Sunday Nights with Seth and Dave 1 7 2018

Sunday’s with Seth & Dave
Sunday, January 7th

Seth and Dave discuss the upcoming legislative session in Columbia, the 2018 gas tax hike, getting rich at the voters' expense, and the utility rate hike.


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It is that time again. First time and 28 scene 5 o'clock Carol Sunday night only wanna six point three W already it is time for Sunday night to set and they've worked talk meets action. We response tonight by the freedom action number South Carolina. The premier grassroots organization here and implement a state. Look into the quit schism with the tools necessary not just the fight corruption but actually take back control or state government and advocates for freedom. Guys you're not chicken and I'll FaceBook you're missing now FaceBook dot com for slash fantasy. He daily updates about what's going on Columbia. How are trying to waste our money and more importantly which you can do about it assays return tonight usually apart the conversation. Ply your phone gives a call 1803471063. And Dave we've got a lot to talk about tonight you know we do have been your public. Avenue you relic of seems like you guys got a model ice and snow are -- and new year download country do we did in. You know I'm just I'm glad it's over and I'm glad to mark's going to be close to sixty degrees because. You know I I don't like the stuff when I was aggravated and being in the upstaging you know almost and a round to see an awful and on what eagle reported you grew are very strange you girl hello Tom I willed. Again it's not what I do now like is sold of freezing temperatures with those not. You know in his aggravated me this past week we've had nothing but freezing temperatures no Islam. It's supposed to normal on Tuesday. You wanna guess the first day where it's all rain falling offs thing. Tuesday sort of from all of what are cold and dry to cold wet still most notable. The look in anything over six series is a good game I'm and Eads don't wanna deal with all that they mean the freezing. We have the same thing it's been frozen down there the problem is when there's snow and ice aura around. Yeah a deal that for a week and it hadn't informants. It's not easing and it actually is you know it is dangerous in some degree. Now come from Merrill which you don't machines we don't have to deal with a week to shut down we yeah I read open the last two or three weeks he was going to be a two day ordeal. We locked the door to tunnel fire garrison blanket watching movies and that's you know the economy society shuts down if we get a little business I think and I've been praying for that month. A last guys the legislative session here in South Carolina right around the corner. And for those of you know fallen goes for the last couple months. You know we have no love lost for the politicians out of Columbia non. And whether it is passing lords gas tax hike in state history weather's is electricity rate hike to buckle or this new proposal raise our sales tax or even our property tax. Please don't seem to have our best interest heart. And so as you roll into legislative session on board knows saves me a lot of issues pop in my life you know and that we want to take the night. The kind of set the framework for how you look at these issues as a pop well. The fact of the matter is a lot of towns that the mainstream media gives these alters the benefit of the now. He of one single issue Kamal and they they take the but the Paulson say at face value culmination. But the fact is we take a wave. On a look at the body of work of our South Carolina State Legislature there's three things we can all assume about it or on conclusion though. The first is they lie and hide things from state. Very clear we sold and gas tax hike when they were sitting and lying to our faces saying in this guest expert wasn't gonna fix roads. And now in the past the ones we've seen it. The money is going our coming from the new gas excite is going to nobody older man. These lobbyists and special interest groups that were pulling for the guess that's like the whole way right and we're seeing new construction projects we know try to push Rossum the three. Astle C potholes all over green bunny scene in the local preacher that just are not getting filled bridges are not being repaired they lied about. The same conclusion come to is that they get rich at our expense in the day we don't know for Hugh leatherman has sold John party to a to a couple more examples. Or able to use their position of influence and and their public office to get private gains it prided Maloney and and makes them rich yeah. No I mean and that that's really. In its common sense right mean folks we see this all the time and and citizens across this is. He you get these things that run for office. They come from humble means or or Reno. They come from just normal households in middle class counsel assimilated got seemly is semi decent fellows that he go to church with them or he seem at the grocery store. And then after her you know 246. Years a few terms get under their belt right all the sudden they are there would they leave millionaire spinning. End and you wonder how that happens and particularly when your making I mean by a wall they're making 101400. Dollars a year right what you read in the expenses legal loopholes they get about 32 grants totaling and so I don't know what you -- bit about Macon 32 grand a year I'm not going to be a millionaire in six straight years now so something has to be a little here that allows and they get rich and it's not getting richer and honest manner. Is getting rich at our expense what's using their position of power. To gain an unfair advantage of everybody else absolutely and that's really how that network trade is that. Because there're fingers are on similar as they have so much power in Columbia set we talk about the power monopoly over time. It's so much power in Columbia. That there are businesses there's entities as other government entities they need them to do their bidding in Columbia and they will pay a premium price to do that. Well we have a complete concentration of power and a complete lack of oversight. Over these guys and we'll talk about later in the show these the loose ethical we have. The factor exempt themselves from four request for it and these are serious trials for the third conclusion comes as the first they lie and hide things from. Second is that a year retailer expands the third conclusion you can come to looking at the body of borrowing and all the votes from. The south Carolina's the South Carolina legislature less can be years. You can conclude in radically date they are not conservative or eight I mean there's a litany of all issues you can go to our whether it is. Increasing spending every you know weather's affect the constitutional care he's been killed. Our weather is the fact that we still in ultra red ultra conserve South Carolina Dave we still gonna how personhood bill. To defend the unborn right as of Gaza's only power wanna talk about tonight is not any one particular issue. But the way if you look at all the issues what are the trends that we see from our legislators down in Columbia from our politicians who are supposedly. Conservative Republican. And how we should look at those issues and in the framework that we should seasons they again. As you said says. The media the mainstream media. The politicians themselves are going to want to jump around on issues they're gonna wanna talk about issues like. I saw one of the bills and they were a senator Ross turf from Greenville. You know fining people who drive in the left lane to well I mean. Look I'm not saying it's not a problem is it is that really what we should be spending our time Mullen and of course. That's what the politicians whenever they want to throw bunch a shiny objects out there and they want us to go chase them. Only to ignore the problems that you just mentioned the fact that. They do lie and hide things on a regular basis the fact that they do get rich on our backs and the fact that. They again year after year go against what they promised on the campaign trail that there are conservative. When in fact if you look at what is passing you look at the laws that are being implemented bills that are being introduced. They're not even close to being anywhere near conservative and set. As you and I know and we've talked about this many many times. I consider myself. A marginal Republican you know I've been involved in the Republican party for as long as I can remember him and raise money for Republican candidates all Modi yesterday I guess it but I'll tell you it. You know we know we come at this from a conservative perspective party be damned right right. At the end of the day party means nothing here in the state of South Carolina doesn't healing actual crystals being implemented as a lead actual freedom that's actually parties work that's absolutely right and natural we have in this state in and so what that framer that you laid out is exactly. How everyone of our listeners should be looking at all of these issues it doesn't matter if you literacy rate hike to buckle it doesn't matter if it's the gas tax like it doesn't matter if it's personhood it doesn't matter it's constitutional Cary. Everything should be looked and viewed as pay ROK are these guys lying and hiding things are they getting rich off my back. And is this conservative right and and that's really what and we wanna try to get people to focus on that level because that will change the game it will make it easier to hold. These politicians these legislators in Columbia. Accountable for their actions no absolutely knew that you deploy. About the Dequan bush shiny object ball approaches and these guys do all the time they still want to things and they hoping captures the of the voters' attention. And obscures the fact willing to all of the last two or four years. And it's funny girl Ross turner now how great is it that his shiny object and throw out as we define these guys in the left lane the drop into slow. Ross focus on actually fixing potholes he's got kind of odds the left lane the first. It particularly because Ross charter here in the upstate. I'll say senator. Is what the guys who spearheaded the quotable compromised beyond that led to even guess how excited I mean it is absurd the guys. We are gonna deep dive into this alms lay out the alarming hide things they get rich at our expense and they are not conserve rug take issue by issue. And walking out got stick close after the break. It is the first edition of Sunday night the seven day Carol 106 point three have you already of 28 saying. And now it is when he eighteen guys I hope you're saving your gas receipts. Have a because thank you to our lawmakers and their dedication to their constituents. They have of course enact a large gas tax I say history but they've bloods. Eighty savior gas or your gas receipts they major us. I'll respond viewed as very we have with deceive or receipts at that we can ask permission for money back again and their money back from a gas tax hike in the my won the first place entering right now before the break we're talking about this on kind of free Emery can look at Omar politicians or rather they are. I'm lying and hiding things from us where they're getting rich at our expense or that is playing not conservative. And I think it it'd be of I was kind of walk through each category Tom Dawson issues that it that it. Really illustrate where talk about him now it's about lying and hiding things there's not a better example against excite. Well meaning you own on multiple level right and we were talking beer in in between the break him. Not only. Is it the the whole fantasy in this fallacy really gripe that the politicians put out there that look if you just give us a little bit more. Now 72% tax hike. We were just exploited neighborhoods if they'll fix those words don't worry we're gonna fix on this potholes that pot hole out there the have to swarm around every day on your way to work worker affix them that pot hole out there are ledger for won't get a hold of that we're gonna make sure that we fill that one. Make sure that roads news seeing get the word out. That ain't gonna happen we knew that was a lot. What they did it in set we document this many times they changed the old ball right they changed the wording of the law not necessarily the attack and I mean not only the tax who. So we pay more money. But they changed the wall so that they could funnel even more of our money. To the state infrastructure bank run which is you know Hugh leatherman baby that deal resourceful and it's a slush doesn't exactly right. It's to build roads and politically area areas that politically benefit them gripe and that they can make money off of and so I mean that that. Wouldn't be MB Tug has formed when you go to the DMV mail all of your freezing hints of when you renew your license or when you renewed your. Are you Reggie registration drive right all of that money is being funneled. Too bad potentially to the state infrastructure bank led the means you know Hugh leather mints for corrupt slush fund. And that's that is a gleam lie because they said that money was gonna go to fix our roads right it's not gonna go to fix our rental. And is the backfield so before the gas tax I was passed we oppose it for multiple reasons first and foremost. They can't funny morning you know I mean the the transportation of budget increase data nearly doubled. And last seven or eight years so defected from the so we don't have the Maloney was from the gay ghetto. A home a load of crap yeah and they are lying about that the F. Make it worse. You have a guy Hugh leatherman who appoints folks to the DOT commission what do which is some animal model Reitman. He also sits only used a portal to the state infrastructure born for the folks who are not com. Into into the details of this opening. Basically a short your bank is indeed exist solely to create new roads and new bridges are new transportation and infrastructure projects is nothing to do with fixing bottles. There's nothing to do with fixing our bridges hasn't absolutely nothing to do was what they said they were gonna do with the scans ranks high. But furthermore there's only a handful of states in the country to have an infrastructure. Bank by far. All ours is the most and dead yes ten million dollars two million dollars in debt right so. Not only are we supposed to believe that the original gas tax hike now wasn't that the fix roads. Were all supposed to Barnes to the fact that two billion dollars of debt and infrastructure bank. Has not all the still are for show action needs him. So well. And set to add to that I mean look at that do you concede that gas tax money. And we just phase of that that every time we go to the pump right. We as a little lawyer here on it yeah it there's there's absolutely. No doubt that money is going to pay off Sid debt. Right so it's not gonna go fixer and actually gonna cover the debt. Absolutely not as and it did beyond that so the first our first objection Willis there's plenty of moaning and then the second was there's no accountability in the structure. Okay so the live from their sample was actually threefold first solicitor to fix the roads. That's not the case. They said that. Alan balls then when I was gonna go to repairing existing roads and not to the ball political bodies and insiders and the lobbyists are on report. Well that was a lot within the furthermore. The idea that you're gonna similarly to an infrastructure bank. Right as somehow that's going to all fix things or with the DOT commissions when there's no accountability for the taxpayers right wing and they they watch Lisa what do fix that. They came at the exact date tonight on Campbell DOT commission Wright who is a wasting our money for years we have unaccountable state infrastructure bank has an infusion even more cash. Meanwhile it's under the fall Hugh leatherman who is as corrupt as they Caldwell NL is two billion dollars in the world. Let's also throw in that they catch of all of this right which is the second category that we talked about as they can get rich off our backs. For busy don't go right Hugh leatherman state senator when those corrupt politicians in the country I would argue. Okay he makes money off of transportation contracts it owns a concrete company that gets transportation. Contract he makes a living. And quite a nice living I might add right on this all on the more money flowing into these transportation and he's in the state in the federal government. And so this guy is getting rich off our backs and all of these politicians because he's so powerful. All of our politicians for the most part I mean 80% of whom I think their only twenty minutes against in the house and a handful of votes against in the senate. They all bound down and said you know what you know Hugh leatherman. Will will give you more money will help you get rich will vote for this gas tax hike. And that's really the crux of of this entire thing this entire debate was being driven by one corrupt politician trying to make money get rich on our backs. When I guess I adore Tom on earlier said these guys go into a job or career that makes 101400 dollars a year and most 32000. And come out millionaires and I guarantee you leatherman is living better. In any citizen legalize Alison we we have is that it's an eye cells is the right there on the the corner load in the country club playing Hillary normal moral right pending final hole one okay let's say he's living the way better than any other fourth carry citizen they can even 32000 dollars a year yet. And it doesn't the kicker is it now is feeling better he's living better at their expense and yes all of our expense our expense you that ever would really like. Ticks me off about it is is if you're Hugh leatherman right and you. You're snowman in yet nothing the pollution Russell go for write him have a go for broke down what aggravates me is all the other senators all the other politicians who'll call over for him. Right we all remember though the game of musical chairs that Ken and Brian play with Hugh leatherman the top lieutenant governor right now. Jewel let me should be out of the state senate right now yeah win Nikki Haley was an attempt for embarrassing you win. And all of lieutenant government master than lieutenant governor became the governor. By constitutional wall the president of the senate which issue leather. Shouldn't assume the role of lieutenant governor yes now Hewitt wanna give up his position he'll stop getting rich. And our stance that's right so what do you do he concocted a scheme along with our now gubernatorial candidate Kevin Bryant. The plague on these chairs where Ken O'Brien would assume the opposition to present the senate for a mere few hours. Before becoming lieutenant governor. And in the rest of the senate Dana re appoint you are re voted in leatherman as the president you know so there's a single. Our states are under whether it's a ross' starter. Or a home a Scott tally or anyone else here in the upstate that is not responsible for the fact that this man continues to run a corporate structure making a dent. Continues to not fix our roads and reducing get rich off the entire system down no look I'm an end and that's says I mean either you turn that and then you go into. It is this the way that that this is in this controlled them we'll talk about after the break it. Man oh man I mean his son lol yeah his is a lobbyist old commit any on the DOT commission and how to get there. Could shoot leatherman is his father and now it's it's absurd Deborah tell about this and more get back also we've got a few callers please home after the break we love the challenge yet. Gaza Sunday night with seven naval wanna six point three of you Gordy. 1803471063. If you wanna join the conversation I guys. We are talking about how South Carolina politicians routinely line hi thanks for Ellis. And they get rich at our expense and Hal ultimately they are not conservative. Though Fulbright they were talk about the gas tax hike in a particular Hugh leatherman and same structure bank and how he has not a complete bowl. All over the entire transportation spending history in the state analysts control over the money goes but he also directly to his old concrete company. And his deity contracts. Are for the break you were alluding to affect not only does Letterman. You don't have this position of power we also put his son animal John hardy only DOT commission he got a break down those what that. But but he does this so well battle deity mr. Well look I mean the guy's a lobbyist for a transportation related company. And and is do they they depend on contracts. To be able to Munich Eliza product they're they're the guys with the signs you know decide Brody see that. What restaurants and gas well is probably for chick filet is out tea and and so it's just absurd. That that conflict of interest still occurs. In today's you know government and and that these guys can get away with this and again goes back to. They lie they hide things they get rich at our expense. And here you have John hardy who's a commissioner in the south Carolina department transportation who lobbies. He may even lobby himself we know it all on our show for for contracts and so it would be illegal he did that that's right now that's a crazy thing he's faced way seventeen. These guys seem to think that the Internet doesn't exist but because simply Google John Doherty and figure out exactly what his profession isn't what he's doing all they seem to think were stolen back in 1987 most these guys got elected him model like. That you know back doing several called loading. I think you can look at these folks work and a gala with murder and look they get away with because they have bright and until the citizens stand up. And and basically wholesale. Get rid of these guys entering the swamp in Columbia. They're gonna continue to do it because they can't have done away with news of it it's a behavior pattern they've gotten away with the and so if if people are innocent citizens of folks tolerate this and allow this to go on this can continue its up to us I mean a citizen we got to stop this. A lot of stuff they admit you know even during session you can put pressure on these guys on the ultimately they really pay the price of the election. That's not. But now with John hoarding we don't have to wait for gene Wright has had to go to ringmaster could fire jumped forty from the DOT commission to mall road yup now yesterday actually yesterday or any time will the most all passes us and yes I saw it best. Already it's as they took office bottle. But and he needs to do so right. Right now eighty yesterday were in better yes but the fact is is the the political reform they gave us with the DNC but the guess excite is of the governor now can't fire. The decommissioned now am reporting on. Is is a bit of a hassle right. But he at least farm and his own discretion yup and that anyone is our firing now it wooten is filing off duty commission to bodily Mike Wooten. All last year was also signaled it's the commission was also received some contracts and DNC but he's been forced out thank god. Announced efforts are hard to get. You know and so it we mean people need to call email them or mass or let him know that don't wait until things that are wearing this terms up he made a reporter or not. Only 2 February. There's a lot that can happen between now and then and this guy doesn't deserve any more our money it is a Serbian position info was to control where our money goes right particularly when. It usually goes in the his or his father rolls coffers well. And look I mean in the end of the day again it's it's. You laid out being the show they why they hide things. They get rich at our expense and they're not conservative and so he you have to sit around sent them an emailed me and talk resolution did. Etc. and ask yourself. Why in the world. You know with Republicans over the last and we gases question before Republicans. Earning the legislature's super majorities in the legislature for the last decade or two. Opening the governor's mansion for the last you know what it's. Moon sixteen years San for an alien ailment master almost almost eighteen years of earning the governor's mansion. And you have to ask yourself as as a citizen South Carolina and has a Republican in South Carolina. Why with Republicans dominating every level the state government why in the world have only gotten a tax cut for goodness sake. But decade it is a South Carolina and tax cuts don't happen here which you get instead is the largest gas tax hike in state history parent which again is the most expensive will a residential electricity calls in the country. You get the worst schools went on top of that. Now these guys are proposing a sales tax hike or even eight statewide property tax bank. Before you'll let. One more on these of one initial holding get rich at our expense scheme we Mittal was electricity rate hike the buckle for months now. How basically these politicians are by voting in the based on review act. A while this entire cash for to occur we've been paying into a nuclear power plant is never gonna produce all a lick of electricity. And on top of that and continue paying for to maybe sixty years. For those calls. Now one of the politicians who voted for the base or immediate review act was an an immense sixteen race to run for governor allies who knows three or four cycles and now he's voted for this thing now that is going to complete crap. He's actually. Taking all the case to sue. Right Siena yet Jesse woozy and sandy Huber on behalf of the right page react so now this guy. Or nosy I got tons of donations from scan and a CD is into Google blank is able to personally benefit for a politically at least for a decade. And now this man has the gall. Today take this case and he's doing it paid out. But if there's ever a settlement. In the case I mean said let's be fair that's a messaging is a trial lawyer from Camden south Carolina's okay. This is what Charl lawyers did we know the same in nine arms so large and the rest of bad name and help it well he he's he's one of the 99%. And and here's a guy I mean look at eight and why would anyone hire Vince Eugene as soon as CNG I mean. Here's a guy heat probably helped write the wall summing at least he voted for right he's been around the general assembly for almost forty years. Heck man if I was soon as seen gene the gene will be one of the Gaza were higher. Now. The problem of course in the conflict of course today he ordered for the small if if he didn't vote for law and in this will never passed. There would be no loss a backlash on exactly it's so he's going to make potentially hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars right. Based on the law that he passed he. Helped pass. That is corruption. Want to say as you say if you want to sue the general assembly it'd be a Smart move to higher pin seeking our wanna see these are going to be serious Mormon buck are higher Francine. One the same way I suppose and I want to buy. As CNG right or stand out in this courtroom to hire former governor Jim Hodges rate as a lobbyist that's exactly what. We see happening now or spend a few minutes owned this as we talk about what receiver and a debacle. We've been saying for months that the key to it first and foremost you've got three all repeal the mesa review. You guide to the bail wall off the books. And secondly and almost more importantly you've got a break till the system power and allow this thing to occur in the first place where they lied to us today pat absolutely. They said that this was going to make it more energy more reliable and she wore portable yeah that's right. Don't worry we've got your backs here in the in the general assembly. As politicians we're making we're looking out for use amber to pass the small right there as you said set basically. Put us on the on the on the that we are responsible. For a private energy company's debt right and so that's that's what these politicians did to us they forced us they enslaved us. With this debt daisy said now. It could take up to sixty years to pay back we're talking about two generation's worth of Slough of citizenry there have to pay for this mistake. For this political these politicians did this to us they the ones that lied to us to get this law passed and now we're gonna have to pay. Billions upon billions in debt. Two very billions upon billions of our money to pay off this debt. Well as they say it can get to sixty years so at that point I'd be 88 are supposed to be a great going away present from the soccer legislature. The no longer have to pay for this nuclear our power our fiasco as I'm home on death that yeah but that's what we face here and put your daughter will be what 68. Is it doesn't succeed C seven to get paid off him. I mean think about it her Social Security of my pet that's right after but he does and then it's. It would be funny if it wasn't dead seriously true one to think it gets me to was so like we said its two biggest solutions to walk away additives for Shia are killed they sort of view exec and you have to break up the system okay. In the last two weeks or so there's been a new proposal and new quota imposed solution a couple of all lawmakers and Paul to start Columbia. And that is to allow dominion energy for which to base the rich W Virginia yet to come in bio on stand up. Right and now part of the deal they say is that rather than pays off for sixty years. Would just be paying off for two married and so they say so they say any even the sweep ideally no more name they say that. Of all this money be even paying for this PS an hour and a you're getting charged twenty years but. We may give you a rebate. Current guess tell everybody wants our cal like this that was package from abolish you never appears we are right 1990. Eight and a half so. The they're saying they're gonna give us a free may potentially depending on how well you know wal. Which in geez the last four months. The make heater rebate of up to a thousand dollars or and that's the headline mainstream media for him first and foremost nobody's gonna get thousand dollars. But that little bit in the small press the alt 2000 dollar I had that mean if you get a thousand dollars call us up and let us know the out at you and you got down not even though a thousand jury your pass and a lottery here south of Gaza first of course you're not getting it. A thousand dollars Dan. Sec animal we're gonna continue to pay for this fiasco. It this solution on what does not address the two biggest points we've been talking about it does not repealed based on review. Which is why we could still be able hold for decades for this debt you know it does nothing to break up the corrupt system that got us into this all the mess in the first place in fact. The politicians now to doubled down on their control of the electricity industry in South Carolina. And furthermore it does absolutely nothing to take care of the eight billion dollars and that the saints CQ four state or utility Tony has erectile. As a result of this slowly past three years ago listen and says we it's conveniently forgot we oh we always kind of skip over this. But we'll talk about after the break but if your column customer did you get your electricity from a co op right. You're welcome ms. billion dollars and is you look you worry customer indirectly Santee Cooper. You will pay back eighty billion dollars you and your kids and possibly your rank glory you will and also. Taxpayers and general. Earl hopeful that a million dollar in debt and we're going to mourn the diesels here as we come back from the break Carol Sunday night with seven Dave almost six point three W lord. And we are back here all sunny nice to southern naval 106 point three WORD and a little earlier in the show we missed the call Russell we hate we misty if you wanna call like you we love the challenge about the gas tax us our commissioner early but to a gives shout at 180347. 1063. A day before the break we were kind of wrapping up a conversation about this on nude quotable deal this new solution that politicians are rolling out for the electricity rate hike tomorrow. Now of course and and true to form their solution does not address the problems well. And let's talk about the solution right is basically an out of state and you know utility company coming in and buying and seen G which is. You know on the brink of bankruptcy rent ram is so so they're buying this nothing else changes mean it and that's a thing where we're not gonna get anything. That there there's no with a dead isn't being erased the base load review act isn't going away so that the core. You know. Things that got us into this problem are still in existence the structure. That got us into this debacle. Is still it will still exist assisting minister it's a bad deal amid a rotten deal and he's in its. Any white wash is what the politicians did do a Seth that's and that's the profit you made get whether they were tenant of this is that this is nothing more than a politically no vote on motivated a negotiation it's a settlement is settlement negotiated settlement that the politicians wanna put on the table so they can walk away Scott free exactly and so is not is nothing to do with actually solving the problem ratepayers will continue to pay more tax payers are against are still look for billions of dollars in debt. And politicians remaining control. All the electricity industry South Carolina that's right as usual the solutions that politicians offer. Don't know I've done to address the problem. They doubled down only exacerbate yes exactly what happened to cover up it is a cover up of what they did to us. And they put so much dead on our plate and get their parliament before the break. If you are electric co op customer. Okay and you know Lawrence has a price up. You know even in in Pickens and on a coney county an old out of Berkeley don't pay you or rob a lot of birdie electrical best for him electricity from him. And we're going to be paying the debt. That Santee Cooper heard that eight billion with a B dollars absolutely we're gonna pay for that there's nobody gonna come in and bail us out. And you know who did this to us state legislators there are the ones that put us in this position they're the ones that put us on the hook for billions and billions of dollars in debt. And we're going to have to pay back I'm in so this deal this this dominion deal that CNG to meet set as you said it's it's pretty meaningless. Well we'll toppled the lord's gas tax hike in state history which you talked about panel top of the fact that a passes base all the review act. The clinical bail out wall mostly has billions of dollars in debt. You would think Dave that they may be satisfied at this point we're taking our money. But no enough. Here we are just barely a week away from being able legislative session. And we are already hearing rumors of all social media and even the mainstream media day. These guys are all proposing sales tax hikes on mergers old growth trees all prescription medicine and even own your monthly electricity bill. The guys that come up. I think couldn't get worse right the sold topple the fact he's had nine rate hikes in ten years guys now politics is what you pay a sales tax hike. Own your groceries. The trouble all that now we're hearing also from our resident Katie or can. They may even be entertaining a property tax hike. Because we're ago Barbara fast the phone with them bring in so we from Clinton most talked about the electricity or the buckle. Overnight tonight. I'm. OK okay tell me are you meant happy new year. He would say it's not a big guy you know being buying about the energy crisis single and dying oblivion that you bail. Clinton. But how about a year ago. Let him pay channel seven channel or is wood and an energy bill that we could happen yeah he had it would have bet that even a thousand dollar power bill. Oh I think are never seen anyone. I think I'm ever seen those reports. Yeah and what the story well earlier in the previous city manager is and why are all the flag from its previous. The previous any manager Doug all the women dealing with a power down means what he guiding him he's the one I can't always see. And he got out of dodge Lackey. I bullet isn't convenient right. And so called on the Indonesia Korea now until we got little sample of people all you. She and around town in certain places that post that we saw were interviewed outlook dated paper about older we got a grant nobody knows where they came from a group put them. All taxpayers to pay for some outs of you know that. Think and always seems to come from our pockets done. The only another screen as world economic class he said. You live day diet or eat somebody got a papal. Half outline and that's the thing is that a lot of folks think the government's free when in reality is completely too expensive and Kelly thanks you call and a bright your point is and unfortunately it's not just Clinton who suffered the brunt of the Sony is all 46 counties in some more so than others. But who really galls me is whether your pay a hundred dollars or thousand dollars a month in electricity calls if you get your money from a co op or from SE NT SCANA. 40% of Davis go into a low power play has ever produced likens it. And set those deals are gonna continue to go answers when rates are gonna continue to climb higher. The politicians are controlled they controlled the public service commission if that approves all these rate hikes. And they're they're bought off by of these utility companies that are you regulated monopoly so look. I am and I am sympathetic as Toby I mean I were missing they were the same boat here and you know it we all we all are forced to get her energy from basically the same spots. And so when they continue to rack up this debt. When the congenial controlled the system. So that only a handful politicians can determine. Was the rate hikes are on out. Then this this is what we get. Absolutely we're gonna stick on the phones or bring in Russell in Brussels so are we we mr. color man how you doing tonight happy new year there are some. Bob and I. The much. Not a person who employees. Absolutely. You're kind of got so that we can actually so out of it it's it is true. I get settled and it's important to everybody people that can detect it. And an amateur and the Syrian. And Wednesday. And do you make an issue. That was really my old wooden people that actually. The man. Oh yeah most medical reasons that's an issue that make it there's a lot of people settlement. The assembly. And it's an issue orders. It's the bastards and there's only the they're going to issue an independent newspaper. Looks like there. And take. No hey listen I will tell you eat he got the right idea what what I would say he is and here's here's where we're wrong you know move may agree. Is that the elections are important. But it is that day in day out making news liars lives miserable. So as you sit. And the we couldn't agree more 90% hammer scoundrels down their Columbia. But it is making their day in day out lives miserable with your phone calls with your emails. With you know just making sure that they know that you're watching them they're not used to that. And it says the only dagger race craft and aggravates the hell out Elliott wouldn't win. Like people like Russell coal in his regular folks who called him and tell them what to do and said we talked medicine many times. And I know we're also agree with us and thanks again for the call Russell called back next week. Is that we have to start treating them. Like employees camps cause that's what they are what we. We are the employers they are the employees we need to stop treating the public celebrities yes we need to stop treating them with pretension and putting them on a pedestal. They are our employees and start treating him like that they'll start acting like. Notice like we sailed on data if you had an employee you wouldn't you know performance review once every two years and answer for years which is exactly spots expect from there and employers the dog taxpayers. They think largely alone for two or four years in London I'm doing it right no it's an entry date process that's they way we were up against they're the show has led. We talked about last week. Right now these guys or tried to float the idea of a statewide cells tech site. Or property tax hike. And their what to do with it they do not still be intense pressure to back off the idea now NASA they're gonna call revenue neutral record I try to sell you drive and say don't worry. Government won't collect any more money and collecting are now that does not mean. Then you. At home sitting right Ellis is the show will not pay more what the he in fact it might mean are you well know let's be mostly clear with a sell sex I or property tech site. We're going to pay more yes and the only thing stopping that is intense pressure with politicians and as a do you want to send. An email to your politicians to you state rather stay sending in the governor. To oppose any and all quote unquote revenue neutral tax hikes any tax hyperion. Text the word to vote no the OTN though the number 52886. Vote no to five to 86. Take thirty seconds send a Muslim no you're not gonna take the scrapping more enough is enough. Though oppose all tax hikes. Guys is once again been a pleasure we'll see you back here same time same place at 5 o'clock on Sunday night of one of six point three W already for Sunday nights for seven days.