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Sunday, April 29th

Seth and dave talk about the impact of international news, Bobby Harold racketeering in SC, investigations in the state house, and an used tire storage mess to clean up. 


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It is that time again. 5 o'clock call Sunday 01063. WOR deep it is time for Sunday night for seven Dave where tall meets action. We are sponsored night guys by the freedom action no worse South Carolina the premier grassroots organization. Here the palm out of state looking to equip citizens with the tools necessary to fight corruption down the Statehouse to take back control or state government. And you actually advocate. For freedom make she checked a metal FaceBook FaceBook dot com forward slash fan of SE. If you wanna join the conversation nice guys we hope you will give us a call 180347. 1063. Dave I fear we take L a little bit of a different. Turn a nice start out with talking about what is going on not here in South Carolina although we will get to that here shortly but said take a few minutes of talk about what is going home. In DC both you know in a cultural side of this as the president put it fake news from the happen over the weekend. But our domestic policy narcotic also with the foreign policy. A lot has been going all this last week so let's face if you miss talking about it the first one you got a kick out both. Donald chart referring to the White House are corresponds in this weekend. As he fake news from hours otherwise known as the nerve problem and for the first time it is all I term member. Donald Trump actually decided to not attend. Denard from. If there's a good move or men who presents for. Lot under the brilliant. And it's tethered we are a grab before. The president again and again. Is outsmarting. Al trolling out booting but every one call it. The mainstream media ideal leader mainstream media in the country. And I don't think they know quite frankly how to respond to that they'd be really haven't learned. Any of the lessons along the way from almost the very beginning of Trump's campaign to do you know as if he'd skipped out on the event. A couple of nights ago it really set but it is amazing to meet its pal. The media good deal elitist mainstream media just simply does not understand. Even though they say they do they eat they continually don't understand the appeal. Of what. The president is doing that the two middle America. And and how short ball and de mark. As elites in the country how far gone they are needed from trump any sort of attachment to bus cheered place like Greenville, South Carolina. They they just simply don't understand our culture. Our big debate live in New York City bill that are Washington DC and also handled California and everywhere in between those areas it's just almost like a foreign country to these Italy this media types. And for trump to simply just walk out. Troll the heck out of making fun of this event which is worthy of being makes our post I think it it can be absolutely is the fake news prompts. And to go off to Michigan and do a campaign rally I mean either control them session I mean that this is this. It is why. I guess not that the mid terms or a tricky achieved you'd never know what issues or polish people. But I would say the 2020 still looking very very good for president tried to be reelected I think culturally he is winning against these. Elitist mainstream media. No I think the year points right on the money because as you say they don't know how to respond to the fact that for so he won the election. And B how he continues to be a driving force a cultural force in America. And the way they respond to a day it is a double down on their own approach I mean I'll watch clips of this all lady who did the all in the main standup pertain in May it was disgusting. It was profane. Mail lot of our crude jokes and is what they are saenz is why there quote unquote moral attacks on the president fall flat. Is these guys are actually morally debased and then she goes on to attack Sarah Huckabee Sanders who's the Press Secretary for Donald Trump. No I mean just vicious attacks and is why did they don't understand their their quote unquote feminist attacks do com or call Donald Trump. And they are so whether it's thought to what we are actually worried about and what I see appeals to mainstream Americans. That they are once again as you say he's able to outfox them hold a rally in Michigan with his people and his supporters and encountered their message tit for tat and guess what he won the new cycle once again. Because these guys remain out of such and they refused to change their ways and said doubled down on disgusting. Profane rhetoric. And it'll continue to fall flat as it has done. Now certainly a more significant. I know Dave that happened over the last couple days which is the ball historic ceremony that took place between Kim Jong-un. The dictator in North Korea and then the president of South Korea. They actually got together condone it actually cross the border over to South Korea and had a peace talks with South Korea's president. When they recognize each other countries in the effectively ended the decades old Korea war. Do you see this as a big deal Dave or use skeptical as some commentators are that this is once again simply rhetoric from North Korea. And we won't get anything out of it. Why am I guess the the tale of take it going to be you know what happens early next months years to calm but I'll play this sesame. For the horror forbids that happens seems like it's a pretty big deal. Whether it is a big deal again we we've got to measure of what happens in the coming weeks months and years. But this step has never been take I don't believe at least in the last thirty years. Had never taken before and I'll they have I pitch count on the craps. We're North Korea has promised to end there and non nuclear. Tests before. But never has a North Korean leader stepped across a border into South Korean nerve they recognized. Each other's countries to develop. I don't think they've ever acknowledged or does exist anymore or order. The need for it it is greater sense at all naslund and their mind they used old ball more sovereign over the entire Korean Peninsula and those ongoing war. It's over this to happen right Iger is a big still. Now Kim Jong-un has promised only non you know in person with the South Korean president has said the multiple resources that he is willing to completely abandon. Nuclear testing and also to allow international. Inspectors to come in and witnessed they're denuclearization. That is a huge deal. Anger will go a long way to normalizing relations for the Korean Peninsula and also took home that entire in geo political. Axis of they would Russia. China Japan South Korea North Korea that if we normalize relations layer. We have we have taken a step back away from the cliff the world war three Emmy. Remember it and this is why I think is and so on precedent. Just months ago. They were conducting missile says and Donald Trump was threatening you know in all no holds bar retaliation if they continued. Now a lot of people of the armed they've said. In a Donald Trump's unhinged how to we let this man have access to nuclear codes he's got a escalators to annihilation. Yet here we are. Column in April does that become a much after that and the North Korean dictator is basically waving the white flag. Fraud since apart pieces and of course we have to say owned this and make sure that he is not simply. Saying these things and try to get some foreign aid to come into the country to help is starring people. But from neo all accounts it seems like he is serious and it seems that our president Donald Trump. Hard stance on this issue has pushed them closer to peace. But then we got to stop a minute ago so we just broke quick and so little domestic front is sings the president's come on a roll here on the domestic front. Politically is in the Paul Ryan which is one of dolphins biggest thorns in the side when it comes the congress will not be seeking re election. Do you see this as a a bigger picture of the swamp changing in DC are still want all the Paul Ryan's I got sick of the games intake is small and go home. I think Paul Ryan realize. That the Republicans are likely go don't leave out represented as the cycle and opts out to get really want to be speaker to begin with so. I view this suits hate all taken a hike is. You know until it in the minority for you know. There are long that might be. And so yeah I think it's more long ball that is draining the swamp but also eight. We will see a just and how will be you know our back has been a few other. In a quote put swamp creatures and decide to step down and think Jeff flake of Arizona will probably bill was a corporate financing. So this may be a good sign but I will say it does feel the presence or role this week first would be you know sidestepping the the nerd prom. I have effectively ending the Korean War Singh Paul rice of data and we need to talk about the economy which I mean unprecedented unemployment. Stop Marco lay up I'd still like to see some parlor tax cuts and some farther reductions in. Are regulation but it seems like presence or role bushel never hear that from the mainstream media which again is another reason why he sighs and in this weekend. Guys we'll turn our tensions to South Carolina we have backed hero sunny nice the second day of a 1063 WORD. And I think the stimulus Cyril Sunday night to Seth and Dave where it's all meets action we've been chatting about. The great week the president trump had this past week and daylight Damon mention the fact that Kanye West of all people can now support Donald Trump Solio mark data for another win. And lastly for Donald Trump let. Does a set our sites now owned South Carolina to state politics. We talk about the swamp in DC all the time Dave. And we of course know it in Colombia here in our own state we've got to swamped arrivals are any other and of course I'm talking about the state house. But it seems that when he swamp creatures they even leave their natural habitat which is Colombia and go back home. They remain swamp creatures in a can take the creature as swamp I suppose you can't take the small and the creature. There's no better example listen South Carolina then our disgraced. Criminal former speaker of the house Bobby Harrell. You and I heard a radio interview. From Bobby Harrell just the other day on Charlie James radio show down low country where when describing it. His criminal wrongdoings Charlie James crowded as a quote general unpleasantness. Now in case of our listeners are here in the upstate. Aren't quite familiar with the general unpleasantness that Bobby Harrell went through can you bring us up to date on just what this criminal. Did Doris Day. Love you look. What what he called general unpleasantness I think most people are most folks out got a tough turn on the law community. Set would call racketeering. Would be great quotes he. Basically took his campaign on its. And use hundreds of thousands of dollars to finance its own personal airplane. Again using eight legally recognize. It is an entity. For illegal purposes and that's what he did he's been criminal. If you are did this debt or our listeners. Did the crime bit that Bobby Harrell did the criminal Bobby you're a bit. We would still be in jail right now that's there's no doubt about. She is guilty of racketeering he admitted to it. It's that our justice system a two tiered justice and here in South Carolina. Where legislators. Appoint judges are allowed him to get all with. Potentially face slap on the wrist a I think you serve one year probation. Are and it is so narrow column back into the fold and it's very interesting to see him. Try to get his name back out there try to Gainer jumping on talk radio in the Charleston area. Triple Charlie Jane is that the blue reassure those. Wanted to show war by its all about what a joke is right I mean nobody will know they're concerned about that that stupid joke but I mean you know you're that guy. It's reported so article is they are trial lawyer Bobby Harrell Sullenberger on yet Bobby Harrell sultry aero. Trade because he's number three it's all. He get already paper airtime. In that he brings the wanted daddy to come on to the show Charlie Jane Baikal toward the budget solved all at this criminal and and again that they DD. 888 this. Eight admin in a lot of different ways but I get that the most sold during his visit this guy arched. If it was you were meek or any of our listeners. That perpetrated the crime that he was convicted out. We would just broadcast you're not well that would would be beyond bark right now are because. We would still be sitting in prison so racketeering that we did what she did. Our end and we didn't appoint the judges but but he has that benefited being eight legislator in the state except Carolina. You appoint the judges in the state unilaterally you like the judges. And Bob leader elected many of those judges. He gets off with a slap on the wrist set and no doubt try to. You know cerberus oh and reassess. Or all of resuscitate his political career and I'll tell you what the week and not let you do. This man is a criminal he should be back on bars instead don't eat out. Giving money endorsing other politicians. Let us that the appalling it's reversible. You actually brought Charlie James now for guys who buy some fancy himself a conservative talk show host to allow. Our Bobby Harrell and get on there and Bobby Harrell Simon the one who first lobbed out the phrase in general unpleasantness waste talking about his criminal wrongdoing. Charlie James that out himself. But then we'll let him get away without a hero get away with while describing what he did. As having eight lazy pirates laws are pumps are pilots line apologized bam as well be apart Billy was stolen from the state. But a lazy pilots long is the reason that. On they came after him for criminal wrongdoing and Charlie James let him get away when this. Right doesn't push the issue doesn't ask for the of the real story or any call now well what he's saying this let's and that wasn't ago. Guess of course the air Charles and paid for by. Bobby Harrell the third or as he likes to be called. Trey but conservative media across the state should be condemning Bobby Harrell. They do not want anything to do what Bobby Harrell much less having all of a year to his spat out his propaganda in his revisionist history about his criminal wrongdoing. But it's not just conservative media the down low country day of the season beginning this guy a pass in a Katie Arrington. Who right now is running for congress against Mark Sanford actually received a campaign donation. From Bobby Harrell and according to reports she's plan O'Keefe and Sheila so far to say why would I do not want support a great job creator. In my district. I mean it and here comes payroll a couple of months ago talking on a run for reelection. Now don't Angel and crashed a congressional candidate what does this say about Katie you're into that she will not return as as she took in the first place mission plans to keep it. We will look at it it says everything you need to know about all the politicians that he compounds supported. I mean there's been a woman she's forever congress she's the state represented by the way that. Voted for the gas second suppressed for illegal budget. It is shocking right now bird on this let's not Planned Parenthood I mean this the album which years. It's cheaper and it is being a Republican bill their against Mark Sanford but. Bottom line is that. Anybody that has any sort of a reputation or ethics whatsoever that they were little hole should have rejected as muddy answer the bell will not incremental Bobby girl's body nor logic colonel Bob girls in the worst I mean again. The gold is would be. He is the prototype of what is walled in Colombia. And bought it set up a bit. You know he just didn't get the combination of those and and again ball back to work to your justice system there's politicians than where's the rest of us. And appears state legislator in the state wind are yet you get to. Let judges then you know you're punishment are going to be much less harsh than what we would've gotten. You are or you know any normal citizen but again. Your wage that mean this woman she is Katie urgency that they represented she has Bobby Carol very Welch in his curveball bigger story she should have reject the criminal Barbie girls on. Tapper Templeton the targets of irbil Bobby Harrell and dorsett kept her temple anti corruption I would cat cats are examples like. That's where it. I'm wording on the flight to Kaplan Campbell and Estrada won all what she is you know cannot take on the good old boys in Colombia issue cannot. Archie called cobra option and stayed out. Dull wet spring Wannstedt. Is an endorsement or any money whatsoever from criminal Bobby Jerel but they don't mind. They're greedy don't take everything can get they have no principles. And so. Criminal Bobby Jerrells he's a way to get it well back in the door step would be surprised. He attempts to run trot just want to get. This is no doubt that we need to do remain. Aware of what's going on they're criminals are trying to get back in the beat out political world are you ex cons trying to get back into the the Columbia political gain. And and the Columbia politicians are more than happy to get in the end up in bill itself. Would not only are they won't get my hands and get back involved it seems to need date there is a search and quote unquote prosecutor here in South Carolina may be allowed and Bobby Harrell to serve out a bit up political vendetta out. I guess or he'll still in the legislature only get your take on that we give back here. After the break on Sunday nights with seven day. And we are back here all Sunday night for southern naval 1063 WORD. Give us a call 1803471063. If you wanna join the conversation the night before the break we were talking about. Our four speaker of the house criminal Bobby Harrell and now he is a reared his ugly head once again. Upon a South Carolina political scene. Idol was he entertain the idea of running for office a couple months ago. They had to interview all and Charlie James is a radio show down low country this past week. Where he summed up his criminal wrongdoings as. This having a quote lazy pilot slog when he was using his campaign funds so far as his private airplane. Now since then he's also made a contribution to Katie Barrington who's run for congress and she says Ching given that money back. He's also endorsed the quote anti corruption candidate Katherine Templeton who's run for governor. Now as far as I know it's a bulletin hasn't anything to renounce that endorsement from criminal Bobby Harrell but. Dag was yet remain. Singing she'll do so. A day when I want talk about per second is something that Harrell alluded to during the interview with Charlie James. And this doesn't I think this will paint a broader picture for folks who may need still like other heroes out of all this he's from a low country. What do I need to worry about. I think this is indicative bald a larger problem. Now in the interview. As I said he referred to his. Our criminal wrongdoing as having a sloppy your lazy pilots law when he was blog where he was go of that airplane he was just sloppy he didn't really mean suit. I uses campaign cash for his private airplane. Now here's a mention that this is an excellent time to decide to go before a first son's baseball game and neither here nor there. But during the interview he says he had the sloppy pilot's log. But the reason he went down is because of his political enemies in the Statehouse namely the and his sons they were up all Rick went into Columbia area. And so. That's sparked my memory bank. Because I remember over a year ago when we were talking about this quote unquote ethics investigation. Is ongoing in the Statehouse are being conducted nine. Up prosecutor David Pasco. Avatar he said you know wait meal. When they get elected a big fish when they electorate Jay Lucas or Brian why or Hugh leatherman. Stop in again though the easy fruit and for things that are really what we're talking about we say corruption. And I so let's let it play out let's look I'll see what he does now since then. We've had a few all indictments. Namely. Race Rick win and Richard point. As some MO we still have not saying. Those quote unquote big fish those the issue leatherman is the bright lights the guys who were actually ripping off the taxpayer day in and day out. And Gingrich. And so whereas before. You classify this ethics investigation investigation as a nothing burger. Would you entertain my theory. And this is now being hijacked is being used at all about Pasco and Bobby Harrell to go after the clans as a political vendetta out rather than objective. Ethics investigation. And it's entirely possible. And I mean look there there's more trained for sure worse. And that is debt. Our hair old and Letterman. Are are absolutely. Today and it'll borrow it won't let McConnell their obvious. You know energy bass you know he even the middle that was the old nuclear or. But tell that there's no doubt. You know that the trust here in this case it is completely bungled it and let's also not. Of relinquished blame from our attorney general Al world's known as we don't even go after. Carol in the first place and heat. The dust that deflected sent it off to test cattle. Whoo yeah Ito had ambitions of his own to be attorney general this has turned out to be it political crap show began as you're talking except it's been a year now we've been talking about this home on the show. I'll Dirk is no real investigation going on there is no nothing but will the people happening with this. Criminals are going to remain. Three on the on the street in the Statehouse. And and again. Win but when Castro gets old government and Harrell and and you know like you said Bryant white at least other gods that are. Major players in the Statehouse debt or you're the guy at the direct money to different. They've pointed spot in government that did eventually get back to their own pockets when those guys are getting investigated the Democrats are getting prosecuted. I would stand up potato OJ protestors and a good job yet that hasn't happened I don't think it will happen and do watching that he it's just a year crashed into a stroll this pointing going Napster and making eaten get a handle on including our Richard Quinn at 88 Republican consultant. Bob yeah I mean I think that I think that's essentially what he adored so the last you know not months so you're. Well then we get to Cuba announced Pasco investigation and I want to be or be clear here I'm in no way absolving. Ideas Jaime mayor roles in the recordings of the world who have been indicted is an ethics investigation it is seems awfully coincidental to me. Then the war in the big fish. Bobby hair the Pasco got a hold of he legged mild slap on Morrison's walker as a free man now and hit the the great testimony may be great evidence Suzanne trade in for his freedom. Hasn't amounted to anything and nearly. As big as himself and the people they are going after seem to be his political nemesis so. As a human islet to me are more more says he is not just a nothing murder as he April last year is Sunni and be more red politically. I'm motivated doc crap show is used as you put it and I don't think the people South Carolina can hope. The ICC dean thank come all this and once again. That responsibility falls on the shoulders all the citizens South Carolina because as we sell its arm that would not be some white Knight arrives in and cleans up that state house. Pasko has proven he's not going to be that guy we've got eighteen hole all of our state legislators accountable for what's going all across the state both ethics was. And politically lies and make sure that under no circumstances. Is criminal Bobby Harrell allowed to return to political saint. And speaking of things to hold them accountable for days. I know that we posted this all store all our FaceBook page at this past week. FaceBook dot com for slash candidacy. Speaking of politicians making a mess of stuff you know one word or two words that positive while lives economic development. And it comes at a couple different ways they can be in a tax breaks for big corporations like Volvo Boeing or can be directing tax dollars to private development. Why they did against farmer for the other subdivision known or try to build some vision. But it also culpable we talk about Ramel and the reason we criticize it because it comes at the expense. All the ordinary regular people you know economic development doesn't play great product on the market and distribute the resource an effective way that's what the free market does. Economic development as bad decisions by politicians with dire consequences. Take for example Dave this ridiculous situation you've got down a low country where there is a tire field in Berkeley counting. The has over 600000 used tires. There is mosquito filled that is an absolute environmental disaster. Because tires are just rubber they are patrolling merit thing else and I'm. Explain to our readers what is going old when this thing and how the politicians are directly to blame. Well I think number one is it again there that this tiger play that's what happened in a nutshell is this. Out of state. You know archer door to get cute calling him now. You know now bankrupt individual. Values and common the South Carolina a couple whole budget tax credits are so no interest tax free loans and develop eight tiger recycled business. Well that would happen more as. You started the plant at a Berkeley county by the way another one in Anderson county that we don't want those pork. We started the plant through. Basically no interest loans from the state former commerce is governor Nikki Haley supporter of commerce. Given sixteen million dollars in tax free bonds and in the local. Council government that the the called down in Berkeley county gave them another 400000 dollar down there. And they open up the factory to recycle and it all sounded well until the problem is they didn't really do any of that they let tires. Stacked up Bob got hundreds of shells used in eight a lot it's very close to residential neighborhoods. And basically what single decay. Where and they didn't they when they could no longer make money you make a profit also does that tire recycling electric car still doubt. Do you have Arnold looked away for the first couple years. And even last year they get must find after they built that eagle Rabbani to say that such success Berkeley Anderson county. We're sitting there wished I bought a giant tire yard. Filled with mosquitoes and drug addicts and there's no doubt that can be done about it at this point but the less that he learned you're watching more than anything else that is that the politicians. Economic development through incentives to corporate welfare whatever you wanna call it wouldn't dare hurt when the public is under bright new economy would dare they need look no interest loans or they're giving away our tax dollars to these big huge corporations. To come down to South Carolina. There are creating the economy that again that followed slack over and over again and expect a little control content set. It's socialist countries are a really good and it failed every topic illness so why don't we try to reinvent the wheel in South Carolina by giving away tax dollars could be huge corporations. That come here. It sort of business. They all were left holding the bag not only did we give them money to begin with but now we got to clean up the match. When they're clean needle and then they also. This year passing a wall of I'm not mistaken. That would take away these. All residential or these residents near that your having kind of redress to know punish Doug La owners of that I think because of the a damage to their own property rights priming. While get in order that orbit is harbor volume Hornaday and also talk about his local issue. They keeps ongoing Greeneville foresee illegals that of the Greenville hospital system syquest after the break. All right we are heading into the home stretch here on Sunday nights was sent and they've where are taught meets action. Before the break we were talking about a situation down in the low country must celebre fast basically. Al or sale legislature and our our previous governor gave a company who said they were going to manufacture. Old tires or recycle them. And they'll sell a for profit they gave them tax free bonds to start these companies to start these tire yards but as an Anderson that in Berkeley. Over the last three years are Sega has ignored the regulations that govern these type retire yards was disposed to keep the total number of tires limited. For obvious reasons both environmental. And for just the basic honesty and a living these things attract mosquitoes like no longer in their highly final they ignore these regulations and allowed a tire yard. In the Barkley counting to amass nearly 600000. Tires this company that once again was given tax free bonds for my state government has now more out of business. And this tired are now is infested by mosquitoes. And methods according to recent reports. Now it gets even better than that though so we really paid economic development playing gonna arrive marsh say government say our tax dollars and suit. These Mars we don't never give back and along the way. They created a 600000. Tire strongly junk yard. You would think they realize he screwed up bad enough. The data as we talked about are faced a lot this past week. This year they actually pass a wall also imagine for a second as we meet sent the last break this tie yard is very close. To subdivisions and other residential homes so imagine first set right then you have one of these homes. You're trying to raise your family. And just down the road you have malice upon mounds of used tires which once again are not just rubber. They're petroleum based payout mixture of stuff that whenever range Iran's all of its all the for the environment not to mention there's a well. And like breeding ground. From mosquitoes. Which of course then when they need to. Travel outside of the tire yard to go far food AJ use your neighbors or your family so imagine you're one of these failings and this company has ignored regulations has ignored mall. And it's created this. Disaster in your neighborhood. You would think you would have some recourse right he bailed assume the company to clean up their mess may be able to sue the state government for their all lack of oversight. And politicians realize this when they turn their ride this disaster they've created. But rather than saying you know maybe we should give out low. The economic development game or maybe we should actually follow up on the regulations that we pass the nation this stuff happened this impasse so all day this year. Though it stopped. The ability of homeowners. To sue companies such as this would actually give them an exam exemption is that right. Well yeah I mean look it's it's eighty it just it just walk past past. And essentially what it does is it allows companies manufacturers to come in against get out of jail free card. That can be passed on to the next manufacturing companies that sell that plan to do so. For us as citizens we live around these various. Where it might be something like a tire wall that produces this either this yard that we can't do a little bit and eventually producing bidding Buddha belly of the podium. It it's real light to a lot of these folks that's saloon in around Berkeley cabinet ocean county it's terribly good militants it's tailor made title deal what what politicians. Did two which was. They created a market won't want didn't exist. And when that market did it would run out very quickly probably less than two years. And the elderly came into town to collect our tax money left licked it. And then left behind a tire yard half a million tires mosquitoes and drug addicts on the property are we have to clean up a massive battle between pay up front now quarter to clean up the politician bets on the back end shot. What it comes down to it these politicians think they can state legislators think they can control. The content they think they they they brought on these platforms of order to create jobs or what they really need is we're gonna take your chat follows that you work hard for and we're going to give it away in subsidies could be out of state chi corporation. And hoped that it actually agree chuck would have backed against. We're looking at a prime example exhibit very well why do. Economic development is sentenced corp welfare whatever you wanna call it politicians driving the economy with our money. Doesn't work we should opposition and that's crab now before caucus more money in the future. Absolutely age is is goes to show politicians doubled down. On their own screw ups and he goes to show as we always say. It is absolutely time to drain this fall in Colombia and in our state house and take back control or state government. But speaking old politicians screwing up on the front end and trying to double down or stroke on the back in. Then he got a few more minutes I wanna talk about this ongoing situation with the green will health system. Now I know last year at the board of GHS was appointed by. Our armed state delegation here in the accounting basically sold a multi billion dollar public ascent. Al from on of the taxpayers nose and leased it now to a private company for a dollar. A year now so before Dave you know this makes highway robbery look like a misdemeanor. And of course citizens were angry and upset about what these wild delegation appoint more members of Don there's been a lawsuit filed. It right now is working its way very slowly but most assuredly working its way through the court system to trying to undo the C legal threats of ths. Which once again was calls by politicians who appointed the GA just bored and turned a blind side of the film sound familiar. While they sold this public asset Alfred of the taxpayers noses so now in true fashion we have politicians tried to double down all that mistake. William Timmons is introduced a bill. As 1116. That would basically thwart the lawsuit desist is a put forward to try to stop this illegal theft. Now there's some of maneuvering he was able to get to be simply a delegation vote in the senate and that past and is now before the entire House of Representatives. I believe debate day was going to be taken back up all Wednesday B never know these guys but if you are in Greenville county heck if you were in the upstate Peary. Make sure you contact your house representative. Elect them though no way no how do not allow us 1116. To thwart the ongoing lawsuit. They retains GH yes. But the larger point though wanna make on this day because I filled at this bill's got a long way to go in this lawsuit certainly has a long way to go and by the way although the the astle and sixteen. Place would try its best at foretell wall's suit the the folks behind is still believe they may have one or two casting continual and hopefully undo this. But it just goes to show. That you cannot let politicians get away with treat aiding a problem in the first place because they'll double down. Eventually and try to screw up even worse. Alan talk for certain holding these guys accountable for all that they claimed that they do. And for their job and we talked about the Rotella Sunday if they say said they're gonna fix the roads. With a large gas tax hike in state history they are not fixing the roads and there's more more evidence to show they never intended. To actually fix the roads that morning. So they live there. And also when it comes to. Net tire thing right you'll you all throw out these tax incentives then you ignore the all meg relations and he hit his appointed once again by. The legislature and the governor. And and those appointed regulatory bodies ignored it and allow those problem to continue and continue. And then this OJ just stuff in and now there's a couple politicians who are trying to stand up and say this we're fighting this where we're trying to do us stop this illegal theft. May not show validate it was a politician to create this mess in the first place and so I have a radical idea they've. When it whether it is the in all in economic development when it comes a recycling tires. Whether it is in the nuclear rate hike the buckle and energy production in the state. Whether it is you know appointing boards oversee our health care. And the state my radical ideas just hit the politicians the hill out of all the great. Why in the world are we subjecting ourselves our families our children and our communities in this great state. Since the ignorance and incompetence. Of these individuals down Columbia. I mean his mind boggle our roads are falling apart. Our schools or worse than nation's electricity calls the highest in the country. A judicial system that is to cheered at best is raid. That is completely unconstitutional with the waited out the legislative branch has control judicial branch and what what are we gonna stand say. Enough is enough they are accountable for all that. They are all accountable for all the particularly when you look at what's going on the last couple weeks. With the budget process and particular and illegal budget the doesn't have followed their all malls the guys who were supposed to pass off for us. Don't even fall there all walls and passing illegal budget that increases spending about thirty million dollars subsidizes Planned Parenthood. It's that gives funding to politicians' pet projects in private nonprofits. And they are so out of such as so there's a lot of times that we feel you know there's a lot of polish you'll see day when a federal level a Sega was congress' approval rating. Ellis 13% Amare congressman's for a rating as a route fifty. Those days have to be Dillon South Carolina over it changes state they are all accountable for that illegal budget. They are all accountable for roads they're all account for us nuclear power plant and they vote for this S 1116. They're all account for the illegal that is VHS. Gasoline back we did the same time same place next week thanks for tunis Sunday nights the seven day of.