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Sunday, December 31st

On New Year's Eve, Seth talks about fulfilling resolutions and campaign promises, Santee Cooper chairman quits, Tom Barilovits on the Greenville Health System scandal, and the SC gas tax implementation.


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It is that time again. For the last son in 27 saying. 5 o'clock on Sunday Euro 106 point three W already it is time for Sunday nights for Seth and they've. Guys welcome and thanks for listening and a very cold happy New Year's Eve to Ian. I think we're we sense a record temperatures around the state on tonight. Be sure you keep those faucets running in drip and a nice you know we've frozen pipes as subtle Tony eighteen with a a big cloning bill. I guess thanks for coming in tonight we are presented on tonight as always by the freedom action over South Carolina. Which is the the premier grassroots organization here in the palm and a state looking to equip citizens with the tools necessary. The fight corruption now in Colombia the take back control or state government and actually advocates for freedom and conservative principles. In our state house. As I hope you had a great in Merry Christmas and a new in my family did the the usual traditions. Wind got a great Darryl on the Christmas even in his church for candlelight service while we go to on the Moline I met this it was absolutely. Beautiful service. And then on Christmas day of course have a little girl so we did Sana. For the first time in a long time we actually made our way over and sold the broke from mountain not Cyrus senator Christmas lights it being the last year out figured. While the the little girl check and now. Even as yet to see Sanong I got a balloon right Tom alms. Great job they've always done or mouse our hats our here you can actually buy. Satellites are an auction a mall says you want a piece of law of Pringle history and make Sheehan keep an app for that. And as a special treat overload the Christmas break I took a little girl see them the new Star Wars movie. I'm not personally a huge stall horse fallow you know affinity night. I was up early my thing the my little girl got into it a couple of years ago and I'll take anything over fairies princes guys Alice sick at the death of playing fairies. Inferences so I had to pick of a lifesaver in India jet I'll do it we would insult new movie packed house all from robber spite of all the great movie she absolutely loved it. A home. A portal to see it again and again so it was a great it was a great Christmas break a Javier you and your family. I had the same. Until our solar night Dave is actually taking a a holiday sabbatical he is open Maryland with failing all of visiting folks vote is just being your guest tonight as he Rolen to 28 saint. And the New Year's always a good psalm. To reflect or your rent and the start setting goals for the next year LE a lot of folks will start to make New Year's resolutions. Of course that these resolutions one makes is usually based own where the rent life you know someone younger may. Again New Year's resolution the civil blow money to file into down their owner. May your resolution be a little bit more the terminal finally breaking that career path they want a better start again. Some older may make a resolution to save little money for the put toward the mortgage may pay at all. And of course you have low the universal New Year's resolution of a worry in better shape I want a big lose a little bit away. But whatever it is no from young folks though are more. Season for us seniors is so senior citizens and apologized. Arrow in our core earlier that only 8%. Of people actually stick their New Year's resolution. RSS across the board whether something is. In a menial was April of them all more toured the ball in a vacation fund or in a summoned higher and it's paying off mortgage only 8%. Of people stick to the New Year's resolutions. In our money that does or how I campaign promises are the or it on a percent of those actually get the filled with any. I mean the typical ones right we're gonna cut spending. Gonna cut your taxes. Or me more accountable. The taxpayer to the motor. I'll battle wager that not even a percent of our politicians campaign promises. Actually until fulfilled with. When as a major New Year's resolution stands 8% of folks actually stick to him. And it got me to think in why would only 8% of folks stick to the resolution they make to themselves. When you're sitting backing up after a good policies are your thing about where your life and where you want to being you promise yourself for you make a resolution to yourself. They're gonna do this or that why isn't the only 8% of must stick to. SRI think in the same vein as those those in the campaign promises we say. When you make a silent resolution to yourself and when these politicians Nate into campaign promises of a campaign trail. They would not be fulfilled if there's not any accountability. Instilled. So at the politicians they get the culminate Indy campaign promises open now what countryside during campaign season. This is again a Colombian. They hide they don't they cover away from their constituents and do whatever it is that the special interest lobbyists. Open tentative. Alton town very little accountability. So no wonder. So little time they actually fulfill the campaign promises. As very similarly make can't our New Year's resolutions to ourselves. When I say asylum resolution in your mind. You know maybe after all local lab reflection doesn't hold. Any title built in accountability. Now there are some folks among us have a strong one a foil. To simply make a promise to themselves and completely changed they have some behavior overnight. And stick to that promise. But a lot of us we need that accountability this while people have work out bodies. Right is easier to go to the gym if you have someone calling up their morning tea Redding. And when maybe they're sleeping in your call normal pair euros into the gym we made a promise to each we're under this together. And so did I ask you roll win between eighteen. I've been thinking about what kind of resolutions that not only don't make personally. That we won a hero cyanide was certain days and the freedom action over South Carolina. And what occurred to me is that any resolution. That we were to make. You know sequestered off and office. Or sit simply hear on the radio studio and are they any resolution. That you naming politically speaking the ones waiting. Wouldn't have in accountability built and if we didn't do it together. As so I have a proposal to make that I want to make a resolution. For Tony eighteen. Hour make along with you guys. They we're going to hold these politicians accountable. For what they promised us the last Tony years. Into creating. We're gonna hold them accountable. Let's have they broken. The promises to oust the tauzin lied to us in a town Zeta Norris. I'm speaking of course of the largest gas tax hike in state history. Talking about the effect that are schools are the worst in the country. Let our electricity bills. Are the highest in the nation. Meanwhile our state owned utility companies eight billion dollars and that. Our make a resolution when you guys the put it into this nonsense. In our state government. And here's how. We can do. First and foremost if you've been listening those Sinai to Sunday for any length of time. You know about our Texas. The ability to quickly or your cell phone into contact with your say politicians and let them know how you feel. About key issues and put pressure on realm. To the right thing. Right now you can text the word to vote no in DO TE you know the number 52886. And sing your politicians a message about this ridiculous sells tax hike that they're considering for next year. Let them go to vote no all met in any. Tax hike. We're not out for tax reform more offer tax cuts. Send that message will provide a platform into waiting. We SE you guys is utilizing. Text the words vote no the 5286. Of course will have almost every week eleven new call to action. New issue pops up date based are floating in new tax icann fee hike Sunday ridiculous notion. Level Avian contact with the home very quickly. And not only through email B and also do with the social media to FaceBook and what are. It takes thirty seconds just text the word to vote no new year text right Mack takes thirty sexy in counting your politicians. And make a resolution you guys we're gonna provide that. For Tony gates saying. We is a C uses the paso home alert. Are your friends and thing and we know how easy it is it and they're hand sell them a text vote though the 5286. And I think we're we don't want eighteen or continue to do is pushing out content to our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com's force last candidacy. If you're not already following as. Hop on rare and give the page follow every single day. We are putting up articles from across the state about corruption within our state government. About things we be looking out for from these politicians. Or we're doing a FaceBook love or more in depth and breaking down these issues and what it means for taxpayer and more importantly what you actually do about it. We're going to be continue to push that stuff out all through Tway eighteen to keep you abreast and knowledgeable about what is happening. With your money down a Columbia. Please just toppled FaceBook dot com Forsythe Tennessee followed page when you see articles that you think your friends and family. Well funny distinct pay given alike and share. It into their hands as well and spread the word about what these guys are doing to us in Columbia so we can begin the hold them accountable. And of course we're continue to be here every Sunday night alana six point three W award a sullen nice the second day of talking about what's going on in Columbia. Any you Ghazi ability to call wind and chat almost directly. You can hit a tech slide subtle 1307. Ask questions directly or if you're all the FaceBook page. Face it messes and we didn't respond to those questions a lot alone there. We want to grow this audiences well. If you have friends and family you know. That they care about what's happening home they care about the fact that our schools little opal last in the country. They care about the fact via the dodge potholes always just suffered the largest gas tax hikes they history you know they care about that stuff. So let's Oden a 5 o'clock on Sunday. Or they can't do it a threat charge which I completely understand. You always check out all of the podcast the day after Al we also Monday mornings early spot money afternoon. Always had an up on our website they NSC dot com. So does going to 28 saint. Let's make a resolution hold these politicians accountable. Let's do it by texting vote notified to an 86. And putting pressure directly owned them. Was the last spreading the word to social media at FaceBook dot com for size fan messing. And of course let's continue to have these discussions on Sunday night's hero one a 63 W Lordi. About what is going home and as I always say more poorly what we can do about it. Is I don't go Tony eighteen RB rolling between nineteen. And still be saying Republicans that control our state for forty years. We're missing any significant reforms. We am missing any significant tax cuts. Our schools NT media worst and allow electricity bill continues to skyrocket. I don't wanna be in this position. Going into between nineteen. So let's make a resolution tonight in 2018. This is the year that we started changed the tide. Net the corrupt Democrats down south and Columbia start to lose their grip our state government. And does. The same way that and it also sounds a New Year's resolution. Is an empty promise if you don't fault the room. If we don't falter on this. This will also be in and to promise we will continue to suffer on the most corrupt and least transparent. And least accountable state governments in the country. Let's not do that text vote notified to any sixth against Iraq after the break we're back. And we are back. Our Sunday night for second day of 1803471063. Join join the conversation tonight as you roll into a chilly. New Year's Eve heading into 28 seemed. Guys in the fall is electricity rate hike to buckle the last couple months now. If you remember a couple bouts in years ago these politicians and I got together they wrote a law although we now refer to as a bail out wall with a base load review act. Basically allowed these utility companies I had to scan SE NG. To begin construction own nuclear power plants and to charge their customers all fraud. Com for the financing calls all of those ball projects. Also guaranteed that if anything were to go south. In these nuclear projects that ratepayers would continue to be on the hold. For up to sixty years for the powerful ways recoup their losses only failed nuclear power projects. Earlier this year. On SE NG and safety scoop us and if you report out of the VC summer nuclear power plant that's been the big headline our project. Say to you renounce a billion dollars in debt. SE NG is others take use of a fled. Hi this is seriously eighty bock and now Duke Energy is also planning nuclear power plant a near Gaffney hauled they'll seek to try to recoup some their losses as well. This is one of the reasons why guys we've had. A home that at least nine electricity your hikes in ten years is why we pay the highest residential electricity calls in the country. As he's politics of skiing their way and is stirring up our electricity armed. Industry in South Carolina. Now we always say that politicians are to blame for this since fairly easy how we get to that logic. You have something called the public utility review commissioned down in Columbia the park board. That is a militant people tend politicians appointed by two politicians. Speaker of the house to a Lucas. And the senate judiciary chair will crank in these two guys get to hand pick who sits on the purple were the park board biggest screen. Basically. If if the governor Wilson put somebody. In a position of law influence within that of the energy and decision making bureaucracy in South Carolina the purple or disapprove that or disprove that so. They'll say government mass Ross commons and put somebody on the public service commission. Or a carried allegation loss puts a local search commission. If the perk or does not locate that that they have the funding candidate so completely control folks who settle public service commission. Who or that they the entity that these power companies go to dig it rate hikes superb. The over Siena and screen the guy who runs the all sort of were staff. All which is host to be the the rate Payer. Advocate in these electricity rate on. Hearings and and also completely strained the folks only Santee Cooper board. Peso. And then they also provide performed your views every year all of these are the same bureaucrats and never ten years these guys will Iran on this entire. I'll always projects and are entirely trysts in history into the ground. They're not allowed to run out on debt the billions and billions of dollars for Santee Cooper all. Bomb under the oversight all these politicians now that this thing is blowing up. There is men a couple of rising nations. Ever order members of sixteen million dollar man Lonnie Carter this was the Santee Cooper CEO that resigned in disgrace. I the very beginning all of this the Bok. Now he walked away with sixteen million dollar golden parachute most of which is actually taxpayer funded. The biggest walk away Scott free heavily compensated for stirring overwork and there was a South Carolina. Then the CEO SCANA. Which is the parent company SE NG the other company involved in this debacle Kevin marsh also resigned. So just run off into the sunset. I'll do Scott the director of the alternates were stabbed he resigned a few weeks and JC moved his retirement ul. NIC said the reason for doing so was the stress of having to deal. When this debacle this fiasco. And old -- guy can't help would be burdened by the stress of dealing with this mess these calls. On the last ten years. And in this week. Headlines from the state newspaper. Say it she Cooper chairman quits. Ending nuclear showdown would government master. Santee Huber board chairman Leighton lord resigned Friday. Ending a three week five wood governor governor Henry McMaster who tried to push Florida out over the state owned utilities response to the VC summer nuclear fiasco. So lord. Also. This is a step away. For this tired mock. So the CEO. Of Santee Cooper. Who was voted on by the board of Santee Cooper which is a core strain in approved by the purple or with politicians. Which is of course controlled completely by Jay Lucas only break him. So. CEO sandy tuber. Like artists of ball when a sixty million dollars. The chairman of the same board of Santee Cooper now is retire. Right off into the sunset. Kevin marsh the CEO of scandal. Was the other entity involved in this. It's a walk away unscathed. And then do Scott. One love bureaucrats duo was a part of all this from the jump. Also Madison though his retirement. If they into the sunset. With no accountability for its been done to the thing with South Carolina. Now I am not upset that any of these men have lost their jobs what I'm upset about is too full. We're talking about at least an eight billion dollar fraud just infatuated on working families of South Carolina these people need to be investigated and possibly thrown in jail. If any private citizen think of Bernie Madoff. First second. Which are my guy who ran eight enormous Ponzi scheme. Is shorter people out of over and over a hundred million dollars collectively. Upon this game means something that you sell so people knowing that. Its faults and and you use money coming in every month to pay all investment you made earlier. Pay out your investors are investing their. Best upon this game. How is a different know what these guys. Have done the South Carolina to the tune of billions of dollars. Women mile hole for another six decades for this and these guys just get subtle little resignation letter. And then a ride off wanna car with a bag full money which also came to a taxpayer. It sells ridiculous but on top of that why is it just these bureaucrats. Are resigning. Aren't the real ball C. As I mentioned the purple were these politicians. Do performers reviews of these people every single year. Source close because for the fact that they somehow missed an eight billion dollar debacle for a decade. But now well. They're things filing Dana we are the bad actors. Once again this was in a private sector company. The balls. Would have to take accountability for irresponsible he'd be out there are his guys. The mess up. None of these politicians had the dignity. The stepped down. Rather they now want to double down on their own control. On the electricity industry here in the palm oddest thing. They want to see Mitt. They control of people like bill Sandefur. Nikki Sessler nor already on the port. If front and now I wanna bring in Hugh leatherman. The settlements no new utility oversight committee. Some might. Bailey's are paying every more more more for electricity. And having to possibly cut from other necessities. Because these guys. Steamed. Any and all and they were all together. They schemed. Deal to charge people all fraught friend best that they knew most like he would never. Have a return. And they want to while doubling down their control some Chinese to go to jail somebody's be held camel is exactly type of stuff I'll talk about the first segment. When we say we to make a resolution to each other to do just that. Natalie Thomas on the more local. Right after the break. In our show is said this from the jolt it being New Year's Eve and all I want everyone to have a great in safe night tonight. Don't go out here poll state senator Paul Campbell. If you're here haven't in a drinks to friends and family don't get behind the wheel the car or whatever you do guys don't go get arrested for aligned to the police. And don't hold a state senator Paul Campbell. Now for the break as us aren't taught us a little more local of course this issue actually has repercussions not only across the state but also across the nation. Talking about the ongoing. On. GH yes crisis. Brilliant and the phone it very closely. Basically our on county council and and the border ths. Sold out blow this is in the remote county and sold a public asset. For a dollar essentially to privatize degree of health system. And now there's a lawsuit going Olin to try to based assay that was any legal on pat. That in you can't assign all the public asset for a dollar. And the guys who are behind and are now trying to move Fortis quickly as possible we got behind this all privatization. Quote unquote and I do one up. Paul's they are can we say easily when we say the word privatize as conservatives it's a good thing right and Advil but the more right now there privatize the electricity. Industry south cal and actually have competitions. Along its energy providers but in this case this privatization. There's actually more like corruption. Or Lisa seems to me on the surface. Now were joined tonight by the attorney that is trying to us not release as a part of trying to stop this home this quote unquote privatizations Kuralt. All basically theft of the public asset. We're joined by Tom world it's we have a little bit of good news going into 28 saint as a so these guys that are all behind. On this privatization in this on the staff. We're trying their best to basically take the debt of ths. And put it Payer with the outstanding debt and bonds all the different hospital systems across state emerged that it. And there was be a record or a request by a bomb in the hospital association to our apostles listen to the governor. Armed to do so they also had resolutions and remote county council doubly oak Tony Kenney councilman both of those resolutions. Failed the new Ford would this. Alban pairing. And another governor from my understand is also called a letter on saying that as of now he can't approve. The GH as paring their bond that a with other hospital systems Tom can you kind of break down. So myself know what we've already seen and in the significance of this letter. Yes set just a side note I'm not the attorney Jim carpenter incorporate all firms are attorney. I'm just a citizen so I just want to make sure that nobody was in a moment turning around. Yeah. Canada against station and they of these Asian nation but you have an even as a citizen commonly used in. I was at the Helm of this from all time kept her around it now you're you're assisting with blow also and your you're going to carry council meetings and there's there is any citizen. On the knows exactly what's going only she used to cut a billion bring Arab listeners abreast and then play SA what's the significance of this letter from master. Yeah I think it all happened visit there there's an there's a bit the government organization called as PG adopt economic development authority. And they kind of there's posted to god be the conduit. Or getting bonds for these not large not proper to small mom Barbara it's give them good bonds are tax exempt. And DA tests went to them and so on I don't look the new SE helped company which is there burger joint venture. To get one point five billion dollar bond guru at seagate. And tell it to Kobe go off their debt be good GA just yet with the risky palmetto debt which Scripps green and textures on the hook where they're crappy get down here in Columbia area. Com impact and CJ eight before they can do leave their bond issuance and it is any continuity is they call it. They have to get the county counsel's. Wherever those possible assets are the kind of council approved a resolution supporting the size of bodies who has and then I have to go to a couple over the hoops with the Iranians up with the governor's desk who had to do that final. And the final. So. Of course for some county Sumter county and so yeah we love this thing you know please direct solutions. But a colony and I agree the counties sit down I don't know let's wait let's play into the slope of the green look ridiculously consulted educated. They tabled at oak police said try this era we're not we're also gorgeous at all. And it's so very street and walk on the ball to going on the legal proposition pretend consolidation. In the law across United States big console systems and all of doesn't Lisa higher prices for consumers. And I actually to the benefit of the few executives at the top block where these big. Little fat paycheck your retirement funds and everything. But he'd I think government master heard what was going on and basically fed are now we're not gonna do this little lawsuit going on. And that says that two counties have agreed also had. Were not agree with this so big Massa did the right thing he says. Now we're not approve these bonds and so he just and Paul middle probably try some other way to try to do they'll keep pushing. But I think the citizens and we all have to be vigilant because. I'll wind this clinical legal and get it makes it difficult to unwind. The merger once we win the lawsuit you know. And it makes it very hard on scrambled exit number two that we forget Saddam constituted they get also because will be the consolidation going on won't hurt the consumers plunk down the road and Obama's bullet competition. Nothing tests a couple key thing so basically a stake a step back you have. Other great hospital system and that you have a lawsuit go and our our that it either is almost to go now to stop that that political proposition. In the meantime while that is night and then. Adjudicated there's not been a final ruling. GHS and all of these others are you from palm auto help would stand alone country I try to get together and create a new company. And then applied through Jada for tax free bonds to basically fit and use that money didn't pay off the existing debt they already have. But attacks Friesen tax freeway. And as you say the it personally would go and do that and exit entire almost impossible to then backtracked and edit your while. Suit in Bayer's we want to there and I say now is actually illegal if he barely heard of sort of been financially on line there's two organizations. It ridicule and much more difficult in the politically speaking apple is inching said that. So grave on a coney you're the the host counties of ths which has outstanding bills beat us be honest but it's not high moderate to see it. If ever I want ordinary right in essence a ton a day in the first place was not high wrist dead. As to what Paul little help has outstanding but. Caddy council down there at Richland. And Sumpter their chemicals approved. This merger this coming in the dead. As a way I guess basically the tile lump in their more risky debt we at JH yes it was not just a yeah Gaza outside of the political spectrum of mine take over these resources than you basically held. Canning councils in the low country vying against Canon councils interest in the call Allstate over what exactly is happening here. And the navy vet for a while I think that he made to the best decision that in of itself seems off fishy to me. They've had he's got lazy trying to unload. The risky debt onto an asset that was a public asset for Greeneville. Up until a lot last year and is though is that is there was a political is in. This a try to double play over a hundred million dollars a bad Maloney. Own laws and use our good name to cover their bad assets is that right. Yeah I think I think he can end and it just it just you know where everybody you know this is kind of like you know kind of inside baseball stuff they table we're gonna do the street tracks because we can save money but I like or who write you know what it wouldn't talk about that. They they said that this refinancing they can lower the interest payments or something about it he got a million dollars over the thirty year on years of life for the bond blank John. And then a pass into the consumer. No it but the he had before they need these we talk about that. They don't they if you calculate. How much that is per person further Columbia and Greenville area in the Ian that's like two dollars per person a year like a part of a candy bar that black hole. Candy bar hospital executive management decisions it's like. We're gonna save you all this money when you do to file calculation you like really. I'll take a two dollar more per year for myself if I immediately got I don't want to take 502000. Dollars more you and you Jack the prices after the merge. And that's the bigger things and we've only got about men have left Thompson. All at a press and be brief but you talk about this consolidation polish which basically she won and eliminate more more competition in the home. The medical field and in hostels as the one this for a while the earlier we spoke on the phone you mentioned how it ties back into Obama care can you explain that in sixty seconds. Yeah Obama care that it the American Hospital Association to the lobby group revealed that the fact I'll look at it it may help right promote and pass obamacare they love it they still love it they were keeping because it funneled money to the larger system. We can talk population ultimately like to assess sound great on paper but there. They're just socialistic money Huskies might paint it seems to larger healthcare systems which which lost the with a disadvantage and all these other small you can also go to disadvantaged. So that's why it's titled obamacare but. Indy and it makes master. There's no competition mat system we have no competition. And it keeps out all the innovation that was brought to the cell phone and Internet does the industry. You keep all that well I mean there's there are. Our our our healthcare system these are huge influx of Oxford viewers who are truly want a lot more health care crisis won't follow example wanna give you dispatch help at all line. They're healthier they're small company that actually go to your house and they can stitch up little small blue they can do some blood test can give you fluid. They're like at at the price of like other blew a visit to emergency room only 200 and their charge we'd like that the kind of innovation we need. And health care and the it will be large hospital systems are keeping now. No absolutely Tom thanks for joyous night Ali appreciate it. There's a chart a single line where basically charts little the price of the goods and services of the last thirty years. On a whole host of different things. And almost everything early in his Tomlinson with in a cell phones all whether it's in callers what are made me. They have gotten cheaper cheaper except for the things big government. Has the most control over things like education and releasing the tuition. Starting lately things like. On health care which even though Obama here's our take care of this in fact the home. The prices continue to go all consolidation somewhat to continues to go up and actual end result for consumers. Is higher prices went higher insurance or actually higher sources. As all do because it's a lack of competition and a monopoly this nation all our healthcare industry in this country and alt has backed obamacare which is why is so important. That Republicans eventually found her spine at the Philly campaign promise to repeal obamacare. I'll be right back after the break. 1803471063. If you wanna join me here in the last segment between seventeen for Sunday night the second day. 01063 W or. That's Texas law early one to know earlier in the first and last couple of attacks on doping use is a vote no to 52886. Is via OT in though the 52886. To send a text message. You get a bounce back text of the link for you can send your politicians a message the vote no on this sells tax hike. And Amy cook and out. Speaking of schemes that our politicians of cooked up. As we roll towards midnight. I just wanna had a quick friendly reminder to you guys that as load the the ball drops and we roll into 28 saint. Remember the savior gas tax receipts. Remember back when the largest gas tax hike in state here's your surpassed as a lawless not a big deal guys if you live in South Carolina. Ali got to do is is keep up with your gas tech are your gas receipts. All year long just fill out a few forms here and then we'll get you your money back. Now of anyone actually believes. That I got some you know oceanfront property sunny in Colorado. But from the same newspaper. They spell out. To earn your gas tax reimbursement. Starting January 1 when you buy gas or pay for car maintenance than just new tires or changes are from two vehicles save your receipts. You can claim those expenses 12018 taxes and be reimbursed you the amount you paid higher gas taxes at the pump. Are what you spell maintenance whichever amount is to pull her back a so Greta we anecdotally didn't gel are greedy and figuring it reversed from both its you know whichever one is smaller aren't. Graze our producer here got us. Our context the gas tax first two cents a gallon and July. They'll rise another two cents in July 28 seen all its way to a twelve cent increase much when he tweeted once again the largest gas tax hike. In state history against tech site is not going to fix our roads. These guys are few weeks ago when they first started giving all the new gas tax money back in July because of course along those in the thinking July. The reimbursement scheme known to affect the January 1 but neither here nor there when they first start. Sending out this new gas tax money who got it. It was the same lobbyists and folks are pushing for the gas tax hike in the first place the same fuel moving yet the contracts the entire time as our roads crumble. It's not gonna fix our roads. But this gas tax credit is just one of a few walls the take effect on New Year's Day and affecting south Carolinians and here's where against foreign. Is that they lead off once again the state newspaper. Isn't worth the paper trip home or Syrian Reno found but either way. They lead with this gas tax reimbursement scheme. Then lawmakers have car due out an exception if you'll just save your receipts sell your filing your taxes. You can get your gas tax money back. As always you didn't pay more in that Indian maintenance that either way I believe that we'll try to make the politicians look good we'll try to reassure you that hey. Just because we pass the lord's gas tax hike in state history doesn't mean you have to pay more. To say they've receipts. Well then further down the article as they're discussing these new laws will be going to affect on your then. Your DM VPs will rise. Starting January 1 the bi annual registration fee for south through our cars and trucks rises by sixteen dollars another provision of the gas tax hike. So let me get this straight alum and by the way there's no reimbursement scheme illness and folks so. Socialist believed that aren't they give me a favor. But passing the largest gas tax hike in state history they'll not fix our roads that are continued to reinforce the corrupt Hugh leatherman and his cronies and in Columbia. And then. Give me a reimbursement scheme missile Donaldson moral maintenance. The same time regardless of how much just been a maintenance or gases in the next year you really hit me with a sixteen dollar increase. On what the MV fees. Most of the math here so if owns every gallon gas from now to July at least you're paying to send extra and gas tax. Right that would mean in order did a sixteen of the cover the sixteen dollar. The indeed a rate hike then yes your math on this I'm coming up a hundred gallons. You say you keep your receipts for 800 gallons. Of gas. File it with the state. The it reads this to make up for the sixteen dollar DM VP. That's gonna go well. Source is a leader doughnuts they are Cheerios. Pummel. So by all means. Pitcher a little folder keep your gas receipts all year hope to god they are there words in the back -- but just know. When you got to register your car again. Any savings you may have had by keeping those receipts in that photo earlier following a with little on the part of revenue is going to be wiped away. But this fee hike and the DMV when try to raise your car. And this leads me to. Something that happened last week on the show we were visited by a I would say our good friend but also our longtime friend former state senator brutal Boyd Malone country. And a lot of folks Indian missed out on the interview. Guys go to a fan of SE dot com. And the radiation tab go back and listen to it or check it out of 1063 to minority dot com and deceive the absolute Airgas displayed. My former state senator brutal Boyd. Even at wits or forces say that of course he'll listen. The what is conservatives assist in the same the other day and he asked to do what lobbyists and special interest warned and in. And off of trees out thus they said my god. The absolute arrogance of this man this feeling he is above the law all. Nothing can touch him but he's not accountable. To was assistance of people actually elect and those appalling. Tons of people reached out. And the biggest say they found unbelievable is absolute honesty about it. Now some folks. Rode in is saying. This had to have been a parity. There's no way that a true former state senator would call an insane things that. Good old boy and said last week. My question for those you heard the interview. Is how far a stretch. Is a really. Is it. What is it went good ol' boy told us last week on air exactly what every. State politician tells us. All the Tom. They're above the law. Consider Paul Campbell. Who are reference in the last segment. State senator. Arrested. After running into. The vehicle a young lady on interstate 26. Look how obvious there finds an intoxicated. And he and his wife allied to the police. Not what exactly transpired. Lead and the both be charged with lying so low for so. While he's in the cup car cuffed. We play this video for you chickened out of faced a dot com Forsyth Canada saint. He's sitting there motoring in the cop car while 'cause I'm a change alone this. Pope got to watch in a much Angel all this. Pills like he has a bald. The law. Then. Let's look at this electricity Reynard debacle. Will these politicians get the single handily manufacture. The biggest. Op fraud. Upon the people South Carolina. And probably at least a century. Billions of dollars. Going towards. Nothing. And these guys have the audacity. When presenting quote unquote solutions. To the problem. To offer up a doubling that don't own their own influence in their own power. Within the existing structure. Let arrogance. Let's look at. Our education system. Who remembers when they may pace the lottery. For the children. For the schools. For education. Not having hundreds of millions of dollars goes through the south cut education lottery every year. For some reason our kids still had the worst. Schools in the country. And our college tuitions at say universities continue to rise to record highs. Every single year. They lied to Willis then they hide things from us. In the end the ability get rich at our expense. Seven those of you whose fault they former state senator good oh boy. Was repaired. I have to ask. What in reality. Is more absurd. Than what he was saying. Does it has been a great choice seventeen. SA Obi have a great New Year's Eve don't go Paula space and Paul Campbell. No do you is no lines of police. Does it's been up on our talking tonight I'll see you next year.