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Salute to Service
Saturday, September 15th
Salute To Service

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One of our number two salute to service this fine Saturday John I'm so glad to be with you 1063 did via ORD well our number one. Our number two excuse me last fumbling in his own Florence that's hurricanes got me screwed they just away that are out no way yeah. Don't say okay I think if our IDs. That was not a Melissa we are okay. Our number two in segment number wine and that means it's time for your weekly dose of Gene Autry. And just a little bit of gunfire. But you know this has got to be offensive to succumb. To its offensive people without automatic weapons that well that's true. And of course some Michael Morse. Of course of course Chris. I all right first up on rapid fire this week want to make mention of this an award a I a really good story here is from a crime star. There's of Greenville on Wednesday presented master deputy. Connolly jumper with this year's rest sorrow. And following officers memorial award. Messed deputy. Jumper has been the Greenville county sheriff office for about 25 years 21 of them with a K nine unit and jumpers in the award means a lot to him. Because he was nominated partly for his work with a skate them partners any news recently yeah. Any sadly gone now. But jumps that he couldn't have done it without a man there's a little connection I figured gee you've you know. And jumper and I have worked together closely yeah a great deal when I was working gangs and Jennifer now would visit the schools and while jumper and Vinnie yeah and I would visit schools and as part of our duties and stuff and Aden the man's a pleasure to work for his stellar cop and a giant human being yeah he is a big big man big gap and I spent a lot of time trying to get him in the fights just to see what. Well what happened what happened in this fantasy is a big human being. Well anyway we would just wanna congratulate him on getting the award the wrestler awards presented in honor of rest sorrows agreeing the police department officer killed in the line of duty next September 1996 and is given to recognize officers who show. A high level of professionalism. And commitment so congratulations to master that each other well deserved I can think of a better person for that to go to these easy is a class act in it in a great cop and at some. A good friend I'd add editor it if news of the news of the weird. In news of the savage. Louisa Louisiana woman stopped a knife wielding rapists. How John how did she stop and she did it chat. Bye bye weeks by biting his genitals out. The victim met John patent 54 after luring him to her home after a date set up through the plenty of fish web site. Going into patten's apartment she soon found herself in an uncomfortable situation where she claims she agreed to having sex out of fear for her life. According to Fox News when the man dependent or dependent and ended oral sex. She bit his genitals and an effort to escape running into another room that she barricaded off. She was just cowering in the corner with a table he approached several times with a knife and she fought him off. Eventually the two engaged in the standoff for hours until the man handed her her clothes and told her belief. Not needing to be told twice the woman ran to a nearby stored called police. I mean. You gotta do what you gotta do growth. I. There is a lesson in this for everybody. Well I mean when he finishes and dad exposed me one of the better. I guess on the scale of on the scale of Internet creep penis. I don't the whole thing discount as seems bizarre all I was you know I would think in a Christian mingle. No because the but be able map whatever I don't know man. I mean your take is it your life and your own hands I prefer the may Mary Mitt did you meet a nice girl that I like as the church sponsored ice cream social or something like that sock off. The sock constant like you know account like the do that and not the end of the Barney and normally you know industry you know. Yeah hold hands he eats some yes dementia which is cashing and dad and listen to some Cole Porter yeah. And I'm just a little old fashioned like that and my side AA anyway back she topics. Return of missing World War II airman whose remains were years in the making just this past weekend. In Santa Fe, New Mexico the remains of sergeant Alfonso Orlando Durand. Were returned and I'm buried with full military honors he's one of still this is amazing nearly 73000. American service members still missing in action formal report to the crazy crazy number but I thought and he was a a nose Gunner on a between four liberator. With nicknamed knock it off. You or shot down and plane crashed over what was then Yugoslavia on February 25 1944. Everybody else made it now. And they couldn't figure out why he did need somebody said he appeared wound me you know who knows. But he was dead when is the problem high probability of that but then says come like you know there were people who knew kind of where the plane went down and all that but of course. The iron curtain comes down after the war Yugoslavia area that's. Remains very hard again and not much cooperation from the via. The Soviets in the Soviet satellite states they're silent took a lot of years but they have they finally did and sergeant Iran is now resting. In American soil. Well. Welcome home sure yeah long overdue. Out of Las Vegas a college of southern Nevada sociology professor who wanted to protest president Donald Trump. And assault weapons one out and bought a gun to shoot himself with on campus. He also brought his own first day supplies and John a rubber band uses a tourniquet from. If mark. And left them to be distributed to recipients after he shouted self according to the incident report. Obtained from the school report included a letter addressed to college of southern about a president Frederico. Zaragoza and vice president Margo mark. In the letter the 58 year old. Professor apologized for his actions and explain why he checked himself in a bathroom of the cave building on the school's Charleston campus. Despite the fact that bird told students staff and arresting officers on scene that the main reason why he shot himself was did the fact that he is upset. With the way president trump was running the country is explanatory letters never mention the president. Any apology note Byrd referred to a CBS news story that said 100 million people had been killed by malnutrition and pollution over the past decade. Then he blamed the Las Vegas massacre for his actions. A less significant motivation relates the October 1 when he seventeen mass shooting the Mandalay bay. Census incidents there have been no national legislation banning. A ours and Bob not Bob Obama. Around 815 on August when he is classes were beginning for the second day. The first witness. The first witness police interviewed said she had seen bird was students outside of the classroom several minutes before he shot himself. She noted that the professor did not have any classes scheduled. Bird print to the restaurant and shot himself been convinced doubled up into the hallway leading and collapsed. The the first witness told police she saw him bleeding and called 911 that told officers she did not realize Byrd had been unharmed at the time. When he officers arrived Byrd was sitting on the floor it was a back and it's a wall as a witness tried to render aid. The first witness told police that a student had put a tourniquet on the wounded professor when the students questioned by the college. Pitted but the guardrail and Morgan now if he she used to blue cover bad and that the current provided. Oh my god. You know I'm not injury that well is she went into the bathroom and smelled strong of gunpowder. This guy. Has clearly got some mental problems and he's probably got tenure. Conditioned himself to protest guidance. What the hell is wrong with this guy. And I. Honestly imagine that's a good luck to current gamma. That's solid college professor logic aren't there I mean that's all day academia. I mean that is straight up I am Smart on the smartest guy in the room in the only way I can protest guns. Is to shoot she's on myself. I wonder order be random by anybody before and know. That would be peer reviewed who needs that I know but I just wanna see the persons react. He doesn't he joined the air right now if he if he. Had his masters is like working on is doctor yet doctorate he probably would have run through a peer review process everything else that's had their thinking that obviously he's already got his Ph.D.s that professor I'm sure got ten year. Then and so no it was no need to run by anybody else this guy and it's really good. But you know I liked alike that he thought this thing out I was on it out yet first aid kit yeah in a blue rubber band -- bank and of course and that's certainly gonna get past certainly anytime anytime I do anything risky work in with the we'd hear the chains are some like Iraqi Government rhetoric rubber band hot day you best believe it you know we shouldn't laugh at this idiot that this is. Honestly Dan Dan is a better us now to say I some. Cold War. Reminiscent of Cold War funding games again this week near the coast of Alaska some. And to issue 35 flanker fighters got a little too close to Alaska didn't give in our air space they got in what's called the Alaska Air defense identification. Zone the AD is. And so we scrambled couple fighters out there it is just like this stuff just keeps going on and on and it's like. Abu as she does me last on video clubs are rotten egg right and it just keeps going on and on it would just seemed. A little more significant this week 'cause of course the the Russians and the Chinese have either got to being warned indoor games going on so of course they're gonna do this kind of thing. We've been donated them they've been daunted say it is. He announced. This my kids playing games man and like I've seen this movie before it out and and and it just keeps going on this has come I've when I see this stuff in that I posted it. Sarcastically are. FaceBook page count like EU does me but as you and I and then next week we'll you know. Yet both swap roles it's easy and it just keeps going on what makes you wonder how often the Russian news. Reports that you know BO yeah you were a bee wine yeah and into fighter escorts were intercepted outside of forever. Course maybe we're good enough that they would know. That we were there and make sure I want have to subscribe to the online version of Pravda you. Missed it and finally. Commander army futures command told congress Thursday to command wants to feel long range candidacy can shoot out to 1000. Not feet beyond yards miles. General John Mike Murray testified at a hearing for the house Armed Service Committee subcommittee on readiness to explain to lawmakers how the newly established future man. We'll change the army's acquisition modernization process blah blah block. From a tactical fire perspective we're going. We are going through basically to step upgrade to our current pouting going to the and one on a seven. Which is in new chassis the next step is coming very quickly we caught the extended range cannon artillery. We've already shot around out of that two more than double the range of the current artillery in the goal is to get that out even further. For operational fires the army is working on a precision strike missile over a range of approximately 500 clicks are occurring just 350. We are looking very hard is starting down the path of hypersonic and also looking rule we call strategic long range Canon. Which conceivably could have he range up to 1000. Nautical miles so you tack extra iron and fifty. On to the so yeah that I mean. That's some distance man out of an artillery piece adds that's getting out there at that. That's good as impressive and changed nicely to them that whole future commands is all about me and new ideas and his stuff and and course they've got a real cool place they're set mug shot down there in Austin, Texas you know obviously my grassroots effort I tried to get started to. Have army features command located in sugar tit South Carolina did not and now well. We didn't get enough singers couldn't get enough signatures. I mean to people can raise half a million dollar for homeless that we can't get enough signatures yeah. She agrees to get sugar to it on the map that features command of the famous army that. What's going do we do well we can you know we we travel we thought we'd try to you know I'll bring some community investment there were helpers member Toronto we we're we're doing our best do our best out there we are that's rapid fire. Our next. Well when we come back we're gonna talk about a little Jim Mattis. Rumors. The rumor mill is working overtime thank you are curious to see how this plays out salute service one a 63 Debbie Doherty said in John. Well known where. I did the jelly donut thing there. I have now this Christmas. And the lovely and talented mrs. turner brought in to my attention today it's the the the pumpkin spice stuff is all Magnum and cushy. She likes a canister of an IV and you're the for your first PSL this season I have not you have not had not boring at all. I will. Yeah it I don't know I'm not in any of that that not my wife likes like that the child on days the pumpkin spice islands and not ashamed to admit that I'll drink a PS I would put on some mud boots and I know it and they don't believe this idea that you bring you know you come in with a sweater after around your shoulders and your own boots on in and demand that everybody calls me Becky in grundy PS I felt it. Title starting very distracting to try to do a show and you need. Near their like I guess that's I got a text here that I I can't I don't understand sure would be nice the guys could refine all the crazy circus music and noise is constantly going on it sounds Lincoln Union Station not FM. But any little clarification on that because there's some there's some atmosphere. Bleed over some 'cause I know that that's happened at times there have been times where I'm not here externally they're sent in Annan. In the car enough guy you know 1063. Tuned in in certain places I've gone. And other signal. Gates stepping on you know what it. WRD state with this that atmosphere clouds Asia now in the hurricane I've met we're getting some skipped for an. So there's no telling where yeah I know there's some stuff like this and hopefully if this an ongoing thing I think that that you hear on a regular basis as somebody here enough. Engineering would probably like to know that if it's just to kind of today. He can be some atmosphere current conditions causing problem in an iron down there. I run down there and if break next break in an estimate that we yeah it will give me get a scientific explaining and we know that we know we understand it meant we may be reading it won't get an answer or solution to somehow both natural and thanks Carol thanks for text and that an absolutely. Bomb them. Well we've had the the big. Clear me. Op Ed completely anonymous of course piece that came out India again using your question the paper of record the New York Times. And of course Bob Woodward's. Book that piece. Trying to sell in make a little more money before you finally retire and just go away some day but down. You know quite gets me with so many of these one with the anonymous thing is like if you gonna command say stuff like that I agree with. You know lot of people on both sides the outcome assay and you know. Make yourself known to some to some Yuri hero to some near a bit of the villain you know so you need to makes of numbers on a whenever. People asked think commanders and but then when Bob Woodward's book. He talks about all the interviews and everything he did that search. Our statements that are printed in that book that. Certain people are part of this current presidential administration have said I didn't say that yet I don't know how. Some then I may have said that construed. Into that but I never said this or that. And now not what you said is how it's written yeah. In this. Anonymous or so and so from. A senior administration official or senior pentagon official or seniors. On condition of anonymity right and that's kind of where this story comes in officials. All questions officials CS officials. A clue what this officials. Anonymous officials question how long. Madness secretary defense edging Matt James Mattis will last at the Pentagon. Bob I saw back as long as he won. In and I hope that need this the case as well and saw this story a couple places and I thought well let's let's talk about it. Some again anonymous. Sources are saying. You know look they're wondered how much longer James Mattis might remain as secretary of defense before either maybe trump fired Sam or eat. Resigns. Because some some friction some issues. Again an anonymous person. Has said 'cause president trump other a lot of people have used that nickname that second half does not care for he did not. It was given to him you guys some people in the media covering him. When he was in in commander some Marines. In Iraq the the mad dog matters moniker. He. He was not he was not given that and he is not Dag dad the more military ties into. The warrior mountain. Is. Via another one he's gotten that anyway the president more fitting more fitting you have when you really know a little bit more about a guy it's his call sign is is legit call sign. Is the most cool his call sign ever in the history I mean again as chaos chaos actual chaos actual cost on countdown and tests. Here that's as for in your eyes shot. Yeah this chaos and his sidekick chuck. At any rate so that's gotta be worth discuss a little bit because many times. You know we've talked about in other people as well you do you know do this kind of thing full time professional for a living in. You know the big time the big leagues have thought about you know mad as being a a calming presence or race. A a steady a like the wise old out yak yak on the gag has got one he's got the experience. The education the wisdom that the background to be doing. Excruciatingly. High qualified. But very well qualified for the position that he is and maybe over qualified based on past might be yeah I'd be back. Some people's. Again anonymous sources talking about an unusual spat. Where the president who has seized the the mad dog madness. Moniker before. Has recently said. Moderate dog kind of NA NA. Reportedly mocking way and again reportedly by an anonymous. Official somebody that's in there com. So their Callaway how much you know how Long Will Mattis remain he's been seen as a steadying force in the trunk cabinet you know. You know is he loyal the president is the president loyalty Ammon and as I saw a site you know this is probably most likely again with these anonymous. Sources. Being the root of this. This just more. Stirring up stuff stir trying to force stirring up controversy and trying to in two. Divide and muddy the water divide and conquer game creating controversy where either there is no controversy or maybe there's differences of opinion. But. It's not necessarily. People being so at odds with one another that they cannot work together because. I gotta say that. James Mattis. Now serving as secretary defense it gives me a lot of confidence helps me sleep better at night. Knowing that this guy is that they're. Lou leading our our pentagon and offering advice to the president and other leaders will be and one. Because of his background and his experience. In his wisdom into things we've talked about. On the show where. He's made comments about when you yeah you're looking to go to war somewhere you just don't. Consider your military assets you need to understand the history of an area that geography of an area the culture of an area so we talked about how he would. You know speak with people who have. You know soft science backgrounds like you know anthropology sociology the that you get a better understanding of the entire picture that they history the nature. Of a culture you know tribal tendencies and things like that. Sure and AG think about. Somebody seeing the importance. Of having that kind of information. Not having good if we had some of that seventeen years ago absolutely both get well we did he was a colonel with the price yeah yeah. And yes I don't know if there's any thing is gonna come to this most likely is just some stuff being stirred up for the sake of stirring stuff up that. You know I certainly. I certainly hope that this is just a but a patently false. Bovine scat well I'll say this. If god forbid. The president were to fire Jim matters for whatever reason. He would lose the the the support I think of the military. On a broad scale I I agree I think when he appointed. Jim Mattis to be secretary of defense. That got the military on board yet but. Most of them a lot unlock. Because he is. Roundly and universally respected across all branches. If he were of if you were to fire Mattis I think that that would put a question mark. In the minds of our our service members our war fighters now would put a question mark in their head is still what. This guy's got going what are you thinking yeah because we're gonna if they were all they all leagues all saying Mattis. Over the president of the United States heavily. Every day of the week so I would think images got any. Jim Mattis is the kind of guy can go out and talk to. You're. Respect and and it. Then you can take this same gentleman. And put him in a room with a bunch Ivy League Ph.D.s and he's probably still going to be the smartest guy in the room yet this guy is extremely well read well educated. And it would be it would be troubling would be troubling to me. I tell you what let's go and go to break we come back bill is bill line our right most talked to us about. The the same Mattis aren't just I just excellent service won a 63 WORD standby a standby. It. Make a welcome actually disservice Jon and Jacqui we're gonna straighten that eagles' advantage problem 18034710630. And bill has called in bill welcome to show us. Somebody ought I don't get religion to your show too often are working angles and I usually pulls Saturdays and Sundays. And the only telemarketer listeners are nominal launch which I'm back now pocket man you got any milk and bread left. A little. I work in the meat department and all week when we usually get like serious 500 dollars a week in a minute AM. Sales yeah would you add your days are over 7001. Yesterday they got slammed with 101000 lots. While allowing anybody for a look for a way to get each employee I did see a funny picture going around on social media where it showed like at a and I don't know what story was that mobile slate for these -- college Eagles for the your Colin the attacks on spot on the call sponsorship. But it was. Bear shales of everything in it was over and kind of refrigerator section but all the all natural can begin up with still still layer everything else was gone but the V and craft was office still if here's a fear of big and you're here you're in mud probably any story go to that anyway it was thanks for Colin bill on your lunch break we appreciate what's on your mind. When it comes mad man I think he's going to be there till he wants to leave demanded super Smart like he's dead. And he's he is a warrior yeah. In the truest sense that a word mean he knows how to make war and he's doing a fantastic job over there. Yeah I think I think that guy is great and checking our talking about this and kind of wander and Mike get your opinion on a bill. Is that with some of this drama they get stirred up by some of these anonymous sources. I do you think it might be cut out of his this sounds conspiratorial or not but is it may be. People out there that are just trying to Wear. Some of these guys down cause like. John Kelly general Kelley now organist chief of staff James messed. They don't need this money. They don't need is that they can retire mask can walk out of there today. And get picked up making big money. Given a few hours a week to something paint somewhere and not have to hassle but all this I wonder sometimes if this isn't just efforts by. Some people. With differing political he's trying to Wear these guys down and just see if they won't be like screw this I don't need is some now. What shall we call it. The last UV OK are stripped her spare her. You know you don't you what do you do you think M am I nuts for thinking manner. No I think you're right on money Matt. On the I'm on the ten year naming their Vietnam in 69. On. And when you do it and that you see the government do change it than normal John Q public would say. We wouldn't do that we were the white where the good guys yeah yeah. But you see it when you're in there and know people double. Well it's well on its exercise of its host and businessman I mean it's. It is an constitution. Amendment six. You rate to a speedy trial. It also gives you the right to be confronted by your cute that's some anonymous be yes. There that aren't Stein and all are these boat out on the far less that one spot. Brent Cavanaugh Vietnam and everything else going on. Oh look man I mean they've had to go all the way back. The guys like why what a year two years older than me so they're already there having a go all the way back then his professional career academic career there you know college grad school any. Color. Clerk ships that he's done. To be like okay somewhere in high schools are between the ages of fourteen and seventeen and I had. He did something stupid that he regrets in May be involved. A person who has regrets about a particular incident during high school. Is what. I didn't the first person who did not do something stupid and embarrassing between the ages of fourteen and eighteen please raise your hands. Everybody is and as I Patrick injuring your old yep I ain't. Two well eighteen year old when we're involved in Vietnam yeah alone they'd go to court or some and to judge given the choice to join the military go to jail yeah yeah. And it joint military yeah and it all gone now. Maniac I was checking our talking about that before the show and and Graham led you product has been really fit in the kind of our normal wheel house the stuff that you bring it up we're glad to talk about it is. Yet this stuff it with Dianne Feinstein now as you know and of course she had tea a Chinese. Intelligence operatives working as a driver for for. How many years went twenty here's your initial like she's she's everything to do or gaffes she's got room to speak right. But just have to go back all the way to does that put this guy was in high school to try to find something and then and turn it it Enola eyes maize nears I can tell us guys Snow White. He and gore should -- done anonymously aisle and anonymously of course it is of course it is anonymous source here anonymous source there. And the constitution gives you a right to be confronted by your accusers are doing to people out there you have just. Yet to see how long that standup. This iron I agree and they'll mainly to shake you Colin on your lunchtime man and bogey victims keep dead meat department common out there. An Italian man yeah and a school mania and and then you get people that listening and had to kind of catch turn lunch break or some seed. That he used some of his lunch break. Wasted on colonized that's pretty cool that we built big give built up a when we come back. The NYPD. And the Port Authority police and that this story and living your pants is all relevant. Salute disturb his 1063 W Doherty Jagan John will be right back. I welcome back final segment at today's episode a salute to service John and so I'm glad that she stayed with us today and you got an interesting little story here to close this out. Not an NYPD officer this just trying to get a better job this is sent that live and at home and it just didn't work out. In NYPD officer of reportedly turned down by Port Authority police due to the fact that he still was at home with the parents and has childlike qualities. 28 year old Adam how's he was denied entry after the agency determined he was not qualified for employment June of last year. The Doctor Who evaluated task he identified as doctor Nancy bloom said that the NYPD officer it was not appropriate for the position because of his inability to be forthcoming. Immaturity lack of interpersonal skills and bland fact that it cannot affect it at. And get a definition of that place that. My guess I'd adding that he still lives at home when his parents and contributes nothing towards housing expenses. Chiefs. A second Avaya waiter determined that mr. to task is a strong sense of entitlement that. And that he may act in the anti social manner like this is this isn't pajama boy. It may be. Join me YPD 2015 doubt he would work nights the eighteenth precinct and described as a quiet fellow with mostly keeps to himself. According to New York Post county does not pay rent by the zionists is pair reportedly let him live there and ordered save up enough to buy a home of his own and New York's expensive. He's yeah sister rejection to ask you sue the Port Authority blaming his rejection of personality conflict with his interviewers in the NYPD or Port Authority which comment on the matter. Oh we establish our reporters outside of his own kept asking was surprised discovered the issue that's been made public. Find out about that AS reporter it's not much to tell. It all of this this this this almost passed out Port Authority police make around 8399. And now for more than 25 dollars an hour more than NYPD officers. Same pay grade so obviously Dana let's make sense then why he would. Yeah oh yeah enemy I don't I don't begrudge anybody for for that but it. I have to wonder what the NYPD is you know hiring parameters or is if the Port Authority. Putting through these paces and I know when I got hired. You know the background check is extensive big man regardless of your childlike qualities they still higher energy on buddy you need a credit check in a polygraph and then in I was actually denied. One of the first time that I applied because. Credit. Mean they take this stuff seriously sort of have to professionals. A psychology professionals. Look at this guy go act. And wires intention. Then I have to wonder did in repeating it this kid to order a mean or is that just the difference in. I stringent one. Agency screens verses. I'd like she BM well and to. With the fact that put him on the last for liquid and so that's wires yeah. I atlas that's that's a valid 328. Maybe you live by himself than in you know on the cops salary in New York he wasn't you enablement and he's got to you know 600 square foot you know. Born yes something that he's going into yen or others that yet you can you know. Sit in bed and fried bacon at the same time and you know two steps away from the bathroom and ales and and pay and you know. 15100. Owen sure are you 2000 dollars a month. For something like that that. I mean I'm not in in 28 EA should be out on your own British iffy if he moved in this parish to save money to buy a house in -- legitimately what he's doing and let's dip into that the parents China's civil that's yet he's here and that's why he's trying to do and as they don't have a problem with it then that his parents are like our air we rarely. Attorney Johnny and a basement for a while nominees ease down here with a is you know it is toy trains and you know. Well this is eerily similar go to the situation we talked about last week with top up in Minneapolis the kill the lady. The screening process and a process that all the red flags went up in this guy's anti social when he doesn't like beer on people and and so on and so forth and he wound up. You know Q1 as poorly there's a difference and that's a key word there because the psychologist that screen and the. In Minneapolis. In saint yeah antisocial and these tendencies of like that SA vina antisocial is very different than being kind of and little quiet guy keep to yourself introverted in a little more your little more introverted kind of keep to yourself you quite innovative verses 'cause I know people that are quiet. But they're not any social I mean. Ma ma why form we were dating she was again more of a quiet. Yeah type person you are the kind of gotten nowhere and stuff like that and then you know. That she was she was not antisocial. Well I. My argument is that. It is in in my opinion you can't beat you almost have to be an extrovert I mean not like you know it's a legitimate so you know. Extrovert but you have to be. A people person that the cop. Was I don't care of the year around lots of people in the end stuff but it. I'm I'm not. I don't see how you can be effective and be introverted as a police officer because your you'd have to be in situations where you're doing things more engaged with yeah. People strangers yes perfect strangers in weird situations often times some English somebody's own home you know earn your house that belongs to somebody else telling them what to do him. And it's. You had you can't be introverted you can't be low key now. And do that and it also goes to command presence in off your presence in the US the first step in your force continuum is is. Is being an authoritative press right so. I don't know man I mean did did Port Authority make the right call on the serve is a kid gonna wind up put in the lawsuit. Whether it's New York. It's and again much like California. With juries and lawsuits and stuff like that is it's not yet done and the empire has got to be like trying to predict where hurricanes and it. With the chief I'll take me off my back I am back around the first segment of the show and I said if you know what John semi pro with this that's some but I don't ask upper Echelon. A that's. We got time left to do the that last story about the the commanding officer firings. And I were running a little willow shows say that to probably next week's were down about one of about ninety seconds there's so I guess would disclose out with them again is still a wink see it's breezy looking out the the windows here via intercom communications complex. Our Aussie little little breezy not blustery and not definitely not blustery night Chad that a little little bit of drizzle but I think the big things are because what does 'cause sadly. Number one we had that big kind of days and days of rain and some land and the crew from channel four again killed yeah throughout North Carolina the treaty says yet again if you know Ford's desk start working its way in our area and we you know ground is saturated and if winds do again pretty. In of be careful around those around the trees be watchful stuff like that and not mean main thing looks like. We might escape anything serious here in the up state that we still got people down on the coast especially our. Neighbors of their North Carolina dealing with alive keep him in your thoughts and prayers and those first responders in the National Guard guys and gals in that as utility workers the linemen that are out there trying to restore. Power and communications are you guys out there please know we appreciate you very much and want you to stay safe. That's it folks other Saturday coming on another show in the candle in his next Saturday same bat time same bat channel. And as always if you can't be safe be dangerous we'll see you next Saturday yet.