SC Primary Election Coverage part 2

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Tuesday, June 12th

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Nobody wants to take the ball and run and I don't talk like we were off the air and all of that it is a. I'll host a lengthy guys to react but two in on the giant tax line this evening 71307. Above it believe those results were district four are the absentee votes that's what us on another way of idea and that would that would make sense. I'll also then we are getting some results in the average is we don't know. From them. Way earbuds com 42%. Of precincts reporting hammering mastered 44%. And John Moore had 25%. Katherine Templeton at 23%. While yet showed Henry doesn't get 50% plus one year runs off. Against the second. You know closest finishers so we're seeing at least for the moment Katherine Templeton and John Warner a little bit more photo finish their but he's been ahead of her so far. And every every one of these so. You know it's it's curious. Because. Then the results that are coming in our capitals although if you'll look at the results that that Karen decided. Those are are pretty much an alignment. With the last polling data. You probably solitaire on the story on not on fits news. By will folks yesterday that showed a L last second uptick. In their support for a governor meg master but a factor into that equation. That. There was a a big push. Came on Friday and continued over the weekend. We all knew for some time that president trump. And I had endorsed him reigning master but he re issued. The endorsement. To Kenny given a last second push here in the closing. Hours of the of the campaign and there was some thinking that or perhaps that would give. Governor McMaster AM the last second cup push to get a closer to that magic number of 50% plus one. What let it now let's see here's was OK here's what's interesting we've got Katherine Thompson at 22 point 9% in John Warren at 25%. Greeneville. Is listed right now Greenville county businesses it's high. Com but the for the Charleston area that's going to be Hearst Ronald yep. Yes so it's look in the lights eight it would Fisher is it tie in in Greeneville that's what they're calling I'm looking at politicos data right now. Brent ends. Incomplete data from Charleston says many votes for Katherine Templeton sets telling me I only got a lot more upstate threats in which may be why John Warren was ahead. We don't have all the Charleston events and yet serin and those two are running pretty pretty close to me itching to see. You know. How that turns out here's another one when you look at this or central part of the state which I think is more Henry stomping ground. And we had a lot of incomplete thereto world data's not in yet so we'll see where these guys are we'll keep an island again that's without 45% of the precincts and. And got in on the text line this evening 71307. SE common sense retirement planning tax line. I'm Bonnie what's the percentage needed to avoid a runoff in the GOP gubernatorial race it is 50% of the vote. Plus one vote yes that's that's the magic number. I'm Bonnie those questions explain why so many Democrats showed up. They plan to get a prescription for pot from a quack doctor get welfare and free healthcare and sit around stoned all. They didn't do we point out that these are ballot initiatives don't carrying illegal way and they. By the way on looks like Katie Arrington has pulled ahead of mark since significantly by about a six point margin yeah. Now it's there with 42 point 5% of precincts reporting. Interest. Bob but childish and sophomoric nobody does a better that's why I am a die hard listener thank you and I I resemble that remark. I'm Bob the hesitancy by make disaster. Will put John Warren and the governor's mansion a small. At Jeremiah election night prayer made Joshua Lindsay amnesty Kimbrel and mark Argentina Sanford be defeated goalie Brian. I tell you Mark Sanford has been nothing but a thorn in front side yeah. He is display and an eight incomplete never charm but. He's he also you know I'd I was doing radio and Charles Sony ran and he was gonna go out there v.s conservative in July 2 he got up there. He you could see did the collar. You know art work on AB winner I don't know leash out which way to the speaker's office exactly India and in an inning he's torn collar ever since firfer Paul Ryan who have leadership wants Mark Sanford is there to deliver. He's just been obnoxious quite frankly I don't even recognize that guy anymore is the guy who wants what the pigs go. You know at the Capitol Hill loved one under his arm you know yes he does it that was awesome I love that guy and I don't know where he went but he's not in congress right now. You know who are you and what have you done with Mark Sanford real I'm so yes it kitty airing Tim calling I had not surprised I'm not prize honors its wheels policy and it turns out. Now also went on the attack slide Bonnie MacKey need to and chicken hawk eye of the upstate. Tier titles. This money penny and of course that produces about rematch on a screen to dolls already it. Points out and I am more titles. Then their characters in game of the roads so I don't think at this point. I can add an additional to the litany of titles I already have a self the stowed on national running out of fonts for. You guys act. So it it there's a number of races that are brilliant amazing to watch. One of the things and I'm curious about alien I know we haven't talked to Conway Blanton. Down at the accounting square dance but I'm curious why it it's easily taking a while. Two of whom we still have 0% of precincts reporting and write and here we are you know two hours and twelve minutes later down. And it could be because of the fact you have 230 some odd don't. Precincts in the fact that there may have been a couple that were delayed I'm not yeah certain of that week we heard. Some information that there may have been one or two of the precincts were having some delayed. Voting do use them my power issues because of an accident but tell me out and not certain of that just sort. And that's that's as good a guess as any. And and we have a tendency to forget. You know there are a ton of counties in South Carolina I don't know how many right off and you nominee Canada's current after six how many 46 you know and and we're the biggest. You know you go from up on beautiful TR all the way up and down to the southern end of Greenville county. Now YS a sheriff's department about trying to police you know this is this is a big area of realistic. Okay just got some information here from. A text message in some inside information that. The entire system is crashed they're trying to reboot reboot it that's when no reports coming. They like this is coming from a reliable source we'll site. Now I'm wonder I'm did they buy their equipment at the same place that we both our guys I don't really know because I jokingly say you know we got the best equipment there RadioShack in on things that we did that time that time it was yet and found it in this employee into for a while there in the morning we're like. On if we and I didn't like you know go off the air have some major equipment malfunction by 615 we would get text about it 'cause it was so strange ride or something better than a commodore 64. Well this is interesting from a taxpayer yeah oh great. The same Katie Arrington who went on Charleston radio last year to explain why she supported the on gas tax. I don't know I don't I've got don't follow that there in that area that well. Terry you human and I don't I haven't been paying attention to it for a year or two and a Lucius so. Now. Pump. Yet and I think that Texas man politics like at least all the safety share. All right. Once again that was collected we're still seeing zero returns. Out of Greenville county and once again we're get being told that there was. System crashed trying to reboot it so why somebody's. Yanking the pulley on the Briggs & Stratton engine fixed Arctic definitely starting it's actually. We can take a look at some of the other races across other parts of the state. South Carolina house district one as mentioned at Katie Arrington now has AM seven percentage point lead. Over on Mark Sanford the incumbent on the former governor down there. In now districts for. Out on me out GOP side of course that's the one that's affected. A mighty computer system meltdown. I'm down accounting squares and we still have no reports in there. In Nam. And Spartanburg county is not checking in yet either right now. About looks like about a third of the counties error reporting at least partial results right now we've gotten a report from Pickens. Greenville Spartanburg. Or Cherokee counties. Come and then also further down in the third congressional district McCormick and salute account Lisa not reporting yet either course. In that for the GOP that's. Doesn't really matter because Jeff Duncan has no you know. Competition within a party primary challenge now and now within the party and not quite honestly I could imagine anybody being tough enough to waste of time and money to run against him in that that district nine and at least on the Republican side I'm serving on the Democrat side you. You know it's going to be an uphill battle but time that there are at least putting up candidates now. And as far as the end the gubernatorial race is concerned on the GOP side nine as we report in the last few minutes. I Henry McMaster with 45%. Which by the way is substantially higher. Then then he polled. In that closing days of the race Henry McMaster in first place with 45%. John Warren a 25%. Katherine doubled and drawing closer. Add to a 23%. But still some 4000 votes behind with 49%. Of the precincts reporting. Kevin Bryant a 6% and Yancey McGill a 2% and we're still lusting Lexington or Richland county reporting either. And since this is curious Fairfield Kershaw county none of those and then. Horry county is not checked in yet Georgetown Florence. Or four Q what the Infrant and we still have a calf in Charleston County has reporting to iTunes and that's going to be Templeton. Probably area to show. Context their asked the question how can the system crash if it's not related to a computer or the Internet I thought I heard it wasn't. Now they're for Russia can have influence an election. No. Yeah they're they're certainly our computers yes they just are not connected to the Internet. Yes when you go into your polling place and you using electronic voting machine that is not connected to the Internet or. Attitude to any other system or device. So at any rate that's. The reason behind. Looks like the delays we're getting right now for any of the Greenville county result of that does not explain Spartanburg county or the middle ones either with Richland Lexington county which you know obviously. That's gonna be a very important area to for both McMaster. And Templeton yes I honestly and if in if Warren can pick up some votes in those areas. Then. You know the sun that conceal it for him and and Darren mine we still not factored Russian meddling into the no way as you know. The act as we got to wait for the Russians win and the FBI there hasn't. Probably be doing some meddling they always do and so we'll see what they think Tim Willits and speaking of which he say this evening that Andrew McCain is now suing the DOJ. I perform talk about. Arrogance. Talked about today he well he's. What he's doing any is do it if I had to hazard a guess he's ticked that he was fired from the FBI for all lying. Amount whether or not he had done. Given information about an investigation to the Wall Street Journal. And he says none no I didn't lie about it James told me lied about it. And so now McCain has brought a lawsuit and of course coming up on Thursday. Is the inspector general's report from the Department of Justice. Which is said to be blistering for both. McCabe and only so. As I say the plot thickens unless they watered it down Nasr is supposed to be a lot of pressure water council seat right. I just the idea of getting entry to out of Washington I'll believe it when icy area here on me about truth and Washington are two words or do not often collide in the same sentence. Nineteen minutes after nine here on a Mac show well they're Carre Politico at least is calling it for John Warren and Henry McMaster. Who is Politico is ago together Colin Powell. For John Warren and Henry McMaster well let's. Will be entering CP AP follow suit yet with 50% of precincts reporting around since CAP is dominated by. Liberal stenographer rather than reporters. Now they probably will delay that as long as they possibly can't we can't delay take another break your nineteen minutes after nine. You're listening to the 2018 primary election night results here on WORG. Welcome back Bob McClain terrorists are majors and Lee Rogers is back in the news center who has some breaking news moment ago. Now we had told you that the Politico dot com website. And called. The GOP gubernatorial primary for Henry McMaster and upstate businessman John Warren. And now that is confirmed by the Associated Press the AP reporting that there will be a run off in two weeks. On between now. The incumbent appointed governor Henry McMaster and upstate businessman John Warren. This has to come as a as a tough blow for a Katherine Templeton and and Kevin Bryant. Yeah absolutely on no I'm not surprised with Kevin Bryant put on the definitely a surprise when Templeton because she has been portrayed at least in. Several polls over the last week and a half is zombie into five points ahead of Warren. You know and and but the way they've been asked acting you with a negative ads at a photo finish I wonder if this negative ads didn't hurt her. Uttered two and you know I'm way I had a great deal of discussion about that. I asked Katherine to implement about it yesterday when she was on with brilliant and she said well look actually I'm just defending myself. I was the one who is under attack and so I attacked back. Essentially and John Warren. And I'm pretty much that same response and it looked you know I'm I don't wanna I don't wanna go there but people are saying things about me dinner on true. And so I'm going to defend myself now. The consultants. The other suits the guys and wander around. With three cell phones don't go and at the same time. They will. They will tell you that attack camps work. And yeah now maybe they do work but not necessarily in the way that they think. Yeah and you know pretty common knowledge that when you attack your opponent. That army also get some money on yourself and it brings your numbers down as well but there is using in game brings that the other opponents him numbers down more and as a calculation. That they make when they do dad. But she really brutally attacked him. OK we got some numbers in on the district's four congressional race great okay leave Brady is in first place. Thirty point 9% to William Timmons is in second place in 16%. With Dan Hamilton I mean. Literally within the margin of where there are fifteen point 6%. Josh essentially in a dead heat get their dead heat Josh Kimball fourteen point 5%. And that's a 21% of precincts reporting so. About Stephen brown Morrissey Stephen brown is down at five point 9% while I like Stephen brown you know knowing him chip yeah I do. I loved it to that debate Bob easily. Well. And better rested. Easier on me and I don't know I don't know anybody any money which makes me. Pretty much different from all the other kids to match and gotten. You know and any and a just beating chicken now a judge neon and honestly no sexual harassment however events none of that I felt things kids you just follow up question what certain certain what's wrong with you sir did you explain. They came you've been living in for the last thirty who are you and why are you weird blood sugar. And they construct of this group let's. Two it's intense thing out. I I wonder about what the reaction is going to be on the M McMaster campaign to get what percentage. Alito went and terrible we have a percentage number or where he ended up with that forty some percent 4445%. I don't know yet because we only have 59% of the precincts report and now they're just saying hey look there's no way Templeton is in it now she hinted happens to me Tampa where his right now it's 44% from McMaster and 25 for war and commercially Henry cannot you get enough votes of those still remaining to be able to get over for a 50% plus. Are looking at is 27% of the tally and MacMaster a 45 point 38. Nancy this this must be old because this information I'm getting here shows temples and head of war in west. ELI says I old I have about 55%. Reporting cabinets and around this things updating. I've got 59% raise your Daily Mail yes that's the latest okay 44% for Henry McMaster 25%. For John Warren. But CM my prediction holds up okay so 25%. And 21 web seats violent when a says college 22% right this 47%. For John morning Catherine. Templeton and 47 beach 4447. B forty for I surely know it all those events were to go but there are still votes in the round they're for Yancey McGill launcher at him right Ryan just six point eight preside and and and it. All honesty in all fairness to Kevin Bryant he ran the best race that he could. Considering that he was severely underfunded and right and you got money bombed by John Warren and Catherine Templeton so. I think he Iran get ray she just you know was hamstrung financially. Well that's. Always going to be an issue for at least some of the candidates veteran center and and also for a candidate like him like Kevin Bryant who. Basically doesn't owe anybody anything politically yell and doesn't want to write and does so you didn't have a TV outside packs coming in and I'm not criticizing the fact that. Packs do that I mean that's just simply American politics but. Did not have the outside packs coming in in support him nor attacking his opponents about Katherine Templeton was a good candidate but I think a number of things work against her in retrospect. AGCO ego and what do you think I think the fact that she voted for Vincent Shaheen instead of neck inhaling. That was a stunning admission opportunistic self inflicted blow yeah she tells us we wouldn't announce. And and and here's the thing that's strange she was working for Gresham Barrett OK and then makes the claim that after Barrett was out. And she did know anything about the other candidates I'm sorry you're working on a statewide campaign right for the Republican Party and you don't know anything about the opponents that you were running against. And so you decide to vote for some guy just because you know him from high school or college or something earlier offered with him a guy right. And then she had the om and did donations in 2010 to another Democrat who was running against Republican that didn't help her. Was John Warren publicize that but the strangest thing the ball a that I that I think did her in. And it is a hit me the wrong way for a long time which she was running as an outsider. Who works with Nikki Haley right. Let arranger and inside your pocket you re an outsider and and then an officer heading state agencies work in India to different agencies plus. The state ports authority that doesn't make you an outsider and then when you interviewer and is not a criticism is just more we know okay what was your message. All while the time I was at this agency and at times it does agency added this is this is did some still some very good things. But she's single I was in steak and am and they but your saying in the same breath pitcher the buzz site you're the outsider who's gonna come in from the outside run. On and that's hard to believe especially when you have someone like John Warren whose self funding. He really is an outsider never been elected before does he never record right. Call and saying you're an outsider when you're running against a true outside I mean her message to me always was so bizarre I mean it was it just it it was self. Contradictory the other thing that I think worked against or at least here in the upstate. She you she tried to ride the coattails of Nikki Haley. I'm having worked in your administration and I frankly think. The bloom is off the Nikki Haley euros in South Carolina yes after the of the confederate flag flap. I think she lost much of her gravitas. With conservatives and and I got her reward you know by being appointed. As ambassador to the United Nations but I think it was eight tactical mistake on the part of doubled since campaign to tie herself closely to that to Nikki had. Or so closely she did any. Nikki Haley endless are free at this is the governor who used remember she was given is stated union rebuttal to Rama which is issues. And and she you know useless to argue for the Republican Party position against the president right that's the point is an example she did a speech that looked like have been written by Lindsey Graham. Yes Allen and she used it to trash truck now. And to mocked trump. And to blame her own party I'll never forget it. I'm for all the problems in Washington more than the Democrats it was absolutely stunning yeah I was essentially a sit down and shut up speech yes you can serves its. That's that's what it was an eye I think a lot of people remember that because it was stunning. On this is a Tea Party darling now who would totally you know flip you know flip sides and these within the GOP and and so you know when you Headley associate yourself with that I'd just assume. That your age you know you're an establishment insider. The blue when you when you're with Niki Taylor. I. You know I should've gotten John warrants cellphone number when he was and had this afternoon might and I think that has is who's going out the door and nationality here a nine and and I'm sure. Lot of now he's a very well organized guy. You may call at some point you became a cult Wilson. The other thing that I think. Came back to haunt. Catherine Templeton. Not necessarily a widespread thing meant one of those little things and adds up the business with. When they and the and then I was on breasts and it was a mess and she was running. And and was kind of left with egg on her face from now or so. Money when you look at what happened to. There I mean you had. And three nurses who desperately tried to blow the whistle and say look we've got hepatitis was it happens and it wasn't you was hurt reality mr. Burkle as it was one of the other yet. Outbreak here are gonna janitor who has it kid's gonna get a and instead they were vilified inside the agency at death user and thirty people ended up getting its spread throughout the school. By the time it went public. And on Katharine Templeton is watch those nurses were fired right. They were the whistle blowers and then all of the emails came out your remember where they are desperately trying to get anybody who is now they did not go to Katherine Templeton true. They went to the man herb given the manager bloke haven't Templeton who. Katherine says didn't tell anybody. All but the bottom line is they were fired. Send white pants and that's when and she was not a 101 rants may be grade. But certainly not like. I wonder what the reaction of they make master campaign is going to be a week do you think they realistically thought. That they could avoid a runoff now I don't think that they get I think that's why you saw McMaster talking today that he was confident that if he won. If he got into the runoff that he when the election I think this one the recent use all that well I'm glad somebody's confident now. Here's what's going to be interest in who is Catherine Templeton ports. John Moore and Henry McMaster indictment about. All this morning she endorsed him yet on who showed it tonight but he's out there SS. That's that's interesting because. You know if she plans a political career in South Carolina down the road. If she endorses Henry McMaster. She essentially labels yourself trying to. If she doesn't endorsement master. Then that you let demands of the world. She's on the outs with the damage you can forget about any help. From on the SE GOP in future races on yeah. Yeah it's some it's going to be very interesting decision. Well there's there's another choice she can make theirs well not endorse and yes which might be a safe place at this. Now you could do that but then if you were to endorse one and help them win. Now of course you're not an end of lieutenant governor Arnold and I are both running on the same ticket they hate you guys surprised that is John quarantines that a captain title now. Really you add that kind of got that swing it was gone. I've seen as hard surge of his yeah nailed it earlier when we were talking and I think Tara Hanna an accurate assessment. Catherine Templeton came out with a all guns blazing. And I'll send us a rising star within South Carolina GOP she's it she was the gal that was gonna take Dan Henry McMaster. I she's attractive she is well spoken. And all the rest. But all the negatives I think combined against her at the end of the day and John war and seem to really pick up momentum. As the race went along and in the closing days. It appeared that that Templeton campaign ran out of gas while at the same time John Lawrence was taken out Spain I think we silent tonight. Now here's a cool thing right. This would if John Dwyer won the governorship shift the apparel her. To Greeneville yes in leadership for the first time in diesel and wow they're since. Since way back wins yet Wilkens was at her house yes exactly before he became ambassador to Canada you know right. Yeah I mean is cute Hugh leatherman lives that long. On which is always in doubt anybody else of assault it's. One that we want to long life for everybody on this one guy is under Nady to I think in an idea and you know he is he's had some health problems and in and his of one I didn't think you know what two Summers ago he was even going to be back for the next legislative side Elliott still had more roads to pay he did he did he will all of lament Forrest county as of course but yet. So I mean we actually have somebody looking out for Greenville for the first time. In a long time a leadership position in the legislature that is a really cool thing if that happens in on the attacks line. Bob I voted today for John Warren only bright. The reason I voted for Warren over jumbled it had nothing to do the flag mode she seemed disingenuous. For a labeling herself as an outsider. When Warren was clearly. An outsider. There were actually was the only one that was a true outsider I mean obviously McMaster already has the appointed governor. Lieutenant governor Kevin Bryant definitely an insider at least. Maybe not necessarily in the moderate leadership of the Republican Party that is in control things down in Columbia but certainly an insider in them to via. The politics of South Carolina and Yancey McGill obviously had been an insider gonna democratically and as a Republican this time right so on you know everybody else but Warren were definitely insiders. To exercise what about other state races attorney general. Secretary of state and the attorney general's race. Alan Wilson the incumbent has a comfortable. Nineteen percentage point lead over Todd Atwater. Hangs out and yell but he's got 48 point 8% balancing here that's right and both Atwater Atwater is it like 30% or 31% her long and about 20% right so there's most likely going to be a Ronald and that there could there nobody there could well movie. And and the secretary of State's race that when it's over to mark Hammond the incumbent is going back. With that 67%. Of the vote at this point with 61%. Of precincts report. Yeah and it does 63%. Of precincts reporting numbers not changing Henry McMaster still have 44% John Warren at 25 to. As we had that going on and in South Carolina. A congressional race and districts for let's see we said now not a change in here we will leave braid is our way out front at 30%. And Snead probably not going to lab be run out free though he's gonna run up against either William Timmons Dan Hanson or Josh camera all of rumor kind within the margin of error. And then the district won the US house race Acadia Eric to now has a seven point lead like for Mark Sanford so apparently maybe the last second endorsement from president trump. Gave her that I shot in the arm he did it more go to the polls yet bright as they got out of work here's a result of of advertising which I about the pound advanced earlier. Texture. When this query is war and pro Second Amendment and pro open carry yes. Well let me let me answer like well Kara just entered it when the Monticello which is absolutely right Bonnie let me answer your question another way. He's a former marine. You think he's pro Second Amendment and pro open carry this is the only guy in any of the racist. Who knows how to handle an automatic weapon. With skill and expertise and what Contras is going to be. Bob and leave between Henry McMaster. Who looks his age and like yourself pop. And and if you treat and truly though you don't put carriage. And on John Moore and you know I mean this young that I Burton vibrant fellows I hear. And Henry McMaster who has more on guess what we're must not change anything status quo right and from there rightists art contest. I'm all let go of that is did not know global leg everything but up. There. Yes on the I think I got my friend huge here let him explain wow yeah it gives you know. John Warren is Smart enough that he is he's gonna saddle up and Ryan Hugh leatherman and Henry McMaster. They're there inner. As a as a parlor you know I love this morning from John mourns interview. I asked him you know he's he's vowing to take Allen dimension Letterman of course live that long and he's got it he's is Everton got the candidates run against him. Wow it does yes he's got a candidate he lottery is not form I hope that's not the one and Nikki ran against leatherman can be on whacked. Mean he's like you see stay right here's interim now I don't drink I don't need to have done the concrete slapper clear if I guess is that it is the Colombian cartel that is an yeah yeah yeah ion and not really sure everyone is okay that question Kendrick hurt people. 940 its Tony before chant. We'll be right back here whether our primary night election coverage on WL. In on the tax line 71307. On a Mac we have turned off the TV and have the radio turned up loud and it is. Well. Thank you like that but there. Bob must thank you leave for realizing the flag vote ruined Haley reputation and South Carolina and maybe wind Bryant lost. Bump up. Let me a rundown if you Leon County races here while him lay out a quick opportunity because some of these. 79% of the precincts reporting. I'm Martha Newton the incumbent has a ten percentage point lead. Anderson county council district four on the Republican side. Brett Sanders is leading 67%. To 26% over second place Glenn Biden junior. Anderson county council district six it is a 5050. Split between the incumbent Ken waters and the challenger. Jimmy Davis Anderson county council district seven on the GOP side for some reason we have none. Of the reports from there. Greenville county council district 28. I'm Dan tripped over Silvio Lockerby 78%. 222. Bronze in Anderson county said the council district seven Dow yeah cause that the incumbent had no opposition. Oh that's a shame because she elvis'. The one I'm looking at shows a Steve Sears. As the opponent not my guess what he must have dropped out of the race or I well I'm. I'd check on that okay have to check on and I Greenville county council district 28 band trip. As a said beating sell me a lot Camille Lawrence county council. District one. I camp yelled and mouse 40% of the vote. Susan Saxton 29%. Of the vote that's with 100% of the precincts reporting. Now Orange County council district five Jeffrey Carol. The winner with 50% of the vote. I'm not sure if that's plus one are not lap around the number. Pickens County council district one on the GOP side. That I believe is is on I am not running unopposed. I'm in Pickens County council district true. No a report there that may be unopposed as well Spartanburg county council chairman Manning away inch 75%. Of the vote with 97%. Of the precincts reporting. Spartanburg county council district true. And Jack mayberry with 54%. Of the vote William Crawford with 46%. And believe. That brings us up to speed. Yeah and now we're looking at updated district for congressional. Al let's this is tight okay with 39% of the precincts reporting only bright sun first with 32 point eight the big question right now is who is going to be in second go around with him. William Timmons is still on second place with fifteen point 2% just camera is at fourteen point 6%. And Dan Hamilton is a fourteen point four or so photo finish there between those three and a and apparently advertising payments. I yes dies it it pays really well. Gonna be interesting to see. Armed you know just Kimbrel has big DC money behind him yet William Timmons has his own money behind him. And he's independently wealthy and says he every gets if you Timmons or Kimbrel. In there it's going to be a bloodbath. Against selling bridges in terms of advertising. And then Dan Hamels and has there realtors military is behind him and that's Sam. They they'd already have pumped in a 166000. Dollars so there obviously that's down payment they're gonna come in with big money to. Comments show any of those three going up against Lee Brayton was not to be as well funded. And you're going to see a barrage of ads. Quickly has summoned the outhouse races South Carolina house district five Neil Collins with 50% of the vote Allen Quinn in second at 26%. We don't know yet if they'll have 50% plus one vote. South Carolina house district six Brian white the incumbent easily. In first place with 72% of the vote South Carolina house district seven. And let's get to a few here and now the upstate South Carolina house district seventeen Mike Burns the incumbent winning easily with 88% of the vote. A South Carolina house district eighteen. Tommy stringer with 68%. Of the vote district. District at twenty Adam Morgan 61%. Bobby Davis 39%. House district 21 Bobby Cox. Is that easily defeating the incumbent Phyllis Henderson went 53%. Of the precincts reporting Bobby Cox has 64%. Of the vote and fill us I never met a gas tax I didn't like Henderson at 36%. District 22 Jason Elliot easily winning with 62%. Of the vote. District 27. Gary Smith the incumbent again winning easily with 78% of the vote. House district 32 rule Max tied with 68%. Of the vote oatmeal. Open a white men stood at just 32%. Well behind. District 33 any talent the incumbent. Easily winning the 65%. Of the vote. District 37 Steve and along defeating Donna hicks 72%. To 28%. House district 48 Genzyme Magnuson easily turning back. The challenge from John Cliburn with 70%. Of the vote with 80% of the precincts reporting and district 42 Doug Gilliam. I was 54% of the vote with 100% reporting so he dug Gilliam has won that race as well. I'm assists mixing things clear with that under the Phyllis Henderson. I'm definitely very cellist and then you know voted for the gas tax will come on the station never did out there respond to the woman she wouldn't talk to me. Bobby Cox stocking meet let me come on let me come on let me come on Ellen -- -- until listeners in and he did any ran a great race too I'm just dispute could see he had great presence there are so excited that we finally have a representative from the district two will come on the station. And speak to US. Allen in viewing public that'll be exciting and so you really thrilled to see Bobby Cox they're also urges I Magnuson. On the establishment types here in South Carolina through a 100000 dollars behind his opponent to no avail in that is that this is punishment for opposing the gas tax and yeah. For being and that's exactly and generally not in their pockets and Iran they had in my kind of a weird land deal that he daddy did. And that there was some question about Iran tremendous amount of negative advertising over a 100000 out but he knocked he said on several thousand doors. And apparently that personally and that made the difference I think he he easily pull that off so good for good for ages I am angst and make and then his. Limited debt advertising. He pointed out that South Carolina glam our Club for Growth. I had named him as V most conservative member of the house affiliation and by the way there was a lot of confusion. About Club for Growth this on because there are true clubs for growth. There's one that ran a ton of advertising that is the national Club for Growth yes these South Carolina Club for Growth. Is in in many instances almost diametrically opposed to the national branch. Absolutely so it's easy for people to get confused between the two. I'm Bonnie Lee Katherine Templeton campaign must simply get one of Nikki Haley is a left over potholes. Haley's a legacy of bad roads and grandstanding on the confederate flag issue was temple turns political liability. I'm voting for Templeton felt like voting for Healy again no no. No. Bobby house open all laid Mendes doing he is losing badly. Bump up. Baba got some of the information now on the advisory questions yes yeah all the democratic side down on the medical marijuana 82% saying yes 18% no I'm standing here that's. Stunned on the Medicaid expansion. 93%. Yes 7% now. Then on the Republican side about the closed primaries or the registration by party right 82% say yes 18% no. And then the question of modifying the south won a state tax code to reflect the changes of the Trump's tax codes with the IRS 92% yes and 8% now and this is what about. Roughly 35 to 30% reporting they are on the east. And 13 of the voters unnamed Republican and Democrat side did not understand the question right. Well. It's been an interesting evening we got about two minutes left. Man but this is a this is the finish line in one instance and yet it's the start of the race and another. Yeah I'm really really excited about them the results the governor's race so much for realizing that race is now will and we come on now. Where he again with beyoncé and I would bet that too. Yeah identity and just because I'm this indeed John Warren truly is an outsider he's back now than any thing. And if he keeps his promises in Colombia and he's you know he's really going to truly be an outsider not just pretend to be in outsiders really insider. That's can be really exciting to watch. So Catherine Jamal Lewis. So much of an outsider she was an insider. There's animus or so much of insider just an outside. Coming in sideways. That she was an outside and remember sports fans can't tell the players about a program. As an you know for the district four race yes in fact in many of these instances you can't tell the players we program. Oh boy it's been an interesting evening will be back of course in a two weeks for the runoff election that when should be a substantially shorter broadcast hell yes. Yes not down to the wire and of course bright and early tomorrow morning a semi comatose terra. Will be a talking about the president is what I'm usually. Ghostly seven now. Yeah I'm I'm I'm my minister Ben I'm loopy yeah I'm loopy now and and then of course I'll be back tomorrow afternoon Chara and and we will be here bright and early in the morning. And now we will us sort through it all and and do our our post election analysis. The F forensic analysis that we have time to review. I hope that you enjoy the broadcast tonight we even enjoyed certainly bringing it to you. And down until we see you back in in two weeks or until terror seizure in the morning united tomorrow afternoon have a great evening thanks for joining us and countless thank you.