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Saturday, September 1st
Salute To Service

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Are my age happy will board a weekend hats Johnny jet salute to service we have survived we've made it through our number one. It is now segment one of our number two doing guys you know what that means it is time for your weekly ghosts. A Gene Autry just a little bit ago and far. I first up on rapid fire this week a but a little bit of a heart warming dog story coming from out of all as the fires out there in in California. Apparently to help fight some of those fires especially this one then Mendocino. Complex fire some Utah firefighters went over. And during the process fighting that fire they you have came upon a dog looking dogs German shepherd that was huddled under a tree. And so of course they rescued this this dog in negated tease the Mendocino animal hospital. You know vets checking out dog need a little bit of a little bit of a medical attention. And they put some effort in trying to find out okay whose dog was is obviously one shift or something in her no right to deny his dog this was a nobody came to claimant. So low Patrick. Not our Patrick but hey Patrick up. It is one of the firefighters. From you taught decided to adopt the dog and since they found that there at them Mendocino complex fire. They just name the dog commando. And makes makes perfect sense so anyway I think will we've talked about this. All the human drama unfolding out there of course there's been some lives lost lot of property destroyed then you know have been some really good heart warming stories where there was a guy was a marine veteran Newton that. Had some type of business where he had. Horse collar type trailer and was going in and out of there is fires were getting really pretty close. A half some horses. That I hadn't come across Asia and Porsche trailer horse a horse trail via the equine. Chuck. It's solid and the Milan. But anyway so it's nice to have a little bit of heart warming story here and now of course you know were were down folks here in always good to have nice dog story so congratulations to firefighter Patrick in admin though hopefully they'll have a out. Long and fruitful and long and fruitful life. Together yep yep and news that shouldn't be news when Connecticut man the sales of sodas in public schools back in 06 and open up a lucrative black market. Which just so happened be operated by members of the west taking place to play. West Haven PD school resource officers can de Mayo and Doug Bauman were caught selling sodas for the kids that West Haven I. Sparking controversy over the unpopular the sale of busy drinks and I want you to know that busy drinks is actually printed in the story really according to to the end. TH the department initially found out about the sales and early 2015 to the agency handled the incident internally. When the administration found out the officers were selling sodas don't and done. Their supervisors were immediately contacted and put an end to it superintendent Neil. Cattle arrow said in a statement we worked very closely with the West Haven police department I had been assured this matter was handled and am confident nothing similar will happen in the future. They humanity John terps take a cute and take you. Some Coke this mr. payable over here who'd. What he got a got a seven California this is the kind of a cloud area that happened how this. And again eat. Ash you can't keep drugs that schools or prisons and then it heaven help making keep sodas out of schools and your income codec yeah. Kiely who bootleg market. I back up Mountain Dew left of mountain that literally get sucked up so not if any yet I. And I and we've talked about deaths of note many many times. Especially with the the World War II generation in the few gaining fewer. This isn't particularly a death but it just really makes you think and realize that. The few truly are getting fewer in the last reunion for famed US World War II unit Merrill's marauders. The last for union was just recently held and a New Orleans and basically these. Gentlemen our course ended ended there ninety's well into their ninety's now and initially there were over 3000. Min. There were part of that unit known as Merrill's marauders and they're down to just thirteen left. And so and actually one of them Dave Allen mr. David Allen a Rock Hill South Carolina. One of them and just recently went to this for union and they had their children and grandchildren or great grandchildren there. You know I had a good time sound tomorrow grass for people but this Merrill's marauders the story history those guys and what they did go back on the lines that the jungles. In. Once was Berman in Myanmar now. Fighting engagements with the Japanese troops and non. And I an amazing unity history air base who they wanna eat presidential unit citation. Six distinguished service crosses for legions of mayor. 44 silver stars and a bronze star for every main and that arrangement while. So that essay in something and so there were down to just thirteen of those great gentleman left and that's crazy. Out of out of the dumb criminal news a Pennsylvania man was accidentally crushed by a bulldozer while trying to hide from the cops. District attorney John T Adams and John Adams about that. Said Gregory all along and hacker flair for law enforcement on July 9 after they found him and another person growing marijuana near a local school. Well lawmakers alleged accomplice was captured police say the 51 year old fled into the bushes. A bulldozer was used to help clear the brush while police helicopter helped search for the man once they spotted him he evaded authorities again by reportedly hiding in the bulldozer. When it came to an abrupt stop. Please were not aware long record crawled underneath the vehicle when it started again and he was crushed under stress adds here's the big headline he was pronounced death at the saint. Well now I think. He was under the influence of several drugs John including methadone and amphetamine at the time of his death and a quote here in the besieged judgment pursche. Perception and coordination would have been considerably impaired at the time of his death. Due to his intoxication. While. I mean. I guess don't hide under bush cruise the noise. This story definitely Cobb died this week in he has some people are still planning vacations out there just. And let this be lesson for yet. Two Georgian deputies were arrested in Mexico. For bringing their weapons across the border for safety and believe me with the day's stories we hear. With some of the the drug cartels and gangs killing people even in tourist areas down in Mexico I can't totally totally understand. The desire to take your of your weapon with you that not a good idea to Mary married couple. Georgia deputies were arrested in Mexico for bringing their guns across the border for their safety. Crisp county sheriff's deputies Martell Davis 36 and show wanna Davis thirty want. Were arrested on August 23 while on vacation in Cancun on charges of possession of weapons magazines and live ammunition. There weapons were found in their own baggage journey customs check and you know you gotta gotta figure you've I don't know how what makes me wonder if they never. Traveled outside the US before a bit. After working closely with officials in the US and Mexican and get things resolved they were released on bond but. In. Just because you're sworn officer here in this country in that might make it cool for you to. Go on vacation here on the Gulf Coast of Texas or Alabama are out you know. In Washington Stater arena and go to the badlands of South Dakota something you know once you cross an international border. I'm no expert but I'm I'm just gonna Donnelly and say here that the Mexican authorities. Don't give a damn if you're a deputy increased Downey Georgia. Now that's just that's just my gut feeling fish. And hard lesson to learn may be just vacationed here in the US next time sure ask yes just ask connect gonna take my gun. Florida man's story here authorities say Florida man has been arrested for being belligerent and giving his girlfriend. A wet Willie. A saint Lucie county sheriff's deputy went to home master Joseph sure she's girlfriend told authorities he was dropped on the living room floor when she returned from work earlier this month. According to an affidavit she said searching accompanied her and her daughter to another home we're sure she continued to be belligerent. And on the way home he grabbed her hand pulled her arm and gave her wet Willie by sticking his split finger and are here. The daughter confirm the mother's account Daryn things were not released means you know for us around them. He was charged with battery he declined to give a written statement that said he wasn't drunk. A wet Willie did a wet Willy we'll say here's the thing in many states in South Carolina being one if there is. Evidence probable cause to make an arrest. I'm a domestic violence charge. We have to make an arrest that there's no discretion. Somebody has to go to jail. And you know you can prove who the primary aggressor was then is to primary aggressor if not you take everybody. But I don't know that they wet Willie. I mean it's an unwanted touching I guess. But it I don't know man he wants is the only overload really broke dis. May not I can I I can't blame though the law enforcement officer in the SE mail and in a situation where you had a choice. Played tit to press charges on your boyfriend who because he draw on can only put his wet finger in your ear. Our man. How hard this day in a usually lose in May have Chris I just really love port forward man and a. You know this could be at trump card an argument like they're gonna fight about the days is not being done yet he met time. Time we give me a wet Willie and I got your recipe for real do. A guy Elan the dishes then yes. I'm very. And I cannot get the grass cat justice and is on none of those in what is the world coming to him and that's a really good question and that's why I say it's it's hard to be shocked anymore even as sometimes you see staff in a site now may just when you spend as much time kind of Reading news and stuff like that as we do that you cease to fight and you just like in like these into the along with the Georgia deputies under site. No you're honestly man there in their you know they're in their thirty always are all united in deputies for awhile and you'd. You really thought that was mean they're like I can totally get it. I can totally get why you would want to do sure Blake DeWitt. They're doing their jobs just can't. You cross an international border they don't care that your shared variety in Georgia what were. A word may have a gallery owner a representative from the Chris county sheriff's office and will they didn't violate agency policy. But violated Mexican law. So who knows what ultimately happened on mean there's still. You know I don't know man and it's like. Do totally get it if you got that big a concern that you're going to a resort somewhere that they you know go to Cancun you're gonna lay down a fair amount of money for that that I need I need to take my gun with me. And I'm spending my money somewhere else you know one thing and you know that happened in your result of that while memo. Oh memo over yet yeah you know there was a there was remember there was a memo that day today strongly worded them. And at that and we got just a minute to fully get great we got time that time squeezing all right Gerri. Gerri welcome of the show. Who all of it's that won't ever since not talked that you. Air force security police on that security police. Arranger trains which. People. There Portugal and talk about. That job. We talk about women in combat yeah. I've got some things you can look up broken briefly tell you. Takes targets. Jamie study in 2000 to lose in. Iraq. You know come forward with forensics team or me. In she uses dog handler for boat skippers. In the they associate. On the issue was is. Easy turned words used in hospitals currently. Sixty votes. That Walter Reed. In. A guy. That information here accurate terms since it was you know. To read his story it's in place at associations. And groups. It. It's in. History they go to war stories. In Gates's. Story proud warriors. And also. And other. Incident that it was only goal is definitely. Trajectory toward your. Or. Lineage. Unit. I was in May 22 commence your athletes. Be paid 23. Security forces. I believe it based pinch group. Brazilian. Afghanistan's. History years. In those days it was reported revenues there's a lot. Details. It. They were hit. By a motorcycle. Former. In order when it won the people that guy who is. Warmth and intelligence. Yeah I would only your point being damning and it's it's been. Made again and again and again mall you know with a lot of variety of different stories where people that are still out there under the impression that. The United States does not have women in combat is a ridiculous notion there are. Linear stories and examples of women who have been decorated for heroism. In and facing the enemy. You know and close combat in fact and and of course many many stories. Sadly. We're just like with their male counterparts. Female. Members of the military have given their lives. In answer to this country and it's you know it's it's. Some and it's it is the reality it is where we are and so there's some people that. Are not happy about it and think that's not women's place in Obama whatever personal feelings are of people are certainly entitled to them but the reality is that. They're here they they've been there their they're doing it there in most. Cases due in a very good job and it and as these fields have opened up an armor infantry. And they've been open we've had female attack helicopter pilots fighter pilots and stuff like that they can they can definitely do the job and anybody that thinks they a woman fly on a machine Iran does not have killer instinct. I suggested before watch the documentary Apache war here. And you know you will get an education real quick we got to run up against a break Jerry we appreciate you collar man thanks so much. When we come back. Lower oh. CNN. We've got a little lengthy aviation. Thing and hardy kicks off because there's something which you're really really write about along time ago now some defense tech media's caught up to shock but I don't know imagine I don't let that out Switzerland 1063 Debbie Doherty check Intel we are back. All right welcome back. John Sharp salute to service one a 63 WORD. The F states talk station glad to have you let us hope. Everybody has a so safe Libor or Labor Day weekend depend on how you leopard but that's. And be be careful out there enjoy the enjoy the little extra. Downtime over the weekend that but definitely be safe and and deadly little shout out to we know we got people listen to that radio dot com map in the Windstream that are outside and FEM range and we appreciate you glad to have you out there and now always remember that that Colleen and minus toll free 180347. 106 very common sense planning retirement thanks line 71307. Now onto this thing I saw this story this week on. The defense won a media site news site I get to and dom. Chuck you're you're on to something. Little bit several months ago accidentally I think I agree that you were on the sound and I think most people that answer than people who listen to show rail they were like yeah that makes nothing that sense but now we can be we can feel good. We can we can feel we've been validated invalidating here ma'am I had defense one dot com. How all the US has quote learned a lot about Russian capabilities and C area. From this article I found this week as Russian and American forces have settled into Syria. Analysts and experts have noticed they clear pattern from the Russian forces. Moscow is using Syria as both a test bed for its newest capabilities and as an opportunity. To see American equipment such as the F 22 fighter jet up close it's a development. That has raised concerns that Moscow may be gaining. In military edge over the US from its experiences in this region. The good news for America's military. We're doing the same thing and who was the one that mean you brought that up ahead before months ago or better yet. Earth spin zone early in in 28 teams we were talking about the the F 22 million over there and F 35 seen. And how these aircraft. Not necessarily gauging combat against one another but certainly. Getting close to one another shadowing one another seeing how far they can. Push it you know anyone wanna get on your side of the river today for a little bit see how how long does it take you to notice me being here. Yeah along cannot follow he before he takes some kind of a they have been checking each other out absolutely how far out tonight you know how far do I get you on my radar how are out can I. Lock you up health yeah are out you know is a lax on the UR's yeah Ers just yet days so yes. It's a cat and mouse I would a man and end it would be you'd have to be. I really ignorant of the way the military operations work to. Think that that was not going on and probably. That for some reasons the way we've. Deployed both you know people and equipment a variety of equipment over there. Was detested just like the Russians did every shirt they aren't human beings are human being Arab world over and end. That's just watching Tennessee. Now this air force general lieutenant general Jeffrey arrogant who is currently he's outgoing but he still currently had. And the US Air Force's Central Command told defense news quote. Could we have learned more there're probably some areas out there that we need to make sure we watched. Where learning organization I won't go and all the details which is a good thing posture off second on Obama going all the details but there were things that we knew we had to take advantage. Just an insurer feed that back to not only the entail a community but back into the systems that we need to improve. And again that's one of those things about eyes or something mechanically on the aircraft there's so much technology. In these new aircraft and and missile systems everything just. Is it may be a software issue. And and something that mean we need to send some them back to the developers around that stuff through QA and UAT user acceptance testing as we college and it and improve make some improvements. And the Russians are doing the exact same thing and of course you know the Chinese are probably trying to get whatever Intel they can't. From either their own people on the ground or what the Russians might be willing to share with them because. That's why nations do that while we're not exactly I would say in a niece. Right now we are certainly. Opponents on this. Globe yes chessboard as things play out events all over the world slept. Why that that's really not surprising now one thing I thought was interesting in this them. The particular article or talking about course the USF thirty fives in the Israeli F thirty fives. Clearly there's a capability that we're gonna get more insight because of the sensors that are on the F 35 in the type in data that they get. So there's data collection that has been done been in progress and now a lot of that has to be analyzed. Which pretty. You know that that's the kind of thing that that takes time but it helps. It helps sharpen your skills and helps improve the system mail it'll help you know future pilots and then again designers for these. That the the horror guarantees me a hardware and the software that goes into these these modern aircraft young sure it is not only. On the aviation side that we're learning things to an end and vice Versa I'm sure that they're looking at the way we deploy in and the way it. Yeah what are we using to deploy what are what are the platforms that we're deploying how we deploying them. Small unit tactics again you know there's Russians on the ground over there now so we could see how they operate in what. What are we gonna be up against here and in maybe the not so distant future if things keep going the way that they're going. So act I think it's. A learning an exercise in learning on both sides are on many sides. And I think there's a great deal to be learned I'll just see if I'd be curious to see if how much of it is put into practice. That's that's going to be the critical part how much of it is useful and actually gets put into practice and since that was mainly dealing with you know aviation efforts over there there's also another study. They came out. Recently and now made it in the news this week. And and again this is another one where it's kind of like. De yeah we've been talking about it for quite a long time. Some of these that have experience. Either as an as a as a pilot and crew member or ground crew member. In the air force have been a chimed in time to time on the show. This article from air force times. Lengthy operations are grinding down on the air force according to the Rand report. A new study sounds an alarm over the longer missions the air force has conducted overseas since the Cold War. And warrants that the service will be able to fully do any of the jobs that may be asked them in the future visually evil that down in assists. Fancy way of saying what we've said for a long time is. He humans and machines break down. In humans and machines need to be maintained need to be repaired some things need to be replaced and you eat you up great upgrade and update. As necessary as is you know certain generations retire and you need you know young men and women to get in there and fill these jobs. You need to in to replace and invest in the aircraft line things which. You've product on multiple occasions is how. People who don't follow these types of stories this type of news in eastern thing about F thirty twos and F thirty fives and stuff like that is. We're not just cranking these things off the assembly line now we were tough finite number. You know like we had the factories turning during you know World War II where they were. You know. MP forty sevens and instead of just you know roll in off the assembly lines one after the other. And in this day and time that's not the case and we've even shared articles from. Some of the does that defense. That's what we're looking Lawrence's go bskyb was kind of the defense industry but the them like the military machine complex machine and pay for the people that make of the components Wright was an area and are currently has struggle at the components that go and as some of these aircraft or weapons systems that are on the ground even. That some of the the supply and logistics problems that are there you know that two or to get in recent weeks we share the article where there are some analysts say and that. If we get into some large scale conflict like some of these. Articles these analysts are saying you know if we get into that how do we balance this or that and there's been other articles that we've had conversations around it. Talk about the aid the the supply and logistics chain is not really prepared for the academy. No I I don't think they are to your earlier point about it being a finite number. Out of the story we're and talk about here next to ties indirectly with this when. Lucky mark originally manufactured the stealthy and they're talking about the F when he to hear him. The Air Force One to 381 raptors but it's production stopped in 2011 and a 187. Net. That's it way short of the goal line indeed it is what we come back we're gonna talk about the F 22 end. The F 35 salute to service. One of 63 W or. Welcome back. Salute services giant Chevron necessary debt BO RD. Glad to have you with us we're gonna continue along with Ara. Our military aviation conversation we're bringing it down break it down from little bit higher level a little bit more focused and you've got a story about a queen. Hangar queen indeed she is. Out of our military dot com. One of the US air force is oldest at 22 raptors is back out of the hangar and ready to fly yen after how how long John. Six weeks six years six years old idol and hangar. The fifth generation stealth jet tail number nine wine dash 4006. Has been shelved. Her had been shelled and when he twelve for a needed costly upgrades and with Seacrest sequestration just around the corner. Air force officials made the decision to put it in the storage. One of the most advanced jet fighter blah blah blah joined the 411. Flight test squadron there it is at Edwards Air Force Base. This was a gainfully employed airplane when she was working said Steve rainy Lockheed mourn a twenty chief test pilot to marry the F 22 combined task force and Edwards. A decision to hold off manage for years underscores Ian will only cost of the US fifth generation fighters even as US military may be considering a successor. To the F 22 and F 35 unit cost for the F twenty twos around a 150 million in 09. But some estimates put the per plane cost closer to 250. Million dollars in current day dollars. See that's one of the things is to break that down in terms that. Nonmilitary types can understand there is a difference between. Going out and purchasing. A particular vehicle vs really being able to afford. The vehicle the could probably have a fair number of people who could go out and maybe make. The monthly payment on a a Porsche sure Hamas or odd years something might that hammered higher end Mercedes they can make that monthly payment but to truly be able to a full lord. That vehicle new. You've got to think about your taxes your insurance though maintenance. Yeah the end the old changes in the tires in the breaks and everything else. It's gonna cost money well you just take that. Analogy imploded over these aircraft the waking get. We can have the most dominant. Technologically advanced aircraft. That any military on the planet half but you've got to do more than just write the check to give it. Out of the manufacturer's plant you know at a at a at the manufacturing hangar. And onto the air field you've got to be able to maintain. That aircraft. Baghdad hello this and the air force has a 183 aircraft in his inventory today and talking about or after. Four or lost your severely damaged when you know foreign 2012. Boeing locking in the air force were 27 months and edwards' overall the plane hit a Bakken flying status. The release says the work was completed in July this included 2.5 thousand man hours and 111000 individual fixes it Greece or parts. They did not disclose the total cost to repair the upgrade which included a new avionics suite. Extends director's life from 2000. Flight hours to 4000 you know that doesn't seem like a lot of flight hours to me. It does not I wanna say that I Huey. Would go to 101000. Before in the service life it. And that's what that's best with him are all rotating in opposite directions hey you think about that the at the speeds they out that needs the the the G forces the. Are applied to something like an F 22 and F 35 isn't a whole. Still hold different leagues 2000 hours you think about it that's not a fine that is not aligned with the demands being made on the aircraft so. In your down from a 183282. Games under yeah one. Because you can only put 2000 hours on you can put 2000 hours on an airplane and in a combat situation in wartime situation. We can just click click click you know that. How leaves me Canada back over to another article I've got where a retired four star air force general talking about the aviation crisis name is general Herbert hawk Carlisle is an F fifteen eagle pilot. This talk of with the guys at the military dot com this weighed an interview and saying that for the the crisis that exists right now has his work crisis. In the AMA be it military aviation world that it's there is not a single route calls for all these issues and I think that's. A true statement any journey this kind of read or you know is much on this as you and I haven't had discussed here on the show and court people that contributed. The conversation. He mentions manpower was a big driver of the resource challenges combined with the pace of which were using our airplanes in the demand. Signal from the combatant commanders and how that's all manifested itself so again. Is this entire big picture it's not just a manufacturing. Of the hardware. Or the development of software and or the training of pilots and or the retention of I listen the ground crews you know getting Mae and giving intelligent young men and women. To you know join the air force and and choose these particular type two field to serve their country and work with some of these higher and aircraft. It's it's all of this together and share it think about who we were discussing last week and the week before about the the problem not only with retention but with getting qualified people in. To the military overall it and the number of people that are not qualified just. Physically just trial flat not qualified for any level of service now takes somebody that you need. The person working on an F 22. Isn't. You know. They're not on. In nineteen feet three auto mechanic these are yet to grease monkeys I mean there's there's you know wrench turning involved. But the avionics suite C ordinance weeks the weapons packages they're all. Crazy crazy complicated and you can't be done. In work on the east yes absolutely actually end there's a ton of opportunity you know moms dads aunts uncles and grandparents they're listening you've got to. A bright young mane and young woman in your life that's looking for something to do trying to figure out their way in. Maybe pay for college has some experience. Travel a little bit man there are some amazing opportunities there. For sharp young Americans. In the air force when we come back we'll grab a couple of text messages. I think we'll have time to get to Eugene as well salute service one a 63 W or. This is not an appropriate intro for liberal or day we it is not. Hard work that's not what this week yacht club okay not love your day you know it's a holiday from that I got from the contest firemen text line we got a couple here. I go back to the two Georgia cops it to their friends to Mexico maybe the ouster Shaw plaza Mexico are the same in the US. I mean no or they thought if maybe they were on a secret mission for air from Eric Holder. Movement that's fair always claim that. Guys your discussion of Russia in Syria reminds me of Germany in the Spanish civil war. By the way did you see the Wall Street Journal article about really giving Turkey billions in aid I. I've seen a little bit of that I have looked at it in in in death in Germany's news it's and him laugh a little bit funny angle. Angela. The Russian Syria. Germany in the Spanish civil war parallel are pretty good pretty astute if I think there was. It was a lot of fun. Real world testing and on the job training happened I am and you know why why does anybody think this to go pilots were so good when they went over Poland's in there you know well because they've been dropping bombs all over Spain for their first time yeah what their first rodeo. We'll let's go ahead and grabbed. Eugene your own body was up. Islanders swarmed college and then let folks know what they're more bird initially Granger had their bottom Wal-Mart. They're pure first responder military crash whereas there are even learn. Political line worker bar and our audio and visual look where I'll review they took incursion dished. How stance not to shabby 15% what's the name of that business again. Aurora. Although they. Aren't our auto and diesel first responders military. Utility of hours 15% is all that's cold if it dale managing percent none to sneeze at no it's not eating thanks so much for the call mental make sure that everybody gets that word. Like he serve or show it did thanks thank you thank you yeah I did that is the word yet. The war. This is the and so I did you're you're more clever than most of the ski trail for me I'm not that I can. Get lucky I just say things and in there and they are them now okay. For that politics with the Pontiac. America I this is an update on a story in and while we encourage people to you know and gift to. In a chair Neeson and nonprofits that you know do some good with with the money he did you learn. Most people us including here at their your your work and hard for the money you again. And you know you gotta be Smart and careful about what you donate and of course there's some great national charities and there's some really good local organizations here within. The state within the upstate counties. That any eight. The the story remember that kind of Tug everybody's heart strains there was a homeless are better and. Nice looking young lady cold night outside of Philly she runs out of gas on the highway and there's a homeless guy uses his last twenty months of the she can get a gas cans. But some fueling it and and get on her way she got her picture taken with him in tells her boyfriend and I go back and on the guy and on May and we are gonna we should let you out immediately is finally doing doe fund Meehan and oh my god. So they did a go find meaning got picked up the local news in the regional news and subsequently national news and this. Coupled boyfriend girlfriend came McClure and mark did. Met this on this guy Johnny about it. Started the no reloading no relation to the other about it and raised. More than 400000 dollars and that's a lot of that's substantial amana a change there man of meeting and our hundred grand a week. Yeah eat by eight how each angry at the end didn't get miles from yeah. But it any rate there had been rumors and some follow up on this that. They are not given him the money because the plan was while we. You know didn't realize people going to be this generous what we're gonna send him up with a financial planner counselor he's got a bit of in some addiction is she said. We're gonna you know cinema with some counseling give him some help in this can be a hold the line for Tammy can get a house a vehicle and fright you know disappear job training and and that's that's life changing kind of money right and big time. Really didn't get all the money. I. There are some things going around. Reported in some of the local Philadelphia median and picked up there's like bright barred that them. All of this the young couple that he has been some vacations to California Florida. She's. Got a kind of a clerical type job. Now driving a new BMW. Some stuff like that and not. At any rate even though they guide did get some money they're saying we gave him some money he blew through it and about. You know week two weeks and we just anyway people donated money to him to him for his car whatever so a judge ruled this week that. Okay whatever is left in that there is no more this year trying to. The benevolent it minutes to write whatever is going on here. Given the money give him the money and hopefully they they're thinking there might be about a 150000. Or so left in this shoes so again it's been spent and maybe he'll use it. December rider maybe he'll they'll have below or whatever this that it was given by people for him so thought they did anyway they open to trust. Exactly you know you always lose money if you do X Wednesday. Yeah so well anyway just be Smart to be generous but be Smart about it and there we have a lady in general has their Saturday coming on another show in the camp thanks so much for joining us we'll see you next Saturday. Same bat time same bat channel and as always if you can't be safe. Being dangerously CNN Saturday folks.