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Salute to Service
Saturday, September 15th
Salute to Service

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And good afternoon everybody hope again and again Saturday and now. So far things are all right here you can state hurricane where guys in hurricane hurricane Florence and we'll arts. Okay yeah we're gonna obviously I talk a little bit about that. I hope he'd OK out there I mean obviously. You know for the people man in the coastal area the midlands and our neighbors over there in North Carolina. Yeah yankees glad it's. Not been any worse than it than it has has been and course is gonna continue to via. A rain and water events. You know the one thing out I've thought that this people you know. Talking about this and as a meteorologist was just saying there and then in the news and weather break about how slowed this thing is moving on from the storm to a probably. Maybe about a timely Brett show of the day and be it depression. And that with the rain coming down your member. Actually put this. And when was it a couple years ago that we had the thousand year flood the big flooding his dad had a Colombian style yeah from the about the midlands own sound and the the level of expertise. That bliss. Put on display as the Coast Guard along with the South Carolina National Guard swift water and aerial rescue teams. Went out and and perform their services saving lives pulling people out of situations. List. Incredibly impressive and that's one thing that as we move forward with this in some of the winds and stuff died down and course with saturating grant you're gonna have trees. That bring down lines and on homes and tragic things like that those are in the Hanley does that has been that is in now in the hospital lost his wife and a eight month old child shoes do you own Allentown. The the National Guard troops that are ready both here in South Carolina and North Carolina. You know that those men and women trained. For this type stuff and it's one of those things where he he. You train for EU practice and you rehearse and you hope you don't ever have to do it. But obviously now they will be called upon to do those things that decide to say that. With the level of professionalism and expertise that we saw a few years ago here in South Carolina I'm sure. That's what we will see as. Weather permits the winds permit. These Kris too. You know get in the air. And and get out and start doing what they know how to do right so that gives me. That gives me confidence what we've seen previously from these men and women and of course the Coast Guard. Sent her around us they. Simply. The best on the planet at doing what they do with the water and and air rescues this. In a keep those folks in your in your thoughts and prayers and also you know we don't really necessarily consider them you know first responders the certainly they are out they're responding to needs right now man the utility where's the line. Oh man our crews these these people that work for me visit telecoms and stuff that are out there that the men and women do when that hardened dangerous works. Even keep the lights on on the phone running game I mean that's because that's what has surprised me actually is have been mile and a lot of you out there you know on and watch in. The news channels recently and number of people that these on air on TV how loose. Have been able to have either on the phone. Or through some type this guy facetime chat room that are in the middle of all this this storm many even when it was really kick and as as it came ashore. That the communications were still up so forget the the crews that are out they're doing that type a word man you know. Kudos to to those guys and and obviously yet keep these folks in your thoughts and prayers for it for their sake especially you know the power line to ask us. That's that's a little hairy and water cooler water electricity electricity Armageddon it. Can be pretty intimidating dealing with that type of voltage. And these men and women are going to be out there doing that while others a lot of water. Around on the ground and standing water in and places and flowing. Canada and at an unnatural act yet. Anything I would get out and so we are supportive and appreciative as are a lot of people site even a stone Manson and again we ran into in the hallway for the show talk about all that. The staging. With ambulances and and I aircraft and stuff utility workers. Across the upstate and down toward some islands and over and North Carolina and then. One of the most impressive things to me. Has been. An and Fox News was doing a real good job of that this morning with some other reporters that are actually on the ground in North Carolina South Carolina. Are these civilian volunteers. Like there was a there's a firefighter from over and Polk County county. I'd interviewed on Fox News can see he's down there. Working with some gas from the cajun navy. And already done a few rescues. You know and these are people that are doing this out of their own pocket and their own their own time. You know you brought up rescues and and that kind of is a good segue from name can we. We mentioned before the showed that. There's been a lot of talk especially with in the governors of both state most states north and South Carolina creating and the media. As well creating the sense of panic yet it you know it's going to be a worst. Ever and it's a category four and it's gonna you know stripped of soil from the year fun you know. Wipe out bloodlines and so on and so forth and then they give the evacuation order and you know was it. Analysts say it was premature. Death evacuation. I. There there's something days it's a fair question. But. There's a need. To make people leave it you know. How English can really make anybody leave they wanna stay I wanna stay in that's fine but all they're doing is creating. More problems. Now because they're gonna stay in that's that's their prerogative if you wanna be there but in I care remember what governor mayor was. I guess in Texas. When now when hurricanes was a harsh yeah I said look. You wanna stay that's fine but erector Social Security number in your date of birth on your body in insure me yet Joan we find you. We know you New York via. Because we're not coming to get you because won't be able to them. And you know you think about all the cops in the firefighters in Ian tees they don't get to evacuate yet they have to stay. And they have to stay because there are people that are going to have actually they're gonna stay in the they're gonna need to be rescued because they're down. So. How do you convince people to leave without creating a sense of panic for overplaying yeah hand. And that's a challenge in. You know I don't really begrudge either hey you know the North Carolina governor or or suck on government make master and and evacuating your putting these orders in place as well of course everybody always goes and back to. To history to Katrina and the disaster that or Hugo yeah yeah and we were talking before the show is united. I was. Down in the New Orleans area after Katrina frat pretty soon after Katrina. With the company I work forward on their due on relief work and then had a high tail and evacuate and get out is. Rea bliss coming ashore in the rain bands of Rita were coming in on us as I was. Trying to drive out and in and get home for a few days to then turn around and head back. And when you seized. The kind of destruction in and everything that was the air in place. And the Louisiana and Mississippi area from a from Katrina and the course. New Orleans in the Ray Nagin and he did new school buses or any of this had all the source and getting people out and the loss of life we had there it's like. I can understand that. You know people especially if you're a business owner in and can certainly understand people that don't want to leave there their home. I did and protect I totally get that but then it's also looking at from the standpoint of if you stay and then it's like okay that that storm surge does come in and those inches of rain do start following it. Then waters will be your front door and into the front or and then as like you like OK I've got to get out here and I don't have a kayak or a bit worried and Delaware my gonna go work. Whose gonna help me then you've got to get somebody to come and LP is so it's. It's tough but I think you know regardless you know personal feelings people may have about the governors of. They're individual states is you know. They're damned if they do damned if they don't. With this thing and I I think the the way to air is on the side of caution. Ever 'cause we can. You know get a new car ye can replace your clothing you can replace your furniture you can replace your home and you could beef. Financial the damaged maybe financially. Ruined amateur not that you're not dead. And and or somebody didn't have to die trying to try to jump and get you. And because as just is simple is back I think I can make it is that you know one knew we can replace everything. But ye. I I think that they were right there on the side of caution in I don't. Think he can do overkill you know if you've got a stacked. You'll 400 buses on fifty ambulances and 25 helicopters and whatever you think you might need. Go ahead put the air because this thing was a forces off the coast yeah. Don't know what it's gonna do you know latest there's no way to know this commission really. Aren't you normally you go I was stationed and it owner field in Savannah and Hugo had a dead dad bead right onto Savannah and we were the oppression for if we couldn't believe that since famous and the wife and somebody's lives appear to my folks house where wound up and NN and many shifted yeah you know kind of there right near it at the last moment and and women in and hit closer to Charleston. But some say yes you did you don't really. No and it's hard to predict and and we're also talking about for the show is people that oil is slow downs was mainly just going to be as going to be winds you know seventy to a hundred miles an hour. In the rain and when we get thunderstorms and stuff like that through and you know live and in Savannah. You know with a good thunderstorm would come through and drop enough rain and flood the streets yet but it would run off fairly quickly well that was just like. An hour's worth may be the same good nice long thunderstorm an hour's worth or. In your like William influence then so. What makes you think that is going to be any less any easier when you've got something sitting over you for. 45681012. Hours the F dropping. Rain and at that level and it's a major streets are going to be any easier here yards gonna get any less. You know I know people like you know bash on these governors in the famous people on the east state emergency response people for. Kana unum ring in the alarm a little vigorously on some of these evacuation things and I can certainly understand it's a hardship for people and I'd rather not but you know. I'd rather inconvenience you for a couple of days and had to go collector did bloated body yet. Yeah Esther Smith I've been in an area where that type of activity was going on and it's. It's it's it's not pleasant not pleasant for the people who are having to do that then it's going around and and being in the midst of that kind of stuff it's a mess and that includes our hurricane coverage. Yet critics actually got this story coming up though is a Coast Guard related story and it's just. It's cringe worthy is cringe worthy gun salute to service one a six reader of your. I want them actually service John and chuck won a 63. WOR. DBS face talks facing glad to be with you today is it's a stunning too windy town mayor in the F stated suck on enough then. Now would it I don't think I got a little drizzle almost on the car coming over here but. It's not quite as blustery as not blustery breeze and this is increasing. That bordering on windy both. Think here real specific within your life as well right. Com. If you've been following. Some of the things on line. From on the online news. He might have seen this app hosted and on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash W a RD salute to service. A US Coast Guard member. Removed after making offensive. Sign on my TV so yeah this guy has been interviewed a that kind of scarred. Officer. Being interviewed on the news I believe on MSNBC. They're talking to. Sector Charleston commanding officer. Captain John Reid providing an update there on some things there you know going to be on how they're preparing. And you can see some gas in the background some Pallet of boxes with some stuff some big camps computer screens and then there's a here's a guy there. And he's kind of he got his profile he's kind of sideways to the the captain that's being interviewed and then just. Mikey reaches out to busier like he's maybe go on to scratches a year or did something and does. The the the traditional OK sign where you you take your your thumb and forefinger and but in order to make a little server to make though and might like the okay and he just reaches backing cap watch that video and it's just like I just comes out does it says like. Is somebody he. On the other side of the room that we can't see asking him Haiti need two or three of you know new sharpened number two lead pencils and he spews in that showed they bring me three year how many sugars in your coffee. Three her hey buddy do you want a sandwich for making around a Waffle House no I okay. And people saw this of course MSNBC. Audience members as seed this and and and that explodes it's the white Sowers idea is though is the racist. White power sign and is this the same one that that was seen behind it Cavanaugh yes and earlier in the way he angst. That apparently the lady that is of Mexican and Jewish descent is a white supremacists. Yet. Using liquidity I'm just. I mean I pay attention to the news I I try to keep I definitely don't. Worry about keeping up with fashion but I try to keep up with stuff that's going on in the world and are going to be honestly. I did not get the memo on this that when the when the showcase for 52 years of my life. Doing this gesture energy it's you know. It mean OK so it or if you got screwed up finger joints count like me and somebody asked do you want two or three of these things rather than trying to may be added that I'd I would. You do the European thrown into the Europeans pay three yet. It kind of likening glorious faster dry in the it really that America saying if any any any German worth his salt would. Do this tonight anyway. The the the nexus of this whole white power yet a thing. Came from a crude moved essentially Internet trolls on four Chan yeah and they devised this idea that they were going to make a benign. Hand gesture. A offensive thing. Yeah and they turned the OK the three fingers is a W yeah the circle in your arm is the key to Hawaii power via. Right end and they concocted this whole thing to see if it would spread yet and they. They did it. And it got it because people are deceit as gentle dog gullible we we have reached. Or are rapidly reaching maximum dumb saturation. You. In society and here's this guy wants this started you know out on social media and of course. Then the Coast Guard gets you know or they have clean about it they they they had the pew poll this guy off relieve him of duty your fire and who knows what's gonna happen now. Alba cause of this it's. Stupidity now where the guys he's doing okay. And earn a passer in about wit wiz the thumbs up that I am somebody's got to be offended by the thumbs up. How much longer are we going to be allowed any any kind of pain and yes. What about waving to somebody. Went down I mean maybe maybe we should or that. Where that pat Patrick just talents were number one it. Thank you Patrick I am your number we remember once. I'm trying to help guys you a year or your helper mister Rogers said in times of need look around for the helpers yet in the area and areas Vienna helper are produced from the same vessel in my friends say hi to each other whenever receipts of across street absolutely. Absolutely I mean I do that takes a while walking in exactly. Not I I am voting right now and start our own. Our own. Offensive hand gesture and will make it. How always list a way that anybody needed binoculars. The binoculars thing to do the binoculars and ocular and Davis yeah. In we kid we could say that it would that be offensive to somebody who can't afford a decent pair of binoculars. It's like I've always wanted to really good pair of binoculars but I can't afford it really good players that I would be so that would be classy just that would that would black eye. Classes. Yet and any anybody that does the little we needed the camera and Iran and it does look like I'm doing the queen Elizabeth the QE2 the little wrists twist wave yes. My dad yes is is acceptable or does that earthy wave that somebody done that that is classics that would be a class this may use a year Irish a teacher above. Picture goes so it should not no more no more or little the so the queen Liz from this day forward okay. John thanks September 15. At 14:30 hours eastern via. I'd decree that the QE2 hand away beat the wrist way. Is classes two and offensive. To people. And every time I see that I'm going to post about it on social media. In tho our teams. And tell everyone how offended I am by that well thank goodness this poor guy working for the Coast Guard them their only did one of these symbols. As if he would have done a racist and classes thing. Ali I think we just have to shut down the Coast Guard man summary explain just gonna have to shut down the US coast now I watched that video as well yes and hey I gotta be honest I think he was trolling. And I because he looked right at the camera. Now any he did because if you don't remember are at the same girl to the. Does what it even these stroller what are these like AM just some. Little. Do you do in here doing something then and he's been interviewed and it's on my national television so I'm just gonna do a little. They OK you know like like people do stupid stuff anytime there's a TV camera so. All right so that's what got him intro and a is not necessarily that he he you know. Showed some mythical white supremacy and sign is that there's an 06 we interviewed the SEC ethnicity it. Even if in the background says I'm OK okay mom. There's a time they laid everything out in I'm sure you get drug into an office and in some. Master chief petty officer. Ran ransom and I've been in India and broken off. But I listened and now it now this court Borg has got an appointment with a prod colleges come Monday morning I rallies whatever that she Wear any officer again we have reached. Stupid saturation. I don't know if the ground can hold anymore stupid before all the. Although the tops we'll start sliding and it's like here we are in in and that. An emergency situation here would this guy it's they are helping working helping coordinate. Rescue efforts. Supply efforts logistics efforts whatever he's doing mayor. He's trying to. Be part of the effort to assist people sure dealing with this storm and people get so worked up over this stupid okay and gesture. That at this casket gets gets pulled off off off duty and and your probably right on this this you know six you know captain is. They are talking and there's you out a bag and he had a master chief petty. I am very handsome. And it you know it could be innocent it could be that he was trolling it could mean that he's just dom now. But the the the response the though overkill response I mean everything's a nuclear war now and if you do anything now aids it is. The reason I think he's drone is because. It's the same way that. Got. Accused of doing this during the Cavanaugh hearing she yeah obviously was back the next day now and looked right at the camera and did it again only like this yeah. Well can she undoubtedly her husband and not yet he can channel the statement she saw the news and everything asset she was Gannett. She was gonna show everybody. You know the Harry the news to take this yeah so you know maybe that's what this guy was doing maybe was. In the senate are no less than an Ollie as I mean if you really out there a year a year you need to remember is that and you know as a for four minutes and fifteen seconds again chuck Porter declared the the Queen Elizabeth the Second risk. Twist wave. As being a class cyst gesture and says just also able list able list. It's also a list because there are people that maybe they can't do that can't make sense motion I says I have carpal tunnel that his or her bout now yes course German might be offensive to some people today's session maybe Nationalists and I think you're Nazis and Stanley cannot win when we come back and interest in case out of Dallas PD well interesting and tragic at the same time it. This a start and to get some traction so stay tuned sixers 1063 W already checked in general be right back. I welcome back slick surface alive in low Johnny chuck won 63 WOR DDF states talk station and Audi out there everybody that's in the upstate area and I always like to. Say hello to those folks out there we know we got some people who listen to the radio dot com map or you can catch them alive. Audio stream through the 1063 W a RD dot com web site. And if you wanna get in on the conversation here Ingles advantage told free talk on 1803471063. Common sense retirement planning tax line 71307. And we and a few of those guys. Through. We have indeed at an edited some people are paying attention. Hey guys so I guess buckwheat from the little rascals was a white supremacists OK okay yes he was got armor being told the OK sign was the equivalent of the middle finger in the Middle East maybe that's where the stupidity is coming from an eight. It yes it is in no it isn't. Again there was it just go research for Chan and in and OK symbol on. Take a gander at that men guys seriously if I'm no longer permitted to wave like that and what am I supposed to do if I'm writing on a parade float. Talking about we've. Chuck has declared the Queen Elizabeth the Second risks. And wave as being a elitist classes to classes and enable us to the list gestures so you know would alleyway where we don't want people doing that anymore. You know Al Whitaker. Oh cool would that work. We'll see demand and. Also also closest. I've thought about that that's a cultural achievement in the league now is it. It's cultural appropriation for some people if we did that verses Reich and diseases you were just open up a whole piano arms here basically what you should do it just stand up like -- yes and just like pat and comfortable eye contact with everyone that you're going to on the great. There we go there yet that's there you go to LA that's that's resolve your problem you know once and get offended everywhere OK I don't again. Able list if you're having eye contact because some people can't see yeah yeah Patrick how would they know if you're having contact. Able to. See their destiny I think that's artworks Mae and when you start down this path. I'll get I'll give you certain as I've Logitech not a bad yet give us a Bob May get back with a series you're here to force them. So. At a Dallas and this is day I've been watching this and should happen in. So really really weird situation. A in Dallas police officer gets off work goes home. Partial parking garage walks or walks who were apartment opens the door finds a man inside gives you verbal commands. And eventually shoots an assault takes place within a matter of seconds. On man inside the apartment dies. And she then discovers that she is in fact in the wrong apartment via. She had parked on the wrong floor and walked to an apartment. 14 blowers. So she lived in like 1418 and she went to thirteen eighteen or whatever. The the the poor guy that got shot was in his own apartment minding his own business. And there's several. Different variations in this story and I haven't seen in an official. Statement. Did the officer gave. Is to what actually happened. But it appears that she was trying to unlock the door. With a key and the key wouldn't work. So that is the homeowner inside here's the big keys in like what's going on in opens a door and get shot via. And of course you know she's given verbal commands that whatever that may award a wire who are you what are you doing in my apartment on the ground chummy guy and whatever. Whoa he's confused is he like I'm in my house I don't what what's going on yeah. That she's in uniform. Yet. Just just coming off yeah videos stories I've read says some she was just you know coming off like a fifteen hour shift. So yet you're gonna you're going to be tired. You know I've lived in apartments before him. Young in in the military and no wife and I just you know getting started things and say you the apartment buildings and every building looks alike pretty much and then in these larger cities for the apartment buildings are. More high rise type look for your parking in a parking garage and everything looks the same every green every apartment aid are they evolve at the same floor plan everyone in your building. Looks exactly. The same. I do hotel all the time yet get off the wrong floor yeah. And that happens. You know people in an office buildings and stuff you know file a wrongful when everything is. Basically the same floor after floor of war so. The rub now. Is that this is turned into. A any racial issue. And I don't necessarily believe that it needs to be a racial issue there there is a a difference in race it was white female police officer in and I a blackmail. Homeowner. But I don't think that this has anything to do with. The color of anybody scan I think that this is just a tragic. Tragic accident. On. Now there's nothing to sit there and there's been no. I guess toxicology early day without a doubt they immediately gave this. Police officer at any time yeah I mean you're gonna have to take with a squeeze and may be a breathalyzer or whatever to make sure that you know there's no drugs on board you're not intoxicated in any way and now there's a bunch of hoopla because there was a search warrant served on the on the victim's home yet. Well that's SOP yet anytime there's a homicide. Especially in our residents. You're gonna draw search warrant a don't look for evidence in big east so that any evidence found. Was lawfully obtained and is admissible in court is evidence against whomever yet. But you know if it comes down to this this young lady this place off your going to trial then all of that evidence has to be admissible GAAP and if it's. To use. Police academy phrase you know for the poisonous tree then. It's not going to be able to be had been admitted as evidence. So. That. And of course then would you make I also wanna be that if there's you know here of course is sadly this gentleman who was in his own. Apartment is deceased now. And this. Female police officer is the only one. Love her side of the stories the only one that they can take report on right. And that they need to see you. What was they're so that whatever she say and jives with wife absolutely physical the president. Yeah because the victim against sadly this this man in his own apartment. Guide as a result of being shot. Now an interesting thing in this this kind of comic has just came off this. Headline K you know what we're going to break I'm gonna save this this headline for when we come back from the break because this is. In my opinion this was was unnecessary. And and I think the media is. Dumb for doing maybe guilty of presenting a little bit of a twist on the reality unnecessarily tough imagine that salute to service one of 63 W already checked in general be right back don't go anywhere. Welcome back solid service John and chuck won a 63. RD and if you're just joining us last say Missouri. Product this story for you probably heard about the off duty. Dallas police officer female officer and just completed a fifteen hour shift. Parked her car her apartment building blocks to what she thought was her apartment. When he endorsed slightly ajar something that's at one store one story. But walks in to what she thinks is her apartment and there is an individual layers she gets some verbal commands. And probably publish no more about thirty to 45 seconds. She'd browser duty weapon sheets. As I understand it 11 time shot him in the chest and shot him in the chest and the guys killed and it ends up. She went to the wrong apartment. And this guy it was. His place. Yeah yeah there's no all dormant now. And you know the fifteen hour thing. Look and I I. Yeah that's a long shift that I worked a bunch of them yet today in sodium and you know ensure your tired your tired yen and look at this objectively. I mean. The wrong path I mean. Now we've done a back how do you not recognize. There's numbers on the door. You know I mean yeah I I I Soledad well summit this says is just gonna have to be. You know there's going to be more investigating done and more you know. Good reporting. On this speaking out so. The any time you do a search warrant you list any any items that you take yet. Are listed on the return which is just exactly that is the portion that you're gonna return to the judge of what was taken so there's a physical record of everything that we ceased. From the same India and AG said before and is on the line with one of the law enforcement officer FaceBook groups that I am you know follow some like guests on this conversation maybe comment this is standard operating procedure yeah. It is absolutely it is. Well. Once that return is accepted by the judge them then that becomes. Public record yet you know news organization they have crime reporters knew it would work with they would collar crime beat I guess. And they know yet what happened so they would rush to the follow for your yes and then get that if the information so. That's exactly what they did it. Other the articles that were seized on a region to the list you're sure to fire cartridge casings. One laptop one black backpack with police equipment paperwork when insulated lunch box one ballistic vest with police markings. Ten point four grams of marijuana in zip Loc bags one medal marijuana grinder to RFID keys to use packages of medical aid. Now what do you think. The media led with. The medically. The cartridges yeah the lunch box to lunch box marijuana found in victims. Now although that was. Legitimately something that was found. Why is that the leak yeah. And where I am bothered by this is that the the overwhelming reaction is oh my god the Dallas police departments trying to smear this man's good name him. Well it's not the Dallas Police Department they don't have any control over what at you know how this information gets disseminated net. And if a judge chooses to seal it then the judge can do that. But it is public record them so when the media gets it in May write a story. That's that's on the media yes not on Dallas PD that's not on any PD. And you know it's been brought on my goals appointment will. If you're gonna plants and think and somebody a misdemeanor charge of marijuana. There isn't. Over murder yeah I mean are no hurry FR would have been something in. It's a ticket able offense and in Dallas anything under an ounce is is a ticket and a it's isn't from what I understand. You just cannot thank you I wanted to make it something a little more if if this would would have been a plant. Some type of illegal substance. And they wanted to make it appear. I don't know on the scale of things from a more heinous. Giving changing attitudes about marijuana in this country we think they might have done something mics and kind of appeal lawyer fentanyl. Sure anything heroin. I Blake in the end their own homes so it it really. The need to plan anything I mean this is this is a pretty cut and dry situation. Is far is is the you know what happened here's what happened in this man was shot in his own home. Now I'm not. I'm not pre judging anything in fact I'm I'm I'm asking people do exactly the opposite of that let's wait for the statements to come out let's wait for the the the the if there's even going to be a grand jury you know which way for the indictment come out of the true bill and in that trial must see I'm curious about this. But the fact that the media who is no friend the law enforcement by any stretch of the imagination. Led with this. Marijuana found in the come on guys. Says if that 'cause it. You know they're already. Pack in in some circles making it an issue of race. Because it was a a white female and a law enforcement officer and the gentleman who is. Shot and killed in his own apartment was a black gentleman blackmail. It it. It's just a use corny area I think the media is using that which I think it would be a stretch to say if she's like I thought I was in the wrong place and it was you know the victim's mother actually that brought that up one earned it olympiad in which he shot and defeated in anything other than to. Well you know it'll if you look at it from that standpoint yeah. Those days I mean it doesn't matter in it there's a strange man in my apartment yeah I'm not I'm. You know female you know albeit a police officer now there's somebody in my past I was in her mind as she's in and I rag. In not excuse me thing that I obviously you know when I've gotten off on the wrong floor. That office buildings that hotels and you know having lived in apartments where everything is everything all the same. Reckons I can see how this happens score certainly doesn't make make it any less tragic as I mean even regardless of the evidence they say they found in the marijuana. Marijuana on the other items at that were in there. You know this guy and gone to school it's only he you know had a job was yeah he'd emigrated inference I don't live. Innocent it's it was a it just your average dude yeah just an average guy doing this database stuff. And and I read somewhere near the headline said lightning struck twice in the same place. And it is tragic but I am curious to see how this is all gonna play out I hope that cooler heads prevail. Focused. Is treated fairly in that you know Linda Allison let let let the justice system worked the way it's supposed to stand by for the news and the weather. And where little Gene Autry gunfire coming up when we come back so it serves 1063 W Doherty chairman John.