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Sunday, February 4th

Seth and Dave talk about possible Superbowl anthem protests, Trey Gowdy not seeking reelection, Governor candidates for SC, and electricity rate problems for the state. 


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Thank you. For turning into Super Bowl Sunday with certain days you're one rose six point three W Lordi. Present denied by the freedom action now we're South Carolina day we've been hearing rumblings that may be the big guys broadcast answerable tonight. May not be shown National Lampoon. And so we've been telling NFL for couple weeks and how egregious it is these protests and occurring so just in case they decide to not. Broadcast nationally tonight. Burnham wireless there's now two. I join us in standing as always you're not driving par playing of the National Anthem. As soon came and he used. And yeah. Let's build. And me paying. Him. Hello. Need whose drugs or diet and good. There. Well I. He and mom. Well yeah. Needs to mean news. It's the. And CE. And they. God today. Okay. Absolutely. And here are some nice seven David on this particular and I Super Bowl Sunday it was a Sunday. We will I think it's time to honor our veterans and our country. And play a nationally haven't even if the NFL rule you know absolutely and you know and members stand here gray was Neil and you know Andrea Arnold the producer and a at it and how it's it is I think I think. Look the NFL is a very interesting and I'm curious to see what the ratings are on the liked mark because you know our FaceBook pages Lugo with folks that just in Hamden. And I'll watch I'm not want this so I mean. It'll be inching I think he'll be boring game to him in the you know it's been pretty boring all season yeah Manila city while we were kind of lobbying couple weeks ago for a bully morals can subpoena. That's worked well at it nor cal very well Jane stated I know are such now with you know Brady and the foals and I attended the thing is going to be one the lowest rated suitable small town I'm on the opens up. Nationalists things just in an in my line it seems like the week leading up to the suitable only here via rank dual playing their party's. In a making the best in the game he you guys. And this stinks I ask a bully she's been radius silence and have both from the you know even only this is not a lot of talk about how the Osce in my neighborhood right that we normally have one or two be eggs Super Bowl parties that that we get invited to work rehearsed and then. Nothing this year I think I think folks are disappointed I think there. Their tune in down in and I can say I'll be very very inched it numbered Fareed Lou rated Super Bowl hub for the lowest rated Yemen and. Mailer saying I am though patriots fans alike is himself a patriot I don't Pakistan and after they beat us in the Super Bowl. Paul Miles in high school I have no love loss for her Tom Brady and Robert Kraft and those guys though. Not only can we have the lowest rated Super Bowl but of the patriots could lose as well half you know I'll go to bed and I have an idea hold though until tomorrow morning and either way now. This past week we did see the president now trump nation this issue and say Indian addressed very rare. He literally Steve Bebo all pay a young man who had heard about how effective they were veterans' graves that were not marked. Allman American flags and through his efforts and efforts of other folks who brutal place 40000 flags. Owned the graves of veterans who have fallen guy for our country and Donald Trump made the statement saying the union address this is wine. We place our hand over our hearts for the pledge of allegiance and why we stay up and for the National Anthem. And those were listening to such eggs and a good note snapshot of where we are in American politics American culture where we says that slave and half of the room stands up and applaud yeah. And the other have sits on their hands him and came to stand for the pledge of allegiance or from the national at them. And that's one thing that's in what can save the union address you can. He didn't suit Ian alarm byline on what he mentioned you look at the the the plane he ally for immigration but the biggest segue for me David just the stadium we Saul. Is that there's a complete. A divergence couple of how Republicans in congress and how Democrats in congress particularly so they portray themselves how they perceive America yet I have Republicans who wore. Bought into the idea that America is a special place and worth fighting for. And the Democrats either win it confront and was statements that show America's greatness. Warning and clap for. Yeah well I mean I think it just to get his job politicized that is an aunt I don't if I'm not gonna give Republicans a cookie for standing up for the pleasure or stand up. And clapping for the present United States I think. That that's just you know fundamental. And the Democrats we know for a long time set now have as. Miller and dame brawn on an anti American agenda and I have for the last at least 1020 years so. Not a surprise. Boy it I think it near moving along here and did the bigger news even derisive union was this memo does a bright guy. Memo that was drawer of the members about the FBI's. Wiretapping. Of the president's campaign. And again a lot of people calling in nothing were a lot of dom folks are supported the president and and using that is as a means to say hey. Is that. And why is this Russian investigation on the I mean you and I both kind of had the same. I inclusion in this was. Why in the world to we have Pfizer court why are we allowed to wire cat united C uses is the United States without them knowing about it. For for no good reason other than we think that they're criminals. Well and that's it's kind of disturbing was in late a lack of due process and that's wild wonder ultrasound of the Sabine you see that divergence old. Was actually happens are releasing the same thing eighty barely a day at least you say there is new this menu right win so for those who in the fall and obviously is an investigation of Donald Trump for over a year now in two which is complete crap right now this is based allegations that he was colluding with the Russian government now. During the campaign. There was a dossier provided all from certain telling sources. Two palms congressional Democrats who didn't use that information or you go to a bicycle and get a and all board to all wiretap and spinal vulture during the campaign. The memo basically says. That that dossier was a fake document. Yes I was basically provided by or and that's very least a politicized. At least and so and you go back to we have the same document meant to. We use in the presidential campaign for politics yes as a base that that was the basis of this investigation. Right into someone who was running for the united sates are presidency. Amare reaction was OK they can do that all fake information. To a guy running for the presidency. Look at they do demean you it's scary it's scary and what's even scarier in mean you told us Saturday is that. You would think then as an individual says Paltrow who's been targeted politically toward yes buying this app press the federal government. Your first instinct be to dismantle. Yes and yet that's not the in the course for seeing take in and say we're seeing a double down on that exact procedural always. Disappointing I don't see us on disappoint the president gnome I'm a supporter of our voted for the guy twice. In the primary and general and I've generally supported what he's doing what he's saying. But I'll be obvious with you. This was very disappointing. That he looked at the very least wouldn't wait to sign that the Patriot Act in the five or court stuff accentuating it yet I mean just wait just see what everybody's known this has been where I'm coming out is bubbling up. Wait to see let's see would you reactions the American public obviously the American public is not happy about this all those outside the building. That they just yell right that you just had to experience this I think about the Americans are to present Nancy's to a naming it source of this deal. How are we have seen them on target a presidential candidate only false information. And if for some reason our program continues who have that kind of power and he's a stop if nothing else this is certainly example want to five support these the end. We back after this. 1803471063. If you wanna join the conversation and I don't Super Bowl Sunday with seven naval 1063. WORD. A day before the break we're talking about the state of the union and in his menu before we get into some state issues. We got a congressional race come around here in the upstate on trade dowdy who has been in the state of of how servicers have been DC for at least the last six maybe eight years when he ten Angel yeah so almost eight years on this now and not commit a seek reelection. And of course any time they. A power Berger steps down there's a ton of people who are rushing to fill seed before we did. To the opposite took an aids day how would you go to reality eight years. Housing don't want their Tim AZ is he'd been a a game changer is he'd been just say Iran among politicians had even anti gay. It's not my congressman it's always a little difficult in our new painted to judge I really don't know. Dot I mean on the admittedly I've not followed tree reality. Other than the bank Ozzie. Brian Meehan you know hearing that they had and I mean look I think the guys are gifted prosecutor and index's worst passion is I think he's very good work or really gifted. In in how he. You know drills this is some I mean the public you know that then and Ozzie hearing how he drilled some of the obviously armed. As far as a conservative congressman Goss I don't know I mean. And his. You know there's there's a lot of hype I think he did nothing against personally news the man I just don't really know much about him other than I didn't think. That he really did anything that Graham in writing Ghazi hearing county came and went and again I. It right here now a media figures merited some what he is my betrayed my congressman slows things that so very tires you know this coming year. What is been his biggest contribution would you write on his political capital exactly which right now would be. He has some hard hitting questions or admit Minggao investigation which led to. Absolutely nothing right and slowed. But the get a main credit he is a lot better demand he replace which rules are bobbing and Bob Inglis higher. Know now of course now that trade is in a stepping down. Little ball listen up on his hand in aprilia as a mother of pearl theatre for a couple different it's crazy. The ideas as those things he can't win or I don't know what he. He's one of those guys there is running a Democrat and he must well let. Is those guys that he thinks he's most small politicians the I would double tonic I philosopher kings yes so he's convinced me that the time well is exactly only a plan that Colombia but. He's convinced that oh I'm so high and mighty and right particular comes environment that. If you guys don't elect me this is because your piazza peasants don't understand the bigger issues Singh got Inglis. You've got offered William Timmons is maybe hop and then state senator it right here agreement just talented replace Mike fair yeah home and then also we're here are always about just Kimbrough. The GOP chair over and spark an account via. And that's just a handful in the fight gonna be upwards of would you say eight it's an Indian Hamilton's Zain Hamels or do you also thing about open and assuming no shortage. Oh and candidates. Monday saying is and just look from a state perspective this. Any at all. Cream okay our delegation and an oddly bright for Italy yeah at least a new companies and the name and policy that'll be a session by any at all. Remote Kerry delegation members who serve and even Statehouse. On the state sent. That would load the run for this congressional position and give up their position you taxi Columbia please do let Meserve is a public service announcement. Please. Do it. If you have any personal ambitions that extend beyond the Statehouse police believe and go seek higher office in DC who. And it. All of them that I had nothing much else to say no we don't endorse anybody on the show blood that was dropped so yeah we're not endorsing want to vote for you but if you had this in a personal connection. Today you wanna be 10430. Filed congressman in DC. And therefore leave your position in the Statehouse in Columbia. I am never going to be staying for your dreams and you pursuing which you wonder in your life right up olive encourages every wish to pursue their dreams but. Let's skillful at the nationals of the congressional some things that. And Austin we don't have that much control over here in South Carolina we really don't and said focus all stuff that is immediate Tor stands as south Carolinians now. All in especially in the report. Thus lead our director mark keel. Just got renominated by the governor to serve as the director slept for another six years which our state law enforcement a division basically the the possible cops when a college the state FBI they are and a lot of ways they are. And the guy who has been our running to previously has now been renominated yeah. Mean what do you make of it isn't something that is slid do you as a taxpayer. Do you feel that we're getting as we look at all these other you know the governor programs you fill your money's worth the sled. Do you think the governor did was this an actual political endorsement marquee always is mean masters say and we'll. Listen listen listen to live separate. Was take a look again. We can't know the inner workings of the operations we don't you can't not hitting a four year there emails right is another covers this for another day wouldn't you and I both really don't understand we're not law enforcement actions I don't understand that world I'm not going to pretend like I do. But here's what we do know right. Bobby Harrell. The whole ethics investigation in the Statehouse what is come from that there who's going to jail because of that. No nobody got. We now have won the the head of the State's historically largest debacles we've ever faced were talking about. You know with the with the electricity rate hike debacle peoples energy bill's gone through the roof. A nuclear power plant that's been abandoned and now do you rate payers are left with a debt that we're gonna have to pay that hard debt. Billions of dollars and could be fifty years before we pay this thing off. And this failure. The Statehouse. Legislators. Created this to buckle and they were the ones that masterminded they're the ones executed the oversaw everything. And we have even an investigation into the legislature. Now know is anybody going to jail for this no. So again I'm not a long forcing I'm not a police officer. I don't understand the full complexities of their day to day job in order while wanna pretend you are respect the heck out upon. Four for the uses for those of them that are protecting us every single day I appreciate that I love and respect it immensely. But when you look at the body of work of sled the state law enforcement division you know again basically like our version of state run the FBI. When you look at their the body of their work and you can judge them on has climbed on down has has. Pro especially political crime and corruption gone away heck no right under mark kills watched corrections got a whole heck of a lot worse and when he had the opportunity. To come in and help prosecutors nail these guys to the wall. They didn't do it. And so. I gotta be honest with you mark keel being renominated I'm not a big fan of I don't think it's the right move but apparently the governor did in and so. I think he's pretty much going to be the sled director for the next what five or six year. Six years and his six year terms I don't know all the the for me as well as as we always talk about how. The governor doesn't have that many responsibilities in this thing right but the once he has he or she has he should use the maximum political attitude Rand. And he would isolate the appointed director sleigh and which purview would I imagine on include things like crushing all of the Statehouse. We should include things like and nine billion dollar fraud. Which is what this electricity right marbles then. And we don't see them pursuing it. And then you see him give basically rubber stand for nomination knowing master is got a call the question what ordering masters true pro or. In the state well not corruption write obviously not it. End and border Mark Shields priorities not going after the real big bad guys in Colombia which we need desperately yes I mean that's. It's a we talk about all the time. It's behavior changed or after you know so please guys vote right sometimes it's the behavior of the changes and nothing will force Bieber to change. Well I think somebody gone behind bars right for a long. It's not enough plenty of people who deserve it and please listen money Bobby Harrell. For God's sakes and Gil Lederman few of them in many doesn't even been indicted already are no. Quinn no one's going to jail that they they're laughing and this investigation. And their lasting end this slugger Gary appointed. Causley Beck right after the break Carol sunny night with seven day. And we are back from the break here on a special edition of our program Sunday are Super Bowl Sunday. Was seven day we are sponsored and I about a free inaction over South Carolina. Which guys and you are not already make sure you check other FaceBook page and follow what FaceBook dot com for slash Fennessy. We need daily updates about what's going on in Columbia. How they're spending your money in the Statehouse a more poorly. What you can do about it. A day right before the break we were talking about this on the slow during tree appointment Hal. They mastered seasons as a rubber stamped more kill right back into his old position sled. And how there is very few. On powers and our governor having the sake of the once he has he needs to Max muscle pulls potential. Now for new Bolton things you've been talking now for police real quick look at the gubernatorial race we have now. Not so you won't and your feelings on that that none of whom are basically fighters known numerous in the change we want but if you were to you know. Guess today out. Who do you see becoming the Republican nominee for governor next year well I I still think can. Masters. The odds on favorites author I think I think he is definitely. In a position to win a traditional. Republican primary. He's doing all the things that that needs to be raise money. And he's the incumbent so he's the guy that everybody's got to go catch my so I think all the polls demonstrated in the masters still. The leader. And and I'll I don't see that changing any time soon I mean I think. The bomb Templeton and Catherine Templeton news. The lawyer from blue Lena Meyer and the Mount Pleasant on she's raised a lot of money but. I don't I don't know how she gains traction. With her message I mean again I think I think folks are looking for leadership they're looking for some lady right here and not say were gonna you know maybe. Tap a few shingles here there may more play some wind is they want to burn the mother down the men and now I've seen is how any for the challenger that's got to be a message and none of them really have that message was only McMaster is still the favorite to win. Yeah I got the distinguished honor of seeing it. Com Templeton Bryant and now excuse me yes in the deal that admiral B yes keep argument to operate and I say. Templeton very polished. You tell us she's you know she's been. And she's been rehearsing for this role should a practicing she has great consultants. Putting is back to and you see Brian her boat trying to in tact towards an anti corruption message. They just won't go full bore right right that neither one of a more to go to commit to I'm gonna fight the corruption. Because they have a feeling that lets say get the governor's mansion I want to work with. The folks are the likes of Hugh leatherman ray Lucas and so to me. I would agree getting a masters for the inside favored incumbent usually is in with a the guy who has obviously is a lot from support is on the first guest they want ray support trump. Palms you would imagine that Libby carry over but the non element in the all more lackluster. I know Bryan Ellis called like closed primaries in and some of the more conservative. On your talking points must. Some bad things good thing but that that's not I think folks again our our kitchen. For somebody not to. You know trim the hedges or you know put a coat of paint on it I want the thing burned down it's not is not good enough to just. Put some patches on the roof. It's got to be burned down and built up again and that's the tonic in any of your challenger that's the kind of candidate. That data at least you're not so right when we talk to folks around the state. That's war here and that's why we're here and our FaceBook page best are here nonsocial me that tore here and when we go round of these different immense they're talking to folks is. They're nine and it's not good enough to say well we can perform this her or me we touch up better worker on the edges on this. They're saying no this is bad what you all are doing down there and Kwame is bad and we've got to drastically change what is going on in how business is done and that's again lets us. Ironic is he having master who wants to hear that your trump torture South Carolina right and that in the truck messages I'm gonna drain the swamp right and yet there is nobody does less prepared to I should take on the swamp in Colombia than a politician liking her master has been around for what thirty only here and he's the epitome of you know you scratch my back I'll scratch or is dole on the get along great what politics straight as though. As voters here's after our cal left without a a true trumping invoice in this primary down and certain and as you look in the issue corporation particularly when this electricity right. Which is on go in early evening and folks around the state has been calling for a federal investigation into this crime. For thousands of 2003000. For all across the state that's right I mean this is not in a state thing is now low country thing or a middle of everyone in this state realizes that politicians craze the mock. Incurred nine billion dollars in debt have had nine rate hikes in ten years and that none of them. No politicians seem to be worried operate we are utterly which gubernatorial candidate has called for a federal investigation into the Statehouse. On us electricity rate had no problem to get to the bottom of how this all happened to did it. Who knew what and who made money off of that now Y zero. Not only that how many people in our Statehouse and state senate. Have called for federal investigation none that we know it's not a single one right and so. If you look at in how those games now we just on the gubernatorial race and then towards the of the box like this there is over leadership. And so in that backing you get things like we've got to the last two weeks on this issue now we talked about a little bit last week with the estate and utility oversight committee basically Cain he's the cast and love him and our electricity. The same way RD Hamilton roads. But this past week day they also went back. And how servicers once again overwhelmingly passed a bill. All this electricity Wright debacle they did not going to break apart the corrupt system that ridiculous and edited. You've taken a special objection to this bill this past week not just because of the no political reforms. But of some of the attacks and was a private businesses Gaza go after and and they were trying to save the political career. Well look I mean in the end of the day number one what they pass this week we're not. Sure it's likely to be unconstitutional would that money is they went back set them what they did for our listeners knew what they did was. They changed the retro actively changed a ball right they went back in time here and then they when the time machine went back 2007. He's the same jackass is by the way that did foisted Islam exactly is less look yeah and and so these are the same potential criminals that put this upon us. They went back in time intact in the time machine and tried to change the law retroactively. Now what they've done is they said okay. Now the PSC can now determine the rates and we can drop that for for SE NG customers and by the way. Let's mention right for war. Co op customers so busy elicited Lawrence caught little river garden and Anderson. You know all of them Pickens area as Farmar brought you don't tell law any go up you'll buy electricity missile edges of the Santee Cooper. They have eight billion dollars on the books on in debt. Worst screwed on the Berkeley electrical Augusta O'Donnell a country we're screwed there are done okay. Well going to be paying that debt back over the next fifty years the more electricity bills and increased rates so. When Jiri when your rate spike in between nineteen. Thank you think the legislature as a go to once it is so what they did was with SE NG. He said the TSE okay dropped the rates tend not to zero. Under under this law that's the key it's always these fine print right things in in in the walls right. Under the base load review act all scant SE NG can no longer charge its customers. For the nuclear power plant failure guess what folks that's hard dat. What they can do is baking go around and say okay we won't charge under the base load review act but guess what. We're gonna just charge you for electricity rate hike our electricity rates than normal electricity rates. You know because that's hard to hit it and read same targets at the new none of that snow this. Will we live life yup you know. When you have a mortgage real car payment like and that's hard debt press you don't just get to get out of that now you can file bankruptcy. But in the world you can file bankruptcy hard day at this creditors. Guess what word asset as ratepayers they're going to come after slot things in this debt isn't going away and these politicians are contending that there are it is. With the gun as they said okay for the next ninety days there or six year a 180 days or six months. You don't want to pay on that debt. Well guess what the debt still accumulates in interest so when they get back to reality after the elections by the way exactly. Immediately the reality conveniently after the elections and then our rates did jacked up by the way the interest is still collecting were still have to pay it while. Oh you had a great example offer this on your FaceBook live view the other dale thinks the guy can't force last candidacy which is essentially that he had these debt payments and borrowed. The legislators now common and by fiat said. For this extended period Tom. You can no longer collect those interest payments now as you say interest continues. Continues to incur the deck continues to grow. At some points Gatti paid in that in the analogy used was. Ever order mirrors where kids you think of the blown up beach ball in your in the pool right. And you put the water maybe sit own and beaten a testament to bomb whatever it is you're trying to hold on the water now eventually you got to let ago. Murray and wrinkles back up to the surface it comes out fast and afraid on you push it down harder comes exactly grows into the water is so essentially what these falls visions of Dolan this past week is to hold the ball ball out of the water. For six months thing get reelected right and they assume that we're gonna think oh bulge discussing on the water for our. But we're not politicians were regular folks who live in the real world like you say he can't walk away from your mortgage for six months now and they decide hey. Pick back up our left off and in no harm no foul. No. Look these guys put this debt on us exactly they created this whole thing they created the law that and forced us as rate payers to pay. The debt. For these power companies yet. And now that it's coming back to haunt us they wanna walk away. And they wanted to be moved past these bills that wall even double double down it hurt us even more. And that's the travesty all this set does that you've got politicians in Columbia they'd have no idea. Basic simple finance are passing these laws and it's going to hurt us even. London may first to try to screw over the ratepayers receded and now are trying to save their batons by hurting the utility chilies themselves and I know what they want accept responsibility for knowing this crime. Well south Carolinians and doesn't you wanna call for a federal investigation. It is the Markel. Take your cell phones and text the word crime CEO our eye in the to five to 86 we ran after the break. We'll tally is can be Dave rescind your talking about electricity rate hike remarkable on Colombia and over the commercial break and Charl listeners heard we heard. This all propaganda or from dominion. About how they wanna buy SE NG in older and all wiped off the debt now they're gonna hold an all electric you're it's a low. And yadda yadda I get they're gonna give a a newborn unicorn to everyone in the insane so far as well. My thing is we told most of the last DelHomme saying his rules weeks leading up to this is that regardless of who takes over as CNG. When estimating in snow menu and or nobody at all. Under what vulnerable all we have now. Dominion or any other private company taking control SE NG does nothing to break apart the political control. Of the electricity industry which led to this the mock me in the first place right we saw last week the politicians push for more oversight. One sorry. Wasn't the politicians that not only created. The legislation that led to this debacle. But are they the same was or overseeing. The process entirely yes. So they doubled down also first of all no deal is going to of the main everybody else by SE NG is gonna fix the real problem which is the politicians controlling electricity on distribution the state. But also. Did it taste they talk about we're gonna wipe away this one point seven billion dollars in debt. Well Dave first of all it's questionable or an ugly and do that but they're talking about the private debt held by SE Ian G. That does nothing. To solve the eight billion dollar. Debt the safety Cooper hasn't heard from this nuclear power project. Which co op customers a SAT Cooper customers will continue to deal look for for decades. Know that that's absolutely right in. And again as a co up customer and myself. I've basic I mean these politicians have basically. Stamped their it in in law and that my kids and potentially my kids kids. Are going to be paying this debt backed prime through their electricity doses and again at the ad was right now one thing we do pay and we do have. So yeah highest electricity rates in the country as we have the highest monthly electricity. Charges and costs in this country us. Out of every other state and so. We're gonna contained in that's only going to get worse and we have to thank our legislature for this and the directions of foreign the last few weeks have done nothing. To really get that the real problem as you mentioned set this is a core crops grow a structure of government. Where a handful of very powerful politicians control everything. And that they've doubled down on that they've made it worse and we can basically expect. Higher bills because of it. Well it there doing nothing doesn't solve the issue and to your point about how politicians control the whole process. But last week we talked about the upcoming hearings for personhood bill and constitutional care in a most of these were in the Senate Judiciary Committee. And both of them had global head of a hearing this past week. But just as you alluded to with this electricity during the mock went out a single politician or group and as he put the schools from the new legislation and very quickly shiver through bad legislation. We saw Luke Rankin who was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Basically a Lal. IA hearing in name only. Where you head guys come up and try to what personhood but rank and allow these Democrats to grandstand. For the majority it's time for these hearings both cost to secure air personhood. So than now even after actors have worked tirelessly to get these hearings we're in the same spot now we were last year. With a muzzle and I've had a hearing will look says the real cause they single powerful politician able to neutral from. Emery defends a minute but. The real fast I've watched the hearings. McCain we're talking about right here yes the right to life yes. The personhood which would outlaw abortions in South Carolina which you think the Republicans of the all four raid to Republicans and loyalists still can't say hey I'm associate you think they were and have the right. To bear arms. Shall not be infringed or that's it's written very explicit as well very few eggs so why this is the right to defend life yes and the fact that these guys are in Republicans of all right Luke rank in the Republicans were Republican dominated. Committee that they did their running these bills through and the fact stated set up. To where these bills are gonna fail yet and potentially die in this commute before they can even get a hearing on the floor. Before they can even have an opportunity passed. Did that they're denying our constitutional rights yeah that's what the legislature is doing to us they're denying our constitutional rights to life. And as you said the right to defend life for a Second Amendment Rights. They're denying that and these are Republicans want to. An hour call Latin and Jordan real thorn can just say it. A call while one legislator particular which is might concern her awards counting who is the the author of sponsor of this. Qualls like constitution care bill which got a night quad I hear this past week now he has been on. Critical a job and hill who actually wrote a clean. Constitution cared right last year in the house and he said that the reason he opposed it. Was because Jonathan Hill brought it up for debate only procedural move which bypass the committee process again Mike Pitts is only works. Now Mike's bill this watered down nobody should Amy called constitutional Carrey bill. This is the senate passes and a house. What are they doing the mics mill oh they're keeping it in the committee now I guarantee you might doesn't have the intestinal fortitude. To try to pull out of committee to force a vote on it by Johnson did. But yet all sneer and herbs and until new volley is the only guy who I see voter right only electricity rate I've modeled our heels. The sneer hill. And so you gotta go through the process will this look a process gates UHU Democrats grandstanding right or a constitutional right which every Republican in the state campaigns don't. So Mike if you're listening your weight is not working. It has worked for the last two decades there always been in control and they are conditioner brother so this your idea standing up for the second minute say. Now let's get the thugs George and motor lost about this power rate the bako George Howard tonight. It. Los George and George go back Jorge called back Soria of till the laureate Steven I suppose you were won't to wait but. Goal maximum personal and passage in Cary you're actually right these are these are rights we have as Americans they are should not be up for debate. Right and if we're here to have the debate will certainly not by some low hanging scum. In the legislature right yeah you like. The fact that he got politicians that yeah continually break the law every year. And have potentially broken the law to put foisted billions of dollars of debt on our backs. And I think George back with us here play. That's what's goes so galling about SS was this effective like you or your comments fast food worker. Makes more money. Mandy say legislators and 2004 dollars a year yeah they get their able to exercise control of our daily lives in our constitutional rights it's absolutely appalling. Now where trust us gals go to George almost vote George type numeral. I situation with the the companies. To bait get in the powers. And I had always created this week I thought it was going to die out. Gentlemen yes he's certain. There's particularly the bit and age powerful concerns who get a thousand hours. And Tom I don't know that. Yes sir yes listen. To Jordan played for the what the favorite. I think for the call George and so this what we're talking in the beginning of the segment which is dominion is not only trying to buy a CNG was running ads here of 1063. And multiple on talk radio stations and beyoncé and across the world stage and television to about until he says and they're they're pitching the idea of it were a come and were you a thousand dollars on average now once again. We don't know that's actually gonna happen but think about it. If you are paying 18%. Of your monthly electricity bill the last ten years. Into a nuclear power play is never gonna produce electricity. The thing a thousand dollars more lessen your pain and that. So it's it's really a buyout trying to obscure it affected you being screwed for a decade but beyond that I think the bigger point. Is this idea they're gonna buy up to dinner take care of the debt. Even in the day. They'll say we're gonna wipe away the one point seven billion dollars in debt. Now will they or won't say we don't know even if you assume they will George. It does nothing to touch the eight billion dollars in debt. This anti Cooper has incurred and a co op customers is Woolsey antique super customers. Are gonna continue to deal will look for for decades if or not the meaning comes in and buys it. So we said all along at the end of the day. SC NG because of bad news is prices should probably go out of business somebody else is gonna have to come in and buy it. But before we can determine. What should or should that happen there needs to be a full investigation. And how this occurred and who calls that. What do politicians no wind they know and they profit from it. If you would demand that kind of investigation guys and in this debacle just text the word crime. So the number five to 86 CR I need to them or five to 86 of us be clear. Neither any of the bills is not our state house passes basket police nor the dominion deal is gonna truly protect ratepayers. We've got to apply political pressure to do so let's do it. Assays are tune in tonight we'll see you next week.