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Sunday, April 8th

Seth and Dave talk about the SC state budget, a South Carolina tourism agency trying to buy Ted Turner's island, I-73 to Myrtle Beach, and shady LLC dealings in the lowcountry.


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Hairy to fight corruption to take back control or state government and actually advocate for freedom. Here in South Carolina. May she chickened out on the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com forward slash fan of that same. FaceBook dot com forward slash fans unless see guys there's never a more important time. To be following the FaceBook page then right now. Because right now as we speak is he most important time of the entire legislative session. Our guys go down there for six months and the year essentially. But these the last couple weeks don't know this week next week or the most important T paying attention. Is these are the least for they write our state budget when they go down there and they decide how they're what you spend. Our money and a lot of times have or want to waste. Our money. So make sure you are following for you Max now we're south tell us FaceBook page and getting those daily updates about what these guys are doing. And more importantly what you can do about it hold them accountable and put pressure on them to do the right thing. But they would have fallen state budget process. The last few weeks the house is already passed there are version of the budget and we've been saying all along this is an illegal. Budget they are not following a wall and before given to somebody tells all the spending use what kind of recap for listeners and maybe some who have been following the issue. What we mean we say they passed the budget illegally. Sure I mean you look at it big spot past the ball every year or set some initiative to be purposes than anything new. They bought at the ball. The less reassuring to me they were all every years not just this year. They break or every thought and and the reason they do it this is will be discussing here in the next two segments. Is exactly why it. They don't want us to see how they're spending our money and and what they're doing and would be very clear step in the South Carolina a total walls. Section eleven Daschle Levin dashed now are being very clearly state. That the house and the senate must hold joint open hearings. Or burden budget for the governor's budget now. That means that the house Ways and Means Committee chaired by state representative Bart flight and they Henderson county and the Senate Finance Committee chaired by. Senator Hugh leatherman out of Orange County the most powerful most corrupt politician in the state. Must meet together. To disgust when that the governor's budget when the governor writes the budget present it to the legislature they must that's what a ball that. They don't do that that. And for obvious reasons. They don't want us to seeing what they're about to put into our budget the provide those the additions the edits boom whatever you want of the earmarks whatever you wanna call it that's the part that they don't want us to see because. It would shed light on the whole entire scam that the running down their Columbia where you have. A majority vote Republican than Democrat spending more and more and more art body every year. On things that we don't need to band that hurt us and that benefit the politicians. And a lobbyist buddies and that's exactly what's happening big break the law that they're not holding these joint opened here. Well course on what you say is simply because they don't want us held our eyes on them all they got right there make the deals and they look for our money the things that. To be frank most of the people South Carolina disagree with but the overwhelming majority of our present news. All are the all too glad to go along with. But it's clearly illegal budget as he said he did not hold these joint open hearings they never do. So even before you into the spending. The bulletin needs to be scrapped and start over they needed to illegally if you wanna send a message you're state legislators text the word drain. The OR AEI in the number five to 86 does harm to drain the swamp in Columbia we cannot allow these guys. You continue to go along and break the wall and activists active it act as if is okay. This is not text during the five to 86. So let's talk about this how they're spending our money Dave says that they are so held indeterminate try to keep us away from discovering it let's start with this. Warren billion dollars. That is how much more of our money these guys who decide to spend this year than they did just last year Warren. Billion dollars more talk about this looked like doctor you'll from the Harry Potter movies with a hole you're the one billion dollars but it is all I can even begin to fathom. How they get on these fiscal conservative quote unquote. To go to our mayor and illegally spend a billion more dollars and hours in just one year. I mean in it in and of itself. Debt is just mind blowing personal and I'll I also know infuriating. A billion dollars extra our money. I mean these guys act as if they'll people South Carolina or just some money tree they can go over shake every once in awhile and get a few more poison dollar bills and fought Afro. And this is got to stop one billion dollars and what are they spending the testimonial. Weldon. Up from these politicians they're shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars to private and nonprofit organizations one of which. I like this later set so the ball well. Toast that is a Dicey spending a billion more more dollars for in a good part is they're literally taking our money and putting into their old coffers. And not just there call for today there are subsidies implant are good in this state budget. So they don't illegally they spend a billion more dollars of ours. Made. Have pet projects of their own funded in the in nonprofits in the board they sit home. They're still my that and they provide subsidies for Planned Parenthood. Was the lord is abortion provider in the country. They also sees a plant can't feel in the state budget. I mean this thing is dirty all the way around it which is why we say they need to scrap the entire thing they've got to start over they needed to illegal and. Ever. Let let's not forget also. It also in the budget money for taxpayer funded lobbyists yet bless sequence and they hire lobbyists every year they're getting more money that's in the budget. You are at. They're they're talking about. The you know that Quinn who made video were indicted right out stay burglar frequent former stay regular frequent indicted. For doing this got a bit Victor at the bottom when you're throwing back a lot of money. Thirty billion dollars and thirty billion note it and number we can't even imagine. Thirty billion dollars out of the state but his current do when you throw all that money down there and Columbia. Bad stuff is gonna happen and especially when they do it in the way that they're doing which is. Completely. Opaque no transparency. Whatsoever down there it is illegal what they're doing and if we let them get away with it. They're going to continue to do it over and over again and we'll talk while walking you know why are already good six why our school systems so crappy you know. What echo YR electricity rate by the country didn't because we don't stand up and hold them accountable. Would be illegal activity that they perform every single day. Now essentially write an Allenby clear when we say hold them accountable we mean all of them I mean this budget Dave in the house I think there were two people. And then the 120 something or preserve we have down there Republicans and Democrats there were two people the voting using illegal state budget. That is spinning as you make thirty billion dollars about money 117. To 217. The US. That isn't sanctimonious portable is Wallis thanks so they all need to be held accountable is not just analog sounds particularly here in the upstate. We hear you know terrible thing to have in Columbia NR default position is so it is assumed Democrats are no good again. But this is a bipartisan corruption going on now at Columbia. A 172. They all need to be held accountable for your state rep needs to be held accountable and he wanted to do that right now send them a message to scrap this illegal budget. And start over. But not spending thirty billion dollars of ours don't fallen politicians' pet projects don't provide subsidies for Planned Parenthood or taxpayer funded lobbyists. Scrap all that and start over you wanna send that message to your state reps and I strongly encourage you do so. His take on your cellphone text the word drain. DER a ER in the number 52886. When you send that text you'll get a text right back. Be sure to click the link it takes thirty seconds annual send a message here a house rep stay center and the governor. As the governor has a partisan. He's a veto any illegal blood it comes to his desk. Takes drained a five to 86 and send that message right now we're back only other side if you think that. Everything we just laid out was bad enough weights he hear how another way these guys are found to waste our money after the right. And we're back we've been talking about the C legal state budget that are safe house servers and this past couple weeks ago that our state senate is going to be taking up for debate. This week. Your day when I heard they were spending. I know her they're brick in the wall first and foremost it's and spending one billion dollars more this year last year in my reactions kind of par for the course right. Now I hear about the pet projects of their funding and affected. You know William Cobb as well as a literally shell thing that hundreds of thousands of our dollars to a private nonprofit he sits on the board held. Now I am rentable. They only found out about these subsidies for Planned Parenthood I'm now most little gasket I was selling her. When I read the store among the show our listeners I have to be honest I just laughed out loud. Because these these guys have gotten so brazen. And so stupid down in Columbia with how they feel about spending our money then at some point you can I get angry enough is just sit back and laugh. This is an article from the nerve not a war. How are headliners SE tourism agency works eagerly for months to buy Ted Turner's island. And yes you heard that name before that is Ted Turner the founder old CNN. The founder of probably TBS TNT. A host of different. And TV networks and also major Al landowner and also a major major liberal. But apparently we have been negotiating a secret to bide his island. From the oracle South Carolina stores and apartment for months kept secret from the public its plans to buy an island owned by billionaire Ted Turner. What the agency director counsel be a quote premium experience for tourists. Beaver County school district officials joined in the secrecy surrounding the taxpayer funded approximately five million dollar purchase. Of the 4680. Acre sync Phillips silent. Own for decades by the media mogul turner and located along the cap our country down the county's Atlantic coast about a fifteen minute boat ride from Huntington island state park. But they get this this is a base we will buy an island from Ted Turner they have the right about to get him before a quote pre on an island barely yell yeah I mean it that we talked about the other day are two months ago the whole Paul Campbell thing as lady wanna get off with the lies become a state senator will apparently if you wanted to have a a nice luxury island on the even vacation to also he's become a state legislator and and you can negotiate a secret it's been five million dollars of taxpayer money. To buy an island he had the right about it and get this is this my fair park. And written responses to nerve toy players director of the south Carolina department of parks recreation tourism. Said the agency initially plans to re now either on a yearly or seasonal basis the six bedroom four bathroom house used by turner any smaller caretakers house. He said TRT also all for boat rides to the island which consists mostly of march for guided tours. I guess some now hooked. Our State's already in the electricity business for the state utility company we see hell that's done. Now suppose they're a throw out sync Phillips island owned a year be indeed and try to read this bad boy Al. This thing is old Saturday and openly mega Betsy if you wanna make a bit of the only people who ever ran out sync Phillips island are going to be. Government agencies taking people for outlets. You know resorts or wegmans on. Those are meeting Greece and everything else for the lobbyist and legislators. That's going to be the new central leading ground for how to go out there and strategizing has through over the taxpayer. But it's a let's I was at a good. Out whatever but that is exactly what this is all about that on the net that it's sort of just moved off the page out. As soon and I got about pretend that you know we cannot sell them this down to go really nice place the door legislative political retreat exactly do everything and all the time. And now despite a bit so they won't have to April Brent forgo or what not but this this should this is purely for politicians. And bureaucrats and lobbyists use only that is the bottom why don't listen there's no doubt about it. One. And they did it policy coming back to the article says there are many questions remain unanswered however including specifics about the short and long term cost of operating and maintaining the island. And how for all be for typical tourist. Questions that PR chief for at least five months didn't allow the public to ask as it was negotiating a secret and I think that what tied back to the budget process which once again. These guys think it's okay. 21 of all break the law and not have joint open hearings on the budget but also to basically start the wall and not have citizen input only five million dollar. Land purchase from the parks recreation tourism. I mean it. These guys like arm a so when I was reading it identical pairs and I just are laughing I miss those things like. These guys obviously had absolutely no qualms about what they're doing they like to do it in secret sing get away with a but afterwards they have they are so brazen. And so shameless and what they're doing that if we don't all night we told on the first segment if we don't hold them accountable we've. Oh really we had nothing that no one to blame but ourselves would continue to do to us and if I'm not mistaken Dave this five million dollar. All land purchase although it was approved by the argue committee it was far them all barges. All right. What have you looked at the joint boundary committee the the budget control border whatever they call that Al department administration I mean you'll legislative functions right prompt light Hugh leatherman they also that the skateboarding all decide who can out eat up. Alec borrow money. And where certain monies go go wherein end but it said the other day about the unit that you restarted the dale and bill which. You know that's just how she'll be ridiculous. This is. I mean are Brodeur crumbling and you know we pay the highest electricity costs and the Contra much electricity cost. We grant private companies a monopoly on electricity. We grant the government but the government monopolized our school system basically right so you know our wonderful hard work schools in the country where cal comes in the country. And now we are we're gonna get that the tourism business the agro tourism business we boat ride and premium experiences. And wanted to spend billions of dollars to do it says it out there it felt like torture on the bank office. There have been that it would no business being in the agro Torres a business. Got that that would write like first on the we can't even even that broad. On on the start then don't I don't know for gay you have experience. When that's the thing is it's a it's a question though priorities right and you always. When your help your house budget is a reflection of your priorities and which was annual money owns in your own household. And a government's. Well budget is a list of their priorities Elisa priority for politicians. Mostly to this as you said the roads are crumbling. Right we're talking about. There's so over exaggerating this right the roads in South Carolina. Our crumbling they are terrible it doesn't matter if you're any rural road is a matter year old main street of your local town. We had terrible roads well a thick Alicia affords county there's terrible roads all over South Carolina our schools are the absolute worst. In the country right so they don't invest in our infrastructure they don't invest in an effective way in our children. Right our electricity bills are skyrocketing. Because politicians. And they think it's a good idea in in the midst of all this to go spend five million dollars or luxury island for a premium towards experience. That is their per award and don't forget also our Brian light. Who it says so is the chair of the house Ways and Means Committee. And also sits on both the joined by review committee and the state fiscal accountability forty Q okay this five million dollar web purchase. He also voted itself a pay raise a few years ago. Or tried to so I mean these guys are actually tone deaf to what the people South Carolina first of all need. We need our roads to actually be functional or we wanted to get a alignment every time we try to drive the war in a we need our schools still effectively educate our children. But we need we say they're not doing that and the echoes what we actually warm. They don't hear about is how would they want they want luxury around they won't pay raises they won't card taxpayer funded lobbyists as they shut it down our throat. And we've got a hold him accountable hold MacCallum got a McCallum guys accountable duo right now tell the scrapped any legal budget and start over. Text the word drain to 52886. Drained DR ai in to number five to 86. We back after the break. And we're back here all Sunday night for southern neighbor told meets action. Dave had to say after your little off hand comment Belgian white shirt and the last segment I've spent the entirety of the break imagining Dwight. As a state legislator and a B Ozzy couldn't do any worse than minority Dylan but. You remember the hitting eight he would be the best bit about legislatively. That I mean you definitely he would not which I think our guns into yet. All right so but you remember the apportioned to the scene where he does that the fire safety. Test in the office where basically sets fire out is amazing how whole layers should be the siege Fleischer do then Statehouse during session. It is how wall can episode slowly filling in in what this is not a liberal people what's how. What are the procedure what are the procedures already in Libya got knocked up. It would be mayhem would be layers but anyway our own more serious note we've been talking to. In all day Earl show now. Them wasting our money our politicians wasting our money would this be legal state budget in the senate taking up. This week power pivot to a another all coming unmitigated disaster. Only project that lobbyists and special interest groups are trying to push a two billion dollar at least disaster and that is interstate 73. NSA or say they'd been. Hiding for for years USA today I mean. Lobbies and special interest groups because without a single priority list federally or on the stadium Tea Party list is only priority list. Nobody wants it but he's lobby special interest groups. They want a new interstate. To go to Myrtle Beach. Now in the following this from last couple years if you remember Mike Wooten the corrupt former chairman of the SED exceeded. Thanks to the health of our listeners government master was forced to fire all last year or at least force injuries on. Rather continue his term because he was making money. Awful road contracts that are in sub contracts through the SE DNC it was for up it was a complete conflict of interest. Well Michael has not alone in this you know quietly into the night. They now he's pushing for this interstate 73 project. That as I say nobody wants and furthermore we cannot afford me the conservative call cessnas on this bad boy just the build it. Not to maintain it just to build. Is two billion dollars now we talk all the time that our roads are crumbling and you would think little on the heels of the largest gas tax hike in state history. While legislators will be looking to actually fix our roads but anyone who's driven. Around town lately kin and obviously attest the fact our roads are getting fixed and I'm highly suspicious of whether or not. That money is going to end up going to interstate 7030. So when we heard about it we heard that they're now even thinking about. Instilling holed roads of the Myrtle Beach trying to pay for this increase from the shady bureaucracy to collective souls. We're here Melissa we said enough is enough. It we will let the people of South Carolina know these guys are scheming. And put them in contact with their legislators and tell them no way no how you're not gonna stay in my money owners say 73. Well in only about 12100 people did today if not now a lot in just a few now 12100 and on the my closest friends. Innocent emails and told all legislators. Absolutely not and that's seemed to have ruffled a few feathers down the same house. Nailing the feathers of war and state rep Allan Clinton's. New course represents Myrtle Beach and has put in the bill for these toll roads to at least pay import. For the construction of interstate 73. So we sent an email out to you know his. Colleagues in the state house. And get this thing he says dear members so all of you have been that I've received third party forming mills and opposition I Sony three from your constituents. The four meals contain fabrications. And exaggerations and turned to shock your constituents. Since several members have reached out to me to ask our for the facts necessary to respond to their constituents' questions. I thought might be helpful to shares a significant points on ice having three in H forty one's only seven. Which is currently pending in the Ways and Means Committee. Do you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out. In any attached Tim notable points about arsenic free which of course arrive for contradictions and Ella and basically prove our point them in the first place which is these guys want to spend. Our gas tax money owners say 73. The Dave tell our listeners just how significant it is to see them having to scurry and played defense on issue that they think. It was a slam don't just a few weeks ago. Well it it is to do it again and and look they're they're getting pressure right in the you to only 12100 folks have taken action had sent their legislators that it is saying hell no one on 73. Template equally here here. This did what we've been concerned about in the very beginning of all of it and we've been talking about it hurt or you know on this radio station for at least a year now. Is Derek. They're going to take our gas tax dollars which they said were exposed to be used to. Our existing roads. And usually in the ways that they want to to build new roads they're born rich and sold it and let's be very specific about that. Not to go but two weeks ago. The legislature had to turn in their statement and economic interest and Hugh leatherman who is the most powerful politicians state. Is getting a clear benefit from the company he helped found it alone awards concrete which gets. Millions and billions and billions of dollars Epstein as she DOT contracts. So what we say that. There's your week here that the gas tax money to be funneled all to benefit politicians and lobbyists we're not lie I mean that's a straight up act right here the most powerful politician in the state makes money. When they're warmup when when taxes are raised to go toward SE DOT. So set the problem we have would accept victory is I'm worried and we've been saying this again for a long time now is that they're going to funnel money that should go to fixed. I 85. 385. Woodruff road. And instead they're gonna funnel down into the TV and start building a brand new interstate that nobody wants certain needs end and who's going to make no matter who's going to get rich on that politicians like Hugh leatherman. And lobbyists like Mike Wooten and had batted a major concern but the fact of the three deal. And so yeah they are getting a lot of pressure. An Allen Clement the bill you know basically a wacky boy for the lobbyists down in Horry county for Mike Wood down their. Look they're getting upset because folks are starting to figure out the truth here the start and get behind what these guys are really trying to do. And they're disrupting it and they're stopping it and that's what they're angry about and I suspect that that email was all about. Oh absolutely oil and when you see your having an impact. All politicians. You don't actually doubled down so we're gonna keep all the issue and if you hop only a FaceBook page FaceBook dot com. Force last Tennessee here's a quick and easy way for you get in contact we York say legislators and let them know. Do not spend a single dime on I seventy during. Here's a us be clear and if he said that they know it's just accidentally wanna spend our money on this boondoggle was just a matter of math. Right two billion dollars just to build it right now maintain it and we know how great these guys are maintaining roads right but it just ability. Is two billion dollars and do the easy math moment there is no way. That tolls and local tourism dollars from Myrtle Beach. Can pay for a two billion dollar interstate. So if he's going to happen they're going to have to use our guest actually. There's a simple matter of math by SAI know they like to pretend there's some money tree called the us South Carolina taxpayer but in fact there is no money tree. McCain is gone here implant one and it grew two billion dollars a battleground is got to come from our pockets. So it absolutely is a matter of fact it's a matter of math if these guys even start the construction of this is because they have been promised. Gas tax money they're supposed to go to fix our roads so I say. It is not exaggeration. It is not a quote fabrication. And is on Allen Clemens caught in his email. It is straight up math and the thing is we and we see what they but they don't realize they've. I think a lot of these guys and the same house are still living like it's 1995 rather than 2008 saint. They don't realize we've seen the videos of her stay if it's for raising outrun the interstates are free bill in congratulating each other moving the project for. We see that stuff we know what they're up to so for Clinton incident well first of all for the politicians themselves. Two rather than communicate directly back to their constituent. And say no you're absolutely right we're not going to spend a dime when I Sony three instead they go to Clemens. And ask him how Kerry responded this that in another so show as you. They are tried to scheme. And in some ways some form get our gas tax money to this boondoggle project. So we've got a sale toppled like a safety when hop owned or FaceBook page is FaceBook dot com fort sized candidacy we are following this issue along with the state budget. Every day so every summer new wrinkle console we let you know about it and arresting more Portland we give you some you can do about it. Put pressure and always politicians because obviously it's getting out of her skin. And it's time to double down. We always be an irritant. Where it went twelve more people email over the span of a couple weeks they hear about it and illegal way stay on top album. So popular FaceBook page FaceBook dot com ports last famously. Follow this issue. And put pressure and politicians because they are scheming. For two billion dollars they've two billion dollars like you said money they should go to I 85385. Woodruff wrote. Here academy road here and in Greenville Wye drive every day. Pending house over and Anderson they've come weeks ago as you know. And only main street of Anderson and and Brian Weis district the guy who essentially writes the house budget the illegal house budget in his district there is a pothole all main street. They when you look down you can basically see to China. I mean is absurd the original brick is visible because all the asphalt as Norway in this is all main street. And Anderson. So who. In depth look that being the most powerful politician in the stage to buy them that. In this state senator from Orange County. Owned a company that gets NC DOT contracts. And set. You don't make money barked filling potholes he makes money by building new roads and look at the end of the day. That's what it comes down to that is the crux of this whole guest excite the spot well. Billions of our dollar to be stolen from us and totaled two Q Lebanon warrant Cali and these politicians. Are all culpable for for a scheming with them to do. Absolute only talk about how politicians and special interest will get rich off of this a wanna connect some of those dots explained just how Beck could work it has tried to get his Ford. After the break stick with a Cyril Sunday night the second day of a 1063. W nordic. I we are back carols Sunday night the seven day evil 1063. WORD. So Davis seems like he decided to actually join us tonight settle watched the masters with a kind of a lower than Nicholson one now Mickelson was both kind of did terrible this weekend and a. Now we have no but I mean I'm still in. Without a bit up ankle Friday afternoon in tiger was never really into their personal. Yeah today the oldies that those are the select the oldies they weren't too giddy this weekend's. Or at bat. Well I noted all per. Golf fans that yourself the masters tell the Super Bowl so wall and Alistair will win. I know every year animal panther fans football some only experience being actually excited for civil twice as I guess kind of watching though the masters when you're GAO's aren't and it's kind of like. You know a Super Bowl when your team's on it fun still to not know doesn't hold the same the same way is on the same experience that if he can't pull for your gap but. I want to get into a an issue that's a little complicated Dave and it public sale brought in have. Forgive us for haven't gotten to some of the weeds here but we talk volatile about how politicians and and lobbyists special interest groups can make money. All fall taxpayer. The tax dollars actually end up in the pockets old. Politicians. And lobbyists the special interest groups and there's an easy a simple way that happens and UCLA Hugh leatherman. Where he parlay owns a concrete opening the gates contracts a sub contracts from the SE DNC. And infrastructure bank Reza pretty clear cut example. There's also a more secure way then our tax dollars from far and I its way into the pockets of lobbyists and special interest groups and com the website Myrtle Beach SC dot com has kind of stumbled upon in my opinion what is a very big scandal that and I think. Shed some light on that just Hal. These guys stand to make a ton of money and how they can make a ton of money you know quote unquote legally. Because Carly that was at its walls with the construction and possibly three. Tomorrow we Jesse dot com put out a ball and are clear date tedious fought in battles funded battle strategies LLC address. Is a Connelly homes and a TDF four is basically there's tourism tax in Myrtle Beach when you go out the area of all we're in a hotel Myrtle Beach. Dog tourism tax to siphon all and part of that money goes to the local home. Area chamber of commerce of the Myrtle Beach area chamber of commerce. So. When they found is that there's a lot of money being paid out by the chamber of commerce which is fun about taxpayer. To some shady LLC east one of which was battle strategies and resist are looking into it is that lady a home. Who owns it isn't or him every battle she's an employee in Asia of the book chamber of commerce in Myrtle Beach a home. But she's also the daughter balls. The say Sandra they're great timber she's also married to a a real trip there but with the panel does that in the suit filed against the Myrtle Beach chamber of commerce. The same or beach and or accounting. Miss battles named as the owner of this battle strategies LLC. Aniston stays that in the last two years the chair commerce is paid. Battle strategies LLC over 60000 dollars from the tourist tax dollars so straight. Tax dollars going to all. Battle strategies LC owned by miss battled older old state senator Gregg timber. She's also she's not the only. Current Myrtle Beach enriched by chamber air up area chamber of commerce employee who owns a private business they gets TF phones. There's also bill Rosenthal. A few others but essentially Dave won our understanding is of these and they look into where these LCs are supposedly address and the finding vacant lots. They're finding in a residential homes. Obviously not a guy. Up all night organization is only open up your running from a vacant lot right so it seemed like 20. Lead. And are they well look I mean it is the end of the day especially with senator and the daughter this you've got to look at this. With a real strong of a you know very strong microscope because. I mean the other day that little bit this lawsuit came about because a group of citizens in the Myrtle Beach areas have enough. They've had enough of the in you know these are that they chamber of commerce basically sucking up taxpayer money. And the politician that sort of weird circles that there is going round and round with a politician at the Walt that'll wow the chamber of commerce to be the only recipient. A BT yet dollars. For marketing purposes. So any time that anybody particularly upstate. He's and that poor or billboards. Or newspaper ad again caddie become the Myrtle Beach or there's a Myrtle Beach. That's coming from. Eight chamber of commerce affiliated business now. Why what acting this article is already in and really hit on. And David Cook who won probing Jesse dot com is a phenomenal job a great. In this citizen investigator down there it is Maury county thank god they're doing the kind of work but what you had this. You have eight state senator's daughter. Basically getting 30000 dollars a year. And nobody can tell us what she did. To get that money nobody knows what battle tested LLC is nor is it doesn't really matter. But nobody can tell us what work that she did to earn 30000 dollars here. That smelled to me really fishy now some would set. That this could be some sort of setup or a back scheme because her father's estate senator we don't know that we can't group that. But some might say that that that is what it looks like. N and a very easily set it looks all trips issue debt in politician's daughter is getting basically what looks like a do nothing contract worth thirty. Thousand dollars a year in back to hell of a lot. List. Is debate and mean and the of course she is the either personally leave with because she is the daughter of gray Camry but it's not just car the seems to be a widespread. All you know problem that our ethics laws just ignore I mean from the oracle bill Rosenthal. Who's a former employee of the chamber of commerce now owns a business called visibility in conversions. Myrtle Beach Jesse dot com was a form yesterday that mr. Rosenthal has recently relocated to Florida visibility diversions hasn't paid over sixty million dollars. In tedious tax forms. So what do sing an hour up all of tie this back and I Samie three because what it sounds like to me is that all through our ethics laws that are single looses in the country which leads in the hunt corruption we're talking about. If you want to recede. In some way. Tax dollars all you have to do is form some shady LLC right you can even email address any vacant lot in camp. Then the chamber or other government agencies can pay that LLC for you know something is indeed the says consulting. Right. Pay import they pocket the money and now they've put what basically illegally laundered our tax dollars into their own pocket. And so when come on I 73. You know I know sixty million dollars a ton of money to this mr. Rosen alternate. But that is pails in comparison to the two billion dollars. We're talking about thrown out of Myrtle Beach to the chamber of commerce into these cronies who are sucking the taxpayer dry as it is. Right so it's not just. Her is not just in this battle and it's not just the Myrtle Beach chamber of commerce in or ethics laws allow us to happen all over the place. And if you are say legislator and you've file are and you create one of these LLC's. And then you're making money from tax dollars you don't even have to. Show where the money comes from you say I got some money provide sour from a LLC an SS discussion. So we talk about. The culture of corruption how it persists. This is one of the ways these guys can make money all the book at our expense and we're not talking about chump change sixty million dollars. Right and we're talking about two billion dollars go now for interstate 73. Which is what COY is so important. Too stale and on top of this issue as it continues to develop. Because one we know for sure if I 73. Gets built there what to siphon all gas tax might suppose be fixing erodes. Do you for the construction Maine it's eleven not a project and we also and a if we don't. Two billion dollars in this area which is rife with corruption already. You can be certain that some of our money's gonna end up in the pockets of shady characters like a daughter all say senator gray Camry or this bill Rosenthal. Character so all the way around this airspace or three project needs to die and when you put pressure all politicians and what you said before don't tell no till hell though on interstate 73. But in another thing to the gets about well there's say they've is that you've got. When I am driving hole and I 85 you were a couple years ago when they try to re patch. A part of life found and they found out today though contractor is doing it a sub par job dean meet standards there rip. Although boning and in all that hard to contact and we hired them and are gonna yeah yeah yeah if they're that bad old. Belt they get so you know. With or without our there's Jason we're driving or already right I mean they're absolutely terrible they can't even catch a couple potholes on inner city found. But they really wanna take two billion dollars in signaled the Myrtle Beach for assay semi three no way no how we've got to stand up to him. I got I guess of before check out the FaceBook page and stay on top of this issue as the bills faced the dot com for slash fantasy. Guys will see it next week same time same place almost sunny nice the second day of a 163 W already.