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Salute to Service
Saturday, September 8th
Saluter to Service

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Are you doing out there. You know and I'm done OK I you don't you don't know how to make it. It should be to India and the good football is not coming on yet so Leo Leo while there's no excuse I mean someday is the game starts a little early yeah games started in so I can see where people would be listed miners on the right now or where were clear before it all starts at 33030. At what time does. Beyond clips and agriculture military schools or playing I don't know I don't keep seven. They're seven. And they got. Steve springer. And Texas a and MBIA and and that should say it all jokes aside today did you blog should be a good game and today. I don't like you know getting into you know big city step for downtown stuff and not mechanic at a normally goes hangs out and has plays like that. That that my day job I used that traveled down to Bryan College Station. Area a lot big project on on the far from there. And I will say this that is a pretty cool town to be a college town college stationary Bryan Texas man is definitely not a bad area enjoyed. Trips down there but down anyway it's got nothing to do with the wheel house addition we're glad to have you here on out. This sign Saturday September the eighth as. You're wondering what we've got coming up on the show what we've got gonna kick things off here momentarily. Talking about a local. Lady. From a group of people that often go unsung his heroes. That we're gonna we're gonna share story about a lady dispatch over and shared key canning. Some updates checks gonna bring to a statement that story where the S Somali born officer shot the lady have been Minneapolis jedi our area actually Australian lady and it was like something's not right about that. Well as time has gone on more remorse come out about that boy has it interesting things to they chew with romance story there is a great story. About some special forces guys trying to help the the widow and son. An interpreter to. Work with our special ops guys enough. Gave. His life sacrificed all he had in and service to his country and our. Men and women serving overseas and course rapid fire. And a little story little sec Def Mattis make it a trip over to. Afghanistan now this week short littlest about a 68 hour visit. Says distant field in and out the quick and in particular ethnic and and started things off today well here's a far forget it I wrote it down here of that. One of the stories that I saw about a week ago we posted it on our FaceBook page. And it just kind of say you know here's another Hollywood remake being done and what. If they're gonna spend this kind of money maybe there's other stories that should be told there is a year I guy production company film company. It's got a hundred million dollars and sometime late this month first of October they are gonna start filming. A remake not a shot for shot remake that they accord a retelling of the story of the battle of midway. And you you know we know what you got there we do love the war movies and and stuff chord that the stories that they tell and and giving people little bit of an idea of what it might have been like in sharing that now that history. And in court midway. A great story very pivotal battle but we've already got that and yet we got midway we've got Pearl Harbor we got Guadalcanal diary got to battle the bulge we've got. Private Ryan which yes is into fictional EA yeah and then Dunkirk. Dunkirk act out this last week's. We started thinking amongst ourselves here and that can be dangerous what do you think what if we had a hundred midi and what if somebody came to us. And say here's a hundred million dollar budget tell you a great war story. What would we've taken a site do we really need to remake midway so if you add the he had a hundred million bucks in the opportunity in the the power the talent to make a movie happened. What would it be what would be the exciting story Horry. Maybe not so exciting but a story that needs to be told a pivotal store pivotal story what would that be I mean may one of the ones I've brought up was. There was a book written last stand the team can navy. I heard as the taffy three task force and on that USS Laffey was yeah US is Samuel B Roberts and some stuff for you had these destroyers and destroyer escorts. Of the US navy at face a much larger and heavier armed and armored. Japanese task force and a great story there and that's just one. All yeah I mean I can. I mean it the list goes on and on our way tag yeah yeah. She stick it there's there's just so many. It not even big battles split smaller. Skirmishes. She would call that would be worthy of a movie yet. Rather than remaking. Midway which the one in this done in the mid seventies man with Heston Peter Fonda. Gosh you were some that I mean big name Hollywood heavy hitters and yeah why would we were remake that anyway set. Feel free Ted taxed as common sense retirement planning tax on 71307. Why movie we'd June make. If you had a hundred million dollars. And down. Moving on now before we ran out of time here in the first segment. Dispatchers. The man in the women who sit in those calls sinners and take. Your 911 calls and then get in touch with fire EMS law enforcement and coordinate. Getting the right people to the scene of an emergency. You know we often that's kind of an unsung do you think about the you know the stress and they are we wouldn't call center I did I got the little tour and in the Greenville can anyone and it's not what should try a series was not what I expected this idea I can see. Yeah you definitely have to know what you're doing. Well today we wanna give ASA big shout out. To all of the dispatchers working hard in the comp centers here in our area. But especially we want to congratulate. Carly bishop who is a dispatcher works at the a Collison are over in Cherokee county. She had a pivotal role recently. Last Friday a week ago Friday and helping save the life of the two year old boy. Finally called said they found this child in the swimming pool. They got the child out and called not one line and reached dispatcher Carly bishop. And while she was of course working to coordinate the you know get some EMS paramedics to respond this. You can imagine that the parents and extremely jest. Being hysterical at this. At this time is anybody would as a carrot what do what do what do what do. You know if you don't have the training and miss bishop. Was able to as well as coordinate the other first responders to show up from the EMS. Walk these people through how to do mouth to mouth how to perform CPR. On a two year old. Over the phone staying calm while doing this and this job this child's alive today. You know and just think that when some of us think how frustrated we get sometimes when. You're just trying to explain to a year your spouse or a kid around the house of where you left some dinner hey this is your dad last time I saw you with my toolbox where did you Lee you know what I hear an ambiguous sometimes heroic yet. Staying calm and clear headed in those situations and and Manson that is fantastic. More than they do and then especially this one situation with the currently bishop over there and cheer he can only we just want to bring that to your attention anybody that may hear this and know Carolina man just tell excellent service shows as. Thank you for your service act you know I can talk. All day about dispatchers. It it's dealt we've got two hours it's it's definitely a love hate relationship between a uniformed patrol officer and there their dispatchers and me. It's it's almost. Marital. Roll off ship and end. I can't count the number of times that you know they'd they'd send me calling and like. Listen here are geared to aided and you snapped back on the radio some smarter you know you get a little. Low briefs from you know and and you just immediately know. Kitchen every thank. Everything until until the in the shift every stupid call it's it is gonna have my unit number attached to it. But you learn to appreciate your dispatchers because they know. They know which are going to need especially on traffic stops and stuff like that before you even call it out there already. Giving you feeding you information and in telling you things if you need to know and and it's. It's certainly an interesting relationship. But it's not enough. Praise gets bestowed upon those men and women down there in that dungeon of any law enforcement agency. So you know tip of the cap to it to everybody in in the dispatch situation because. And we're at a time. This segment but there's some some quotes I wanted to read may do. So there are only come back man next segment so just stay tuned for that salute to service one a 63 Debbie Doherty check and John Barrett back. All right welcome back. Salute service John and shot 1063 do audio OR EGM we're getting some responses you guys out there tuned in when Malia. Or talk a little bit that you begin in the show about this remake hundred million dollars with a remake being done for a film. Start and it. I guess photography work and stuff like that actually this month. To remake. The movie midway. And we kind of pose the question really do we need to remake of midway in Indiana hundred may in the budget that talent are going to pull that off. What story would you tell us some good responses coming so. Jack can send one man war. A battle is sure go straight glass surface battle history between battleships. Battle belated gulf. Battle of New Orleans. Off now. Back in history. CNET ladies' golf one those kind of related what I was tough yeah about there was a lot of fighting and around the Philippines but I mean there's some good naval and air action now absolutely man -- that's where we really first let the Japanese noh was they they up until then they can have done what they wanted to and they they got punched in the face that time. My choice for Lou would be based on Alex Kershaw is booked a few recovers Americans who flew for the REF fours before America's entry into World War II. The story focuses on a handful amended fighter country's laws against fighting with England while knowing they were is not only death but their loss. Of citizenship and imprisonment. So I think that would be pretty interest into. The battle Britain's been done but it. I was just telling John you know when they film that back in the seventies in the battle of Britain which is a great. Film and a lot of ways. That that was that the air force they had assembled to use in that movie was like one of the third artists air force is no on the planet at that time when they. I film that that's how many course. Again back in the seventies there was a lot more of those aircraft will surely go around thirty years removed yeah we're years removed from the war in little harder to do down there. Yeah it whether some great stories that could be told it's a line. But they're re there everything's a re launch or remake it seems like in Hollywood anymore because I think reality TV and is again like what I thought we allows for just an opinion be easier. That reality TV came about when writers either got bored. Or we're just tapped out. Didn't want strike well some yeah and some point yet they've had the the sagged yeah Ryder strikes. It and I think you're right he read it if you noticed lately all of the TV shows that are that are new yeah 83 pops out. Which you know reinforces the fact that the eighties with the greatest decade ever in the history of south of United States and Ireland too bad for me. That when I think generally speaking they're pretty good for everybody else. That you wanna do it and I think these are again we also we kind of ended up the segment talk about just that dispatchers the community come sinner. Workers here in our. Upstate counties and you know. This lady Carly bishop that last week helped pay easily save the life of a ten year old that'd fallen into the family pool. And and I kind of got used you know talk a little bit about how important dispatchers were in the impact that they had been theirs. Here's an interesting FaceBook group the chief you've kind of found that. Yeah they're they're pretty cool it's it's called us savage paramedics on FaceBook and it's essentially EMS in getting type stuff but it. They posted quotes. From dispatchers who and what it was down twos is something that stuck in these dispatchers mines. And some of these. More read all of whom but it. I merger last breath and you Flickr four Wheeler. I mean she's. When you called me all you told me it was your address psychology back three times but you are you shot yourself mine was last wish you ever heard. I tried to call you today committed suicide by driving your car into a tree. I listen to your broken voice as you found your bride of fifty years clashed on the bathroom floor the same month I lost my own grandma. We got through 600 compression together your voice is still with me. They may think about that when it first say that the and we talk about the the traumatic and difficult things that you know the first responders and soldiers and people you know. That are on scene. In them that are out there. Where whatever where there's the yeah or the combat the strife the incident has has taken place and what they're seen within we've got. These people that are sitting in you know. Communication center Sina sitting mayor in any cubicle with three or four computer screens and stuff I haven't found on a corner in this. Things that they're hearing. Well and what's unfortunate in what a lot of people don't realize or take into account I guess is that the dispatchers to call takers are in the position to do anything about it. You know there there are things in my eyes seeing in my brain never forget in this justice it comes with the job you know. But these. These these men and women have to sit down there and take these calls and they don't have the satisfaction oftentimes are seeing the resolution my dad and and they don't. All they know is what they hear yet. Here here's another good when you told me that your house was on fire I told you to get out. The next sound I heard was a gunshot then silence hours later I found out that she would Killinger entire family before lighting the match. Who on the one and gnashing your call when your four year old daughter was shot you're terrified screams will be with me forever. While your wife screamed you hear the fear in your voices I gave you infant CPR instructions every time pressure house I think a Bagger Angel. You have no idea that I live right down the street from me. I. Allison you to try and hold yourself together while walking through CPR. On your husband did you shot himself in the head you were seven months pregnant with your three children watching. I'll never forget the sounds of their screen your voice calling his name that night. I cried with you I mean these in in the list goes on and I'm not I am not gunnery addressed some but. If you don't think that public service public safety. Is it trying job and if you don't think that it will score you. To the war you're kidding yourself. It's it's. It's a constant. Review of the worst in humanity. In rarely needed to see the best nobody calls you when you're having good at so. You know enough for the darkened trying times but. I wanted everybody out there to kind of understand or at least get a sense of white. Dispatchers do yet in their often. Under appreciated and at a dispatcher that. And Smith. And for some reason and was always on my channel whenever I got into some stupid whenever I found myself doing something dumb it was Oran Smith had to do with. It would do whatever whatever stupidity chuck Porter was doing for the evening yeah but you know the number times it did she walked me through. Things that I needed. Got me information when an editor even before I needed yet now she was always Johnny on the spot in so the other dispatch treatment and only six in my mind because it just seemed like. It never fail if I got to to a foot chaser vehicle pursue her what it was and yeah like we don't stop we need to be on different shifts via. There's apparently your bad forming but it. Very briefly I got into a foot chase. With some more armed robbery suspects we wanted to numbered in town I was completely out of out of my beat area. And the pursuit should have been on a different channel so I switch my car radio over to the proper channel so the the beat area knew where I was. Well the bad guys bailed out over burdened down and am I bail out take off well I turn my mobile on the walkie talkie stock. Our bulletin and Mike the Milwaukee talk he's still around to all the there is nobody. So I guess how does switched over in and yeah it was on on the on the channel. And I'm Louise and I'm out of breath I just ran up this big long earned his big steep hill. To some railroad tracks. And I can be fully briefed even looked for these idiots in between two houses. And I keyed up and I couldn't catch my breath to to say what I needed to say so elect go to the Mike. And I here and Smith come over the radio cheese's. Dealt thirty to calm down I'm trying to get you some help. But that was what I needed at that point yeah. Now to know to pave the cavalry is coming I'm not going to be out here by myself for her for that much longer. And it was because of it wasn't proper radio edit kitten but what she said was what I needed here to let me know hey I. You do your thing yet I got people come into yeah I know where you war. Well ask Amman. I'm glad you've got to share that and then meet. You have found in this story here for. I'm one of the local outlets. You know talking about miss bishop over and share he Kenny kind of led to this because I mean really most of us. You know you just you don't think about it. That you know the importance of of that role there at the communications center and and people being able to. Talk people through emergency procedures sometimes it works out sometimes it doesn't it doesn't. And down in these people that. You know again that their there they're just hearing everything in there that that voice on the line. He and Mikey said sometimes people on scene that actually at the we'll get some resolution as yet we got this person to the hospital and they're going to be OK are we got. This situation under control when right with that this person there who just takes an initial information may not may not get that and then distinct and you think about the power of just a sound voice and that you don't have to see everything I mean obviously being in radio yet. It's about voice in what we're saying in the stories we're sharing and how things affect us affect you as you listen. And if you're just on a day to day basis hey you know that it is part of your job to where you're gonna constantly interact with people that are not having a good day now it's one thing for me in my normal life. Okay yeah you've had a bad day your crappy afternoon or some like that and you go lawn and the next tense situations that crop part that battery something like well I got you know I got to cut the grass for a range I got to do this heredity and you move on your life. Verses somebody's I mean that it is their job is what they're doing is. Trying to help people verbally and with instructions and wrap marshaling some resources. Just threw that phone call them the power of a human voice. It's. Yeah I think about this it's pretty friendly I'm glad we had this conversation I am too mad and I hope I hope that if if there's anybody listen and in the firehouse year. In a patrol car or an ambulance you know. No easy. Not go because little ones in and out the call length is an element. I won't come back but negated the Somali cup thing Minnesota cotton is this this is going to be not so we're shattering some observers 1063 Debbie Doherty chairman John standby to stay in my. What a Mac salute to service Johnny jet glad to be with you today 1063 dead via ORD. Right now we found Lleyton got squared away I think on our salute to the dispatchers the call center people there and you're just joining assess what we spent the first two segments nuance of good stuff they are but. The study out it was. The incident that came out I was in about a year ago where we had the yeah my Israelis 47 down Australian woman up in Minneapolis Saint Paul unarmed. Shot and killed. In the officer. You know when the video came out reports chemists like something is not right with this and then he found out a little bit more he's. Now. Well at the in this comes lawful bond lost or dot com and aid briefly. Psychiatrist in training ushers voiced concerns over are about a former Minneapolis police officers fitness for duty long before he fatally shot an Australian woman. According to court documents. Former officer Mohamed nor is charged with third degree murder and second degree manslaughter in the July when he seventeen I'm sorry shooting death of Justine. Not alien trying to last name. Damon who had called I won't report possible sexual assault in an Alley near her Minneapolis home. The outcome we all know is he he wound up shooting and killing this woman who was the the complaint it. And that's that's not how it close to happen yet generally speaking. But court records head of really uncovered some stuff that to me is is a cop. I'm within that not only from a hiring standpoint from of a field training standpoint. How the hell did this guy. Get through how did he fall through the cracks and end it happens from time to time sure but not to this level. KARA reports it had been county prosecutors filed documents revealing more was flagged by Lou. Psychiatrist during a pre hiring a valuation and when he fifteen. They say he seemed unable to handle the stress of regular police work and exhibited an unwillingness to deal with people which you know what I mean this guy now. Canucks back to the documents quote die waiter saying nor reported disliking people and being around him. His self reported disinterested in interaction with other people's very uncommon among other police officer candidates. Elsewhere in the fight prosecutors also included a series of incidents they believe underlined north lack of fitness to be a police officer. During a routine traffic stop in May when he seventeen squad car video shows more approaching the vehicle and pointing his gun directly at the driver's head. That man was later issued a citation for failure to signal. On April late 2016 and F keel feel training officer who's working with a reported his reluctance to take calls. Preferring to drive around in circles ignoring calls we could have self assigned himself to respond. The FTO noted that he caught that the calls were simple ones like road hazards in suspicious vehicles. We previous report in the before becoming a police officer nor was trained in an accelerated program rather than a traditional training of police off. Or shall I don't know what that means. Accelerated program yeah I don't know how they're they're certification process worst has is pretty different every state in many states you have to. Let's say it would essentially put yourself through what they call post certification. And it's. For the lack of better term mystique the equivalent of & Associates degree criminal justice. Once you get through that then you're eligible to be hired. By a law enforcement agencies where here. You get hired in an ad agency for us to build sand you know the academy in and you owed them contractually a couple of years of service. Which you know I think is a fine it's fine way to do things to do that but. This I don't understand what an accelerated program is because you can't hear you can't. You've got to go through the whole academy yet you know in less it used to be if you were. Bottom. If you could do an abbreviated academy under very very specific circumstances where you could skip like the legal portion. If you were you know previously served fighter something along those lines. But any more eager taken before I'd now like firing go back today file walked back to the sheriff Ausmus and I you know won't go back on the road I've got to go back to third and fourteen weeks. So. Now the train thank courses important accelerated vs standard programmer player and that's that's one little nugget in yes what gets me is the not one but two. Well to site ranks is psychiatrists do mental health professionals. Basically raise a flag on this guy and say. You guys foray career where you're gonna have to interact with people and oftentimes in high stress situations. This deed. Basically doesn't like people well if any and they say how you do any still makes it the night orders concluded that because there was no evidence of major mental illness chemical dependence your personality disorders the defendant was physically fit to work as a cadet police officer. For the Minneapolis police department. Well I be honest I would hope and end based on the hiring process that I went through two times. It is an extensive process it and I mean you've got. A background check you've got a credit check you've got. Actually missed out on an opportunity go to work one the first agency I applied to because I had bad credit when I. After I got a Marine Corps which surprised you know who gets out of military with good credit Patrick. Play you know and as a senior where they checked at that that's one thing you're gonna start with people now security clearances in the military what an as they should you know but it. Then there's a site. Evaluation and then there's a polygraph examination in the physical examination and a physical fitness test and you know there's there's hoops to jump through yeah. But the part that concerns me about this accelerated program is what was the circumstance that allowed him to fall into an accelerated program. Especially. Especially somebody flag like that given given to red flags and in his FT OO in having minutemen feel myself. Yeah he hit somebody in the car with use it did. Isn't meeting the standard now. In an often times you can voice your concerns now has this stuff come out. The this type of information that call us the family of the book because I saw you because he's on trial he's on trial as is all this you know I happened. Yeah nobody would know anything about it was only thing about but I got to feel what this cat did it would this this is. Unfortunately though the perfect storm this is a worst case scenario but he would have eventually been fired. Don not a doubt in my mind he would have been fired because he he. He's not compatible with the job has only knowing where this is and when this shooting happened we heard some pretty typical. Talking points made about a may hear in chief on parents and stuff. In your opinion I mean is this one of those situations where. Maybe this was diverse cities for diversity the sake of diversity. And the Somali community in that area or whatever and so Wheatley have we we need to make sure this guy gets through this gets through this program and. I think that that could have played a part in it I'm not gonna dismiss it I'll say this is there are cases where you want. The you. I don't wanna say that you want your agency to necessarily reflect. Every facet of society. But you certainly want. To put officers who were either going to do the most green most effective yet so. You know that that to mean makes sense but. Through this trial in and maybe in the civil trial this undoubtedly gonna follow. That they pushed this kid through. Because they needed. To check a box and we need to we need to check a box off that this guy. Fifths yep he heard one of the communities and our checks all the boxes in word and we're gonna fast tracked him through on this accelerated program. Despite these red flags now. It it boils back down to putting the best person in the best place. This going to do the best job and we've been pretty consistent about that regardless of whether it's the military women in combat. Different gender stuff that is come up about it is like. Look I first woman for this first female in a ranger came and it's fresh females this error people for this and that and deep qualified and did the job need to stand meets the standard and diversity for the sake of well we just got to bring some people in here that skin color we gotta get of people in feel and hear from that are this category that carrier so we can check out these bots. Is a really dumb thing to do well is detrimental. In in in any other qualified. It is Wanda Jean meet the standards and you can do the job then absolute and I said I've had you know trainees come through my card that. You know they want a ball of fire yet but they met the minimum requirement come to it to do the job and did you know. How I felt about them. Personally how I do not necessarily personally about how wide how I judge their performance. Verses what the standards are two entirely different things I can look at this kid and say you know he's gonna last. Six months or he's not gonna make it out of field training or he's gonna wind up working over in family court. Is a bail offer or whatever just based on that that level performance. In another key you get in and in the area of you know ball far you're like man I can't wait to get this guy out of my car shall we start up. But I agree the having. Having to check boxes to make higher. Despite the red flags. Is dangerous. Obviously comes on discovery on this case and my now it's the criminal case but yet he convinced there's an idea. There's going to be a symbols. Are you know they are wrongful death suit not in this city you know with a deep pockets. And I'll tell you the mayor and that the chief of police are gonna have to eat that I have to Yemen and have to answer that zone speak and a deep pockets the the next story. A an update on show me the money what money so that money. We don't have that now. Why are we talking about well. Stick around find out salute serves one a 63 W Doherty checking down will be right back. Welcome back. Doughnuts excellent service glad to be with you and you know I wish I had four kind of kicking off this particular story would be like the the audio from that the commitment that crews finish. Oh yeah that was the main I read. Jerry Maguire Jerry Maguire yet that would be shoving automatic BFF well again going back and forth 'cause that's basically Wes. Going on with this this case and we've posted some stuff about it on FaceBook initially when it first happened and. And and then updates with this out. New Jersey couple. Katie McClure in March Demeco. And they were trying to help a god homeless veteran Johnny Bobbitt who had given. Mr. McClure his last twenty bucks cold my she ran out of gas and you remember the story went viral when national and we're gonna starting go find me for this guy and they did and raised about 400000. Dollars and yes I drop in the bucket he knew 400 grand that's that's that's serious money man I eat you know amateur in Washington DC. That's probably not much there into the rest of us out here 400000 dollars is a lot of money. And yeah we're gonna help this guy are gunning you know seek any you know gets his life claimed before and that is started you know just. Think of the fresh start this guy can have going from. Homeless with some substance abuse issues. Two here's the money to want to get clean get the start line give some education get a place it was the live. And now anyway. So the story goes that yet they were helping them a little men it was kind of drag and now they they gave him. And so he was no longer homeless but then. Aggies eventually lost those things probably is spending does a guy has got some interceptions and a bronze problem but then this. Couple. Katie and and mark news Canadian Mauritanian mark you've got all this money yet for this guy. Apparently they may have some problems as well because. That the third. County police up there Burlington County. Prosecutor's office and they Florence township police have they're in New Jersey. I executed a search warrant the other day in towed off a nice little BM Debbie an issue these wildly at little experience by some like that and some other things out there and nom you know just no no charges have been filed at this time but they are certainly being looked that. And basically a judge said dumb but you gotta give this guy the money. No more this some you know lawyers went in and kind of got this thing go on and they went through what 375325. And colony thousand dollars in in bro I have nothing to show forward an enemy other than that that BMW and again pulled away. But I did see I haven't seen it officially. On on and a story from when I say this is confirmed or not. But I did read a little blurb where go find me spokesperson. Do you command say the company's working with law enforcement to ensure that. This guy Johnny body gets the money somehow or another they're gonna try to to make this good. And I hope they days and I hope that especially if unit that go fund meet people really get involved in and obviously this guy. Mr. Bob it's gotten him to some attorneys now that. There will be some people that are. Responsible capable responsible to put this in some kind of trust me I eat here. Here's you know give you a little weekly weekly allowance or some like to have but we've also got you scheduled. Again moved to this rehab for sobriety in you're going to be here for sixty days ninety days or whatever yeah and kind of work. With this guy because I mean. That that was that was a nice fairy tale all. Kind of situation. Where people and in the opportunity that that can have but didn't pay. Let that be a lesson to a lot of people now I did not give did this go funny thing and I am. I've rarely done that in pretty much in in every case it's I either know who the people personally. Or somebody I do know personally and trust. Without high. You know high level of confidence that yes this is a family that they're aware there is somehow there is a connection right. Then I'm in they have contributed that I mean it's people need to be generous and we want people to be generous and we're not trying to scare anybody off from being generous. Tell you heard this year but she just got this is a good cause. Yeah Lincoln and people were trying to trying to do the right thing by and mr. mr. Bobbitt now. You know unfortunately. He had taken her well I don't know that he get taken advantage of I guess he did that the situation got taken advantage of in these these two idiots are probably gonna wind up in jail. I would imagine here it would be you know obtaining money under false pretense is you know and the problem I think they'd run into is being held it to show that their intent was to sort of Disco fun Meehan and keep the money rather than give it to me yet you know. Just to be clear right now again they're just updating on the story that as of this time per Burlington County prosecutor Scott eight co Fina as of this time. There have been no charges sent. Well executed a search warrant and may be east depending charges. You know based went. Whatever that search warrant is because apparently there's been some things where between what this guy. Demeco and as implied miss young mr. McClure does. Thinking that okay how is she driving this particular car now grounded chief. Pay for this trip for that trips there's there's been some travel there's you know it doesn't say your system expenditures. I it's. If they had been Smart about it I think they've. Well obviously they're greedy and just awful people apparently but you know if they if they truly wanted to help this guy than they could've gone to an attorney set up trust in and then. Like you said given the stress of metrics that he's got to live up to you gotta go to rehab you have got you know here's this money. You've got to buy a house yeah got her whatever yet you know blow where we've raises money for you but it's not without. Strings there are some strange this just like there's a whole lot of difference if you've got. The say you had 101000 dollars someone to improve somebody's life is it isn't the smartest thing to take that. Tim granting go find somebody that's homeless and got a sense NCB's problem and just give them the 101000 cash. Or to say hang here I've got this money back in Spain ya gonna put you look here. Gonna get you in this counseling program we're gonna get you in this job training program and expand the money. That way judiciously judiciously. There we go yeah. Chuck Kennedy ordered go man about time to get in the news and Angela. Ones weren't enough log more minutes well I did Al Al bankers want to protect your quick. Yeah the is special forces soldiers fighting grant last wish a former Iraqi interpreter and this has been in the news recently not just with these guys split across the board disturbed trying to come over. You know they put their lives on the line to help out American and in other forces over in the Middle East. And with the promissory at least the idea that hey maybe I'll get to to. Come to America on the special visa yet. And they want to be in screwed. Well this guys dying wish to it to his his teammates was take care my son in my family my wife and so now they're the special forces guys are working hard the State Department to get their family over here. And it I hope it works out I did tonight we had the recent one where the guy finally got a citizenship we share that story couple weeks ago it's time for the news. Some observers 1063. To be awarding a commercial. Six ever lower hurt that man signal. When a six Debbie how do you keep checking jump on stand by for the news.