Sunday Nights with Seth and Dave 5 13 2018

Sunday’s with Seth & Dave
Sunday, May 13th

Seth flies solo for this week and talks about another electricity rate increase, delay in elections for the public service commission, sine die resolution in Columbia, and the Greenville County Council's solution to fixing the roads. 


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It is that time again. 5 o'clock all Sunday's hero 1063 WORD. It is time for Sunday night was set and they've where tall meets action. We are present tonight by the freedom action network South Carolina the premier grassroots organization here in the palm out of state. Looking to equip citizens with the tools necessary. To fight corruption down the Statehouse to take back control or state government and actually advocates for freedom. Checked and I don't FaceBook dot com forward slash fantasy. Guys are so much normal and every week down in Columbia what these guys are up to try to take more or money. Break the all you name it is going on and we can only talk about so much. Every week's hero sunny nice a seven day but if you wanna be in the note. Would daily updates about what they're doing down there and more important which you can actually do about it may she got the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com fort slash. Pair of SE give us alike and followed and say up to date. When our daily updates as well as our FaceBook allows we do. Own site of some these crumbling roads you wanna see those so I think some army has now gotten close 101000 used check him out faced a dot com. Force less than a same if you wanna join the conversation the night guys give us a call 1803471063. Happy Mother's Day to everyone the navy listen who has a mom and we appreciate all you do. I want to go just a quick second say a very public campaign mode today. To my mom Liane there's vols a very special happy no state to my sister Sarah who was celebrating her very first Muller today. Now we've got three kids in my generation all three girls are sisters now what I've got one of my brother has one I retain my daughter is the apple mob at my two nieces. All right up there lull in the death. So thank you moms and having most say things further on the gift of life for both ourselves and all the people that we wolf. As Dave was taken and I'd also I'm flying solo which is me and you have a question boy who decides our electricity rates. Have you ever wondered that. Seems like every time I go to our mailbox and opening up our mob bill from Duke Energy are racing dog just a little bit more. And when you look at that is the case nine rate hikes in ten years for a lot of customers across the on state both co op customers as CNG a scanner customers in the dukes also got multiple. Rate increases. And now. Duke is asking for another rate increase down the then asking for increased LP in the upstate is now far behind. So as this is all going own who actually decides electricity rates. Now this is the question I ask myself not just now what about ten years ago when I first got involved in politics. I bought a house right there all of though what side of Greeneville and my very first month owning a home Gaza opened up my bill. And there's a notice from new candy saying they're going to. Try to increase our rights. Well courses new home buyer I was furious I saw no reason for the increased electricity. So us are looking into it come to find out the people there asking for we always say they're asking for these increases are asking it entity known as the public service commission. Now you guys have been falling of the show the last couple months as we talked about the developing it electricity rate hike debacle. With the failed nuclear project you may have heard us mention the public service commission before. There when I was calm pitching years ago when I was first trying to fight their original rate increase but up first bought my house actually went and spoke. And the public service commission hearing when they were you know weighing in the pros and cons in this vol. All right increase I spoke actually had a page petition was held night militants on. Agassi any paper petition with hundreds people's names that don't around that signature form presented PSA in a game a speech. It obviously the you know people they are back in a 100% they illustrate increase either. And the couple weeks later we got the word that duke was in fact get a rate increase and I realized then that. You know being you jump on the front and moving train which is what these these rate increase process is norm. Tiller from that doesn't make you a hero doesn't make you intelligent nation don't get you run over and I realized then that you've actually want to control. Things in politics particularly when it comes to a utility calls he can't meet the popular front moving train you got to find a way to start. Beat in the train and driving it with from within. So start looking this public service commission. They are legislatively appointed and by the way they make a nice little salary. A 106000 dollars to be exact of taxpayer money so legislating a point of before they can be a point. They have to be strained by another entity may have a politicians called the public utility review committee. And so these guys get to get together and anyone who may wanna Roland. And be all the public service commission. They have to be screened by these ten politicians now. In that sounds familiar it's because SE exact same system. But the Ayatollah is that I ran used to choose their president died tolls all gather around and they screen who are who cannot run for president and allow people must decide between. They're predetermined. Picks and much like the Ayatollah system and I ran it produces not candidates that are. Actually there to stay in a for the people the candidates that are beholden. To the Ayatollah Zacarias case or two of these politicians all the pro board the public utility review committee in our case here in South Carolina. So. Every couple years these guys have to be elected and with the ball process and are being screened by apart and in Alden. Voted on by the full general Stanley about a house. And a sense and this year. There's a couple district's anxious was the last year and a second. There's three district up for election so this whole time we've been follows nuclear ray hi debacle. We've been putting an immense amount of pressure also new guys as well listeners of volatile FaceBook even mess pressure. All the politicians. To say call for an actual federal investigation. Into what happened this rate hike to block. Nor pay and nine and gotten our licensing years we're paying 18% of our monthly bills are paying the highest monthly Colston the nation. For a nuclear reactor it's never gonna produce a single kill a lot of electricity. All at the VC summer project and also won the duke owns upping Gaffney they're never gonna producing power annular paying. So as we've seen Isabella putting this pressure to call for investigation and what exactly. All what happened to win the politicians knew you know what they knew and they profit for home information they had. But also to break apart the system. You know these these guys he's PS singers have rubber stamp these rate hikes for a lasting years ever since. The based on review that was put into law by legislators say they have there tag team in wins along with also the utility Chile against the ratepayers and we're getting hammered. So called for the investigation and also just to get politicians out of this entire process entirely. So you don't have a a public service commission don't have you know Ayatollah and South Carolina choosing who alone determines our electricity rates break it up. And politicians true to form a current that. Pressure. ARRIS bind at the responding. Kind of so first of all our commissioner here heavily district four represents our area live Fleming chief sidestep them. No she didn't she don't but he Albie are responsible for this the Bok list taking place every month. Ford class out here was to she has stepped down. But you still health unit three on this result if you look at the home. I hope these people walk with a slate of folks in the perk or has put Ford becomes very very calm. You know obvious that dale look out for us. And you looking district to Wear a home. I think Coleman's running Williams of the guys failed to build public service commission the last couple years and are overseeing these rates he wants to get back home. You got a former legislator tell Marvin and there you got a General Counsel for the also regulatory staff for a spell served on the slay case I mean nobody. Is actually go look out for ratepayers. And so the last couple months these guys have delayed this election. This is a safe place last year what is there's a push to back pushed it back and pushed it back so they finally had this election the sham election. Last Thursday at the very last day quote unquote other legislative session. So first of all they screen the candidates. Like the guy tolls on I ran anywhere you suspend elections and delay and delay like they used to do. In the USSR. But what these coming rate hikes they know all horizon this election is Paramount and so our call on action was simple. These guys should just abstain these toys or should abstain from this process don't vote and in no vote any element. No mortal look out for us in this entire process. Is fault. If there's somebody there's a citizen who will simulate a public service commission. Is no matter what the Ayatollah think he's had his say and have a chance to run the poll shows this whole thing is he broken up. So we called for these guys to abstain thousands of folks across the state told and do not take part in this system. After the break out say how it all shook out on Thursday and how we have to stay always does go for on this issue sick only here on Sunday night's assassinate. And we are back here all Sunday nights the second day flying solo tonight. Just mean you guest talking about these public service commission elections that. The legislators have put all in total and delayed and delayed. You know reminiscent of the old Soviet Union days and he just can't selections that they want to. These guys have delayed in elated as this nuclear rate hike the mottled. Other deeds doesn't come mortal life so he's put all dealing with. The elections the public service commission which is the entities determines our electricity rate hikes occur at all till Thursday they Farley I guess had enough time. For this public utility review committee this park board these Ayatollah here South Carolina to get their hand picked puppet candidates. The could run for these public service commission are slates. And they finally held elections owned Thursday the quote unquote last day. Obsession now our call and the emails and the message that thousands of folks from across the state central island legislators was this entire system. It's corrupt it's broken it's led to the ball. Debacle we have now and these to be broken up do not participate. Andy sham election would these puppet candidates abstain from a entirely. It try to break it apart. Passable for the right Allison and I'll let you know how that shook out on Thursday and here's how win. Of all the legislators voting about the house and the senate a grand total of two. Actually it's thing I believe they are Johnson killed Anderson and then Shane Norton in Spartanburg. And the typical you know what you expect and mr. four happened Tom Marvin the former failed governor candidate and former state legislator in the state house. Was elected herbs and district four up here we are. You know as as our. Expected and but they did pass Holm. Florence belzer who is the General Counsel for the also regulatory staff she was running to represent districts six they pastor out. It was a little bit of all surprised in favor of an attorney in the Columbia area Justin Williams a BS I don't know a whole lot about him other than. I'm suspicious if he would pass Muster and get through the quote unquote screening process from the police are review committee. Now where it got interesting wasn't district to. Let your hair before the break I told you district to the guy all the public service commission the incumbent. Elliott you home. Or element not quite sure have Nelson and LE eighty home. Is running again Morse to get reelected after having bill the PSE while they were rubber stamping rate hike after rate hike fees utility. Companies they couldn't they didn't like him. So they passed only incumbent. But they also passed on every other candidate. In district and they want a new slate of candidates. That's interesting to be Ozzie I'd never heard they had happened before usually just like the rate hikes they say these guys you're rubber stamp there's a predetermined favorite. They billion ushered in. I've never seen him try to reject entire slate of candidates but I'll be honest what I hearted. I chuckled. A so you know they may not of the listen that saying to these guys are feeling the pressure and they want to make sure they did you not send back an incumbent in the PSE back in there. They actually stand up these guys if for no other reason and for the campaign and I was. First let's second excited. Ali artist. And then after I calmed down as you know what happens now. If they didn't rejected the slate of candidates. They could approve any album what happens now. And I'm sure a lot of folks who are missing her chambers what are the same thing. Now think the world I thank the lord. That the nerve not a war the only investigative journalists the site that I know of here South Carolina looks into what these guys are doing. They had that same question and unlike the mainstream media they actually work hard and did for the answers are always questions and found out that low NB old. Then if there is not an election right in there wasn't because of the sleigh cancer rejecting the incumbent gets to keep his seat. Until a new election is held. The thing about that they're basically doing an end Iran Alan Al pressure. Right for months they've heard thousands of people. Across the state complain about their monthly electricity bill complain about this the bottle complain about the PSE. Rubber stamping. These rate hikes to look for the we are now paying the highest about the calls in the country say heard that pressure. And these guys concocting this scheme that they would not vote for this incumbent. So that they can go out here during their campaign in the next couple weeks and say I was fighting for you. I rejected that slate of candidates are rejected. That incumbents candidacy. I stood up for you. But in fact of the matter. That very common they are poked standing up to him. Will still be making decisions all the public service commission. Until a new election yourself now did a mud they waited till the last eight obsession to hold an election. So when exactly. Or they could get around this new election. Who knows and once again keep in mind this is important. Because Duke Energy right now. Is asking the public service commission for a another rate hike down the PDA area. And one from the upstate will quickly follow the so easily do these things. It tested out one area you know Seattle post ever service commission is feeling see the kind of hating the little push back in a year. And then they craft the message to PSE opening up state. Based on what they heard and PD so it's common. And this guy is Elliott you home who has built a public service commission. Rubber stamping these rate hikes for years is George you retain his position. Because there was not an election held they're doing an end around. Al pressure they wanna deal to come back home and lied to you and say I stood up for you. I stood up against the evil public service commission hoosiers that angle your monthly electricity bills million skyrocket I stood a form that's a lie. They will that guy's gonna sit on a public service commission probably until next year and they get back for session again. I mean this is absolutely ridiculous they delayed the election so last day like the Soviet Union they screen the candidates. Themselves they hand pick the candidates. A little puppets of the wrong. Just like they do and I ran out BI tell us and yet they still. Still. Couldn't have a quote quote honest approach to this election. They couldn't go to Oprah down. They rejected a slate of candidates. Though it was the easiest way to give them a cop out with no real repercussions. When it comes to our bills. Talk monthly electricity bills. It was an end around and we have got to hold these guys accountable. Both for what they've done with the selection. With delaying it and having puppet candidates but also for the fact that our bills are out of control. Our electricity bills are skyrocketing. And the guys directly responsible for that are these legislators. First they passed the base that review act. Right which gave these utility companies the ability. To start charging us for these nuclear reactors as they built them and also left a sold hook. In case those are projects failed which say they have now have priced at first they passed that wall and put us on hold for billions of dollars in debt. And make sure 18% of our monthly bills are go to a whole program. First they pass sell all this in the public service commission. The also regulatory staff these legislatively. Appointed oversight committees write turn a blind eye for a decade. A decade. While getting glowing reviews from the public utility view commission and the politicians sitting level and legislators. Say pass a law that created it. They turned a blind eye wall spat control and now the chickens are coming home to roost and the natives aren't happy in a put pressure on these guys a break apart the system. They just did a dis honest end around. That pressure. So they can go back to you allied to EU. About what they tried to accomplish in Columbia. This was not about tried to stand up to. The public service commission and insurers tell what about standing up and accept responsibility for what they don't working families over the last two years. This was about giving them a cop out giving them a campaign catch phrase about standing up to PSE is a dis honest. Movie we've got a whole look California Don here and every time we pay a monthly bill. Is going higher they are directly responsible gas home accountable we're focused on some. Local stuff we get back here after the break on Sunday nights with seven day. I think he receive a list through the break here only special Mother's Day edition. A Sunday night was seven day where Tony section. Guys you join the conversation with me tonight in you shout 1803471063. We'll look to get short take. Oh what these guys pulled all this last week. With the public service commission elation knows delayed for months in hell hole Thursday. In an end around are pressuring Al out in common public service commissioner to maintain his seat. Until I guess they get back around had another election on Monday to take a 11800. 3471063. Now for the break asset housing has some local stuff here rebuilt and I promise I will blog got my red up. Only these state legislators I was stick with another issue we've been following another one's gonna continue to build on the next couple weeks. As I've said throughout the show Thursday was the quote unquote last day of session. But we are not out of the woods yet right they are now they call over time they passed a starring Kyra solutions Latin for something don't ask me. And yes innings take more your moaning and I don't know if they pass a Sinai resolution allows and they go back into recession even after session is over. And it's funny how they pass this they actually set the schedule so elegantly it'll Thursday or go back for just a couple days in May. To do some you know maintenance stuff. And then there are taken nice little break and come back on June 13. The day after. The primary election because lord knows guys that these guys campaigns. Is way more important than it matters of the state. We didn't elect them to actually. Pass the budget apparently is likened to campaign in international state when they police. Another thing on the side and our resolution is you know they all pat themselves on the back. Last year it was you reform when they shortened session we want the longest legislative sessions on the same level in the country. I mean these guys go down there for nearly six months at least they used it as three days a week for six months and really keeps a lot of regular folks from being able to serve. Right I mean. Regular people can't take six months off their job. To go to Columbia so we get stuck with no are basically most the attorneys some real estate agents but no we're working class people so they'll pat themselves on the back. When they shorten the session. A last year the year before. I ended it a couple weeks earlier almost a point of that is my question. If all you're gonna do is pass these are not resolution to stay in session the same amount you won both. If you're never sure recession the first place once again an empty gesture from our high and mighty state at all legislators but now one thing they did not get too. Palm. What they did not. Get to a home. In the during the regular session they gonna have to give back so Ivan got this in my leg my produce best in note that I care reeker it was insane. Without a net again not because of his sorrow and landings without a day of pale they've created days now they're gonna back into session here you know. Schedule around their campaign and one thing they're gonna have to take ill. Darren disarm and I period is the illegal budget doesn't talk about this the last couple weeks is literally the biggest thing. The biggest responsibilities they have as legislators is to go down there and pass the state budget. Now say they hadn't tested heading gotten through the public to process this lesson at a conference is still got to get to the governor and deal with his potential. You know line item vetoes drink it to the second. So in overtime now after their election their comeback and take up this illegal budget. Notation or not up to date on it we've told illegal budget for one simple reason. They never refused to followed the legal process to write this budget. The total loss is clear section eleven dash eleven national ninety says there are supposed to be joint open hearings between the house ways and means committing. And descendant of finance committee every held only the governor's proposed budget. They can have health represent as from the governor there to. Communicate with and told to like save about their budget and also have input from. Citizens to great wall. They break it every year they never listen to it they don't want us to know what they're doing with thirty billion dollars of our hard earned tax money. They wanna shut us down the process. Do it all behind closed doors regular police subcommittee hearings are using our tell lies and using or over to the public and very rarely BO broadcast is that we know what can take place. They don't want our input say break the law every single year. And we have to force them at some point if we're ever orgy changes say to follow the wall the budget so that we can have input we can't hold them accountable. So our message to the governor our master has been clear if. This illegal budget gets to your desk veto it you know it's high time to force these guys to follow the law of the variables they pass. Right it's and sickened tired heading to tears. All citizens in South Carolina. You got legislators who did the donor and held able to. You know irregardless of the losses and the rest Ellis had to live under there overlord shill. And follow the laws they pass while they don't I'm sick and tired of Indian master he's a force these guys. To start the process over. Oh you're already in overtime Bailey has you're parties been more tax dollars be down there at least do it legally. He's a veto and and they start over so there's been. People answer that call. People across this state understand. That if you're going to ever bring these guys and you've got to deal to hold them accountable and forced a fall or something as simple as writing the budget. Right so thousands of folks have contacted the governor and told them exactly that. Master veto the entire. Budget don't know what your predecessors have done and I'll be clear on this this is not a new development. They break the law on the budget every single year in every single year our governor for paley Sanford and all but let them get away with a and all they do is and above all budget dissident this is old goat do until veto but they call line item. I specific expenditures they want to veto and try to cross that blood. And then what happens is that they get vetoed budget back. They overrun all the vetoes it goes right back in there and vetoes usually only account for less than a tenth of 1%. All the budget overall and it's a political sham that's been going on for years in South Carolina pennies in 2000 the folks who sit master that he now. Don't veto mile line item veto the entire illegal budget. Make a start over make him go to the legal processes tax payers you know the ones footing the bill for all this actually did their legal input. Into the budget process so in true reform here. Mean master or sending back we called for an email. Two thousands of citizens across a concern about this issue formula means he wrote it wants as his copy and paste who ever will also on total. About the budget. And that in and of itself are auctioning day because remember these politicians are the war for all of us. Right if you're a employee you don't have four in emails you send back to the balls on particular issues that's ridiculous that's the first thing. Even worse is the contents of this form email as it relates to be telling the entire legal budget I'm reading it for you. And you tell me 1803471063. If I'm off the rails here or you're just as outraged by masters flippant attitude. Towards its taxpayers' concerns and towards healing illegality. Of what the legislatures do and he says the legislative budgetary process. As an all government process c.s and procedures must be transparent and above board in every case without exception. Except for this hospice members of the general assembly like our public officials should adhere to a law and constitution as the oath of office we take requires. The governor's executive budget is provided to the general assembly at the start of each legislative session as required by state law. Now I share your frustration in my budget priorities like those of previous governors are not uses a starting point for legislative budget writers. So far so good hindering you give us a little flowery language is beginning now being transparent above board which are cigarettes everything but. And then you say you know I too wish that my budget priorities were taken out as a law requires the question Alison what are you gonna do about it. Mr. former attorney general mr. governor what are you gonna do about it. His answer however. I do not believe that simply feed telling the entire budget is the best means of calling attention to legislative excess and overreach. On the contrary when a governor vetoes individual items in the state budget. Legislators must to keep public quote only the record decision where to override or sustain each veto. This allows taxpayers to know which legislator support or oppose. Unfunded mandates on identifiable pork projects or special interest earmarks okay Hendrick. They've already voted for the budget. They've already taken and owned the record stands if they support the unfunded mandates the unidentifiable pork projects and the special interest earmarks they've already taken that state. The party support. You go into another dog and pony show it your line item vetoes doesn't get them anymore on the record for this than they already work. And once again your reap you're ignoring the overall point. Which is that this is key legal. This is not a political gain. Governor this is not about forcing a legislators to do you own the record status. This is about holding the role of wall and you say in your own email. That members of the general assembly like all public officials which I is so close to governor. Master should appear to be law and constitution. So once again though question is. Will the master forced these guys. To follow the wall while he veto the entire thing because according to this for me now he doesn't seem to get it. He seems to want to play political games would this issue and I have to ask as it relates to this. The governor's race which of course is looming over all. Every other political decision being made in the governor's mansion. Do you look at this you have to ask yourself like the zen master even want to win this election. I mean he is basically allowed the legislator run roughshod. Over this state and his governorship the last couple years and he refuses. To stand up and down also is based. Is breaking normal. It's ridiculous we're gonna stay on top of a master hope you it will as well as this continues to unfold. Guzzle we head into the home stretch right after the break here Sunday nights the seven net. Mr. producer without they've been here we should and moved up beyond Johnson the bumper music in the front the ship beacon of its after. That missed opportunity gap we are back heading into the home stretch here own Sunday night the second they've only special motor stay addition. This reducer how many politicians is a take to fix problem. I'm gonna go with not enough almost say we would know he has never happened before right. That but that doesn't stop these guys from China right we all remember the last big problem bizcast China. Undertake which of course is our roads. Our crumbling paint. Falling apart decrepit roads and they decide of course and there was some that the only solution. Was the largest gas tax hike in state history passed last year and since then they have spent a whopping total of zero dollars. Old and new guest testimonial salable to fix our roads. Does us no surprise anybody write any bigger travel around town hearing bill now live downtown lot drop home more academy. I literally let them get pulled over for drunk driving because he's Gaza I think I'm in payers dress warm dodged bottles. Of course the they'll they'll promise not isolated and the marking your home it's all around this county it's all around the state. They're not fixing the road it's been so the problem persists. Inter and our remote county council. Now they want to fix the problem with traffic choked roads. The fallen far roads now you're never gonna guess what they think the solution should they. Taxes. These. Are the same old thing that they just raise last year let's say level the fix these same roads. They are doing it from the grim news Greenville county council agrees only solution for traffic choked roads is taxes and fees. Now I don't remember a couple of years ago in point fourteen. Was the first time they tried this nonsense and they similar to have a sales tax referendum. Boy does it put a fix our roads. Now's a different organizations how we fault that they tooth and nail a lot of actors came out the helpless and are we flooded the county council chambers was. In a ninety people are so all of our green T shirts at a news out there. And that thing was beat 65 to 35. Once people realized a the money there are rays didn't have to be spent on the roads and be there in tax groceries. When vessel sex said he asked the voters are McCarrick council asked the voters for years ago. As before the gas tax hike masses do you more put a sales tax and to quote unquote future roads. And the voters said no. We let's unify the money to do it. But where Doherty is little est de C stempel and actually fix the roads are supposed to know we don't wanna pay. More taxes and more fees to yes sir she should already providing sixty about a 35201. Was shot down. And hear this monster comes rearing its ugly head again. Lesson from the grim news military council agrees only solution for two traffic or roads is taxes and fees now from the article. First sentence first sense taxes and grim accounting had not gone up in more than twenty years okay I'm appalled right here. I am assuming that this reporter crystal called. Doesn't own any property in accounting doesn't pay a property tax bill. I can assure yeah taxes and remote county have going alt a lot in the last twenty years. From our own doesn't for a private caddy council members but the time has come all agreed and a workshop Tuesday afternoon. To give the area's traffic choked roads a major cash infusion. In a wide ranging discussion council members pitch multiple ways to raise money. It sells tax fees on developers Atari tax increase in the most congested areas. Bottom line. The county's current patchwork of local state and federal money for roads is insufficient to deal with the Ares increasingly clogged transportation arteries the council sent. Now wait a second. Wait just a second. I tall when we just passed the lawyers guest excited say history. Last year that some of this money is gonna work its way back down to the counties in fact the only money but they have spit from Disney gas tax hike. Has been given it back to the counties in the form of bonk character rotation committees. Says there's more money now common in the war for years ago but it now we just we can do where I have to go to a home. In a tax hike. Retain carry counselor from Moline says people are posing development so much we're gonna end up. All stifling development down angry look knowing if it we are not careful. I guess that and you look around aiming at things pop on old left right and neighbors populist right. This is not enough for Fred pain he just looking out for the future of the community allows tax hike thanks for and we appreciate it. Carrie counselor Bob Taylor chairman the cap accounting finance committee. So the public always suspicious a tax increases and the resource is it takes the deal towards one no wonder Bob in the last time he put the same to referendum. You said hey. Did a money losing got a roads. When you read the actual ball ordinance we found a very quickly that was not the case yellow line. Also said that you weren't gonna tax groceries we read the ordinance without Value Line. So you're damn right there were always suspicious of tax increases the Bob Taylor resolution vote. I think whatever we talk about. So talking about roads tax. Let's have our campaign gear reduction of congestion program and quote Taylor said again this here you are your caddy council member. You are elected to represent your constituents. Your constituents a mere three and a half years ago. Soundly rejected. The ideal and they sell sex night. Now rather than did the message to your Dick scold mr. Taylor. Now you've decided no word I get that tax increase full way or the other this time whereas gonna sell its own different. That's ridiculous and embarrassment. They're already plotting owner Hal not just that we should have a cell sector for an. But how they're gonna sell a thing when the public campaign. Now news flash to mr. Taylor I'm sure he may remember although he is getting a little up in years. Then if four years ago dealt also had a public campaign about reducing congestion. Take the talking points are what lost you bet on election where that vote that referendum. The law student referendum is a we don't want to pay more in taxes. For a service you should already be providing. We just passed the largest gas tax hike in state history and they starting to spend the money to fix the roads we don't wanna pay more. We are very suspicious but if we did pay more that would actually ease congestion or fix our roads but pity you lost that referendum. Because Joseph lied to people about it and here you are. Not four years later 'cause scheming up another wait a lot of people. About this referendum. The green caddie residents do not trust you with more our money. Point blank period. I thought we may dent message clear for years ago. And nothing gets me is that there are in the article sticking to try to scheme. Bernard and the article. In the same. Goes on to say you know he would also have a reference didn't realize is we have to have a tax increase the one to be smarter to you know maybe do eventually Tony. There's a presidential election year whereas twice 1428 to be mid terrorists may we get a different turn out he says but he's like a totally. So yeah Bob tail of one hand. Already coming up with slogans in a way to pitch is saying publicly they get in as fast scheming own what are now would be better to sell this thing Tony 18 Detroit's morning. By god we're gonna get this tax increase to a more of these deals money. Well we're descended on message in the next couple weeks and months as this comes up for a vote in county council. Not know but held them the message we sent four years ago still holds true today. We do not actually believe. They getting a lot more our money is going to fix congestion. We do not believe giving you more of our money is what you fix our roads. And for good reason. Because we just basically backed up a Brinks truck to state government last year with hundreds of millions of dollars and gas X and they are fixing the roads that. We are not going to approve a sales tax hike and it's a shame. That this is even going to be debated in county council chambers. You need to start listening to the people who elected you. And we say we want our congestion fixed we mean find a solution. We don't mean Texas mole. My favorite scheme in this article. Is that rather than just have these countywide. Soul sex referendum. One of the ideas proposed is you create special tax districts. Around the most congested areas around order for another areas where people there would pay more. Agassi shocked you pay more but not across so counting signatures for some get a straight. There for a story disaster. Kind of council but now I trust the pay more Britney Spears of going to. Here like this I say this is devolve when these guys are much own devices and these little committee hearings by themselves these things evolve beyond ridiculous. We do not wanna sell sex night we're gonna have our own little public campaign. And for inaction network letting these guys know how there's a constituents feel like the idea of another sell sex referendum. And that's the police stick around for that doesn't add some padding though as they once again and I'll see you next week or Sunday nights the seven they've.