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Sunday, March 18th

Seth and Dave talk about the recent high school walkout protests, liberal gun control proposals in SC, GHS lawsuit progress, and budget spending for the state.


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It is that time again. 5 o'clock here on Sundays a 1063 W Lordi. Topper Sunday night to set and Dave where Tony section. Guzzlers sponsor tonight by the freedom action now we're South Carolina the premier grassroots organization. Here at the palm and a state looking to we quit citizens with a tools necessary. The fight the corruption that in Colombia to actually take control our state government as citizens and advocates for freedom. Make she checked them out all faced the exact Tom Ford's slash fan of this city. You wanna join the conversation I guys they the phone calls 1803471063. We look ahead your input as you roll long into the hour. We've got a big vote coming up in own county council this Tuesday night. Go on back to the issue have been falling for last a couple months is GHS illegal theft. Sold out from under the taxpayer for a dollar a multibillion dollar assets sold out from under us for a dollar. Big vote coming up all metal Tuesday or have more on that as we get into the show but let's start tonight Dave with our Second Amendment Rights. Always under fire on the federal level announcing creeping down to the state level and even at the local level and parts of our South Carolina. And this issue stays in the news for the most part. Because of the radical left the costly tried to attack our rights because they try to protest the constitution as strip away. The the rights and our bald founders enshrined in the bill of rights. As of this past week we saw all kids from across the country walk out in protest of the gun laws we currently have an America. They've got a lot also has a what did you make all of these high school kids walking out of scope of class to protest the second and. Well spoken somebody of the date set them up and we were caddie about those two on Friday but yeah I'll want it won't be attended would've been like head. That had been it did on Saturday afternoon right arm and my guess is that we would bend as I. But look I mean it it is it's ridiculous. It should've never been allowed to happen on you know and these that these kids and intimate evening politicians are running around saying. That this was a good saying and that they're exercising their first amendment rights well they what they can accept the first amendment rights after the get out of school. Our bowl when your in the school and when taxpayers are paying further you know pretty crummy education bill least they could do with that they're paying attention. And you know respect. Authority respect their teachers respect. You know the principle respect these. You know the even the police school board said that they were gonna penalize the kids and I hope that they do what they did walk out. Because it's ridiculous and and by the way except that slit their. I Gary dark you. That are the next time the march or light. Our occurs or theirs as they are pro life rally. Gary dark he had these kids won't be allowed to go out and have there seventeen minutes or whatever what they wanted to protest. That would never. Well that's that's not a problem with a and so yet. Is that we have so early in your kids are kids write an army of high school. On me and a big issue and current portion talk about your emotional about your passion about wanna change a world accommodate. And I get all that. It's a goes back to though when he is an appropriate time to have and these kids didn't really just walk out and they really press say where is giving up only even this was aided and abetted. By not only a school boards across the country but individual men are straighter principals and teachers and Nassau one poor kid mom got suspended for not participating. In the protest areas so as far as I you have a Palme liberal agenda being pushed off from the top down home. And these cancers get swept up in it and most all the must be on honest about it. Don't really know what the protest and they don't really know the the nuances of the issue but if you give them an opportunity to get a class for half an hour. Q they're gonna take it. It does so at a it's not got to look and see you know these kids or. All of the problem the problem here are these teachers in these adults who wore aiding and abetting it and until these kids that you know what it feels like something. The way to react is is up and thought the Ole tantrum in a walk out of class bring attention to yourself. No one's actually educating these kids on how to organize themselves and make a difference there being used political pawns. And that's what's upset upsetting me about it of course ship politicians here in South Carolina. Yet Kevin Bryant not. Greg Gregory 92. Who were all too supportive. Of what's going on here I mean and no wonder what Greg Gregory he's introduced legislation now. I'd David that would raise the age limit from eighteen to 21 to buy a rifle. Now how do you speak out of both sides you mountain like that it up among white shirt of these kids can't purchase a firearm in the same time our respect yourself first amendment rights to Bob protests got malls. I mean he didn't think I bit. They wanna do what they give constitutional rights and protect constitutional rights the First Amendment free speech or fifteen year old but artistic way practical way. You Conan a firearm to defend themselves to eighteen to twenty year old cat we live in bizarre world and here the segment about this tidbit. At California. This isn't even a foreign country that doesn't. Florida for goodness sake that the South Carolina and metres south Carolina Republican up there importing that spectator yeah it absolutely insane look. We have got that stand up but I know this is the the drums we beat every week. But folks. Let's go out there we have got to stand up as citizens of the state. It's not good not to just vote anymore it's not good enough to just say you know what Republicans control the legislature in the governor's mansion things will be okay. If you eat you're. Constitutional right being a broad had been taken away from you you've got to stand up you've got to have your voice search and you've got to put political pressure on these guys. Or else they're gonna run roughshod over us. And have cellular and and we've been talk about it the last couple weeks and doesn't you wanna send your on state senator message today and tell him. You better night and consider Greg Gregory liberal gun control policies introduced and once again is to run through whom they he also banned the months are accessory. He wants to Al wall high capacity magazines. And and he wants to raise the age limit the buyer rifle from eighteen to 21. And you wanna see you worst they send her messages say. Don't touch that with a ten foot pole my second and right shall not be infringed north summit today just take out your cellphone. And text the word Cary CA RRY as in constitutional care because that's what we need here in South Carolina. The text the work here right to five to. 886. Carrey to five to 86 and when it comes our constitutional rights day of the best defense is a good offense those not just enough to say. No to these bad policies come and addled all of the old liberal Republicans are Colombian. We have to order offence and the main end. Constitutional care. And Amanda our constitutional rights are actually recognized here in the state and is absolutely absurd the 250 years after. We signed though Miller writes in the wall here we are and as you say not in in California New York play in supposedly conservative South Carolina. And our second our hearts are still not recognized by the legislature in fact are under attack. And so we needed only offense or sells text the word Cary CAR or watch the number five to 86. And put pressure on these guys first of all of the beat and defeat these odd gun control policies but also. To actually recognize our right to keep and bear arms and defend ourselves and our family. With constitutional care to send a message. Right now because it's also Davis are just the federal level besides the state level. This Cassel was actually creeping down to the local level we got I'll word this past week of a county council ordinance come from Dorchester County. That would actually ban folks from a shooting their firearms are racially own their own property. So it's not just you know we we hear it and the results are we see. Nancy Pelosi. And down. Dianne Feinstein and Andy's been up liberal on California Democrats pushing on the federal always saying. If that's far away from home but he though even edit in Colombia and even at the local level and I'm unsure of their fight over carry counsels who were considering things like this meeting here of any. Here in the upstate please let us know about it but it's even at a local. Hit an opt Elliot they look the constitution is clear we don't need a commission slipped from. Any bank politician whether that the county. State or federal level. But a lot that we can only carry a firearm to defend ourselves about spam that constitutional period though about. That's why the build up their out of the house. Need to be amended vote set that's really what what what the call is here is yelled we obviously are opposed to gun control. What may have. Let's get rid of the whole permission slip from politicians. So that we can execute our old Cutler are constitutional like a god given out to so why. That occurred on the take away from the outset that leopard onto infringe upon us. And we better stop it better to act carry a 52886. And tell these politicians to recognize our constitutional rights. Actually does we back for more after the break here on Sunday night with seven Dave. Days he'll allow for rejoinder have even watching these basketball games. Unbelievable. All mile Warner believable so well university in Maryland Baltimore County is that very close to where you grouper. Except it about five minutes downstream Barbara William BC grad Latin. That is is a big deal man that was a personal one of those games. They're you know he's stay up watching and yeah I watch just so pure carry out beyond our group right you know BC my brother went there. What are you know what I watched it for a few minutes. Justice seat they companion about half against the number one in the country. And they cannot tell you it you know it was cold up against. Is just from my perspective of being a competitor. It man that coach of that you'll be eighteen that was the best coach basketball game I've ever seen in my life when they came out that second half. They put their foot on Virginia where a man you know it's so easy exports and like to kind of let up a little bit at some sympathy for your opponent. And brother they just kept their sport on Virginia for a and they did not let up trust a man not a what are the close of the sixteen bit you don't want to know all about twenty. They they Christian and last night hassle and in the game Skinner now one was one electoral all buzzer beater medicinal or talk about what the human value NBC game and this was a blow out yeah you know I mean I'm singer reading an article now from ESPN. Ball and headline is that. Are you NBC files are trademarks after historic upset. Sit back and sit there already trademarked sixteen over one. Retriever or cheaper nation good for them and that that is what March Madness is all about. It's about the you know the of course the buzzer beaters and exciting games. But also now you know kids who've been working for in some cases for years getting better better and find those kids are gonna go to the NBA. There pursue another career but in the work for four years you know game better and better and again basketball and they get to go showed on national stage. It just has also about our nation and that no in the U from the area Obama figured you got a chance at. Great story great coach. Speculation as you know it and if you're familiar college basketball. Column yet Dave Odom was a coach at Wake Forest for a long time coach Tim Duncan their great coach this is this on Rondo them. Arm couldn't have been better people and did not I mean I was just. It was a phenomenal thing that one is saying all the play your mommy a lot of last year Super Bowl you know like I Pataki has been the patriots and Tom Brady right Brentwood but. Man that was the Cannes where this. Sports scene in in history and I think you'll BC goes right up there and that was on believable sporting event. Nose rays toss things that twenty years from now anyone who watched or remember you know watching the game where they were. A home and just be an absolutely you know in disbelief as as you say as the the scores can go higher and higher. At some police thought Regina was gonna make the run in us I always tell your awake Philbin and you know the reality you're restored in Virginia come back and win in the want to the next round it just never happened but. Great great game you know great ladies agree stored. To back torch on the before the break though this these liberal gun control policies put now by Greg Gregory on the Republican state senator down like assert. Based you'll still banned bonds stocks he lost to get rid of high capacity magazines and he also. Also raised the pagelet the buyer rifle from 821. That's what I read a little bit of light gray was saying they've India agree will lose just a couple days ago. He was talking about how. He hasn't won all Albania on squad didn't name any guns when I do think we need to do and is banned devices to make guns more efficient killing machines. In this LA. Conservative Republican quote unquote from the state of south Ghana views are firearms is efficient killing machines. Which once again shows that the mindset is he thinks that we will all by citizens are just you know. Wine in a mishap away from more and and murdering a whole what you people he is it still understand affected we need to be able to defend ourselves. Point blank period and we have a device and allows is it do that better then we have a right to have that as well. They also goes on talk about these high school walkouts. He says he knows that all mean. Some people are gonna say that I'm with my place on the article he knows somebody we're gonna argue about. The rays and a sore from eighteen to 21 and that is particular because you have a nineteen year old can go fight in another country. And then come back we have in our military with a firearm. And then come back here and not be able to priced houses are right though the buyer rifle jump says he understands that job. People are gonna ball. And Chris hasn't been that but the news actually speaking with another. Lawmaker and realize that mill bearings are not fully developed until age 25. He says quote I can certainly testified that. But that's the reason for raising the age limit. So where residents of Los 121 W my question. LY and I got to play top one at thirty top line ahead of us have guns called dragon there is more efficient killing machines. I mean this guy so glad Alou and so fall remove what you would think a Republican in South Carolina. Would be saying about the second and then. But here we had it felt good. Now on the hood you know what what what is. It is just unbelievable began and we talk about that Paula Todd is that these legislators down in Columbia they seek a Second Amendment. They hate the fact that he had you know I'll have a constitutional. God given right. To defend ourselves with guns and and they always blame us right. None of those brief proposal they Gregory is putting forward an incredibly the bill at some point yet none of them are going to stop. Oh or could stop. These massacres in terrorist action happening none of them are gonna stop street crimes from every day happening in Colombia or Charleston or wherever. None of them as sub. They blame bought what they do what they did it is they take away the ball I citizens' constitutional right they punished us. He worked there or stupidity and bad diet bet that's always gonna find a way to get weapons that we know that. What these proposals do and what people Republicans and Democrats in Columbia. Our try to do that in Colombia is their cry to punish us. For these terrorists that they want to punish law abiding citizens in this state. Who have no right to own a firearm to defend themselves in the Stanley against tyranny here and abroad. They're tied to punish us. But there's bad guys action that's really what it's come down duke they hate the Second Amendment they hate that that our constitutional rights. And they're gonna do whatever it takes the take away from. Absolutely and my we said before the break if you wanna sink you work say send her message right now and say no way no how. My second there right shall not be a French text the word Cary CA RY. Two a number five to 86 this is tech scary. The 5286. Here via text right back mean think about thirty seconds and allows you some of direct message to your state senator and tell him when he constitutional Cary. Here's South Carolina we don't need Greg Gregory's liberal gun control policies. And furthermore. I Dave I think we you're you're hitting Olson with a lot of flak we say that these Republicans hate the second and we've got to step back and look at you gotta go into a school a madman. He he commits a terrorist act. And these guys first response is to like you say punish small bodied citizens the only rationale for that. Would be if they do in effect hate the second minute and they hate that we have a constitutional right. To keep a narrower but. Salt block. For them because the right shall not be infringed and we are not gonna roll over and allow them to take away. Other rights that are our founders and tried to corner fifty years ago. So does. It now's not a time to be timid when it comes to reaching out to your state legislators sex the were carried a five to 86. And tell them the back off the gun control policies and actually passed and true constitutional Kerry bill. There's one that is sitting in the senate and these to be amended I don't reflect the age 3700 in the house but at least in a vehicle for. Tell them in the bill passed constitutional Carrey. And believe Greg Gregory on the born somewhere is on any time for his kind of gun control policies he's proposed and gasoline back after the break talking about this vote coming open carry council hearing Tuesday at CNET. And we are back here all Sunday night was set and they where told meets action. We are saying before the break help politicians out of Colombia look to their own devices. Not only will they impasse huge spending increases and tax hikes but also he wrote our constitutional rights but does BO politicians here in remote counting. That if left to their own devices will do things for worse than even what we're seeing and a Columbia. Course and talk about the C legal theft of the Greenville hospital system Ellis perpetuate on us a couple months ago by the of the board that he legislatively appointed board. Oh ths sold off from our criticisms of Greenville for a dollar to a private entity there's a lawsuit right now. On the in the courts trying to undo that illegal theft and waxing or try to held. All layered minor. From the public interest foundation here in a couple weeks and show the talk about the legal points of that Molson. But the politicians. You know the backing gulf jade just lobbyists and special interest groups are trying to forge ahead and nullify. Now lawsuit even as it's going through. On the the process. They're trying to pass date of resolution. Can I council. To give GHS Aureus out console degree will help 46 GH day the ability to co mingle the old G-8 just dead. With bad debt from palm it'll help which is a new on organization they're trying to merge with the now they're allowed to do this. Then becomes even a quarter to untangle this merger if the lawsuit plays out and it is seen as being a link any legal theft. And for that reason caddy council a few months ago voted on the resolution and voted down six the (%expletive) But not to be deterred. The special interest groups have pushed this thing back to the forefront. In county council panel Tuesday. They are going to revote on this resolution to allow JJ to go ahead and move forward and commingled their dead at the good debt. I hate to say that but the solemn. It is as far as day can be good the good Dennis is is within the balance sheet with the bad deed the partisan bent upon metal help. They're trying to get passed resolution allow them to do that even though they've already voted this resolution now. And we're hearing that'll Tuesday. We are in trouble. That not only is Warren county councilman syndicates who voted against the resolution the first arm he's thinking about voting for it on Tuesday. But also in another county council and Rick Roberts who recused himself because of the conflict of interest because him and his wife do business with IGH and he would recuse himself from the previous though he is now I'm not going to recuse himself has also. Go to vote in favor of the resolution to give an overall vote on account of seven to five in favor of the resolution. Now this day would be disaster is not only full politically and as far as health care was for citizens agree though. But also be disastrous as far as the lawsuit goes in China on. This stop this thing from moving four. So it is. And credibly important and I cannot stress that not incredibly important if you're hearing great account. Pick up the phone and call Sig Kate's Tillman is a bad idea. Implore him to vote no. Also Rick Roberts needs to recuse himself Davis is a clear conflict of interest. And we've already been sold out by the legislatively appointed board of trustees of sells sells well particularly. When Albert Roberts having this conflict enters their should be hell to pay. Will that mean you're talking about. Millions and millions not billions of dollars that's a potential debt. I had an outing that. It as as this whole thing plays out and it's very complex it's very complicated a lot of you know intermingling of money a lot of different organizations but there's one take away from all of that and I hate to go you know all of 101000 people that's the set. This is what's wrong when it. Our state government. Com and and really be legislated state that the hat is that. That the government has their hand did way too many things are politicians especially our state legislature. Has way too much power. And control over our daily lives in New York won't hurt our shift whether it's our vote whether to our schools in this case it's our health care to hospitals. I mean the politicians controlled this organization. They solve the that date and some of them even are you know perpetuated this staff this multi billion dollar debt so again I I think that'd. It's a give politicians. That are in involved in way too many things in our lives are giving way too much power to these guys that number one. I don't know how to use it they don't they don't understand these things that donors and every facet that they have control over there is incompetence. Went on this but number two it leads to corruption and that's exactly what we have here you know and again it's. That it's just more layering more government control over another. You out of county council then they've got to recruit this state legislature got to build they got no truth man and it's it's great to conflict as we can control it. It is completely believe we got to take our power back from the politicians because they shouldn't have. No immensely rightness it's it's sad day when you look across the state of South Carolina anything it's going year old you can usually tied back to. The state legislature. I mean this in this instance they yet they actually appoint to the very board who sold this public asset out from under us also they are directly responsible. And as you say now I have another layer of government now mechanic council. Who wants to get their fingers in the pot and it's just I guess it's imperative to not allow realm to own. To get led teach us move for coming is that if we have any chance as citizens all beginning any kind of value. From that public gas at first and foremost then secondly wanna continue to have good health care. We cannot allow the same in the fort. So if you were angry will count and then you can make it in any conceivable way on Tuesday night. Go down to university ridge county council chambers soared to 6 o'clock if you wanna speak it there about 5 o'clock since Arnold. The issue have Tom let your voice be heard on this call sit Kate's call Rick Roberts call you or carry counselor and tell them to vote no on this resolution. Because and then we'll stop we'll stop this on Tuesday night and then let's talk about holding a state legislators accountable for what they Don and their pardons as well. Is there's a lot of them now who running around pertaining to be the good guys as it they didn't know what was going home but as it was occurring. And they need to be held accountable for allowing he would get this far in the first place. But first things first Tuesday night. Heating go show up. Let your voice be heard if he can't in the mean Tom Paulson Kate's call Rick Roberts call your carry counselor tell them to vote no on the resolution on Tuesday night. Dave as you said when you have all politicians put their hands in so many putts it leads to corruption. And remember Roberts is a great example here I can't council with a direct conflict of interest and still going to vote. But also win a follows Paul Campbell side it's been ongoing now for months I mean this guy is still the ethics chairman on down the state senate. And not a single state senator has called for his removal from that position I mean that is a culture of corruption. And whether it is the our road system and we know the boat prussian there were few other room. And John party we dealt with the unity commissioned. All we look at all our. No hospitals in in this SS or where ever you look our schools. It is corruption misleading to a terrible product and a a lower standard of living for the citizens of this state. And I think a McRoberts is great table this Paul Campbell is a great example. I mean where is Scott tell where is Tom Corbett Ross tar William Timmons Carlisle where any of these dog rings bill senators. All call for Paul Campbell stepped down. As a senate ethics chairman. Not a single Pete and I think you made a great point the other day about how Campbell's position as the chairman of the ethics committee. Is deterring a lot of these gas from speaking out you'll rural sourcing that. Sure they'll look at me and an ethics committee chairman sets the guys tremendous power I mean I akin to like an FBI director I mean. That guy's in charge of cobra option in that they. I mean I you know key that he can control investigation. He can control ethics complaints still is the chairman of that committee. Hey you know what Tom Corbett or or any other state senator speaks out against Paul Campbell Colin resign then all of a sudden meant an ethics complaint might. Anonymous and LA committee an anonymous that it complaints. Now lead and got subpoena powers that Beckham can can I had those big law enforcement routes through these guys' records I did. Dubbed the power is unbelievable and like it says the candlelight and FBI director former mud balls is what I think he'll. But it really mean that they can collect dirt on other politicians even citizens. And hold these people account holder he'd over the fire raked them over the cold. It didn't get them to basically protect themselves and backed the problem the self policing in Colombia that. We've got a self policing problem these politicians control each other they're already that you said. They're like the ball like a mafia down near Columbia doesn't matter of a Democrat or Republican they're all in together there only to protect themselves to keep the racquet don't want and that's exactly what happened with all Campbell. It's amazing here's a guy who lied in the week. Who was pulled over. Blue point oh god into the Bret wise there was won't get L on that videotape and that aren't gonna walk away Scott free and he's going to remain on as we hate on ethics in Columbia, South Carolina. Not one of them had a gut. Stand up and saying thank. It's sad that it's really sad but the said that the stand up and holding guys accountable for all that. No absolutely means we say it'll come is time to drain the swamp. Down there and Columbia drain the swamp on the Statehouse let's start with getting Paul can't worry new Desi on ethics chairman. Does he wanna send your state senator message tonight about that very issue just text the word drained. Deal or AR in the number five to 86 and is a bipartisan issue down there. Corruption is bipartisan. In Columbia. Whether it is you know Ross turner whose Republican. Here in Greenville or Carl Allen who's a Democrat senator here in Greenville neither one album. That's central to the plate in and done the right thing call for this got to be removed. It's a bipartisan issue put pressure on your state senator tonight and text the word drain. DO DR ai in to number five to 86. Was trying to swap let's start with a swamp creature known as Paul Campbell. Guys right back after the break talking about some questionable spending going on this past week down the Statehouse stick around for that. Davis said Tom again. At time of the year down the Statehouse. Tommy we cannot catch a politician I'm public without a big grin on his face. It's budget time time from the get out there and divvy up how to spend more and more our hard earned tax dollars. And so which get little goodies packed into the budget. Obama won't walk through an article from the nerve gas make your checking out and if you are not getting the knoller from the nerve. They're an investigative journalists site downing Colombia when they are the only ones who actually looking into how these guys are spending our money. How they're in rich self funded they connect the dots they expose a conflict of interest if you're not fallen on the you're doing yourself a disservice check and now the nerve. Dot org and suffer there in a blast. On the site here's our poll are from the nerve this past week. About the L budget process. Headline house members approve public funding for their pet projects. At least three SE house members and some of their favorite non profits were probably happy with today's early morning passage of a 28 billion dollar. State budget and yes you heard that right it's 28 billion with a B dollar state budget. Ari deep in the 20182019. Budget which passed the house by a vote of 117 to two and now there's the senate. There are nearly one million dollars in collective earmarks for three private nonprofit organizations. At the house records show. The various funding requests were made by Charleston cannon Republicans. William console and Mike's it's silly. And green Apple's very own Republican Dwight Loftus. Cardwell sits on the board of trustees of one of the nonprofits. None of the lawmakers immediately responded to requests this week but in their for comment on no wonder. So David tell me did they go down there is sudden gulf the date spend a billion. Extra dollars every year promoting an hour to 28 billion dollars eyes and change does not enough now they are pouring out. Chrysler earmarks for themselves. And these three. Alone and there's tons of men there these three alone people million dollars. And they're funneling it to nonprofits. One of which this very politician sets on the bottle. Is it any wonder why our schools are terrible our roads are troubling these guys are more concerned about getting. A half a million dollars for there you know are in library nonprofit. And they are actually of funding for our core functions of government. Would no doubt much at first of all let it get started the top with the budget process. This is an illegal budget absolutely politicians in Colombia are doing and they do it almost every year is this big Torre. Told ball the budget law is very clear. It's written in the note that they have to take the governor's budget which they don't do they rate they just write her own based on last year's budget. And they have to hole. Open joint hearings with the Senate Finance Committee they don't do that gap. They don't hate public input big. Take the budget and liquid out all of these. Small sub committees where the public can't come in they can't followed tree where the money's going and they don't. A broadcast. These Unix. To accept what they're doing is against a ball they're breaking ball ball with a budget now let's go to the budget. As easyJet. They're spending all billion dollars more than they do it yourself. For all blistered up as they you know what I've voted for my house rap that he's a Republican I'm sure he's taking care of business and and and being conservative with our money down they're wrong. They're spending a billion dollars more this year these guys are big spenders that Colombia. The virtues yeah. As you mentioned they're putting money too bad benefit themselves. They're spending our money to benefit themselves and in the case of William Koch well they represented a Republican Dutch also and he went ahead and gay Scotty I corner 50000 dollar of taxpayer money and give the twit private organization. Ottawa section of the tickle that library society. They're all ready a one point one billion dollar privately funded organized right why the world do they need. Our taxpayer dollars there private organization that could very well what it. I mean that the like taking money from the port giving it to the rich I don't understand. That's why they're so even all loud app and at that the third of them were doing the research on this. But Kevin Bryant who has the our lieutenant governor and running for governor has made the claim and and I think it might be true is that. Are Planned Parenthood you know is getting taxpayer fund in the Alistair they'll. Yet this past a 117 which is the only two representatives they vote against this were Republican Jonathan Hill from Anderson county Republican dot magnitude from Spartanburg county. Every out everybody else. Voted for the that he bit. Illegal budget. And that makes it easy for all of us to open and accountable bug bit. I mean they're all breaking the wall or X everybody except for two mobile and it's going to cost them more money and again as you said. Our broad market fix our schools which are terrible. Our our energy structure is dilapidated falling apart will pay the higher energy costs in the country. Our university that in this taking more mourned the dead I mean these are the things could be especially folks on instead. The worry about pet projects that the benefit themselves. That's sling just one correction only go to the phones have got a caller is when it came to the actual law provides those in the envelope. Foul line items for these are nonprofits. There was a suit came on a separate part of the budget so the overall budget vote was once sentencing to two with the Magnuson Hilemon now. On the part of budget that contained these all knee. The spending it was voted on separately it was voted 115 to one the only person voting against it was Jonathan Hill down an Anderson so when you were saying. Anyone. No matter where your record in the state no matter if you think you will Wright has retired and he's a nice nor anybody in that about a way. Well we do it pretty well now Torre. I setup changes diet reverted to that portion of bullying and glad that he voted or that the Shia that is really important yeah way to get sucked all in all but either way. Everyone is accountable for what they're doing now on their door art there's one exception to you happen to be. In our own HD I believe was eight we Jonathan Hill. And get. No qualms everyone else like they said is either breaking the wall. By. In themselves or an accessory to a by voting for. This budget that once again takes our money and sells it to these non profits to benefit. These politicians. Are still the phones involvement Steve you wanna talk about some questionable spending as well how you doing and I'm man. Well I was watching the state house on Tuesday and they were in session for about eight hours that day voting on each section of the budget. And Jonathan Hill was offering up amendments to each section of the budget to take excess money. Without cutting somebody's budget but just you know any over just that they were getting. He wanted that to be diverted to local governments on because a lot of people process state have wanted to make local government fund a big issue. And so he was finding money in the budget where you can take it and put it towards the local governments and half million here. 100000 here you know but he was doing his job. Looking out for people in his district and everybody else would I district back home that's getting shorted by local government fund to sell. Each amendment that he offered. There was a motion to table. And each time somebody made a motion tabled Jonathan requested aid you know hole on the record vote. But takes nine members of the house to see how we want on record voting on tabling an amendment. He couldn't but it's not nine members would do that so it best he can get division which. Division votes are not on the record they take account. So it was like eighty to two it might be 87 before. It might be no. 82 dude two. Which means only you know maybe four people at best were actually looking out for local government find the rest come off the records you don't know who it is. Really don't care about the local government front and its owners and there's this. You know he demanded a little. On the record vote on tabling it. It got killed every time you don't know who's four who's against it there was one house member who got happened disorder. Was given Jonathan all kinds of trouble saying you know don't you get it you're never gonna get these past wade or list and he was saying this is my job. Yeah and I sort of clear up only clear about what the little tumor fund is for a listener so there are certain. Services that Colombian mandates local governments. Provide mayor citizens. And in an order provide those services the a Columbia the state is supposed to send money back to. County councils and county governments to use of those monies to reform the Serbs mandated by. The state. Let the Gaza Columbia have gone personal like remember. Is when it comes to write the budget but is right dead and the budget which once again bile all of the post to send money back to what government fund they just once again break the wall. Say right at the budget so that local governments are been spending that they are old revenue. All services that data may or may not want to provide but they have to be causal the state. So seems absolutely right thanks for your call Steve. It was the right thing to do to try to fall fun money from the fund. Bullet these guys don't care Dave they'd rather fund their own personal nonprofits and there'll pet projects and and got a hold accountable. Break the big break the law kept in the budget. They don't show any transparency during the budget as Steve mentioned and that he's spending more more more of our money wasting every year he's gotta gotta go absolutely does we back next week or sunny nice to sudden they've.