Sunday Nights with Seth and Dave 6 10 2018

Sunday’s with Seth & Dave
Sunday, June 10th
Seth and Dave are joined by Harry Kibler asnd discuss the upcoming SC primary election, standing firm on gun rights, the gas tax, and take a look at the county elections. 

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It is that time again. 5 o'clock calls Sunday's show a 1063 W already it is time for Sunday night for seven day where talk meets action. We are presented night by the freedom Max Miller South Carolina the premier grassroots organization here in the palmetto state. Looking to equip citizens with the tools necessary to fight corruption down the Statehouse take back control of our state government and actually advocate. For freedom make you checked and I don't FaceBook it's FaceBook dot com forward slash span SC. You daily updates on what's going only Colombia with our money and more importantly what you can do about it. Guys join the conversation dial 1803471063. And we are guaranteed to have a riveting conversation tonight pretty riveting. Because we are always welcome in our special guest of the evening. The founder of rhino hunt and I like the called the godfather of grassroots. Activism here in the upstate haired killer good to see a relative paid by these. Welcome back in. And in my life and now we drug at a retirement there. I snuck out Monday the rock. What does let's get right to it emir was talking because of the election the primary election on Tuesday we can't turn on the TV cantor on the radio no vote on Tuesday yet set slopes but you're listening to the show. You we we want you to go vote what's your vote and vote Alston is yes but. If off from seven to seven that you can't throw TV can't trouble radio and out here either Catherine Templeton. John Warren. Interim master Cameron Bryant talking up their race for governor unfortunately don't your whole life Nancy and Gil. Which you know. This car is me now that's that's a disservice to what you can't count on you can't you know Tony media out here to Madison hairy in a gimme shorts not just feel like on Tuesday on the line what are you made this governor's race before. Well it. Obviously there's always room for for other opinions split my opinion. Is Kevin Bryant he's up and I'll tell you why. I've known Kevin Bryant just about every since the first day that he stepped foot into the capitol South Carolina down in our swamp. Kevin was one of what we've always called the back room boys who. He voted the way he was supposed to vote on just about every issue while I was active in politics. Kevin has a track record that I respect. And that I trust. On has he been perfect no probably not. But. You know whether it's whether Steve the governor's race whether it's for congress or for any other position that's out there. I'm sick and tired of listening to everybody try to ride the coattails. Of president Donald Trump and Donald Trump's agenda even. Where were they act two years ago where word yet for years ago. Where more all of these candidates in South Carolina. Calling for tax cuts. I believe we got tax increases instead of tax cuts and largest gas tax I can say history is absolutely in a state that is controlled. By Republican supermajority super majority. He and and folks if there's any thing almost say it right up front. I may come back to it. But if you consider yourself a conservative. I beg you. Get off of the Republican plantation. Quit following these people that have been in office for so long promising news so much and delivering. Nothing. And here we say all the time on the show I mean Luke. Republican Democrat it really doesn't matter I don't you know party going on that's exactly it's a money party it's a special interest slush fund party. It's how do we make money off the taxpayers party yeah I mean and that's really in and year even if an ailment I mean it really does not matter Republican Democrat. Both are against. Really the common citizen are so careless bipartisan tax hike is a bipartisan corruption. Well that they've gotten really good at making too promised or two things one this promises and the other is excuses why they can't get something. Always I you know I understand that if if it was a split it and if that the Republicans controlled the house the senate. The Democrats controlled the senate or vice Versa. I understand that. Folks we've got inside Carolina a Republican controlled legislature. With a Republican governor and we were just force fed. Gas taxes and who. That the people didn't want. What's your question no where were these people two years ago or Katharine simple tender in the guest next to date she took the stroll position all of our markets and obviously. And so an owner ray right the biggest issue courageous is that we've seen in the last fight us all right you get the muscle muscle. I thought. A sort of snake charmer and then all of Obama team part of may also in Gaza is a good thing no one has a drinking game every time she says bustle are going to be an influx of app called for Israel Australia but he can't she hit it gives you wouldn't ever do the show them we're on the knowledgeable and more acutely no Kathryn Simpson wasn't as she was a bureaucrat. We know our background. My question is what do you make of this John Warren insurgents being us here says kind of ride the coattails of trunks message. Yeah I mean look I and us be clear I mean just or if cremation or center on we don't endorse you don't corny little and it's we have no horse in these races. But how will say this and you look. John Warren and I've I've met him once. It and any seems like a nice Fella and it was mother's a very nice lady mean bomb and there they're from here in the Greenville area. It seems like I mean from all that I can recognize the main has created a per successful business I mean is there he is filled a niche in a market in that real estate market. And he's he's he's been able to I don't think there's anything dishonorable what he's done in business in fact. He is created a business he's created a marketplace and he has made a lot of money off of it and that's the American is that's what we love to see right capitalism is core. But that the problem with Warren that I have to see is we just don't know that much about them during my control record that we don't know anything about the Scott other than what he says and I hate and and you know not Woodson. It is to pop on Warren beaten but but we've heard a lot of that over the years from politicians. And politicians say a lot of different things to get elected them once they get elected they don't do it so. And that's not a pop on him personally I don't know we areas but that is. My fear with Warren is that if he does happen which would always want a very good campaign says I mean his ads ordinary gift yet he has come out of nowhere and you least. I'm giving her this he is timing it. Perfectly alms and kudos to muscular phones before we you know break you were told to law lore. Thanks for calling how Lloyd noble or what's gone RO. Thank you carry out you'll remember me I assured him. Well. Ileana all the sudden this and he's coming down and analyze all one of them have to resist our. I don't. It had that great eager I totally agree about Kevin Bryant that in talking to Kellen. You don't keep this in person that I talked to achieve your belt when I was teaching any of the sandwich and I'd like John Warren. But. You know let's go with people that edit a proven record it and I like I think. John warrant record at great. I'm also pumping Brett for other Oprah people in mr. 22. Under not futile puppets situation. Care I would. While you and Kerry learned that they area. Tariq. You know that the situation in district 22. Very little state house. Well. You know where we're not I'm not anti. How and what I'm. Out of Atlanta oh really got good strong race. Two. And Jay Elliot. It replaced Webby nearly two years ago right. I don't have a problem I mean you know we out. Alan that's pretty country you can add whatever lifestyle orientation you wanna help but I. When he played landing and taking didn't come out until after he was elected. And where apps like upset the lap. Yeah now. That they drew Caldwell lord has created here from a lower appreciate you via a little sad to think film. Jason Miller was one of the few guys voting against tax hike he is worth. He did and I think worst point is is is look I mean I think a lot of people felt that that they they didn't that the guy wasn't completely honest with them calm and and that will be looked at a munitions racist their decision that I am the Australian I'm bored of the election told. Only get to the issue we have so emit much still going only Colombia here and even fall on it I mean we had the biggest gas tax likely delta honest. The roads still argued fix instead they're funneling money down the slowest one notices state infrastructure bank. With Hugh leatherman we got these guys running around the campaign trail saying they are fully supporting the second in the although they voted against the constitutional Cary let's talk about that we that we agree with him a plea that group that video or talk about that video across the video homage guess there's nothing excites me more than win a citizens is confronted by a politician you know lying to them and interface and a killer right back at the moment and hold them accountable almost spot. Won't bring up the video. I am more also we've got a big chairman of the house Ways and Means Committee. Detonators and Brian white 10 legally to do lie and my client Brian why we're gonna rush shine a light. Align Brian button we get back here after the break or Sunday night for seven days. Take this off grade why is this in the if we got a letter runner why do you let him control music great the silk publicly tortured Dave. Just a bacterial sunny nice assistant Dave rocking out to some video to jets' Brett for I would several of the songs. Ha ha ha ha. There are a number that goes before the break. We will await sees a a video that a private citizen put out all of you to that was a odd door still confrontation between himself and his state representative. Our bill Crosby and that's Crosby not costly so. Crowning trust it hit an antitrust. The armed and by the way Dave did you remember were down and Crosby's district this past week and that all road we solved yet Taylor drive down there I mean. Good lord on notables on the please go to the moonwalk man I was everywhere they're falling apart. Or a library. Here infertile library were kids are being dropped off where there's been a high speeds 45 miles per hour I think as a speed limit. Panels everywhere there was weren't so bad they patched an accident or mail them Ellis went about it had a picture this bottle it was so eat right for a library there was a net. As a basketball he meant. Hi I'm not make up I guess they're afraid an atomic water on the political and ballroom. It was a street Thomas and had to put a net there and listening to him right there when cornered in a bill Crosby spell campaign sign don't cross it a name you trust and so anyway. Crosby is now with your roads they kill order gun rights as a matter right now talk about. So crawls he's not indoors and on knocks on the settlements or do that this I had the security on the at a fancy Nancy security cameras can see his doorstep. So you can see our bill Crosby and you can hear this conversation. And Crosby is doing what a lot of legislators did and you guys are hers before. I've fully support the second and then it. Bullet. Bullet but I think maybe you need a license Decatur. But I think fit in navy he's in training. But I think I don't understand what show on abbey infringements right so bill crossing us as does the war and goes to the rendition of I police for the second in that bullet. And lewis' breezes and this guy held his feet to the fired well. Well this is the kind of guy that all these caricature politicians out of state house don't want this why they hate. Campaigns scary yeah that's why they don't wanna that they don't want to hear from their constituents actually because they get called out right and they don't know. Who these folks are many so this this bill Crosby care during this creature of the swamp down there in Columbia. He's knocking on the doors in his district neighborhood right. And this guy comes out and starts given in the right check ins and does it. Would follow the Dow as simple as it was only reasoned fact based level he cannot attack his character did not. You call wife beater did not say any personal he just said. Mr. Crosby represented Carvey your record stinks and yeah you do not actually support the second minute what is your voting record says you don't. Yeah exactly. And so they got us thinking you know this past week ever seen the video that you know we see this a lot legislators and policy telltale signs that. You'll legislator is will be calling Second Amendment Bonner they are always supporters and and a bullet. And what are my favorite series of these guys that'll vote against constitutional cared which a lot of and it and they only say Eagles for the second and they say. How could I the anti second minute I'm a member of the sportsmen call. Yeah or go where other sportsmen caucus certainly line Brian why didn't want their third in our memory Beaulieu lifetime lifetime and I remember hearing. That gives me carte Blanche to do whatever I want I don't writes no apparent effect on trading on your gun rights and as long as normal lifetime and I remember every effect NRA endorsed Harry Reid of all people in his senate race on the NRA is how. I sat live membership does when they did that and it's not the gold standard old you know pro rights groups right so that's what the author I know the one. This Mike's favorite is when they have these pictures themselves and hunting equipment. In us with their dollar rifle or the shoulder and Alison what they will face the wandered aimlessly to investigate sounds faced a doctoral four slash candidacy. Well face and lobs and Harry get noticed in with the awareness cam into the orange hats on the trudge into the woods somehow these pictures are suspect and there. Oh yeah on the camera down and you still see decreases in the pain as for his picked up from Wal-Mart and at thirty minutes before the photo Shia. But the factory I NRC mark there's no one can spinning at Wal-Mart for and they went to some high end hunting tour. You don't bills PM may well may be. I'll either either here or there is or is spotless and Mason they use their campaign. A accounted for allegedly. That's Donna sure there is every two years there's a spike in now you know hunting a payroll now ramble local politician he's actually had a mind and it it is hard to come can't always say years ago often little they could take a world. Anything I. Chances are good they took it back anyhow we have exactly yet while the tags audio monitoring the photo shoot yeah. The but the the fact remains I don't care what legislator says I don't care they if they paid all NRA a little money got their lifetime membership caller no I don't care if they go putt on the weekends. That is not the second and that was written for it it was not the intent behind it turn in my guy does not what it says now it says shall not be here for a share based on it. Now they don't they don't in their counting on not people who. Like ourselves we we have families to feed we've got a job to do. Very few people can put the time and effort into paying attention to the political shenanigans. Of these elected officials. To really you know. If you ask the average citizen out here on the street. You know how did so and so vote on an issue they don't even know who so and so it is Lester they don't know right the issue is right. And and then when they walk in to look the polling place. Of course the only thing they've got to go on is who had the most and who looked the best yup. It it enter my question Harry and may be commences cassette and I'm in doubt in my firm for over a year now is is since they met that constitutional caring. The the best constitution carry village series already your social affairs. Arm is that look it's a write in me it's not like driving a car you don't do it regardless there's no such thing as in there's no mention of cars are vehicles in the constitution right. And an if you like me I believe that. You know they did these are god given rights they sneer right out our creed so that's right and so. Yep my question is for these Republicans and go down to Columbia. And don't vote for a some like constituted they don't vote to insure our rights and enshrine our rights. Really and we said this before I think it's just. They don't believe in they don't believe they hate. That that they need to write in trying to us that they can't take it away and he's an end even the Republicans again these lifetime mineral numbers the sportsman caucus members. It's it's they hate. You know the Second Amendment they really do hate that it's enshrined at that it's our right well of course they do. End cannot I firmly believe that there's a reason why they hate it. And that reason quite simply is the reason of the Second Amendment was put there to begin with a -- second and it has nothing to do with hunting that's right second over the road they'll revolt of the year the other rebel yell at the deer coming so get out nugget that you musket not the Second Amendment was put their specifically because our founders understood what a tyrannical government look like him. And the ones that are in Colombian now the ones the most most double murder in Washington DC right now. They're part of the tyranny so why would they want you to have a constitutional right to carry a weapon without their blessing to tyranny. At home and abroad right that we would be able to have a well regulated militia and that right shall not be infringed to combat Tierney innocent. And abroad and and it's just. He said frustrated me when I'm not like overstate the worked here NATO dual ownership exec who were saying we mentioned this couple weeks ago. The same legislators who. Past they Miller voted to dole all passed the house call again again. May goes directly after or first and Maria all right spurred the hold them accountable criticize them around election time while some. We don't think we're Tierney is well hyperbolic as the guys got Duckworth we are great don't address they represent down an armed North Myrtle Beach. Suing your private citizens for writing a letter to the editor that was critical of him. A politician. She winged part of how us about financial tyranny that the wreaking upon the decisions are still awhile we'll get to that after the break is always talk about his gas tax a large guest excited state history. And they are actually failing to fix the roads when it for the bridges which are taught about after this or Sunday nights the second day. This is normal and you get any eclectic in your taste it. Mean I think it's the so off. I know I am in Elton John and well he'll learn it I guess we are back here on Sunday nice to set the date. Where Tommy sanction it joined by our special guest Harry killer founder of the rhino hunt. Guys we've been talking about. These. Second minute voters out legislator and that the second minute because a guy you argue it's mop my blood bullet but nothing and I mean nothing gets my red belt. Like the gas tax hike in the affected are roads continue to crumble him from my question to you is did you ever think this morning was gonna go to the roads and overdo it. Any figure around all of us that we need to reform the DNC and not throw more money into a broken system and specifically not into a slush fund controlled by. Hugh leatherman which is the state infrastructure bank. But does. There's two DA and I thought we talk about every week because of always new development known whether it is. You know us dollar mistake into he's faced with a lot of videos on roads and bridges are falling apart even after legislators promised promised the gas tax I would fix our roads. Or it's new developments like what is gonna come out tomorrow from the nerve not a war they got we talked about before if you're not describing. To never go there right now the nerve dot org they are the only investigative journalist site. Doubt Columbia. Looking into what these characters are doing with our money. There's going to be a bombshell report coming out tomorrow from down old what they're doing with our gas tax money. And local hold guys while we've been saying a whole wall will be proven true they are allowed to kick the can down the road. All of these roads and bridges now for a few weeks now for a few months but for years Saddam. And on Monday in important settle we've been saying and here we've been saying all long. Is that we will pay more to pump up. We will pay more. On our property tax and you know property taxes we will pay more to buy new car or are emitted by any car. We will pay more if we end of drive and hybrid but you know we will pay more on net. And our roads will market fixes and that's how the politics that's where they lied to a series. They lied to us like Lucy holding the football really years how many times are we going to go down this road. In trust. I don't you know I just don't. While making can't win and you look at it it's the in our schools of the worst in the country our electricity rates or at least skyrocketing away there's a Rhodes former porn you can't trust these guys and that's I didn't missing that our corruption and turn their called open them there now but don't they too are the conversation the person about the governor's race. Like how many of them have you heard we'll start with the governor self. Why is hindering master not fired the DOT commission. Well we is let's be clear is that we had a big him only in that we don't we have. I mean thousands of people across the state had to contact him personally don't. To get rid of Hugh leatherman Simon wal yeah I mean the one most corrupt scum bags that ever walked into the state house. We ended that you that we had to help get folks organizing and send that message to him. And even then it took much sixty's Sid to finally figure out me and partly. Yeah coming and so you know Henry is not a were former tech went. That mrs. Murtha is an understatement of the year this corruption is very expensive and that's what we're seeing in the state of South Carolina just like we are the nation. And I daresay it's works in South Carolina and so I love declaration. You know politicians. That that are. Well I I just it's just a. All the pale and yes I don't know how to put it into word I could I can put into words by included and and is snapshot and my brain image and that was all last year during the gas tax hike today I want to spoke his barber to the one entered Palmer house are Republican women. And didn't know when I've signed a four but I was the ball prep for a little younger and represented Stephen King were speaking on behalf of Ted Cruz right after. So they were sitting at a table immediately to my outlook for oil speaking. Alice -- through the layers and everything that you look has its fingers in my you know others controlling Obama's the DNC commission and syphilis so while having a concrete companies morning. I'll never forget as a roll through this Lou we go work wings are receiving king and kind nudges them says in mouse can you believe this yeah. I mean that is two people from DC right which ever says is a small when there was says is corrupt. These guys war dumbfounded you know what they are hearing goes on our state also quite frankly if. If reliable makers in Washington DC we're doing the things that lawmakers in South Carolina or doing. They would go to jail yeah so no doubt they would absolutely go without a doubt absolutely see what what Aron. What's his name from Illinois the congressman from or know they even got his office all dressed doubling Downton Abbey or whatever was aren't your memory here in about those couple years ago Aaron shock. I mean. I mean what heat it was peanuts compared to what left instill in me was. Tens of thousands of dollars and I'm not excusing him anyway but. He'd still get me dressed up dogs and any made up some gas receipts and and took some money that was we should have been reimbursed for gas and pocketed it. I think we're talking with let him for talking tens of millions of dollars so this directly from us taxpayer. Know our look here we've been taught him this meet the new cordless in the show but. Been taught him this for ever is it's up to the citizens of Stan you know the three of us we we all agree on this and here's another thing Dave. Lawmakers that that may be they are corrupt and in Columbia. I hold them accountable as well and gently calls they have a bully pulpit if they could they could call press conference. They could start naming names end in working to clear that cesspool. You know leadership they could vote new leadership you know exactly so there is mom that are harmless look. If any state representative. Wrote a letter. To the attorney general of the United States sessions you know. And the department justice can be down here like why don't exercise you better believe you've been bullet OK that was dad's that's what gets me and and really again. As us and that's. Citizens have to take control their government and the three of us can't do it now we cannot we've physically cannot do it. We we all agree we all think the same way I'm sure there's thousands our listeners are listeners right now I think he's actually way you've got. To hold everybody and it particularly air I'm glad you said that. Particularly the guys that you think are good guys good guys if they're not they may not be making money they may not be making millions are draft off of this yet turn yet. But you know what they're watching it happen in or not do anything about and a good friend of mine told me one time. When you see a crime and you don't do anything about it you're just as guilty as I'm committed to abide Galley these guys are down there. You know maybe they're not making a million dollars off of us are hard taxpayers none of these senators understood it that Hugh leatherman is is getting Grafton in and it was touch that nobody else understood the criminal Bobby Harrell was doing those guys are. Criminals. They are criminals it's a criminal syndicate you know that ironic that result new ball on them disgraced former speaker criminal Bobby Harrell you know what do you make of this past the investigation you you thinking the next column I I have a doubt I mean look at everybody that his that his went before. You know our attorney general or surrogate of attorney John since he abandoned his post. In in prosecuting. Criminality. Of lawmakers. Who went to jail. Kurt it's non personal problems went to jail. If you are I don't course and Bob always gonna go to GR he's not a course out a plea deal aren't Bobby what a lucky break. He's going to claw right in and give them information on other lawmakers. It's crickets. Are so we have got a failed judicial system is a state of South Carolina and on top of everything else and why. Corruption legislators appoint a Russian alleged corruption a top know and we we talk about the set all the time. And you know a lot of people say all you guys each a one trick pony all you do is blame legislators. Guess what you all legislators run this statement right. Did well in this state from the schools to the world owes it to the judges tryst in the elected to the electricity to power grid their base money they are in charge up. And they need to be held accountable when it's a failure we think you're you're about to see you in your previous point. What are you gonna stand up we're paying the highest a monthly electricity rates in the country don't okay. We have the most worst roads in the country and with the worst schools in the country. Okay really a criminal judiciary system yes. I don't wish him winner for its green Artose they are they gonna stand up. But we're right where that this is a red states that doesn't matter right are they art is Tuesday folks are you all gonna stand up on Tuesday and say enough is enough is. Is Tuesday the start. Of when we say enough is enough I don't mow down I don't know the answer and I'm leaders are inherent in the swamp on Tuesday here in in South Carolina. While also it is in and you you alluded to a negative you know we Hal you know. Since we've stored for connection networking and been talking to our listeners into our advocates home social media across the state. You have seen them at home. Rhyme or whether it is our hopes and John again and I'm here right about yet he absolutely desperate and another thing I think you know thankfully no one remembers is that just a couple months ago. These guys are floating the idea of a sales tax hike a man saves and again so gas tax was just wasn't just wasn't enough not enough but thankfully of thousands of people and they'll spend it properly you know he's absolutely a bad football there are start taxing our groceries I mean this what they were floating and thankfully thousands of people assumes that absolutely not. Is so that was a win that even though it never developed into Johnson and a not so it was a win. On the looks like we've got someone on the hill. Margaret's two minutes is go to home. One minute one minute it burst your integration we hold number after the break. I was told after I break all that you were holding up yet hold on caller but Harry. I just wanna me Ed beauty touched on attorney general Wilson there while we're on the topic of malicious what do you think of all this attorney general race. We need a new attorney general. Hot hot that's not only a golfer I've thought about you talk about a bottomless pit I. I personally was present in Alan Wilson's office. Begging Hilemon pleading with him to do something with Bobby here yet and you helped him get elected into one and I help a binoculars like at. I write a big help Baldelli and and I know we're not been bitten. I don't I'm not unlike them at the same dull to watch him all right. As is just I'm as a guy these guys a spine made a -- yeah that guy he is the biggest weaning in the world and did he disassociate from the Quinn's by the line I have no idea at this a whole another problem and it but I guess is the break it up call on call will be backing this say Steve. Also they nice to set today. Joining us being drunk and fallen over you know pails in comparison to break Roberts the county council member here Greenville who got cult being so the lead pipe against Justine salute to river ya I'll get to go to the salute to read outcomes if you gotta think minimum but yet we viewing not violent alms but I. How much money you are not big enough the I. I don't know OK okay pitcher for my eyes got real big. Yeah it just like your hands after I'd and you see it is today and double wide trailer here. Hey there's always the personal over the hill and it goes down to the river. An up. In my younger years that I'm glad set the zionists not all of my idol pull back the curtains piazza guys in my younger years when the board would close its new. The salute the lottery got a look at the party going all night. And it was a CDC eighty spot I can imagine anyone being there in broad daylight for any other reason price school weren't rolled or hooker but. If so there I would pay good money to see that the over Roberts and also Jake knotts and former disgraced insulator. Drug someone over. I see you wait long enough thanks for whole mole let's go to the phones Steve how are meant I stalled disarmament. How well I am Eric Howard and his show even when Harry is not a gas. Some wind speed and precision girls. Taylor I'm really not very happy with the choices we have to vote on and somebody's going elected but I've gotten at this point or I cannot vote for somebody I cannot go to sleep knowing that I voted somebody decent. I know that there's a theory that he need to vote for the least of the evils that can win and all the stuff but I've had enough of the stuff that's how it got the people we got. I'm gonna be voting at all. Again when my conscience there's three people running for attorney general. And all three on the got something that's ethically wrong or maybe it or tried to sidestep the law now with the wind around it. Or just totally turned her hands they went I don't know anything though you're right. I gotta leave that blank in it's like where we get what we get by. You know it is what it is but at least I'll play I didn't put that guy in all. Again I'm not I am a basic that's an essay summoned a lot of people. Wrestle with right when it comes to voting what is what does he really doing is it you being forced me decision between two evils or she look at voting is being like your personal stamp of approval and Brian. I've made no qualms the last three years that you know I don't vote for a lot of people. You know I don't wanna go and say while person put my stamp of approval when you and I have to deal with the fact that. Whatever you do I help happen and I am more reminded of my first time working on campaign. Was reversed master and I don't hold any differently what else fifteen to my old high right eighteen years old pull it all nighter is put up signs knocking on doors. A organizing a pool party when my high school bullies for for Bruce span of two we thought he was conservative. That was for expansion now one of the biggest on cogs. Indeed the slot machine down there yet he was majority leader for majority leader and and what are we get the fighting tired and joint leader he details exactly about Bobby her well I don't know that the substance and I don't I don't I thought culpable. Voting for these people or helping these people and see thanks your calls orders I think you're highlighting. Something important if your usual saying absolutely. Now and so. I think Steve from our dignity says a regular called for in the program and that's another race going all over there. On guys are good buddy Neil Collins Haniyeh has himself a L a primary challenge and shout out to Janelle Lawrence de. That lady stays on new conference. My adult world known as always look great. Job as as we have said. I mean. If Neil Collins savers and neo cons loses that residential because I'm sure he'll get into that runoff. And what's he went on endorsing any candidates Ford is that ordinarily they that if he if he loses. I think Jen Howell Raines is I don't care who wins ever I don't even know the names of the character run and in that race if and blatant Janelle rains should give the MVP award neck and franchise is she hard worker. I mean it and we literally every day for almost two years now as our and that's when as long as I've been following hurled his vote yeah. And what an a grade activists on the menu just don't want him wrong sided now not dug up closer toppled them. Oregon for the guys are there people elicited on a new causes they rip over adopting a police district five. He he was one of those guys that supported the gas tanks before it was opposed to incumbent John Kerry Neal OJ goes for illegal bulletins every year you know I mean every time that the and any once he once again in state college tuition to illegal immigrants right now losses Mendes NN that goes I'm not sure how well let's don't don't Pickens County but I don't what do wanna this is a Pickens needs a lot more illegal it was actually 1 o'clock. And give it like sister cities with somebody in Germany now do you like. Our sales line every small town. Balls to be this great metropolis. All you need a multimillion dollar library the only a multimillion dollar City Hall nailed it all the love and miss mold in the town I'm honestly. You know we're can be a destination no I mean all of mall don't get me wrong and they and in this and great restaurants down there we know you're going to die down there drone attacks like. I mean doesn't know greatly narrowed down the road and great people down a moment. The government however thinks that they're going to be the next now Las Vegas and you know you're not your mauled in South Carolina. Net you know and and you just knock on the Las Vegas it's not only a destination style placed ago. I'll give you example Easter you know and I'll I'll let this thing out so obvious I'm guilty of that they have a Easter egg. With helicopters dropping thousands of bags free hot dog for kids blow up things face painting all furry. For the people participating because it was taxpayer funded you know. And like in their head they they think their own people are gonna come down to this festival right and I guess is full with the place so I wanna keep coming back issues. What's and misguided political economic development is not a small environment plays some very nice place and had no right to tax payers. Taxpayers should not be subsidizing. My you know. And in and and travel and leisure style and a expenditures. To promote. The city mall I'm sorry that this is a waste of money in oftentimes conservatives complain about the people that come into our country regardless of what country they come from. They said they won't come here for all of the that the benefits of me and an American. And in the turn around and they try to make America just like the country that they are left yet well when you have a beautiful quaint small city like Malden. And you wanna turn it into something else. In that contrary to to what your site and from what I wanted to great or small spotlight sack and now we're gonna turn it into Atlanta the whole you know national scale on yankees here while coast of America they both the same idea actually. But I heard it was four or somebody you know but I mean I think you're right in that. It betrays the government is betraying the citizens of that half the people who go to big player who live there be calls played like that's right. They don't necessarily want to to take turns 45 minutes to get to the closest Irish restore universal single absolutely I grew up with some similarly work down there I mean. I remember wins and some bill alone you're gonna main street for that there was only three stoplights here. In an Alley wanna build up the downtown area and they got here is par which you know is great but. He see the growth and it is like. Is it actually work the calls as well at and an almost parlance of the moment when you allow politicians don't care if it's on the county level the state level or federal level when you allow politicians. To decide. How we're gonna gruesome as Reyes and that's always why are down the road that their brother and wall all the land that they decided to build them the of the multi million dollar project right and folks that when we allow politicians to make these decisions on economic growth. It is the breeding ground for corruption and that's exactly what's Austin so monetary and economic development. Is it equals corruption absolutely and they have made this term economic development Sam all nice and puffy and positive like. But at the end of the date is to simply a recipe for moneymaking schemes and money funneling schemes for politicians and corruption out now corruption you know we're just that's how but I I can't let you Italy here without bringing up with these guys are remote county are floating again I don't remember the sales tax hike to halt what exactly fourteen no tax hike overwhelming. All of the field these these Yahoo! and county council. I'm now back onto the idea of another reference to phony defaults so that. Folks. It's up to you. You know. If you if we do you think how many chicks would you let. Stay on your body sucking the blood out of view before you say are what these takes only no more because these talents in politics. You've got the school board raising your taxes you've got county council raising your taxes you've got state government raising Europe's gas tax want to raise the sales tax warning detection through. Win is enough going to be enough. How about let's do this. Let's lower some taxes yeah I heard. Our report that said that since the the the those tax cuts of of the trump administration of keeping them revenues actually came up came up in India I. How about imagine much are easy to auto we make Greenville county the cheapest tax in the state senator wanna you talk about economic development. Let's let nature take its course that's right while my hear you say is why don't these guys is keep their word yes please total wanna take Ronald didn't want one erupt for election while they run on I wanna raise your taxes how. Is that what early today as Harry thank you for joining us and it's been a pleasures than there are anti ice and seminars at a time same place next weekend between check yourself FaceBook they go to tee today. Check it out to vote and go vote on Tuesday does vote early. Vote alternate we'll see you next week.