Sunday Nights with Seth and Dave 1 14 2018

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Sunday, January 14th

Seth and Dave sit down for a discussion on Trump's media commentary, SCE&G electricity rate hike debacle, Paul Campbell's utility investigation, and Tom Barilovits provides an update on the GHS lawsuit situation. 


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It is that time again. 5 o'clock on Sunday Cyril wanna six point three. WORD. Time for some nice nice to sudden they were taught meets action. Got response of the night by the freedom action now or South Carolina the premier grassroots organization Carol palm and say look into equipped citizens. With the tools they need to fight corruption take control or state government and actually at a K for freedom. Now let me ask you guys a question. Would you let a criminal. Investigate his own trouncing. Well that is essentially what the south Carol legislature is doing right now. As it pertains is electricity rate hike to buckle morrow Matt as we into the program. Dave earlier this week I don't know if you heard it but it sound that is that there is a massive explosion. Coming from the media called the DC in New York. As the president trump sat down with our congressional leaders from both parties the talk about immigration. Now I've heard. I says it happened in literally just felt like every single media heads head exploded. We had commentary on whether or not it was a farce whether or not truck backs that the presidential. So and so forth and I'll seen a lot different takes all this immigration. Meeting Dave. How did you take it was a big deal little Deal or No Deal. We're now I think certain you know I talked about this earlier in the week it looked. The wave that the media has reacted to his commentary. Which. Is you know it it you would think that a nuclear weapon had been dropped its New York City. I'll by the reaction. But the way that they're reacting. As compared to work. You know you and I live quit every day here in need no middle America. There's not that reaction at all and I think people are. Concerned they're geared. Because. Every single day we dough boy. What we have to go through to make ends meet. And that illegal immigration. Is a problem. It is big problems that we need to get control of this problem. And I that presently net president trump he campaigned on it. And I think he is video in earnest trying to. Figure out how weekend. Secure our broker because that is the most important job or I think the most important job the president. This and make sure that we are safe and secure. And then our borders are secure and they had no cure for a while now that I think for the first time along Italian president president trump they'll. Talking seriously about border security. And and book make the time now I don't think we should have doctor as part of this conversation not really don't I think they're two separate issues. But they wouldn't secure the border security is number awarded. I'll tell you the media had talked about racism and hate filled comments all the rest middle America saint. Put that wall opt insecure border. Well I think in like us at earlier there's been a lot different takes few assault we have one segment media saying basically. Then you know this was an on trump visited in around congressional leadership you had that. Bull come out basically paint him this kind of mentally unstable. Right as of now he says sale of these folks that televised meeting. You to see Donald Trump acting presidency to see him being commanded the issues on the bed this is actually appeal or stoic I'll present and you have. Another us labor in the media who basically now is claiming that. Donald Charlie selling Al the base that he's talking about. Are these compromises and making a deal. It's not quite clear whether or not like CCA ball border wall and what exactly be done when doc the world we dealt with will work rhesus. And so I think art from our perspective and and I think a lot of folks and have him shoot me in middle America. Their work in the have to deal with no verification of legal migration every day I think that we always see in a comprehensive immigration reform. But we have to start with the fact as you say America has a right and a duty defend its borders now well that's what they. A wall that literally stretches from you know sea to shining city on Mexican border. Or it is Leo right combination of a physical wall some places but homeland power down there. On this and make sure you don't have a drug cartels running folks over you don't have you know illegal immigration it emirates walking across the border and basically claiming a home. You know American rights and getting resources from the government that's gotta stop but we also need a seat and does what's coming is lost in the conversation a lot of times that. Our biggest problem isn't necessarily the border Ramey a yes spokesman literally walk across there once seen James O'Keefe. Palm video he literally walked across the border in a solved in one mask premiers its Ashley force but where the most com. Iteration occurs isn't at the border is with folks over staying there were Kris is so we allow him here for specified amount Tom. And then it was time to go home or they is disappear off the grid. And whereas we at the control that is well and so from from my perspective someone noon. Palme you know it was all win win when Donald Trump's talking about where to build a wall or a secure our borders. Well I won't actually see not only securing or borders beginning control our immigration system right now is at a control. And you can't be secure country if you don't know who's coming your country and win. And if you don't have natural when they supposed to leave and so. I hope that. I'm more I'm I'm leaning towards the opinion solve what Rush Limbaugh Carolina their day which was this was for trump. APR stunt the tried to mitigate disaster this coming out of that. On the book from wolf and with the Bayern quotes and and all that and I hope that's true because. The conversation he's a star now with daka Millwood would building the wall and eating grass for immigration system. We don't exist as a country and our immigration policy should not exist. To benefit foreigners they've issued benefit Americans and the American economy or any mayor in our society so. We'll see what comes out it might. For me I think is more a little Dillon a big deal I don't know silly thing you're Dennis Nolan may promises in this meeting on it really was sky just a flaw from our member. There and obamacare you partner in this to win Obama sat down would have senate in Nam. House Republicans to discuss our hill well nothing really substantial came out and needing an hourly and Alice silly things that some substantial and come out of meaning we solve this week. But it is telling once again to see how the media reacts to nearly everything Donald Trump Dulles as completely opposed even the slightest bit. Palm. Both praise for hammering Hank are congratulatory. Are saying this is like he's done a good job this won't want the president to do is set the scene that you see their heads literally explode on television. But switching from DC which is a mess and of itself back to close at home. Guys in the following this electricity rate hike the buckle for months now and the year your credit dating before it busts announces the on newspapers in the headlines you were saying this is a ticking time bomb. And now over alas some remotes we've seen that bomb explode. So basically we have a group of legislators ten years ago they pass a law school the base load review act for the busy Gaza and fall on the issue there are closely. NL wild on companies like duke I guess CNG our safety Cooper to raise their rates. To pay foreign investment into building a nuclear power plant. Which all the surface may sound fun right got to yet to make investments in the customers making investments will pitch and the biggest problems that a nuclear power though the world paying their role for. The actual reactor they're trying to build had never been tested so as a high likelihood alt failure. Well to make up for that. The politicians wrote in eagle all based on review act that if this un nuclear reactor were to fail. If the project were not to be completed and the walk away that it never produce a single kilowatt of electricity. Ratepayers are still the only Hulk for up to sixty years. To these companies later Rico of their losses. When he's all power plants went south. And now as a said we've seen over the last 678 months. Not only has SE NG Santee Cooper walked away from there VC summer our power plant nuclear reactor but also duke is walking away from they're hoping to ethnic. So now art there's a bit of a political crisis in the sense that we are never going to see any electricity produced. And yet the politicians have left us on the hook for billions of dollars going forward in the rate Payer on our monthly electricity bills on top of that. 08 billion dollars in debt for Santee Cooper which is a taxpayer own it or state owned electricity company. So overall we'll look for that. And so as is new for our business has been pretty simple day is that before you have any discussion about what to do next. You've got to remove the people. Who actually put this in a situation in the first place. And this is what we call the public utility review by a committee. We will always refer to as a perk for that you doesn't buy say don't fall issue as closely these this select group of politicians. That screen folks are going to public service commission those of the folks that a razor electricity rates they've done also not at ten years. They also street thugs you go to also regulatory staff these are the folks are supposed to be standing up for you. In our power congress try to raise your rates they tell me and have been doing a good enough job policing not rate hikes continues. We're paying the highest electricity calls on presidentially in the country and they also a public PSE a top Norris. Well police interview committee also screens of folks who will some will board for Santee Cooper. Which as I said before is eight million dollars in debt as a taxpayer owned electricity felt. So before you can go forward we say remove these guys from the process. But rather than doing so as we speak those same politicians who got a sense of this mess members of the purport. Are overseeing and investigating. This crisis and now negotiating a deal to sell SE NG. More this we get back from the right. 1803471063. Does he wanna join the conversation tonight Carol Sunday night. Was seven day they no longer following the the action this week to a football. But earlier we sold the jags beat the Steelers and now the vikings are beating the same thing they see a blatant morals and case Keenan showdowns. For the Super Bowl. When the week it really DUISL. I mean Roger Goodell out of the unit fingernail. I mean the the call me huge media markets of Minneapolis in Jacksonville being represented in Seattle and I think there isn't a Super Bowl played Indianapolis this year. It is so via a base hit a home game. Yeah this up I'm cheering we talk about this bomb meant to Moscow this whole NFL prices is breaking now. You know it's completely ridiculous and it would be displease him sweet justice if you head a case Tina blatant moral showdown Super Bowl and and Taiwan are always Gagarin target date to invite probably one of the lowest Super Bowl on a watch who tells the history of it's the hour and a curb and so. Long story short don't jags go bikes by so before the break we're talking about. Al politicians in Colombia or allowing the same guys who basically on manufactured in oversaw all this electricity rate hike to buckle. To still serve on the committee that is investigating it quote unquote and also negotiating a deal to sell SE NG and ask the top of the show Dave would you let a criminal. Investigate their own prancing. Absolutely not right if someone broke into your house. And stole things that you're safe. What do makes sense for them to turn around and hire the burglar to investigate a crime silly because he knows accommodations you're safe now know. To sings like a C lasers are more than happy. To have the same folks who settled the public utility review commission or committee who allows it to happen so now investigate it. And negotiate the selling all old on SE NG and how what do just quickly before we get into it names the folks were talking about. Because some tells we get down to. Or even in this private email who are these people right so on the senate side. Fir the Kirk and a on the senate side investigate all investigatory committee you have Thomas Alexander who was from here in the upstate I'm counting. You have blue Rankin who is it down in on the Myrtle Beach area Horry county. And then ran hot though who's a Democrat down awards are. So Thomas Alexander. Luke Rankin and Brad huddle on the senate side not only Selkirk and allow this. The awkward turn to a crisis. And now they've been entrusted by Hugh leatherman tool investigate. This crime. On the house side and you've got folks are present a bill Sandefur. Who is a Republican once again from a coney counting. He's also the ball vice chairman all perk. And also the chairman of house labor bill say effort out for those who don't know basically be shepherded the base a review act through the legislature. And when it comes to the good old boys you can't get much better than bill Sandefur. But went along with him you never resented our David Mack whose and Charleston and also armed might forced her our Republican here in Spartanburg. So Thomas Alexander. A bill Sandefur my forest are all appear in the upstate in these guys all saddled the public utility review committee and approved folks sit own. The public service commission the also ray tore staff and the Santee Cooper board. While this is happening all top of that. These cover charge but while Singapore perk to give annual performers reviews day. All of the public service commission deals are tour staff in Santee Cooper. And and always gave them glow remarks to a great job guys and then all of a sudden. Eight months ago we all woke up and figured out that actually plays are also swell. Actually we've been swindled from billions of dollars and working families in South Carolina are paying 20%. Of the monthly bills. So all nuclear reactor project it's never going to produce electricity. Well early and looked certain beat you wanna blame a group of people specifically. A group of people for the highest monthly electricity rates in the country. It's the six people you do think absolutely they are directly. Responsible. He wore the folks that continue here in year out. To raise our rates to raise our electricity bills to make it to the point where in some cases for many people it is simply. Not affordable anymore. So those of the six characters right now. That I think are too quickly to blame and set that you mentioned. There are also this six characters that are in charge really. Responsible. For investigating what went well. And so you know like you said. The burglar. You know the police car in the burglar that they came in here have that stole your your valuable whether fox guarding man announced however you want to. Describe it or or bring India analogies. The bottom line is these are that you heard me do it cold well politicians. That not only put out on the hook for the entire debacle. But now we're the ones responsible. For investigating what role can. Deal with some degree. For negotiating. A possible deal. A new. Right it's so these guys have to go to that they absolutely have to go we cannot allow these guys to sit on the committee any longer. They need to be investigated. These guys need to be the hit but the point then in an investigation. Right they need to be the target of an investor. I'd forget didn't investigate anything they need to invest in his. Absolute right. What and they'll they'll be wondering is that so. When we talk about what would could possibly be the justification. For allowing these guys remain in power always committees to messier. And personal as back up what was supported this committee in the first place brightness investigating the crisis right what are they trying to find are well. Luckily for us our folks at the nerve dot org which guys your not following the nerve. They are the only true investing investigative. A journal salad in Colombian is gonna tell you what is going alone but in Colombian state house and they went straight to the source. Some of these guys ask why would you allow. Are these folks have remain on park our own from the perk remain at least a committee and that furthermore what does the for the committee what have you found these had hours and hours testimony. What is your conclusion. So they went sue shame Massey. Who has won the job. A coach Ayers sitting on little on the senate side of the committee. And they asked them all you ever gonna publish you know what you found. Any says quote I don't think you're going to see a specific written report from our committee and that's what we're really funny this is all is all dog and pony show as we set from beginning. But even worse on sale of Massey has always say and what can certainly understand the criticisms of the park we think shame you think you can understand it. The president billions of dollars in debt will look every month we open our mail box we see our electricity bill. Will look for your stroke you can. Certainly understand. Then why in God's name Shane are you co chairing a committee that has the same guys from the perk side by side with you. David you always answer is what did he says well they're helpful because they knew what questions asked are you need a you give me so going back to Mars or question so breaks into your house. Least they rob you of your valuable from a safe. The police are investigating should they hire the criminal to investigate it simply because he already knows how to crime was committed. I bet that he knows the questions asked TRE knows they have Safeco day. Like this is also heard and for the sit there with a straight face and saying. Well we've spent you know hours and hours of our time we subpoenaed he wouldn't give testimony. You know we used taxpayer dollars we've done a hold dog and pony show weren't gonna give you any written reports but by the way the guys who perpetrate a crime or to sell this committee. Jesse of them political comer. Is beyond absurd. But not to be outdone by Shea Massey hall Campbell. All lied to the police Campbell who also says it was investor who investigatory committee. Was not to be outdone stick around to hear what Paul had to say a million per members own law committee. And we are back Errol sunny nice to southern naval 106 point three WORD. And before the break we're talking about Hal South Carolina legislators are essentially allowing the criminals who perpetrated the biggest fraud. While South Carolina is now investigate their own crime. When in pertains is electricity rate hike in my. And the nerve not a war which once again guys or not ball check them out went straight to the source and ask these politicians. Wanna would you ever allow. The same guys to serve on the committee. That over and created this thing over solid and ignore the problem why would you allow them. Of all people to investigate this thing. And coursing Massey who is a majority leader as sing message Dave. We have a long storied history was Shane Wright say those guys who loves to talk conservative right. You rarity in a gas tax hike debate he loved the run the media tell about how god awful quote god awful. Again sex type of day how we actually had to have some reforms idiot saying daddy out only Nolan. And then one the end of Dylan. In a vote for the large guest excited state history that is not gonna fix our roads and did not any accountability into the system are the DNC. So when asking line change who co chairs owns invests L one of these committees while you allow perk our board members always committee says. Well they're helpful because they knew what questions they ask. And how ridiculous but as I said before the break. Not to be outdone by saying. Paul lines of the police Campbell knew a state senator from low country your neck of the woods that right now is served under investigation. After rear ending a young lady on I 26. Bomb a couple months ago while driving under the influence of alcohol and then lied to the police about what happen. And not just one of those old castle mine lies. It is literally pull the old switcheroo people don't feel we didn't and a testimony from a lady who was hit by him. He literally switched cheers are switched seats with his wife. And tried the blue in the wreck or car. I mean this guy's an outstanding. Moral character alone by the way he chairs the senate ethics committee. So it doesn't give you a snapshot and the South Carolina politics. I don't know ball what will but he's also owned toppled being all the chair of the senate and actually Dave. Paul Barnes who police Campbell is also a member of this investigatory committee looking into the electricity or hide the mock. And when asked you know why would why would you hold people Paul being included all the same. His response was quote will I ran aluminum plants plants the consumer got a lot of energy. It's nice house. I can't wait opera not at my house in a lot of energy so I consider myself an expert William had given me an aluminum plant meaning that that didn't. That's that's the specifications that we need to sit on the sub committee apparently and he also added that the reason you know he himself would be on the subcommittee is does he is quote. Data driven now. Was he data driven Dave when he lied to the police about who was driving the vehicle new rearing today yelling don't 126 couple months ago. Who welding set boogie you know eight stated driven. He must've known him and that's what conflicts or fossil finally here is a little got robbed. And all of that Napoleon site yes they're yes and and I'll call 86870. Opt out if you stay out there is as low and be fat cat politicians are. Ed and but we stick around the middle or as they say it's that you get a bit it's written. No company fears that draped in the outback before god and it broke our charge riding. 08 BorgWarner. Or even better than that. You can't think. When the cop asked him if you know how much you have to drink he says while the camel. So point oh Tori maybe a point oh file it. The man below point 09 some guy out data driven ISIS' and little law the law just a little but it. Campbell's special case and not just because he has a well on occasion likes to consent to me beverages and a lot of police about it he's also special on that. He is a special relationship with SE NG in scam which is one of the you know all businesses who are under investigation quote unquote. From these committees now. Real quick I wanna play you a little audio. From a commercial from scanner that aired a couple of years ago. We need give it to our family's income and energy diversity secure future and it seems even missing an alternative forms of energy. Winds nuclear and solar. We need it today. In Disney energy is saying. London links created right here right here in South Carolina. Blue. Rush here in South Carolina I believe. That was the odd notorious state senator Paul Campbell. NA and for the power company that he is now investigating. As it pertains to the buckle. And he had the gall now not that I'm shocked we are talking about man once again who has lied to police but had the gall to say when asked. Why you know he or anyone else who had their fingers and on this the bottle anyone who has benefited from skin in CD why would they be included. In investigating on this crisis he says quote I don't think anyone on the special senate investigatory committee is biased one way or the other hurt the malice and commercial. For the company he's investigating. Well not only that set a mean look all of the major executives of that CE NG. She forward Paul which campaign donation no taxiing out to the no limit on their campaign donation to call Campbell so this lamented his. Ultra familiar with as he India and the way they do business because we basically been bought by. You know and and that's that they have been. Even the mainstream media is getting rid of this except with with the perk bored out there was a great article in the post and Kirk just yesterday. Talking about how these politicians on the work. I have been blinded dye they'd been given meals they'd been given vacation they've been given. Either special words from these corporations shouldn't utility companies. And we wonder why. Were aimed at the box or worry and we wonder why. These politicians. Have put out. For ransom they what we wonder why he made some of the highest electricity price in the country and why that yes see what the legislature points and Eric. Robert stands every damn electricity rate hike that these companies that work. It's because these guys are all of the day and we didn't say that for quite some time more rare rhetoric over and over again and that he's got underlying I don't think so look. They're making money at our expense. And they're not conservative and that's when it hit all four re pretty art. No absolutely and the thing is that people have to understand it. As we see the politicians are not gonna do the right thing left to their own devices they are more than happy to not only Culver for. The electricity rate hike the model and and give their themselves and their college comer. They won't even remove Campbell. From chairing the senate ethics committee when he under investigation for lying to the police. I mean let's of their own devices these Gaza blocked the cover things up promised they will withdraw make a Maloney. And then there are actually knock a server in the only way we can actually forced them to do the right thing is real constant pressure. From their constituents and from folks across state. As a guise of you wanna ball put that pressure when you or politicians or interstate ramp when you say sender and even the governor. Text the word drain. The five to 86 we are a drain the swamp down there this text the word during DR AI and to number 52886. As in give you the chance and about thirty seconds to send a message to your politicians say hey these guys have got to go. You would not let a criminal investigators own crime scene you can L at the same politicians. Who created this mess in Maine is that the last decade to now investigated and we don't know I'm talking yet about the fact that they're started negotiate. A deal to sell a CNG. So once again are these just take it upon themselves they created this debacle and now I take it upon themselves to quote unquote fix the problem. Well I don't let you David but I don't have very much confidence. And in these guys doing the right thing particularly because as you say they have been wined and died in ball all. The last ten years by utility companies now we're just giggle about Paul Cahill we will stick around middle. The less the same for all them is because every single day. They're going to lunch is sponsored by special interest groups the go to dinners and in dollars sponsored by special interest groups. Like these guys are on papal you know less we sandal. Let's get situated taxpayers actually stand up and the man he's got removed from the position the power. Is going to be the same old same old have you it's our save you wanna send that message you wanna stand up to say enough is enough text the word drain the five to 86. So if they get the heart of everything that we talk about we get we Galbraith. Which is. That these guys these politicians in Columbia continually ignore work. The most basic needs of government right we got school boxes breaking down yup we've got. Wonderful for educational systems in the culture kids are really learning anything in this classroom we've got. Our roads are Brodeur crumbling right we got potholes everywhere. There are too which we pay the most of the highest tuition to public school look I herself these portion of the country. Yet when that column to. Giving away our tax dollars to major corporations. These politicians are all of that like quite all right and it it thinks high edit. And like that you suggested. In less we say all these guys nonstop. Court to force 7365. India. And let me vote some of them now. Nothing's gonna change. You have solar gals weren't taking a charge them more local would've following this GHS takeover and they see the selling of Apollo gas said. In room for quite some Tom will be joined at third the break my town girl that's who won the lead citizen activists tried to the charge on this and stop the slept. From rural county citizens will not know that we met. Sale with me everybody jaguars vikings for the Super Bowl. By he's now seventeen up though the saying says we're Tom out earlier. Sweet justice who would be the CA Jacksonville Minnesota. Super Bowl just the kind of rub it in eagle from the guy and Roger Goodell. And all these NFL players who continued disrespect or National Anthem our flag. Let's see if they'll have the lowest rated Super Bowl in history go Jacksonville. Go Minnesota. Gas for the break house saying we're gonna talk more about this ongoing all lawsuit. And a home situation with GHS through health system basically over a year ago the board of trustees of GHS which by the way. Is a point in screened by your state legislative delegations and you're looking at who's responsible. For all this going down. Is the state politicians who allow all these board trustee to take control of ths and now they have privatized that own their own accord. A one point five billion dollar public asset they privatized. For though whopping. Price tag of one dollar. So of course several citizens were. Very upset about this one of which is Tom world it's is going to be joined the series the second and they're leading a lawsuit. To try to stop when they seizing illegal theft of a public assets from remote county. Now politicians. Not to be Al Don had try to forge ahead. And first of all. We had to stop the co mingling of the debt between GHS. Implement a health which is further down state had stopped that because if we allow that to happen. It's tougher and tougher to for the wall sued to be carried out and actually untangle dismissed. And stop this cell blunt JH yes. So first we are able to stop that. Not to be deterred some say politicians even some many on here in the upstate. The side there to try to introduce a bill in the same house called H 4528. Which basically would be an end around the wall suit. That would authorize the GH as board of trustees which once again. These remote county all politicians appoint to the board give them the authority to go ahead. And privatized JH yes go ahead and all co mingle the debt went other entities try to consolidate as much as possible. So word got out about all the bill that was coming out is on sponsored by. First master a thing aired Bedingfield nearly upstate and also shot under all the doled Dillard my. Say route. Home are still there names are still won't. But once the green herbal Tea Party. Found out about this they got a bullhorn they got their act with some born. To try to talk some sense into the green mechanic delegation particularly the members who had their names as sponsors on this bill. They've already allow the board of trustees to sell all they want point five billion dollar asset. At least give us the timing court RD and for the fight it doled dornin around. And we're out unwelcome in Tom world it's what's the a word got out its party into folks actually start called these guys what do we see happen Tom. Well I tell you unsettled could talk at you armed. I think it was a total force by the Greenville Tea Party led by proper at least Dutch group called wind this thing and and and I'll put together an email sent out an alert out all his members of the Tea Party members. And and so the guy in those guys like bank filled. Bannister Hamilton trotman Gillard Elliott and Anderson all the state reps call went to that and they'd they got scared 'cause all the more run for reelection in Henderson and Eliot. And platinum Hamilton always do their names from the south from the abomination of a bill. To give GHS an end run around the loss that we got going on against them so. I get kudos to that the ring multiparty and then at least got so mad I think. I think it showed you what a little bit of work to do ground workers do abstain to what that legislatures duly. And bring him back home to these people who represent you think hey what you do and they may they act like older and we did know this bill going on. Yeah sure they didn't know payola going on a lot of Mac like they were just put on the main why would you put your name on a billion read I've I think our. It today absolutely as like that nothing is absolute kudos the Tea Party. But don't give any kudos these politicians for taking a name alpha build and they never should've had sponsored in the first place. Yet they're doing and really I mean we should we congratulate him on doing that thing there are exposed to do which is support the taxpayer advocates particulates in the upstate. By being against this taking them a multi billion dollar taxpayer asset for nothing. What you know when they're supporting that they should be. On our side. Be against that be would guys like represented Mike Burns Gary Smith and Dwight Walt this and and Tom quarter and those guys. On the good side of the same be on the bright side not the dark side of this thing in and so it sounded good big war to carried a happy new UK. Give it a day are you doing happy new year acute. It's January 14 day yelling go do you think. It's. Okay. People put me so so Tom little fat. So the law suit that they basically took what we talk about the Alicia previously. Is basically to. Tried to walk back this whole privatization of the Greenville hospital system and so what they try to do the bill essentially does that they'd they'd put him. It's being at session last week was. Basically he'll walk around that in trying to codify that. This new board is is this is the right way to go about things then and that essentially this would delete to. The private today privatization of the Greenville hospital system without really any walk back it all it would it would basically nullified Walt is that correct yet. And I think you know and everybody like to call it privatization like all great privatization are great but Roy you know we we believe in privatization in the free market that this is anything but. This is day like effect you know the privatization does not take if somebody else's that's it for not that you know so well I am. In a liquidity policy on the doubled our politicians and public yummy double down the politicians look those guys knew either they knew. Where they or or they put on the public little public didn't know what the bill say which either way is not a good answer I mean that that hit Danny Campbell and Josh Putnam I think forgot that they just on the front for secretary of state. You know it can be responsible for her may need bill that they attempt. Actually certify under the law that you don't know what would you put your name on that the whole the issue altogether but either way not a good answer. And I think I think one final thing is that what I try to do and anybody can do that they go to SE Alps artistry outside government website look upbeat build and all they do you didn't type in names like hitters in the sewer bills she's cosponsor and and just read the deacons of bills you'd be surprised. Build it sound really good. But down there there's some exemption for big hospitals you some stupid you know right what are you doing in elk. And you just kind of watching carefully read this it's not that complicated and ever cities in the game ball. Just start doing a little bit of homework and start rolling out process works on the delegation in my county council level. And just. Regal green what's going on these these they have to split everything in writing a bill to be odd to get anywhere they have submitted to the take out government web site you read it. Seems cosponsored need these abomination in the. You can check out among the early right now it SC Statehouse on gulf looking at the text of H forty found 28 which is the bill. We're talking about. You don't you can see not only the on the summary see the full text but more importantly you can track Wayne year of the bill's going hasn't been assigned to a subcommittee or committee hearing. He's coming up for debate. Could this be clear. In of these guys who pulled her name Alter their Jason Elliot phils Anderson you know great job this bills I go anywhere it's still a threat. And with folks like Bannister betting fill in and Dillard here in the upstate still sponsoring the bill. You can bet it's gonna have its day if from a subcommittee or committee earlier on the floor so we're keeping knowledge and will be post not a it's not all our FaceBook page. Off FaceBook dot com for slash candidacy but just to reiterate Al's point if you wanna get bought it they naked. Fairly simple. And a lot of sounds you get down into the nitty gritty of bill's big it's confusing to the summaries are all plain English and once again you can track where these bills are go and and see who's on the bill who supporting whose voter for an committee. SE Statehouse Saigon is a great resource on the we as taxpayers should all be using and after all does are now. But Tom thanks for join us tonight it'll. I'll will be talking to you soon all as a saying things develop and as the wall's suit a moves forward in court. If I was worried Tom Brady is gonna probably run a Super Bowl I just again it's not listen I'm not according to operate like I'm they would probably gonna homeless and listen you're not gonna Graham operate in my dream of seeing a blatant portals and chase scene in Super Bowl aren't. Vessels going down. Go vikings go jags but Tom thanks to join us now talk to say Gary got several great product. He had downtown area now a mole bored with a Minnesota Jacksonville. Super Bowl because once again we thought this is sweet justice for Roger dale and in all honesty. It it would be sweet justice those Tom and the lawsuit that it is go for now. Word on do this catastrophe we ths and it is I can't imagine. Haven't the goal that he state politicians do. To put people in charge me one point five billion dollar public asset. They just give away for a dollar that's not privatization de that's charity. And that's ridiculous but they're staffed essentially theft and guys will be back here next week same time same place doors then.