Sunday Nights with Seth and Dave 6 17 2018

Sunday’s with Seth & Dave
Sunday, June 17th
Seth and Dave talk about the runoffs for SC Elections, David Hucks from joins the show, contested primary elections in Horry County, and a government data warehouse.

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It is that time again. 5 o'clock called Sunday's hero 1063 WORD. It is time for Sunday night's cassettes and Dave where tall meets action. Were present tonight by the freedom action network South Carolina the premier grassroots organization here in the palm meadows state. Looking to equip citizens with the tools necessary to fight corruption down the Statehouse take back control our state government and actually advocate for freedom. Make sure you check them out FaceBook FaceBook dot com forward slash fan of that C. FaceBook dot com forward slash Fennessy enjoyed the conversation tonight does 1800. 3471063. Big data. May be coming to South Carolina no we're not talking about FaceBook. Or instead of ram more Cambridge analytical we're talking about our state government. In our budget that they're only taking back up this week may be bringing. Big data a database of all individual citizens here to South Carolina where it's not all that and more as we get into show tonight. But first let's start where everyone is talking right now Dave. In L a weak dollar on Tuesday at the primarily to stop talking about Alice election nonsense but lo and behold we are stuck with a couple Runnels. Allfirst of the governor in second with a fourth congressional district which were also gonna talk about. But let's start with the governor's race. We have a run off right now between the incumbent governor hair and master Andean surging candidate John Warner a businessman here in the upstate. Always started though David a guy and then we were told him about this time last week with Harry killer which is Kevin Bryant are lieutenant governor. A lot of folks appear at all he was gonna do fairly well given his record. And yet he came in a distant third what do you make no harm to our fourth what do you make of Kevin Bryant not doing any better than he did. Our thing. You know. Kevin has been great all that much money. And and and win war and end to Chile temple and then of course the master. Or bone up on television. Which. Yeah apparently they're able way to communicate with us that the voters. You know he kind of got brushed aside just bombed out and could compete. Happened doses. That that was probably the biggest thing that kept Kevin Bryant from column you know getting tired but I quote that 8% said I don't. Throwing seventy arrangement it was whale well lesson when I was thing you got fully release full double digits but. Did not. Our alternate soon and update you on Kerry would talk in last week. We thought are sure that. While conservatives probably might like John Mora might like this down the job morning Catherine Templeton. This is the end of the day they compound to. Kevin Bryant who is eight years seated having conservative record and and and I've also are sure that there. They can terrorist would come back to Kevin Bryant and and they just did not think the biggest and heard that it is money. Our but I will also am you know Kevin message was was good it was on point I think if it was the message that. Most of the Republican Party most voters would tend to flock to I think the job warrant. Tocchet message from him and elevated because yet more money. And the end of the day trying to keep became. Go to the conservatives' choice and obviously he's in the runoff against. All the sitting governor Henry McMaster. He is a and M cannon and Catherine Simpson both. After losing in not making into the rural they've now endorsed John Morton who is. It got eighty dollars hope Bobby V truck or sound off this is an outside this guy came in spent his own money. Arm and now he is going these endorsements do you think is going to be enough to overcome a master or do you see establish a machine just kind of ground amount. Well I I don't for two reasons but let me talk about it that you want to and that we talked about last week a little bit cheap set -- we didn't touch on with captain temple and and you know I just kinda overlook the muscle. Yeah. But for months value and at really when we bid on some pilot killed the same page would say it's race they cat attempts and would eventually get sound out and it. And personal against charter I really I've never met her I don't know our armed but. Keep it came across as. Very shaken. Any arms she came across as trying to wait too hard to sell a message that she she thought. That we all want a two year and Enders just sit in all stand at Indy in authenticity to that they're acting Ito voters. So all right through and end and is used mentioned the boats Aldrich the ball at all just the word to Ed. It described her that she came all the herself. Recorded newspaper and then took all the newspapers were calling her the boat's hull and get this as. It doesn't get more political and is it authentic and that. And I think that eventually called out with her is that bad people discount on our shoes that's labor but we clerks for good while there but then that Republicans kind of just took a cat's owner at the end because. I think. Plain and clear she was not it's conservative that she says she was. But more importantly she would not static in any way cheaper format thinks those orders all right through Kirk's what you that. Both salt persona that she wanted everybody's saying that she was that the real issue was not. Always when she had that infamous not and were she was shooting the rattlesnake was she was actually doing we shoot yourself in the foot and the crystal ball you'll realize no this lady. Does not come across he meter ressam was gonna go out back and shooting paying Gil and thank you say Israel who are always right shooting and Alton about who she was era she felt that way. It just rub people wrong and so I think you make your point about that but it was so what do you make of this warned. Glad you're born master of real fast I think nick master. Pulled more votes than I ever thought he could act thought you're dealing with some around 38% net primary each unit get about forty to 43. I I honestly think that he he's gonna be able to pull out I mean enacting this is where we are as a Republican Party you're listener right now and you didn't frustrate your strokes you know a year or so books are some silverware at the radio because that's said that I just looking at the results statewide senate you're not looked somewhat for the last few days. I got to tell me I just don't see any kept Donna outfit Catholic Goodell warned that much about like two feet you know a concern revealed it didn't come in and do it in the Republican primary win I don't see that happening. I don't see in beating terror master on June 26. Well let let's let's mention the the elephant in the room if you will which is of course our president Donald Trump I mean there's no denying that. His endorsement master and ephedrine masters build a kind of cloak himself. In an endorsement has helped and we were just talking about Ken O'Brien small percentage move we Tony Pike around sandy are set and a half. He's not a master talk about 38 year up 4243. As the I think a lot of conservatives you know even they may like Kevin. All they may like Albright or John Warner and they like accountants and and the other day the president is having a an impact on this race and a lot of folks are looking to master. As the the trial guy in this race even though warn you would think looking from the outside war kind of fits that mold better as an outsider businessman. But did Troy ounce influence is undeniable when you look at these numbers to me. Eat eat eat even I would say the majority from voters are which are more and botched. Kettering cancer is able to peel off just does not need him to throw in which is establishing a voters. That he will be able to win this race. You're absolutely right there's no doubt the president having the secular endorsements a terror master is is. Putting her in position to win that almost all not you know week from Tuesday. Once in Trump's benefactor that throughout the whole primary there's so they came across the off the wire few hours on leasing he had been also made plain this may goes I to a story. That we were handing all lastly with hairy as well which is this they did pass the investigation now I don't know greasing the report often reported posting carrier but apparently. We are now at a stage in south Cobb politics where are the mainstream media believes that a FaceBook like. May sway folks in their vote. So get this and we as we know David Pasko was investigating. Corruption quote unquote in the Statehouse have. He seems to be dragging its feet and they Vanessa and even namely games he's investigate the corruption. And it seems in his investigation is circling around on your Richard Quinn and what they called a Clinton. Well a couple prosecutors Dave endorsement master. And so he puts up a FaceBook then these two prosciutto and all endorsed him and Pasco likes the faced a pest. And so now people are speculating does this mean. That masters in the clear when it comes this ethics investigation. Now know seems silly and we have thirty segues me do you see this thought you know injecting itself into the governor's race here in the last week or sub. I don't I don't think it'll matter much but here's what it does it cure it that they can be set that. They institution that cooped in it's too is that corrupt system protects itself. All of these people protecting themselves and protecting the system passed go is is that a non issue. No way did it anyway she performed as a direct. Well speaking of the system protecting itself. Is saying there's been a prime example that over and more accounting this past week with a primary elections border tell the David Hudson Myrtle Beach SC dot com when we get back stick around after the break. Welcome back to Sunday nice to seven day where talk meets action. We're bringing a special guests are gonna try had a little too much action was hands the last week or so. David looks from Myrtle Beach SC dot com David thank you joyously how lawyer brother. Thanks all and then it's great to be here that they are doing great in order on. Eight thanks for joining us now by David just like everywhere else in the state on Tuesday you guys head. All primaries yet to very contested elections one with the county council member. Probably disasters and Lazarus mark Lazarus and also a scoundrel the state house member Greg Duckworth. Altman you've been on the ground with your website Myrtle Beach SC dot com following both of these races and before we get to Tuesday when all happened with the election. I understand you saw all these guys kind of the system protecting itself as they put the last segment within circling the wagons earlier in the week before the election is that right. Certain. I'd rather than basically a lot of the delicate subject that this came then. To go home to. Campaign or duck or as well as. Christian member of the quarantine mountain climbing. You may not bailout came down started not to knock those individual right to own credit double vote for regular courts specifically. He's really pushed hard. Well let's is probably a background for a listeners Duckworth and which ultimatum before. He's the guy over in the run the Myrtle Beach here and were counting our house district one of four. They voted for the largest gas tax in state history he voted against constitutional Carrey and he attacks our first amendment rights not just in the Statehouse but voting for the gag gag. But also in the courthouse David when he sued. To constituents of his for running a letter to the editor in criticizing him so this guy is the guy that. The leadership and the rest of it is our colleagues in the Statehouse kind of circle the wagons forming in campaigning for. My question for you Dave is how much money would you pay to see Jay Lucas walk in the sweltering heat not endorse. I. 800 go I David got eleven that was dealer. As they say yes they go out by the left most board early doors that you know but but. Leader of their you know it didn't look. We what we need to thank you sir for god jumpers all that there was. Really I think we saw in Horry county more than any other caddie which is. Badly needed about away with with a swamp log out of their boats but there was something going on in or account. On Tuesday. You all not only threw out. Docked worse than golf throw out. The county council chairman the collapse Jeremy council chairman Lazarus. Mark Lazarus and then you also threw eight or your idol win in one of the county council seat if it seemed like Horry county was really. The spear the tip of the spear for the attack on the boot in the states. What I know what do you what what's been going on there and and Lotta that happen. You know politics in more of all the gotcha moment the big bomb or about it each story. It's what people were fortunate to court changed. Really the current business this drip drip. Of the trees getting out over a long Vietnam that that bring about the changes. What's been going on or account for the last. 1112 years to get this migration of conservative. Northern edge of a lot although I learned a lot of people who look from the on. Nor but Pennsylvania. But they're conservative they're cracked into our area and they moved man. They've gotten a feel for thing to him in the past if you weren't certain club. Then went to Myrtle Beach area chamber of commerce club work post a association brokers are the French and their compliance. Has gotten behind you just got to realize that it was as a matter of track. But what happened it is a people who were elected. On the fly around him with a lot continent could blunt. Our duct work well basically to water or that of those organizations. Charitable primarily. All that were weapons in the middle of the voters. Voters and just own mom. We had marijuana. So I'll Mara. We've reached a tipping point now. Every time in new homes built in all we can only have one fast scrolling. Towns in the nation. I would come almost built worsens could get more power. And those special interest become more on on par more equal. I don't know that would in turn somehow wound up it is going to be a great influence. I think we're gonna continue to seem not enroll. And success until this baby boomer generation guys. Well there's no doubt the national war sooner. There was no doubt Tuesday it was a big day but it's not like these establishment care jeers is mark Lazarus great north dating ghosts are only into the night did they they were they big protests and election a contested it. Can you walk us through that process a what you salt. This forceful with the shenanigans when he came to actually contesting the election and making sure these small victories worth thank victories for the challengers. Well. Take for example warned them bone very very strong grassroots conservatives. Who want district one of four. He won only by seventeen points. Malta on target another grassroots conservative. Who was touching them or anti establishment. He warned. One mama one source wonderful but so were other non sticky about. What happened what went to start off. That's an irregularity that one operation which is unusual. More Linda went to certify. Mark Lazarus who really and truly the Serbs fearful which long politics. Which translations state politics. And stinging. On his legal team stop the process again Colin Columbia. They really were looking for about it while they try to hold certification process. And they and they won't truly tried. To stop its its process. Strong had until Saturday at twelve district well sort of our it was going to be questionable election. And eleven kicked to the challenge certify. Shortly thereafter. He did the last just in the dollar could stop it mr. Adams conceded. Followed very quickly bombs to Duckworth conceding. That ball hard but the real. Then they warmth it is this to stop the certification process it would literally can't articulate. Security is over and let them. They had compliments on implement its outlook Billy Butler our viewers know that Allen column to go low core portion of the from Myrtle Beach. Bomb. Them and take an interest in character. And I am a parent he's an established yet. Although he says walker yes years and he was involved and process supposedly knew truly for the Ali. He was wearing a ladders to ensure I'll weeks or not there and he was out. Knocking on doors or dot org to North Myrtle Beach structurally changed mountains shows up into the elections commission adopt this as a neutral party the Republicans were apparently on match. And it was vacated space. David Lipton. I gotta say I'm in real thank you for what you were doing down there it it is so important it is or most corrupt county in the state and what your doing is you're changing the state by changing your county and that's a lesson that I hope. All of us. You know all our listeners everybody listening to this cake. Wit them is that you're you're really warm personable what you already down there is is no I don't blush this really bond. Gold wild here and get knocked off some of those powerful politicians. In the county the most powerful politicians in the state. Of one last question or he. Got thirty seconds Julie. I'll bet well usually you will what we're told it can be rolled over till after the break that. It every homeless. Are also yellow saw. Let me do a quick out shall give ninety guess stick around. After the break carols Sunday nice to set and they were taught me section. We'll get more into this on this nanny is going or accounting now citizens are fighting back in change in accounting and hopefully the state would back a deliberate. How we are back here on Sunday nice to set and Dave work tall meets action of 1063 WORD. Guys make sure check out the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com forward slash span of SE. We daily updates about what's going on the Statehouse with your money and more importantly what you can do about or check us out faced a dot com forward slash candidacy. We're still joined our special guest tonight David Hunt so Myrtle Beach SC dot com. We're talking about these contested primary elections. It's a place on Tuesday over an Horry county between Greg Duckworth a mark Lazarus now there's been a slow ground swell over in Horry county against the political establishment against the chamber of commerce. And their cronies in mechanic came to a boil on Tuesday and they were able to defeat the caddy council chairman mark Lazarus. And mark Lazarus and also state house rep Greg Duckworth or chat with on David about how the establishment came out full force. They had the speaker of the house on no less than knocking doors for Greg Duckworth. They and other legislative leaders out there still wasn't enough lost by seventeen though it's William Bailey before the bright day you had a question for David what was. Well I was that they all all the king's horses All the King's Men you know couldn't couldn't keep Duckworth and ladders and choose is a great sharks but Dana good but there's the 64 million dollar question opting for everybody is. In Horry county all over what Wendy's new guys get elected knees grassroots conservatives. Either go to Columbia or go to City Hall. Warren what do you how do you feel about holding them accountable. The same way we help the other guys accountable right because they they go to the swamp and and the swamp they turn and swamp things those with top. Watery all gonna do. And what would you what would you Bob others who have been represented this. And maybe even a new governor come and had to say what you all advise what are you all gonna do vote all Bart got to do out here to keep those guys. From turning into a swamp thanks. I wouldn't say what we did what did we also sponsored lag here was incurred by the warm and kept on accountability. They've beaten people need encouragement. And accountability are built on the ball long did you go back about eight major trend bid late in groups on FaceBook. My income 8000. 121000. Each day and these are these salukis are politically active. Groups like Leicester and so Carol Bartz to make Myrtle Beach estate planning and really. Obviously separate words. And each one of these groups or can a conservative Republican. There's built what we do it and we introduced this trip I went to each of these people taking out unchecked these people. And these groups are not going to stop. Wanna encourage legislation that would wall. That let mr. barely aware that won't let up controlling questions come about. We want to get high data inflation and the things happen that we don't like what got mr. Bolton. What he hears a gun at me. Disney's hit the system could build up. The assistant rather this community and the old system was the entrance by the doors bagged ordeal. Don't pull collective group has been very transparent wouldn't be out there will be very active. It doesn't mean that restaurant at the same day that we've made a lawyer. They're gonna actually. Wish it never sought. Government needs to the winds are very encouraged constantly. And David let's be clear what with the old system wants is some sort of pushed. Money saver some some sort of government hand out in some way shape or form that's regulatory or it's actually grants or cash Turks or. Even in the Myrtle Beach area chamber of commerce this case it's acts direct tax money. They wore something from government. The new system have the command that doesn't want anything from government. And bachelorette all the the Gallo right an it's got to be so they don't want any staying. In return to their vote they just want government off our back get back is that correct. I think we drop even singing and the other is actually well. Now I mean an and that's the thing is that it is David as well wait a minute take the news suspended delusional system but look army out there are watchers. It is it is the new system. Where were constant cold and so Campbell in the U that the kid and we can celebrates her for about a day but set as we always say. If you want a friend and politics may get adult. Don't become part of a politician or not your Trent. And they are not and on data so you drop you the second led. Oz what Dave's you know outlining no right to use up do you get a sense all the sense in these guys indeed the new systems gotta be close to. Don't want a pale pale from the government or hand out they want their rights restored a respected. And beyond that they want the government and a hell other allies is at cutting your sense of folks are world beach. We've gotten Gingrich. Well wolf. All right well thought I would love forehand pretty much network does that. You guys signed the byline on them exposed what's going on whether it's good wild woods. We we speak out against what's bad and got have to match that we're always paying attention I'm sorry but that's a reality. No not so why is spot. Financially isn't and David facing ever join us tonight thanks for all you're doing over and I'll Myrtle Beach guys check out his web sites Myrtle Beach SC dot com. And that's the big win on Tuesday a day and I guess now the job is make sure this mark Lazarus care does arise from the political dead. Keep him down and keep restore and freedom in in Horry county they should join us and thanks for all you do. Thank you god I would we appreciate what you do it I appreciate them but also in thanks David. Now Dave we talk about political shenanigans we we talked about Hal they are trying to dispute or contest the election now Clemens was in tried his best to steal the election. Over in Horry county away from William Bailey away from. All in all blood garner the government carry council they try their best but herein green fill in the upstate. We've also got some policy we shenanigans going all in his fourth congressional race. Now the primary was also on Tuesday and it is also now going for a a run off Lieber right and William Timmons are we squared off. And so. The first question before we get into. Did messaging and Hamilton is now created firm self and others are what talk about Lee brightly as early we're talking about Kevin Bryant. And how we both assume that you know conservative just come home to Kevin because of his record no yes on the points of and although it doesn't seem like thugs did it. In the governor's race that they either were. Humbled and Henry may because of trump or they were bombed. You know cut back caught up in the surge of Warren for some reason I didn't go to Bryant but here and the congressional race. The guy with the the proven track record the conservative voting record Lieber right. Voters came out form and they did go home to Lee we know what do you make of that what while a disparity between the governor's race and this congressional hours. Pitched well a little different universe I think we bright you know was it had much warning wreckage you can find it to begin mass I I think it only got 2.5 percent a meets and that thus far but a far cry from fifty. And he's gonna have a tough time yet the fifty. But I think what you saw was also a thirteen person field that day that was cracked you know seven ways to Sunday and are there were just so many different statutes and so many different. You know agers and in the in in the Republican Party that didn't leave because the name recognition to begin with topic we saw that polls very early launch was likely to get into the world golf now he's got to go off against a well financed. A establishment. You know the Republican and William Timmons did that can be action to watch. It will speak image thing it'd in this in the same way they in the governor's race you head. The other challengers covered consolidate endorse a war you've seen the same thing in this fourth congressional ration of Hamilton. I just Kimbrel folks like that who are ranging simply who ran against league and didn't make Iran all have now endorsed them. In fact they had a a big press commerce the other day and weigh in Dane Hamilton real state parole office. When they're gonna indoor sleep and that press congress has led to. Many a rumor are running a foot when it comes this race now is actually started the day before. Because they were there or more brings that mean master may be trying to postpone. This fourth congressional all race so that folks who make our come out in support bright. Would not be there to vote for war and at a later date for all coming when I come now on the governor's race. On there are as more brightly delayed election exactly the way the election so that was already being murmur now at the press conference Hamilton was asked about this and in a ball being was that Albany master had told Hamels and that his political allies would pay for the com dispute for intestinal action. If Hamels it would just waits the last fossil meant to file it and thus muddy the waters and policy push elections back now Hamilton was asked about this. There in this press count for you is endorsing only bright and he. Said that you'd endorsing John Ward of a source on war dorms are all me in my press counts is confused here ball and it was a sudden there's this many of the same cast of characters in the last couple days gate can't falling Abbott. Either way so he's all. Denied that he was going to be involved in any kind delay. But confirmed the masters guys had reached out a film about possibly working to delay it. Now he said this tape that the political Twitter verse they call it exploded and worse storm all Malo. Thought my bus all ministers that took one suit itself so. Their open arms. Now so Hamilton. Then to trust to walk back what he says he didn't say. And that master reached out and end while doing that he step to ending didn't because he admitted that donors had called and threatened film. If he did not walk this back. So now we have an entire by you as you call it a firestorm I you call someone else but eight Firestone more hands. But once again is similar to how we saw nor Kerry gave. It seems like now these guys all are very quickly rushing to. Bush are the wrong and consolidate the support to protect the system. Rather than themselves. Well that's what it's certainly looked accepted that the system is more important than their actual of integrity which is just shocking to me. Ready if somebody came to me instead instead of saying they were said the family you better believe I'd be out front saying she couldn't ecstatic. And what they said. Again it's not about them and sell it about just system that their heart out and make it immune to protect which is amazing to me. And it says a lot about the ethnic characters that was that is part of politics these days. Absolutely and and as you mentioned Timmons is going to be well thought and in this amass big east outspent Lee just in the primary some like Tony about a third one. When I'm hearing so you're gonna see a lot of William Timmons commercials and the next call we hear so guys have braced for that. It'll be if you're interesting to see. How this they are back sort with Hamilton and they master plays out we backed after the break guys talk about the illegal state budget come up for a vote this week say cigarette. Health and let us go for de Guzman. It they always had this show back when I saw Bobby Harrell is going through all his. What they call inconveniences as they're referred to it only go on the radio show and a bush had we could of a rarity being the jets and made a Bobby and his jet. Which should have been fantastic. But. The rebel band and our wish you people in new so I don't want to I guess we're heading into the home stretch you'll Sunday night the seven day. Where Tommy session and down about you guessed but annul the election talk Abdullah told him I was personalities the establishment trying to protect itself. Let's talk about these here now what is going to affect us and our families. Right now. This week state legislators are going back to Colombia for the overtime on the legislative session they actually got to vote and pass sold our state budget. Now right now we talked about this for months first and foremost guys every single year when they pass this thing they do it illegally. They blatantly disregard. Section eleven dash eleven national ID on the South Carolina total walls which specifically calls for joint open hearings. Between the Senate Finance Committee and a house Ways and Means Committee that they don't do that because they dole citizen input owned his budget. And because of that egg grows every single year this year is the largest state budget in state history. Last year was the second largest in a year before that was the third largest we're only projecting trend to our every year we are spending more power money and all what. All things like politicians' pet projects. On things like subsidies. From Planned Parenthood. And only now we're finding out a universal database. For citizens information day. There's a proviso in this budget is they couldn't get any worse as it is. There's actually been a proviso it is discovered by the South Carolina policy council. Checked him out guys they are they work together with the nerve dollar or we talked bowel Tom check have a policy councils SE policy council dot org. They were diving through this budget this thirty billion dollar budget they've. And found a little known provides them get this right. Once seventeen got 155. That would create a statewide personal information data warehouse. Now proviso language is vague the permissions are sleeping in accountability mechanisms are completely. Absent and this provides it was curly in the conference committees in the budget as we speak Ellison is taken out in the committee process this week. The all encompassing data warehouse will be created. Now they this is this balls from a bill that was passed last year they created a ability for government to collect data own basically students coming out of high school and college. And also employment information to you know quote unquote created better workforce in another offshoot of economic development. This year they are taking it too is you know illogical extremes and basically encompassing any amount of data for any citizen can be collected. By the state the let me ask you I hope is a rhetorical question. Do you trust our state government. With your annual fairways personal information considering especially the fact. That you did the department of revenue has been hacked before the fact we have our improperly disposed of medical records before. Do you do you call for what the state government revenue when your fairways personal data de. Well you look at the state and eight terrible record. Upholding the data that we already get them. Why would we why would the legislature why would our our politicians want to eat it even more authority while you're out of the deal that certainly looked it in and they don't talk about election but but let's look at let's look at one of the potential lawsuits. This is no way because bulb legislature and our staffs. In this proviso. Has. Universal access to Yahoo! too is individual citizen's day I mean this is information that they can use it as opposition research against potential candidate could get them asking appointment. But it does this is there a Big Brother added on a set. And you would expect that in a place like California. You'd expect this. And it's quite a modern state of Maryland you'd expect it. In New York City but. Many folks don't expect that apathetic on that this is what these politicians are different is that the legislatures do to that they're putting that information in here. Undoubtedly force some sort of economic development or or controlled economy a top down economy. Oh well I'll talk crutches and they have the politicians have about how that controller common even more. What would be the applications for the sir and look set and it's scary but did this what our government doing big government oil's big data and they are keen to. They're going to continue to grow and get even bigger and before you know what they're gonna know what kind of beat we'd like and dinner they're gonna know what kind of guide we we get beaten to reach and they're gonna know how much debt we have they're gonna know what our hospital visits are like oil and no we're gonna though conditions are. Here's why don't I don't want that. Mean either and you went with obvious obviously a basic fourth followed amendment violation here but you went that route all of it also seeing the first and a violation right you dig uses proper research that he uses data figure out. We'll political groups you. On donate to endorse you that way I was looking and it my first reaction nameless the second and then it ran out you know if we already have this. Quote unquote database. Of citizens information how far are we really away from a gonna reg are registry. Which as you were just we will listen to litany of things or know about us you bet your behind they're gonna know well now we own a firearm. Right and so wait this is it to me in my upper I think you're right with the the first and an aspect to. But in the whatever the state that's the first thing about them ahead is these guys not only. Do they not pass constitutional Kerry last year and we seen the more rings from some of these liberal Republicans a Columbia about having a gun registry before. I mean a believable resolved. Was he embryos talk about it and then the fell over in the army Lancaster the names of all. Skinner now but our hotel where tell him all Osama gun registries but this is a back door waiting dictator. Right so there's no and good about this. No let's be clear date they want. To -- they don't want to give us our rights we talked about the many times that they don't want to get their Second Amendment right they don't believe in that they don't wanna give us they don't want all the extra second and write such a big continue to want us to be registered to these campaigns -- that you know a seat of Ichiro or what have you but you're absolutely I I do not think about it this the second in the game but you're absolutely right the more information more data that they are able to collect rectitude the more danger it would hurt our first member of their second minute or manage what that political what have you yeah medical. They did not have on unlimited. Are on ended and unaccountable access to our data that they that this is just. Is unbelievable. That we're talking about that but we're talking and and it didn't littered around. Now the time they're gonna come back to Columbia this week if they're gonna start try to pass this budget. We have got to stop this budget for a multitude of reasons bids being demoted the newest and and probably the most important. Absolutely and so will be following it through this we make sure your or FaceBook page FaceBook dot com forward slash fantasy. To get updates as is the built throughout the week and also a way to get you content when you were say legislation tell them no way no how. Should we have any illegal big spending budget includes subsidies are Planned Parenthood and a data warehouse for citizens. So make sure Taylor face a page and we'll keep you up to date where go to the phones really quickly welcome and CC we got sixty seconds they want follows data warehouse we are forced. You know the whole thing starts with education tracking kids collector government property and the word me. Material that they got started and now this proviso finds it but the thing it. Tech companies are actually looking at the way kids take tests online. They do keystroke tracking tracking so they can say that what they typed in the following thoughts. When they were going to do that artificial information. Intelligence banks were sparse as pulling people out and tagging them for life. The thing speaks a lot right now it is. You know it's a nightmare I can't stand it but people need to pay attention to education. Because that's where all the control over people sparks. Now yes they write seen opponent but instead on dental and any vastly right means when you store all having the assumption. That your child is nothing but a a a statistic for the state. And then you either manager government to educate them but all that but to create them a job. Right we hear about economical multi day that's what is. People are saying you know educate a kid and give him a job and when you look the government to do basic things you give an overreach is what we're seeing here. Who bought and Andy and edit it edit your kid at this way on the test. Just what are going to be and grow and is that it be yet as communism. That is what the Soviet Union that used to be they're development plan would you like DT is a five or six years old you clone human to a trade. Invest they did woods come isn't the went through and we are stopping this week in the Statehouse. Gaza SA one last on FaceBook dot com for size fan SC. Will be following this budget process and letting you know which you can do about it as the week progresses patients are joining us we will see you next week same time same place or Sunday nights for something they've.