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Salute to Service
Saturday, August 18th
Salute to Service

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Our team knows. Freedom ring. Of course. Marines and Coast Guard. You lose your service celebrates those who served bombs the 803471063. Baghdad 71307. At 1063 WORG dot com. We hear this news. Lose a service live and local on 1063 WOR dean and now your host John Turner and chuck forward. Every Saturday TS OK and again today as a judge should excellent service one a 63 WORD's. Here we are here we are and for me it is that half half happy is most wonderful time of the year. It's got nothing to do a Christmas I was say in that the other night. Older daughter was at the house wife around the backyard with the the plot around that. Loves me erase me trying to kill me. And I might. I'm and a great man whose best time of the year best timing you know I'm fourth in the woody made Little League Baseball man. Little League World Series you wanna see some real Americana. In some awesome baseball. Catch some Little League World Series action man. Yeah I hear I was thinking you're gonna talk about the weather this. Heard the humidity here in the number mosquito bite you they were now I know right now tell me the only weather that matters is what's the weather in Williamsport Pennsylvania do we have a weather delay is a game on schedule this that nearly has the obviously with these kids you know anywhere from you know. Ten they have one team they have like a nine year old he awhile you know and oldest they'll be as is. Thirteen of course so these kids are pretty hefty for that a senior open. The birth certificate stuff and I'll add that because somebody GAAP net but most of miss pretty obvious there you know 101112 years old. Bloody and I don't I don't watch Major League Baseball. College Baseball I enjoy gondola drive game now mantra it's. More the experience stuff the smell of the grass you know upon chili dog bred here MRI canister. That man. That for the for like the next week and a half. I'm just gonna totally wrapped up on what's going on in Williamsport Pennsylvania I what are they sell beer and truly World Series I doubt it probably not bad it. But they got every other kind junk food under the sun until. These kids either against us a anyway can't some of that. If you get a chance to be like good baseball but anyway you're listening excellent service and not a Sports Radio show so we're gonna get on some stuff we got I didn't want some award. Now I know we are stationed state do we wind was or something yes there absolutely was teasing the course. If you if you didn't listen to of stayed outdoors where Tommy was a real good about pitching and a few times during the one hour twice yeah congratulations. To one a 63 WRD South Carolina broadcasters association station a year got that don't awarded that last Saturday evening I'm just glad we could write them the of state outdoors coattails yet. In an out and makes him come and follow them and drag us across the finish line yeah is Phillips who. So tenderly put up a it is. Really nice to see that ending any earlier in the NB a little part of that associated with that and and the folks here so like this that's that's really cool enough. And I'm glad. And I think it really says something about of all the stations in the state yen to cities that are Allard like Colombian and then the coastal areas that. It's a talk radio station conversation radio yet. In got their awards I think that's really political side. Have conversation today about Russian bombers. Off the coast of Alaska. They G Heidi compound in New Mexico and nicest guy arrested in California sleeper cell close in the US and got a cool special guests lined up joining us and our number two a former army guy ranger been pared down measure written some books he's got a business. Kind of that. If you've ever what kind of wondered how can you be prepared for when AEA why this happens season. You might wanna stick around heavily for our number two segment due to an actor sir yes but don't really kicking off today with them. Little bit of a conversation on the east. These misguided hit bees. Millennia as a young people if your columns are sure that they were good they are probably very not very nice people friendly people but super nine eve. Yeah. Yet people is a contract something that we just to make. Here we gave quoting the guy evil is a make believe concept we've invented to deal with the complexities of fellow human beings. Holding values and beliefs and perspectives different than our own. Well medium guy that held that opinion. And thought that that was reality ends up he and his wife now both dead thank you Macon described their bicycles and non. Little cycling tour through this the stance they were with a bunch of people till I mean I was just more than just these damage to Jay Austin and his girlfriend Lori in a man. He and I said OK. Again GA OJ and I guess that sounds good he had enough. Point nine years old tunes are there they're old enough to know better yeah you know I think you would think yeah you that you years. You've lived enough life at this point to go. Oh yeah no good is good and bad is bad yeah. That they were with four cyclists that were killed last month in nine Tajikistan one of the stands and killed by two Islamic state terrorist. Do random with her car then side that won enough running over a couple of buy cigarettes but the car wasn't good enough so they got out stab them and then shot him. You know. I really wish I really do Betty I wish I wish the world looks like may Mary. And error from every neighborhood was like Mister Rogers' Neighborhood didn't. You know that we just didn't have to worry. About stuff and everybody got along and and evil didn't exist in their worst no such thing is as bad people. There are a bit. Fact is evil does exist and there are people that are out there that are just bad people know good do you know lay it I think it's. It's good for this guy. That he held the beliefs you know and I mean that he. He's entitled to his opinion them how are far separated from reality that is and and you can believe with all of your heart that. Evil is a construct of of our society and it's just a lack of understanding of other people's cultures and so on and so forth. But that doesn't mean they everybody's on the same can't understand ice this guy would have these nicest guys that random overshot him stabbed and shot them. If they gave them a moment to explain this and maybe trying to our our greatness I may be tried as saying okay. Look we just need to understand why. Well it. You know kind of like when these people expect a police officer to go out and be confronting and an armed suspect an Indian and all of this Psycho stuff with a man sure diagnosed sermon in the heat of everything that's going on the van. Can't we just you know can't we just kind of you know. Talk about our feelings and want not who worked this out. You know funny that you you bring that up com where is this thing right here. This is it in just the deal was kind of a really really good segue. To Chicago the embattled Chicago literally in battle how you perceive Jim. There's a consent decree released by the city in the office of the attorney general fall short which required ordered. In the rain of lawlessness and brutality we've endured under this police department so this is BLM not bureau of land management of the the other one. In the ACLU. And they want. It let me let me scroll on here and find this. Essentially what they're looking for is. They want officers. To have to seek approval. Before missed the supervisory approval before making an arrest for host of crimes from gambling and prostitution. To obstructing resisting or assaulting a police officer. It's. It's the most ridiculous thing that I think I've seen. Yeah activist group wants Chicago Police Department implement a policy that tells us she's low. But least intrusive response. Appropriate under the circumstances in a reasonably understood by the ouster at the time. In their proposed version be great and Foster should be encouraged to get warnings or divert people. To meditation or public health programs rather than making arrests or writing him tickets. Seriously that's that's. That's like oh my cup comes up on the situation is that Karzai okay how to play everybody just put your weapons and listen recommended they listen listen crisscross applesauce on the ground in some breathing exercises. Anyway and visualize you know. Kidman's new corns and rainbows and stuff so that's really deal with reality they're just site. Get another that we're people just again don't wanna deal with reality image you see this idiot. What's his name Connor over there and London amid the mayor of London was his name Cindy Conn. But I had another vehicle attacked over there and energy Hadi in a car run people down. Near that parliament and govern government office area and on and so what's his idea. How do we solve that aren't start securing their own borders invading people make under their country and going after the the known militants that are on the loose there in their society. Empowering law enforcement is that Cindy consolation now listen I know. Abandoned car or theories and we're discussing it more this largest cities on the planet yet millions of people living their people they come there to work. You know hundreds of thousands of tourists coming Barbara just gonna we're not gonna deal with the he whole reality and deal with these people and either imprison them or eliminate them. What we're just gonna we're going to be in cars hit you know how does that impact tourism. I mean that's got to be a nail in the coffin of tour I just would if I'd love to get in the UK I love to tour some I submit that. I think if I had the money to do right now London would not be on the I'd go to Ireland before I go to to England anyway. Coming up on break when we come back Russian bombers in the Marine Corps in Norway. Some it is intersecting. Things happen there soreness or let me ask you a little birdie second John and be right back. Three WORG. Dot com you're listening to. Your red white and blue all day every day. Point 47365. Danny is just the silly assertion John Turner chuck Porter glad to be video we have and a good Saturday as safe one. So this week in the news. Lots of stuff and then just go thin and crazy Lanny we and I it's hardly a dull weak anymore but. Weeks we've talked a little bit recently put an article out on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash no BO RD salute service about. Lawmakers in DC wanting to give some reporting on. Our forces and the ability to fight in cold weather and not like. You know. Yes Fort Drum kind of cold weather a bit like serious artist. Tired cold weather you know my brother in law was stationed in Alaska mood with. You're mechanized or light infantry you know one of the two and then. Got PCS to tenth mountain near Fort Drum. He said Fort Drum was colder than Alaska really yet. Really. He said Fort Drum was miserable miserable cold well a lot of people and that's that's the commentary year. You hear from a lot of people that were stationed there about the FD that the the winter months since North Fork as if he'll pull. One extremely helpful. I think Internet. So any right follow up on some of that interest then by our lawmakers on preparing are forces to fight in some pretty nasty cold weather. You've got this. Yes this is comes from military icon twice as many marine deployed in Norway of all places. Next year and trained just hundreds of miles from the Russian border a move leaders say leaders in Moscow say will lead to retaliation move we believe. Norwegian defense ministry confirmed Wednesday that it will move ahead with a plan to bolster the number of US Marines rotating through the country the 700 which is not huge but still. That's a lot larger rotation sure expected to start when he nineteen lasts up to five years. About trainer Marie he's been rotating through Norway Norway every six months since January 2017 is first time foreign troops have been based in the country since World War II. Currently training off of the Swedish border in Oslo Norwegian officials said in June that they won't. Want larger marine rotations to push north past the Arctic Circle to accept her moan when about 250 miles from the Russian border. So I can see where Russia won the super nervous about that now. You know Norway and not not a huge country not in especially. Strong military. But. Having the jar heads. Back close to your. To your borders probably a little unsettling for them a disorder when they talk about well we're gonna have to retaliate sang you really mean. Well here so what did they cover any idea what inning on which leads me this stuff. That into. Moscow the Russian military says it tune nuclear capable strategic bombers have flown in the eastern most chip Cote got. Peninsula near Alaska is part of an air force exercise. Russian justice ministry said that the two T want sixty bomber flew about 7000 mark kilometers. From their home base near Sarah Todd in the south southwestern Russia tech and the deer or aren't chuck. I have a bunch I got such a cut cut. Don't regression. Before returning to their home base diminishes this first time the bombers had flown there which faces Alaska across the Bering Strait. Com the ministry said the air force exercise also involve the key 95 strategic bombers and tankers Russian military's increased. The intensity and scope of this drills mid strain in relations with the US of their sheer. There's your retaliation against a Saber rattling its means it's you're gonna do this fine we're gonna do that. We're gonna do that now they've been confronting our our aircraft over Syrian airspace. They then buzz and Art Shell as harsh as server in the Black Sea and stuff so I mean would you cut. I don't know that I say this is anything NB it's there. Allegations not a word I would ease for his. You've kids in the senate seat that and so yeah you know it's boilerplate. Geopolitical. Military. Tit for tat stuff that is you know every terrible Cold War stuff yeah it well in. Yeah that makes me wonder are we getting back to or did we every away from a Cold War footing. It despite. The breakup of the Soviet Union and all the satellite states and and Warsaw pact nations. Are we back to where we were late seventies early eighties. With modern day Russia yeah and if so. What are we doing. To. Strengthen ourselves or to weaken them there's been a lot of focus on Russia lately you know yeah yeah yeah it and whatnot and interesting enough I mean eat where. There was a recent poll done in Germany. He adults. Young younger adults. And you know. It was about half I came when the figure was exactly those bad close staff that says that we don't need the US here then any other and then right on the heels of that have been a couple of stories anymore I saw this morning about. Where oh where Poland is like hey we'd love to have. Well yeah and poet and very dirty place there yet there is yes yes geographically speaking out politically speaking. Her in a very different place then in Germany Poland has been one of the European countries that is still up rather strongly for themselves and good for them yeah. It was some of this we've got to take some refugees were gonna live refugees in Germany and France is gonna take some refugees Italy's gonna take some sort of an Indian refugees will air quotes yeah I am Poland's been like now I know I. I don't think we're gonna do we're all set yeah were were fine. And then. This. Element of their leadership that is even you know offering to the what story read this morning I helped cover a lot of the cost. To move. US forces there for a a a more permanent. Now set up I guess like kind of what we've had with the Germany yes the end of world war do. And you know so. But Germany and in their defense they've got a pretty stellar military did you lobby in Germany and they they've got against say yes via come if if history's taught us nothing else. And it's our. Yeah they're they're like they're quite capable they're they're innocent and is there in Iran and they know their way around a battlefield Jim. They they know they're around imagine no line yeah this. I think there they know there and run around imaginary and resolutely they gave. So yeah socket acting can maybe see that then of course she take in those comments the so shoulder. Culture yeah and in a lot of European countries now and especially with with younger people that this survey that I saw went down to people into their twenties. Then of course you're gonna pick up they hold different. We'll be live from from that crowd in the field they don't remember especially Germany and they don't remember they're they're country being divided by a wall they don't remember in east Germany a wedge and I don't remember people being shot simply for trying to get from east Berlin and west Berlin so right live free vs living under Ian has made Communist tyranny. Alice in in my they don't remember that's employees made before about the end the north Koreans possibly as may be why there might be a little more willingness on. KG UN Islam. In North Korea to China. Normalize I guess for you ever met lack of a better word because again they don't remember where is the previous leadership the the previous camps. Did and Mike I and that's a shift TC I think politically and South Korea. Where you've got a whole lot of people right now that you live in Tucson so take two way Gunner from some little place and they are not nice to go around to and it's like. More and more of them don't remember having to you know leave way gone and they do in these other places and you know as though everything on an ox cart and pull it down to the Pusan perimeter to get out the way the Communists. Yeah I think that's it I think forgetting history. Is dangerous and we're seeing right here in the US country we've forgotten a lot of our history to younger. Our children's generation. The mid to late twenties I guess they don't have a a frame of reference for a lot of the things they even. You are parents lived through parts of the Cold War that we death you know we didn't have. Nuclear. Air raid siren and we didn't have to get under our right thing about life like our our parents and you have kind of always wondered ever actually really talk to my dad about it and be anxious to any kind of recollect from his failings that mean a young married guy and I think my sister might have been born at the time. In the Cuban missile crisis right on my what was that like for on the brink you have been on the brink of that in here ER a young guy married and in Ireland started fame and ask you here's this that it's it's. Could be over what what was that like and and again forgetting history is a very varied and I think that's why hash tag history matters I want those of us as it does matter. When we come back. New Mexico. A terrorist training camp in some ice is skewed there salute to service one of 63 WOR DH I can I will be right back. Salute his service. 10 victory over. One beyond. Who doesn't. If you see this in the in the news recently assigned posted by at task and purpose remember the the kid at the Marine Corps do you go with all mullah mullah kid may have he graduated he sure is related saw that article I share that over our FaceBook page and there's no way that you. You don't you show always show up with a mole on your graduation just just by sheer will alone that kid could have been dumb as a box or oxen has still gonna graduate somehow or another and you know that probably. That picture going viral probably qualify him for some. Special attention. I got a geno but I read in the the story at task and purpose about it graduation. That some some other people. You heard okay of them the mullet marine recruit graduates at that people Danny now the kid just got to do the graduation ceremony. They didn't pay me and Yankee days I mean he's again I think yeah. Yeah Molly kid graduate into boot camp so idea good for him man new new marina there. Totally most thrilling moment exactly what they still want to be in somebody sore major number one you're looking at the picture is great looks good may allied tightened him up a little bit to do it like he's in good shave been great in my mind is the mullets you know. Well good for him. I'll have gone well we dug that out there yes I if you happen to live CNET. Viral pig floating around social media well you know. You can rest now and I know that he made it he he he graduated so. I house stuff in the news may and the we we talk about border security alive and why border security matters and we had many conversations about. Not just the possibility that the fact that our. Border has been penetrated by a people other than just you know people from Mexico and central and South America that are coming in and you know porn oppressed and looking for some type of economic opportunity and of course your drug cartels. We've talked about the you the reality that. Things that have been found in the border area is indicate that there are. People of Muslim. Believes. You know coming into this country and it's been reported talked about on our show Lou the weekday shows. The camps that we know that our. South of the border and he had this. Compound. Found out in New Mexico and that is now suddenly you think they would want to go over that thing look like a fine toothed comb it's been virtually destroyed now bulldozed over by some agency while. I wonder. I mean. Probably a good chance it is did they they went through that got what they could get I hope I hope out of it before they bulldozed it I and I'm just speculating here but for us from an intelligence standpoint. Act in a law enforcement standpoint that's bad as a potential gold mine so I wouldn't I wouldn't feel confident bit. Whatever alphabet agency. We've eaten probably more than one went down near the day they come through all that stuff pretty well before me. They tore up but that's just speculation among our staff on both are part and then of course this story that broke this week I saw first on the and the daily collar which if you don't go to the daily collar website managed. It's a it's a pretty good side Tucker Carlson is associated with that I think he's one of the co founders or something that side but they they always scary some good stuff Jeff and I saw this story they air before Sony anywhere else about a guy that is say F. Former crisis fighter. That head you know being caught trying to cross the border in de California. Where we see them it would give it to be was that the one that. Came here. There was one that tried across more there was one that came here like. Some kind load lottery system merge some other. He came here in the and then they eat they drilled down into his his. His pass on this one I'm talking about it was the an Islamic state member wanted for murder in Iraq faces extradition after being arrested Wednesday by the FBI as joint terrorism task force in California where he had come in applying for of course Reggie Reggie is sassy app. So it might actually have been and then another one is well which not surprised because we've talked about it multiple occasions. The fact that there are ongoing active investigations in nearly every so I think every every state every stadium course citing including Alaska. Four. G Heidi Islamic terrorist. Act related activities. And then nom saw this story. Today as well amid all the stray came out in an April but I just actually east. Came across it today that from April of this year. Iranian backed sleeper cell militants hibernating in US position for attack in this is the today the sources that this is that the freebies in the free media free begin. Dot com under their national security stuff and this goes back to April but there was some testimony made before congress. About Iran in backed militants are operating across the United States mostly unfettered raising concerns in congress and among regional experts that these quote sleeper cell agent. Are poised to launch a large scale attack on the American homeland according to testimony before lawmakers. And a testimony was coming from some former White House officials former intelligence officials. Here rent Peter King congressman. Missed a Republican out of the New York quote. There is Manning and evidence that Iran poses a direct threat to their homeland insane you know he's seen enough of the stuff. About the Iranian support for Hezbollah which is active in the Middle East and Latin America often talk about that Latin America and here in the US where Hezbollah operatives have been arrested for activities conducted in our own country. Per congressman Republican congressman Peter King sent. So it go back to the one they found a New Mexico there's been there was a three year old child yet there was. Killed the surgery ultra solemn ritualistic. Activity on the father's part. I understand that one of the men involved. Is or was an unindicted co conspirator from the original world trade her mom back in the early in the ninety's. It it's. It's crazy to think that okay they may be addressed now one of the females is. She had overstayed her visa she's being deported. But these people are walking out on essentially PR Barnett the judge just let him go just let him walk us let him go. Here's slap an ankle monitor on and Bob by literally teaching children how to turn to plan and coordinate school she feels she needs is what we're behalf told him. And there's a dead three year old dead toddler who found on site the remains found on site. In these people walk ferries nit wit judge lets them walk out. On believable unbelievable. I saw that and just like. You forget what they were doing so my day is any obviously this judge is a leftist Democrat. Type individual. But what is it they sell that if we can do just anything to save one child in school make one schools safer make fun and they knew these people that were training children to go in and commit atrocities smashing things killings a terrorist attacks and schools. And you let these people just walk out on bond. Our I absolutely got no no flight risk there down well on and none at all no absolutely show back up to court and you know you take. The politics out of it take. Take a judge's politics out of it takes the the terrorist part out of it take the training camp part out of it. A three year old was found dead. And the people bit. Can reasonably be considered suspects yeah yeah in that child's play actually are materially yeah. Are out walking around in I mean just just take a humanitarian. Guy part of it yet Britain. There's a dead child. You've got suspects and Dave. Committed crimes intended to be held on to. And you said bond and let them walk out yet. It could compare that against the case that I'm Linda Lawrence cannon this week for the lady to share they life millennia because she was basically starve and import dog to death and eleven dogs and I would never do that to an animal and it was horrible what that lady did. But ended everybody absolutely outraged and just posting in ranting about that on FaceBook and I guess eve got that one. Image that once story here you know like bad. Juxtaposed. Posed at third. This one yet where a three year old child or that man is so where is it. It's hard to get a grip on why. Do we care about and why don't we care about water we got how. How I don't know laws and a loss for words with which is the man way to make oh great well yeah well really just I mean how. I mean how does that make you feel out there knowing knowing this kind of stuff and like I've told you have even mentioning here on the radio back. I don't as from around 20052000. Us or maybe 2006. Eight. Arrange having a conversation with somebody I've known for a long time that works still end with one of the alphabet agencies. You know about this. These sleeper cells and stuff we're talking about again in 20062008. And NS. Mike yeah I can't give you needy tales are saying they go hop second stuff my face a major right there they're out there they're here and it's just it's. Not a matter of if this Ian kind of of when and where things. It is absolutely a matter of of when men not just. And I don't know with all of the the things we're dealing with from law enforcement for factors how ready were gonna because it's not gonna meet and did the National Guard and the army your you know the military respond in these incidents is going to be is going to be the cop out they're driving around and one common and hard crown Vic. Yep well I crown Vic no honeymoon or whatever unfortunately stupid if forged dom. Anyway when we come back what do we got. Well we got something I ask. My parents can't find it I got a camera got the next allow every commercial pulled out we got some Gloria I guarantee you that's enough yeah. So good service 1063 Debbie Doherty check and John we'll be right back. I welcome Max food service a lot of local 1063 WORD. And we got Tony. Colin and most about these training camp situation Tony rubble and show my how you've been. Well I'm doing a Little League alone are all doing this round. That's done done better and we probably deserve to be very middle and an ice. Well you know there's good. You may have already spoke about miss the output Jewell a month truck. Editor and radio all girl let go. Well we need to have a ceremonial. You are yet safety first Manuel about that that's all right. So world. Lawyers oh. We know our federal government Obama don't. Different training center each and all local police officer during. So the first question hills. Why did soap Ambien and only the best at all or stay global issue these places barely get rid of these people and and secondly. We'll Depp plays over in New Mexico. If nobody turn around and come back the next day and have been towed toward. Trying to cover up sultan. Yeah I we were talking about that a little bit nights that was a year and I hope that whatever agency went in there. Eight got all the evidence and intelligence that they would. Would want added that but it is still seems like he. They've taken it apart. A look a little quickly detonated it just got a I think and then wonder just it just based on look at the pictures in the end boo the living conditions that were reported there I don't know that there was a whole lot team to yeah he had that. Yeah I'd grab the layer anyway and it was literally probably he probably kill leveled about driving a Toyota store I felt I think that's usually what happens after it was a plastic tent and some some holes. They there was no. You know real running water and now do what we typically think of structures yeah. I break in would run things would structure sure you know Al Mendez or someplace like and a concrete or Adobe to it was. Yeah it was pretty ramshackle to begin with but even inspire that is seems like they eat they moved to little quick on that yeah I agree with you Tony. We'll probably know more about misty mandate but to show them you like furlough this done over all player. There you know and Baldwin at all I don't know our government as far as I'm Asian and they can speed Cheryl and a whole bunch over at times. And of domestic case. Crew and our government has Cameron does but. And what reach. I ND is the only head guy no love two to speak to that. Particular person would and I can't remember the guy's name he was an unindicted co conspirator in the was the 93 world treasury timing so I don't know. Why should I I just I don't know enough about him glued to really provide any kind Arianna that. Well we're live in the Nobel literature rather short. Talked about that had got into battled through all he was tired and will. Again I'm gonna matured a little tainted Trevor Sean knows a little. A lot more information about bet they'll have a guitarist so government officials making speeches. And we know when things. They're just overlook all kind of bloody red flags. Our they are absolutely it does yes certainly he was he was not an unknown quantity he was he was numb for sure and an MRI just think that that judge lets him walk out. On a behind. Well if you had been stopped. A couple of different times. The police were asked and including east chill adorable there are kids blob all block. I'm sure they weren't all the same race or even if they were unsure of the kids. Didn't look. Why they resemble lead Joseph Lieberman met maybe being you know. Dirtier whatever OK maybe they've been forestalled at least twice what under stadium. The cult's little ego both times but they'll really investigating yet. And Dan accorsi got you know bill the kids would come out saleable orange orchard never buy milk yeah. But how much you know how much more. Our society. Going into a while. Playing like this to happen how much. Further deprivation. And our society. Camera go down the tubes. Before reduced to a point boat. No return Third World country. You know. And I may well defined now again that's that's the 64000. Dollar question right there man this is how how much more and and you may have missed it when I was anti and I were talking about that especially that the three year old toddler that died -- bears were the result of some kind of activity that the father was involved with. And then you compare that to tag as I don't bond compare that today the outrage. I've been expressed here in the upstate of South Carolina this week when there was a lady arrested and I'm Lawrence canning firm. Almost arm and a dog to death and we just pitiful and I love dogs and don't anybody get upset thinking I don't care about animals I did I would not do that any in my animals. But yeah just you just look at that and compare it. To the you know the outrage in the country against people just. Two million especially this judge. Did not care and less these people walk out Omar and it just day as yeah as an and a. Dear I'm a bit and laid out the door opened opened all all of my boat didn't love the day yeah but adult adult. You know and then meg no comparison to like a 482. Policies underwritten life in jail for. Laundering money or whatever it is he did. And these people are just slapped on the hands and saying here don't come back on those days yeah yeah guarded it just. Don't actually had delayed the way the scales of justice swing anymore as I head scratch or two I think just people like us there were just out here trying to you know get along. You know make him make our way in this world and you know. Live a decent life and you look at what's gone right and it just it doesn't and it just it just does not add up the end the lack of consistency. Is mind boggling that it might Tony thanks for coming in a draft say that everybody. Appreciate the good but I US. And I I wish I had more answers for I wish I didn't do you make gay. Now sometime to tell you Tony says thinker and he listened sure a lot of stuff in so when you get it cholera like Tony sometimes you're not always going to be a what I have an answer as these are dads out there. Consuming a lot of information given things must promise as you know. Part of why it's great to have the audience we did Manny clearly smarter and I am which isn't a mean. Tony our second half and I get excited. So when we come back renewal Gene Autry gunfire at the rapid fire enough on our our are getting college and guest yeah slip serves 163 Debbie Doherty check in John stand by for the news because it's important.