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Sunday, November 12th

Seth and Dave discuss the recent election swing in blue and red states, expansion of medicaid, the Texas church shooting, and Senator Paul Campbell.


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It is that time again. Follow Clark kuril Sunday's 1063 WORD. It's time for Sunday night for seven Dave we're told we section. The night we're sponsored by the freedom action over South Carolina. Which is the premier grassroots organization in the Pullman a state looking to equip citizen with a tools necessary to take back their government. Fight corruption and advocates for true conservative principles advocate for liberty. You check the metal FaceBook FaceBook dot com for slash span messing. I highly recommended do so to get daily updates on what's going on in Colombia and more importantly what you can do about it. Guys are kick off tonight a little different than usual we usually like to focus solely owned the state and local politics. But after seeing what happened this past Tuesday and and multiple actions across the nation. I think is important sort they are reason may have all in in a repercussions across South Carolina for years to come. Of course I'm talking about some big democratic Wednesday of in both New Jersey and Virginia. When they can claim you know in a win in the governor's mansion and both of those states for both of those states. Do you see this on other media is making this out to be indicative what's the com do you see these as huge wins for Democrats and and how you see is playable for. I think historically set mean. The Virginian New Jersey especially. A year after a presidential elections tend to split. Did the opposite party. That debt that the white out so in this case. Democratic win in Virginia and New Jersey probably not a surprise. Both are Blue States. Virginia and as leaders set spent time Virginia went to the school graduated school from Virginia. Virginia has been trending. Liberal democratic for the last you know 1015 years. And I think at this point it's solidly blue state and we need to get used to that. It's so that we ended both wind and security Hedo is a pretty solid blue state to begin the O it has been. I think in that respect it's not surprising however. What should worry conservatives across the country. I didn't say which were served here at South Carolina. Is deep motivated. Are they turn out of the motivated. Are they are they as we were set in 2010 motivated to come out and you know. Faith you have or peace with what Barack Obama as president or first selection and Turkey got elected first that turned forty and public imbedded uptick in 63 house seat. Await the Democrats would slip in the house control. I think the Democrats the liberals are very motivate the base of the Democratic Party very motivated to come out. And have their say so against Donald Trump and that some and I think. So all across the country should be aware of him and there's no doubt if you ignored or can turn your back to it or what happened on Tuesday. It's it's. It will be surprising what 22 in only eighteen next year. Bed that I. I think the Democrats there are trending in the right direction I think that. Their base is just more motivated and our base that point and this is pretty caliber is fairly historical. The first job. Mid term after president get elected. Using the other the other party. At a pretty good election night. And I think Soledad you know maybe some warning sign on Tuesday. The come toward eighteen there's no doubt that that far left democratic. Base is is mobilized they're excited to get out vote. YC are seen as in your right I mean New Jersey income right now and all that it's been a boost April Tom. But Virginia is interesting to me because I keep hearing which are sane is a blue state and has been trending. In a liberal for years now. And you're right because you have these alone in a bureaucrats from DC new and over and Arlington new and over just. A south of the border Virginia from DC and that the day had made the state moved to the left. But when you look at a counting map either from the governor's race on the other day when you look and accounting map. They're talking there's 45 counties in the entire state that we're blue. They happen to be the most populous ones so yeah it's it's horrid it called a blue state when in 90% of the counties reporting bode for Republicans. But you know they've they've come of juice the game a little bit by having all the spill over from DC in those specific counties and they can sway entire state election. But in the EU that the governor's races more what worried me. It was over ago. Wins for the left that for me nothing's gonna have more far reaching impact the first of which and I know this issue was you to read opens may voted to expand Medicaid. It was a voter referendum in Maine and they voted to expand and now there's Republican governor there's vowing to you know fighting. But seeing that of the population in Maine that they would be a 32 state level if they were to expand Medicaid. The scene of the population waltzes you know even if the Republicans win seats in no debate the bureaucracy grows the dependency grows and more on. A home you know cuts what shall the budget continues to Europe and that doesn't change for you have Republican or Democrat toppled that is a big win a telling win. All four Democrats and as you say shows they are motivated to get out. Now another thing that popped off the name. That this shows. The Democrats not only winning political wars they're winning the cultural wars. This past Tuesday they were five transgendered people across America elected office now two of them. Two transgendered black folks were all elected to them Indianapolis city councils of 15%. Of many campuses City Council is transgendered. Now that's in May shows. Forget them political battles forget Electoral College battles that shows a cultural shift where. Folks at least in big cities are now called will with the represented not. Straight shooter folks which is a a agenda analyst and pushing for years. So I think yeah I'm in in your point is will taking especially here in South Carolina we get ready for a big election next year. That the let is motivated and they are organized and down in Charleston where you're at. There's a strong left to screw things always indivisible. And they are they are making a waste not only a look in a federal level state and local level. On to their motivated and they're earning up to vote next year and and we've got to make sure all our side. On the conservative side that folks know about it they're prepared for can counter act it. On May Day for a walk us through just 'cause I think this and BellSouth how we we forget about exactly how Medicaid can strangle a a State's budget. And you know coming from. A Maryland can you tell walkers like what are the Dow falls expanding Medicaid and the state. Well worst parenting I'm already that would mean he had the South Carolina has expanded Medicaid under Obama care. Almost in the same percentages in the state that has accepted the federal funding for it. Arm Wii Wii has grown the size of Medicaid. And the Medicaid program in South Carolina but he's a dedicated. Is the health insurance system for those states that make under certain amount to. I think it's that I can't poverty is something like it forty. 22 point 4000 dollars a year annually. And it's a disaster program that gave it yet continually first to be a terrible program. And force it and that desperately need it. And and I think look it in Vietnam and the blue state Maryland. Like Maryland believed in Jersey. Day at expanded Medicaid under about curt accepted the federal on South Carolina. Pretty much again on track to do that and killed state budget. It forces state budget and we're seeing here to the South Carolina. It down your outs in Italia is it all mean go to bed at the Monday Night Football game when you invite folks over. Hey it's his. They get in there and all the sudden the cost continue to go were it to continue to ride oldest is to expand. Let's let it eat me eat the chip away at things like roads and schools and good natured that you know legitimate government function. Get overtaken by Bob Medicaid. Witnesses are spending driver I mean when she went she you don't let a railroad track of Medicaid expansion of the Holocaust never get slower you're a year it only gets higher and so. In faster servers and south generally always complain seemed like every year the budget grows Bob billion dollars in state. And one of the drivers for that is Medicaid and a host well thanks to it that's why it's so important. Any tell us again our program for small trying to Devlin the first place when you do try to keep it limited in scope is what's is start expanding. Boy it's hard to rein imagine. Now we about a bright guys were meet odd chat about one more national issue were a or talk about this text searching the happened on last Sunday and how we can affect. The constitutional care debate here in South Carolina we'll talk about that. A little more we get back here all Sinai in certain they've all won a 63 W Lordi. 1803471063. You guys wanna join the conversation tonight. Or simply text to the number 71307. Gaza's been barely a week since once again our nations is about tragedy. Abortion talking about the the massacre that occurred last Sunday in Texas while some folks were attending church. A mad man walked in and an open fire. Injuring a lot of people killing at least 26. Folks we six folks are never gonna go back onto the families of folks that you know. Moms and dads and bros sisters children. Home affairs you know unborn. Child in that at her as his or her mother's womb that the past we as well. Absolutely terrible. And as usual what's all this happens. We got about thirty seconds to digest it to. You know here's some of the stories. In a really count. You know internalize was going on about thirty seconds. Com before the left immediately want to turn around Hannity another debate about gun control a country. And in all the the rush to politicize. The census as is always happens when someone this occurs. The details seemed to miss the mainstream media. Bad win. This man man walked into the church and start opening fire. There was somebody who lived next door a citizen. Who live next door to the church or heard that shooting. And rather than hide around the run away from it. He grabbed his they are fishing. And he headed over to church confronting. The killer. A shuttle twice. Causing the assailant to drop his weapon and fully. Is a hero this man. Less than AA college system. Is enjoying. Sunday stale. Here's gunshots grass is all gone that he was legally allowed to own this country and goes and prevents this killing train even worse. I think it's worth it to take a second. To first of all acknowledge. His hair was and discuss things Stephen will for an eye on Texas. And also to a Dallas a fact that the only thing in these moments in an always wanted to be you know the chips are down. The only thing I can stop a bad guy with a gun Dave. Is a good guy. With a gun. But here we are one week out. They've all your ready for another round of gun control debate following the tragedy. Yeah I mean I'm ready for I think there's. There's looks that is principle conservatives are ready for it but this is our right. It is their right is their god given right. It is the Second Amendment the United States constitution. That our right to bear arms shall not be infringed. And it's set it and as you know we've been through this. Day in day helped. We talk about this constantly about our rights we talk specifically about the Second Amendment right we have. On and we also talk about why. South Carolina politicians. And even Republicans. In the state else it's South Carolina. Continue to go another year without. Fully extending our rights and an allowed to have constitutional. Kerry which is what is written in the constitution. Right. That that we are in the we have the right to bear on a match I'm not be infringed but yet. Eerie in year out South Carolina even Republicans in the state house. Continued. Two in turn to our rights to deny it there's rights fully and and we've got to continue to fight or and and I think this is a perfect example. Of what happens. In in dangerous terrible situation that you perfectly describe. That citizens. When they step up to the plate they have the Second Amendment Rights that that use them to the vet the ability. They end up. You know really becoming a hero and and and Scott in what what might have been in worse tragedy than the ball was witnessed on their taxes. Life will be clear main so the second and then says the right to keep him now orange bear arms shall not be infringed it does not say. Shall not be friends as always you go when you beg vote governor for piece of paper that allows you to Kyrie. Right there's no permit it in no permission in the second and it. But in South Carolina and and then states across the country. States have put restrictions all our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. And all we will in South Carolina is not an extension of our rights but a recognition. Of the right so we were a no win a contract with our government we believe we were ordained by god with. But also we made a a that contractual agreement with our government to recognize. 250 years ago. And yet here we are having had this battled day in and AL and a 21 century America. Is plain and clear in the constitution. But the constitution be our permit to care. And that's a weird yet to push a fourth for some reason these these these guys found Statehouse C the guys who love to talk about how. If they go hunting and all that Iraq arrives home but for some reason any other pro Second Amendment. But here we are 230 years later they're still not recognizing our policies are right to keep and bear arms period. So in if you feel like us that the castration should be your permit and you wanna see constitutional Cary past. You simply mean it to get a telephone or your cellphone text the word Cary CA or our wide. To the number 52886. Takes care to 5286 going give you a chance and just a couple seconds to some politician is a mess is enough was enough it's time director now second in a South Carolina. It's also point record as why. We need to second then. In an alias and all these you know hunters out in Columbia scene with the healing the second and in case there's a breakdown of a deer overpopulation. All right but in reality. The reason the founders put there was a of course being at them south aren't they big new auditor Gerald. But more importantly than that. Citizens have the right to defend themselves and their families and their community says this guy and see you'll forget in Texas last week. And this isn't the first instance of a citizen using a firearm to stop on a killer. I mean are we bring in our holiday. Bush's you know time after time promote it go back always from 1997. Where there was a young assistant principal had to run up to a score and got his home. 45 caliber pistol a gimmick and had to shoot a six year old student who had already killed his mother to other students or killing spree. Our bread about. A mom there was a a church volunteer security guard. It happened had a home and so weapons permit and that some doubt broke up and killed four people four in the security yours able to calm. In she can kill him. Neat story after story is an important players say when the chips are down day in those moments where he is a one for best situation. You know. If you want to deal to finger so annual family. And so these but the politicians they continue to make it more and more restrictive and and for some reason these they don't having gotten the 200 feeding your hand. That the second and is very clear. The right to bear bear arms shall not being French lawyer said if you guessed or send a message to your politicians the constitutional Carrey needs to be passed this year. And when I talk about a water down constitutional care bill or not talk about one where all the sudden you know he had to be 21 years old Cary. I think that I Dave right now they are a bill says. If are you are 1819 year old service and you can go and shoot what they're Iraq in the since your countryman to come back on the South Carolina. You're so well legally allowed up on a farm or carry farm that's ridiculous says not all we're talking about or too many real. Constitutional care bill that recognizes our god given right to keep and bear arms and to defend ourselves. If you agree with us is text the word Cary CA RRY. Cinema five to 86 and I say in thirty seconds. You chance assume that Paul this is the message that enough is enough. Time is now let's pass constitutional care and will be back right after the break. And we're back here all Sunday night was such an able 1063 WORD. Day what are we gonna do it's. Under publicly about her. Paul Paul Paul. Knows it's not a laughing matter. But thankfully no governing estimate talk about but anyone who's smaller show home back to a from the other station a show on having named. They know I had a personal and assaying for say senator Paul Campbell. Now this a rose because during the gas tax hike. This guy literally. On the senate floor. Looked out his nose and working class south Carolinians and said guys. We passes gas tax hike is gonna cost you listen up. Our price of mechanic cocoa week. Well Dave. I guess he miles was that it can't be here because at this past week and we told I was very briefly last week. But the senator Paul Campbell was arrested. Palm I think it was last. Friday announcing. Saturday night or Saturday night Saturn I can. And not a party Ericsson. Coming home gets arrested after he rear ends a young lady on drug and and I 26. When officers yet there he is not only showing visible signs of intoxication. Was also lying to the cops another instance of place. He rigorously girl she pulls over old Sandra day of peoples in front cover and then switches seats what is life. I guess China in a past the though Boston itself the power. But the girl that was similar weather headlights a conceivable thing. As a then eventually you know Paul salters have a scar. Stumbles out possible. Goes to the girl's window is that you know ask her to drive on up to the exit ramp exit though not not only seen the crowd or call the cops. They count on me I guess nets and users in a state business cards and we let you know I wanna handle. So then police arrived determined very quickly that the polls intoxicated and he is lying about what happened. In April under arrest. Offered to you why am four lines of police. And while using it and keep in mind this man is not just a state senator. Right Dave dismissed also he runs the airport. Our authority down their Charleston. Eric which is I believe for my numbers are always about a quarter of a million dollar a year salary. Then home he's pulling down in also in May be unconstitutional singers now our constitution by explicitly forbids the Walt was holding and residential calls them. Totally very very powerful. Home mayor says he down low country as a lot different connection so which republic and excitement. A lot of connections has its fingers and a lot of putts. And it is any a dedicated. Hugh leatherman who attended a Hugh leatherman had anything fuels. Calls gondola. The very very powerful guy down for. And sometimes. As we've seen before and these politicians with these powerful positions less the power go to their head they get David little trouble power maybe. And Beckett deathly be seen here with Paul we've got a clip from the dash cam video. Right after Paul's been arrest and he's musing. About how he's not any trouble he's gonna change the law. Played a clip. This caps can't hotel watching right now. Tumbled ten of us that things have more painful week. Comp. Which we'll. Now we had to use a and edit their exes was a fit for radio this being a Stanley stationed there. But he had command under arrest for. I and I hope I'll watch in yellow watch Obama at least make a fool out of yourself. Oil which are Greg were. Willis has got he's sitting there thing about it is in the cubs. What you're watching right now. Tumbled ten and then things have more painful all. Of course we'll. Dave is like you said our FaceBook page face for that downforce less Tennessee earlier this week the face of variance. The epitome of mayor. Says. He'd literally said as he is that they're viewed charges he's handcuffed he is in this seat although a law enforcement vehicle. How patrol vehicle. He says the camera he'd go to everybody listening could be sent out or go watch him. I'm going to change the whole ball. Now. Again. That scary. It's it's that it's a warming but you know more than anything else is at citizens. And then come you know about his regular just citizen here. That's a scary. Scary thought you know what even years that he actually has the power to change those Walsh. And that is the scariest thing the ball right is that these guys. Have unbelievable. How works. They know what they know how to use them and they know it they've got to use them built and a letter let me. Them with real data are threatened us with that absolutely that's really really scared really scary thing. The scary thing they've ever appeal Lilja was bad boy a little bit. Is that after being put under arrest right and take into his bond hearing he's issued a judge is gonna hears case eventually. Now the judge they gotta sign the Paul Campbell's case is magistrate judge on summing. Which happens to be the daughter called on mayor some doubt Charleston. Who happens to sit on the board of airport authority. The Paul Campbell heads. Dan Craig gets even more interest. Magistrate judge summing. Apologize or first things escaping are now. She knows that position. Directly to senator Paul Campbell because he voted so there. Moreover when she comes up for reappointment. He says all the bodies that cast a vote to every appoint her now Dave does that sound like we're gonna get a just trial. Or Paul Campbell or is it indicative all I obvious conflict of interest and a corrupt system that ordeal with a South Carolina. We hit the nail on the head of the system is called dropped right I mean Paul Campbell is there's no doubt about it she is. And all full state senator and dean ED absolutely. As all of the the adds his or all of the characters of being called up a slump in. In fact in fact he looked into the camera and said basically in no uncertain terms that turret I don't care law I'm gonna change it. But this is the problem in South Carolina this is why we don't have equal justice under the law that. When the legislature. Get to unilaterally appoint these judges. And what you think about go back to civics class in and disseminate great. We learned about the separation of powers directors and executive branch. There's a judicial branch as a legislative branch in all three of them are coequal with peace came out of power they all watch other checks and balances. We don't have that your South Carolina it's playing out right for a very Paul Campbell state senator Paul Campbell from Goose Creek, South Carolina. Here he is drunk. And charged with lying to a law enforcement. Eight Yale law enforcement agent. And now he's gonna go on trial January 84018. And he's gonna go in front of the judge that he helped appoint. And whose career is really Interpol it'll all be she wants to get reappointed. She better be nice so all because. You've got to have a major candidate in if she'd get re imported that job ship and that's how can we sit and ever compete with politicians like that. Alchemy as this present got beat ever expect equal justice under the law. Politicians. And specifically state senators and wedged Slater's. Can basically do what ever they want. Without any fear retribution without any spherical ball. Are you up they break the law they have no fear of the repercussions of that law because. They are above the law and they really are in this state there orders separation of the tower. And and there is no equal justice under law. We can sell that Paul Campbell fills exactly Jesus for a that he is above the law I mean. When he they got him to the police station and he went to his bond hearing. You know he's he speed you know wobbles and in his our prison issued jumpsuit. Right and it. The mother of the victim is making her statement and recounting. You know what happened with our daughter and Paul Campbell. A lot works or not. I was planning. An infinity and I'm. And you can't save. I was plus. You can't see it guys the bright when she says the senator Paul Campbell's actions. He laughed. Set their Latin class of eleven and you see the clip or FaceBook page USA up FaceBook dot com Forsythe Fennessy. Here's a man who just rear ended her daughter while drunk driving right and what she says actually write it could have been a whole lot worse and thank god. There were no injuries involved. But it could have been a whole lot worse and Paul Campbell didn't take 12 to consider that. When he got McConnell will intoxicated and the man has yelled Cassidy. Also a police call are the mumble about hasn't changed a lull and then when presented with the victims Mulder. The girl who he reread it could get injured. Has listened to her mother recount it. At a heartfelt. As you imagine any mother would be Dave in that moment. Thinking about what possibly could have happened thing about a pace she may not have been able to see her daughter again are seeing her walk down the aisle. And Paul Campbell dropped a power is so they're laughing at her face now. I don't know about you but that's not the type a man that I think and here's the kicker should be heading the state or the senate ethics committee gave. Acer chairman BM the ethics committee. Now yes it is time for Paul Campbell to go it is time for our other state senators to force him all. Elise is powerful positions on the ethics committee and others with a match to break. And if you are just as discussed about this we are text the word drain the 52886. Drained a 5286. Tell your Sanders did Paul Campbell all this powerful committee of positions would back after the break. Head into the home stretch here on Sunday night was set and they've won a 63 did you Lordi 180347106. Review call enjoy the conversation. Here in the last couple minutes. They were before the break. I'll tell folks if you wanna make sure that Paul Campbell gets off his powerful committee does the committee positions. Text the word drain DR AI and the five to 86. Now we talked about affected. The man who was just arrested for DU violence police is the chairman of the senate ethics committee. And that and of itself is a powerful position when you have politicians politicians policing other politicians. You know that there is room for grafting for corruption there. And also I don't know why we have an Edison mission they want to weave a wall. Politicians policing other politicians they break the ball well all forced to handle it handle it and get out there that in the senate. Losing another very very powerful position that Paul Campbell currently occupies. We talk a lot about this electricity rate hike the Markel Dave how. Our power companies we're allowed by politicians to charge customers up front of the last ten years for these nuclear power plants there any buildings and then. Politicians also. Less repairs on the hook if these are powerfully for a walk away from these projects even they didn't complete. And now they can be up to sixty years or rate payers are paying for these. Nuclear reactors and never produce a single to a lot of electricity now had been abandoned and Hugh leatherman and the senate went all the split now. Decided that he was going to a point and blue ribbon committee. Of excellent legislators to look into this debacle and get to the bottom figure out what happened. And when he was forming said committee Hugh leatherman and his infinite wisdom. And mean infinite in the fact he is soul not that is actually a depth knowledge and his infinite wisdom pulpit Paul Campbell. The aforementioned. Say Sander who was arrested for do you lie and lie to police. Leventhal Paul Campbell should be sitting on this. Bleary committee and investigating. This debacle getting to the bottom of my Scooby Doo and the panel's going after mystery. So now we've got a guy Dave let me ask you do you feel culpable. Or do you trust the judgmental. State senator Paul Campbell. As he is looking into this the Bachmann investigating do you think he has customers ratepayers taxpayers. Interest at heart. I doubt it I mean I would strongly and and also ought to be clear to set me. We are not in any way suggesting. Paul Campbell in this thin or deal in in the in the court of law that is not worse suggesting that not that's not. Our job quite frankly right I mean if he was drunk. And it's he did lightly and very. Early explicit in the police report they keep it lied to it but they officer out came the conclusion that he did lie which is. Might as I understand it Charleston a very aware charge. To get after talking some other or TARP law enforcement agent down their arm. So we're talking about whether or not he is guilty. Oh do you live online and quickly now to talking about whether you should resign his seat from all that stepped up to the citizens. A Goose Creek to determine in Berkeley county. What we are seeing more suggesting that you alluded to. Solve the man should not be in charge of determining. Corruption inside the state senate record that's what the senate ethics committee chairman. They're the ones that. That investigate corruption. Inside the state senate. He should step down their. And that you mention the electricity rate hike debacle committee investigation committee. Here's a man that is. Very very cushy with ST ENT. Gary could you with SCE and G executives have received. Of albums and thousands of dollars from an ENG executives over the year and set. Even appeared. In a SC ENG commercial. Television commercial. All amble about 23 years ago. What featured. And SC ENG commercial telling us. Holbrooke that that we should buy SC ENG energy and all the great thing they're doing and Paul Campbell showed up as. The chairman of the airport via director of the airport in Charleston so. Now I don't feel comfortable that Paul Campbell is going to get about that and that's why we need to drain the swamp down their talk means that what we need to force. Our state senators to get him off. The ethics committee and get him all the investigation committee because he is just simply not capable delete. Right the guy who is now investigating SE NG in Santee Cooper. Is the same related to a few years ago when this project was already falling apart Dayton must be clear here right this isn't so no one is local in March relies on god we have on historians here. And has been developing for years. And to a three years ago while the settles for par Paul Campbell decide to lend his voice of authority I guess in the in the community to bomb. Now recommend or sponsor or him. Basically just yet. Com. It was terrible it was always endorse these are endorse SE NG. And own a television commercial and though Paul is hoping that everyone's forgotten about this but just a jogger was memory. We went through FaceBook Arthur with the YouTube and we found the commercial listen to. We need you that's how families can count and energy diversity is key to our teachers call it seems even investing in alternative forms of energy. Coming up to exhale and. We need India today. It's T for people who. Mean business interests is saying that London and created right here right here in South Carolina probably. That's most important feature stories right. Right here in South Carolina I believe I wonder ills you know it was actually written that you know I believe right here in South Carolina he's ready wrongs that he showed up to its into the commercial shoot at a moment. But that does not they are part of a rough here South Carolina I believe occasionally Paul. You talk about. Let's be clear says call what is her call for what it is which is. EE NG put eight state. Senator sitting state senator in their commercial how many felt the and thousands tens of thousands maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars in free publicity. It Paul Campbell get that PDF as an art ever having lived in Charleston as you know obviously facility drove. I remember watching that that I am wondering if scratch magnet thanks. Why in the world did they have eight pitting state senator and why did stumble. On this commercial I mean think about all that free publicity that. At the anti lock themselves and Paul Campbell so again getting back to. Get him off that white tee on that investigation committee to begin with. Lord only knows but we can't get him off. Which TV BP cannot be an objective investigator. On the committee we need to text the word Dwyane DR AI and 5288. Sick bed drained it drained swamp. A 52886. And tell your state senator to get Paul Campbell all these bank committee. The ethics committee to get them off the electricity rate hike the bock or investigation committee he is not capable of being on this set of that very very clean. Now you actually write and I ascended the jump around a while we have an ethics committee. And the same thing I don't know why we have these cleared committees investigating the rate hike the mock them wearing know what happened politicians sold us out and let us on the hook for billions of dollars rain a billion dollars and that. Terry know what happens on allowing have either won a home but we're gonna have whom he can't have Paul Campbell. Sitting on now and you particular can't have been chairing chair in the state ethics. Committee. Now before we wrap up though we've we've thrown out a couple. Techs were tonight a dangerous or singer shocked how once won a walk through folks through that. At a top of the show us that for connection the receptor almost eclipsed citizens of South Carolina with the tools necessary to fight corruption and take back control of government. Analysts also like to use is our checks on so earlier we said yeah text where Carrey if you want some politicians NASA about prostitution care. And our saint text drain to 5286 he was sent a message about getting Paul Campbell often these powerful committee of positions. That the system is very simple one. You text the word players scarier trainer and all have different ones as we go to the show in as the weeks roll own particular woes we get a legislative session. But as an issue here right text the word of 5286. You get a quick text back and about thirty seconds you can send your politicians a direct message. We sometimes is email some dodging going to FaceBook or Twitter. It gives you way to get in contact went down immediately and let them know how you feel about particularly this particular issues. So to say you guys know our our new audience and we are asking you text the a certain word 5286. Is to give you the ability to very quickly get in contact with the politicians let him know how you feel and bumping a hold them accountable if he doesn't respond. The label. And we've been doing this for months the response is always politicians send back are actually hilarious we will take screen shots on capitol or FaceBook page. Which when they're particularly egregious so. If you wanna drain the swamp he won't Paul Campbell out of these powerful. Committee positions text the word drain the or ai and cinema 5286. You know you utilize the that's who they're all Fennessy the freedom mex or South Korea is providing. And and no hold your politicians feet to the fire but constant pressure on them. It's like we said a top of the hour. The motivated left will be out next year. Pushing for what they will dolby in the years of their legislators and there we showed the voting groups we've got to make sure that we don't get drowned out by them. Constant consistent pressure on politicians the only way we're gonna get things we will including costs usual care so Carol. So take imagine it's excellent governor wrap it up for the subs or something I was set and they've be sure to check out the FaceBook page. Wednesday's do or who wins and a FaceBook blog sentinel Friday's leading daily updates on what's going on Columbia until next week does we'll see them.