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Sunday, December 10th

Seth and Dave discuss Corey Lewandowski speaking in the upstate, General Electric expanding at a cost, Myrtle Beach tax hikes, and Greenlink funding.


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We are less than 48 hours away. From the drained a swampy event a night with core of the when doused in between sixteen from campaign manager. He will be in town on Tuesday December 12 and it just a couple of days guys tickets are going like hotcakes make sure if you want to attend this event. If you wanna have a chance to talk to the man who folks say knows the president best Elise politically speaking. May she get your tickets tonight are for Tuesday's event text the word book BO OK to 52886. Text book the five to 86. They should tune in and I guys this is Sunday night was second day here one is six point three W Lordi. We are sponsored a night by the freedom action that we're South Carolina. As I say I'm bubbly every week jazzier not checking out a with an SE is doing on the FaceBook page around the state with activist. Empowering folks put pressure on politicians are doing the wrong thing. If you're not check and then now you're missing now. So hop on FaceBook dot com forward slash Tennessee. Tech our sponsor the freedom action network of South Carolina. Dave from what I understand this evening we're having on Tuesday and Birmingham Al books let trump the trump my core alone now ski and you somehow managed to get your hands on a copy. Last week even before they're released what were the big takeaways. Well I think that the biggest takeaways there are two fold. One is. The absolute honesty. Of those little doubt he bought the in this. No moments of humility I think he. This interest in part of the book. War is. The rather public firing of core. You know he was let go from the campaign. There was a part right in the middle of the book about six and a half pages long that was just stay. Look at that diary entry from them a recount of exactly what went down what happened why it happened. And what happened afterward how that sort of chain of events really. Changed the campaign. And and maybe change history but it's because the second thing that that would really interest in the books that was odd part about all man. Obviously here's a guy that came in to replace Corey. As the campaign manager campaign chairman what in the campaign. Yeah about or have been a creature of the swap a creature of DC. You know obviously. He's he obviously had connections to toward government. And and really is as we look into bell. Do you mean what what's going on with the investigator Robert Moeller and Russia. It it'll be at its see how bad at fort. There is is. You'll look at Italian boat but it was obvious in the book. And that we were up you know essentially your quarry Dave bought the at this event on Tuesday night. Which by the way if you wanna go to just text the word book BL OK to the number 52886. To get your ticket they're quickly gone but. The most interesting part to me will be. Describing the metaphor I mean there's a deep this game. More bad sport from top. I mean you could tell the trump did not want this guy near great campaign that there were other forces. That would bear post in trump to hire him and and allow him to run campaign and and the court set that we know that lasted about eight weeks. But you can tell throughout the book throughout its chapters says that trumped. Are in Italy and Italy UK there's. Can sort it all men poured in and. Dressed him down it's supported model but it mostly it's. That they talk really didn't like that guy and and that finally eventually. He did get rid of him after job. You know his ties to foreign government made public in and how much money you may also lobbying down and lobby the government force them. And trump just said you know basically tied to live a clock running my campaign. We need to get this guy out of here. And so it'll be very very acute that it obviously don't suit that I wanted to hear from the horse's mouth from from Korean. And Dave bossy about exactly what went down but it'll be very staying in the coming weeks and months. That seemed what. The old man who plays in this whole investigation and in my my sense of it is that obviously he's. He's been indicted or worried that a cute but some things. My senses and it'll play very large role in the and I think that he is. Probably at heart of this investigation it seems like. One with you I think the need for me personally the most interesting port is is these circumstances surrounding wing corner was your mood and Paul came in right I mean we can all be honest here the campaign got a little crazy. On there for a couple weeks I mean. You could internal news announcing some new revelation about the campaign ended in Trump's inner circle people were in fire people bring broad and don't know what's happening and we barely hear it for home. Everybody else's. Point do you older than course and so were uninterested in that if I can every in my I'm a via. Now I wanna I wanna read data what's also about it and now I'll almost say you did so restored. The other day why your read the book about all Paul made a four there was something about how trump got upset with him he's riding in his helicopter. He got so mad and may fourth he had them lower the helicopter is to get cellphone reception. To call palm airport as you say dress and down. Yeah yeah and it was it was they ethnic the other. Served in the cold it was that they they compared of the Thurston Howell the third and of course the rich Al Gilligan's Island right with the way he dressed the way he. You know brought himself out to these events and and dumb you know appeared silly it it will be their very inching in and said yeah I mean Corey. Were were excited to have them here our good buddy Biden got to know him over the last. You know ten or twelve years that the knows them well and and it'll be it'll be exciting to have here and endowed booking or didn't just. Thrilled with the success that he had in and that he'll continue to have hopefully. Deathly doable from self I'll say that for me to it is not just hearing the stories about what happened but it's also trying to take away. You know some best practices I guess if you will if you want to drain the swamp here in South Carolina as well. You know yet Corey is a guy who orders he coined the term what trump be trawl. Let him do his thing he he knows the American people need to hear he knows the message he knows things to do let him do it right. Well we needed during the swamp here in South Carolina as well it'll be great to hear from core he was you know right in the thick of it alone promised over year. How do you go about. Is it what we liked our strategy can use obviously. Dole on the establishment the small they've got more resources in that they've got by experience and their milk. What can we do you know as citizens and activists here in South Carolina the kind of take a drain the swap message not just DC. But down the Colombian and had even mechanic cancel school board to me there's a lot of folks com you know poorly as the governor of South Carolina they're not benefiting. The people they need to go so be exciting not not just to hear the phony stories and all everyone knows cores and a colorful guy and he's he's not gonna disappoint he'll be entertaining. All of you wanna come see and just text the word vote to five to 86 but is not just entertainment. Factor it's the education factor. What was he thinking and what was he doable was working. What can we replicate what a repeat into again here so that hopefully in you know a year say we look back and say hey. From getting elected wasn't just a shake built for the DC establishment is reverberate all against the state and local levels and I wanna help make that happen so. I'm pumped up about the event to be out for the man I'm a we've been talking about for weeks it's almost here where 48 hours now. On from category are the windows skiing arable groundout to come off Thursday Nelson had to use their middle initial and everything and but there that are out yet and if you've got to so according are alluding they'll ski nothing is David in bossy. And excited having here on ice or what is it kicks off at 6 o'clock. Well Tuesday night it's over behind JL Mann high school Google business bark. Guys think it's a go fast but he war chest ago. Text the word vote to 5286 come out here from core get a chance the medium did you picture made. I SA will be given out copies of the new book let trump be trump and you have a chance to get that personally autograph some. Wal-Mart Tom book to five to 86 on to get your ticket for a drain the swamp a night with Corey are the window asking. A Q&A discussion event. On by SA we are excited about the venue couldn't be better and we even going to be blessed. With the existence of none other than W Ortiz Bob McClain. He'll be doing it our broadcast from Google business park on Tuesday. So it's a two for one not only to come on the court. You got to come out any body Mac himself but all I say we're excited that is should be a great evening guys on Tomasson we got drained swamp sub. On Tuesday night may sheet dates booked a five to 86 palm. And yet now with your pumped about it at Coors or polish of Davis and polish of a home I hear there's some political dignitaries. There may be making appearances as well sole way to sit up that led. On textbook defy archery season did you take its guys hold it down to some actual issues we get back after the break. Now we are back here all Sunday night with southern naval 1063. W Marty. Every politician's. Favorite four letter word is jobs. JO BS you hear all Tom. They create him disabled and make a more powerful and make it easier to get. Politicians love jobs. Of four letter word they don't like to talk about is Holst. And they particularly don't wanna talk about. What is he calls. The real true calls of the jobs. They say they create. Oh we see all time they've meant. Ultimately an announcer for a new plant. There are politician there was ago cutter read and thought about for creating jobs. Here eighty jobs 250 jobs jobs jobs jobs. They never talk about. The true cults. Police things. And even example we remember win the Volvo. Relocated. Arlen Boeing. Relocated. They work out a deal. With the local government and the state government to get enormous. Tax breaks quote unquote incentives. To come here. Now some people say and as the calls don't business you have to have economic development you have to have. Politicians the government trying to bring in these companies trying to create these jobs. But the other side that's that's suicide every. In an angry god do it regardless forget the calls forget whatever they did not everyone has said jobs is a good thing. Pesticide yet which you don't hear there we never see your analysis so. Is years later after the tax breaks have been implemented. After the companies relocating. Where the jobs that they claimed were going to be created actually created. If you break it down. A point per job basis vs the amount of tax breaks are getting how much is it really. Worth. When you think about the fact that on someone like GE for example here in the upstate. Is right now talking about expanding their plans for building a new. So they came up with some. You know fiscal document the show they are gonna invest over 400 million dollars. And this thing. Now because of that they Gil what is called a super file which is a feat in lieu of taxes. So rather than pay H hour and a half percent raise taxes as they normally would now for the forty years. They may be joint pain and 4%. Antenna half percent. So where is extra like don't from a Bernard getting it for home. Knowing. Who ends up footing the bill for these quote unquote jobs. It's the taxpayer. The politics is there was talk about the calls to the taxpayer we're told hundreds of millions of dollars. Of these politicians throw. At businesses. And even worse is when you look back and you see. A they claim there and make 15100 jobs at a cost of four million dollars in three years later the 15100 job tonight and in. Actually traded. So we hear all the time not economic development. We year old how about jobs here all tell about it bring in the community fort. We never talk about our never hear politicians talk about is the cost of doing these things. Both in dollars and in. You know people's lives. We GE would this new palm. Plant their building they say they're gonna create eighty new jobs. Meanwhile. They're actually laying people off. An existing plant hearing bill. So as a taxpayer. I suppose be super excited about giving a major corporation. A greatly reduced tax. That didn't go taxpayers are gonna make up the difference for. The same time they're laying people all. So are paying. To create jobs. While there simultaneously. Get rid of him. And somehow politicians say is a good deal for us. Dave. I mean how many hundreds of millions of dollars have we sunk into Volvo Boeing and now looks like GE. And one ever really got people. And more importantly. God could say that the last question you asked is that is the one that is what curt get my red upset is that we don't know that answer. What are we getting water taxpayers. Water week getting out of the state. You know an entity that we we hear from people autonomy. Yet last week the president about Amazon FaceBook in May and are culprit on the error are you are saying that you know understand. We don't pay any thing. We don't get the benefit. There's all these jobs created than in the end and create new jobs and jobs on top of that. Overreact job multiplier for them that the job multiplier for a. And in reality when you ask the individual and we ask our government he bet these politicians they're all too happy. To be throwing our money at these. Huge corporation the multi national corporations are coming to our state. When you ask them. What has got it I mean look at the government taxpayers are gonna go into the venture capital business is essentially what we're doing what we're giving away. All of these subsidies. Were were becoming EL. Venture capitalists were becoming. You know Wall Street it. Bully no I believe absolutely that we know global return though they know return to our right. Not a good overcome but they'll measure right we don't know what it kept getting what we've been doing that we haven't focused on the so the last ten years. This economic development plan. And none of the politicians can tell you exactly on the numbers that we should know as taxpayers. What does that cost dot. To create one of these jobs. Tell me is that 5000. Is a 100000. Is that 500000. Do we actually make money on the return I don't know that. But neither do the politician yet they insist on continuing to throw. More power money at this kind of strategy and again basically the government becoming. Venture capitalists. And that is not what the government is supposed to do by the way that that's not the constitution. However. If it's something that these politicians are intent on going down that road. They need to show the numbers need to show the money what. Is our money getting past what number of jobs in created exactly and how much has a musical note that answer. Let's just do some some easy Barmes both massacres or liturgy either Clinton there all attacks are from ten and a half to 4% for forty years and so. Ballpark radar from a millions of dollars at least. Is gonna create eighty jobs if eighty jobs so for millions of dollars in subsidies incentives. Our community eighty meanwhile G is also laying people all of their other play it. So that ultimately may be a wash on jobs agrees to the bill as usual but I wanna be clear about this Nolan is a set. That alms. Or no one's against the tax cuts are lower taxes old tackle the lowest possible Texas but I'll warm for everybody. You don't worry it they're coming here and give these big super file deals and not knee your home no tax burden Wendell your competitor of the mom pops up their history. Or the single mom is these are your kids daycare. Don't know attacks on cuts in South Carolina. So if you are gonna give it to our actual citizens. You jurors ocean yet now homeowners millions of dollars to multinational corporations. Might. You wonder why yet and you wonder why these mom and pop shops right these retail shops on main street. Our goal one under right it can't afford to stay in business it's because. The politicians are taken our tech they insert tax money runway they're act out yeah they're RB that they're not get the super file. Third there and go full property. While. GE Boeing all the rest these huge multinational companies that come in the South Carolina mad state they get the tax breaks. It's just that it is very easy to see. Why we're losing small businesses. Why we're not able to create these out on main street anymore it's because we're given our money way to be cute multinational corporations without much in return. No you're right now as a set of being in a segment jobs is every politician's favorite four letter word it edges conversation and I got a four letter word in my line. Would back into the break and does he wanna join the conversation ideas 1800. 3471063. Or issues at Texas 71 threes are seven. We are just got text during the break Dave ask what that on texting number is for you when he gets it would corps who now skeletons in ninety. Guys as simple as just text book. The oh okay the number five to 86 is getting you a text right back with a link where you can just click on their yourself to take it so. Text book to five to 86 he won't come out Tuesday night. On the court. Day we stumbled across an interest in store this past week. And we opened before the bright we're talking about now all these in their corporation ski enormous tax cuts that re normal pop shops never gonna get in the state. In house unfair. And another thing they're racing bad names that you give these guys be tax breaks. Well then they go and they form political action committees and they usually will go advocate and lobby for policies. There are once again harmful. To mom and pop shops in the regular basis of the beneficial for. All other business. And that is no different you know I'm a private companies like committee is no different there was essentially happening with the chamber of commerce right now. Which I know it in in a Daze their Biden on now the chamber powers was actually an advocate for conservative principles but every time I turn around now. A seat chamber advocating for gas tax night. A C and advocating for the sell sex like it's barber. I see him on basically selling out Myrtle Beach the Tor is not right not conservative. Ideology. And yet they get the don't they have local political action committee and they get to lobby for all these policies her in our state. And they're actually doing you have from his boss story comes from Myrtle Beach SC dot com they're actually doing it a pretty underhanded way. So I'm a walk through this is a little old of global basically when you wanna go to Myrtle Beach and you want I'll get a hotel in on Miller's you'll do it every year. They're the chamber of commerce has a website where promotes a hotels sitting on the site if you buy yourself a room you know being named their imperial emerald beach. Now the chamber charges. These businesses and then there's been no problem there isn't as of straight. Business interest setup both sides benefit. No big deal the problem lies and that they're getting paid 30000 dollars her website their promote our per URL they're put on their website. 2000 and that Dave goes directly to their political action committee. Which once again goes back to advocating for gas tax hike for sells tax hikes for but is he selling the city alto source com. So. But some things be dull and a bell now chamber is allowed to basically run rampant over our political process and political landscape. Dusan Maloney in and the tires at the same way that the mile potshots at the pay. All their taxes that basically goes to benefit their competition. In the same way here you shouldn't have to Hal you know mom and pop shops or hotel whatever it is paying eight feet. And in Canada percent of that going directly to the political action committee that if you were policies this this is at all. Yeah no look at the it is is it's it's worse than that it's. The fact that it's mandated borrow all that right chamber of commerce collects on the taxes that we day. Did it yet but at the turret and tax so. You know the cheaper get so not only get a piece of the advertising action they also get a piece of attack action right. It's you know now you're like emerald beach alleged break. Taxpayers. Subsidize. These corporate special interest. Whose dad by the way in the B article great it kind of showed they ate step by step how this all happens in and I highly suggest you go to Myrtle Beach SC dot com on the front page this morning. They hate it step by step on how these corporate special interest as we were discovered that last segment set that are getting taxpayer subsidies that set up shop here. That once they get here they are these lobbyists that the chamber of commerce to make sure they get even more money is at exit and on top of that. If a politician. Block them and that it ought to go along with their great scheme. Then a good car had important book west bank and spend money telling the voters about exactly and they're pretty darned successful. So here we have taxpayers subsidize the command of the State's taxpayers subsidizing them. To collect even more technology when they get about lobbying operation it out and that we have actually are subsidizing. There are election. You know strategy. And so every step of the way that. We are on the outlook taxpayers are on the outlook for subsidizing. Huge corporation. All I that are basically running our state and over our politician's. Politician in this state especially if they cappuccinos set. Are nothing more than lose these for these big time corporation they're the ones that are a lot about what they're doing down there they're hiding things. But it took these corporations and not only that that they you know these guys are. They have potential to make billions of dollars all on our back. Taxpayers want subsite in this entire scheme. Well I did see a home came across snorkel in mentions that there's a Charleston businessman and apparently candy for. Governor next year Phil Noble has challenged SE chamber of commerce to shut down its political action committee which operates under the name of the good government committee. Now Dave between 00. How big chance do you give that those numbers are low chamber of commerce said 'cause political action committee. Not in my. It never gonna happen there. The problem is not a lot right I mean lobbying has been around since the beginning of time it will remain. The domain to pay legal lobby against me in essence that's the gang exactly that that's the probably the politicians. Set up these teens. That benefit these huge corporations that can't be it your authority are now a bit in gate we couldn't be too bigger capital spell it and I. I won't capitalism I would love the free market Ari I just don't want the government to be involved distorting it. And tapering one crowd over another. And that's exactly what's happening your South Carolina and the Republicans and the Democrats in the state outs. Are colluding together to get it back exactly what's happening and in that chamber of commerce is one of their vehicle they do through. But it the other day that you hit the nail on the head. We are subsidizing. All of this lobbying work subsite in all of this special interest money. They're they're really is and I know a good friend of mine keeps track in the economy in this state and she instead in the multiplication date. I'm not sure there is a private economy and stay out hustling almost certain taxpayers. Are subsidizing this entire scheme the entire game. The entire economy is being subsidized by taxpayer. Canada and that's my plan that you're you're right there's no to bigger capitalists and those there's also an no to bigger anti. All crony capitalists than us. We will we see across the board Miller's for talking about. In a few other making money health law on the gas tax whether it's on the politicians simply controlling the electricity on the industry in this country are in the same sort. All I mean they have their fingers in every single cookie pot and so. It's the smallest things that they're I'm all for the free market ice the seat anywhere in South Carolina. I see you know the guy economy it is completely influence and dominated by the state. But now. And in the politician that set up the system. To benefit them and their bodies and their lobbyists friends and that's exactly what's happening right now is look at and bit and set. As you're not that they'll look. We knew we grow up but in that same last names wouldn't have worked very large bank accounts we still don't by the way but it's. I'll tell you want saying that the folks that are paint broke it. Our folks that are scratch and by. Barely making ends meet would hurt the sales tax hike whether the high vetoed that they be in contact that we play at it would make 50000 dollars a year. Or Canada nor I nor abnormally large percent are in comp to stay out I mean every step where energy prices and and hide the country so every step away. You have to realize we. We are subsidizing these lobbyists we are subsidizing. The special interest we are such that the politician could they're making money for the. No absolutely we're out. Ron to the phone trolls that Steve Ott thanks for calling man how organized and we went chat about it. Well he's an eagle. People even that are out and select county we were fighting one week ago. And who all their ego. Ego. A long way to arbor men were. Out the other than ever gonna comment on the spot are raising. Our oh port. It pretty. In creation marriage would not a back there there's mr. But it was our back everybody else heard it must and the county right they have been in that it will it'll look the deal. And again you know it was okay pretend that aggregate are packed their coast they wouldn't have it. Let's NIC in the year it was not a they're they're urged quite. Oh she was amazing to meet wins the last time we remember these guys ever advocating for a tax color it for anyone but themselves. That was the last time we soul. An audio chamber of commerce Toro a ball lower present over barbs of say no what we need we did not pay the highest. Marginal tax rate in southeast our income. It was last psalm one of those got some say you know what. Raising taxes on gas in a good idea. Where they are at an earlier you don't ever will and you never too little. And B is exactly right you know why well could they are exactly the great thing. They ought to pay the taxes that you got to say when the percentage goes up on whether or whatever was prop beat acts are still acts. Of hate that. And that's the point that is in Egypt and they all the head man that is the. These guys get away with it he's got continued it to push for higher taxes and were once it's up about. Diamond sees boys again went to is that. We will we see nationally sometimes we see on the state level lot. But even when your county level. You've got guys who are a home in a basically sell out taxpayers. For all businesses. And home you know we've got to keep amount it whether it's in Columbia weather isn't taken as with the Steve's example or here in Greeneville. You know enough is enough and I like a sending out. You you love I told him don't force your competition to pay for you to lobby against them which is what they're doing yet. Guys what are their call if they Stephen. I know we went away especially those data surprising but boy back after the Wright and though we'll get back into. Dave your Mac when we heard debating the gas tax night. And one of the biggest org as we head against this because we do you know very simply the door for a system I don't care how much money so with this. This racist and it's not gonna fix or it's I mean. We do we said that for 34 years balls all day was going home. Now a another argument in May the reason. And the gas tax hike will not fix the roads is because we knew. That special interest groups and particularly you know politicians in Columbia wore it to divert that money. Away from what actually fixing potholes they repair bridges. And push it towards a mass transit system I am whether it's light rail in Charleston a busing here during bill. We knew that that at the end of the day they had Ashley no interest in fixing the roads this is a backdoor way to try to get money from mass transit. And we saw all that and a report that was put out by the DO TW three years ago kind of Roma has three years ago we saw that report. And even after reading. From the horse's mouth than they wanna spend mastering our guests are well mass transit. Erector seeing that report the politicians not only. Still went through and pass against tech site. But then if you tried to point out the fact. This money goes in you waste it on mass transit system that would go so far as to call you a liar. Which is exactly what it represented new Collins did to myself. In the lobby of a church. A couple of years ago. Now's a liar for saying that the DOT. Is gonna spend gas tax money on mass transit. Well well well. But chamber of commerce has just put out there legislative. Our strategy for the issue Dave their wish list what is the top objective. Of the chamber of commerce locally here Riva for this year. It is to expand the bus system during. Now first of all the ball systems already heavily heavily. Heavily subsidized. By taxpayer. Now I want expanded. They don't have ever seen these screaming buses they usually lassie and downtown there's about three people own and once the driver got so. Nolan rods this thing. But you can do our bet that there we go one after that gas tax revenue to try to expand greatly. Means you get hurt he got a six how many potholes could be filled. Great company streets could be repaired how many bridges. To be sick little with the amount of money that they're going to try try to delve into these mass transit schemes and again. Well I don't care to New York City Washington DC but you Portland Oregon. Wherever that mass transit scheme that's around the country it is never a money maker that gut that taxpayers always. Subsidized heavily. Whether it's the subway in New York the metro in DC where Everett is. Taxpayers are subset neck at this stuff. Because it's not marketable it is not a there there is no market for mass transit in the country we'd like to drive commerce. And heck what are good weather is bad and in my opinion it's pretty darn good set a lot pot are a lot my not a 2000 not to hear the Yaris. Still love god and I'll I'll be on the road I don't wanna game at all but I just don't have any desire to do sell I'd rather have the freedom of driving in my vehicle. And that really is antithetical to what a lot of these folks in particular are bloody special interest like these politicians. They wanna continue to have police subsite you are money that should be go on but fix potholes. And fix our roads and they want loaded into the metric being end and it will do until we get some bad that we. Get rid of these guys until we hold them accountable for the gas act like. It's gonna continue to act. Wasn't in what gets me is they they blatantly lie you know one thing at a Seles to raise tax because of one expand greatly blessed Alice did they said they wanna raise tax the fix roads. This has nothing do with six throats. But you're all of this staying for mass transit. Is not lost on me I remember. Ladies and gentlemen is a true store. Armor we were down the back conference in Orlando Allentown we had to get on the Disney bus to go get dinner. And you Hague told us so bad it almost ruin your night gives your mood got so foul. You is don't like the the mass transit or laurels of the public policy it's not for you when the mayor says he wants drug is called the mammals drops caulk. All the way along wit a clear majority of my fellow south Carolinians that I can say without a doubt. We don't like mr. blue like driving cars will. As saying this is this is the disconnect right guess what the people talk about what context leader right now like paint a more where there energy Miller month. Right they'll masters of our politicians. For some reason they were supposed to represent us. They were all high taxes they want your electricity bill to go every single bomb month. They wanna invest millions of dollars they could be fixing potholes and bridges in a mass transit. This is an utter disconnect between actual people of this state. And the people who get to make decisions without money. And we say old some. It's not gonna change until we force it to change right the politicians lie to us they hide things from us they get rich at our expense. We as we all stand up to him and demand change. And like any bully there is gonna keep going at it until if I stand on punch him in the nose not so yeah that is line I think it Tuesday night. Would argue a quarry. Could be so valuable. Is that we desperately need to drain the small in South Carolina today you know whether it's in Colombia and in the state house or known only DOT in. Oz infrastructure bank and all these little in a nefarious com bureaucracies they have. We into the local level of a school board arcana counseling this thing is going all the way it GHS. There we talked about last week with Tom world it's the guy who suing on Jay just about privatization I mean that's highway robbery. Right is so yeah we've we've got to stay. Focused all truly truly drain the swamp and acting on Tuesday night being able to hear from corn corn will announce he was on Trump's campaign Mandarin when sixteen. They don't hear that note into the inside baseball. Oh what was going all on the campaign on how everything played out how did the message of drain the swamp develop pals are being implemented learning these things. I think we can take away a lot and apply it not only here Greeneville but across the state and that's why we afford to miss Augusta you wanna see. According personally I say it's Tuesday night it starts at 6 o'clock sharp. On where over at the global business or by JL Mann high school. Tons of people are already. Come on Bobby Max going to be there shoot glossy wanna come to shoot the word book. The five to 86 is so quick text text the word vote to 536 that's gonna give you a bounce back. A home link and then you go in India to take USA guys they're going fast soldier interest in textbook to 536 gave you ticket tonight. On because there's only so much space in that room and I don't make the the fire Marshal tell us. You say that but it looks food show we party gotten a ton detector test tonight on the shuttle know your rights tribunal and give this a hot tickets look at. I think also an and you say that's over an area we talk about that all the time. When when folks and our listeners when throws consistent across the state are treating these politicians. Like. The employees that they are. Then we will start to take and hold them accountable. As employees. And not a lot of pertain that that need to be held on a pedestal somewhere where will we treat them like he always that they are. And hold them accountable and we should armed police. Then things will change we will start to see change. Across the state not that that they capped the county as well right now that not happen. And and they're getting away with murder says they lie they hide in from a they get rich at our expense. Because we're not treating them like employees there are employees they worked for we ate their salaries. We both of them to represent not in the state captured protect bella in the app and the knock in a very good job until. We hold them accountable for that for every little thing that goes on hold them accountable things are just not gonna teach. Was this thing too is that there are so many school. If things are Golden State did in that things affect People's Daily life in these guys are directly responsible for. And just like I said earlier they always want to bug jobs and what about the cost of the same way here they never wanna talk about. How would they do in Columbia hurts families across the state they want talk about. A lot of love guns I don't know Tom they went on about how I found Jesus and you know Bly begins at conception they don't want talk about effective they are shelling out hundreds of millions of dollars of our money. To the mayor corporations and what do we get a return of what we get their worst roads in the country the worst schools in the country. They re judicial system the highest electricity bills in the country. And anyway that's the raw deal and so ended the thing is they're never gonna give all what they have we got to go take it right so now. In that in their district echo what you're saying about Corey on the man yes and that Ellison in the girls have their say at best bet that strong message. Super important because trump. Saw the establishment right in the face. And that's exactly what we got it did establishment here without. Now absolutely more time does he wanna go even Tuesday just text the word book the 5286. We have a CU and in your loved ones they'll Suzanne I'll be there. They'll be there about a Mack will be there so does until Tuesday stay mad stay motivating to make a difference.