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Sunday, April 22nd

Seth and Dave talk about the SC State Budget procedure, dual office holding, Planned Parenthood funding, and the gas tax money to fix the roads. 


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It is that time again 5 o'clock call Sunday CO one O 63 WORD. It's time for Sunday night's cassettes and Dave where tall meets action. Responsive and I'm on the freedom action they'll order South Carolina. The new premier grassroots organization here the palm out of state. Looking to equip citizens with the tools necessary. The fight corruption down the Statehouse to take back control or state government and actually advocate for conservative principles to actually advocates. For freedom. Make you check them out FaceBook FaceBook dot com forward slash span of SE begin daily updates about what's going on in Colombia and more importantly what you can do about it. To wanna join the conversation I guys they should take up the phone and give us a call 180347. 1063. Will love the challenge yet and we're Sheridan had a heated conversation and write. As we talk about these lying in scheming politicians. Down the Statehouse. But they got the we've eyesore with a little bit of humor. Yesterday LO couple strolling on the face of feeding solace story that the very first Waffle House. To start selling alcohol has opened. And didn't think much Elena yes the south. Figured in my head you know one thing I said it doesn't make much sense I think Waffle House is missing their customer base you have. So basic to people who stop and all files yet truckers rural road. They have people who after a while not a party drink you're trying to sober up so detonate what sense. And as a corollary that's balls and thought maybe it wouldn't be a great idea to add alcohol to that mix being that these people are driving and nor coming off a night of drinking. But there really think too much so that. There woke up this morning and the headline and CNN is half neck and Mahan shoots four and now Waffle House. I know that there may not be core relation here. But I can't help but think the wolf calls navy second guessing the idea bring alcohol to their salad from what say you. Ash. Well look I mean it is we always say ears set mean. There are there travel organization they need to figure out what's best for them. I think obviously that's a terrible PR what else are but most importantly they hit it individuals and I think the story just for today. You know we have to figure out what the heck. You know what what what is driven that statute. To do this sort of saying it's but it with all these you know it's kind of gun. Related to an in a you know it's an inch and an attack next. You know it it really is relatively. You know statistically very bark thing it's a very rare thing that somebody would come into it lawful I'll just start blow people away. They have something in the coming days and weeks and probably trigger out more about this dire for cronyism what is motivation orbits. Com yeah I'm not big ball well got to make Eric Holder a determination on whether they want what is best dressed. What you want to continue alcohol policy I don't know you know open the tour directly related other but both nuggets will figure that out in the next couple days. Nine actually adult thing to be the Waffle House selling alcohol as the one where the shooting took place a's can help the CBO our. And does the humor and their situation wolf Clausen and Allen and that we did decide to sell out all your element half naked cheating on a stylish. Terrell peel are probably terrible decision and they wanna rethink it. Let's go to and I said a minute ago these lying scheming politicians we have to deal with every day. Here's South Carolina and this unfortunately aid is not a rare instance we've been talking about the state budget that the the Statehouse in the state senate have both now passed. Is sitting on government masters desk the last couple weeks and says because we're we're focused on it where Sarah because this is a big deal. The biggest thing they do every year guys is determine how to spend billions of our hard earned tax dollars. And this big budget the biggest say history thirty billion dollars in total has a lot of big problems. Don't talk about the day of we the biggest complaint we have about it. Tipper get the wasteful spending for getting the ball loaded on this of the budget. Our biggest our complaint in a biggest concern is that is illegal. At the process they've gone by to write this budget is illegal and so for those oral listeners to don't acquire stand. Why it's illegal can you please explain to them in the words of the famous Fleischer. What's. What is the procedure they're supposed to followed it. The computer hooked a born again up in. That we look at this for the last few weeks and the South Carolina policy counsel who is. Really does a great outlet research and I'll follow these guys in Colombia on a regular basis on what they're doing him and why they're doing it Alberta great he. In the last November laying out what the budget process is supposed to look like and what it actually looks like. And it was very good. I think the key point in more areas that day all breaking the ball every single year it's even coated in the South Carolina echoed that courtesy of that are that are real number crunchers in and that's all the standard and boot the detail that you know in the weeds its section 11119. And set course we know about that over the last like three weeks or so currently. Sectional Angela not eat it says very clearly. The house ways and committee and the senate on its kidney must hold joint open meeting to meeting the two committees must meet together. Shortly and openly. And ensure that just does not happen what happens in sports. Is say it ain't you they take our budget and debris right there of budgets and they drop it down in the Senate Committees where baba wait. None of those subcommittees that are budget subcommittee hearing a hearing. Or ever webcam. So the only people showed up to these things are lobbyists and stay out in dollars who can influence the process and and get there would pull place and very get their special interest included into the budget or whatever handout they they may not need. But you know who worked out except the public. And that's why breaking the budget law is so important problem that it's such a big deal that that's what we're calling the governor the speaker of the entire budget and force the legislature. You do it over again legally. Because we are we believe in the old law. Well we believe in the rule wall and we believe in transparency we believe the citizenship of some type of England when it comes to spending thirty billion of our dollars. And as we as you say this is why isn't paired her for government master in the bill budget is sitting on his desk right now. Isn't Payer for redeem Vito the entire thing wearing innocence of us specifics of this Siegfried and says all of this bill in his budget. But the entire thing needs to be vetoed in these to force them to follow the wall is why do they break. The motive as you're alluding to is because they don't believe in the transparency they don't want to have input from the public. They wanna continue to little while the wall and you wanna Tillman master right now to veto this thing cannot acquiesce to deal legislators lawlessness. Text the word drained. GR a guy in. To number five to 86. Just text the word drain the five to 86 because unfortunately Dave. This breaking the law all this living above the wall for a legislators is nothing new. There are remind our listeners that right now there's an ongoing ethics investigation into our Statehouse this led to multiple indictments. Not and not to mention our good buddy Paul Campbell. Day who got you know arrested last year for driving drunk no lying to police who think it's old Scot free as the all chairman of the senate ethics committee. I mean this is doomed them breaking the wall then thinking they are not answerable to the lord to the people South Carolina is nothing new. And McMaster has a hard decision and make it's you don't have finally stand up to these guys is you finally say enough for the people South Carolina say. Absolutely no way and might want to sign any legal blood do you guys start over from scratch here is my budget that I have submitted as law requires. Now hold your Jolie can hearings allow the public debt and put allowed to see. How are you deciding to spend the money. Isn't mastered or take that route. Or she gonna do like. All of our other governors and Don for decades which is allowable legislator to run this state under their phone and have the taxpayers of South Carolina. That there will when it comes to spending our money is David Doran talk about an excitement a lot of the stuff they're spending our money all in secret. It's so that we would object to the the people of South Carolina are reprehensible. Says Zaman Nasr has the decision to make it CSR raining these guys it. And make them follow wall all the bludgeoned and hopefully in other instances as well. Or C on a roll over well I'll tell you he's going to rollover if he does not get pressure from citizens. There's already been thousands of folks from across the state to send him the message to veto this budget. Take thirty seconds right now take your cell phone out and text the word drained DR AI in tune them or 52886. LT thirty seconds sending master message right now. CEO not just a line item not just a piece of the budget not just a couple million dollars here veto the whole day on a legal budget. All thirty billion dollars of its senate Bechtel and start over. Doesn't give you specific instances of how there's been. No money only give back after the break. Our back Carol Sunday night to set and Dave were taught meets action. Here one of 63 WORD guys you want to chime in and give us a shout. Let us know how you feel about easy legal state budget this right now sitting on a desk of Henry master gives a call 1800. 347. 1063 we'd love it odd chat with. Dave I wanna get into some these are specific instances where these legislators are throwing money around but before we do out a car wanna keep. Are expanding on the plows make a last Oz segment about this the living above a lawless illegal state budget. Really it's nothing and knew you had the ethics investigation going only with all Pasco he's already gotten folks like Rick win on the Jimmy Merrill been indicted. Only Celtics on charges and that's ongoing the also have the example like Paul Campbell on getting away were driving under the influence and getting neutral reckon line till law enforcement. So it's not unheard of to say these guys a break analogue is there is an obvious culture corruption in Columbia. And we always point to those in other kind of shiny objects are easy understand examples. But the nerve had a great piece on this past week then all Argus is about to receive now. Nick how dove into a another aspect. All of that corruption that is the home price of dual office holding so essentially if you had a state legislature in the south our constitution. It prohibits legislators from then holding a no there a home office of profit or trust for the state government. So on you would think that someone like job. L Paul Campbell for example Ellis comes open in these kind of talks whose right now the CEO of the Charleston aviation area aviation authority which is a taxpayer own and and suddenly state subsidized authority should not be don't have a 268000. Dollar to our 58000 dollar a year. Salary that that would violate that. Right there's other examples targets on minute. Well we're glad that. Well don't they look and that's the most egregious example nearly got speaking literally over quarter of a million dollars. Based on the fact that he is a state senator and that's the thing except that is there's a triggered talk about this article which would these guys. Many of them. Our double dip thing right now a bit in into this cup Carolina constitution not allowed to do that of their double dip. And it indicates. So you can't all of the key to some of these other under our coach Jackie gave the state represented about Dillon county you make a 100000 dollars a year or step. She is be athletic director for Bob Lake County high schools. Are looking at you so that. Welterweight first six months out of the year. Do in the business in Colombia right there there alleged the state the state session what allegedly. Allegedly. What are you some. Could you take six months all your job. Naked six figures. As a net athletic director. And still be able to hold on. Took that job. I learned only reason that you guys and gamble saying wait a at the airport authority. Only reason. That they are loved and retained each what should be all on jobs. As really part time jobs is because they're state legislators you really aren't our partnership. There is no way. That our orders would ever allow all the at all. No wait no chance in hell but that would happen but because beat out state legislators and because they had so much control over the purse strings in this state. Date are allowed to do and that's that's great. When those edit what is foursome that level that we what his source and that in this cycle you're looters who levels because if you are a just a regular guy right as in and you and I'll warn you read the SE constitution and then. Are explicitly prohibits lawmakers from holding any owner quote office or position a profit or trust. In government except as quote officers in the militia. Or members of lawfully regularly organize fire department's counsel's notary public seems pretty straightforward and union ran. It says in your lawmaker you cannot be double dipping as you put it. In 2000 on the State Supreme Court. Couple years ago I remember the members of the Supreme Court are elected by new. The legislature. Legislature that they sided with lawmakers on the definition of quote dual office holding allowing broad exceptions to the band. For example the State's top court ruled that current senate president pro town Hugh leatherman. And then our house reps of farmhouse they continue serving on the state transportation infrastructure bank. So that is because it doesn't want eludes who's at this culture of illegality is so pervasive that if the law is explicit as it is in the state constitution. And these guys want to get around it. They then have the the ability and the authority to elect a Supreme Court justice to quote interpret the law all. I mean these guys are used to is par for the course that I Colombia to deal with skirt around the wall or simply changing it. When it suits them so we say that this is an illegal budget. This is not hyperbole it is not out of character. These guys ignore the wall these guys live above the wall in example after example the only question is oh we don't allow them to get away would this as the governor. Particularly girl out and get away would it when it comes to thirty billion dollars of our hard earned tax money. And so like we say. There's no hope now. For the legislature owned this issue in May be any issue in the in this session the house passes budget easy legal blood to BC legal. Big spending liberal budget. I count of 117 to two. And Dave Trevor overall I believe the senate passed an exact same illegal budget by Canon 37 before. Right so overwhelming. Majorities to passing largest budget in state history that was Donnie legal. So and so forget it out. Change in their minds and got a whole MacCallum forget change I must the question now is only went two for Spain master. To actually uphold the wall and start at least right now to bring these guys sent. And I we said the last and it it's gone. An odd because they look I think that it's not only seven and you alluded to that the called action to to make sure McMaster vetoes that. But it. You know we've got to step up to the plate here to something hold these guys helped hold these guys accountable for this right he didn't do that during the get a note. He just quickly vetoed it well that he knew it was gonna get over ridden so he could quickly vetoed it and didn't put in any effort to try to stop. This is an opportunity for him to show that hate. You can't believe the governor you're not gonna believe this that the senate that South Carolina more I'm gonna call you well on your legal budget. I'm gonna make you do it over and guess what all I'm gonna campaign on it too. And I'm gonna what she'll follow the law encrypt it really comes down to the question the question that it really need to be answered is. Are we a nation and the state of walls do we actually care. About constitution do we care about the code of Walt that are written and how they're supposed to be interpreted or don't wait. Do we care. Bet they Ers post and followed the log to air at the house Ways and Means Committee is blessed to have joint open meeting. Would that Senate Finance Committee concludes that can show up can see it. A lot of perks and there are some transparency in the process or don't wait. Because that we don't that lets you keep going down the same way look to keep electing the same people that just keep you know bending over and saying yes sir may I have another. Because at the end of the day. Set it up to the citizens of the state. To hold these big big politician people lying politicians accountable and did you go. We had a response this week from a legislator basically tell one of our activists saying. Yes you know why I know the law says that. We don't really follow because the constitution says that aren't. And and they start you know I wake being in and spending and and and all the rest of the politicians debated two point. But do enough that it didn't care about the world wall because the war wall is quite clear that very explicit. And these guys break it every single you're and that's why our budget continue to soar that's what we're spending a billion dollars more that what lamp air play get funding in the statement. You're talking about that and the next segment but the question is not the UK or do you believe we act on it we forced NASA to be in this budget. Take thirty seconds text the word drained. The five to 86 the freedom action that was made super easy text the word drained. The five to 86 summing master veto the entire budget we back after the break. I we are back here also in a nice the second day of where Tommy sections. They were talking about the state budget this thirty billion dollar. Illegal state budget so largest in state history and of course increases spending one billion dollars from just last year. So that begs the question if they if they broke the wall to not have a joint open hearings because they don't eat public input on how they're spending our money. Where are they spending our money. What can they possibly be spending an additional billion dollars on this year made it last year. So let's all of us on the spending this day including here in this budget. Or instant all ledges and a couple of years past. They're not only Al lines first of all these guys have no ideal but the people South Carolina actually war or they just don't cater. And suddenly that even though most of the spinning as egregious as some time you have this and I don't laugh at just how dumb these guys get when they're spending our money. Bullets are the big elephant in the room I think that a bunch of senators decided grandstand known even though. 80% on the side of folder in the end. Only issue let's talk about the subsidies for Planned Parenthood that are right now and our state budget the sits on govern messrs. desk that we are asking him to veto. And as we speak. They can you explain when we say they are subsidizing Planned Parenthood in the blood. Can you explain exactly what is going on here. She sure as we understand more what they're doing is paralleling. The state employees who have the health insurance programs taper buy outs the taxpayers. Q you Planned Parenthood as a vendor now that does not include abortion services but they include everything else. And that you don't step in those has been exposed over the last you know ten years as Planned Parenthood make an awful lot of money. From government grants I mean basically bail or bail or standalone. On these government grant without them they would be out of business which would be a good thing but I. Date are allowed to receive money. Ultramar yes scene police to who used them as a vendor for. There are other operations which stands subsidizes the entire plant terrible organization. And subsidize abortions it all and that back up on. That that was made in the state senate that you alluded to use that and that you pointed out unfortunately many of the state senators went back and then voted for the budget once they're amendment to the budget was shut down they still voted for the budget which includes subsidies were Planned Parenthood and that the problem and again this is the sort of stuff starts the media are really all that much are you you don't really hear about who voted for the budget new boat sport I voted against it all though is is that. There was some debate about Planned Parenthood. It got shut down than most people think oh well you know it it mustered the good guys lost in and they went down you know try and Harden went down a ball aren't they really didn't because that they go to the budget they also go to the subsidies for plant air. Well there's a good point and one I don't O'Neal lost in translation here is that. All explicit goal Planned Parenthood because of such a lightning rod issue. They'll when he got over for from the house of the senate. There were a bunch of state Sanders who got up they made great speeches. They so we have to protect the unborn day if they said life begins at conception. Then there's no way we need to subsidize the lord's abortion rider in the country and we grew every single word of it. And then they as the nation you say boldly stood up and voted to defund. Planned Parenthood and the problem is that that amendment law OK so the question becomes how much do you really believe what you said. Because now the budget is going to include those subsidies and from where I sit dating don't get a free pass. Because you get upping give a twenty minute speech about want to protect unborn if you didn't turn around and vote for a budget the subsidized the lord's abortion provider in the country. Iso and there's a couple here in the upstate I know that us senator Corbin hearing bill. Are they a few others as armor actually settle for and and voted to defund Planned Parenthood but had no problem voting for a budget which once again is still illegal. Dank still it was illegal in the book and the first place still illegal but now is guaranteed to have subs is Planned Parenthood they went ahead and voted for. Which is one reason at a mini we are saying the governor needs to veto this entire budget. First of all we not want to subsidize Planned Parenthood. And the governor says much which is what's fascinating about this day is that the other day there was a story in the post and courier. Where the president Planned Parenthood is saying they're celebrating their expanding in South Carolina. Some master portion once again a home practice a political grandstanding tweets out you know he breach we see oracle says. You can sober I want to missiles on governor not a single taxpayer penny is gonna go to these abortion clinics. OK Henry when you have subsidies for a parent in front of you own your desk is been there for over a week vetoed the budget. It's illegal. Veto the budget anywhere till we mass should do it which I encourage you to because let's be honest political courage is not so necessarily something that. Here are masters cup is overflowing with so you were put pressure on him to do the right thing take your cellphone and text the word drain. DR AI in two or number 52886. You get a quick text back with a way to get in contact with the governor. And let him go to veto this entire thing and also sent a message you Statehouse every state senator to let them know you're gonna hold them accountable for voting for any legal budget. And a forts like Dave the reckless spending does not stop was subsidizing. Planned Parenthood. And also in this budget which is once again Allman masters desk. We have funding for politicians' pet projects are no one example is you have and how stripped down in the low country William Carswell. Which is sounds like an elite is named to begin with the re an honest cons well. So Cox well sets all and get this out the elitist Cardwell says saw the board of the library association society. Down to Charleston a private nonprofit. Right sits on the board. In our state budget. They're giving that private nonprofit was it similar to work 80000 dollars. And lord knows how much it was gonna end up and mr. cons wells personal pockets. That's also. And this all budget. The first lower subsidize Planned Parenthood Doran a giveaway taxpayer money to private nonprofits. Which politician so the more golf. My land and also another all egregious things assists and as much today or talk about us before passing. Is the money that is sent to state our agencies. Which there is that money's in turn and give into lobbyists. To lobby the legislature for more taxpayer money. So not only is the budget bloated to the biggest it's ever been to say history this year. But some of that money is gonna trickle down to the pockets of lobbyists to their lobby the legislator the majors even more money spent next year. Right and we want her date somebody gone. Also got several. That's what Rick Quinn Richard Quinn moves associated with right Hewitt hired by the reverse C South Carolina to lobby the legislature. Right or more money from us USC. So it it it's it's just like death spiral of taxpayer money we pay more the lobbyists the politicians get rid step. And then they continue to bring the ball up. It is a bit they're eight horrible horrible budget. It is what I mean there and it'd probably get better every year it's just citizens have to bear but I hate to be broke records set. But you've just never saw two Florida Marlins. Text the word drained a number 52886. And he's got a message down their Columbia that you're not gonna tell anymore. You're not gonna tolerated your docket hope that illegal behavior. Beat act like your bubble ball. And spending more and more money yet that we talk about all the time BRR dot conservatives know the budget is eight in big cluster. It'd it'd bloated every conceptual way you can imagine. And and did you mention it go to get our fair values of course RT Barry Barry. A conservative in this state but funny in organization. That actually abort unborn children. That angered some basic. We're not talking about New York. Vermont Maryland were talking about South Carolina and we'll talk about the Republicans could do that took a year after year after year. You know it's it's incredible meet every bad enough Dave is the budget was just illegal they just think about the rule law. And then it it'd be just believe that it just wasn't conservative right they decide to fund Planned Parenthood they decided to. Armed do you spend money on things or am really gets have been spending money at the air or on tag and quartet on an up Tom but. I'm single things that they had no business and that there's not conservative when he did that they are making money at our expense. Right with a pet projects for the taxpayer funded lobbyists with the on our double dipping of the dual office holding a these guys clearly great goal. Goal against our values to put money into their own pocket. And that's exactly what we mean we say culture of corruption that's exactly what we mainly senate to drain the swamp so let's say they've. Debt. Yeah you know what you ball here in this budget and you know what you're not saying that budget. You're not seen a tax cut low not seen an income tax cut. You not seen a sales tax cut. You know you're not CN. Borders are not need to get checked I did it rate don't properly not give any money back there either Paul we'll get that did not adding any spending cuts. I hit the bank so so again you have this super majority of Republicans in the state else. You would think that we will be the lead this neither state budget. The link that's been a big government in the entire country we are opposite we have a bloated state budget as spending more more year after year and they're doing it illegally. NASA we we talk about the last three segments the latest spending money that makes high rate. Next summer we're told a ways they're not spending money the knicks irate namely not spending the money they said they were gonna used to fix our roads syphilis after the break. We are heading into the home stretch here all Sunday night for seven day we're told meets action thanks for stimulus or 1063 W Lordi. And Chad the last 45 minutes or so about the legal state budget. That our Statehouse and state senate have now passed with overwhelming majorities. Analysis Odessa government master any legal budget spends one billion dollars more than last year and the entire thing he's and he vetoed any to start from scratch. Couple people on have missed a faced a guessing what is that text on a huge drain. The art any art and cinema five to 86 atomic master to veto the entire budget. But they've won issued the following the last we'll personally informed three or four years but here on the radio the last. A year so is the gas tax hike. Everyone remembers that it was a a debate that tunnel for multiple years the largest gas tax hike in state history if you ask any politician. Why we need to raise our gas tax the singular answer you got. Was we need to fix our roads and our bridges that's what they all said. And we have claims. Boy the last thing before was passed and now it has Bassett that was never the actual objective. Of raising the gas tax and so here we are. Two months after the gas tax hike has been implementing. Months after they start collecting millions and millions and millions more of our hard earned tax dollars at the pump. And we're still not seeing the roads get fixed. And so I thought to myself. Inaugural academy road here in Greenville every day going home and this thing is absolutely littered with potholes. And I think the muscles and maybe gave me Argo our governor grieve normal arch was six a lot in the low country. I had a branched out I haven't seen the roads all throughout the state I wonder ills. They'll legislators. In other parts of the state lied just is egregiously as my politicians didn't. Scaring them. So and the last two weeks. I've been only statewide Torre might say and when you join us for part of it. Are here in some obscure house districts and obscure parts of the state. Looking at our roads particularly state rooms the roads are politicians claim we're going to be fixed. And I think I'm my Gideon and our listeners a quick overview and a quick report of what I found. The sum it up Dave they lied. They are not fixing our roads they've I was driving on shots Dinah right so yeah try to figure job off the ground there. It is there's not a shocker but it is one of those things that when you see it close on a personal you realize is not tissue. The suffering dodging potholes on the way home every day look a like a drunk driver. Out here because you're swarm and so band when you realize is not to issue. It's people all over the state who are now paying more the pulp and their roads in some cases are even worse indoors a future read up and a pretty special way and owls our road day in Spartanburg. Eddie House district. Eddie Moore spends about a downtown. Voted for the gas tax hikes settles got to fix our roads or pay more the problem they've I pull up to a pothole. The first of all I'm piece of ball asphalt out of upon all of those is lying there the size and my fist. And it wasn't just for these are literally did turning into gravel roads. Over in Spartanburg. Also brings a little like it was a moment that a notice from collapsing. You know he breed dole too hard or a feather from a strained our order falls bridge that has former it would fall down a collapse on I 26. But net neither of those Al those of us all down in North Charleston. When I was and they'll crawl this district right next to the local library. Native Pablo wanting us into the picture so deep. They see head netting. In the bottom moment I don't know what the netting is for I can only surmise being next to a library is the catching small children who may fall on the same because it was that day. I still almost all the the the clown commitment Hobbits had help from on there with a red balloon that's how deep this pothole wasn't. As say the bridges also. Or decrypt it well allot time to get we talk about just roads with a gas tax hike is supposed to get a bridges to. And it is almost a certainty when you go over any bridge in South Carolina whether it's only interstate. Or what he's oh rural roads that wind where the bridge hits the road. It is absolutely falling apart not not to mention the bridge itself but where the actual bridge meets the road it is falling a port. And I told you about mind venture of the Blacksburg own. On main street Blacksburg. You turn left in the downtown and l.'s amoled to a funeral and the car literally start shaking. And my body was in the backseat in the Dow looking has found does compensate is this cobblestone. As a no money this is gravel this is crumbling. This main street Blacksburg. These guys from the dark corner up here in the up state down the dew for up to Myrtle Beach the PD area at. All around the state they'd these politicians look their constituents in the face and lied to them. They have absolutely no com interest and actually fixing the roads we drive home they even changed the law all day of to make sure they concise and more money off to an infrastructure bank which of course they slush fallen for the notorious Hugh leatherman. And so we say they lied recent push back sometimes owned. FaceBook inference from them Psycho fans these politicians that we may be a little too harsh generator police say. They lied but the fact it is is that they said they're gonna fix the roads. They changed the wall to nature more hormone with an infrastructure bank. And most importantly they were told that that is what was going to happen before hand. These guys can't claim ignorance they know exactly what they were up soon and they look there to assist in the face and lied they've. Well look at it and on the flip side of that you would not also billion or static. And we've seen where a lot of money head. It pointed to the view waste. New eagle brand new interstate book and I waste. We were on what was it Howard street 78 the other day that things could be easily to encourage your group is based art lane superhighway right now in the middle smack dab in the middle or smooth as glass in it because. And it is smooth it glance. Brand new road being built and PepsiCo pep go I would Pepco reports. And again tip. Deck were among his go so when Eddie Carolyn Bryant white went burst Bannister went Philip Anderson followed Scott Allie. When they voted for the again tech like many problems that they're up its original eight billion meant to say. Word. Now would take more good money when bush debt going to be used to build new highways in Q Lebanon district up. And our roads are still going to be crime and enact exactly what is happening in the world as we hate that they won't do what we told you itself. But then I hate to say that we told you so they're not gonna check our roads. You know it and and it did the point couldn't be hit home further. Then do you look at the amount of money that's coming is. Just south Carolina department transportation urban get a new tax. Straight but give consent what the news sales tax and and see greater confidence to get a 165. Million dollar and it's a lot wanna last year. How much they spend a bit. Seventeen million of them they literally don't respect and sense of every dollar that's been brought it what are albeit without money. Where's that money going wasn't the thing I knew I would be built in orange county and our road in Spartanburg bridges are falling apart all you know the interstate. Why. Because they'd call it simple I'd. Political that the lie continues right because when you say wire our roads getting fixed yet they say. Now listen you peasant you don't understand you can't lay asphalt in the winner Tom these things take tower site while whole old little boy. I was down in Ford's six months ago and saw how the pivotal highway project have been coming along. And I was down there two weeks ago and guess what model they relate asphalt on the winner Tom. But the lie persists they think they're making they they they got a little Lotta racism guests are the largest Morgan State history. Was another couple months of Lyon and tell and all and doesn't as they see as some rednecks and ill educated on. All rednecks a litter rednecks they Collison a report from deal. Public service commission a few months ago. What's what's a couple more months a lot of us string us along a little more Kelly Laurie got away with a right. The largest gas tax hike in state history based on a lot. We can't get that money back can get the hundred in would you say 65 million dollars back. All we can do is hold these guys accountable for the fact today raise our gas tax money they change and not just against tech site we always forget about the the registration fees and up. Well licensing fees and all the other stuff they've raised that hurts our whole war in south carolinian Stanley's. But they raise the gas tax can't get the money back which we hold them accountable for what they did for lying to was and nation they feel the angle Ford. We actually have two guys I know we're gonna stay on top of the gas tax issue from now to memorial to the exe starts spinning the money the way they said they were going to because. Guys if we let him get away would that. They can get away with anything Pitt and old opens a new breaking lawless a budget which are trying to this year one last time detailing massive deal that state budget. Text the word drained a five to 86. When you update next week same time same place all the Sunday night for southern they've all won a 63 the new Marty.