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Sunday, February 18th

Seth and Dave look at more John Hardy corruption, Hardy's interstate sign business, capitalizing off of the electricity rate hike debacle, and judge appointments. 


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It is that time again. Follow the clock carols Sunday is a 1063 W Lordi. Time for Sunday night to set and Dave. Where tall meets action we are present denied by the freedom action now we're South Carolina. The premier grassroots group here in South Carolina looking to equip our citizens with the tools necessary. The fight the corruption down Statehouse to take back control or say government and actually advocates. For freedom now to Columbia. Davis a special day here on Sinai to seven day because today is actually marks. New Year's Day on the southern calendar. And I know you you were born Yankee butt and we mostly forgive you for a meal like Barbara cue the drop you all now and then. But I have says do you know line today marks a New Year's Day we'll southern calendar. Well why epic academic I guess that with three laps to go. Blaine in the twelve car currently lead in the Daytona 500 have absolutely. You know. And and I outlawed by gave me a little gut check a lot of great bodies got just Gray Davis selected areas. Listen I have been a candidate kind of trapped under for many many years. And you know what they would you will about my heritage said. Sorry since the Mulder nodded at the Villa this credit and give back to me where is it yes letting go we get ahead. But no it is Daytona 500 day in and day you never seen Garay. Our producer here I am more happy about being unseated a uses Guile listeners drone on and owns. But today he is the watch Daytona 500 in the background could not be more content. But in the armed spirit on NASCAR and take a today. Is in the famous rose Darrell Waltrip bogey bogey vote bully boys let's go racing and let's jump right in this Dave we your own date for. On John hardy still only SE DOT commission even after his term is expired. Of course John hardy is Nissan all of the corrupt she leatherman stay centered and a Ford sue. Without a doubt is the single most powerful politician in the state. And as of now as we speak thousands of people. From across the state had emailed tweeting at the master faced a message him tell him to get rid of John hardy. And yet here we are date for his still not heeding the words of his own citizens as all constituents and guys in your stead of as we all are. Make sure you take its arm right now to send him home a message of your own that is time to fire John forty from the SE DOT commission exe were about four days light. He should've fired on Thursday if you wanna send that message take your text are your cellphone now and sex the were fired at by our ED. To the number 52886. Text fired 25286. And Dave. We had a couple people on FaceBook and even only show last week saying. Com in a do you really think that match is gonna stand the dilemma really take his side wall all the commission. And Norris has been emphatic yes in fact. Last year we saw all this type of grassroots pressure actually forcing master's hand with they know there coral idiots are SE DOT commissioner in that right Dave. Well let's Bradley looked Mike Wooten. Who has a long time now Cuba have been end and they DOT commissioner. For the better part of a decade. He was he was for first time. And and believe me everybody in Colombia border bite to serve another term. The folks out especially the politicians. Like you let him out the TV particularly one might look on their because. They think that he was the big key to getting funding or interstate 73 very controversial new road that they're trying to build. One that of course would make many of those guys millions. Even more wealthier than they all right now. By building that road and wooten it was a surprise people didn't expect it natural to try to replace them. And they did it would only one reason is that you and I both though it was public pressure and again when you talk about John party. Rights of this is that father in law of the most powerful most corrupt politician in the state. Who by the way and I'm sure religion here in the next couple mental. Is he got himself into a little sweetheart gained. And of sweetheart deal on the taxpayer dime making ill untold billions of dollars wit DR outdoor advertising associations so. Look said that does that say of course we talk about why our roads are getting six. Why there's potholes still everywhere why the politicians wonder then more money into the court system it. Because got a job party in Q whether that might want. Make millions and millions of dollars off that they figure out ways to funnel that money to line or pocket. By Celine Anne and Mike were saying that Mike Wooten he was the darling of the special interest of darling a leatherman and McMaster had he had his way it would have been. More than happy to allow wouldn't continue to serve on the SE unity. People still don't they demanded action. Any eventually Mike who was forced to resign and we've got to do the same thing here authority he once in mass that message is text the word fired the five to 86. Doing now is we cannot wait the more we dig in to what's going on surrounding John Doherty. The worse and worse and saints now we always say he is a subtle wolf the corrupt you leatherman. But this apple they does not fall for from the tree we've reported before about how hoarding is an executive with Lamar Advertising. Who is basically the parent company of South Carolina logos USC exclusive right. To those blues aren't you seal highways. They get to a home charge advertisers have your do your job now a road USC this chick filet your working on book all exit he's too low probably signed. Working it's a player are paying. SE logos to advertise right there and SE logos which it will once again. John Hart is an executive with of the parent company has he's close of rice for twelve years. To make millions of dollars awful those blue signs now. Do you think that you RI to get that kind of special sweetheart deal absolutely not. So John Doherty is able to secure a wonderful exclusive right to millions of taxpayer dollars. For his company. But it gets even worse than that a new report out just this past week. Coming out on Valentine's Day I guess we just love to hear about the corruption the Statehouse state from the nerve. Headline controversial DOT commissioner paid by trade group for quote consulting work with public agencies. They state transportation commissioner with ties to an advertising company that has a lucrative DOT contract. Also is a paid consultant when they lobbying trade group that receives thousands of dollars annually from other public agencies. Public and private entities eligible for public service announcements had pay the outdoor advertising association of South Carolina. Which represents large and smaller outdoor advertising companies for PSA billboards assigned statewide records show. But he large chunk of that revenue also has been used by the nonprofit organization to cover the consulting fees. Hate to you all time DOT commissioner John hardy as wells for lobbying expenses and campaign donations. To stay lawmakers and political groups according to the association's federal income tax filings. And state campaign records. Well this is just wonderful day of so now the guy not only is get him again this more he's a threat to break but not always the guy able to secure sweetheart deal for his company. Now as a independent you know consultant quote unquote. He's failed to make a another chunk of cash. From the taxpayer also taxpayers back all the wild day this is all come through videotape while Lee is a sitting commissioner. If that's a conflict of interest Burleigh I don't know what is. What would mean and demonstrable that the after the break but the bottom line at. It is what you have here is big that is being eight he hit the commissioner is one of the powerful men when it comes to our gas tax dollars in the state. To get this where. Who and how much. Get spent with our guests billions of dollars. And here you have. Eight didn't these government groups that are putting up money to output yet they don't billboards around highway ramps stay right. And beat the outdoor advertisers these these built more comfortable we're gonna do it at call right. Well wait a minute. Call. What would then it were to order the cold blooded there but he goaded in that in the job party. Leon that it. That is worthy of an investigation itself and that he did that give the order is if these quotes are art same exact cost. Well then why the heck it got party get technique at a bad call a lot of them that much sense to me that. Put a dozen access when you look at from the taxpayer's perspective when you look at it from the inside crimes suspect makes all sense in the world. And it duel when you get down to the and we are back from the break a moment ago through this this article from the nerve. Hello to more detail. Because it is either more egregious than the more you dig down as you say they're just we do is act calls and hit a Tea Party consulting fees. Would you be surprised to find out there it's almost the entire profit margin they could be Macon is door right into jar parties prop up pocket. Wallace of the NC commissioner are either of these cells after the break. And we are back here also they nice to set and they've all won a 63 WORD. To join the conversation I give us a call 1800. 3471063. We love to chat would. Before the break we were T telling how John party subtle all the crept corrupt Hugh leatherman and Silva DOT commission. Has not always security sweetheart deal for his company which is an executive for the more advertising. But is also personally making money all the taxpayers back as a consultant for the outdoor advertising association of South Carolina. And as you're detailing basically this our group is paid by other state agencies to give out public service announcements older billboard. Now I'm reading from an oracle controversial DOT commissioner paid by trade group for consulting Republican agencies. Written about a bomb on the nerve dot org and gas we say at all Tom you've got to check out and are dot org give all their mailing list of you actually know what's going along in Columbia. So rating from the article since fiscal 200815. State agencies Alderman DOT collectively get paid at least one million dollars. To the OAS CB outdoor advertising agency save comptroller general records show on outdoor advertising is rate regulated primarily by the state DOT go figure. According to their website. Party of Columbia the sun a wall of won the State's most powerful lawmakers senator Hugh leatherman. Was paid 25000 dollars to 248416. Dollars annually for between fourteen through 2016. For consulting work with the outdoor advertising agency. The group's income tax records and not show. He's now for pharma president Doug McFarland president of the association. MacFarlane on Wednesday told the nerve at a party in executive Lamar outdoor advertising and national billboard and outdoor advertising company that is in member. All the outdoor advertising and say god this is a tongue twister sands are an organ. Has been a consultant forensic for the agency since 2003. Remember this is during his first stint. ODNC commission. MacFarlane said the hardest consulting job involves coordinating the PSA program between public and private agencies and billboard companies including Lamar. Then our agency members quote everything is coordinated through hill. So and far and present of and they see advertising incorporated of Charleston. Party typically negotiates a feat with public and private agencies that covers the production cost of the PSAs. Adding to the participating billboard companies provide billboard space for free McFarland said. But the fees arranged by hardy also largely cover hardest consulting salary. As well as the agency's lobbying expenses campaign contributions and other calls. Given that associate association membership fees or a small part of the organization's total revenues the fallen acknowledged the association has no regular pay staff. So in other words the sum all this salt and amortization a quote on quote nonprofit agency that has no regular pay staff. Allows John hardy son in law of the curl up on Hugh leatherman. Who sets or the it's a commission to single handedly coordinate. Everything is coordinated through him it would look coordinate with both the public and private agencies to secure fees that. That always cover the production calls but Dave just. You know I guess coincidentally. Cover his consulting fees which once again a range between truly found almost 30000 dollars a year. Right over taxpayer backed. Out. That would be again a few odd did this we might be looking at an indictment. I mean this is that what he is doing is he's blatantly. I don't know violate or or breaking the law but he is getting around that law little. I have a chance of doing this Iran are we going to be in the position of course. No absolutely lucky the only ripping he's able to do any of this is because too. Keep it in that his wife's father is the most powerful politician in the state yes so at that violated its aggressive that we had. A couple people that didn't ask. You know on on our FaceBook page will return to historical. Or what what the contract singles swords they didn't go up to bit. Look at it doesn't matter. The third but then that is the son in law of the most powerful politician in the state Q eleven and writes that gang budget. Okay eight billionaire Kirk 45. Billion dollar a year the commander in charge of and so you'll what would wind job party to and so called you on the phone that your state is EL a head of the state agency inter state. I think it might be a good idea we got to advertise on these on on the billboards for your PSA next month if you don't have a short right of I think yesterday you don't have a choice in how much it cost it will ever John party says it's going to be. Except the second part of the article would. Equally disturbing. Is down he's a guy taking our money and putting it right in with pocket edit it you know eight in a very shady way. It it's over and over again you mentioned. This these billboards. This entire business. He is making money off. By the way at DOT commissioner to regulate yes so you're not only the lobbyists and and get into having a nice little you know. Skimmed teen. With these wood these you know build the word out yet they've. He also regulating all of the billboards around the state and making money off it. They open. What there is no more shining more easy better example of corruption in this statement comes or resident stepped. For what to break I was saying and the portal trying to make. Is that there is our listeners that the look no further than that crap. To wonder why. Are potholes are getting killed two wonder why our interstates are still. Written with holes in and deterioration. I wonder why our roads aren't going to get sick no matter how much money we send the Colombia to the gas tax break. Our roads are going to get fixed because the politicians don't want it fix the real problem. Which is this crap is got a giant party and Hugh leatherman that are making money off of the system making money on our back. That is the real problem and that's why our roads are getting fixed. I have slim males be clear that John hardy is a scumbag but the fall of this lies the defeat of Henry master our governor. He should have been fired not just four days ago but as soon as. I'm a master had the opportunity he ship fired John forty from the SE DOT commission. And it continues the failed to do so it seems to ignore thousands of folks from across the state who were demanding that he do so. You know I guess if you wanna be one of those who would demanding that. Mean master fire. John party text the word fired F file or read the cinema five to 86. I was stale this point nine master for second during the break they weren't coach Andy gray in his buddy John. And yes meat you know what are you you have some your backing in the in the governor's race. Apple this to be a good way to answer it is you know look at it master not doing anything about forty. But has Kevin Bryant has Katherine symbols and has good oh yes and we deal had any of them stood up and said eight. Enough is enough. The sun and all of Hugh leatherman a guy with conflicts of interest up to his eyeballs should not be Olivia decommission. Absolutely not not a single one of bird the go to further to bring back an issue and talking about for months of the senator Paul Campbell arrested for. And master silent hasn't call from step down even as the chairman of the senate ethics committee. These are alone aside also McKenna right. Cameron Templeton. Yes in McGill none of them have called for Paul Campbell stepped down. So when you look at the the field as it is in the gubernatorial race. I dolce courage LC braver LC a fighter will only go Columbia break this up in any up. And I say none of them own the role are gonna do the right thing particularly in master as we saint is got to come down to pressure. It has had a different pressure Mike Wooten would still be on the commission and not for pressure John Horne will still be on the commission six months from now even with an expired term. So we've got to turn the heat you've got a double Down syndrome Aston message right now text the word fired at file RED. The number 52886. Itself on to get rid old she let him settle all the corrupt John Doherty from our SE DOT commission. Cleanup that place and actually fix our roads. We are now paying. More or more for every single year. And yet I'm still dodge and Paul were also dodging potholes know more or break up the system not all we're doing the right thing. Forcing master forces hand takes more fired up 52. 886. After the break we're a pivot suing other ongoing issue been covering. The electricity rate hike the buckle and how some lawmakers are making money on the front end and the back end of this debacle stick around. They are sick Elisa the break kuril Sunday night with Seth and naval 1063 W Lordi. We spent the first half the show talking about the corrupt John hardy and Hal named Nash attorneys to fire him immediately from the SE DNC but Dave let's pivot to a an issue we've been following here for. Seems like 67 months now the ongoing electricity rate hike the model that was created mismanaged. I'm probably profited from by lawmakers down in Columbia now on land title this segment of the show. One politicians are scum bags and mainstream media is incompetent. When I read from a oracle by Andrew Brown down the post and carrier. Headline is lawyers are benefiting from the chaos of south Carolina's failed nuclear project. Shocker. And Westinghouse Electric's bankruptcy on dash south Carolina's nuclear ambitions one group of people reap the rewards lawyers. One attorney charged 280. Dollars to respond to a grand jury subpoena. Another invoice 407 dollars the research the statute of limitations for criminal charges in South Carolina. Others got paid more than 5810. Dollars to review the quote potential criminal liability. Stemming from the post secure story stamp for failure. Which revealed how Westinghouse disregarded state engineering walls and their attempt to build a new generation with nuclear reactors. These are just some of the legal expenses out on the bankruptcy records of Westinghouse the company to design and it's into the building to unfinished nuclear reactors and VC summer station. The court records show Westinghouse paid more than one million dollars last year. For more than a dozen highly paid defense attorneys to monitor the legal disputes and political backlash. That he rested in South Carolina after the nuclear power project was propped last summer. Now they've. I don't know what Andrew browse trying to get that. And that any time someone's facing. Legal liability it would behoove them to pay lawyers to research a statue limitations to. Figure out it any charges brought against you and determine what your defense may be. It's such case were to happen. But interesting enough was it Andrew Brown leaves out in his analysis of how lawyers are benefiting from the chaos of south Kara still nuclear project. Our lawyers they just happened to be lawmakers. Dave nowhere in this. Article in this. 45 pair Brandstater brown aside a thirty gather. And analyze lawyers that are benefiting from this he fails to mention folks like state senator Vince should teen. Or more intense and Creighton Coleman. Today these guests and make a whole lot more than the 280 bucks that one attorney charged their response to a grand jury subpoena. I mean is this I paid once again a neat illustration of how the media is incompetent. Or they deliberately missing the mark and given folks like prince Shaheen cover. Wind may not only voted for the base a review had me in a shootings case. But now's exe which you represented the customers a scanner and a class action lawsuit and price estimate. Who knows how much money if they can settled out of court. Mean is age around missing the mark or is he giving cover to these guys. Well I think I think that it's a combination of boat I mean that would be injured brown but the wanna call out. The politicians. That are going to make money what it would be clear the derelict in pristine state senator in commercial. Eight C actually voted for volt wall vet put attended a position right debate will get the bail out wall. That he is blessed on the hook for billions of dollars indeed it in debt the electric company's debt. So here he voted for that law and now he's representing. You know I at its class action. Plaintiff. And making probably billions in the process so the potential make millions dog the even though he did all the book reports so he Ed you said he he makes seat at the bread buttered both ways. And that's the problem that looked so visit this article indicative a few things warmed number one. I think we can all agree. We don't wait too many wires in the general assembly absolutely. That they're that Christian country club that nobody talks about these trial lawyers. Republican Democrat it doesn't matter they're all the lawyers Alter. And each other they all right these laws in the legalese that you and I and are literate and understand sometimes that these. Bill say. And number two is it it's the country club of being a state senator being at state legislator. They all work in that boot you know. If you miss the guy party they figure out ways. To make money off their position that they figure out ways to make money on our backs. And it's it's a continual process and I think this is just another another shining example. We're 88 state tragedy that happened I mean that the. Nothing short of outcry. What it happened here at the wall that they passed was there I think there's no all the work that. Used but people infinity. To place a private company's debt on the on the back of the great player is just it is shameful. But that's what they did and now we're figuring out Aetna's historical documents. These waters these politicians are figuring out ways to make money that's. No actually it led by SA especially Mangini is a great example a guy who's run for governor now seems like a dozen times I guess is only two or three. But somehow he has the unmitigated goal to not only vote for this disaster of a piece of legislation but then sit in the legislature as this whole thing on wraps. Then get owned his high horse once he's appointed one he's blue ribbon committees by Hugh let them into investigate. The debacle which once again he had a hand in creating. There is able to go look these people in the face and his law office. And tell them that he's gonna stand up for them but he's got to do his best time to write the Rome this being committed against them. Knowing full well. It was he and his buddies they committed the girl in the first place right is another great example like I said a black politicians are scum bags in the state. And once again shows it left to their own devices. Not only will these guys vote wrong and pass that legislation. Then they'll be you know slimy little. I can't say on radio. But little rats and then a final lending money all the bad legislation they pass. I mean that if you did people always say it is facing liken polite conversation you and you and you experience to what folks are gonna bring up politics and you bring up how corrupt the status. And they look at you little sideways glance and white male politicians are coral them ashe's name of the game. This I know. These guys are seriously seriously dropped. Earlier talking about Hugh leatherman who they're they're great example or so laws are already as it pertains to the roads or so like Vince sixteen. It when it comes electricity you're right to buckle and has no problem. Creating a billion dollar debacle that we're gonna pay for for sixty years. And then also go and look the victims of that legislation in the face and figure out a way to make money all charges a defend them in the coral law. I mean is absolutely disgusting and it doesn't open your rise to we do we are we he's probable Paul came situation how bad doesn't show you. You know more deal with your South Carolina not the Lil I think this is one of those things and all suppan that category I mean you can see a state senator who. First of all I say has little LaBroque immoral published the pursue. On the ability to make money a ballas Lacey passes but also in our stays perfectly legal for him to do so. There are no ethics laws that prevent. Hey I'd lawyer which once again as you early today make up 30% of our state legislature. Another Pervez a lawyer such events teen from passing day all the van creates damages for folks around state and we muzzle and gone back a few muscle report on the report that came out for home on the public service commission about the nuclear reactors. They they think these people banishing it now are present if they think their ill literate into stupid. To make decisions are realm so these they order the sign off or be a portal. That had a report vote for this all and then go and represent these two illiterates who stupid folks is now you make a block off their Mac. I mean you look at that and not realize what we're actually dealing with that we have folks talk about the swamp in DC guys we've got to swamping Columbia. That that smells foul or their runs deeper it is more entrench and even that it is in DC. And our secure this'll snubbed you're asked to I don't know will. It and let me talk about the conversation that you were Abu Ghraib and okay cool we deported for governor. Well this is what this is part of what the governor needs to do is shine a light on this kind of stuff yes and shot of light and fight toward the citizens in this state. And what they do that -- mean it is you mentioned before. Would that after the governor of the state can fire DOT commissioners tech yet it the governor common and odds are all. But I did not know why problem is that it. Right on our road looking any better these days though. He's got our our our from a bygone era where they worst trade and they figure out way to make money is John party. But but also set it's a cultural aspect too there's a culture of corruption and that Statehouse in Columbia. They're a big culture of corruption amongst these state legislators. It all cover for one another regardless of Republican or Democrat there is no political party. In that state how it that you're the party it's one big party and that it's called cash. And that make it a lot to figure out ways to make more. So. What we really needed and what I'm looking for in the governor the gubernatorial candidate is somebody connected in there and wrestle with that and not just say that you will we had eight years. The governor's deputy you know the last eight years that yell at somebody says they were going to change things and shake things up and they did. You know and and net they also say they're gonna go after the quote good old boys. But here's how you really do this right you fire the DOT condition he did that you fired the same teacup or bored yet there. And you shot no light on how these legislators like Paul import taking advantage of the system. Where have we you're always paying for their mistakes were always saying for their corruption and they're making money on our back. What do we didn't get a governor or any of these state legislators that are gonna get in there and say you know what. Time has come that is open. Dave it's a great day in South Carolina relevant. Would back into the break Moore was awesome and nice to seven days marijuana 63 WORD. And we are waving the white flag as we head into the final lap hero sunny nice dissent and they were told meets action. A day did I when I came in I had fully all planned on using this last segment to talk about this the horrific school shooting that happened this past week. Com of course the typical media outcry for gun control and then just have kind of hammer home the point that. The more more gun laws obviously do not solve the gun problems that the only thing the south so bad now the guns a good guy with a go on with better aim. I want to talk about how we still do not have constitutional Cary. Here in South Carolina but outside yet. Over the course the last 45 minutes or conversation. Take there's a tanks like the lawyers in the making money off the rate hike the buckle as legislators reminders need always talk about. We is the Paul Campbell fiasco force Paul Campbell got pulled over for solve Iranian lady on my 26 after having a little bit too much to drink. And then lied to the police about the details of the incidents and now he's been charged with. Driving on the influence and lying to law enforcement and one of the things you brought up Dan was at when he went to trial he was actually on the before a judge. That he had a hand in up pointing to a position. And furthermore there was seeking a for reappointment. He would have a hand in re appoint her or firing her. And that it didn't seem right to the legislators. Has such control. Over judges in the state and this past week once again from the nerve Donna or. They had a great our coal odd title lawyer lawmakers play large role in electing South Carolina judges. Is by a low rate for an dread always struggle is I'm the brunt dread. SE Supreme Court Chief Justice Donald B is a former state house member. So is James lock remain Chief Justice chief judge of the SE Court of Appeals the State's second highest court. The road from Statehouse to the courthouse historically has been an easy one as a nervous truce reported. Last week the legislature which has 52 are loyal lawmakers are 30% of the body continue their tradition of nepotism in the latest round. A judicial elections. Now South Carolina Virginia are the only east us states where their legislatures play primary roles in electing judges. In a lawyer legislators X are considerable control or influence over the process in the palm at a state. Now that we set of a form I think it's worked in Bayer's repeating that a legislature. You'll lawmakers down in Columbia. Had they are single handedly responsible for a appointing judges from the South Carolina Supreme Court. All the way down to your magistrate judges and your match reports. And other van. And maybe the column. Was of the public court Dave that when you go your like pay and you wanna go to willed on whatever it is. All of those judges every other court system ever judge in South Carolina. Are controlled in a point by South Carolina legislators. Now like I say we are one of only two states along with Virginia. It has this going force but it bears asking the question Dave if one of only to say should do it isn't because it works well for the people. Or is it working well for the legislators they've. Look contrary to everything that we believe there on the Americans side that the United States. Constitution that though the founders of the country put together a system. Checks and balances great where you know we learned that from tenth grade civics class you have a executive branch yet the judiciary branch. And you have a legislative branch. And the three of those branches check and balance one another. They they are continue to watch you one another day they're fighting each other for relatives. And and that fight in itself. Check in and leave the checks and balances the citizens can be sure that not one branch supersede another. Here in South Carolina. It's flipped upside down looks more like a Third World dictatorship. Where little legislature controlled as you mentioned directly. Appoint judges across the state. But that third highest Supreme Court level and and among even magistrate judges were you a track record essentially. Build legislature controlled that. They also control. Tremendous amount of executive branch functions is that what you have is basically a handful of legislators. That that control everything and that's why. There really wallet that's why you don't see any of these politicians going to jail for her considerable crime that we mentioned over and over again. As gem premier says Bobby Harrell former speaker of the house Bobby Harrell. That guy and as you know there's been documented. Basically until a couple of hundred grainy and out of the campaign account beside you gonna go buy up personal airplane. Did you are did that we we call that racketeering. We'd still be in jail if we did that to this day we'd still be in jail because he is speaker of the house because he appointed. The state supreme quarter or had ended and basically pointing this judge's. You can see the day it jail. So it. If it didn't leave it lends itself to get that Third World dictatorship where you've got two systems. One for the politicians and wanna for the rest of us while that deal with whatever they give. No absolutely and there's a a personal story in this normal oracle nothing sharp slide only the exact point your making. That we basically have eight and all the Gorky near South Carolina the controls. The executive boards and agencies controls the legislature boards and agencies and also controls and visual system hasn't enters the home. Lori from a real quick. Lisa columns the sixth judicial circuit's chief deputy solicitor in Lancaster and attorney for 31 years says she experience and legislative pressure firsthand. A Rockville resident Collins lost her beer bid. Any rare contested race last week for Circuit Court seat in the sixteenth you just a circuit which covers short and union counties. Several hours after losing her election to challenger William McCain and bile lopsided 134. To 21 vote. Collins told the nerves as she quote. Other that the quote pressure was very intense to a draw before the election she said several legislators were pressuring her to drop out though she declined to name them. Karlsson before the elections she had about sixty lawmakers who are committed votes for her. And there is an intense dislike in a legislator for recorded votes in judicial elections. Asked why she replied. Quote I've been told by some of them. That for the attorney legislators it's a very Cold War visitation for them to have to vote publicly for judge today might appear in front of well of course so that much rather make this a deal when their favorite candidate in this case was William McCann and pressure the opposition album floors even a vote. So that not only can they have their prep for preferred judge. You know interpret the laws they passed but also as a lawyer legislators when they go before those judges representing. Who knows too. They have a favorable disposition because that judge o.s are job to a politician. So I Dave is exactly like you said if so boredom boredom play out the situation. And say this is what happened and Soviet Russia. No one would blink but when you explain this is happening here and the Soviets say a South Carolina. Now people raise their eyebrows and they think that there's no way that can be true. It is absolutely true exactly what you said Dave we don't have a checks in now as we don't have three graces the government. We don't have a Apollo real accountability system for voters in the state. Rather we have an old Gorky that are in insulated in the positions of power the control the judicial branch so that. The judge's failure and they can never be you know all convicted of the crime to you and I'll be convicted of they also control the budget process in the state and allow. And billions more dollars in recent years the special interest or lobbyist groups. They'll top of that they had the governor under their foam because they control majority of the executive board and conditions. That he supposedly. Is supposed to exercise is oversight is safer. So these guys this is a handful of right is leatherman is Jay Lucas Luke rank him Brian white. Can't Fuller's they control or state lock stock and barrel. And unless we stand out as citizens and appealing to you know the next governor are thinking that. In a solid hour ride in on a white horse and save us from these home scum bags is solution. We've got to stand alone we've got to fight the corruption ourselves yet take back control of our government. NIC advocate for what we're looking for in a represented former government here in South Carolina. That's a Dave there's no better place to start. Don make your voice heard in trying to force master to fire the Cora John hoarding from the SE DOT commission. We had its extent that they asked what was at text were these text in them he would you guess for more time if you wanna send that message to John our government master tonight. To get rid of the crook John already from the SE deity commission text the word fired. F five RED. Two the number five to. A six iron to 5286. During a bounce back text. Click the link it takes thirty seconds send that message because once again they have complete control. Down they had the legislator does the legislature does. And the next governor done the other next Knight in shining armor is our right to the rescue any time soon we get to stand up and demand. What we expect from our state government officials including government master LI SA no better place to start. Think getting Hugh leatherman scrub stumble all their CDO decommission. Today so text the word fired a five to 86 and let that be just the beginning. Of you becoming more more engaged with what's going on at Columbia. And actually standing up to the guys who are wasting our money. Day in and day out while also lying through their teeth too lost a ballot they actually believe what they're actually doing Colombian. Assays returned a night will be back same time same place on next week or 1063 W Lordi.