas teenager. Kid walks out of way what appears to be a group home. With a with a firearm. The glacier called. They're responding officer and this is all through body can that you could see this body cancer amazing featured. Because you get to see everything all the financially you get to see. What's happening as it's happening. This kid standing out front of this this. I guess a group home with a gun and for ten minutes. These guys tried talked this kid down. For ten minutes they tried everything they could try to get this did it. Did you stop. To put the gun down in the officer that you hear that's attached to body hand is apparently don't dispute before because he calls him by name hey we just talked the other day man please put that kind of you somebody's sign you're somebody's you know rather we don't wanna do this. You don't have to do this please. But. You know at the end this thing you know unfortunately rages on which officers and they won that Putin and in the kid dies he's seventeen years old. The that I guess that's the saddest part of the whole thing culmination this whole thing has begun to be now but you don't. You don't know I mean you weeks we've seen this you know time and time again and and in that split second decision I mean our power power you. How can you really tell that quake and had any distance of this you know what you hear from a few feet. Ten yards. You can't in any if if if I'm being honest I'm not. It's I don't care are you gonna are you gonna wait yeah I'm not waiting effort to see what comes out of the end this thing when people that your. Their surprised here's a surprise yes and now of some of these stories it's you know about the the integration and all that the stuff that has been published on the on the military. And again you know these live female. You know lose soldiers sailors airmen and Marines and a muted do great things. In disappointment that was this big push to open up the special forces and things like that form. And there was AM. You know kind of the big deal made about the first female navy seal officer applicant. Going through the seal officer assessment and selection program and you know in that training program. Is a long in the human go from assessment of blood and then on the right various courses. And then on paper anxious to get somebody in the pipeline this female midshipman who is a member of the ROTC. Program not that not a an academy. A student there midshipman cadet when it. But anyway she's she's dropped out. Did did not make it through the seal officer assessment and selection so I didn't even get to what most people familiar with his buds the basic underwater demolition. Strongly at school right place. She did not make it that some. You know our energy capture. This. A she completed three weeks of the course. And and she yeah she did. Drop drop now on her and she would have been she she would have been eligible for reviewed the in Estandia officer. Caminiti manager and selection in September. Non stepped out. And also. And there are still some things here are still may be a big first for the female serving in our military first. Female marine nears the halfway point in the infantry officers course. Which a lot of bottom in wash at a court it's tough school. And at this point there have been few female Marine Corps officers I've tried an intent nominated but they've now won in their now. She's. Lieutenant first lieutenant. That is. You know about half way. And there is not an easy path that I also know. Notice that I owed down so it's not what she made it be the easy the hard hat and now easy and prayers that. Now it's it's hammered down for thirteen weeks from what I understand from reading and studying a little bit in and hearing people talk about this course. You know but at least you know and some of them have posted in seeing conversations. With people news. Like some people like has seized the mean. Don't you at least quit you think women should be in combat role or non whatever your opinion on it to at least have to respect. The young women for them trying. And given it a shot because that's even trying attempting it is a whole lot more in the vast majority. If she could she could just that you don't mean it has won yet you know that she didn't think in the Europe would. What we've talked about a hundred times on the show is all right so she graduates. She says successfully completes a course under the current. You know guidelines of the current you know current criteria yet nothing was made any easier for an hour. She gets through this thing but she can't go to a line. So why would you rather not have this woman. Wherever she winds again with this training yet. In this environment yet via in in the a symmetrical battlefield that we've again and you think about we've talked about the the supply companies you know logistics quartermaster. Looks like what happened yet girls are battling Jessica just ahead. You know you think about those people that surely allocates money had this level of training and then just went badly quartermaster users you know something like that. And then there. You know under attack having a few people. You had attended type training they've got to be an initial action remember we talked about the them. The female cop she's from Tennessee. Her Kentucky's National Guard yeah that guy with the highest combat awards ever for female. It is because their convoy came under attack she took what she needed from Ian impeach training as a civilian cop. And she is magnetic mandate they just went out and rock these. Guys that were attack in the Kumble. And probably save save lives you know and the art and has been made although you know save that slot for somebody that's going to align it wearable. Acupuncture. And let them. When we come back. North Korea. Again again. That some of the president's comments and people getting all. Knickers in a twist knickers and which thank you that's. Anyway salute serve 163 that we already chuck and John. Will be army hello. I yellow hardware little PT it great day to go around and if if you're into that kind of thing I'm now a great and I. Are they were chasing not anymore if it hits it Colombian chaste yet maybe. Al welcome back excellent service John church reporter we're glad to be which he did make Latvia here remote and helping promote the EC PI university. Campus discovery they've got an open house going on today Scott tong with folks about the different programs. If you little tour at the facility here and you concede. Some pretty neat labs and meet some classrooms like regular class but then they've got some stuff this smack it on X lap. Yeah there's some cool stuff which is really pretty collegiate disease. It's like something to some of the cool robot. Let go tight Stephanie BC on YouTube and just think of that on steroids and unprofessional. Actively area guy the level of scale and competency and that's and that's some that's that yet here but it's really need these guys are. Great house on the ice nice people get a ringgit appreciate that's here EC PI university there. 1001. Keys drive here in Greenville, South Carolina they reconvene right off 380 the leaders the roper mountain road exit Haywood road exit he's easy on these commitments here. And we are yeah in an innocent at this firms to a remote shows and sometimes he never and Canada where you're going to be in the senate. Senators is comfortable were not comfortable or indoors or not slip announce that's. Korea the Korean Peninsula. And and North Korea China. I don't know Hamlet Hamlet stuff hit that hit the thing in this week you know with with. The president make in his did the fury in what was firearm fury statement in the knickers twisted over that means that you will. Which you know over the years meant for the last thirty years. Through three different administrations has been appeasement appeasement appeasement and I'm albeit with diplomacy and yes we first always now urged. But at some point. You've got to say hang in August in this smoke Wang in the stands yeah yeah yeah. Greatly and the in stone active there that that's where it got that's where it's got to go is this guy's been populous and arrested. You know. The world for the past thirty years of the year again. And all use of these will what's interest being in him. Hearing somebody you know talking about this for a from that the level that he operates John Bolton. Says here quoting from an article from an interview he actually bright parties that we here in America seek differences among partners precedence. A lot of foreigners don't seat difference. In this whole thing of saying all options on the table and says it's much it's almost expected the boy herbal. Yeah and that nobody pays attention to that. Apparently. He thinks you know it did get China's attention to get North Korea's attention at the tough talk has been warranted. He says quote I do think there's a limit to its it's important yet you do it you've got their attention. That you you've got to be careful that you don't. You don't want overplayed brawl red lines that you're not willing to accept. Well and you know that something that that's a good point you don't wanna. Even as cocky don't say things to people that you can't back up you don't walk up facilities they've already chance seeking cash yeah right don't if you could get them to put you in jail yet and then not put them in jail not be able to put them in jail. You have to be able to follow through on east. Otherwise it's a dangerous game and I'm not in the playing games so gonna do it. Was still a stance. One of the things again able talks man you hit known as well that you know how many years has it in that we've had this. Carrot and stick approach. And it. We think we gated deal in Clinton Bill Clinton thought he had on and stuff like that accord they got some stats on and then North Korea violates a course a course they've gone I mean things again get back now wait in 1950s. In at 53. In the end of the kind well not this into the conflict the cease fire agreement because that that war technically never ended. And it was a United Nations action I think these are a lot of little details that people need to keep in mind is a lot of this rhetoric keeps. Being. Fired from. 16100 Pennsylvania Avenue and then over time whatever. Where a lot doodle and Pyongyang yeah. Is in it keeps certain things in mind is that one. That that Warren there was a United Nations action. Albeit US led United Nations action. There never was a a peace treaty signed says everything's still technically at a ceasefire at war we're just indices are. In net. Over the decades. Agreement after agreement has been broken but there's never any weddings and yeah and incest or sequences that's true and but then. All we're gonna we're gonna put embargoes were gonna put where it was the other word that sanctions sanctions were gonna we're gonna not like you have that we care. The computer the Chinese as long as long as that China is on as the Chinese. Don't participate in the sanctions or him bargains like that it cares because it's like ninety and ninety plus percent of everything. That there are doing economically is with the Chinese anyway that's that's why you know we sent it of course people that are in the big time media it's it is well. That's why China is so critical they are to be part of this process now and has an interesting idea. On TV get the Chinese. The plate play ball here witnessed. Is buying. Looking looking at this place say in North Korea McCain camp and now unstable it's good for you China's US target for South Korea's not good for Japan. We understand that it China if that and it's a Korean Peninsula is unified under South Korea. You don't twists troops up on the island border your border right you don't you don't want a bunch of refugees. In spilling across from North Korea and China. So while there would be things to work out. Bolton has an idea put forth in this interview about. Looking it. Cutting some kind of deal with China to reunify the peninsula under South Korea. And in as part of that agreement. US troops not pulling out of Korea but. About south moving further south in the peninsula not even been up in the DMZ area but yet again some troops mean removed. And just kind of like keeping a smaller like day. Joint base joint forces tied based. You know and take you to sign someplace like that wreck and so it would decrease our decrease in consolidate our. Footprint there millet here. He hit it he says now that's a hard sell. To make to the Chinese but it may be a deal worth trying to pitch enough I think it again really interesting easily cost. We've got to keep the Chinese and play and what the Japanese at about eight US Hewitt tax them you know pre emptive. We won't mean we're not going to be neutral yeah but in this month that the and they said that North Korea. You go in in did something stupid yet we're we're not coming. Now we're gonna say that nearly there yet. I I don't know man. I'm I'm kinda. Bothered I guessed it that the Chinese would say you know Q if agreed on you're neutral if they if they jump on anybody neutral. But if you get fun and we're gonna back him up. Will. Walk. Why are you gonna back them why is that OK I mean this kid the fact he has been thrown around in his dad in his granddad. They all around this violent language in need this this stupid rhetoric about. You know we're gonna make the the west of flame and torch of communism blah blocked. In first for years now all we've done is is pacified these people we give them what they want we give money given food we give them you made the nuclear technology we give her new technology because they're just gonna use it now you know I mean two ounces said that Marreese you're right. We've got a guy and this isn't this is it me endorsing the president because I don't do that and now we've got a guy dances. You know why. I am tired of you running your mouth yet I am I am fed up with you ready amount so if your feel and fraud he didn't jump it has not been shut up. Yet one of the two yet because I'm done being your dirty hat. So you can either you need to shut up and figure out how to make it work yourself. But you keep Rutland that's paper and taken away for a and I don't have a problem with. I don't need in Betty it is nice two that you're you're giving it time. Top from the president. And then how how cool in the course intellectual and straight. Mantis has been around this on stuffed his talent like in. North Koreans that would make him that makes him they would be grossly overmatched. Dissent and just as simple as that you know it in and others well this day it was much more. Some saint. Then then drops and and I think. The verbiage was much more violent. Yeah oh yeah yeah it's definitely it's the end of your people is the end of your people yet again and again menace it would be fundamentally at war we don't well at saint tan but we would win with with great cost you know. I can't I am I'm glad that gas on assignment. When we come back. Man the VA to get beat keeps on given. And maybe some presidential comments on Venezuela's food service 163 superiority chuck in John EC PI 1001 key drives. Welcome back salute service John and chuck 1063. WORT. The F State's top station. We are out here lives remote in joining nice. Indoor. Broadcast they told him it would be beer. Now they line and that's why it's an open house well just because it's it's it's a school with the university Ty it's actually worse look at fraternity again. The football team not that that's what I mean obviously a but in all seriousness that we're out here are second time out here with the the good folks EC PI university. 1001. Keys to appear to write off of interstate treaty the broke from M Rhode eggs Eaton gave to us from that direction or that Haywood road exit. But they are having their campus discovery day it's open washing command here and not to skip the tour the facility to talk with people about the programs that they've got available in if you are a veteran. They've got. Military vets out here are some army navy we sure they got an air force gas stance so there. Probably marine back in the armory in the crayons or something like that they can talk with you about GI bill and an economy that working itself and education. Eating it in just real quickly. 50000 foot view. In manufacturing to get BA program and Plantronics. In AS electronics engineering health care administration medical assisting practical nursing. Business management administration marketing sales and service information technology to include database programming. Cyber network security in cloud computing so. There's no limit their thrilling. Nothing that you can't do here now short of building in new. Somebody's probably working men lab is maybe yes and that. She's dia stuff. Speaking of something that would be get as if they can develop something out here that would help with a swamp draining that needs to go on the man you know we talked about this yet we win this guy got fired yet. And we said how long is he in the state farm now now now going the the VA has been forced. Forced mines to rehire the ousted former head. Of Washington DC's veterans hospitals that I was doing. A release crappy job. A hand there were some things going on there at the VA. Sinner house that are in DC. Oldest little things like a escaping report that detailed unsafe and unsanitary conditions at the hospital including eighteen of 25 apps there'll. Storage areas for syringes that were all found dirty. Also. Report noted approximately 850 million dollars worth of medical equipment supplies. Had not been inventory leading to equipment shortages and in some instances. The hospital air rain and a blood lines that were used for dialysis patients and that's just the tip of the iceberg says this guy I was tired. I can't imagine couldn't do wouldn't couldn't. Whatever do his job but now now that that come to the rescue. The Merit Systems Protection Board on August the second said. Just because this gentleman Brian Hawkins. Didn't do his job where it was he didn't couldn't or whatever right yet discover things like yea you can't fire him. Now he's got island. And you've got to bring him back so that they've been forced to bring us this cat's back on the payroll. And this is one act don't quite yet and misses from VA secretary shall it. Quote no judge who has. Who has never run a hospital and never cared for our nation's veterans will force me to put an employee packed in a position. When he allowed the facility to pose a potential safety risk for our veterans. Protecting our veterans is mine most important responsibility and that's what shall instead. But in neighboring this got back and I guess Howell schalken is having the bounces. Active and I guess I'm a little angry with him. He's stuff like activities in Iraq and are so what they did is they put this cat back in an administrative. Clerical type thinks he's not. Functioning tune main H irk them being content with patients but the thing is. East he still clear he still employed ending this Joker he was running that thing. Estes a six figure. Sound really easy easy pretty easy to be working it did the job plus this job is taking care of America better plus the benefits. Yeah what would he lose you know fifty miles away the they'll pay that Italians are thousand dollars to me I just act I have a hard time. With this not being able to fire people that are doing bad job I mean. Regardless of the position that you're in if you can't come if you if you can't competently do your job. Why are we want to use in this is taxpayer money campaign this knucklehead. Or any of these knock heads. And he's he's letting unsanitary conditions. The rise in a hospital. Where universal precautions and sanitary conditions are a hallmark of what hospital supposed to be. Think yes. I mean. And this is just the tip I didn't even download and and read the there the full report. Oh god let me ask you mention it if if he would never had the time to do that and count them and beat out some of the staff now why is there even a matter protection. What why is there even that that's a great question because Ali Ali does is. Apparently. Review these cases in force. Somebody like shook into have to you know put this guy back to work. The mayor protection systems board were the same ones to tell the previous. VA secretary when they tried to take back some of those bonuses yes and the late into falsify the records and people that was she was given a performance bonus. That the VA secretary had taken away and then this sport was the one discipline -- it did that she even though. She got the news guy. Providing fraudulent. Information. That. Let the people's best. You've got to give the balloonists solely your job where you work 95 yeah if you can't do your job. I'm I'm I'm down. Your dog your item on our fact it's a delight this in my job I did something that would be the equivalent of this. It's areas that are supposed at least there'll that you put them on our hair down forgets they outtakes firewall down her and now lose a 150 million dollars for the stuff. Well I am now. I'm Ghali on general on some things that pinning all what what division are what project that may be supporting gather at the yeah. Grow there could be criminally act as you know the to the client was there there may be heavier circumstances and the other bit. Again you break this down into anything else what what would you do if you were you know run in fast and dress twelve. And hit somebody it just you know kept him in the burgers kept. Kevin their till come up short can't traders like it you'd give of people like in this part of I mean. Again just drain the swamp drained the swamp and now that that. Are we gonna get anywhere this frustrates the crap it's done the whole things don't look served 163 video Lordi check in John. One more segment. Standby a standby. Little nerve on Latinos Larry meant he had at Daytona and shot salute his service. We're about to finish up out here Arab broadcast from EC PI university here keys strap Greenville south Carolina's been a pleasure be in here with the cats again and and just one take many here for we just tore collared to. If here. Veteran you know you get Eugenia billiard look at it kitten. And education some training that lead to day job that job innate profitable future. You need at least commit here and top with these task as well and they've got veterans. On the faculty and the staff got here people that understand where you'd be in. And where you wound again get in they've. Expertise in dealing with the do you do you know that steps up and Roland. They've they've got people days. And you know in the course they they'd they treat us nice and we can years it's it's and I treasure lies they don't laugh that is it don't laugh as they haven't thrown anything at this that's this other comes out there and again. It was shot info we are right at you Charlie Charlie. On the found Charlie welcome to show thanks for Colin what's on Yuma. Yeah literature. On the that no matter. And the when I hear stopped that but gore now being. And it back and can't there. It's it's just an example of them and he. You see that we have. In this government. It's yeah. Like mean old Leo yeah yeah we're going that would risk alive it would do what we think it is right for the country. And you can. Why would apple like this. Back in. Portland. Were guys who was still alive. At around. Past minded solution. Because we put out for the country. And this can't rely on the development this. It is truly disgusting. To me plot what was said yeah. Thank you look thanks for thanks for college I think he. I mean again and if it. Of of home early this match yeah I now I don't blame him damning of all the the generations of American warriors. They got to boot on and in in screwed over it is. Then the men and women that Serbia from Vietnam. Yep and enemy god god bless those older Brothers and sisters of ours and and so. They're perspective on the VA because not only did you have the social that people and all the other stuff. In so many of them they came back in dealing with the yeah. The corruption of the system shortcomings and not that there are a few weeks there there are some good men and women. That are working years doctors or nurses and technicians and we we hadn't yet as stories that we shared. But in so much of follow we see that is just. Sickening and is the stuff with them management what it is generational. Yes then I guess this isn't an Obama problem no orange or George W. Bush problem or Reagan probably more activity problem this goes all the way. Man it is never been right in its never gonna be right and then it seems like for everything that we've talked about recently friendly they're taken that step forger yeah that looks promising we've had as that type commentary that type a story here lately. In the and you come across a story like this where some guys just wouldn't couldn't play it produced out pollen count up again inning management leadership. Capacity. And you can keep it ripped up. And what does that do what does that Hillary what does that breed in the people coming up under him that are going contempt in poor round win but they're going to be just like him yeah. Because that's the example dispense that. That's the expectation that an eight. One more one more show and can't catch big thanks to EC PI that I hear about what does luckiest driver happens outpost is they we had a great time. Think standstill with promotions for openness it set up and taking care of itself. Eight join us next Saturday same bat time same bat channel if you can't be safe. Be dangerous we'll see instant folks.