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Sunday, May 27th
Seth and Dave talk about the meaning of Memorial Day, McMaster's late investigation into the gas tax money, Public Service Commission elections, and the challenge from Mike Pitts. 

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It is that time again 5 o'clock on Sunday Cyril 1063 W Lordi it is time for Sunday nights the second day of where told police action. We're responsible night Gaza by the freedom action network of South Carolina. And they hear me say it every week but it's the truth they are the premier grassroots organization. Here in the palm out of state. Looking to equip citizens just like you. With the tools necessary to fight corruption now a Columbia and lord knows there's a lot of it. But the fight that to take back control or state government and actually advocate for freedom and for conservative principles. They should joyous night only special Memorial Day weekend we are actually pretty record this'll Friday morning and Memorial Day is very important to. A lot of Americans the time we get to reflect on sacrifices made by our troops over the years to give us the freedoms that we now enjoy. Dave what's the Swartz clan up to those more holiday weekend. They verbally relax and for the MB. Slogans and meet. Us out as ever did so there should do on all of albeit long holiday. Was so well. Well this fourth holidays as you always have something planned to cook let us like this that the petitioner of your holiday weekend is and you spoken some brisket. While in on the (%expletive) some ribs are always something new you're looking for decoding. That hit the road that's how we do around the globe do smoke angled grill meat. What some fashionable. You know we're stick insides. And and then sit back and or 2000 and you know look I think it can set a lot of the times and that's why I moved her record that show on Friday and not doing a lot on Sunday is. All of this lady important day a lot of people forget about Memorial Day and Veteran's Day. They they take for granted which is and it it's a long weekend but the reality. If it is important to think about. Did you know Monday memorial today Ed and this think about the sacrifices that were made. Source even have this conversation it is. I'll it is you know it is how big it is I get about how to think that it. It is. You know I get chills but I'll bet that people you know diet talk for our freedom. I'm so that we can have these kind of hard hitting conversation that you won't to do and what that. But really is it important that they are immense surge units to think about that solemn and and some really tablets and among that. No absolutely were hoping to as the weather permits get out of the late in the smallest things that you have folks have going overseas and home and die for our freedoms not just heavy starting conversations with a deal to sit back relax more famous with a healthier old. On Tierney and there's so many guys and so many families of won't have that. Ability because of the the sacrifice folks and they didn't it is worth reflecting alone in taking over gives me chills library we are in Columbus few years ago. Don't listen to repair talk about taking his dad it was a war two vet back over to the beaches of Normandy. And fought a battle as money suit never got to come home but their grave on. Stone or had sons face Mac west towards home and I just as well as ours are you. In that you'll paid so much let's make the most of it lets you see streams the dust more ability to keep him on what the freedoms were in the principles led. We did these guys these are four and do sometimes not for which is in the red is the freedom soup. Column you know have a gated doll morality we can Galilee in smokes and meet enjoy your failing in freedom. But it's also about the ability to have some control. Over our government Ryan Ellis I'll lose sight over what. America will sound over it was at the common man that all of us who have a stake in our governor had to say and how our government is trying to power money gets there. And unfortunately it as we're in job big reflecting over the meaning Memorial Day this morning preparation for the show. It's just such a damn shame that a lot of the freedoms that these soldiers do go in and fight dive for disarm are honored when we get back home. And we look himself in our government all the time Indy into rounds that they have for accountability and transparency with our money day. It is a basic bedrock principle of America and yet they sidestepped it time and time again. Alec talk about that the next couple minutes and has a couple of key ways we've seen the last few weeks that these guys get away with sidestepping. The accountability and transparency. That America was founded on one album won the ways. That we'll start with where everything starts and finishes and South Carolina politics these days which is with our crumbling roads and dilapidated infrastructure. Now even talking about the fact that. Even though they passed the largest gas tax hike in state history last year date they haven't spent the first dollar I'll actually fixing. The roads of the gas tax I was never about fixing the roads that part was about. So any more money to Letterman slush fund the state of the structure bank. That there's no accountability for. Might there would be if there's an actual executive agency that ran a videotape. There's another more a smaller more local level. Bomb waiting these just try to get around accountability with our tax dollars as it pertains to roads and that's what these county transportation committee staved. Now I know that there is a right up in the grim news about this because government master is now suddenly. I guess and his two dealer is suddenly shawl and stumbled across affected these things may be a problem but. Since Election Day Election Day eighteen days away and now we're starting investigation that the DC keeping Russia yet I must call this on govern masters are reelection cup campaign gallery tray here. Miss it that promote or allowing it to formally essentially says Kerry transportation committees are sometimes run locally. Sometimes operated by the NC and they are not on it a state officials. And bylaw Beers to use bond money from the gas tax. To complete improvement projects are local state roads and bridges in their jurisdictions so essentially they we have a equitable local. But Karla Carey transportation Prius CTC. They get a part of the gas tax money. But there's no oversight of how that money spent. And we sing at Lincoln's barber also some examples and a low country where this just becomes a slush fund for local politicians and some of the slush fund for state politicians. What did that exactly what it is and of course does the state legislature control how much of the money goes to the east slush funds and accounts. Which would be seeking another thing that that the article mentioned to him and we know to be true. Basically these are are still a lot of trust or like about order and still with local unelected your yes. 80 you have people that are making decisions of millions and millions of dollars of our money at a local level that are not elected to step. When bad things happen and poor decisions are made wind. 88 don't hurt Rudy is created wind up bridges fall apart down the street and somebody gets old. We as taxpayers and it did hurt they cannot hold. Anybody accountable exactly Yvonne are not elected and seeking millions of dollars they can't be fired I. So that the other day said this is as bad we talked about the state of sort of Bentley talked about you let him we talk about the eruption that slush fund everything else. And you know world social media with it every single day but. One thing we we really haven't is these seeking easy county transportation committees. And how well and how much a I know you talked earlier about your trip up to Blacksburg few months ago snowman and the trip back how sound. And how how you're basically driving down main street Blacksburg there. All eight in Cherokee county and how it was like on you know get a moon walk you basically drive and then the potholes everywhere all of birdie at Kabul. Sun broke my body was almost phone in the backseat and we return owned main street not a note more about two minutes were about to go some again here's main street Blacksburg. And we can't we turn on the mainstream there's these calls for looking down and we start bump then. Along the road is this cobblestone. Lessen a brother's so I mean this is crumbling and it was literally there's we will we went out to all. Not anymore since about the downtown district few weeks ago today remember we are alike. Pick help build the same end and middle potholes land bridge like about ballpark that we literally feared for a lot of standing on. I imagine that but it was a half a mile stretch both lanes of road. Literally singing mystery all they certainly is awful it was all. It's so so in Blacksburg except Carolina you got main street was completely damaged. Yeah they Cherokee county transportation committee. Decided to be able to spend money 101000 dollars to repay a driveway. Oh what state urban Stephen mull. His request and you remember that right now a couple years ago yup well. Stephen boss they represent it at Cherokee county. Could this be you eat our guests packed out there. Or repay its. State represented Stephen Moore is driveway instead of six and the road all mainstream in Blacksburg Italian represents the actually honest so we're talking about we say these are slush funds. So let our legislators. And tell the local bureaucrats. Absolutely you and there's examples like that a ballot across the state Wright is so ready get bubble bogged down a certain examples. A stay focused on just the lack of accountability as you mentioned these guys are unelected. When something goes yellow light a Stephen Moleskine is all probably pay the tax dollars. There's no wanna hold accountable which is completely contrary. Too though the founding principles of America. That's over is the horror break only back with more of this have a corruption after the break and we are back here on Sunday night cassettes and able 1063 W Lordi. Before the break we were talking about these county transportation committees and how they serve to obfuscate. The accountability and transparency on how or gas tax money gets bit. These are. In a county. Why but I committees are basically a made up of unelected. Bureaucrats using appoint either by the state legislature was something in my county council he gets only things bit there's no way to hold him accountable and they get they get a piece of our gas tax money. The gas tax money that politicians who lied about said zero raise our guests sex. Fix our roads they're not fixing our roads instead. They're sending money to these Kuralt CTCs as they called where local officials and and politicians. And unelected bureaucrats and need to determine. Where our money gets spent and they before you're talking about a example in Cherokee county where although Blacksburg which is in the county its main street is literally falling apart. CTC money got stay at all re paving state reps GM also is driveway. So that that is one example of how CTC fonts and issues but there's another. His driveway. As drought and this debate politicians. We elect him to protect our right. And he is using our money to eight is banning drive meanwhile. Meanwhile believable people write down the road in his own counting our driving over. A basically dirt road for main street. Right and that's it once again it goes back to when you allow politicians to had been in order dramatic influence or how tax dollars get spent. Guess how they get spent to benefit the politicians to the detriment of the rest of us their priorities are not our priorities. Which is why we say time and time again if were ever gonna get our roads fixed. The solution isn't at throw more money and these guys is still have a system of accountability and transparency. Our tax dollars it's fit in or not SpinRite or an Austin at all which is the case right now the new guest next morning. There's someone to hold accountable namely should be the governor and the governor alone. That accountability shouldn't be split between the governor the DOT commission your local legislator the CTC to county council. That and nothing's ever gonna get dark. Right now in need to be reforms we can hold the governor accountable but as its fans the people hold accountable or say legislators and they are the ones who lied about the gas tax. They are the ones knocking the roads fixed. But there's another example of how these kind of transportation committees can be abuse our politicians as well. And a lot of folks if they have probably heard about what's happened up in Spartanburg. Where state wrote this in scene alone. Has guided CT Simoni not just his own but other portions from other lawmakers in the accounting. 21 of his campaign donors to a project that was campaign donors morning dawn on it was to try to building new base didn't you love. Subdivision up in Spartanburg in a ballpark in this developer wanted a road built leading to this new development. Steve along was able to guy that CTC money to this slow road to even though once again if you Germany anymore Spartanburg you know there are plenty of places. Refugees are payers including. The L wanna grow bridge that we were only a couple weeks ago right. Foam but instead this money went to a campaign donors prefer project. To help them now with his development. They if it debt doesn't smack of being a slush fund for local politicians I don't know what does. Well look I mean these guys they it this is how that could status quo would these county transportation. Committee. Is that a group growth again mostly. Folks there are not elected they get together and then they asked the elected official how they want ceremony at. There is. No guidelines on its own responding are very few. There's no accountability. There's no referring back to the part already listen the county. It basically it is a big old blown who do you know how well in L. And have you been lobbying of the legislature or the big powers that be to get your project funded. There's really a little bit terminate their little accountability on how millions and millions of our tax dollars get spent. And the legislature. Won't. Those legislators love this CTC because big influence on little pet projects that they can control or somewhat yet exactly what are. And and I had no accountability the same Tom price a perfect right for a politician which which is why. I mean I commend the governor for saying let's look in these things are not English just abolished and there's no reason to have once again and reduce gas tax money involved and he's to be a direct line of accountability. We don't have that that's I'm all for the governor to say let's investigate. Let's take a step further and abolish it. But I have to say I am suspect an only mention this in the last Simon I am so split of the timing here. Right do we really think Dave that in masters going to look into. The CDC's is eagerly and investigate and look what Al's best for the taxpayer or is this just a campaign ploy would blow primary being a two and a half weeks away. For him to avert attention from the fact that the DOT commission that he could fire today. Has this been the first dharma fixing our roads even those nearly eight years as they raise our gas tax. Well look it and that's the bit. To the bottom monster that is whit whit this and the state infrastructure bank. We've got money that is being sucked out of our wallets. I think gas pumps on our our property taxes. Notices ever every year. We've got money is being sucked ever wallet and it's going to Columbia and it's getting distributed. To be slush fund all of around the state and that is why don't road are getting big in this state debt is not because we do lack money. It because there is no accountability there is nobody accountable. For the bit crumbling roads crumbling bridges look. It says we documented two weeks ago certainly bridge down your major bridge down here Charles yup. That is completely inoperable at this point in time because there's been neglected for so many years we've got a bridge it opens are more long night where we're bridge. Acting is about all partly literally concede interstate interstate 46 as visible from the bridge for the road because the potholes are so deep yeah I mean. That kind of thing except that we're talking about what we say there is no accountability our roads are crumbling. Because the politicians have taken that money and they spent it where they want to spend it where they are they can help help they're buddies on dirt at project. And not the things that we need to fix. That it doesn't get you votes. That doesn't get your money that word never really want anybody away action bully deathly building roads doubts well that look. Nothing the old saying is you know what no one ever got to cut a ribbon and got the picture in the paper for Philip pol. Right which currently trading at they open a maneuver richer than a new extension on interstate heading mating didn't named after and Dave right so what's again. Politician's priorities. Outweigh the people's priorities because they have too much say in how our tax dollars get spent. I mean it is ridiculously you know you alluded to. The opt out point six bridge down in Charleston. Now we get our FaceBook lobbing does if you're not falling our FaceBook page make you check yourself FaceBook dot com forward slash span of SE FAA in OF SE. Daily updates about what's going all in Colombia and more importantly what you can do about it then we get our FaceBook live on down there the other day and it'd just been closed down just a couple days ago since then. Now they have decided the because one of the bridges is closed down. They re routing traffic to have two way traffic only to find her age all went interstate. So they're making a bad situation. Worse and this is when you see the real life consequences. Of these guy as bad decisions and the lack of accountability we have in the state. That Avery says 35000. Cars a day go over. Is it the repeatedly passed up for maintenance in favor of new projects around the low country. In favor of a brand new highway over reports and you his district. So now I have to take those 35000. People. Every rout them into a two lane interstate with nothing separating a little traffic on a chip but traffic counts. I mean somebody is going to be injured or killed. Due to these guys negligence it's about time we start holding them accountable so I commend the governor only calling out a CTC's. He's not going far enough let's abolish them let's reform the DOT. Naked cabinet agencies that we can finally get our roads fixed. Godly Beck after the break carols Sunday night the second day we are back on Sunday night the second day if you're a 1063 W Lordi. Special Memorial Day weekend clear prerecorded or Friday were discussing. First the fact that we need to reflect this more day weekend. On the sacrifices made by so many of our troops to give us the freedoms that we enjoy today and also keep in mind the principles and they fall and I for. The one of which is having accountability. In our government that. Americans are not like the rest the world are elitists. Get to determine how that country is run. Then America the common man a person who foot the bill for government. Has a say in direction the country and our state goes and also on how this money is spent. And unfortunately our state legislators. Continue. To obscure. The lines of accountability. In this state when it comes to how our money is spent we went over one example when it comes to fixing our roads. These guys literally take our state gas tax money debate tying for. The tolls they had had it largest gas tax hike in state history they'll take some of that money and send it all too. These quote unquote local county transportation committees. Unelected bureaucrats and bring it to determine. Power money gets spent and usually results and being a slush fund for local politicians. They brought of the example. Are resisting them also Cherokee county getting his driveway. Paved but gas tax money meanwhile main street Blacksburg is literally falling apart. It's time to get rid of these CTC's abolish them but unfortunately that's just one example of how these guys obscure accountability day if we've been following this electricity rate hike debacle for months now. A quick overview essentially state legislators passed a Walt. The base load review act we call the bail out wall this left right payers on the hook. For billions of dollars in debt due to a failed nuclear project. VC summer project and also wanting Gaffney by duke. There's a billions of dollars in on the hook for billions of dollars in debt. Dailies are paying 18% of monthly bills to pay for a hole in the ground. A bomb nuclear project nuclear reactor that will never produce a single kilowatt of electricity. And yet or continue to pay into this. As news for now. We've seen day of our electricity rates skyrocket. On account as we are now paying the highest monthly calls in the nation. We've gotten nine rate hikes in ten years. When it comes to who approves those rate hikes that's the public service commission now who appoints people to the public service commission. Our state legislators. So we're a walk to once again and waving of obscurity transparency and their own accountability. When it comes as the bock. Now the public service commission is voted owned by the entire state legislature. And those elections I believe take place every two years favors and every year for foursome. I. I mean they're in their four year terms but it stat that's under thirty or 717. SC members also size I think there's every two years is a slate of the canned it's Kamal. And they vote on. And those people get determined. A whether or not these utility companies get right increasing. Now because of the absolute outcry. From folks across the state for fantasy advocates from listeners hear of 1063. The purity and other folks who were just outraged about a bill. Politician and a few of the heat and they felt like we know we can't go through this public service commission election when it was scheduled. Last year. So what they do they kicked it the kick the can down the road kicked the can down the road to the very last day of session. And they knew Dave and we we saw this happening in real time they knew. That they could not vote for a PSE incumbents they did not bolt to vote for an incumbent the tobacco PSE the same guys who already approved these rate hikes. Warning come in just dropped out. Did you are running in the get the lady from our district here in all the upstate decide not to run again. But they didn't want to have to vote. For the PSE member but the same time they didn't want to disrupt the status quo and the public service commission. And rocked the boat when it came to these rate hikes said they'd had at least put the baby down the middle. When it came time to vote on this incumbent. Bigotry quote what rejected. All the candidates. Now I covered this I think last week we could that we before on the surface you would think what a great move you know stand up to that incumbent don't let him get re elected. The fine print though Davis now this guy gets to sit on the PSC. It definitely. A toy another election is held once again they've goal that made it end around. The accountability process and now we're gonna come back home during the campaign. Which they conveniently take a recess. From legislating to do their come at a campaign is say. We stood up to the public service commission I didn't even vote for that guy we rejected the candidates. Meanwhile the guy who's I'll prove these rate hikes time and time again is gonna continue to sit on the public service commission. Well it and look I mean this is hell business operates rights and end the worst thing that set in the nerve article. That there were readings from. They're talking about how these guys are they even got screened these candidates have to go to a screening process. Without him or very helpful legislators and a powerful legislators and state the same want that got into this whole electricity rate it about a month away. An ad in the reporter asked one of the members of this committee. This greedy nation OK okay what is. What are the you know apparently determined who you're going to screen how great how you determine who has a good candidate for the public service commission. It was they scored well incredibly talk about a thing is we can't decide on the block but I says it's pretty much subjective though. There is no object of standards but which they determine who was going to determine how much electricity we'll. But that's not there's an objective standard it is who's gonna benefit them the most Brian that well debt becomes the standard. Yeah that's right and so sure looked at the end of the day we know this. These guys these legislators and Columbia created this electricity grid. Where billions of dollars in debt. Particularly electric co op customers them are going to be paying out the nose yet we don't do. Music from the you'll Marshall which he preferred the state we know they're gonna ask. For rate hike this year they tortilla slower rate hike in the peavy getting in dollar deal or Tory candidate or do you rate hike for the customers. Instead we CNET that it did this week. The PSC raised water rates would all go for the public service commission for our folks in the midlands. They're going to raise our rates this is what the legislature does to make a they're going to protect our. They make it show a bit in Columbia they're protecting. What they actually do and how they actually go to this. They protect the special interest they protect the power companies. And it continued all well this monopoly. Can this monopoly system we have what we don't get to choose any of these providers now water not entered a not electricity dumbed it. Bet protects. Damn that that is their system that they like and are comfortable with and they're not changing it they may say they are but they're not bode well yeah good point about you know. If there's not a objective standard and how can you grade the perp borders is that the screening com. I can see the same people who are responsible for us the bot in the first place helping you grade their ability to screen candidates if there's no objective standard. For them to screen candidates whip right. And then all it goes back to. That the stated that the balls and sue who is gonna benefit them the most and look no further into who they actually nominated these positions that the show you that's the truth. A former state legislator right. The incumbent PS ER guy. Lay on the lead counsel for the all of the regulatory staff a no other state agency that had a hand in this debacle I mean you look at there's no. Taxpayer watchdogs. On this list there are no regular citizens and we have a background. Com mail and electricity or in in finance or even in you know accounting and nailed upon what you for the taxpayers know those people made it through the screening process. Olivia side or either. And that even though one person there was one individual who actually had a spirit that he got screened out alone in the very first. Nomination trot yep the legislature kicked him out because that he wasn't able to be controlled and actually what it comes down to is. Who came these guys control look at the legislators. Control all of these committee so that things that they want done yet. Actually well you look at even gone back and I did BO go back and say look at the condition yet ultimately there that they have your bank board. They're all Courtney are all people but the legislature contribute well and back. Acts while we hold our legislature are eligible for all of this stuff because they can roll it all. They control. The tragedy control word on they controlled. Our electricity. They control. Our school system debated until we hold those powerful legislators accountable. We're never going that things are never gonna change they'll say they change every cheers they're gonna try it out during election time they'll say. All know we changed we were ordered to reform the system but that could actually pollute Honda doing it they never do and it's because they don't want to give up there. They don't regular power battle powerlessness we discourage him in effect is in the last fourteen months there has been. Some movement right DOT commission is a perfect example right. You know. John Bourn tarred and mix a mountain. Doesn't forty slipped John party let him inside a wall is no longer owned DOT commission why because of pressure when master he fired him. On right there you look at even. The this PSC election stuff defected they were pushing it down the road kicking it down the road shows there was pressure put all of them. Right is just now are we going to be are satisfied with this empty show. Bowl on trying to get things that are trying to protect us all we continue to hold them accountable and doubled down. And of course on Sunday night the second day of our answers were a double down and guys have you wanna be apart of breaking alt a system where legislators and their cronies control our tax dollars and zero accountability. To help us break apart that system without your cell phones and text the word drained. As an drain the swamp. Text the word drained DR AI in. To the number 52886. LA your politicians and though he knelt isn't enough it's time to drain the swamp in Colombia and you're going to be apartment. Got your biggest heart break we back with more after this also and they nights the second day of we are heading into the home stretch here on a special Memorial Day weekend edition of Sunday night the second day we're taught meets action. They've passed and it is going to be my favorite segments. All of the night. You know. I lol our job they've essentially we get to go around talk to folks in South Carolina who were justice settled. As we all are we want politicians are doing in Columbia. Peta raise money and use it to hold these guys accountable you know whether it's being only a year. To tell when you guys tonight are being on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com forward slash Fennessy. We Lowell letting folks know exactly. What these guys erupted we will going into. Districts where a politician says one thing on the campaign trail he says he's conservative. But any goes to Columbia. Any votes against our second and writes. He votes to raise our Texas he votes for illegal budgets year after year we love exposing that and getting folksy ability to hold their legislators accountable because once again. That's what America is all about. But now they've got upset some people. Namely politics oh yeah. Namely politicians now are big claim right now and anyone he's driven on our roads alas though a couple years this. Is that politicians allied about the gas tax hike day they said they had that even though the bullet had increased nearly doubled in seven years. For transportation. They just had to have awards gas tax hike in state history to fix our roads. One out here we are nearly a year later they haven't spent the first dom or fixing our roads and so those guys who lied were called medal FaceBook. And not to send an airplane were naming names and letting folks in their districts and though the day a lot well bitter in the Mike hits. A state rep from Lawrence counting. Decided over the weekend to our this week to attack Daytona he want to come to the defense. Of his good buddy Brian white Anderson. By the third I brought a white lion Mariah white lie Bryant the guy who writes the budget. For the house is chairman of the house Ways and Means Committee yes the illegal budget yes the budget that increases spending every year yes the budget the subsidize Planned Parenthood. That guy. My pits aside he wanted to get his FaceBook page and defend against our accusations. Of him line. Someone every day from his FaceBook post that he put up on Monday. Now keep in mind doesn't dig this mental image all the placed a post at the bottom there is a picture. Of yours truly and Dave with Sunday night the seven day of the Tyler Moore show goes all there the station that world. And everything enlarge on days he's promoting our radio show which this text. Seven days too little Feller struck to become relevant in the political world. There's one big problem they struggle with facts and truth they accused weigh in ways and means chairman Brian white of supporting the state infrastructure bank. Sending my support for senator leatherman. Rome. They say roads are being a fixed Rome they are being repaid all over the state they accused Chara white of lying called him Liam Brian. Rome doesn't appear that is Brian the struggles but the truth. Now to break this down very simply the gas tax bill the Breyer why am Mike voted for. Change the lol to send more money to the state infrastructure bank. That is irrefutable. That has been documented it was document before they passed the thing. So yes hello I am Brian light and Mike Pitts. No did you send more of our money. To lather rinse slush fund roads are not being fixed you can actually Mike. Look up old the comptroller's un general web site. And see. And the DOT org site and see where money's being spent how much more is coming and how much more is going out none of the new gas tax money's being spent fixing our roads you're wrong moment but Dave. I'm not really surprised that Mike would come on here and try to thin line Brian. Alice FaceBook page and by the way might we appreciate the the marketing. And the advertising for the show. And get wanna come here and debate your poor record here more about Medusa but it makes it makes us the knee that Mike would try to call a sound offend Brian. Date because they're voting records. Are nearly identical both the good. And you know markets by the way chairman of the house ethics committee yells at war and an oxymoron to. Well it might hit a is that it this this this eight you know what's best about this. It is really sad I feel bad for my sometimes I mean he uses such. A lowly house ethics committee chairman you know eight. You get such a sad attempt. And it kissing Brian white ball on the right I mean really what this. It make you would what districts though is running clothes. And he's a good 2030 miles away. Alias is why why are there then. Just to ingratiate himself. And kids Brian white ringed. What you didn't desk and actually sad part right that's the sad part of all these yeah it's a cult of personality is much like the old. The House of Representatives in Columbia. It looks like a high school lunch hour that they all knew that you know they they sort hat there a little. Call balls and it worked together in May send each other tables they become friends. They you know patting each other on the back. Do you take care of each other behind closed doors in smoke filled back rooms and they keep it would gain. About the cost the taxpayers and Mike's record it is pretty clearly don't give a damn nice as you get. He goes to subsidize Planned Parenthood in the budget he's voted to raise spending every year he's been there he voted for the death. I mean yeah Google already voted to that he didn't protect us and our second minute right now. Hacked or second. He attacked our second them right and realistically this guy likes to go around talk a big game about being pro second in content. H 3700 was the true constitutional Kerry bill in the house this past year. And he voted against even debating date instead. He got behind his old. Bill that rather than support our second our rights directly attacked them. Did this in Mike Pitts is gone deal quote unquote. He it by he moved the age requirement to buy a rifle from eighteen to 21. So they might Pitts is world it's perfectly OK and this is particularly partner at old memorial. We heard that it's OK to Mike from like it is to ask an eighteen year old young made it. To go overseas. And handle a rifle in defense of our freedoms. But when he comes home he can't purchase a rifle to protect his family. My pitches out of his mind and yet he goes around pretending to be some pro Second Amendment some. I'll be a pro constitutional legislator in a bed a joke. H 3700. Would've protected. We protected rights and it would finally recognized our constitutional right and said the constitution is our permit. Might vote against that and instead directly attacks the second and our rights -- young men that he would expect to go serve in the military. That's outlandish and shameful. So well and hit it bad here is all about. Chasing Brian white ring you write that served most powerful politicians stay the chairman of the budget right committee in the house. Might that at me is that just could send an event itself of like teenage kids. It's in great shape and so and with one another it should bad it is it's. I don't know what else what are the words describe that block I'll take anything other word. And then it's it's all highly irresponsible. For an elected official. To attack private citizens. Win the only recourse we have in this state is either following an ethics complaint of which he's chairman. Or going and trying to bar you know seek legal alone bomb went litigation if they appoint the judges. Rizzo already have a state legislator going after. On private citizens for voicing their opinion. Well what's going old and and by the way is not just us it's thousands of other people which is why you although he says we're trying to be politically relevant. He's dedicated to face the post it was an hour discussing or science and they chemists they best not because the second day of that's because of you guys who have been putting pressure only legislators for the blow past. Fifteen months. And to be quite. So it but it's a little scary day to be a private citizen a state where politicians control every aspect of judicial system. To have a state legislators going after via. But as we say all the Condit. When a politician is attacking you what are you didn't. You doubled and pulled out so before. Before this post one up. We didn't have any ads are Mike Pitts his district about him lying about the gas tax hike. But in this leading his constituents. On leading the largest gas tax hike in state history. But after each day they decide to call us out advertise our radio show his FaceBook page. You better believe there's an ad running in my pitches district now blink his constituents know exactly what he's doing and a Columbia wasting their money aligned to their face. About fixing the roads so guys we were hitting the more you all are hitting the more. These guys know they're up to no good we've got to continue to doubled down. And hold them accountable if you have any politicians snow clap back EU. When you're trying to hold him accountable but let us know will be happy to promote blast on FaceBook does I hope you guys have a great Memorial Day tomorrow. We'll see you same town same place next week of 1063 W Gordy.