Sunday Nights with Seth and Dave 6 24 2018

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Sunday, June 24th
Seth and Dave talk about the funds for the data warehouse, accessing the data, family separation at the border, and open border advocates.

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It is that time again. 5 o'clock on Sundays here 01063 WORD. It is time for Sunday nights with Seth and Dave were taught meets action. As they wanted to tell you guys who stepped outside for even just a second it has been a hot week. And hope you're not coming here for reprieve because as you know we always bring the heat. Gaza resume tonight by the freedom action that we're South Carolina the premier grassroots organization here in the palm meadows state looking to equip citizens. With the tools necessary to fight the corruption now on the Statehouse to take back our state government and actually advocates for freedom. May she checked him out at FaceBook dot com forward slash span SE. Guess we'll give you daily updates about what they're doing Colombia and more borrowing what you can do about it TV easy ways didn't contact apply pressure. Hearsay legislators. Once again that's FaceBook dot com. Four slash they are messy. Also you wanna join the conversation I guess is 1803471063. And day let's just kick it off for a quick. Talk to other elephant in the room here Tuesday's run off governor's race thirty seconds had EC shaken up. I think that match is gonna win. I think that certainly the president's endorsement it's helped him tremendously you know rally. Yesterday with Mike Pence vice president. Set for a on the 1000000300. Or 500 people there. And I think that Ian Oki. He has the easiest road he'd won the most amount of boats in the primary so give the least amount of votes to recover in the run off to make up. And I think McMaster will more likely win the nomination. And I do think it's worth noting because we talk we hear a lot of now open primary in South Carolina I think we're talk more about that later in the show. But is worth noting here that if someone voted in the Republican primary or the democratic primary they cannot crossover during the run off. So what mood of the people who voted in the upcoming alas some you're not gonna see folks and they went and voted for the on the democratic primary the other day. And their cross over now owning your profile and master warned you know it is what it is so we'll see outs himself. I'll tell you one thing you're not hearing about days which is very concerned me. And all these debates and god knows there's been feels like three dollars and over now. Between the Cuban troll case before the primary even leading up to now to the run off. Is this state budget the state legislators are we picking back of this week. And debating in the air overtime session. All the legislative session this year and now we we've. So before how is it a coincidence do you think. They pushed back voting analysts say much until after their primaries or is that just happenstance or there is go back only Wednesday. Went all the run also aired there's going to be over to finally get to the state budget. Now the new world the governor talking about this and for good reason for years these guys have in the legislature to act with impunity. Have driven all the budget every year is more expensive the last. But there's a proviso that we highlight the last week gave that no one has been talking about no one in the mainstream media's take it all and if you're not following either our FaceBook page. Ordering up all the norm in the policy council as he policy council not or you would know about it. This proviso fonds A data warehouse they did collect personal information. From citizens across this state. And put in a one warehouse in the state government has Ctrl+Alt. And the politicians and their staff. Have direct access to delegate more details aghast at that creeps she well this much is it doesn't eat if you realize the danger. And allowing politicians who had access to a personal data. And and even to aggregate all of our personal data in the one place you realize the danger and you wanna let them know to kill this budget. And remove this proviso text the word kill K I LL two the number 52886. As send a quick message to your state house member. He state senator. And the governor. LM though no way no how did this data warehouse Al it's a violation of Fourth Amendment and a lot Sam fort but day you have to ask yourself. When you're gonna talk about forming an enormous. Intrusive data warehouse. And then give politicians direct access to it given their track record Dave do you trust politicians. With a personal information have you and your family. While trust politicians knew. And access to make correct that's a very low threshold for many books but Bellamy road and it and let's give credit where credit is due. I think John Warren the Republican gubernatorial candidates are against mastered the runoff has actually brought up the state budget this week talking about how. McMaster firmer out saying he had gotten rid of all subsidies to Planned Parenthood and he called about all that bad lie or not that's a ridiculous statement Bob master. I think. You know since his credit do the job Warren there were bringing back up thinks that of course is in that state budget right now as we speak. But several talk about where we are right so to date date pushed the budget set at getting it done in the in the tremendous and Tom that the X month today I had already to get this done this year should consider getting done. In time before the end of the legislative session they punted it to now obsolete and three days left in the this school year should. Until after the election which was as you alluded to. Nothing short of intentional course they didn't want that to be out there during the campaign chair because that means they can be ticked parks which are spending subsequent Planned Parenthood funding taxpayer funded lobbyists. And of course. Now we're finding out this data warehouse that you just to sock did you just described. Of course I didn't wanna beat hale met during the campaign they punted till now three days are left until June 30 set when they get tackled Wednesday three days to complete this thirty billion dollar most expensive ever state budget. And they have their work finding things in the air now. Net debt card just ridiculous and this being one of them of course we don't trust politicians of this kind of information I mean it's creepy that you mentioned before he talked about on this show earlier this week are talking now McLean choked. On Wednesday. It's downright creepy that. Legislators want to have this kind of personal sensitive private information. Actor singer tips whether it's our health information that our financial information to get that you allude to earlier week inner air live on product in the case of watch. Are all you know. Gun ownership. Mental health issue all those things all wrapped up in the one day debate hell no we don't want these people to have the confirmation that's ridiculous it's utterly ridiculous what we've got to kill the budget to do. It's ridiculous it's creepy it's dangerous and and once again if you got a lesson you'll politicians a message to kill this budget. Text the word K I LL a five to. 86 killed a 5286. You know I'm I'm glad date John Warner is calling in master was wolf about the planned parents of sukhumi covering that. For months I'm glad that war has finally come around to mentioning it but let's almost a budget and whether or not mentioning is the fact that these legislators break the wall every year. Right and that really needs to be the crux of because because they do not hold those joint open hearing stated. The South Carolina totals clearly calls for and on section eleven Daschle of a national ID. Because they don't do that they're able to Barry all the cyclist off. Deep down into the budget and this is the rise though and once seventeen got want to defied the policy council to stumbled upon as a thank the war for you know. Well folks down at the policy council taking the time to phone through. Thirty billion dollars or didn't know what what do you know we have no idea what else buried exactly. It has an Muslim saying billion dollar Aetna is already billion dollars but it's a ton of money and once again is he most he ever spent as a state in our history. Miss OS say I'm glad that he know all war is Colin master on the Planned Parenthood subsidies you know there's no more pro life tonight. But until we actually attack the heart of this issue which is he legal process by which they don't Arthur every year to pack this thing through south. And more problem breaking a second vote will go do it in a more coming by Ted Turner's private island this in this budget. I mean things are getting out of control so until we talk about. The way they do. Which is they chop this thing built into a million different pieces they still of these subcommittee hearings where no one knows those go and own it never sees the light today. It sure as heck is not join open hearings on the house Ways and Means Committee. And the Senate Finance Committee which is called for and until that is enforced right it's hilarious to me that we haven't it I former attorney general. As governor right now. As allowing these guys to skate by with the blatantly breaking a wall when it comes the biggest thing they do every legislative session which of course is passed the budget. So let's say to me. The Planned Parenthood subsidies and as a whole other issued in the need because this is the trappings Bessie symptoms of the disease is not the disease itself. And so I hope that me mastered those still pressure from ward and from our advocates have been in on dollar subsidies for the last couple months and removes it. The world we find that doing the same on song and dance come next year until we force these guys to recognize the real. Which is a fact they break the wall and hold their feet to the fire and they can do that so just for your break what more talent you wanna send that message to your legislators. Right now takes thirty seconds. Take your cellphone text the word kill us and kill the budget. Kilby legal big spending budget KI LL to 52886. And send those guys a direct message to your state route you say Sander. And government master. That'll Wednesday when these gas come back and craft this thing till the whole thing in particular. The sons of some bad apples in this in this bunch of data warehouse a similar things running its new brand to the break Daryl Sunday nights with seven day. Big new year. I'm not wrote in all of it listened to the solo and then when it aggravates you'll show today of some a drop of a chick filet and slice like on a conundrum. Now for the right we're talking about this illegal state budget I wanna get to a couple other. All instances in this thirty billion dollar say much it would they are actually wasting our money is sometimes you for personal gain. I wanna just a couple more points holed the state a warehouse we talk about just briefly on in the first segment. I don't want people to think you you're just tuning in haven't heard about it before then maybe you turn the dial to Forney ended up owning info wars or the somehow this is a speculative. On the in this may happen in the future type the deal. This is a actual provides heating go to SE policy counsel Donald work pay a nonpartisan. Our research think tank down in Columbia has more to this month you don't do it found this they are funding a database a data warehouse. To collect information from private citizens and we're not talking about some more toll even kids. As are the guys. All of workforce enhancement. DO studying children as a call through school and then as again a college trying to find them a great job opportunities. There's already. Agencies reporting some of the state it and they seem more funny to expand. Now as a policy council notes the language. In this proviso is very vague. And very sleeping. And there's really no safeguards as to what they can and will. Put into this data warehouse. But this is not something teen years are on the road this is here and now this year is budget. Taking your and and all your money my money all of our money in using it to collect and store are all personal information. And then giving politicians direct access to that information. In the proviso not just the politicians. But also their staff. Unelected people you and I would never meet. Can have access to our personal information. Via a state data warehouse or funding in this much. As so we talk about politicians having access to it the day today if my question is why would they want it. He noted this was a a truly IE a good faith program they say hey we're just trying to help you know people culture and our education system. Did it jobs and we need certain you know data sets that the do a good job. And I'll still has agreed it is still sounds like a Soviet Union style war program but if that was the case then you can have educated people. You know having this data in it to be divorced from individual IIDs right he's being data. And Agassi trends and make it you know applied when they learn. This had to be access to politicians and their staff. You know so what would be the motivations I think you hit a good one when we talked about it is that you see in especially now you we move up to this runoff. In this congressional race Reese on appear in the upstate. You see mudslinging happen in politics all the time. Can you imagine if the economy. Had access to personal data to his challenger. Well it and look I mean it says we've been talking about these sort of common application that you can use this kind of stuff but and you mentioned before and boy I'll also. You wanna make clear again that if you tell your checked into into wars dot com here. The dull lot of data already exists yes it's in different places. It would take a lot of time a lot of man hours a lot of effort to go through and collect all of our data you know would hurt our healthcare data one place whether it's. Veto financial data and another plate the meat of the stuff is simple as. It is our address is right that we're where we live or broker. They're there and all sorts of different databases we know that we understand that. What these politicians are trying to do is call all of that together to create profiles Boris. That's really what they're trying to do here and their target put it in one place at them and our status which is very specifically written in the provides now there's a bill. That they and their staff. Good at instant access to not think we've been talking about it whether it's financial information to. You know. It besmirch challenge political challengers. Mean you're a brother Amin no sense opening night were were just kind of you know too great because on the radio show and some silly little sellers assault this is a sign that their heritage you all felt that are relevant but I'm here to deal that they can't stop on our and I've got three. Look at that oh yeah and you have a daughter a neat to collect information on our kids and you'd bet against and that. Accounts up we're talking about here or why are they won't mention and we got the ball but what they are much about it data collection. You know. South Carolina that the politicians at the the state government South Carolina Doug Barnett the best mystery love. Are collecting data. And and collecting information and storing it equally and eager to answer as I can remember it's not my head want of course mystery that says this would Padilla as the Bok rate meet. So security. Information. Let go your information health information. Will help records. Eight world awaited Belcher an Alley and anybody who wanted to collect our its sensitive helped information you get older they sent you some of the things that happened here in the last ten years is nothing new. Our government is. I mean did he incompetency. Or state government is unbelievable being crowned its seat of these politicians. Chuck it every day so to give them access. To. Why can't. Sensitive information is not only creaking as we mentioned before yes but it is dangerous. Because of what. Somebody with malicious intent could do would decade at your fingertips. And we've got to stop that you've got to stop this we've got to get the politicians to get that provides a out of this budget. Until this for about. And saloon once again you must send a message just text the word kill the 5286. You know one more point wanna make about a day if you know they were saying and he's giving you more information in the first place is dangerous but then they'll morning access to it. And is is it they won't I mean this thing vote our past day a 108 to four. In the house. Look low part of the budget did this was contained in past a 108 before the only. Republican. The vote against it was our good pal Mike Pitts. So there's a lot of guys in note appear in the upstate you're listening congratulations. You voted right yeah a note once I would say you broke luggage and on time right twice today so. They EO short Tom Mike but he's the only Republican who voting is this portion on the budget. Now and says a lot of were all Republicans a lot of libertarian leaning folks in the legislature than voted for the things he you have to ask yourself Dave did they not read it. Or did they actually read and think it was a good idea neither one of those is a good answer. So it took me. You gotta eat our do I am meg it's been not ignored Spartanburg and Stephen long in Spartanburg county that it make content Putnam dot spot on the up and he's got help themselves as. The conservatives conservatives right meat and they did they go it's a part of a budget. So we I don't know did did you diaries and I don't know metal. I'm a lot out of tour card information I don't know we can't let that either way you're Majorly acute. Eat your editor at notre. Was also put this in in historic context right I mean this is owned. The heels a couple of years ago Odom voting for a piece of legislation that is now known as the gag act because it basically shut down. People's ability to anonymously criticized. On whole account always politicians around election time so they they vote for that it ends up failing noggin passel totally. Only heels of that now they want our personal information. I mean I wonder if you ought to be aging is to connect the dots on listen and see the dangers in the previous behind it so does he wanna send the message to your state route. You were say sender and the governor to kill this provides a kill us illegal budget. Text the word kill. K I LO 5286. And stick around after the break we're gonna tackle the hot button issue in national politics right now. Of course I'm talking about the illegal immigration. And the detainment of kids separate them from the families we had a lot to say about that stick around. Are we are back here all Sunday nice with Seth and they were taught meets action. Guys have been talking about easy legal same budget Darche legislators are coming back all Wednesday. On to a big debate about the vote all men and master force Latina veto or sign it. Guys one last summer he wanted to send the message to your state legislators to kill the illegal budget and weaning get to all the bad things that. It was illegal thirty million dollars was expensive a state history so as does Planned Parenthood phones politicians' pet projects that we bulk Ted Turner silent. Will this money. I mean the dubbed the breezes a balance in the message text the word kill KI LO five to any sixth. So your politicians kill the legal big spending say budget. Now they've. Anyone external CNN tunnel I would but it you have or and Fox News or gotten own FaceBook and the last couple weeks. Has no doubt seen the reports and the all of a sudden outrage that has occurred over our the US is ball policy when it comes to. Capturing illegal immigrants attempting to cross our border. Detaining them and of course I know you'll think common sense separating them from children because you can't really be imprisoned adults with children. And also holding. Those children that facilities. Because I can't really run free or for different cells. That our race is considered the last couple weeks what do you make Kelly what do you make it a policy what do you make of the the the outrage we've seen. Top man up area order began a meeting that we talked about this select we set in this is really got both are red but but. And as goddess knows I very rarely get excited about stuffs them. Interrupted the president put it best it and as he is very get a deal on. In Jerry distinct terms. Sent either we our nation awful balls. War we are not a and Jack is what we really edit how big argument but speak ranked. It is very good well. And and a lot of political battles have been one. Using emotional imagery emotional. A year talking points emotional. Interviews. Things of that nature stretching and the hyperbole to that we get a point across. It's set here's the bottom line we know desk. Either we are nation applause or not either we have borders or deep don't. And either we're at the United States of America or not kept in touch bottom line and everything else is just hyperbole everything else is emotion. When it comes down to it. Equal justice under the law should demand. We should demand that the citizens of this country are protected the borders are protected that we are secure. And that. If somebody comes across the border illegally. Does not want to get more on like every other all body in the you know anybody else you want to be a law biding immigrant. It used. You know this is just it it is it is an exploding it makes my head hurt. I just think that's that's where you get older and the president is right on this one. And I think that. You know 88 either we are a nation of all about it and upper 2.2 in L Gil Butler park here but. When when actually he and accurate liberals. An end so to our last talk about. You know what but the kids are being taken away in the end you know what you Ethel what is the solution number one later the exact answer. Wore number two at least some of our artist and the same open border. And again tip let me go off one attention here and and this is just Dave Schwartz became apparent. I believe borders. Are God's intention. And I think he clearly writes about this in its very beginning of bubble and in Genesis current McLemore on the Tower of Babel. It is very clear story. God he would do it yet are all people spoke all languages they were all the same and the art building power to go to reach got in college did move will help. I'm separating you buy a language my culture and I think that was intentional. Because we are going to be potential every week. We are in each other well we heard different cultures would come what was different ways to solve probably take things differently. And Americans think differently about things then you're done most Americans think differently then. Guatemala to American values seen differently than Chinese do and there's nothing wrong what's that. And that's why we have orders so that we maintain. That separation. Because we are a United States of America we are a separate culture. And this is just seeing what's happening out there right now I'd seen the way the media structuring nets and the way that many liberals cross country will use this against the president. Either or occasional all or know much and it Speedo one of all this all whatever Wall Street and current pace to break because. That's what you're saying essentially saying it's OK to break it all but it's not OK to break out all day that is nonsensical. That goes against everything we believe as as America. Winona and a great testing that is a well perfect summation of the idea of the illegal immigration right is that. Either our nation of walls or you're not either have a border where your nomination pricey have to enforce that. But this conversation at. If conveniently and as you say the liberals are using this is a late to advocate for more target their the second but when you actually talk about you know forget the and a philosophical reasons for borders forget about the potential religious foundation for borders. In the here and now we have a border to enforce right it's away a illegal immigrant. Comes up to the border and they have children can you have to detain dealer they broke in the wall right so at this point you have a couple options. Either throw the Dutch kid in jail with a adults and let's be clear here. There's a lot of these kids coming up with people who are not their parents. They've been given to cartels and end when they called mules to lead them look here. So we gonna put in Paris or throw it imprison them right. We're going to just let more bullish streets in and say go again I guess a notable for roles are PBJ and Pamela Munson back over the border and come to look. Boy got a hold home NF a separate facility until you find someone to get into. Which in fact is what we've been doing now for the last you know ten years at least. So to mainly I don't see the big deal when it comes to the policy to me that is a armed responsible policy to have especially Dexia forced the wall not know Obama used it use that kind of loopholes a way to aren't used to catch and release. But actually enforced the policy and say. Those little pair has broken wall we're gonna holy child that we can identify some way to give them to rather in this country are back in Mexico and the responsibly give them back. And and while other live this is not like we are starting these children or torturing these children I mean the the guys on FaceBook he's in the liberal optional Twitter. Have compared these facilities these kids are and two concentration camp show war to. I mean you talk about emotional imagery hyperbole. That that not only is so far from all factual reality it also cheapens the experience people actually went through. During the Holocaust and you know wallow Google. Northern. We ought to go to what sort of a just a quick second that you mention these a the coyotes but it does the mules what every McCall beat these these shepherds. From where they are and so basically Mexico on up to the border these gang members owes the other gang members. But they they real York. And let's be clear. These people are nice people that they aren't sure believes in Nepal India and taking down number. Are these are these are drug dealers metered gang members human traffickers dirt in murderer skin and and there is in the lead to meet. Human tracker it'll euros talk about what David still research on that ship. Many of these coyotes that they seek peace it's been and personal but Eric willingly give their kids to these people right. Why yes a whole other issue only it's Libya. And it's a big. They carry secret about. In many cases they don't have enough money to get these coyotes. So what they do that they Albert to get their kids away. A game in horrible unspeakable crimes they commit to these well on these children. In Arab at least into it because they don't have the Marty about a money that he coyotes want to take them to be had been ordered the southern you know Mexican indicted exporter. So. Big break they thought about it. A meat source. At. They did they have reports old girl showing up 1112 years old. The have been sent by their parents when these guys showing up with plan B pills. Because like that because the cost of doing business to get to mayor gossip poses in her twelve year old little girl raped a lonely journey. And get in this would kills and that is a you don't buy emotional imagery we've seen it time magazine cover coming out. Where's the little girl you know crying regional and end Dow Jones pelican down Anaconda Cingular welcome to America an implication is that he is no hard for these children. That that dull little girls never separated. From her parents right now. Or is not as if those of the day liberals use would you call emotional image released this hyperbole. To blow this issue of which once again if you get down to the actual our options we have there were more to enforce our border. This is the most humane and most respectable on thing to do but in little bit of all these facilities and caught a concentration camp. And turn a blind eye to the fact that these girls are torturing it would play and they eat but doesn't get raped and sodomized Monaghan traveled from Guatemala to the border. And is supporting the moral high taken a moral high ground and call on that now. They somehow blows up because their whole agenda here isn't finding a solution it's criticizing the president and hopefully funny and no other way around. Our immigration laws so that they can have and we'll mortars. And and it's bet bet we gotta talk about that is we turn over the next segment absolute border scrapped but but. Either relational lost. Or we're not and that's really where we at the center of this debate and to keep it yet conservatively it right so arts to keep its about the law because of its about the ball we win. Actually got to be right back after a short break Harrell sunny nice seven days. Are we are heading into the home stretch you'll Sunday night the setting they were talking meets action. Thanks tune in Iowa 63 W already for the break we're talking about this our whole media Kurt helpful. Over a long standing practice at our border to detain children separately their parents when their parents or call our crossing the border. They illegally and Dave. I said before you and I don't usually get a read on this issue is as certainly gotten a read out and I have some before the break the one thing and it kills me about it. Is that. These are the deep true atrocity here is a leave southern side of the border. Where these kids are being set off a lot of cases you know let's be honest the terrain through Mexico is not exactly for giving. Ryan is like taking a walk across Central Park some of these kids are making trips of hundreds and thousands of miles to get to the border. And sing god knows what album away. And rather than focus our our outrage and are more Larry's all owned met and try to hurt that we can to stop that from happening. Instead liberals are turning a scolding you know point a little finger at trawl. And saying your terrible person comparing these are detention centers to concentration camps. And in need we told that we are briefly hit on this Saturday we'll talk about again is that. The real solution here for them. Is they don't want talk about the nitty gritty as outlined in the last segment of when hear your three options here they don't want option layer yeah Hal's hope all parents and the kids together. They don't want the option old cynic kids will only way model sells an adult the option of the same soberly what they've just overtake anybody at all. This is have open borders and some liberal liberals now they've or even admitting that. Own cable news and all at the same as Elise to be an honest now. Well no that's right and and let's also be clear sets and that is that dirty secret about his open borders process. Is it is this the whole scheme of our borders. CL other is photo a thought in my blood to. You know. She's she's one of our CC that she is conservative. Archie Q reads these things. You should look like this at all Soros are civil war well. Yeah okay George Soros is that kind of convenient bad guy yeah let me tell you some and set. There are some people that are masquerading right now it's Republicans and conservatives. Better advocating for more go out slowly and debt is. Those of the scares you all these terrible the Wall Street barons. Because they did the chamber of commerce types are I would Derek even for the Coke Brothers in the mix there and is an open border advocates because guess war. They need. This this this this. You know the whole thing about the labor and we need Peta people that that they expect they'll do the jobs that Americans won't and its net an accurate so many so many times and an eighth since it. It makes the anchor every time I hear it would. Open borders who it is that we had a calm and some day talked with Mexico waters Central America. Or or or whatever the result ends up being borders and open borders or amnesty is ball because. Oh just Democrats that it will be an and liberals and George Soros. It will be because. The Republican Ted caved in to the chamber of commerce. Are open borders liberals Beryl Wall Street that are in the in the boardrooms that same day that fallacy that. The borders and expect also works and the more cheap labor they get the better it is for country and Jack is in to meet dad it's the the scariest part of this whole thing. It's Q but the took her advocating for open borders. I don't feel your George terrorists we can defeat him. But it's it's the other folks that are here that are are get a ball into the Republican Party better advocate into the open borders types yes I'll policies. No you rewrite real they're nervous Gary wants to me because they got the money and they've got the go out and don't use state Republican Party apparatus to their benefit and to their advantage they'll team up with the Liberal Democrats to get on the this stuff through congress and thank goodness we have the president right now. That is opposed all this and you need to answer and stokes they don't just sit citizens. To reinforce that with the president of the United States to make sure that never happens. No I mean us weekly here George Soros is a creepy. Disgusting Aleman rounding. He's made he's fortune awful basically you know breaking currency prey on a major on the economy in the world. Been before that as a as a teenager. Misses a Jewish guy who went around in and helped the SS identified use intelligence means. A terrible man so don't take anything away from his nastiness of but the truth of the matter is that we said Dave you know George Soros cannot implement. His agenda without folks like Lindsey Graham here a backyard. New York member of the gang eight as as advocated for a senior in the bush years during the Obama years always wanted to you know walk across the aisle make a deal which of course meant. Amnesty which of course meant. It only further erosion of our immigration policy and our coal tried as nation. But he admits it George Soares is nothing what Al these rhinos shellac or better term like Lindsey Graham. That will tell you one thing a list grows big owned foreign policy. They don't national security when it comes the bomb and other countries when it comes actually protecting our borders. He is suspiciously. More than willing to forgo it and I predict protection now layer. Let and goes out wanna go back to your point about the home you know we aren't either nation a Walz are we are not. Right and I think that you're right in the sense we have to keep it off focused on that because brother or not but we know. Being called the wheezing start talking about. The economic policy made the need cheap labor we had these jobs that are not being filled you know what affect does the the welfare state to have all illegal immigration. You think it really foreign weeks owning. Bit the end of the day. What Dulles illegal immigration resultant. What are results and is there are crimes committed against American citizens. Both their personal up property and their actual up person. By people who had no business being here in the first place I know that all of the president did in my opinion a fantastic job. Of highlighting that deer on the campaign trail. It was I think it was does the Kate all the he was trying to get passed for K silently thought California. There's a couple other our people he bought campaign with they had loved ones or. All your children killed by illegal immigrants. But that continues to happen day in and day out. So before we even talk about the economic ramifications before we talk about you know what truly drawn here. The immediate effect of allowing anyone and everyone on wall across our border. Is that their communities and Arizona California Texas and are under attack. Where crime rates are actually through the roof and that is an old itself. Before even talk about the potential of save American jobs before is are talking about. All of them have been drawn away a public resources away from nurses before Tony about anything else the fact that you did have an American citizen. Lose their life. Because illegal immigrant was here when they should not have been. Should be reason enough to enforce morals. And once again biggest sticky sometimes. When you're talking about a force in the border. I mean think that the drug cartels and the folks down in Mexico and Central America will use any means necessary to get into this country. So they're going to be sticky situations and nothing is going to be perfect. You have to at least accept the premise as they beat you you put it as the president's put it we're either and they show walls or nomination at all. And he started they year. Then everything else we'll take care of itself but rather than do that read their respect the rule wall. Further respect our rights as a nation. To defend ourselves. Liberals was cold and wag your finger at our president and now when he's actually introducing solutions. You know I once again I disagree a little housing dailies together. He's even try to put forward that idea and they still won't move forward because they don't little further protection all the border. I mean it is a a clear cut case of they are advocating for open borders and simply using once again. Using this faux outrage using these children as a political prop and look no further like essay in this time magazine article and cover short. Were they using a photo of a little girl who was not even separated from her parents. The tried it Droid narrative of the US being on caring and Donald Trump being on caring. Towards the plight of these four children's simply Seeking Asylum. In this nation. It is this honestly admit nobody read time magazine anymore and I guess I'll tell you outlaw of these the names phone people thrown out. Own a home. All face yeah I think of the one album that's as you have seen of the big elves not seen the the congress or red are already come over. This little crying armed. Hispanic child is in the middle crying a bit what looks like a very in different Donald Trump. And so it is is welcome to America my favorite mock bill has been they've put Obama all only other side is once again this policy is existed under bush and Obama. So after Obama are after up on trial introduces a victim mortar trying to keep these things together so we'll put on lock of a time magazine how Obama on the left looking down the child saying. Why are you ready your cage and a trump say let's go far to mommy. And that's the reality is situation and yet the liberal media will spin it. To make it is a truck just opened the side if you wanna start imprisoning children all is well will. Because once again stick around to for next week's organize the seven date and image we now in the Czech saddle FaceBook dot com for size fantasy. Thanks tune in they got and I guess we'll season.