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Sunday, April 15th

Seth and Dave are joined by David Hucks from to talk about Lowcountry scandals, thoughts on the governor race, and Tom Barilovitz discusses the latest on GHS. 


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It is that time again. 5 o'clock on Sunday 01063. WORD. It is time for Sunday night to set and they've we're told meets action we are present tonight Gaza by the freedom action no order of South Carolina. The premier grassroots organization here in the Coleman estate. Looking to equip citizens with the tools necessary to fight corruption now in Colombia the take back control our state government and actually advocate for freedom. Guess you a lot of talk about night including what is going all over in Syria. Arm blossom going on here in the statement they've watch if you salt and introduce our special guest tonight. Yeah I know we have I joining us is David Cox and David is the owner of Myrtle Beach SC dot com a great outlet for. Mused that's going on eagle on the grand strand stuff that the mainstream media either doesn't wanna cover. Or does have the guts to cover or covers after David breaks it so. David thanks for join this man really appreciate your time tonight no look forward your insights here for for the next hour. Great to be ears sir did your day for it do. We we appreciate it David what you kind of Phyllis and we talked about the the scandal you had uncovered emerald beach SC dot com last week when we show winning go in to meet these cells. This deal with the Myrtle Beach chamber of commerce some shady ways you're spending and tax dollars down there particularly as it released their TF RT you feel when. On our listeners alma. Yes this child goes back really to 2000. When a bunch of state legislators. And a bunch of local sleep positions. And Kerry politicians. Reached at 824000. Dollars and went through actually years. They subsequently. 1%. Tourism legislation. In the state house. And that legislation. Was because I'm daily last year off the path. And touched the begin to accumulate all of it's money. Well and of course the last eight years. Multiple employees of the chamber. Has suddenly left. On their own limited liability corporation. Obvious that you angry than I did. End of millions of these current tax dollars did it for example. A guy named bill well now was just some low level. Ingram forty. Mile. The company now visibility using conversions. Over the last few years that page sixty million dollars. Interest. In words how is mark this is it personal. Doubt you've got to get the ball up on it. Now the problem did he missed the you'd hear it may. On the corporation's. Right we've learned Julio arms of the LLC are. But we're tough old one it's probably a local. Media content of the local advertising company and possibly. Yeah out. Someone's at sincerity. 2010. Million dollars and crack some money and stick in their pockets. And then the might be recycled back and say well. It has been announced the impact involved which are expected to this group. If there's actually. They literally are now being swept away in city government county government and state government. They pretty much about art stay with months. M and again were talking to you David huts with Myrtle Beach SC dot com David. I mean we we've. Of course we talk pretty regularly and and Yuri regular source for us on on FaceBook and and of course on the on the radio show but. I mean again we're we're talking about a a really a mafia style scheme here. Where the politicians pass this wall not so long ago to allow a what they deems a private organization that the Myrtle Beach chamber of commerce to collect taxes. And and David that that the TDF the tourism development fund. For those who as you know our our decision here in the upstate I mean we have a lot of folks who go to Myrtle Beach for for a week or weekend Alice's arm yeah I mean. What what is. Oh what does the tourism tax include a mean when when folks go when they buy things one of the things that that get included in this. They viewed it illegal restaurant. If you buy something at a local hardware store. Dana hotel. You get charged as any actually Darren I addressed via shared via the sheriff all of this year olds anyway. By day. And even even by your local hardware store you'll others who Wal-Mart. You're paying any tax that goes directly to the chamber. Here's the problem was. We hit our peak tourism. Travel. Me in 2000. Those backward adopted as it was doing great right it actually snippet quite high. Insurance and in the last three years why because taxes are typically regret it right at the girl at. Which you won't smoke and network practicing journalism practiced to grow tourism is right out certain intuitive well inaugural tour. And it sounds like you're actually is growing the pockets of some well connected folks down in Myrtle Beach including politicians would involve politicians' kids exactly. A man doesn't actually politicians. But I scored just got bill words and now as well as Mac now thousand dollars. Happened birdie battered. Almost the local delegation. Here in origin and mistake. He's giving generously guys welcomed a thousand dollars donated. When you may thirty million at least from you know taxpayers accountable in a couple grand is a big deal because I know that's a back zero sum mean. And it's a war from what I understand is it any time anyone in the state drastic. Decides to take their failing to Myrtle Beach for vacation. And they go and whether they buy T shirt at the eagle store they they buy a meal while they were in a hotel some of their money is then. Go into the lake or go local chamber of commerce Myrtle Beach. And they are using their money ostensibly to promote tourism but as you just said tours has been down since 05 and a last three years using a a decline across the board. But somehow this money still ending up in the pockets old. Politicians are politicians ought you know so are all in all spring. All of will connect to folks in the chamber of insiders and lobbyists but it's not actually helping people South Carolina. They put this referendum before. Where Myrtle Beach it. Cost 3000 hit it in. 188. War. The Myrtle Beach area chamber. He might well. Knowing that we have this. These technical problems. Strong arm Myrtle Beach now last week. Packed council voted to extract yen or ten more years not giving their rent. No say in the matter are you roast. It to the court and he he'd ever seen it you've ever seen Apollo and it port City Council. It was in Myrtle Beach City Council including on the airport and then. Well and so David we're gonna come up to a break here and a couple minutes split. So basically. You all have. Is some concern citizens in Myrtle Beach has filed a lawsuit against the chamber against Horry county. Right the county that myrtle beach's sand. And the city Myrtle Beach to basically get some transparency I mean and that's essentially what it sounds like to me I mean there there's some. Allegations in the lawsuit about L cronyism. And that these businesses are are raking in our money taxpayer cash. And not really being transparent with that at all as it is that essentially what's happening. And that's what happened and at least we've met with the attorney octopus that was the attorney. Briefly. Last week I was in it produce a few moments I was option not a what was it through to the other thing that there aren't. But he said he thought. Are globally. The chamber of commerce or heartburn yeah airlock on the old. And that this is gonna run the bill up the hot spot right depositions. Following paper adopt. However eighty to a courtroom. We go this chamber rather than 22 to adjudicate this and find out what the facts are. The ghost content bankrupt those people who are who are pursuing the truth and transparency. Well and and we got a jumper to break a bit already in the initial you know the discovery you found admit that one of the state senators out there and or canning. His daughter a young yet twentysomething. Is getting thirty grand a year from this the chamber PDF tax so. We're lucky dog as David stick with us David hawks for Myrtle Beach SC dot com. Sunday nights to set neighbor on the right back after the break stick with us. Or back Carol sunny nice seven day one of 63 W already joined tonight by David hulks the owner Myrtle Beach SC dot com. Before the break we were talking about the scandal going on down and or accounting and Myrtle Beach where. The local tourism destination fee yeah believes exactly what is called. But to basically 1% sales tax levied on all goods let's say hotel you argue for a night or teacher you buy a warm million wideout Myrtle Beach. That when he goes to the local Myrtle Beach chamber of commerce and now they are spending that money and all kinds of shady ways including. Schilling might LC's owned by former employees and even the daughter of a. States are now on our beach and sit and David you know we wanna also put this in context to union of Greenville county. Is right is output the one cent sales tax on the ballot now. It's a little different is not exactly the same way but this is what happens when the always the same way you bet I mean the is what happens these local governments. Collect more more more money. And you've got these local goons like butch curb their right you know that the the county council of remembering what I mean. You know David Craig Palmer also Hilton head. You Buford county Charles and Kenny also has a similar TBS I mean it's ripe for fraud. It's actually ripe for fraud it's also right for. Lobbyists to snaked their way in and get a piece of this action. And I know you were talking about how oh. You know Myrtle Beach chamber they they've they've the county council of the City Council down there extended this for ten more years. I mean the amass on the sheer amount of money that lobbyists are inning give on this. Com is got to be exorbitant. Well here's here's telling the story. When they are set up on in 2009. To run the chamber. Management chamber of marketing arm of myrtle duties. To their car and act now to. They are world class. That should be that they'll run you detail why would you hire small town. Took a marketing and there's an interest in question. Well if your if your bank and a whole lot more money come pick up a notice about Marmol. EO said we talked about it to me look they they pass the budget. In the house in the senate over the last couple weeks later legislative budget. Thirty billion dollars roughly. Another billion billion and half dollar increase over last year. But like David talked about him Myrtle Beach Ameen were going to be of these these political characters these lobbyists are getting in on the action. They get in on the action the state level two and we are funding this. Lobbyist you know party gone wild right down in in Colombia as well I mean you know you look at that the taxpayer funded lobbying that's going on. With whether its you vs South Carolina it's Clemson they all hire lobbyists on our dime and in Santee. Anybody for us but it yet no daughter for more hormone that's right laughing that's no more important here is that yes there there are local chamber of commerce is across the state. Who use our tax dollars in a nefarious way. But the fact is is they want the lazy uses for lobbyists Riley and David mentioned that in the city and carry counselor Myrtle Beach didn't put this quality to get back to another referendum. They just slammed it through for another ten years related to our being lobbied and could be a lot of by the chamber of commerce him don't. And those are. Good to have you now indicted represented well actually convicted represented. Jim Merrill's family right. Thousand dollars media money from this chamber. President and in our mayor's political consultants. Who are let go. 25000. Dollars in CDS money these lobbyists these political consultants are it is okay. And over. Ya know it and that's up and then we go back to always in the first segment we are among they present. The whole idea was of these this money supposed to go to increase tourism right. Tourism is an increasing but people are still getting rich awful and eager getting rich off of our dime and then turning around and lobbying. The local government for more our money is the same thing when you if you should be. Zone out the 101000 feet from Myrtle Beach it's the same thing across the state and they just mention the state budget. Thirty billion dollars I want it all kinds of different government agencies without money being go out hire a lobbyist. Who'll turn around a lot of politicians do give them more our money is just a vicious cycle well and again I mean. EE talk about it we Emmy talk about is all the time David mean the and at the end of the south Carolina's conservatives say that the that the folks in South Carolina or conservative rank and file rates via Warner citizens were conservative. And we think that we send conservatives to represent us at these various you know Cammie state local agencies. Ann and Andy is. These Republicans Dylan tell us I mean they called themselves Republicans at least these are Republicans. That are hatching these kinds of schemes. I don't know what it's like Emeril BCA but I mean these are these are Republicans passing these. Huge spending illegal budgets these are Republicans. Empowering. Lobbyists at in using our money. So that they can lobby the legislature for even more money. I mean is it the same data Myrtle Beach I mean I imagine this. It's worse Lee you look at the people who I it is deal. Alan Clemens he wrote the legislation. Yet but he minus with a conservative club program. Right. Our way artwork what Myrtle Beach. 89. You're a lot of and a blue blanket and a Jeanne elaborate and ask these people were you wore one Democrat. And that they can warm more conservative. It simply says that the heat from behind their men and they put there are. And they continue to hope there there are it is ridiculous we're we're electing a bunch of Democrats. We were conservative. What I do it but not now. Every data for years about that stuff about faith and god. Never talking about their liberal. A global. Voting record with things like that they act. I would be me taxes. 1% taxed 8%. There just so much violence by these stats two ways that you all but they are far. Now it's exactly right in and one decision I'll make is not only one does the feel like we are saying somehow Democrats are preferable to Republicans right. B and to me analysts seep forty down there are it's one party in his the corrupt party where they go down there and they made a get rich all at our expense. They lied to his and they are not conservative I don't care what power they claimed to be. You cannot go down there raise the gas tax like you mentioned David he can't get out increase spending by a billion dollars over last year with the same modulated done. Ending claimed to be conservative. The people South Carolina or concern we have principles we believe our constitution we live in limited government. But these guys we send them there I don't know but something in the water. In Colombia or is when they put they only us fancy suits in total obviously these changes there in a mental make up. But something changes they are not concerned and they are not the same type of people. That we erect with across say all the time and lewd and. And there is there is no repelling in a dimmer there's the Green Party right and neck and it's the money party man and that's really mean is not enough and in the water. I mean David Gregory if I'm wrong outing is ending in the water either anywhere or in Myrtle Beach specifically but it's its money I mean it is the amount of money flowing through. Colombia throw flowing through these. Accounting legislatures that that they just. Instantly that the dollar signs get in the eyes. And all of a sudden they sellout that BellSouth or mother in some cases for a you know for a paycheck and it's unbelievable it's unbelievable. We got a minute left David. Glued to look let's say I'm ordered to keep Iran after the break but. We know you've been following the governor's race alive and so we want to get your thoughts on that we also wanted to talk about. We'll follow up on this gas tax Seth and I've been. We did different we've ever does stay yes and looking at these decrepit roads we have some day we give back a still a little law a little quick file let's just talk about couple different things. Paying team to go and then at all and Alyssa so I feel a little perspective from Myrtle Beach gals will be right back after the break Carol Sunday nights for seven they've. Does we are back from the break here on Sunday night the southern naval 1063 WORD. Jordan Knight by special guest David Holtz out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina owner of Myrtle Beach SC dot com and if you happen to be. More into it no. The real deal about was going emerald beach may she'd check emerald beach Jesse dot com in figure out where your money's actually going when you go to ransom money Myrtle Beach. Data we've been talking about the chamber of commerce. And it's PDF file an emerald beach. In the room our current switch gears a will be here and started a rapid fire. Get your perspective on a few things we've been debating in in the people's after him and talk about the last couple weeks but to start the governor's race we've got a couple different candidates. On me I mean daylight those jump around or fancy for Nancy but what is your opinion who were you backing her are what's your opinion on the candidates. Well god that you can't just send them to get my kids in the mother's. When Catherine a couple times she'd always and city and some sort of slump with somebody. I if I'm warm guy. Down here last week. Very impressive in the armed. He's not not only 6% awareness factor to know what matters of a boy he sure talks with strong leadership and and he also is there. These are those the rest of the citizen not I'm not the god. I can tell you the Myrtle Beach area chambers warrant. A ton of money into reelection last year. And so I probably wouldn't put it towards someone who was under the pastor. I don't know who that would be it looks like right now. Templeton maybe it was a while he announced a couple of things are right now. It gave you mean you interviewed you've interviewed these folks I mean on Myrtle Beach SC dot com and I've watched it a couple of her enemies and and really didn't mean there there really brawl in a lot of lazy you know he for whatever reason yet he have a good eat you do a good job of putting them off guard a little bit hidden and there they're they're kind of you know the UBS David yeah I mean they're the kind of more real than the little 102 snippets you see on on. You know the nightly news or whatever but. Out of all the ones that you have interviewed and spoken with Warren comes off to you is is kind of the most impressive. He's the most in mind he's the most impressive. But he's never given the thing we wanted to get done because the governor this state literally. Little yeah Berry you know we talk about them at considerable. Unless you can go to red army. You know literally half the population say it is people like the Lebanon except traditional Latin. Out popped it. We just like you want with Mickey Italy began I have not there were a lot of people want I view at this stage. It didn't it didn't die all right though most powerful people are. Legislators. I would think that Warren. Is key word that he had it over swell of public support. It really make some changes in Columbia. That it would take that it would take. Well if not I would file lost find interesting too that the Myrtle Beach chamber of commerce does are supporting Henry now David. I'll Arafat is an aim to do with Henry coming around saying that he supports our interstate 73 these days. If that has anything to do with it. Yeah I was there I'll yeah. None at all there rocket that is certainly was here's the situation. This bitter boating trip right now automatic. I definitely at all right with it was. It will fail there's I'm not happy with it supported dole we will fail within the first five years and the taxpayers will be done. With this road. When it's a nonstop it's infuriates. Me that goes. Want the world achieve political facade that you nugget is gonna fail in your handed over to taxpayers. That that. It's one when you sit in the low back. I but he and the Maxtor as far as I'm concerned. He's riding that truck trying to prompt influential endorsement. But the current fiscal impact it has not been in and when seniors that stepped by this week. You write yeah McMaster to go to a public form anywhere that it doesn't wanna be asking questions that of Barack. All of that is the act does that make it public appearance. Right here. That's a good point they got saved but here in Greenville we had a a toll road home bill. Must been fifteen years and years ago and date in the same thing then is what they're saying now blossoming threes or reduce traffic only 535. Is gonna make you're a lucky quicker and most importantly it'll pay for itself. I know is gonna Shockey David but the thing never paid for itself and makes it be sold out to private contractor went bankrupt bankrupt and as a lawmaker and and that's what it infuriates me about these these we have some Psycho fans who hop or FaceBook page or once a while. And or before I 73 in a saying you don't understand it's gonna pay for by local. Tore some phones and also I told road. It's like guys. Two billion dollars which is the conservative estimate for just a construction by Sony three. Is not be collected from each hole wrote yeah I'm Leo lesser charge and you know half a million of our car and away at that point oh unravel it. The average. Myrtle Beach tourist. If they are insurance we don't have no right to do it right out crap I'll promise as an excellent art and yeah I don't paper that over. I'm all well. And now I mean it. David and and now think there's any way to taught tell it but but look a lot of folks who go to Myrtle Beach like I said. Are common from the FC South Carolina come from the middle and South Carolina. It's it's a bargain you know weekly beach the you know retreat a mean it it's hit and do you get absolutely. And it's a family destination early simply it once was this happened just before that coalition once great placed our local thing and it Taurus. Betancourt myrtle beach gardens city insert shot this army as a leader. Family destinations. And we didn't hit Charlotte. It matched or were they wouldn't. These are greens where we get Greenville Spartanburg rock you know we get out of gas. Those people are not only tolerate them from writing always. Missing out when. There it out we should stop there called the last couple days and it's not like Phil black for a you know new roads have been built this are there's not routes to get to Myrtle Beach and so win if you were AEA a bargain shopper you're coming here because admiral which is cheap. Is that what you can't get to your hotel without bypassing the toll road right there right now there's there's multiple ways to get into what you wanted to north myrtle. Or are ball farther south the surf side or someone that you can get there and media around told wrote to me your point's well taken that first of all people would avoided it just on the pay it. But secondly there's no shortage Rouse again they are so why would anyone go out of their way to pay extra money to get there well and. And let's be clear to. And Dave who mentioned that the bill that was supposed to start this whole Taylor told were well. Well thanks well Richard's dead David we've we've been getting some good feedback from our activists on our call to action come weeks ago and and from legislators ended there's no way no how to pass this thing. But I mean the end of the day this is a money making scheme Amanda you see even if they managed to give the federal government does the federal government fairy to come in and wave the magic wand and build this thing without any of our money. We still have to upkeep it we would still have to pay to maintain it and David I know you've driven around the state and you've driven or on the rose. We want you to do right now or play any work on our plate to clean up these birds again these roads fixed. I mean clearly that's that's what they say the gas tax this is due and that's not happening right now but but the this this I semi three need is interstate 73 and who got a boondoggle slash. You know fantasy. Is just that it's a fantasy and and these guys the year in the same guys were talking about over and over again that is associated with the Myrtle Beach in the Horry county. A political mafia in them and the chamber of commerce. The guys coming money and our audiences Mike Wooten pretty well you know thankfully we were able to. Help show him the door as SE DUT commissioner and now he's though he's the leader to believe cheerleader for this Anderson semi three project. Was the clear to a big west title together so why would these all local politicians or lobbyists be pushing Fries Sony three because they believe it's going to increase. Tourism which is gonna increase tourism spending is a guy Reese there're slush fund and media that's right that's how they see this thing is that. Hang have a pot you'll smaller smaller we need a new boondoggle project to keep opening these tourists so we can then you know funnel that money off to our our bodies that we don't get rich I'll pull it. And it and it once it gets a microcosm for the entire state PGM politicians are willing to sacrifice. Basic like. Basic armed services or government use it takes care of we talk about the shootings emerald beach right or people call murder beach now ever almost every season you have multiple shootings that rumors and police just cannot handle. The source of pumping our city. But rather than invest in that these politicians have no money sounds and arouse and no forget all that forget actually investing in. In this the town the people who actually live here know. Let's make sure we are deferred money from the guest actress was he's fixing roads paternity of this boondoggle interstate 73 in the hopes of somehow. We have more tourists are here to give more money or slush funds rate does very well. And you just circle and bag David a when you talked about these these governors candidates in the guys and gals are for governor. It has this bit from your vantage point which one has the biggest backbone I mean he's seen these guys he interviewed them. Which one is do you think is gonna get in there and really wrestle with. Some low IQ adamant. Who's gonna who's gonna throw down the gauntlet and fight these guys to the death because that's what I want to that's what I want and governor I know the governor has limited powers we did it change that make sure the governor gets more power. But David who is gonna throw down and fight the legislature tooth and nail. It to get some of these things cleaned up and exposed. Here's the problem with disabilities. We got someone like him and he's combative. And she's always you know. Knowledge via a drama. What's going on here that it lacked it in years. It would be that they won the legislature. Koppel with the chamber at all or will it take a minute don't you think it form. This and put it in them minded governor. That's right. And they actually right David where obviously hard bravest stick around I'll what does after the break Carol sunny nice for seven day. I we are heading into the home stretch here also in a nice to set and they've won it 63. WORD. Join a night by David hoax owner of Myrtle Beach SC dot com. An actual investigative journalist on site in Myrtle Beach letting you know how your money's being spent. When you go down there and get a hotel or by Neil your pain now 1% sell sex how's the mining spent the fiercely the scandal. But before the break we are asking David. Who do you think is actually go to Columbia as big as a candidate for governor. And with a limited power you may have as governor go down there and fight these gaps. And I think they made a great point which is that if you're gonna if anyone's going to be successful breaking apart the system they had to have a system hunt them. And the girls of the central point that is a governor scanning or not. The point's well taken that if we ever gonna actually have controlled our state government as citizens we've got to stand up and take it back. From these power brokers from these good old boys who are running our state into the ground. If you wanna be a part of that you would be a member of that group and stand up of these Gaza and tell them not just no but hell no what they are doing to our state. They are your cellphone and text the word drain DOR a Diana's and drain the swap. Takes drained 252886. In Sindh government mastery message right now to veto this illegal. Bloated. Immoral budget. The date passed in the house and senate this past week that actually give some sees a Planned Parenthood. Influence politicians pet projects. Then those they increase the spending that does not think we would expect. From a quote unquote conservative. State government. These guys they are not conservative they are corrupt and they'll continue to do what they had done to us we don't stand out. So take thirty save you retire right now text the word drain to number five to 86. And sell government master to veto. The illegal budget and house senate passed this week. You know we set we. And David we talked about it before but. The governor. Is limited although in the recent I would say in the last at least 45 years. The governor has been starting to get them by you know the legislature's been handing off power forces to do so rockaway. One of the big ones David is is Ian DOT. Com you know the name South Carolina apartment transfusion used to be entirely L wholly owned subsidiary of Hugh leatherman. Armed by virtue of his the appointment process in the legislature. But now got the you know look at governor is. It can fire any and all DOT commissioners. Now we know Templeton would you should be able templates c'mon Sid is a campaign promise she's going to fire the entire argued decommission op. I mean whether you believe that or not I don't know now. But at the end of the day it is he said David I mean look. This comes down to is to. What is is the governor gonna have that boom people behind him of the state. Or her is the governor going to be able to beat do you battle inside that legislature. The other part of it though is. The attorney general and we said we talked about this before Dave we talked about it over and over again look. We have one of the weakest attorney generals in tenth country although he shouldn't be weak you know. And and and we will we've got this hole in corruption. Probe that you know cor rob Gator whatever they wanna call it. Waste time it was a waste of time it gave you and I talked must have been a couple months ago now we had we had breakfast at the chick filet in north Mount Pleasant. And David he said to me and you laughed at me and he says you know what I said look this Pasco thing is nothing but nonsense it's a waste of our time. Look you mentioned Quinn's gonna go and and as in one of the politically it's always gonna come and testify before grand jury. What are your thoughts quickly on on how this thing is playing out and and this is there any juice left and it. Well excuse reputable 'cause of the election. It hit me Macs are obviously you know when when you're at work went ordinance condom on the rock connecting them one. When it definitely faster the others will learn the others look like into the seat lap and bank watch those that are very connected equipment. We've got to Lindsay Graham do you actually can win but it is if squared. Art and and things and I am really saying is wrong. Patently absurd. That these wells when they're both up for election right now. Felt so bad where Portland are ranked in the Letterman did that my heart right there are. I don't know yeah here's the deal. I think passed those out. All worn out what it would be a judge is presiding over the case. It's really murky deal apple won't forget it at begins. Uncover. All the or is this bad it's really. It's really an odd feel it's it's women and actually what went testified to this week and we'll know about next well what I'm. We've got some good sources inside a state house so bomb armed bank and on you report something then of course will share but. David we really appreciate you coming on the night. It real treat real real great insight and down you know for all those out there listening they wanna follow what's going on especially. In that grand strand Myrtle Beach SC dot com Myrtle Beach SC dot com. David talks with Myrtle Beach SC dot com David thanks so much for joining us tonight. Rapidly appreciate what you are doing your job thanks man been a blast full talkies and received an idealist solos which he is right go from a an expert in the grand strand in following issues of their two an expert fought corruption here in the upstate. Remembering in a what's the latest Sybase and and Tom or bring in Tom world that's who's a s.'s necklace here in Greenville has been following this GHS illegal over. Bomb I don't Tom let's Ellison latest I know that Timmons you know Williams sensation around here is back up to no good and had a bill that basically nullified. The law all suit which is trying to stop this illegal that. Bring our listeners up to speed what's going all and we can do about it. Get Kevin Clemens got here bill ask 1116. Out of the senate and senate judiciary subcommittee of right now and there is a meeting this past Tuesday. And now they're gonna vote on it but there's a lot of people want to talk. I'm against this whole bill and they're great return as a more hearing Tuesday at 10 o'clock to this to the 10 o'clock and then if necessary I after the general session at 2 PM. And Tuesday afternoon so we need everybody show up. And go to that hearing and just protests speak against this show up and tell these subcommittee guy produces a terrible bill that allowed each has executives to get away with a capital multi billion dollar at that would EG just. On the taxpayers are not think and this bill says you what you did was wrong but hey we're gonna lie to get where I like out of jail free caller. All right Tom real quick is our car pull Oreo cart point down the Columbia for this hearing is there any way that anybody out of our listeners can can join in the year again contact with him. Yet they can't they can call meat they can call me and then called I didn't actually Greenville Tea Party critically cut. And now we're going to be meeting. Probably summer we have to decide on location to meet somewhere and and head down there early in the morning usually get there are plenty of time to sign up out of that meeting so. Is helmet contact Vicki Carty agree the Tea Party and they can call me to really explore or want or nine actually not arm. Aren't the degree looking parties sent out an address and make it bet that the meeting at the yacht. UST outside a blatt building and building yes and there are. Thank you park single and his security and then just go up there are natural like 16 at 10 o'clock and they need to get about a half or early to sign up so. Also so Tom basically making your debut issue out 864414. Nines are now 529 or yeah by the easiest way Omar would be just through FaceBook and and look at agreeable Tea Party. Inkatha were pressing you wanna got thrown at page and know what you know what you saw only a spot. Word of meat. And just so yeah our listeners for those who had a man falling foam. The issue a Sicily the the board of ths. Illegally stole a public gas effort taxpayers are gonna accounting. And made a private company for eight dollar. We got ripped off and now there's been a group of activists and citizens here in the upstate one which is Tom to just it was a thanks founder Tom we're trying to sue to stop that from happening. Now William Timmons has a bill our state senator that would nullify that waltzes. It is already passed the state senate and is now in the House Judiciary Committee who would there have more hearings on Tuesday. So if you are passionate about actually keeping the public assets and now I'm politicians to steal. One point five billion dollars in taxpayer. In contact Tom -- that's all agreeable Tea Party and show on Tuesday morning and the very least at call your legislators you're agreeable absolutely Spartanburg area call your legislator and tell them don't let this bill passed us let the wall seat go forward let's look at courts determine how this should all play out absolutely and and let's be clear about this the politicians are repeat they create this mess in the first this is. Absolute political greens is fast is ridiculous so these gusting to be held accountable and yes actually he can't make it there on Tuesday the if you're working or just skimming the Tom. Make sure you call your state house member sort of pass the state senate. Called her state house member. And tell them to vote no. Only in -- is bill that would nullify the GH a small seats and that's 1116. S 1116. Is the bill number and and tell me Killen well on SE NS go forward as some 1116 regularly number distilled. Stop the illegal that the G-8 just never know which talk about I guarantee it's got six or tune in and a special thanks David hugs. At a Myrtle Beach rejoice and I and Tom Burleson Greeneville gals will be back same time same place next week. For Sunday nice the second they've all won a 63 W Marty.