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Wednesday, December 27th

Seth and Dave talk about Congressional tax cuts and what it means for SC taxpayers, SC in-state tuition going to illegal immigrants, and tax cuts benefiting state senators. 


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It is that time again 5 o'clock you'll wanna six point three WORD. Sunday night's cassette and eight day where talk meets action. Guys' response and have the freedom action network South Carolina the premier grassroots organization. Any briefly quit citizens of the palm at a state with a tools necessary to fight the corruption. Down the Statehouse take back control of our government and actually advocates for assertive principles actually had a case in C. Freedom here South Carolina. It is at that time a year Dave and our wish you a Merry Christmas I know we're airing tonight own Christmas Eve. We are actually recording this on Friday. Paul I'll be busy with Phil Bailey traditions. And things like that don't Chris receives or more come middle or early this week I hope everyone listening is. All have a great holiday season. Dave what are you guys have in store for the holiday we can elect our traditions DOE's adore Christmas. We got to we get Christmas see over neighbors out easily at a neighbor deal. And so all of a lot of attitude. That you know bottom jail melodic Turkey. A lot of smoke and grilled items. You know are favored and and then you don't usually Christmas morning. We are bout that big Christmas stream what's in the kid opened up presence we do. Charged the night before so and we are usually freed up on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Yeah we usually we try to cram as much as we can handle on Christmas Eve column so we will go over to. My grandma's like you have a being. In a Christmas there are always tell people you know man's bill has not a not just on the only use about one most the time but he had an extra when he used the the week after the holidays. I got older and yet the extra notch is so I'm I'm looking forward go to Iraq and extra notch next week boy at a big dinner. On and we do secret Santa and then we go to church along and then after I'll wake up the next morning. Column how much dollar we'll I'll we'll dubious excuse me. Would guess we have to my mom's the sea was saying has brought everybody calm but the secret saying a thing has happened before Alou this year day so. At Thanksgiving we all sit around it that it does secrecy a piece of paper and a pile. And we picket obviously it's a secret he yet. But the whole bowing out goal which is most people would this piece of paper and they know what the person that you buy for morning. Well I I didn't make it hardly a week before I lost the slip of paper and made me start thinking about this whole. Keeping your receipt gas tax scheme that would gaga and I don't know Jack is like until muscle man that you know I'm indignant about McKee Bob Murray seats there and I get a penny for me. Man I can't keep a secret Santa slipped for two weeks nothing and and keep the receipts all year I mean for. Is and join the club. They join a but in my guys like you say they hope yes have a Merry Christmas and a bomb in a good to see your family friends and really reflect what the season means alone and just enjoy your town hopefully awful work release couple days on. The dating a large house in one thing that I know the least model looks forward to do with Christmas is of course the gifts in the presence. And a lot of folks right now or saying that we may have just gotten an early Christmas gift. From president trumping congressional Republicans in the form this tax cut. Bombed it down I we talk to us before the needs a little more probably than I would like to say. Com there's a way attacks calculating go out and see if you actually gonna get a a tax cut or tax increase April armory and it's kind of mixed bag depending on your particular circumstance. All the way to the fact that we needed tax calculator is not a good sign it right again. I'd do you believe that most. Working folks in this country we're going to get some relief from that and that's a good thing we should pay less tax. No absolutely and then I say never really know unfortunately when the bills like this they know their thing is like 2400 pages or whatever it is. You really never know until the you know iris Gaza accounts get their hands on it anyway right I mean. On Zoloft folks warned though little Lucy affected this Alice farce in people's. Wallets and pocketbooks assuming next year. But it only seems to be moving in the right direction readily seems to be the internal processes that. Let's try to reduce the tax currently is in many people's we can right now at least reducing the tax burden. Was the gulf. Right and so I hit and people can argue about on the back in which of course we need to reduce spending it well I mean dole also add to the gone dead the national the deaths every year. But the least for right now the goal seems to be. Letting people keep more of their own money. You know letting people invest into the economy let the film they know about our home skills given to him. They're born with. Go here and make something out of cells and therefore help you know folks around them provide jobs survived on investment. And provide a better way of life as accounting Grozny and gets better better than relation. At least that's the focus on the national level at for the time being at least write a course. Right you can barely blink before and maybe talk about on this horrendous but at least for the time being it seems that the guys in the city are moving at least in the right direction perhaps them. And it does diametrically opposed to what we're seeing day down here South Carolina. I think we talked about it briefly last week this new scheme that you know Hugh leatherman and Jay Lucas and and the usual care present there. Having cooking up and it is basically sales tax hike a massive sells tax hike. Own the working folks South Carolina. They're talking about actually applying a sales tax of 3%. To things like groceries. To things like yeah prescription medicine. I know it the monthly electricity bill. I mean all in all the things that working class folks. Have to hit every single day and so we cannot do what we would count played with a we've built a mean our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com forward slash fantasy. These guys are followed. Home and count it if Clinton she loved them and as the grinch you know these politicians are basically trying to still Christmas right after we see. Congressional Republicans moved to try to let people keep more borrow money. We've got the guy's article on this scheme in great detail right back out of our pocket and put into their coffers. They do you think they're gonna get big push for this are what what are you seeing from especially for responsive to a FaceBook what's your reading of this. Well not only that certainly he forgot the bit. We as folks are taking action rescinding aspect responses from these politicians. Are hearing to death of the little countries represented a set. Well not oh well what made you were not talking about groceries but we are talking about a statewide property right. Yes so it changes as the time goes on and and I might might guess is look. They're going to try to do something to raise our taxes. They're going to try to bring in more revenue into the state government what that looks like we're not sure what you can be guaranteed a bit. We don't have a lot Colombia Germany in the in the politicians here so. The special interest due the lobbyists are down there constantly trying to figure out ways to make more money also this and choose schema of this. We don't we don't have that luxury so. And a politician dubious start writing these huge bills that you mentioned before the federal 4408 just. I met in this state they'll probably is evolving much shorter when they start that some of the tax code. And when it comes out to a lobbyist are gonna have their hands that are at work to get screwed some way or another and that's all we have to stop this from even happen. Lastly let us. The thing is layers amount when you actually again the content with the politicians is the crazy things they say Mac team. Right so he have a constituent who is obviously an apple legitimately concerned. About the prospect of having eight sells tax applied to it everyday items like groceries or prescription minutes. And Katie area chains in her idea her reassurance. To this constituent. Isn't it absolutely not we would never think about raising your taxes right now we just raised mightily the largest gas tax hike in state history. Just a few months ago which by reliably Katie are you voted for. Yeah so. It's not just those about the reassuring words you provides in her mind to reassuring or does know honey or not gonna raise. You sell sex on groceries and prescription ads. We're just gonna raise your property sex. Well thanks Katie obviously better and I now knowing that rather than coming at me when I got to get my our magic gonna come and the anti I'll take my house is right now a day of it and just so we were clear their body. Because act radiate. Several years ago we have no statewide property tax right now right or are they so and think how devious s.'s. They pass actor 88 under the guise that they would get riddled the statewide property tax if they could increase the sales tax while those tax swaps. Right and we always somebody's these political revenue neutral tax swaps these eight is revenue neutral or in eight days are these attacks collide is. Dubious but essential that. They all pass at 388 is that we're gonna eliminate the property tax race and our sells sex. Now they're toppled bait and switch and say well we're going to start applying a cell stacks of things is not fighting now and they end. Or potentially gonna I'll reform act radiate and allow us to go and raise a state lot property tax probably under the guise of education. Do effort our kids. But first this stuff is our revenue at what do go way to a just a little bit more day we get back from the break. He also mean I was set and able wanna six point three the purity and we are back here on Sunday night the second naval 1063 WORD. Gas before the break we're talking about. This being a new Tanglewood scheme from Colombia to what's again hit working class you'll write in the pocket. All right in the wallet and and take more are horror mowing. Quarter talking about this idea at the start taxing. Groceries. Monthly electricity bills if prescription medication. And this is a store they came out in the state newspaper just a few weeks ago that there's a one of these you know dog and pony show blue ribbon committees day and never looked in Tel two tax reform quote unquote. And he tell politicians this tax reform particularly a South Carolina. It means we're gonna figure LA free pay more on the you feel good about it again yeah so they're looking into a tax reform and they can always proposals that. You know what guys. We have a 6%. Sell sex and that seems to behind. We need to reduce. That sells text so thus cut in half 3%. And at this point I'm like Ronald Ronald. The very end but then they say. If we actually did just that. It would cut government revenue so much that. Gosh it may cut some of the power out from under Hugh leatherman and the like down there and we just can't have that date. So we'll couple cut the sales tax rate in half. Most are applying it to things it right now are are not taxed at that every day folks working class folks in the things like nurseries the monthly electricity bill. The prescription medication start Texan those things add 3% to make sure that even though this is a quote unquote tax cut. Where class folks in the pay more for things they need every single day and want to get Smart read at the most about it day is that as we talk about before the break. Act 388 a couple of years ago. They agreed and said we will abolish the state property tax write dropped to zero. If we can raise the sales tax. Now. We head activists across the state emailing they are politicians about this tax scheme. And local politicians actually broke back and said no no no. We're not gonna talk about a silly taxing groceries and prescription ads were talking about reinstating the State's property tax. Now were good though the worst of both worlds right. Well we'll that it really doesn't matter what they end up acting there this whole again going back to this. The first game which is quote rip that you'd control right so. Would have to get up by revenue neutral should government right I mean does not mean that you and I won't pay more we will take it means. It just means that government is going to get the same or more wet and that's. That's the trap you all this said the. Are we got Republican rule we talked about this. When that Republicans won't. For the last nearly two decade almost forty years of Republican rule that state right. Would have Republican who owned majority supermajority that the cases in the state house. And they don't the governor's mansion. And now they want to hide that have we gotten real true tax cut. Not one kind of gotten significant. Tax cuts across the board that we can take more money in our pockets. It all it's always about. How they can scratch and get more rabid right much and that's like that's what it's always content that is so they can see that there are hour. And that's really what comes out if you want to take government power away from these politicians. You've got to take money away from that they get their power is they steal our money through taxes. And we got to apple got to have real factor all of these things that you just described whether it's groceries whether. Electricity they also got sick a media war doesn't need to take more electricity bill that would my. Some gets me and that's not a small point means. Is become self evident today they are simply out to screw overhaul were south Carolinians we just had the largest gas tax hike in state history. We got to pay for gas the matter what we got to go to war right. And now on top of that they're talking about taxing everyday items like groceries or prescription med. And possibly even race in the state property tax which I does that hurt the most people fixed income folks who are our order a job they can is go out and get a race tomorrow. To account for the fact dead. Politicians are Clooney got a little bit more greedy overnight. Right now so in. We say this all the time these guys are going to railroad us if we do not stand up to. And lastly we've had hundreds of folks across the state already getting into contact with their politicians if you ask what's annual politicians the message tonight. That if this bill what do come up to vote no that any bill that is quote unquote revenue neutral isn't good enough if you're talking taxes we want a real tax collection. No property tax hike no sells tax hike it we're talking taxes we want tax cut US and that message take your phones out. Just text the word to the war to vote no. The OTE. Space in oh vote go to 52886. He said that in his immediate bounce back wait it takes about thirty seconds this and your politicians on talking your state rep. Talking a state senator aim government master let them know that this idea is not going to fly. Right on the heels of the largest cell our gas tax like we've ever seen in the state. We're not talking about eighty tax hikes they were talking taxes were talking tax cuts send that message vote no to 5286. And Dave. We were just talking about how they may start taxing our electricity bills. All top of the fact that in the last ten years we've had nine rating creases if you are a customer of SE NG or Santee Cooper. And we bemoaned the fact all the time that is politicians who control this process this electricity industry South Carolina. The entire process from supporting folks to Santee Cooper's board. To passing a law that allow these rate increases that take place to overseeing a point the folks the public service commission who are approve these rates. To even as screening in all pouring the director of the office regulatory staff who supposedly supposed to be. Our advocate in these rate hike doll debates. They control it lock stock and barrel that we don't Mona all the time. This past week. We heard it a long time director. So the longtime friend longtime buddy. Lol Tom lieutenant all of these politicians do Scott. Has resign or is no longer would you seek to be the director of the also regulatory staff. Tell me brave why should be hopeful. That this is going to mean it changes the RS or more I guess more. Actually tell me why I'm right to be cynical but it's not bulletin. Well just got boat as the German retirees in the head of the or did you post to be veep watch stocks for citizens. Right inside. The legislature had these hearings these late I hearings Peoria just doesn't watching out for us. Just got. This guy was big continent political insider he was never a watchdog obviously that never watch out you bet you mentioned rate hike after radar it. Even do customer but we've had rate hike after rate hike would pay the most. Spent the electricity monthly electricity bills in the country this guy clearly wasn't watching out for us. Obsolete at the wheel it not been directly involved in this whole nuclear power plant to cool the electricity rate hike to Bockwoldt. Just got asleep at the switch here not looking out for us. You decided. Set it gonna retire. I into the sunset do it could go right into the sunset after probably the biggest. Failure the biggest fraud in the history of this state and you know that's saying something. Well we're talking about age ten billion dollar plus. Flawed. And he's going to walk away. Now it gave Dallas and they what you call eight or ten billion dollars in debt a complete fraud a debacle. These guys refer to as. Multiple decades in public service guys right we'll be back after the break with more the let me before we roll. Let me ask this simple question what would you say if I told you. The South Carolina Republicans on top of everything else or pocono may wanna offer illegal immigrants in state tuition to our psychologist. Jonas after the break. We're back here on our special Christmas Eve edition of Sunday night the second day of Belarus 63 WORD. We're talking meets action and guys. Police say taught me it's actually mean it. The last seven we are talking about a massive sales tax hike either own groceries and prescription med or even our property. That South Carolina Republicans are cooking up if you guess what take action all of that and let your politicians know that of that article to vote no. And that any cycle revenue neutral tax swap scheme is unacceptable just text the word vote no to 52886. They before the break I ask a very serious question. What would you say. If you heard the South Carolina Republicans were plotting to give in state tuition to illegal immigrants here in South Carolina. And would you be shot. Which yeah RE. I mean look that we know. And and this I mean we can't let us vote but wouldn't you know represented as they were said Neil Collins some Pickens County. But very very conservative district. And so this guy. I didn't know where we've we've got to run in the deal for. You know quite the arrogant and rude legislator. Doesn't like to hear from from his constituents. That disagree and very often. But little axe either which is it is sitting in debt the leader like facts. But you know and in this proposal. Great to give candidate that's so good duck DA CAA grant kid you'll only mode goes to a single article in state tuition it's just. Look at and that's not it dot civilly but the orbit but quickly as we get off on the segment talked about this and it on the truth. It has to be put in the context. Oh we're all university system this sort now. It is up to its eyeballs in debt. I mean we talked about that on this show before. Where the ULU mercy South Carolina under the on campus Columbia. Is their freshman class this year is going to be 50%. Out of state kids. And we talk about how bad does not jive with their mission statement of educating. South Carolina right. And so. Is that what tiger just are you people are Americans let you know and that's the cause that this patent deal polluted and really. Is the fact that. We're now we know has politicians. That note this situation better universities they know the we barely can handle what we all read. And we can't afford it and now they wanna put an even bigger for you know wait on the entire system. While allowing you know illegal immigrants. In state tuition at our university is it just won't accept it it's irresponsible. It's wrong on so many what. Let's walk through so this is from the state newspaper headlines. They might get deported but this South Carolina proposal would give an instate college tuition. An estimated 6400 young people South Carolina are living in limbo after president Donald Trump threatened to in a federal program that shields them from deportation. But Ito that uncertainty one South Carolina lawmaker is introducing a bill that would treat them like South Carolina residents at least when it comes to pay for college. Representative Neil Collins who's a Republican from Pickens. Literally from Pickens. Has introduced legislation that would allow participants in the dock a program to pay in state tuition as South Carolina colleges apply for state sponsored scholarships. And receive professional licenses from state boards. Immigrants are eligible for back up. Deferred action for a child unravels if they were brought into the country's children and currently lack legal immigration status. But are working with their role in school are serving in the military and don't have a criminal record. Thousands of so called the trainers have signed up for the program South Carolina but colleges and universities still charts and higher out of state tuition rates. All of the travesty. Even if they graduate many showers may require state licensing. Turning close to them. So quote South Carolina is one of just a handful of states tantalizing dreamers in the able fashion. They settle with the FaceBook post. We have thousands of children's and adults the South Carolina wanted to live the American dream. To deny children that we have only have only known South Carolina as their home the same prices the classmates serves little purpose in the face of our American ideals Neil. Let me explain this to you buddy. Right now a USC over half. The kids are from out of state. We're not even educating our own kids right now. And I understand you may or score some you know liberal brownie points where you know at build the country club you mates in over Pickens. Blood. When you already have South Carolina kids being frozen out of the university system. Now is not the time to get on your moral high horse and try to inject another 6400 kids to compete. With that the students are by all rights she get a first. Now whether it is the you know of the dreamers faulted there really deliberate or their parents regardless of that the actual. On child of a resident of South Carolina. Should actually get a frontal line before any at a Stater or anyone who doesn't have legal status. This is a certain. It would be one thing date. If we lived NA I a world of surplus where everyone could just get what they want. For whatever cost they want to pay and everybody just be happy but fortunately for folks like Neal and other companies like him. There is something called scarcity there's only so much to go around. There's only so many kids that you go to Scott college as South Carolina schools every single year there right now are already keeping. A lot of home from that experience because as you alluded to date our colleges and universities are up to their eyeballs in debt and make sure they ship kids in. For anywhere else in the country sink just a little bit more money from. There's a little bit more money and at least two South Carolina kids not being able to it's in their home universities and either being forced and not go to school. Be forced added additional university program do all lines going or to go at a state if pay more for the same education that could have received. They South Carolina now on the face of that they'll pause and say hey we should really get our our university spending in check hey we should really make sure that. Any South Carolina kid who's qualified and boy two is it would say this after university though. Neil Collins for some reason takes up the calls all of these dreamers. And I guess you're some wires or some liberal brownie points a pat on the back now you know little moral authority. But to me is absolutely ridiculous and it's a smack in the face. To the people he's supposed to be representing a Pickens County though but all domains have children who also aspire to live the American dream Neil. They do to assist us in their face when it comes to allowing illegal immigrants to get in state tuition this is gotten out of Payne died. What will set foot and again I go back to the mission statement of the University of South Carolina. Which is the education of the state. Should that sense. Through teaching we surged. Creative activity and being engagement but again the state. Citizens this primary. Mission right educating those states are stayed at south Carolina's citizens. Is that primary mission of the University of South Carolina and at this point. These legislators writing without just ilk out we'll be clear. OPEC Neil is the one dumb enough to put this. You know this bill first. Even if the dummy that that that they all got to sponsor this stupid thing. Okay but in reality what's happening in your step is that we're getting to a point. Where. Would that the university system and an hour. In higher education system that as we documented over and over again is still distorted and so all is so terrible. In this state but they're going to look they are the big money from anybody and everybody. And so that's why they're bringing an out of state kids now what that is the highest rate ever. Because they want that extra cash and it's because they're being driven by debt these decisions being made because they oh bondholders money. And that this is going to add just a another waits in the system. That we just cannot hat. I mean we we cannot afford to let alone won't that you suggested this whole thing about what would put illegal immigrants. You aren't citizens of the country would put them evolve our citizens. But the financial burden on on us as as they say that and try as taxpayers. Is too much residents. It too much as it is and they want to add. But at no cost want to add to that burden and that that's a look at what we cannot afford that we simply can't afford it on so many weapons. Well I think the primary mission. You know at state colleges to educate kids is a lot like though Republicans ball platform contact us in the state. They like to say it going to trotted out but in the end it really doesn't mean a whole lot if you look like Clemson still I mean you remember the professor all Republicans are racist. In the costliest of a rating of a liberal ideology to give the your body out CDs the president USC is opting into the payers climate accord even though Don Donald Charles pull the country out of it. All in or two in a set the tone that they believe in global warming and it would be sustainable. It is yet gotten away from actual education and now to a weird indoctrination. On. Sinner and raided and and what you say a lot of it is driven by debt and let's be clear here in the same way the politicians are solely responsible for the fact that our roads are crumbling. The way they're solar sponsor affect our electricity bills through the roof. They are absolutely the blame for what is going only debt in our state universities. They had they oversight committee may have just a few politicians. Who have to approve all these this these massive spending that our state college is due. How alternate and I am not very often. I'll ever so once again. Politicians driving dent driving speaks driving bad decisions. That the consequences ripple out across our state. Guys will be back after the break I believe we have a caller and all sort of go to the phones we get back here on Sunday night to set the naval won a six point three. WORD. And we are back here all Sunday night for southern naval of one of the six point three WORD. Guys before the break I mentioned that appears we. Have a caller and a full we go to the phones as Ottawa has set this gentleman up. We are bomb you know privilege tonight to be joined by the esteemed senator Gordon both Boyd. He is say a he's a senator from the low country he's a twenty year vet all of the South Carolina legislature. Good old boy basically took control ball back when the Republicans the majorities are back two decades ago. Thanks for just rate cut on his way up in the leadership. NL gold is called the shots him and his minions basically control. On Sega they call him the coup global aids. So we're gonna welcome and Sandra Boyd said thank you so much rejoice tonight how Loria Merry Christmas. So this is so good anti mine my Christmas. Good to be heard from. Bikes are in and just wishes go ahead let you know before we get started that. Considerable it is just like all bill is that in Colombia he is bond papal Abbas special interest that unlike down. I'm proud to say this terrible it is shameless about it and we have we appreciate your honesty sinner and in that vein. Can you please explain to us why you guys that thing. Bit taxing prescription medicine are grocers would be a good idea. So it wouldn't let me first say that. Promptly at honest about it OK just very nothing you can do they seek re elect to meet them off track polygamy steps. I've done some things in the past that normal people would just blow me out are they. But they just keep electing me so I'm just called me about possibly can't. Look at. Although he. Element here you. Because well I can't thank those conservatives. And I don't want to make sure that I'm here what your study because what you're saying there's this thing today. We shouldn't be centering more money to the government is what you're saying is that winning the cut back on revenue we did cut spending Moody's cut taxes that what you're saying. Set a boy does exactly what we're saying we're saying this conservatives we believe in limited government allowing folks to keep more throw money. Well at shrinking the size of the government may issue that more decisions and evolve back to the people. And particularly when we're looking after you guys just pass the largest gas tax hikes in state history and and so tomorrow morning download your body Hugh. Ball needs with the state infrastructure bank and we're still not gonna fix our roads on top of that. It would just be a terrible idea to then once again give more of our money do you guys is all this the seemed to do is wasted time. Sit lip. What you just say it is exactly who mock campaign plank is going to be completion. I think that's great that's going get me elected that is going to be reelected every single parent is not top what you do conservative. Hairspray in this. Campaign is conservative all war. At the end of that Kennedy. Into Colombia. And attack you know what I. Because I got to listen to the big ball just into corporate special interest the lobbyists. There who want the same salary and act came into being it will say bolt from what they want so if they want a tax hike where. Other folks that like out ot hear ye yes I hear you loud and clear for a long day. I'm gold was anti rootkit. Like although looking near us what made you think that I'm listen to you and take notes in my it. And and put no all of a memorable are there that I'm won't do what you say I'll make you think. But here are you against my answer. Articles written about on forward and help them. The when the Coke special interest lobby is gunmen. Very little want to vote. For me aren't you. Know you feel multi well order do is a wanna hear you out. Expect that you're fortunate my campaign we got no name popped up. I need eight Lee aid down is that Tea Party. OK I need somebody like you to work on my campaign worked with being accountable make you must special assistant. Whenever there's at least tacit tech's issues that pop open things get a little portion Nikki you know stark here from. You know year people are eerie email which could get a lot of little. I'm gonna cut you would think that what you got topped at least they. Got to tell that client let me know what what I'm talking about here because we can't we can't give everything I have too much. You know too much stapled committee to look at that my rock the boat too much. But here's what I need from you sit on major credibility. I need your listeners that are literate now understands that hey how will I am a conservative conservative on the campaign trail. So look when I did in the Columbia financial dial it up American due to the lobby still had a boat SR got a boat. While a that we would pay for you'd have to you know vote and do something then they cults you your buddies money. Because Emily although he does throw take down therein are personally profiting from this increase in spending. Yeah. These steps you all or a links I'll tell you that much okay. You or eight at grade a detective thank goodness. You are not all of this epic pro of all about big story now otherwise we billion real true. It's but here and uncle so. Again. How war you want to listen to ease I want to hear you out I want to make sure you know that I'll listen into. Day you'll only I don't know what your science and or go good old boy you're Soros say that you'll need to take your spin and take it to the people that way budget political cover. But no matter what we do. No matter what we do though you're saying your hand it's and we're gonna see attacks hi. My question is some people seem to begin tax cuts in the state what do we have to do it well a tax cut. What are we have to do. (%expletive) I'm glad you appear quote here crowded I think anybody can tell you listen fearless and that pollution do it okay. Do directly from amassed considerable. You wanted to still sit here she gave. Go have a state. Can't go to Delaware New York one of them you know states nor. Creatures so flawlessly. Tom Baxter healthcare on you can't eat meat group immediately you know come considerable talks may quickly. And mobile phone Julius. Will want it you gotta tell me your concrete about jobs. And here's what will do this and at a state big corporation has promised in the budget jobs. Cuba won't my the world you're oysters that Tibet or you want that depict property tax ever gets done. You want your energy bills paid or done. You call a special exemption only a contract done your. Sales at forget about this if you're at a state corporation to promises to create a number of jobs in the state Maine. I can get folks who lined up behind that tax stuff show. So they're overjoyed when you tell me is a Ewing year minions are more than willing to cut taxes for. Mega corporations to the sins of hundreds in those dollars and world you know pay for their electricity bills won't they'll forgo the property tax bills. But when it comes to your actual constituents you working class folks in your district but you have no choice but to raise their taxes. Sip uncle listen to outlaw cheered their man. But Indian Tuesday night they don't pay my bills do not much. You know what topic about broad that it. I appreciate it here's the great thing about this school scheme. You don't actually need to create any jobs. That yeah well look at it that writer. Maybe ten years now. If you do great. If not don't worry nobody intensity way typical member promises were made to get quit but here well we'll say unfortunately. You're going to lead consultant. Your lead consultant to kind of navigate these troubled waters so that is the South Carolina State government. And you're in luck buddy. Because I am a consultant I've consulted many unhappy state cup corporation to get through a navigate these waters. If fiscal caution about but felt about my yeah. The good news here is I've created my OLLC in my own corporation and that way I don't legal or any incumbent you might give me. What weight class grow what most people quest for it they pay all. Well we don't even mean nobody know about that the video is considered this acting make all this money off ramp estate corporation could go horse. And nobody ever know about it. Of center center aboard but say what if you're the captain solve this seven troubled waters I have no doubt we would have been no time we would run headlong into an ice berg. They sing just like a Titanic thanks for call and then sinner we appreciate your honesty as always. Guys can you believe this that the good old boys in South Carolina are getting so. Indignant. Then Nellie just say the truth and that regardless solve you know what we try to do. If we don't stand though they're going to pass a tax title property or a prescription missing birch trees if you wanna send a message was sent folks like digital Boyd. A message and tell them vote no almost built just text the word the vote no to 5286. Guys Merry Christmas will be back next week with a brand new show on New Year's Eve until then stay mad stay motivated and to make a difference.