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Sunday, May 6th

Seth and Dave talk about the theft of the Greenville Hospital system, consolidation of the healthcare system, gas tax hike for road repair, and public pressure on local politicians. 


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It is that time again. 5 o'clock on Sundays here 01063. W Lordi it is time for Sunday night to set and Dave we are told meets action. We response tonight guys by the freedom action over South Carolina the premier grassroots organization here in the palm matters state. Looking to equip citizens with the tools necessary to fight corruption now the state house to take back control or state government and actually advocate for freedom. Ghastly start a conversation night 1803471063. And also check a subtle FaceBook FaceBook dot com. Four slash candidacy. Guys have you noticed gas prices. Out all of the roof. Out of the roof. And then you also noticed our roads still are not getting fixed a that you have more on that layer in the show. Dave how orient you told me earlier underway appears that is a warm angering bill if it again there's a local weather each expectation it does man on the side of the show good show come to got a Lazar talked about and as usual it centers around. Corrupt politicians doing the wrong thing in our need to hold them accountable. As we go for a televised stored. One of political infighting and backstabbing. One of ambition and corruption. And no I'm not told thinking Hamlet I'm talking about the illegal theft of the Greenville hospital system has been perpetuated by our politicians. Here in Greenville and across state. Now we've been following this issue or sunny nice the second day of as holes are faced a page the last couple months. And acacia not up to speed essentially. About two years ago now the GHS bowl which is appointed by our state. County delegation. To the guys who are in the state house representing remote county appoint aboard the Greenville hospital system. And they voted to quote unquote sell. The hospital system for the grand total of one dollar per year. If ever two and now they sold this a public asset a multibillion dollar. Public asset the they decide to sell. For one dollar a year. Now of course they there were citizens that were out rage are out irate about this. And rather than to settle there are hands they actually filed a lawsuit. Owns several points first of all this is he legal. A second of all to be bad for the Pike County we have not gotten home in of their conversation for a multibillion dollar pollute our asset. And as slowly. Pains on taking we slowly making its way through the court system. So and or to speed up things on the surface. We had to say politicians who once again responsible the first place from the center and crafty piece of legislation that would essentially do with the lawsuit aims to do right it would reverse this illegal theft. And there were a couple of local politicians including. State senator William Timmons who decided they would spearhead that effort. Well some local actors got behind it they spent their time and fortune. To call Walt. There are other politicians gamble on board this bill. Only to be. Stabbed in the back by William attendants they are now referring him as Benedict tenants. Because he amended that bill to basically do the opposite. Of hasn't sent rather than stopping the illegal that the DHS it would actually submit an into Walt LA ultima four. So an effort to kill that bill. Was organized by the same activists there reason or for the Bill Murray does get complicated don't worry makes my head hurts and does what happens in trying to play it out and say this is the access base this is this at all and then Cyberworks is never work never work its inside baseball about what I feel the need to let people see it. And a process that took place so they understand just how nefarious these politicians ought. So here we had a deal that was a good bill amended by minute attendance state senator Williamson's. The did the exact albums of the original intent. And now there's an effort to kill that bill once again all the surface by politicians in Greeneville sales numbers gators Smith. Mike Burns when Dan Hamilton was also in this in this group. Only once again at the last minute to turn their back all the activists who have been helping them and working men and try to kill this. Illegal theft. And compromise would ths and the new hospital association. To basically once again doing 180. And they passed the bill that is now bandits Siemens is illegal that the goal overwhelmingly. In the house this past week. Now goes to the senate before we get to the rest of the process. They we have a illegal theft that was rubber stamp my board appointed by state legislators right we have a state senator. To turn his back. All local activist and amended his own bill who's now running for congress network and get this mean we're gonna get to that because he deserves our trust in marsh and yes absolutely Oregon today. More iron and a month. Today and it Timmons a politician. Ours back home runs medal blackness does the role open then you have other politicians once again seemingly wanted the right thing only two at the last minute. Turn their back on that and do the exact same exact and they said. They were trying to stop. My question unit before go for in the process will we can do about it is what takeaways do you have older than the politicians own this and are fully responsible for this illegal thing. Well I think it it says first of all we're all for privatizing. Healthcare right and a valid since we don't want government in health care we don't we don't agree with that but obviously we have millions spent years and years fighting obamacare and years and years fighting. Government being. All involved and every little step of our health care decisions we are not for that right less less what this is. But but a it and will bow what do I think what were this is theft what I have here is politicians. Who. You know by by virtue of us giving them the power to do so they basically have been running this health system tribal health system. They appoint the board members they were in on this many of them probably are making money off of this won't end so. This is a theft this is stealing taxpayer property is what this is and what this is all about. And again says I mean look we've been talking about the since you know for the last three or four months and since we've been beginning a session following this it comes down to the fact that. The Greenville health system has a lot of money. Billions in fact to deity attitude to dole out to these politicians and they have been doing that to get their way. And it's another instance were special interest. Around the state. Basically buy off politicians whether it's through. Campaign donations whether it's through having them as consultants whatever it is straight up cash or whatever it is. They're buying them off and they are cutting us off with a pass. And if activists in its citizens across the state don't get wise to this and stop falling into the same traps over and over yen and buying the politicians BS about how their for us and they're gonna stand up for the you know the little guy and they're gonna fight the big guy and they're gonna fight these. Ever do that now it always ends up there were paying the bill and here we have again set. They and any agreeable health system worth billions of dollars it's a tax Payer of entity we own this thing. And the politicians have basically allowed. Did the board they did a small group book balls. You know managers and bureaucrats to steal this from Los. And basically spent RI look at the same time and so the politicians. Who allow this to go on for years and years and years. Now they're the ones that are basically can't find this in the wall saying you know what. Stealing is okay yep thievery is okay Grand Larceny back okay. Because you know what I'm running for congress now or I'm running for reelection in the state house. And I can't have those guys now they are bad mouthing me and you know basically spending millions of dollars in campaign fliers in television ads against me. That's really when it comes down to a day or the politicians are more scared. Of the special interest and their money and they are of the citizens or industry and set until that changes as we said time and time again. I talk about all the time on Bob McClain show every Wednesday. We talk about our FaceBook talk amount FaceBook alive. Until that shift happens for those guys are more worried about us than they are about as corporate special interest. Then the status quo continue. Nervously right in when things become clear is that you can't work the inside baseball game of these politicians know their liars and crooks enable time and time again sell you well. To the special interest groups. That we have to stand a four cells and take the fight directly to the politician Len know how we feel if you wanna do that now the bill it passed the house is going to the senate. All this lest he pass there is Alessio the governor there's still time to kill this thing. Lesson one thing's for sure they're knocked into the right thing on their own devices we have to put pressure on them so you wanna sing your state senator message and the governor. In one fell swoop text the word drain. To five to 86 the time the drain the swamp it's time to drain the swamp DR AI and the five to 86 and let your state senator McGovern no. So no this bill or pizza would be used to your desk injury we do know Melissa legal theft to take place godly back after the break. Slip that on John playground. Let Iran don't doing great content off. Does we are back here all Sunday night the second day of a 1063. W ordained. Last segment we're talking about these illegal theft of the Greenville hospital system. And how politicians from top to bottom in this whole process only have turned their back on taxpayers. And I allowing this illegal that. Not just to move forward and actually seem minute into wall. Well with a how to build a house passed last week. But they east aren't going their own alms. A road I wanna get a little further in the last segment you're talking about how you know we're not against. Privatization in the general sense right when it if you have a government service like me better handled by a private enterprise. By all means do it and take the burden off taxpayers by the dozen misery Orly and absolutely and there's been a lot of in my opinion a portal quote fake news. From the other side on this ths on you have to do that the hospital administrators and bureaucrats are putting on that they want to privatize this is right were in the way you know right is that as I wanna get into exactly what how this is not privatization exactly what this scheme is in the background on this at our listeners understand. If they wanna text the word drained 5286 and sneezing dolls they know what they're talking and I think it's symbols as Luke says have you learned a Ferrari worth 300000 dollars. You wouldn't give it away for ten cents rush he wouldn't sell it. To who June test for for a nickel noticeably but the question is it that's exactly what's going on here that's when Jesus is trying to do right let's try to do the you'd have to ask yourself we saw some eighty selling their 300000 dollar Ferrari for nickel. You get desk what is the underlying motivation either he's crazy. Or he's up to something that we all see right itself let's take a few steps back and and focus all what will receive Genesis of this scheme right. And is in at once simple war. Obamacare. Right a lot of people when you go back will be used to Obama care debate in a lot of people framed it as a single Payer type on health care insurance takeover. That is not what obamacare was ignores what is intended and it. Well obamacare wanna do was consolidate health care. But mostly insurance side endless supply side of medical on care. Into just a few mega regional providers so therefore they can control calls that when they sold that is an easier way. To control health care system and actually taken over have a single Payer insurance ball planned prayer by America. So in order it. Implement that nordic did there you would have to see consolidations take place between regional health care providers like PGA jets are right. Like a all a little help you got to seize consolidations. Well in north you get them out of the hands all the the taxpayer. And ignored a move more swiftly police consolidations. There's been movements across the country not just here in South Carolina and not just here in the south but across the country. To quote unquote privatized healthcare strength is not is not about actually turning over. Health care to private insurers for buyers to compete in the marketplace it's about consolidating health care just a few hands so that their regulations. The insurance companies. And he's mega corporations can control our health our healthcare will little to no competition for themselves. Government Jimmy don't forget the politicians are are you know actually easier higher in our neck deep in this there right in and they wanna control for regulation and and entered in out of DC be able to control the entire health exactly and in the connection you're so deep Michael reared in this new CEO of this political pride accompanied it on. Jay just got turned into. Actually worked in Michelle Obama in Chicago via planning beat the connections renting it is a systematic take over all the healthcare system and this is just was small still. But a vehicle monkey wrench in it and stop this illegal that. In elm will it would calls released the isolation the slowdown. If not throw the whole scheme now well and it allows the lawsuit to go zigzag that's really what this is all bad there is there's a lawsuit challenging this illegal theft right and so do we need that lawsuit to go through the court system I mean that there should that should be heard. And what the politicians are trying to do was cut that off for the past I don't want that wall sued anymore. They want to pass and codify new law that would basically no fine and again that that's really the says I mean you know it it's can we throw around terms like times that is sleek. It's absolute evil and all of this it you know is that it's not apologists is and they are Smart enough to always be at arm's length on all this stuff. But they're willing to force citizens into these situations are willing to use our tax dollars these situations. And again not to go too far down a rabbit hole but would it mean give Gary Smith yeah okay. I mean this guy it was supposed to be the hero in this entire situation he's Vista represent hasn't and represented. Citizens in the Greenville area and try to fight the fight this whole take over and fight this this left. And what does he do set he sells out for just a little lesser piece of coin yup you know and and that's the problem with these politicians. And he Weathers the Greenville hospital system set. Whether it's you know the visa tight tire recycling plant down Anderson arm whether it's in that the whole nuclear debacle yup. Time and time again it's it's the same situation over and over in these politicians. Basically. Throw us in the Macy's our money for their own imaginations to to basically enrich themselves. At our expense what do you do next right here I mean I. So little whether it's a you know we can't because of or loose ethics laws South Carolina will never know any of lobbyists and DHS are literally starving moaning these gas pockets right right that's all the books that according south hello all that's all hell are we kidding it's your conversations on tax Payer funded email faster guys databases. We can't even seat. Why are politicians that are supposedly represent us. Our car saying back and forth to these lobbyist. We cannot see they exempted themselves from Los looking at their email this so that we can't see when they're selling LaSalle but they have in this ths mark. I mean is is clearly we won't say we will know the one that we have sink. We won't know there's other money in the pockets blew another given to the campaigns. Yemen and there's a couple of guys here is that call up in the struggle. Their run for congress. And you know it takes. Now the trade get out easy read is that the young the seat this portray Gabby is as retired from in and now there's an open primaries and every one their mothers running former heroin so. But it a couple of guys are called this ths drama that are also ran for congress. Once there Hamilton right what team he's a guy who was supposed to be standing up for the taxpayers are counting in and he wears that. Proud conservative badge of his every goes on public and yet he sells now. And come July he and thousands of dollars from 101000 dollars on the Little League yet I don't believe it was like forty so yeah our problem is autumn that's a lot of money for congressional race this is a lot of cash and are what you don't EI and me and so I always see these you know FaceBook on videos of his public on news the it's no matter how conservative he is from his life story like. Yeah water how much is is paid for by. Jane I just ask you see there's billions yet thank god that's slightly out of the benevolent country that's your hand this is a circus up here I guess so get Hamilton got Simmons who also is run for congress it. From all last announcing he's also a half million dollars of his own yacht into the races like all without when he came from. In an era around Alaska waste in the bidding ths which is a multibillion dollar company like. In an actual under lights and the Ebbers Bannister don't know want to go far off on the committee come into the average dancers a lawyer who read. He he he's partner law firm money. You know is he making money is GH SC is GHS our client of reference we don't know yet. We don't know on the we don't know the answer I'm asking a legitimate question as what other people said. I'm just repeating it. Put I don't know. The answer to that. And and it's but it's a question worth asking and Natalie it's something that we should look that way also it make it begs the question because all because they make their roles they make their own ethics laws they make their own. Accountability law to policing so what they police themselves so it's it's Alec oh it's it's firm for not mean we've been trying to get transparency laws. Basic transparency cell. And only deadly it begs the question when I say no matter how you analyze this illegal that it's. Bad news right it's illegal there's been studies done that owned these types or consolidations and healthcare Carl's always rise. It's a bad deal for taxpayers is a bad deal for it patients so why would be the motivation of these guys. Older band if there there's not some type of payback that we see what Hamilton. With that to the bounce he's governed DHS executives but the what in the right mind could they be thinking all the advance something nefarious. As you said on the top. You know these guys all don't have to be held accountable text the word drain DR AIN as in drain the swamp text the word drain to the number 52886. Hold these guys about Dan Hamilton CNN's Gary Smith all of them sold you out yet hold them accountable and make them do the right thing once and for all. Ashley gals will be back with more after the break Carol Sunday night for certain they've we're told me section. And we are back here all Sunday night the second day thanks for sticking around during the break. We are talking about politicians. How they sold this analyst GH SC legal theft. How they repeatedly lied about their intentions and I now's alt who wants to stop. This illegal theft from being seen incidental wall as the build a house passed less and lose over to descent. So you wanna send a message real quick cure space or to vote no on that bill takes a word drain DR AI and cinema 52886. While we're talking about politicians deception Dave. Let's talk about our roads. And let's talk about the fact that. Further Honolulu at 34 years as they were trying to pass the largest gas tax hike in state history 72%. They say ad nauseam. We have to fix our roads if we just passed the gas tax day. The only fix all these routes lives will be saved literally my very thick wool not exist right. I mean it I don't fix all the problems the Syrian goose will lay the yeah. Cancer may Hindi. Security and we just as dedicated yes like polio. The actual vexing is just aghast excite parade and literally bright light in Anderson said. It would not only fix roads would save lives right okay well the incentives to take action to save those lives obviously failing among mr. white these days. Because for Mora said Dave every channel all our roads. They are still crumbling they're fall apart I mean and we we'd driven across this fatal Tom I would not just here grave on a lot of folks. Think it is somehow just a local issue. Is our roads are so terrible only upstate but guys are assure you we're not making any better than anybody else roads across the state are falling apart. After politicians ran around this state promising. The fix the roads if they would just get Dagestan X. Well I'll tell you it in here's the other thing I mean to add insult to injury and even you mentioned on top of the show I'm filled up this afternoon when a guard. I mean some of these gas prices Seth are going through the roof boy kill him is me three dollars before you know until an appointment is confusing to me we told us before like our remember the first time gas prices got this this is pilot ten years ago. But I got up. And people fault of sky was falling yeah right I mean our remember all one of my buddies start riding his bike to work. Six and a half mile commute and I'd like didn't wanna pay for the gas again that bed is seems like now. As gas prices had not crypto but skyrocketed past 250 right around here in the state. It is just kind of go by the wayside in the news media. Is it doesn't seem like a big deal but it's a big deal for dailies across the state right and then as you said add insult to injury as prices keep going well. We having older to sing guess stick site being tacked on July 01 yeah so just in time for you try to plan that's our vacation. You know and try to actually all budgeted out and planned gas prices they go through the roof and our politicians are gonna end it's who says come to lock. And and again I think that and Seth I mean we talk about this all day every day or comments send us pictures we know how to tell a couple of folks and those pictures of potholes over the weekend home. And all on our FaceBook page and an out Elliot. I mean it's. If they were fixed in the room salute and they were actually do and even just a small amount of what they promised right and we. We can expect from these politicians and climate we can't ever expect them to fully. Go through with the promises great that would be too much to ask for Brent but even if they just gave us 10%. We'll. Avoid and they can't even get into accept statistically. Link real legitimately 10% the money is coming in. These were 175 million dollars now since last July when the past you know when they enacted the largest gas tax I can see history. That money come in and that they promised would fix our roads that would eradicate traffic as we know it that would potentially cure cancer. They've only spent seventeen million right at dollars and that was to the seed that they can transportation funds. That was not to actually go out and fix pot holes on this mental state roots. Seth they lied have saluted all of these guys lied when they pass that the largest gas tax hike 72%. And gas tax hike in state history. And of course we talk about two and and our. Our folks on face what are our followers on face and don't hesitate to. You don't look they don't let us forget also where. The registration TV the infrastructure maintenance Philly and up went up by 67%. Rate. So we're paying more the the sales tax cap went up by 67%. Yet to buy that new car got more expensive. Right so all these fees all this money being shoveled down and Columbia. And as we sit last year says. Will pay more to pump Barbara's get won't get fixed. All of it they are looking for ways to funnel that money. Into that slush on the state infrastructure banks and Hugh leatherman over in Florence county can spend it how he wants to do it on his pet projects. And not how it's supposed to be spent which is supposed to be fixed in these darned rose right and we've got as you mentioned we got some bad words in a low country. On the grand strand we got bad words in the upstate we got bad burns or influence and meet its bad everywhere. And these guys are not fix emirates the legislators to pass this tax like have to be held accountable for this holiday. Happy unaccountably do one thing if they claimed ignorance right they say you know. We pass this tax ivory really bolt the money was going to fix roads. But you know lime Brian white Anderson you know any more spent about a downtown Spartanburg these guys knew what they were doing they know why they were changing that whole. From a text to a feet they knew they wanted to they went by the way by. Exactly they were told by LS and the policy council gets another piece thousands of Brad. It's across the state that the mall they changed the mall to funnel that money. That's needed for her to that slush fund it's they can use it how they won it on their pet projects instead of Dixon and cameras like they were supposed exactly and as line. They can't claiming is that why you have to hole. Every local pot hole you see in your neighborhood in your community. That age or state legislators responsibility. To fix that is just what he promised he would he said just give me an extra. I think it totals can be nearly a billion dollars more a year when this appointment is gimme billion more dollars a year. Of your hard earned money. And I will fix all these roads I would take care we will have the money. They're not doing it they lied in your face they never had an intention fixing those roads. They wonder funnel this money you've got to hold him accountable it's there responsibility it's our responsibility the whole our legislators accountable not necessarily. The DOT commission right not necessarily be you know county transportation committees for what are these things are. Just state legislators looked us in the basins and with the skeptics wrong fix roads they never had any intention of doing so and they are now and god forbid date when they actually do spend some of the old money there has been a new money. The way it is that's the only to quote put fix roads. They doing got all the job yes. Let me say we had a guy or face on the market right now John from born springs based carrier and guys check out our face and all our face a page FaceBook dot com ports less than assay. But we have a post up right now talking about these high gas prices the highest since point detain. And Ella rose organ fix. He does one matter he said it appeared more strings in my neighborhood. They quota of fixed the road just a little while ago and sent us pictures of it literally deteriorating native now. I mean I'm looking in his picture right now were emphasis on FaceBook yet tomorrow. But Ali is right now Belcher road in bowling springs. And Jon bones brings us right now you'd be probably Nobel Belcher I mean this thing. Looks like it just got paid in the last six months and set I mean I'm telling you you sought it is crumbled home. I mean is literally. The job they did on this the job that whoever paid this move did. Is crumbling and again. Our point is this we can't hold that contractor accountable Iman who did it by you know lord knows who did Demi may move and they ram find out. But Malia get eligible you know it right where we cannot we tell them again and you came all the DOT bureaucrats accountable for that. You've got to hold your politician account that the only ones accountable to us some of the the only ones that answer directly to us. So very little once it's sold this very little ones is said they run fix the roads if we just paid more in the game a billion dollars more a year. They're the ones who said that the roads are gonna get fixed they're not getting fix their crumbling they need to be held accountable they lied about this. Have slowed and our be clear we are not saying that gas prices of gold milk. You know. Nearly seven cents in some places in Alaska Morris simply because of the gas tax I'm not you know. The they're rolling out over six years our point is aiding a lot about what they're gonna do with the money. They are not fix our roads. And I just adds insult to injury and once again it it it shows the disconnect. Yes between the politicians don't live in our neighborhoods they don't live our neighborhoods and don't live our lives right like so when they're they're thinking or passed the 72 passing gas excite. Or gas prices and a stay right around you know a buck eighty filed look ninety. Role although you might it's almost to sixty now and then we're in July or get another two cents on top of that so. It's the next four years or five years bill and finish I viewers are gonna get another edition every July 1. We took just in time for you and your family to go on vacation and drive down a Myrtle Beach on July 4 and Irving may be headed for the holiday. Again they don't live in our neighborhoods they don't live like us they live any different here a different universe than we do. They don't live on like you know paycheck to paycheck they don't live they don't work very hard I exhibits shortened. And so they don't have the same values they don't care about the same things we do we have to hold him accountable for that. And then time goes back we're sending it there just dishonest mean they play flat out lied to continue to live. In now the my favorite is you know you couldn't expect us to get the construction right away you'll first possibly say it. And either building roads and ports -- down their former hotels where the slush fund money gets to have projects again none just not fixing the roads across the say they promised they would. Gospels keep an eye on this issue of course. And on Al once again tell you hold them accountable keep in top your mind. And every time you drop pass the pump more gas station. Swayed your senator hold accountable. Godly back after the break Carol Sunday nights the second day. I guess we are heading into the home stretch Carol Sunday night to set and Dave were taught meets action. Now we talk a lot of time about the need for action David need to hold people accountable its particular state legislators and I think a lot of times people get discouraged they say. You know every week you guys you don't hear it told all the bad stuff to do you say we've got to take action in our text during a 5286 a single the messages. I don't know which warping. And does so we're here report tonight about a lady you have directly impacted what is going alone in Columbia. As it pertains to the on debate swirling around abortion in the solves these were Planned Parenthood there were included in the illegal budget. Eddie House and the senate. And dad both passed now here's the moment Scania. They include itself sees a plan paired in the budget. We got word of it we cynical on action out of across the state and thousands of people. Took action and told them no way no how we are not going to be subsidizing the lord is abortion provider in the country. And so the house responded that day if they actually took the issue back bill passed a bill to remove that proviso from a bunch. And a pass sadly now I goes to the senate so we'll see how that plays out but this whole debate. Would not even taken place they would not have removed the proviso. We won't even talking about personhood. And dismembered bill in the senate and we did especially without direct pressure from our listeners and our FaceBook followers at FaceBook dot com Forsythe Fennessy. Putting pressure all these legislators and letting them know. There watching them. And they want to change vessels it Planned Parenthood know try to. Knew we talked about this on our water cooler Wednesday won't own FaceBook live I mean. This is there's no doubt that when citizens step in and take action. In an NLR oh a large number citizens of those guys would you know they take stock the radar goes off they may have to do some they have to respond. And when they're put it in the pressures put on that's what makes this. You know we talk about GH Esther talked about gas tax and talk about you know. Economic development all kind of stuff man. They're when it's when it's the end of the folks in citizens out there verses these you know corporate special interest or or in this case you agree Behar and group health system. We can win yeah. We can't win time and time again we've shown we can win. It's just a matter of do citizens want and I are folks gonna step up to play I put pressure on these politicians in Colombia to do something. And so they did in this case I think the house acted obviously they're up for election in six weeks so that right that's part of their calculus I'm short but. I think it is it in the in the other part of the other chamber you know the senate yup they took up. And under a bill to basically would effectively end all abortions Seth right which was unheard of they they you know we're told that's off the table that we're not gonna get that. On senator Richard cash from Anderson force state. But there was a ton of public pressure coming from the outside for many of our listeners from folks that are lined with arm personhood SE. They were putting pressure on the state senators they had descending they had a debate about it now. You know fuses. Pro quo air quote pro life Republican state senators who sold us Al says they had a chance to Melissa it's. Aisles to clear a much different so the house mill is just simply to remove the proviso in the size of ram air hood days. Without a doubt they direct the moment affect of the pressure you guys a little Mensa dad is passed a housing goes listen in now. This past and there's also a bill in the senate does they said. What are effectively ban all abortions now they we're told we're not gonna get to this though once again thanks to the pressure. There was a least a debate or listen to your door and as early to date there are several Republicans. Who in the end. Change sides and voted with the Democrats to basically killed at this yeah still yet put it ended abortions yes and so. Again time and time again that this is where the accountability comes in right up. This is we have to hold these guys and sometimes it hurts all it does you know sometimes. Well I know Gary Smith might be somebody that you think is even pull him up on the pedestal to be added the you know the virtue of conservatism. But those are the guys you have to hit the hardest you have to hold them twice as hard accountable for the for the bad stuff they do or else they'll never. Ever change an old they'll keep going down that bad road. And that's how good legislators turn into an alleged state legislators pretty quick that's how does the swamp wins at this. We don't hold these guys accountable we give them too much leeway we don't treat them like employees that they all are right. We treat them like philosopher kings and celebrities. Went back there are employees and and we can win these battles. Even the GHS battle weakened Wynette yes but it may assume is gonna send all people step up the plate and put the pressure on their politicians on their state legislators. This thing will die in the state senate I have no doubt. Not even that you have to step up and you have to put that. Pressure man as footed it all comes back to lead by so we say and it tells him but you actually can see the effects when you do write mean I certainly three. The other boondoggle project and try to get an emerald beach area killed this year due to citizen pressure. The home having John Hart passage out of forty man who has insomnia Mozart Lotus on a law. Getting booted off the city commission via a direct to deal absolutely coming. These things can't be one. Open the big point wanna make though is that. The only people who is our panel back. For the house passing that provides them an ad builder with a Raza. Or the citizen activists who took action via those guys who actually voted for this they don't deserve our panel back first of all. If they actually want it to end the subsidies they want to vote for the legal bullet in the first place OK so don't let these guys come back home now. And pat themselves on the back and say oh look how anti thanks for doing our job exactly you you'll sent all these guys Ronald being pro life. And yet they voted for any legal budget that includes subsidies towards abortion provider in the country guy now. We will wait and see if the builder moves after the bill are from low budget actually is passing the senate adopted right. But as it stands these guys haven't accomplished anything and the only thing they don't is do what they said they would do. Actually did they say they wouldn't. Right so don't go congratulating these guys for finally. Seemingly doing what they promised all wall which is stand up for pre more children and respect the right to life. You know these guys Simon got 10% the way they are yet and the only people who deserve congratulations. Old. Forcing this debate and putting enough pressure on these guys to actually pass that bill. Or citizen activist and we said earlier that the only would though you can't get tied down. In this. Inside baseball this. You know relationship based on communication with dual legislator right. They may be your friend at church if they want a friend get a dog yet if you are different parties get adult but you know they may be your body church they may be your body at the barbershop right. But when it comes time for them to go to Columbia they are not sure body you may be their body. But they are not your money. They have bunnies are a lot deeper pockets a lot more influence than you down in Columbia and special interest groups and lobbyists when they go to Columbia they are not sure blade they are your employee. You've got to treat him like. So what's he did your employee had been saying her ten years he was gonna get around to doing to task. Hitting nordic ending nordic ending nordic and file I got done Wednesday. Would you go Pamela backers say what a great job he did they are gearing not far disaster usually exactly. What's happening now which is what sometimes holding people channels about we can't get lost and turn you know let. But any town smiles and me messing it church Eddie tell why do you and took more more money at your pocketing your roads still are fixed. Right treat it like an employee and you'll see a significant difference and the what you can get Dolan with pales. You look these guys smile to your face the man behind your back they're doing crazy stuff there and and whether it's you know. Basically allowing a Grand Larceny and happened and his Greenville health system whether it's our roads crumbling and they they said they were all fake some. Bob or whether it's they say they're pro life but their pass and you know budgets without the subsidizing them the largest abortion provider in the country. They lie a lot and they do stuff behind their backs all the time and then they come home and expect all of Boston just fawn over them like they're royalty home. And when that incest when that ends when we start treating them like the employees that they are they work for us when we start treating them like bad employees. They will turn into good employees or we will find another employee that will be better than they are right that that's really the bottom line. Well I met in the I guess with a blast and we have. Been talking about the state estimates they sent a lot. With this abortion stuff meaning master has been all over FaceBook on about how it's sick consent of the senate bridle them dismemberment bill. Even though there is some kind of weird connection to a master Letterman and whether it's one of those guys who sign it would Democrats killer build it into Internet. What do you make of his rendering out new things come out any thing or is it just some more campaign rhetoric and he is gonna fall like a cheap volunteer as he usually does yet I don't know it just depends on the public pressure to be honest with you guys running for reelection for governor yeah he needs. That the senators running really should be hiding from mile Tennessee can't farm has gone public in ways are committed to debate. Parliament member he reached out thus mourned come on the show and then all of sudden you know obviously interesting SA's idea that those of the achieve staffers oasis and they're just didn't and doing an Arnold mayor area where I guess he finally tuned into show one night paralyzed and not listen I'm friendly territory but then now they were not went up pushover ask our questions and of course we have not hurting thing back bottom line their bottom bottom line Seth citizens our listeners we got to stand up you know. Just do that right now text the word drained five to eighty senseless drain the swamp in Columbia. Let's tell these state senators the governor it's time to drain the swamp let's I'll stop this illegal theft the GH especially just saying town saying placed next week 5 o'clock calls Sunday's. Makes you tune in for Sunday night for seven day.