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Salute to Service
Saturday, September 8th
Salute to Service

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All right welcome back. We've made it our number two this week's edition solely deserves hope you're having a great Saturday out there and not. Those of you who are regular listeners know that segment one of our two is when you get your weekly dose of Gene Autry. In just a little bit of gunfire. All right I cup. A couple of stories. That have cut this week or rapid fire coming out of the great state of Florida. First one is a Florida for a shop pat do I didn't touch the local police officers after somebody made a donation and you kind of wonder will generally people donating stuff that after its stores. In that result in a call to local law enforcement but this one employees at the pines are stored and Sarasota. Scratching their head after something that some bags outside then like. In a suitcase police type bags and no one of the bags and five pounds of marijuana and it so oops. They called the a local authorities that came out and instead I found three sounds America so we. Just spent three Reynolds that. It keeps going down now. But that that we came back to the station I think we've we've been counsel so judge's Halloween and evidence. Who knows where this is definitely because they're looking for obviously for some a surveillance. Video footage any kind of security cameras. By and you say they can figure out because. Probably it was a mistake you know we're like sometimes people leave. Money or something you had had since Wednesday sake and something that. Is taken nutritional. And does not smell that though piously well it was in vacuum sealed packets job. Compound banking sealed banks yeah so somebody's into their dealer for five capital easiest somebody yeah somebody's child displaying this one. Oops. From. L ill fares the ultimate police cruisers will be its top of every sheriff wish lists this Christmas a dodge fell cat equipped with armor and all wheel drive. The SRT help carry mace was done in house by armor Maxi Utah based company that most ballistic protection all wheel drive and 707. Horsepower. The vehicle as ballistic paneling rated before through B seven and protects the engine block radiator fuel tank NE CU. According the motor authority to six point two liter supercharged V8 under the hood is more than capable of getting you guys you know get to Wear you out go I would think naturally an equal loss likely cost well over hundred came at my fighters weigh in some high risk high speed interceptor and industry and state police now we patrols. Mean. It was not paying homage to that to the crown Vic yeah unload it on occasion it is it is in my opinion the greatest. Patrol car ever built by any motor company but it. The the eighteen year old in me in the copying me thinking man if I had 707. More power. Dodge Charger. Hell cat. With armor. Get in trouble I should thank you yeah I can in fact I'm I'm chasing something. Somewhere I mean and the price tag this gonna come on that thing. Tennis I don't see this realistically being bought. It may be. Out in in the the midwest somewhere some of these stage with a lot of open road. Yeah gay or some some border states where you know well cartel liked it yeah some stuff like yeah but still on June. I wouldn't turn back now wouldn't you wouldn't come blaming. Our eyes. The next story out of Florida. Any sort of man shot and woman's own why why did he do that because she wrote a bad online review about his restaurants. Of all things man I thought restaurant tour is accused of shooting into the home of hatred turned diner who took a shot at the restaurant in an all monarchies. This guy Norman all bill 42. Out of Orlando was arrested this Thursday and charged with. Quote shooting into a dwelling and abuse of a disabled adult. According to orange county sheriff's office. City was drinking beer with the restaurant. I said about the review and they looked at the lady found an address and went man. Shot a few rounds and in the house I get this fishy that lone assassin you know people just. I mean really need to get a grip man I mean I've heard of you know some people. Have and taken legal action against people writing reviews. I especially like professional services or read about with doctor's offices and stuff like that as like. You people go on you know yell for a Google review were some like that post negative things and of being didn't see this is. First time I've heard somebody at least at a restaurant over restaurant review get shot at the. Let you know if it is so many leaves you legitimately bad review via you suck then just deal with it do better you know are you in I can see word you know. People with a personal grudge wood gap would you know try and caught your business to fail shear shear but yet that's. You know that's just an don't you go about us and them reason to go to jail right there it truly is. Speaking of dumb things school resource softer and Ohio is on paid leave after she allegedly art she sport checked. The taser in order to wake up sleeping student being. Part time school resource officer Marisa. Bus cow ski was working for the liberty park towards school and Smithfield which was called to do with the student who would not wake up freed of the principal or the teacher. She reportedly gave an air burst for the occasion to wake up the high school junior but it did not sets but did not set it off anywhere near him. She did take pertains to remove departure from an ark the taser. It worked like a charm but stun intro principal. Engine apart now I don't think the stun part was. It intentional and I was a little surprised by an extra step unintended. I'm ego standpoint until you can get comfortable and he's done. I was a little fried butter interest is and safety of our students are hearing that go off was a little alarming. It turn out to be a violation of the department stays or policy think something she is no stranger to earlier this year she reportedly tested the taser. Without approving the cartridge nearly hitting an officer in the process. I sewn yes she's she's going to be looking for a new job. On for too well fortunately I guess in this case. Vietnam air can be careful with stuff like that this is a really neat story and I'd I'd I'd love finding old stuff for artifacts and this guy. Over and England gentleman named Andy Cox is a British farmer and metal detect an enthusiast and of course over in England you know we had those air bases in the army camps spread out all over the place. Well a few years ago. This gentleman any Cox the the Brit farmer and metal detector metal detecting and the easiest or detect terrorists is a column out of there. Was working in an area. Where there had been a an army air or US army air corps air base during a world war today. And he found a class ring a high school class rain that was had a little bit information IE graduation year 1941. Bit. No name engraved on it and so he started. Doing a little bit or research and finding. Out in LA. Well there was a crash. On this field everybody was killed in fining crew members and who might have been from once he narrowed down. Where some of these this high school might have been in certain states. Anyway long story short. This guy threw a police officer that lives in Pennsylvania they met on line was able to help disguise tracked down a gentleman named Kim spats. Who is now seventy. 7071 years old doll. Never knew who is never knew his dad because his father was staff sergeant tail Gunner on this B seventeen. Nick crashed at this particular air field after returning from a mission. And says so little bit of work in getting the funds together this gentleman can spats mr. spats. Was able to fly to England. Meet the gentleman who mr. Cox who is the the farmer metal detecting and the easiest. That found this rain get this rain back and actually go and visit this. Farming area now they used to be the air field where his father. Was stationed and ultimately killed in that crash that's incredible and all the 'cause this guy found the rain did a little bit a little bit a detective work and using some social media stuff. Was able to do that I mean that's. That's how horrible how or when that needs to be holding year as the father that you never met. Being on this theory piece of property which he crash landed gave his life lost his life there and get his high school rain that would be. I'd be pretty special will talk about her family heirloom ring yet and that's insane. Finally. The the soldier killed in an insider attack in Afghanistan this past Monday has been identified by the Pentagon as command sergeant major Timothy billiard. Combat veteran this was his thirteenth deployment. Highest ranking noncommissioned officer and especially uniform work closely with the Afghan security forces so he was. Train advise and assist guy with the the Afghan army and was killed in the green on blue when one of the Afghan. Army guys decided he was gonna you to place does he commands are major was killed another soldier was wounded bit. Fact that this guy was honest thirteenth there won't change the climate and was set he was gonna come back and retire yet you know self a fortune fairway insurgent and in our thoughts are with your family who of course self. There we go time for a break when we come back. The dumbest thing I've heard in the news all week somebody got a two point 75 million dollar pay out when you hear who it is you're going to be angry or. Humored it either way salute service one a 63 W or. Red white and blue all day every day east John it checks lip service one a 63 did BO ORG. And down. This next story is it is absolutely. You found it posted it on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash W award easily disservice and it's almost maybe keep somebody from having a heart attack out there for our new your drive and we're gonna ER got some had earbuds headphones or some on here in this. Just let it that this takes place in California. So at the end of the UBI. Can. Out of Sacramento. A jury has awarded a two point 75. Million dollar. Settlement to the family of a man who was fatally shot by a Lowe's meadows police officer. As he was actively stabbing neo processor with a pair of scissors. According to the jury the officer used unreasonable. Force by shooting one too many times. The incident took place at approximately 3 PM on September 2 two when he thirteen so this have been around for a minimum. When eighty year old can land called police report that he had been assaulted by as 43 year old son sunny land. Canada's neighbor helping with the call due to affected cans spoke very little English he said he was worried about Sony's mental health and Sonny has threatened to kill him. Willis ban those police officer. Excuse me. Hari O'Costa responded to the land shared residence but was not made aware sunny reported mental health issues. Can escorted off your cost into a room where the officer attempted to convince any to come outside and refused grabbed pair scissors. He attacked usher Costa stabbing him in his left arm the officer drew his farm in the struggle ensued between the Austrian suspect over the farm. Fearing for safety ushered discharged weapon twice striking the suspect in the left late in the chest Sony is Russia local hospital but died of his injuries during surgery. On August 15 a second that are Sacramento jury ruled that sunny stabbed officer custom with the scissors for the ouster shot in the leg. But the jury it was unclear too whether the ouster was under imminent threat when he fired the second round around the cause the suspect's death because sunny did not have a whole debauchery Kostis on the jury ruled laughter Costa was negligent. In shooting sunny the second time. They held Sonny come comparatively a fault thereby reducing the final verdict amount by 30%. The agency said it fully backs usher Costa store for the department has been promoted the rank of detective since the attack occurred. All life is valuable in the use of deadly force is never taken lightly but respectfully disagree with a birdie to stand by usher custom believe that he acted in self defense with his use of lethal force. During sequence of events that lasted less from the men. Course the the department's going to appeal the verdict because two point 75 million dollars to a small police agency could it be their entire budget yet. And I don't think their insurance I mean most agencies yourself insured so. You know good luck but. That all being said here we run into. Not only a deadly force situation. But again with a mental health thing yet and there despite all the cries from from you know the the I hate to paint with a broad brush but you know the mental health community know how fashioned community is is really in in we've talked ad nauseam about. This this push to get mental health training and and so on and so forth put it in a situation like this where a man brushed her scissors as. Actively standing you yet. Then again you don't have the what difference does it make you know yet whether he's completely mentally health theories so I'm not I really yes and issue at this point when a guy a full grown man. As a pair of scissors and is actively stabbing you so that you are Sweden. Yet you're gonna cut a hole Dayton. You're too in this case. I think the jury in this case and and you know hats off to the to the trial attorneys. For the for the plaintiff in this case it because they really must've been convincing or the jury in this is. You know on fighting they say never let it go to the judge yeah well the same holds true in in court whether B criminal wish them maybe you don't want is going to that your. You don't because you never know what turned out to do out of who would've thought that you're gonna have. A group of twelve people. That are gonna you know again adult age yeah. You know sitting in Iran and find fault with the fact that a police officer who is being. Attacked and stabbed. And shoot somebody. Like twice twice just. Twice did emptied two clips and do bags and in and then pays him and spray him and kick him in the hand had shot him twice. Well I had that that's. It's not unreasonable and I'll say this the first shot to the leg was undoubtedly. What he had available it was will likely candidate if your disfiguring to group people struggling in the weapons coming out of our holster and it's down and that's the target that your client prevent and presented me with the act and that's what I took advantage of in and ended the course of breaking contact he backed up. And and you know. Put a second round and the the two suspects chest. I mean that's. Perfectly reasonable and perfectly justifiable. I'm glad to see that the agency is backing him up yum we've seen time and time again in the past where it has no we did a gruesome story where the agency backed up the dad. Was it down and Alabama won it yet that Alabama is Alabama Georgia. I'm thinking Alabama Alabama sounds unreasonably yes they they charges this cop with what was it manslaughter murder now. And they they agencies like no. Yeah now an absolute clean it any easier in the may year yeah you know that the of that city government you know many officials with the outside the police department with in the city government we're back in that officer but well Al this is just. It's Tuesday nights it's well it's getting out of hand and it you know you look it. The epidemic is going on in Chicago and how hamstrung and handcuffed. Not to do you know not to be funny but. That police department is right now and end their they're Baltimore Baltimore Chicago is looking at right now a situation where. The defense you're going to be watching over them they just they just switched over now can drama manuals announce he's not gonna return and he's been fighting this thing but it. They're used to force policy used to be that if if you presented your farm if you point your gun is somebody then. It it didn't have to be documented. As a use of force in other words. Here in and we went to a policy it's sheriff's office for quite sometime and it still may be this way. If five point go to you then I've got to write a report regardless of you know whether or not you've got locked up for what happened I pointed Ghani. That's that's that is. A presentation on you know. So you want that document inning Casey comes back later. Well Chicago. Was looking at implementing this policy. And her having this policy implemented on them some I guess would be a better way to put it. And they were fight. The the Rahm Emanuel fighting and to me that matter one way or the other I think it's actually. Not a bad idea it's a pain in the butt because now you got to do more paperwork yet but it still. And now it Rahm Stefan now honor not gunnery you know run again they he went ahead and agreed to this so now. On top of everything else to Chicago PDs got to deal with. Now every time they point your gun at somebody and I would imagine on Southside Chicago there don't quite a bit probably yes they've got a generous paperwork. So it's just dogged the world's gone crazy John Turner. And as I if you know with this one. Now add of to two point 75 million and they said that they had reduced that by 30%. I mean are you familiar with agent will. Matta well a bit and I and I and I ask and I. Tell that to how this may hit the the budget of this. I mean was it love las man host Los most analysts Venice California you're familiar mean. Eight it SL it's got to be ups toward Sacramento social California probably in the Bay Area. Which to me. I get it has a jury pool that they've got to select from and if you're Poland from the Bay Area or the the the technology we call a special con valley yet yea that part of of California will your your. You know unabated fields speaking ahead. You're getting what you got hit man is now so I I'm not shocked yet. Bias based on the jury pool that they've got food to deal with buy it. You would think that common sense would would rise to the top you know I mean I'm thinking well meaning people pay bills and need these aren't. The insert these are adults. Pay in taxes and everything GAAP net. I have jobs wound up what we see daily in the knees and just. I don't know man. Well now I mean it is what it is and and there they're gonna appeal it now wishing the best of luck in open I hope it works out their favor and you know maybe they get a second look at this and and can can walk away for him. All right we'll only come back. Second half man has made a pit stop somewhere this week spur. I and next door to a place that we said we're gonna send you some money bitten. Now and now I'm ascendant now salute to service 1063 W Lordi checking John time for commercial so pay attention. On S nice to be needed in a. We just schedule a napalm dropped furthest the right the back corner in my backyard man. I got some stuff I keep spray and back there and spray and and it just keeps coming back down. I get a just a real nice targeted napalm dropped. I'll say oh that saved me some we'd eaten fresher man. McNabb I'd be nice about it I've done that the neighbors know hey hey. You familiar with the term Jada and that he. But you guys going to be around this week and I got a drop skip ads we'll commit. Armey Donna it's excellent service one a 63 WORD. What the sect Def sec Def Madison middle road trip this week. Actually Thursday so I mean he's just. Run around all over the place. Trying to keep up without guys not an easy task but they showed up and Afghanistan Kabul. That secretary James Madison. Surprise visit there in the war shattered capital on the this Friday just days after a suicide bomber killed 21 people in the city wounded ninety more it was a accompanied by general Joseph Dunn for chairman of the joint chiefs and a couple staff guys and meeting with the Afghan officials. There owners any own bit met with matters were in any of the prior meetings Matta said well he was like Africa on the higher. Either how worried he told in no uncertain terms. You know they'll write about what happened here for 101000 years and you know that kind of stuff yeah I beg with you in tears with my eyes odd I would imagine so bad summit if they haven't been killed offer worth civilian. Government yet employee that was turnover of an administration in her prime minister president wanna have in some of these guys I'm sure I'm sure they have. That Matt the visit was short lasted a little more than six hours and of course are been some brutal assaults and in that country -- still all sectarian stuff the have minority Shiites. And been getting attacked. They're and then course we had the Ed green on blue sheeting lost you know one American and another wounded. You know in. Friday's. Meeting is there. Talking with these other government officials this is the one thing that. Kind of just. I don't know man we we've we've we've been there for so long now and they talk about. You know the strategy here and basically. Issuing you know statements. From our side that you know we're we're not gonna you know. Levy gas with an unstable situation and you know the the leadership is you know. Here reading from the article Madison shared the Afghan leadership that the United States was committed to stay the course and Afghanistan until the country is secure. And stable. Those words are easily said. But but what the hell is that local what does that mean seventeenth at Carolina yes. They can't or reject. Any form of of stabilization. And aid to go back to what you said previously about the sectarian fighting infighting in between the this year is in the cities now. I mean how do you expect the the country to be. Safe from forces. On the outside. Or influence from the outside when they can't get their act together. On the inside yeah I mean there's still vary. Tribal and we course that's always been there for sure thousands a year look back in the seventies man now. It was at the writing. It. Becoming westernized urban and industrialized. And and man it was I mean touching picture that was young in the seventies and not seen pictures of yeah I ran on our hands and a so. With with all this infighting. How can we secure word guarantee that there are going secured themselves that they can't stop fighting with each other it would be like. Ignored the S and NASA on a Sunday it 1 o'clock in the Methodists and baptists are brought in the buffer yeah every Sunday yet you know and then it turns into the. And then and then into the next big outdoor festival it comes long fall from Greenville or some like that well you've you've. You've got the the the lutherans in the Catholics could go title guys in the finish those guys yeah. Right actually yes so how how Lori how are we supposed to guarantee how can we say. We're not going anywhere until this place is secure when we can't get them secure themselves now. And that. Against some we wanna be and allowed I wanna be careful mad and it shouldn't be any doubt. For people that have known a smile listening to show follow us on social media stuff like that that we support. The men and women that serve this country that are over they're doing tough jobs are sure are paying with their lives and limbs and everything else blood sweat and tears. Nothing again against them in the united states military can do amazing things. And just some of the best of the best so you've got to get today. Is that the point where it's like asking yourself. Why is this still messed that one is it that the political leadership lacks the will to do what needs to be done or is it a year here and there. Or is it as you were just saying is it. This population their culture is still so fragmented by you know differences of religion are. Your from northern and you know region I'm from down here in the Helmand Province or what that there are so tribal. That there is no coming together. Or how how how. How did they know before how to they do forty years ago when they were 88 becoming industrialized Taliban yes so how yeah I mean we know that the the Islamic revolution and I ran probably spilled over and all these other Middle Eastern countries and I don't. Listen I'm not claiming to speak with authority on any of this this is all just you know chuck view of the world. But we went from. You know Afghanistan being up and coming to now it's all the sudden it's tribal again and these people don't know how to act. Surely there are people there that were alive forty years ago they can go man. This places that dumpster fire we had everything on track. To be the next big thing and now it's just a mess and we've got Americans and radiation. Now the Russians in yeah I mean honestly guys. In your right is this is an that we're not saying anything about the military this is this is purely a political. Mess. In this. Thing I go back and ask myself and mean we've had some people text in a college and that our actual you know some some veterans that have been deployed over there I mean gas stop by and and sauce couple we can't yet again. Is like. Is and we talk about this Felicia today is it are thinking my thinking. When I'm I'm thinking that historically you know what does winning look like what does victory look like her even. In a world forget World War I World War II type victory staffer or that we get to a point where it's like the Korean War where it's like okay. Where were were holding out now cease fire you guys are on that side were down here. And I have a DMZ. And in this is coming on to stabilize here and but we're not going to be in full all out war with you now to. You know is it. Is it that things have just evolved in this global war on terror in gee why that we you know keep here and about you know all the time and the emerging threats and stuff is this. Is this the new norm that the burner is always going to be turned down. Well I'm lined mall go up or down. But the but the but the burner is always going to be on there's always going to be blood and treasure blood sweat and tears mean expanded some. Where so unfortunately I believe the answer that question is yes the pilot lights gonna stay on that. On you know how far could turn the heater or not I guess depends on the situation. And eight you know if you look at Syria right now in the Russians call in the US and say hey were about to drop bombs and XY and Z in in the Americans are like yeah we don't need it. An anti and the stuff we just talked about very recently to three weekends ago the the the threats on the African continent shot and not just they're inside hair in that sub saharan Africa. Absolutely it it is it is the STD of the world yeah and it's it's migrated. All over the place and while we're focused on this. We've got rising threats I mean China's just. Completely lost its mind their build islands in the middle the ocean and all kinds of other stuff. Building stealth fighters an end in you know blue water navy and all this other stuff. Russia. Although in my opinion not financially able to do a whole lot can still cause problems. I mean they're they're one and done I think you know Russia invading any thing. They got to use all they got one that's gone it's gone now but I mean China certainly presents a problem yet Russia presents a problem so how do we focus on two huge huge emerging to. That's what we're dealing here in near pierce yes we are easy as well as the others what we've had multiple stories. Over the he several months now where. These military top brass than the thinkers the strategists and some of this of Venus civilian experts in that. Area that market and right and beginning at their talking about what are these in emerging threats and how do we address them and then I mean recently you see little things that we talked about number term when it. Maybe two weeks ago. About field artillery. Are tipped artillery now becoming more of a a focus as were breaking more for. Pier near peer threats where a lot of stuff has been mobile shoulder fired small unit tactics and right in with these. Anti insurgency. Type operations and some hills and now some of that thinking is is shifting a little bit well yet we've still got this. The burners on the highlights on the burners on were worry we've got these things were doing but if we had to turn up the the heat a little more and can I go back to. The canister if you and I were trained for whom we first went in this I guess going to be us in the Soviets faced in off on big battlefield now we're going to be stared at each other across. Oh you know Checkpoint Charlie yeah that that's going to be what it is and you know let's take this back to what we talked about a couple of weeks ago with. So either. He tried to read mine too far back John. Where re headed with that odd man I turn 472 weeks ago and it just Downey talked to me about four weeks. It's all gone negative 47 stand in on my head I did in forty sentenced an economic. Let them. It doesn't Italian guy you're going to let you are. I was going with that you. Maybe during the commercial break he'd occurring on thank assist that's what it is a little reliable energy you're Rambo or some you know it'll come to humans what it is session on the assets after the break because I'm stupid camera what I was talking about salute serve 1063 Libya or Dietrich and John be right back. I welcome back final segment and today show and good thing over the commercial break. A patient stick checks. Train of thought got back on the track well you know Jeff I want to after Hudson's family and had its issuer running at one of our anyway. And that drop pass on third and said come on guys anyway. Were I was going intake Kennedy catch back up we're talking about the the the virus of of Islamic extremism yes spreading all over the place and we got under Russian polish and stuff. And I mentioned Russia being accountable one and done type of situation financially they're just night. You know in our level or even the Chinese. The Chinese are our. I think more capable and have more money but that takes us back to the port where we have also a finite. Number resource is available. F 35 just when he is all of these you know his chin. Aircraft in in all the stuff that we're feeling now. Once a Scottish golf. So if we're looking at not they want the year award not acute fear war bodied into the year plus. You know command performance is all over the globe now how do we how do we keep that tempo. Well that's the reason mind last week I had the article where it was the Rand study and then another. Article was just. Some. Again that was retired air force Jack Tom you know all these things grinding down here for ten. In the need to you know build up in in this Rand study of evaluating. OK if we had one major operation going on somewhere with a couple of no fly zones and some other ops over here work and how can that branch of the military handle it right. Abby strap I mean we are just how. There is an era. All a lot of balls in the year when the dead these guys are trying to juggle and and again there's only so so many people so much resources are our. You know they are our limits are different yes than others but everybody's everybody's got some in some interest in Texans come in from you guys out there and indeed they have like this you're Apache friends here at least in Afghanistan half the army is fourteen years old on drugs with guns and no common sense not a good way to keep the Taliban and day. And you know that's out reasonable I'm so I've seen some for the upfront documentaries. That are. Not politically could. Correct in their filters and ended sharp stuff enough. I've seen that stuff and some documentaries. About where it is it's like move yet that's not all of on the Ayers certainly. Well I've had friends that have gone over in contract positions that have come back then they went over specifically DC in a unity and he had to to shoot marksmanship basic basic relationship stuff. Throughout on the firing line issue and not Raymond you know spray and pray kind of stuff and they couldn't get them to understand. Took aim and shoot you know proper proper shooting yet. Basic marksmanship stay essentially and invariably the answer that they got was a follow which is the bulletin or hit. Now they didn't. They didn't understand the need him they thought well if if it's supposed to happen it's gonna happen. I mean obviously as a see guys when I was in Afghanistan in 2011 all the trainers I spoke with said that the AMA would not be able to act on their own with the exception of their commandos. I believe that yeah I believe that and again first stance stuff I've heard from guys that have been over there in the next against some of these. And filtered documentaries I've watched have. Amazingly made that point pretty clear China is also heavily investing in Africa that were next big conference AFC they are sources that as Lilly are. They are. Very very busy. And not just this they're in the Asia where they're doing some of the right little Pacific rim Jefferson Graham and that land reclamation staff and building has artificial islands and stuff like that that. They are very active they are African continent in your arm last week we talked about you know the story about the you know that the Russians are looking and or equipment we're looking players I am you know. Don't think the Chinese don't have license guy and and they found him they I would suspect that there's probably Chinese in places that we don't. We wouldn't think that they would be but there there I mean we know they're in Africa they got important Africa. Right now extort one barges matter of fact so you know they. They know what we're doing we know that they know what we're doing so this is all in all while a lot of people talk about you know recently we'll load the Russian bombers. Off the coast of Alaska and stuff like Patton given two and stuff like that of course we've. And those varies same types of situations with the with the Chinese yeah and and I mean it's all. I mean is that it is a one big game of their homes and well big chess game that's out there are being played in net. In an end for any president I mean even you know with the previous president you know bush President Obama you know going down that decline none of this is anything particularly new now is that it is. You know that's kind of one things I think this really have been Adobe about people talking you know some of the stuff has come out these anonymous articles on him president trumpet bullies you know one week he's thinking one thing in the next week he's thinking and well he's. He might have ingested some really good in detail sure from one week to the next I've changed my mind a lot of things as I've gotten older and sometimes it's. You know yell Monday I found out something and then by Thursday you get you know and revelation of some new information or data and it's like okay well in. Maybe we need to adjust and shifts I absolutely you know and you think about it and it's no wonder you see. That people the man has been elected to the office of president regardless of party and went and that. In a matter of four years or eight years it it looks like they've aged. Forty years forty absolutely. I saw. Well it's I mean as an interest staying is mentioning time that we live in and it's interesting to see all these things play out I just. Hope that they are not news. Detrimental. And is ominous. Is they appear to be because. Always gonna take is once or a lot of fire out and gotten those were gonna wind up and that's why you have to have reasonable actors on some of these things and when you're negotiating with people and and what you whether it's Saber rattling type of rhetoric that your military or it's much more diplomatic. You know. It's the rational actors I'm I'm real curious as part of this Pakistan and Afghanistan thing big with madness going over there was the Pentagon just. That final steps this past week. To cancel 300000300. 1000000 within am not billion million. Still a lot of money though in planned aid to Pakistan just because we're you're we're tired of this administration is like. You guys really aren't helping us out so much of this this global war on terror in these concerns you got guys coming back and forth across the sure what was jovial and living there living there yeah. Probably be a little more forthcoming yeah it was if some information bulls will see how much 300 million means to them but then again because they are. In a critical geographical location. And a nuclear power him. You've got to balance that relationship man it is. Interest tricky world noticed Saturday coming on another show and can't thanks so much for joining us we'll look forward to seeing you next Saturday same bat time same bat channel and as always if you can't be safe. Be dangerous we'll see you next week folks thanks for joining us.