SC Primary Election Coverage part 1

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Tuesday, June 12th

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Thank you Medicare. Last month vector Victor and Roger over. The great Victor awhile out of Chicago has a voice got a good evening everybody this is Bobby Mack. This is terrorists or nations and Lee Rogers is back in the new senator I trust this trek here and where we are all here we are prepped. We are ready to bring you the results all were waiting for now this results in us the results. We figured that you know we give them an hour. I only want you begin to see any bikes big kind of going through the logistics. Of what happens after you vote at. You vote the that the the deep tabulations are done those machines that too we all vote on the electronic machines all that is registered. And the individual precinct. So and there are I'm not sure how many precincts. 15080 may be more. And so various counties have various amounts of precincts depending on the population density. And does so each of those precincts counts those votes that have been tallied their. And then once that's done all of those machines in this tallies are taken to the central office in Dade County seat in green bowler Anderson Spartanburg wherever right and then that's where the actual tabulation is done these things are never connected to the Internet. Because this is that where the Russians interference. Out down the Russians may have been in the parking lot over on university where it actually I think they'll let this one go against Hillary was none of the house yeah okay but evidently right that that's what is going on now so and that's what they're trying to tabulate. We got information there were a few prime there's always a problem somewhere somebody with the wrong ballot out now there's there's the human fact I you have these poll managers say enough poll workers that they do this one time no every two or four years right and I did receive a number of text messages through the course of the afternoon. One about a power outage none of these have provided any specifics. About though where the problems were occurring I got some details on that apparently there was a an accident right in front of the Henry first Baptist Church where won the polling locations and we have that separation of church and state exactly and anyway that calls the power outage and so they had to do a battery operated. You know got a battery back up for that so that's that posting Europe apparently some wrong ballots were given out it would mob middle school. And now maybe there was malfunctioning machines Taylor's elementary in tiger Phil and he would forest those precincts apparently we're having some problems today. Got a call into account Atlanta with a green county elections. Our office and of course he's got a busy right now I'm yes Deborah aka confirmation from that those of reports we're seeing right now yet Jim Irvin down it to accounting square on election night you want to. Talk about of people runaround like arching into their heads cut off let's that's that's exactly it because it's it's pretty frantic because as we mentioned. They are in the process of not compiling all of this data. And and it is actually. The because as we mentioned there's no Internet connection to the voting machines. There is a a AM. A central. Now recording device and that has to be hand carried in the case of Greenville county down to county square where the information has been downloaded. And now then on back uploaded not each of the individual precincts to yup right. So on that that's where this and I guess you'll also a tip if you wanna find out how your precinct voted if you go to your precinct right now if you look on the door with a window that precinct even though it's closed. Once they hit tabulated all the votes that is posted right there really in fact that's what a lot of the candidates and I think some of the networks do rights that they have runners who were actually they were at the precinct and they can get the individual tallies from that precinct you're gonna put them together and then you've got you've you know what the election results are before it's even report it. Yeah now pressing but you have to have like a 150 or hormonal or a large number of folks because some of these precincts within like a mile or two of each other's right not that much distance. Because that is particularly in the population dense areas the metropolitan areas well even in net Taylor's there are three. That polling places that are located within about. Mylan had a big joke right Pia you know. That you've even Anderson county were on him there's like three within about two miles yeah so. Oh well that's interesting and knowing that next time. You know we can now we can deploy our ground forces via Italy and put him out there demo cell phone down and just college for the results enough. We cannot totally bypass. They the election headquarters downtown and actual pencil and you know what they mean is we'll send sent via the. Yeah yeah that hopefully he says. Hopefully is a poor drive unit working had a lot of ground ago exactly well it's going to be fascinating to watch what happens tonight. I Tehran and Catherine Templeton on this morning she will recap downforce momentarily and then John Warren was in the studio with me. For rail last gasp. And visit at in the 5 o'clock hour this afternoon so. What's so let's flash back in time Jeremy just. A number of callers. Reference to your interview with cancer in general this morning and John warned sort of touched on the periphery of it as well. Absolutely but what about her though can't talk about this woman. I have talked about this woman which which is I precincts around when I went to vote I was so touched by her did you recognize you work. Are now so he hasn't had no she no she actually semi precincts and this is car pulls up like I'm up onto the sidewalk. That's a good start know this is not a women drivers directly fashion she pulls a distance man to man pulls up almost on the solid commitment to have easy doing you know I mean. And then I figured out he's letting his wife out. And she doesn't wanna do curbside voting. And it is exit here and I'm talking she isn't easy minor account inches to Karzai about you know I can't catch Carolyn went around since Mac. She visit a car economic pay much attention to her so she's found the same times I. This woman you know she was very elderly move could barely. Walk while. And I was behind her and there was no in Omaha generally both kind of had her arms out like this just like we know she's mentally a silent which now now that's where has been pulled rightly literally on the side what he's thinking it is closed the balls he could say you guys with a fail safe to leave where we both kind of had her hand delicacy gonna go down because she had a walker but she really means something mark. And she was showed determines to vote. All got a whopper I know an issue tire right back tanner has been hot so the car runs around. Gets her underneath the arm pits the helper you know fully helpers you know in back down and his Honda so it was kind of lower than her upper back down into the car. And it took her for ever to walk from the front door that precinct to that car let's finish the day and I loved watching Emanuel is an honor it. Now ready to help should or should she need and I I have to and and I felt really embarrassed last week. I gonna cost gonna get some gas rant. And so I'm I'm in line and there's a woman in front of me and know she had no one that you have. I had a small achieving them. And she just sitting there in the car. Right national okay all right in now patience is a virtue and I'll just wait for an end and so Michigan she gets Alec are well. Got a lever she'd she'd pulled in you know if the cars and either your gas. Camp. Either on the left hand side of the right hand side now do you look at your gas gauge in your car yeah it's just a little flag Giorgio left or right now. Sadly it's way beyond and fewest. Elderly also now I can I can say that because I'm. Almost 72 years all right so I'm I'm and that's it count so she gets out and then she realizes that she's on the wrong side. So you know when you're on the wrong side it has enough posed that you can Poland over the top of the vehicle. But John Weber you know she as she as they aren't spent you know like it's it's tough to get a Kleenex out of the box let alone can't. The big gas. Our whole is all the way over the roof of the car and so I'm watching now in retrospect I'm thinking to myself. Well what are you doing sitting there behind it once you get out helper you're lazy bum. And so that guy from Moscow finally comes over and there's a younger woman who's in the in the waning in front of her. She gets out of her car has now she's got the gas and there. But she can't get the nozzle back out of the gas so out of the tank so this woman comes to a younger woman comes back and she helps or may eventually NN dot. And I felt so bad because you know I'm just. And there is an observer you know all yeah I'm like a UN white hat white helmets so iPhone and MM and I think you you stupid jerk what did you get out the car and help this little way. Ass I was disinterest for her determination to vote now you handle it is not good helper are you could tell them and she was gonna cast their vote and and she wanted to mention was there and and I'll have to act. And I absolutely love them I for the record though the the curbside voting does work they have special computers for that. She but she she did and that's what they sit demand you know you can because she was obviously struggling to walk enemy used took forever. For even getting an heiress was not study our philosophies when she was not convinced it was gonna count stand I got so when I get I know what that feels like night by an absentee to the most paranoid they shouldn't it somewhere you know and and and compare this lady you're talking about. With this text message that I got and during showed. Bobby Mack I'm sure a lot of people aren't undecided I'd mention how the undecided numbers and had come down substantially in the closing days were just typical. But we have a lot of undecideds especially the fourth district congressional rushed Mel has like 30% a couple of weeks ago run side. Now Bobby Mack I'm sure a lot of people are undecided just always at. Most of my coworkers know I keep up with current events. So today everybody came up a NASA is the best candidate to vote for for conservative Alex. Delay is Z. Says attachments I hope he handed them my an endorsement list yeah if I had. I'm proud we've it's able info to infiltrate the word plays but no you asked me about it Katherine Templeton interview today yes acquisition parts neat. Alma was that she was encouraging everyone to vote for Kevin Bryant. Real dish was because also it's a sign up. This is what I was absolutely sign up via Russians may be involvement right now today act yet we don't know that but. Yet now she's thinking every vote for Kevin Bryant is one less for John warrantless competition right exactly and you know John Moore and was on rape before her. Saying please don't vote for Kevin brought it up because you're doing is voting for Katherine Templeton and so you can see how they're internal polling must be breaking down there are so many imaginations going on here. Because of the fact that both. Templeton and Warren and to a lesser degree Kevin Bryant. Are all. Fighting tooth and nail for second place I was great captain Templeton slips you know. Am trying to scrape dialect I wish I could vote for him fire or a history. Four yeah you can run if I do it because now when John Warren was on today in a number of of colors and textures pointed out. They Katherine temples and avoid the don't beat up on a girl cart. Men and a number of people felt like Imus again and as you know playing the gender card and you know I don't attack the girl and errors and looked at now you're going to be governor you gotta be a little tougher than that. Saying you know what a what are you gonna do enough Hugh leatherman comes after he gonna say don't attacked the girl. And and I made that the counter observation I sent look. Let's reverse the roles here. Can you imagine Tara saying don't attack the girl. Not to and a half then we could get your age. Yeah now I don't know it'll be inching C. I know I didn't see any. Being found because I just want that to be their day this morning are yeah we have asked them that's pretty much touted as tough questions and that's relative against the mall they've earned their time so island right to pitch so I just kept my national. You have no matter what the people on the tech science and. You are listening to our 2018. Election coverage and we're still waiting now for results to command money quickly run down the very initial reports. In Nyad GOP race for governor with 1%. Reported. There are 16100 precincts in South Carolina. Sixteen of them have been counted Henry McMaster 41%. John Warren 29%. Katherine Templeton 20%. Kevin Bryant 6%. And Yancey McGill 3% and by the way we have no idea which. A sixteen precincts are reporting. And on the Democrat side James Smith at 61%. Marguerite Willis a 27%. And Phil Noble. At 12% and has a sense this is as early as it gets. Oh yes. Al when you're you know when you've got early Donna what part of the stimulus cannot run colony back highest up I say this though it's going to be interesting Lee and Bob to see. Palm if you look at it with ten reigning master and you put to get it hasn't tumbled to his total with Tom Morris total. I'm more Baylor against and master than forum and so I don't be surprised if Katherine or. Fine you know John Warren. Gets in the rocky beach tanner master and that would that outcome would not surprising and historic. Lately isn't that the way it works and the reason and being the reason rationale behind it. Being that if there are numerous other candidates as are our 445 on the candidates in the field there. But obviously if you were gonna vote for Henry McMaster you would have done it. In the the first time around in the primary and so then the other challengers voters coalesce behind whoever is remaining. And so they've they have a distinct advantage going into the runoff. Yep we'll see camps can be interest and it is and now we'll be here all evening long until the end results are not totally tabulated and now we know. Exactly. How everything has turned out 819 Kellan a funny Tony here on not. The eighth 2018 election night coverage show on WOR to be right back. Welcome back K 23 here on WORD. We are with you avidly awaiting the results. About this evening's. Races there are numerous races that are going to be watched very very closely. I'm someone said there are changes to shore up down ticket races and some of those for a house a representation. Here in the upstate and and with. They crowded field to replace trade Downey in the fourth congressional district. That has a stake in some guy like Dan Hamilton who'd been a state senator and there's a state representatives as well. That have gotten into that race and so now that is opened up. As C like in in the house district 18 where Bobby Davis's running against Adam Morgan. And I it's also going to be dancing to watch what happens in house district 21. Where Bobby Cox is challenging out Phyllis. Yes I voted for the gas Jack Anderson. And no I will never go on one a sixty W or whomever that's want to whip as long as Anderson. So there are there are numerous races and of course the two that for a probably are tracking the most attention. Are the gubernatorial race. A because your in the AFC South Carolina and I mentioned mr. John Warren today when he was in with me in the 5 o'clock hour there are some. There's only about half a million. Republican votes here in the upstate of South Carolina salon now there's a bunch just in Greenville and Spartanburg county not including you know. Take it down Ian and Connie and at everyplace also Anderson county as well. The thinking has banned for some time. It is very difficult if not virtually impossible. To be elected to a statewide office unless you carry the upstate is that fair to jailing yes certainly. Yup that's so that that him. Two to one extent explains. Be that heavy input that we got from the the campaigns of Katherine Templeton and and John Warren wanted to get exposure. I was consistently amazed that as many tough questions as I throughout the both of them they would contact me and asked to come back on run numbers are not seen ninth and and that's really good I really respect both of them young did you. Me too because usually when neighborhoods change few. Body blows. You know they ashen and well case in point Palin wrote my tax. You know or month missing yet Wednesday yell hey Henry make missing ice saints. I was infamous over the weekend I can hurt him badly that he did not come on the air I think tightening its. That if he comes out at fee of 48% 47 I think that identity to a now he didn't make it over I mean it really people must respect form this this may be. Extreme narcissism. But did you notice in the last couple weeks of the campaign. And Raymond master's voice was never heard and any of the radio commercials we are Donald Trump we heard professional voice over and now there's. But we went double. Good from him up. My tax bill now law last Joey loves it Alsace and none heard from a gun not. They're the last couple weeks of the campaign and by and I wonder yank it I wander. You know it was. Where is his. Marketing and campaign. Influenced by the fact tonight imitated him so much. Why did get a call from yesterday we did Hampshire along I'll shed yeah I'm sure the news department know what I'm talking about my home phone. Well it's my wife is don't go through it and deleting every single one of the messages comes to every day's like get all of these things off of here right now. My baby number and can't count at one point yesterday hand I think it was twelve and fifteen minutes. Yeah on notice how the politicians you know. Let's take care of ourselves first boys when they can't still has laws against a rowboat there thank god doesn't get excluded. Yeah. Has been preventing we Havilland Lundy and same thing about it on and off we got any or not he probably just done deleted the man and then being a marine and you know going to. That is bad take or not panorama. Now. Hello I have to say the best reason I can think of to vote for Henry McMaster in a runoff would be sent by Mac can continue to any place for a time because it's so yeah I did die listened to on the radio but what a price to pay. Yes he's he's almost as much fun to do as bill. Oh Clinton. Yeah you anyway away and get urging Clinton and well in other circumstances changed on now over what you get then get away with essentially that's what he's in an interview with NPR. I bill did every anybody ever say do you. When you find yourself an a hole stop digging ray and then right on cue Juanita Broderick. Flips out grade out right understandably run and the rape survivor that she is just flips out. Why do enjoy as much Sarah done as much against these ladies and normal as I'm miss those days that I didn't allow super eight. Essentially if what is good yeah above the good old days here and are you sexually harass anybody you want yeah I used to do all the drama sexually harassed women. Hillary dollar stake up or. Yeah I saw that entrapment I didn't get through today because there's so much stuff going on out and it's just so frustrating candy radio when he marked as these elections are in the way it and and for those who elections here I out yet that's still an election where they come Arafat path. I I've mound then hammered this point a ball labored attempt to death. But I'm sure of that by now you folks understand. That according to FCC regulations the federal government we cannot turn down. Right any political advertising in fact it's so extreme that Tara. In the closing days of the campaign without her knowledge was featured in a radio commercial well I'll let you tell the story. Yeah Lola that was in Hamilton which actually kind of makes me laugh and I'll tell you that idea and he took my voice from an interview that that I did with him. On the I've been on you know a little exercised over this Club for Growth if you write dance units have. Because the thought it was very disingenuous to go after Hamilton in Timmons. For not being pro trump enough when it either Club for Growth is endorsing Josh Kimbrel is the unum is never temper at all. I'd also we I was not happy with us and he used my voice and his ad and that created the impression. You know when I came here Monday morning I finally sex she endorsed enhance an elite an elementary. Yeah well I've known facts or legal department sentiment cease and desist you know out. Indonesia and he didn't really good because by law on guess what the politicians have exempted themselves no one else for copyright laws rent so I don't it. Interject for just a moment we do have a AP calling a winner in the secretary of state race mark Hamilton as no surprise start and incumbent he's only been in their like fourteen years something like. Yeah not a bad guy or anything but I thought I was Paula proponent as a party. It's who can tell hopefully he's found that great seal of the state of south Carolina's. Defense is a deal that and heavy talked about that story that's a great story. Yeah that's that was really the only story of the entire. Election is for secretary of state because you know honestly haven't really has. He's a good job and he's he's done scandal free there's not any really big thing other than the fact. That Josh will Putnam discovered that the great seal of the state of South Carolina had not been affixed to pieces of legislation for years on the last twelve in fact which the technical. It really means that those laws passed or not actually long and I it may be difficult to. Get a court to go along with that but stranger things have happened now and and once that seal is affix well. Once it's signed by the governor. And it comes on the state seal has a fixed then it goes to the archives weren disappears forever nobody ever Basel again and again. As the law is supposed to be added to the official code of laws for the statement before it goes in the archives the secretary of state is supposed to affixed. The S seal of the state of South Carolina showing was duly passed and signed. And up until this summer for his entire year tenure. Mark Hammond is not a fixed any seals to any laws that women. That means against taxes on concert tour maybe there's hope forests. And yes I'm always looking for a loophole there you know on a sand. So you know wasn't a dereliction of duty now amended. Nobody ever say your name mark by the way you fix the State's shield these because otherwise are not officially offers on the pad yeah. Anybody know a notary. Boy at 831. This is W a RD in our election night coverage. And let me take a quick peek here and seemingly every night some Democrats and many comments from that sorry have inadvertent inadvertent that computer error. Yes still 1% army out real low this right quick. About. And see if we have any. Further results. In now the statewide races. Well out there we go we now have a little bit more and 369. Of 2300 precincts reporting. And I Henry McMaster 45%. John Warren 26%. Katherine Templeton 21%. Kevin Bryant 6% and Yancey McGill the former Democrat and at 2%. So now there's that. I can tell you what counties have been reporting we have partial reporting coming out of Anderson county. Lawrence county and Greenwood county into also. Let's see we also have what is this Lexington I believe. And Berkeley. And Dorchester and Charleston counties stimulus Sumpter not Lexington county and Lawrence and green would count as well as Anderson counting on locally county. And the interesting thing is we have X extremely looks like an extremely high turnout. You know coney county right now it looks like voter turnout was over almost 43% in Atlanta rally around these other county I showed for a primary Anderson county 2.3 8% Lawrence 2.3 one. Three point eight point 95 for green would count. And ashamed because. They conventional wisdom is that now and John Warren stretches going to be in the in the upstate yes because he's from here. Is it is and therefore also. Assumed that Catherine Templeton is going to be in the low country because that's where you look up for in middle and yes yeah. Benevolence. Yeah and I'm going to be set how surprised if he is significantly beats are as our really we're talking upstate where split morbid Cameron is is pretty far behind and yeah yeah and you know she's she is a quintessential Charles Kerney and I mean you know she's. You have to Wear and impart Charleston when she she lives is just very much on Charleston and a series Tony Perry Tony shall we say rent. And yeah it's just she's they're kind of girl. An honor I would talk and I was thinking this is sort of the to the weather if the demographics of it if it's the older voters that predominate yeah. That I would I would agree with with terrace assessment here that we were probably see Katherine Templeton McMaster run off and if it's. A little bit more heavily skewed toward some of the younger. Voters particularly here in the upstate than it would be a McMaster Warren. Runoff that would. Yet now an enemy inching to follow especially as we get the various regions coming in. Here's me and just another system one Mark Sanford has challenger who was endorsed are just this afternoon by. Trump and what an endorsement. Yes Lee you sent it to meet you wanna read any one meter reader are you going to I was older that I just roared when it when I saw here is typical trump it is. Mark Sanford has been very unhelpful to me in my campaign. To magaw. He is MRI AA and nothing but trouble he is better off in Argentina. Now I fully endorse Katie Arrington for congress to South Carolina State allowed she is tough on crime and will continue our fight. To lower taxes vote Kate now unfortunately. As he should decide about 415 this afternoon survival maybe a little late to the. Just PS that came of that note there was Jim Jones says I may well and ask Justin Trudeau says how would you rank that. Well I know are you don't know I mean didn't did he tweet that I don't know is elitist and but our investigative reporters and nobody mansion were on the scene. Even as Mark Sanford the former governor. Who of course famously hiking up election trail tale even ask if and even as he as the tweet from president trump arrived. In his inbox and out and Mark Sanford was quoted as saying. Well well is that to replace the object. Act so that's a latest and I if you're wondering by the way about. That race. And involving other former governor's now and congressman from the first district of South Carolina. Is saying out in their tied. Well virtual tie. I'm Mark Sanford has 19103. Votes Katie Arrington the trump supported challenger in 19102. Both of them add 48%. Now that's kind. Interest actually an update I've got here shows Ericsson pulling ahead just a bit at 49 point 7% to 47 point 18 tissue if you make the assumption. That done the last second endorsement. From president trump gave her own little shot in the arm at the end a little boost. Then they shouldn't conversely should we see that for Henry McMaster and we can also thank Dmitry journey for being the third. Candidate than that race at and it 3% could be a deciding factor could be asked. Yeah could be I mean analysts like you're watching jeopardy and the contestant and has 500 boxes cinco de final jeopardy is deal when he did the answer right into what. And here's yesterday's winners Lund who sell one day winnings total 510. Dollars an hour ago. If you're wondering about the fourth district race we don't have any results and they're out that I could take awhile and amp begin OK you got twelve Republicans and five Democrats holy cow. So lie and we have got to you know quite a list there and Greenville county so far is not reporting even any partial results yet right I've had a so if I can get in via Wi we've mentioned this earlier we've got partial results Malkani county Anderson county Lawrence county Greenwood county Sumpter. Berkeley. Dorchester and Charleston County. And there and there's no. Primaries understand how these these command we can get as we see represented here are some from the low country. And shot from the outset and what do these are just partial results from these counties so far. Other results were saying there's only been 36496. Votes have been counted now that's how mis cast. That's how many counts and for those of you that are real political. Baffled some really follow politics closely and other races enemy entrant. Is the a Democrat primary in house district number five that's where Archie Carnell. Ran into a bunch of difficulty in the closing days of the campaign in fact the Democrat party actually asked him to drop out of the race. When it was revealed in decades ago he had beaten his wife. And and he said no I'm gonna stick it out with 29%. Reporting in that. SE district five Democrat primary Archie barn LS 62%. Down. Now. Apparently no breeze. Revelations in her name and read into that as you well you know the he's met. He's a was taking out campaign advice I guess from Bill Clinton on the outlook at a certain levels low and at a certain level Al form back and you go yeah exactly and and I don't get me wrong not for a second and I can building anything that was done here. But he did admit to it he paid the price for it. And this was decades ago and and if you have someone who has repented of that sand and it's not committed that sin again right. You know you know is their forgiveness from the voters who looks like in the the district race he's in there it is yeah sure what you want. It is 839. You're listening to 2018 election night coverage here on WORD. Be right back. I welcome back. It is our 2018. Primary election night coverage we yours truly Bobby Mack. And to meet terrorists or nations. And Lee Rogers who at the moment is out of the news mouton is unknown no doubt busy tracking down numbers. And I in on the tax line this evening and by the way you can feel free to communicate. That way when this the common sense retirement planning text line number 71 threes are seven. Hey guys I unplugged my a land line yesterday good thinking. But the message is still showed up on my TV runner. I don't know how many I got the text messages on my cell. Is what really gets me irritated by Nash. Bobby I don't know how Atwater. I got my cell number but I've got text messages from his campaign. Want done. Gotcha and I guess this is in reference to our discussion about Henry McMaster in my making fun of his speech pattern. At Texas said he got tired of the chicken hawk from word making fun of him. So I texted back don't. Walk. That back. He's tried talking about that energy can hunt though and you could leave him of people don't don't know the back story. On on how this. Conflagration. And burst out and it wasn't us that struck the match maintenance. We we didn't mean need we. This economy to NiSource Sadr over the weekend in a weird way because kept everything come on here and you know I any tough questions Foreman beginning to he had done anything yet we just. Nice cordial and all another. Humid I mean you know are my army say it was getting angry restaurants and we just we tried eighteen Hayes the new guy he just you know. You know his name in the governor's mansion ST one of these cheesy height of the you know high up interviews that's how we wanted Republican grilling out hey I Dylan yeah I mean it was good as it and points when he campaign. Right. And grandest around for five months enough finally had the idea is absolutely ridiculous conversation can really come on June no July no August no now. Now busy booked up. That look at the time god Digg go like like if I come in 11 PM one night ending according to come on up the 3 in the morning when you come in now. I handed down. You know OK I did I guess he's dissing him personally find but I mean I just always what makes me angry is he's dissing you. You know listener brightly you just don't care you don't matter in people like you don't matter and that is the general attitude at a Columbia and when you see it that that's what it feels like sometimes when you see it illustrated so clearly for you legs. And I feel like wow. You know the thing that there really is irritating me and I will give me a little back story on this when Henry was running for lieutenant governor he was. All over my show like why don't miss. And Amway and went and his people would come on saying you know can we get on the show sure okay fine you know put John. And then all of a sudden you know he becomes governor. And for whatever reason. I become persona non Grata and now the RNC. Brought in this gal to handle as media relations and she doesn't know one thing. About what's going on down here she doesn't know and I know Henry McMaster for fifteen years and he's been on the program consistently. But they just all of a sudden. You know issued down this this mandate nope we're not gonna do any interviews on W lowered me. Then they came back and they said well if you if you would consent to do an interview. With his running mate his lieutenant governor running mate and I can you remember name nobody knows her well a lot of people know orbit nobody knows or politically. Then no we might consent. Two having the governor on if you submit questions in advance. We don't do that now never. Now this is not CNN and Donna Brazile slipping a questions. At an advanced Hillary you know we don't do that we don't even tell you what questions we're gonna so anyway it. It snowballed downhill from there are other relationship deteriorated to the point where I said okay fine you know if if you're gonna refused to be on here then I'll I'll just you know make fun of I did beginning here's a childish isn't soft. Mark yeah but that's what we do. But I have a real disdain for politicians. Who will not on get down and you add in in in the mud in May with regular people right. Because you want to do that then I don't want you representing me because you have you're you're preschool your perspective has been completely rearrange your supposed to represent the people and I don't I don't. Really blame Henry Ford and as I should know I can re personally on Asian iceman. Now a kind of that ineffectual hasn't done much sort Avaya a pawn of a Hugh leatherman truth be told. You know weathermen who runs this date come on. And that's why Henry endorsed him in 2060 currency alternately cheering crowd and hear his side of it sure and I initially didn't come on disease once a good position on the gas tax well let me wouldn't don't talk we're not gonna be rude doing I'll give him a chance the decision was absolutely. I think having her questions form the first interview I didn't Alice Stewart analyst we agreed to softball league guy. Then we weren't gonna get it and even then. There was no guarantee organ solo you know if you're tell me I'm not gonna get the governor OK fine I'm gonna take pitcher word and if I'm not gonna get the governor. If he doesn't have enough respect for the voters and answer to South Carolina to come on my show that c'mon Bonnie you come on terrorist c'mon what I don't care. Now but give the voters an opportunity to hear you know why you did what you did on as you mentioned the gas tax. Maybe there was an explanation there I don't know we never got any answer from guy yeah. Well we have got an answer on the Democrat that will be facing Jeff Duncan in the third congressional district in November Mary Garin has won the Democrat nomination for the third congressional district. And now the rerun before she did you know she's a college instructor apparently from Anderson University. And so she'll be running against Jeff Duncan as well as an American party candidate Dave Moore. Those of the other parties other than the Democrat Republican parties in South Carolina and nominate dear nominees by convention so that's Ortiz term. And so our campaign will consist of rearranging the deck chairs on the tied to race again. It's like coming up on ten minutes before nine. This is our 2018. Primary election night coverage we expect results too obvious once once or results do. Command usually. It's a flawed. So on standby will bring it to you as quickly as we didn't. Good evening and welcome back. Dizzy 2018 primaries throughout the Democrats and the Republicans. We are getting some love results initially in on some of the upstate county racist. Me quickly run down a few of those Soria. And they don't count me county council district one on the Republican side. There is that no no vote tally there yet however. For a probate judge Ann Anderson counting on the GOP side the incumbent. Martha Newton has a 10% late at this point 55% to 45%. Over dance sharp. Anderson county council district four on the Republican side. There is on no incumbent there Brent Sanders is leading a 71%. Glenn Biden junior a 20% and frank Presley at 9%. Anderson county council district six on the GOP side Tim waters the incumbent has a ten percentage point lead. Over I'm Jimmy Davis that is worth 11% of the precincts reporting. In not Cherokee county the sheriff. On the GOP race only 3% of the precincts reporting ST Muller who is the incumbent is leading by 9%. Greenville county council. Now with. 5%. Of the F twenty precincts reporting on its that's only one precinct reporting I'm Dan trip. Oh lead to a fast 78% over Silvio Lockerby warrants county council district one. Act campy else. Is in the lead with 55% of the votes Susan Saxton is second with 26% and Adam Howell and Ryan torrent. At 10% each Orange County council on district five. That is led by Jeffrey Carroll with 45% of the vote Keyes Collison the incumbent 35%. And dale Mitchell 20%. Oh coney county council district one a that is not an incumbent who is running on unopposed. That's any and a can make now who has since gonna have all the votes in and that racecar she's running unopposed. Now Pickens County council district one on the Republican side. Insulate teamster. And I'm sorry Margaret Thompson but no results no votes at tabulated. There yet Spartanburg county council chair. Now there is just 1%. Of the precincts that one of 100. And on Manning went chance 74% of the vote. Brian turn age at 26%. Spartanburg county council district to. 7% of the precincts are reporting there Jack mayberry is in the lead with 67%. Of the vote William Crawford. At 33%. And that's. The the latest that we have so far on some of these South Carolina county races. Yeah I'm looking. All story now I governor 29% of precincts showing that they are in and right now Henry McMaster 44%. John Warren 27%. Katherine Templeton 20%. It's 30% precincts now actually. So that's interesting. Yes it is and the attorney general's race. At 29% of the precincts reporting there. The incumbent Alan Wilson has a comfortable lead 48% to 29% over his nearest challenger who has time Atwater. The secretary of state race. At at this point 29% of the precincts reporting there announced or even called for Hamlin. Yep that we don't yell that's right sorry about that yeah I'm with a 66%. Of it skipped over that gives the shading. So. The end of the big races that we are concerned with. Are are going to be of course the of the gubernatorial race on the GOP side as well as a fourth district congressional race. And as just on the right now of the on the Democrat side for governor James Smith has been declared victory there got you. So there is the end dim some designated victim for November. Interesting thing going on right now is very early in the Republican primary district four. Com for congress. Is showing 0% precincts reporting of cases was the early voting. William Timmons and first place for the 873 votes again is very early Dan Hamilton's second place they've earned four of us and leave bright. Right behind in Hamilton with 749. Yeah I'm not exactly worship where they're getting that is to zero of 231 precincts reporting you know and and and of this is that makes what makes a little complicated is that. This district is forced to Greenville and Spartanburg county so you've got to separate county election commissions are dealing with this which makes it a little bit difficult. But then again it's not like the third congressional district for you got like parts of eleven counties that her rights examiner so. So I don't know what those numbers are on their low so we'll keep our eye on announced most of the sources I'm saying we're still saying 0% for re vocally for some reason we're not getting any results yet back agree volcanic. What's gonna got a call into. The director of elections in Greenville county in not getting any message back yet but them you know why they're kind of busy them. Yeah there are. There were a number of ballot initiatives or ballot question asks those around this time around on the Republican side there were two and on the Democrat side were two. Somebody a caller today inquires and why are the questions different. On the GOP. Ballot. And on the Democrats now. Well the reason for that is because the parties themselves put those questions they are these aren't these have absolutely zero legal weight right this is simply an opinion poll. That they take the opportunity during these primary stress this and so and since the parties are the ones that are doing these primaries. The Republicans had two questions they wanted to ask the Democrats had two questions that they want to and I thought it was interesting because question wind. I viewed and you guys tell me if you agree with this assessment or not but I viewed it as a tossing a bone. To those who have been pushing. To have a closed primary yell and South Carolina it's in Bruce a slump well to that question yes in the the problem Leuer run into another terrorist talked about this numerous times on on the in the morning native and I want you and you have to but. You know obviously the situation with the open primaries in the state as one of the problem one of the main problems we have with. The moderates that keep getting elected when we claimed to be such a conservative state but of course if you're Lindsey Graham it's not a problem. No it's not a problem at all and it's the it's the legislature that this point it has to do with the state is already tried to sue the federal government to allow this to take place. They lost that during the Obama administration and gave up on that effort. And now the only way to get it done according to the rulings that we've we've seen is. Through the legislature and of course the very people who don't want that proposed the legislature and the back story on that lawsuit is sent is kind of interest income Sam harms. And an attorney hearing during the right on he. Should be ahead of the Gurney Danny GOP rank in the day. He was the driving force. Behind bringing the lawsuit and Steven Brown that's right attorney involved in this too yeah in district four are exactly exactly ours is running as well yes and try it. So. Salmon Steven convinces South Carolina GOP and Chad Connelly and calendars we're chairman of the time. Convince a South Carolina GOP to join them in the lawsuit and the reason they did. Was because. Legally he won county could not establish. The then then requirements. The parameters. For the entire stay right for a primary voting well they get to federal court a Billy Lewis and Baltimore. And just as the case is coming up. Chad Connelly drops the South Carolina GOP as one of the litigants in the lawsuit leaving the Greenville county GOP is a standalone. And the judge at that point said now lucky you won county can establishment for the entire state the suits thrown out. Within a matter of days after that Chad Connelly you. The resign is ahead of the South Carolina GOP a takes a job with the RNC in my by the way the attorneys they were doing this. We're doing it pro Bono yeah that's right and that you're talking about Sam arms actually spent a great deal of his own money out of pocket and Stephen rounded as well as you talk about trying to. Find an uphill battle suing the federal government right and the other in because it it was more than just those two attorneys say was that their their staffs and other folks in their affirms that were held in about as well. A lot of hours when and a and it's a sham that it that transpired as we need to when you take a break for station ID and now will be will be right back on us. Welcome back this is our 2018 primary night election coverage here on WORD. When your house some mob Bob McClain Bob Hammack along with terrorists are graciously Rogers. Back in the new senator if you're wondering about those valid questions and I got did you care did you get a lot of questions about the ballot questions. And the closing days of the table finally got to look at immense and what I Hank has that I did I didn't do a lot of those you know a lot of us Christian born to know you know where that voting for something. Findings right. Not questioned one. On the Republican side do you believe that voters should have the option to choose to affiliated. When a political party when they register to vote. Or change their voter registration in South Carolina I'm voted yes ma. Just you know want to cinema message I DL we'd like to have a closed primary on you rhinos in Columbia. Question two on the GOP ballot. Do you believe that south Carolina's tax code should be brought into conformity with the new trump tax cuts in the federal tax code for maximum central location. And the lower the overall tax burden on South Carolina taxpayers and businesses to my immediate reaction to miss. And you guys can tell me if you had the same reaction. My immediate reaction was. What does it mean we have. Haven't done this already well see actually an affront upon got the timeline right. The state has already done this but it has not been signed into law yet because the budget is still not been approved because they can only move the the the vote on the of the governor's vetoes and and other things to the spectacular. Rise and Ashley to after the runoff. Oh yeah and you know help respond exactly exactly man I don't lawyer me. Yeah well how convenient and on the Democrat side the questions were and you can see the immediate differences here are between now and the dams in the GOP. And I question one do you support passing a state law allowing doctors to prescribe medical marijuana to patients. That's not just general. You know appear if you gotta smoke it down since medical medical marijuana. And question two do you support passing a state law requiring the governor of South Carolina. To accept all federal revenues offered to support Medicaid and Medicaid expansion efforts in the sink you know what abandons a percent. If the questions and inadvertently been flipped. And the best kind of just kept on the Republican ballot and by that person funny that would have been at UC. And of course that that second one is all about obamacare because the yes Nikki Haley as governor. Refused to expand Medicaid and expand the State's exposure to you know. Millions not billions of dollars in. Medical expenses that we would have been responsible for. It's not as simple as that question sounds but then again that's on the Democrat side and of course the questions are all written by a team of Philadelphia lawyers. Who try and make it right the question that's part of our inner compass had asked that the and in the way that will mostly or completely obvious skate. On the issue and make you scratch your head and puzzlement and know what that. Well that was like that you're the Bobby Mack players that had your. The era on referendum question a lot. Voting no to say yes to note to everyone else who says yes of course is not proposition thirty an amendment 42 that fact is this up. Patrick is okay. I've played a much at times but if you never. It is it is our reaction to these kind of ballot initiatives written. In such a manner as to totally confuse you as to what they actually I mean here is out. Our commercial for proposition there. Have you heard the arguments against proposition. They say stunning proposition thirty which says yes I want to block amendments 42 we disagree. Failing to pass proposition thirty this election year is the worst vote you britcaster. They say vote yes or vote no to an acting amendment 42. We say no there yes vote to oppose not supporting this issue other people say. That's not passing and women forty to please a big mistake and we should all cast of pigs yes vote by marking our ballots no. Do not stop this important legislation by making sure this critical proposal is stopped. Remember say no vote. Data for my citizens against imposing tough. So. Now there is our commercial for propositioned her.