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Sunday, June 3rd
Seth and Dave open the month of June with Eddie Tallon's new billboard, county transportation committees, local slush funds, and free speech reporting. 

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It is that time again 5 o'clock on Sunday C a 1063 W Gordy it is time for Sunday night for seven day where tall meets action. We response tonight as usual lot of freedom action they'll order South Carolina. The premier grassroots organization equipping citizens in the palm meadows state with the tools necessary to fight corruption now on the Statehouse. To take back control partially government and actually advocate for liberty and freedom. Here at home. Dave I hope you had a great morning I hope our listeners all had a great moral Dave full barbecue. And hot dogs hamburgers but also hope we had time to digest it because tonight I wanna serve all a smoke and not four course meal. Oh political corruption. I just lay here and I'll only guys because I'm getting settle. But what these legislators are doing down in Columbia I hope you wouldn't all of join in the call tonight are the conversation it's 1800. 347. A 1063. And just a heads up before you don't make sure you set your calendars for next Sunday. 5 o'clock I know you're always anticipating Sunday night at seven they've. But next week's NB a special I show we are bringing the founder of rhino hunt hairy Kepler. One of the got filers of activism here in the upstate or bring him out of retirement. He's gonna come beat in studio with us for the full hour next week make sure you say your countered you don't wanna miss it. I know here is got a lot to get off his chest and we are looking forward to having him. Dave let's are these political scandals right here in our backyard in the upstate. Over his barber if you Lawrence farmer and drive around. You may have noticed a peculiar looking billboard on the side of the road up there and it has the boys and girls called. Logo along with our state rep any more expensive by the downtowns picture of what they young fellows armor around saying future legislator. Thousand odd picture is a weird billboard but it is a little bit deeper than that. It's along with any towns picture. There is the exact same logo that appears on his. I yards size you may also see aroused armor now been burned out or report on this this past week and what's in Gaza if you're not following dinar. You're not gonna get stories like this you're not gonna hear about. How these guys are getting rich at our expense or you're fourteen epics walls because they get to impose a moment cells you'll hear about the mainstream media. So check them out and are dot org. The day reporters this past week date if from the article. They say town insist the bill more comply as the state ethics walls pointing out the house ethics committee chief lawyer told him aside it's legal. While I'm sure that's a ringing non endorsement. But that opinion and that thing was given a may seventeenth coincidentally that same date and nerve initially contacted towns about the sun. A town a retired state law enforcement division agent. Wouldn't directly answer when ass several times lest we about a nerve whether the billboard is a campaign and but consider this got. The billboards uses the same logo as seen on tells campaign yard suns minus the words working for you and house district 33. And federal law bans nonprofits such as the boys and girls clubs all the of state from supporting or opposing political candidates. Not unlike the talent to abort similar build more authorized by the club properly display the organization's website address. Now his latest quarter as Fergus Henderson in his latest quarterly campaign report filed April 2 tower elicit a 15100 dollar payment. The Boys and Girls Club of the upstate for quote unquote advertise. And finally under a 2016 written opinion not a house ethics committee which interpret state ethics also house members. Taloqan use campaign funds for advertising through sponsorship and a nonprofit if it includes. The member's name in public title with a can't its name and public all the salt. Well this Barbara billboard does not specify either town's public title. Or public office all so Davis sings and we have once again ate a example although a state represented in this case any talent. Thwarting ethics laws directly. And using his position of power to benefit himself with taxpayer money. Well Eddie technology talent. That this would this have said it any other state. You know. That Eddie. Text and talent will be under investigation. I did cute eight and end around all decency and and campaigned on it altered their doubt about it looked Eddie. And Mike it. And and the rest of them on the epic mistake pull out all these stupid ethnic opinions they're all policing themselves are all covering themselves. We know what happened here anybody. That read this article and that can put it got connect eight could be knows that Eddie Allen. Was looking for aid and around the campaign finance law and looking for eight de facto endorsement from the Boys and Girls Club and that's exactly what you're looking at this billboard with Eddie more expensive by the gallon talents logo on it it's campaign logo and that picture with a young man that bit. Doesn't look very happy that picture but. That's neither of the work but it. And and then he got the Boys and Girls Club logo on where it is and endorsements depth and out so. While Eddie Barrett that he paid for. Cool bullet today. And besides partnership aren't and never he thanked her sponsorship and haven't let it sit all of he picked that spot which is talking about isn't it convenient yet. He is putting that they're pretty good billboard up. Opt for a full 38 before election that he's been too convenient will look. We we know couple one other fact it would got a point out last audiences is the boys the Boys and Girls Club received state tax. There's money in directly pro am. Directly from the decisions and Eddie talent some cases so not only is an end around campaign finance laws that you pointed out. It also like it's 88 way to get a little kickback these stretch there Mac now he wants his back scratched with a prominent doable from respected organizations community. We backed from BR article here. New talent has had other ties the nonprofit organization as a legislator and are found in two when he directly fourteen for example. The Spartanburg carrying a legislative delegation which includes talent. Consider requests by the club to seek. Three quarters of a million dollars in state funding to expand the organizations after school program. Accord to delegation minute meanings further. The boys and girls go the upstate date has received a total of more than seven and a half million dollars from the SE department vacation. So this is a more is Asian flush with. Us taxpayer money is being brought in some cases directly by talent. And now conveniently as you point out he has Allegheny sponsorship up for an outdoor billboard right around election time. I mean once again this points up our ethics rules in this country. Or shady at best and around and open deliberately for corruption at worst and they need to be truly reformed. I mean this is game at a handful. It in again chip I'll repeat it is we weren't any other state besides South Carolina where do you guys right there were rules protect our own at all party begins doesn't matter Democrat or Republican they all expect each other Columbia touched it could it get this state. You better believe. Bet the state. The police or whomever they campaigned on it didn't they would be investigating Eddie talent as we speak. I Gary dark he would set. That ain't pat and tonight okay brother Eddie talent they do what they were gonna adding more expensive by the Gallup found that you're looking brother you know exactly what you're doing this campaign advertisement and at that point out that late age to play. With an organization that yet. State taxpayer out so once again that. Once again. Taxpayers are funding these dirty politicians. Campaigns and it's written out bit odd it through the billboards. But Eddie Allen using our money. Alimony to see that organizations. That he is basically getting its act no indoor different you know endorsement from. 38 score and election by the way eight contested election that. Okay you've got a primary. Intellect and two weeks people regarded poll and Eddie. More spent about account talent but it again or get act like they history. Eddie talent has a primary target so you don't think that this was planned and organized months in advance. You're crate is really big big big way around the law they broke the law that set that at the bottom on Eddie Albert the law. Apps you would be one thing in this one is in his seemingly out of character pretty town right but all on the heels of him aligned to his constituents to vote for that lords gas tax hike in state history. And promising and it's gonna fix their roads and bridges which. Guys you check out our FaceBook page slightly face for that come Forsythe Fennessy. As an out now lot. Molybdenum Bridget goes over 26 and any gallons are any towns district. That we were doing it faced a lot of young I was scared to walk home lets us drive over you could see I'd choice six through the cracks in the bridge. It is getting dangers of some bar Merck he lied about that so it's not far fetched to think he just up to another scheme year u.'s position a bit himself. At the cost to taxpayers yelling back at the break when a second helping. Oh political corruption coming matchup when we get back at the break. Try and or a month. At a Tenet of the close of here. It's all just try to play on job for the heck of an end. And Ottawa Ottawa and a bit more on the Skype when dolls have legal title that was nice sale is like you Feinberg for the rest the sudden now I got sought. Our but I got mama headphones or that's not there but we are back here also they nice to set and Dave. Our segment in ascent up the show where oh where are deep dive in a corruption. Four different on scandals one which is how they crystal ball to the future bully may be deal with the we'll stand up for cells are right now. First volatile but any talent during an end around campaign finance halls and basically engaging a pay to play scheme for a com. Endorsement from the boys and girls though the upstate which even if you read. Our loose ethics and campaign finance laws seems to be illegal. And it billed as a Lisa Barry very shady for a state legislator that has himself. You know voted own money to go to the school I called this got seven and a half million dollars in taxpayer Maloney. It seems very shady getting engaged in this time pay to play situation let's move a little further north Spartanburg. Got to share he can now I believe lastly Dave we talked about in passing the county transportation committees. Which essentially is why you know we only pay money at the pump. I know most leg goes to be DOT and some think it's earmarked to go back to what they call to carry transportation committees. Now what are these things essentially and they bury a little bit from kinda count. But essentially it is either a bomb on a lot aren't unaccountable board bureaucrats essentially that. You have no say so over orders local politicians who wore control this morning. Now in some places a mixture of boat and we set all the all the BC TCs as are called the characteristic committees. They're bad for taxpayers now lot of folks say will you give money back locally in. And the best local our best governments local government and we I agree with that to a certain extent but when nor earmarking Maloney. Four and unaccountable bureaucracy or local politicians that have a slush fund with. That's not good for taxpayers it's big clouds accountability process. And we call for them to be a ball. And it's by the way there it's not their money to begin with the that got formula based on everybody in the eight putting their money into right want the money goes into one pot and then get doled out to the Al east. Box or more so it. It's not good would that really any county money to begin more with our money at stake blob wouldn't. As taxpayers. And with that money do you expect the world to be prioritized. And it. In that order correctly we we need eight statewide are already listed at. Just like you would argue and how we have our our budget every week we got to go to a checklist when the money come to whom Castro paycheck. I didn't work mom goes. And at the same problem I have that on on as a statewide level because we collect that yet because again facts statewide. So being inconceivable. That the state infrastructure bank are just near wait to get around those that are due process they're wait for politicians to get around. No funding what should be funded at six and look airwaves too to put money towards pet projects that help them and their donors and I'm sure that what you're about to lose to your Spartanburg. Well absolutely and there with him we talk about the state of restructure bank volatile as a slush fund for Hugh leatherman. And you know that's been well documented in this gas tax com. It debate of Alaska be years I mean the guy has his finger all toppled transportation dollars in the state while also owning. A ton concrete company and makes millions of dollars. For state contracts and uses the sit which she is a a board member old as a way to as you say get around these priority list of projection reflects the needs of South Carolina. And is that funnel money into his own pocket. Or two projects in his own backyard as we noted with pandora highways situation than here in. A closer to home we have a guy end up I think we talked about the last week. When you go look to solve Blacksburg here in upstate a regular main street is literally falling apart. Literally about to go out there a couple months ago now for funeral and was appalled by this wasn't a rural road this was an outlet middle nowhere. Which though is also need to fix not a way to pay in money we problem is roads but this was a main street. And it reminded me Dave of the story we heard on the few years ago from state route. And see the most who actually use some of the CTC money to pave the ball road leading to his house. Rather than using money that his constituents are paying in to fix their downtown Blacksburg. As silly it is not just clouding accountability when it comes the CDC's it is much like the sill a slush fallen. These guys hit the use and I couldn't guarantee yet there are better uses for that money than paving this man's essential driveway. As they legislate. So with a CTC once. Once again that's what once again politicians in order pretended to be able to do that and didn't travel dates other politicians both on the local and state level I'd be okay that's. They had the sign off on the and that's exactly what happened just. Again don't know about our Republican Democrat they all that together they all cover each others but they all cover each other odd. And they figure out ways to help fund their pet projects that benefit them and ever families in some cases in particular don't. Yep bunny and wearing it and then the our next segment how a lot times indeed the donor a legislator. Nam. In a money flow. Is all the towns of both ways soaring to then in about let's stay with this Palestinian malts thus there that say reps do most giving his driveway pay with gas tax Mullen. Is it's one thing gave when you're dropping around. And you realize that you know these guys lied to us they said they're gonna fix our roads. But they have no intention of actually fixing the roads we drive on every day and we've been going around the state. Now for the past couple months. And documenting some of these egregious. Egregious roads roads and bridges and once again you check out our FaceBook page they forgot council all four sides Tennessee. It's bad enough to the roads are getting fixed. And it alive but you add insult to injury. To find out that actually they're using our money not to fix our roads right to the paved their driveway. Right I mean this is one of those things we people always talk about. You know marry Internet cursing it looked a neat job. Cake or whatever and build the dismissal on any of them and those not comment she made it led to the French revolution yet this the kind of stuff. At least that that they are basically looking down their nose at us and having no. No qualms about literally screwing us over taking money out or pocket. Forcing us to continue to drive all. In some cases for a world on grade roads. While they use settling diverted to their own personal slush funds in the local OB CTCs and the state level with the state infrastructure bank. And it benefits them and we once again it reflects the fact there are two classes of citizens here in South Carolina. There are the legislators. The perceived nobility the guys who get them make the walls and in all little ball bit and with the case sold you know Paul Campbell. Want to the police Campbell few months ago getting off the he has little bubble Walt when we're talking about in a disgraced former speaker Bobby Harrell has yet to embezzle campaign follows a user's own private airplane. Who's now a free man and contemplating. Running for all of this and doing radio interviews you know biggest little bubble wall. Then there's us. The rest of us who have to little under the laws they passed an eight foot the bill for their lifestyle. I mean Dave it is not a clear example. All of the navy the lower and go to next in the excitement. Of the reason we have got to stand up and demand accountability. Without gas tax dollars all all of our tax money but our gas tax dollars in particular. It's because these guys are not only getting rich off but. They are benefiting themselves and we are continue to foot the bill being screwed. And he's a stop it we have got to stand up and demand. Joseph accountability. Stop the gas tax I was coming on July 1 any future years and actually reform the DOT the nation and money gets to the roads. As you said only priority list that we need. Governor back after the break the moral Sunday night to set and they. And we are back here also and they knight's assistant Dave where tall meets action. They hear or see something this ratio while. The so impressive to sewing attempting a eight feet so big is this nation go. Wow and your impressed with just the attempt for successor failure just it's just impressed with the attempt. As I Gasol a faced a video. All of a woman and Saucony. And a not a not a large home AA petite won't try to eat a 74 ounce realized that. Now do you think issues they would eat it. I'm gonna gonna say yes yes. You and health fascia. I want to say he. Justine and it's eighteen minutes. Every single but I was guilt that work pretty cute in northeast all of that Taylor but this stuff. God I didn't I didn't but at least four ounces so let's see the map there on the mile round. Well I mean enemy is it her day. The exit I'll I'll I'll divide backwards to be interesting you know account yeah I'm wrong moment massacre is gonna start jacket on the old. I mean I silica like in May still looking almost five pounds old state. And now. I mean it wolf I don't understand where she put as a vicious anti leg has to. To get it all and she was coming it wasn't like a struggle it wasn't like oh she got down to the last third and power through it she enjoyed every single second I'll. I was I was utterly impressed. And unlike the slate you know I believe. State rep Steve along may have actually bitten off more than he can you recently. Lori from an article. Going back to talking about yes or talk to last us I'm about to carry transportation committees and how they are right for corruption. Now a marine from oracle. From WS PA. Can now I think it was last week. New two weeks ago. Spartanburg elephants former canning the Spartanburg carry transportation committee is set to review a widening project for lake Lima heights road following a 7 NEWS investigation. Every time you fill your gas tank. Two and now 10% of that and I get this guy with a slush funds. 10% of that. Or Ralph 400000. Is divvied up among the representatives of the area depending on the population size. And would that money the representatives can recommend projects this former county transportation advisory committee. In these reckoning of projects are usually within their own districts. Dull write these things are designed to be a slush funds these politicians and go out spend a little bit of money on roads tout it as I look what I'm doing for you. So obviously. It would behoove them to spend their money. Within their own district and once again. Is a way to go around the state Howard you listen Dave mentioned the last segment. Where in a DOT goes through and actually great roads and what needs to be Dolan and when they need to be doing. And yet we can bypass that whole process of accountability transparency by using this kind of process now this year represented Steve along in district 37. We are requested from all this farmer Kenny delegation to allocate their left or erode phones Frey widening project on lake Lima heights road. The project is actually located in represent a freed allison's district. Now several legislators tell 7 NEWS there is very unusual for represented is to work on projects outside of their districts particularly with Al collaborating. But the correspondent legislator. On the road is it odd why would he do was let's let's let's dig a little further Shalit if now the road dead ends to a new subdivision blue harbor those approved in October. In Santa construction is doing 42 homes on the 24 acre lot and was not required to the road be widened to a neighborhood. The improvements are being constructed now father this former kind allegation allocated their left over money to the widening project and they listed and it's anywhere from just over. All are under thirteen grand from long himself -- in the lowest amount go figure all the way up to. 64. Are thousand dollars. From our present at Henderson Myers. And here's mortgage interest. Riding Kaiser owner and change to construction sent a letter does farmer carries public works director saying the construction company. Would quote unquote donate. A 100000 dollars to the project to add to the total from the C phones and the candy were led on night 3000 dollars from the Steve below infrastructure fund. I know socialist and I'm sure. Now just two months after the widening project was approved by the CDC advisory at full committee Kaiser stellar singing new business our cornerstone real estate. Represent of long and his father now work for that business selling homes are built by a chance to construction. Long says that he and his father will not be the full listing agent. For any homes and blue harbor but they will have the ability to bring buyers those homes and I'm sure getting nice commission for doing certain. As we dug deeper and alone Kaiser's relationship. We found along purchased a home built by a chain construction in October 27 saint. Inching its construction owns a home bring along a three year mortgage. Kaiser also donated 4000 dollar hit the case yet. Our three year no or your mortgage for your mortgage I don't know this type and I looked up zero or somehow he's got to solve a sweetheart mortgage. Fronting a from the guy who owns the house himself who's also your campaign donor as a says. Kaiser also donated 4000 dollars to long's campaign and also 3000 dollars through represented medicine's campaign in December twice sentencing. Now Kaiser did not donate to any of the other representatives throughout Kandel at the receipt phones to the lake Lyman a Hydro project. In our magazine Magnuson told suddenly I found that the reason only long himself received donations is because they share the same conservative Christian values. As Kaiser home. Now long Stacy his relationship with Kaiser has benefited Spartanburg county taxpayers because Kaiser chipped in money on the road a widening project. Seven these reached out to Kaiser through enchanting construction several times but has not heard back. This farmer carriage reputation is now investigating and the needing. Alice tell a few weeks ago still going to hear what you know what they could come out with. But say it all forcing confirmed on Monday that he had received documents related to the project and are reviewing them. So let's back this up to swell. Here we have a state rep. That uses this local slush fund BC TCs. To direct money out of his district. To a project that benefits a saw subdivision. And the real estate agency now selling the holds a subdivision now employees that state represented and his father. And we people wonder why we say we are the most corrupt our our state in the union. I lesson we talked about a guy getting his driveway paved with tax laws now we're talking about guys getting their wallets paging gold. We it tax funds. These CTC's day it is not a clear example. DC tees need to be a polished immediately. And I am political corruption is absolutely collapse and absolute. Should look like all I mean that the thwarted is. It and again I don't care Republican or Democrat it does not matter this is what the Russian looks like it's an employee that they represented the they represented has gone around to help him. Is important work. By taking taxpayer monies. And building the road but without any party wreck anywhere but yet he DOT to get taxed. Payers down it let me down Charleston are funding a road in Spartanburg helping to on the road Spartanburg they had no earthly benefit and the two really anybody except for the 42 people that war vets who live in that neighborhood and the developer that's developing it and build real toward that works and that developer who happens to be used it represented at. Jet that is corruption in any other state. Well and and I guess I'm look at slated is now investigating and and I'm sure looked on something but it any other state. That would be it it it it would it would be public and I there'd be an investigation they're probably being a dike brought. But in South Carolina these calculated text even walking on hinted that radio program. Argued radio show earlier this week independent himself yet. I've never known anything good. Blunt though in the best analysts called Wear out that it bought him a little not not the best thing is the way you defended it he says oh no it's okay because. The the ethics committee told me it's fine. In the house ethics committee they they tell me it's fine. The editor make only time adventure at how that they sure do business because. Might might donor and a quarter. Who is now stepping up who played you gonna on the part of it won't attract a couple bought yeah. And not let anybody talk. Issues that all it answers the people out ever play a little. In Wal-Mart Wal-Mart will broad and drive across that bridge and tell me that one and quite worded more important than walnut grove road. Hamid with a straight face. That outweigh collection. Million infant and disappear when no one ever Rudy is the bridge just referring to earlier down it goes over are actually six in Spartanburg county. That we understand how this any anymore spends about a downtowns on district but you can literally see. I 26 to the cracks and breaks you can see the rebar coming out of the patent. I mean it is a disgrace he actually right there is higher needs in higher priorities than this pet project. For mr. wall in his campaign donor but this answers the age old question donned a day of why in the world would these guys spend so much money and so much time of their lives six months a year. The go down to legislature for jobs and only pays 101400. Dollars a year. And make money not exactly a lot of money because they can go to our mayor and within two years. Can work got a sweetheart deal to give money off the taxpayers back this is unbelievable. If you were accustomed to seeing what I takes place down in the Statehouse and as usual is gonna continue to happen. Unless folks hold these guys accountable for the doing to us I mean they are they lied they hide things from us. They are they get rich at our expense and guys they sure are still are conservative. Down there when they do things like use taxpayer money to pay their own driveway. When they use they pay a place can begin endorsement from a nonprofit organization right around election time and certainly not when they used. Tax Payer money to benefit a campaign donor who turns around and employs them. So they can make a sweet deal all for the development of the project ended up benefiting. Guys they're not conservative they have got to be held accountable and we back after this the Sunday night the setting that. Are we are heading into the homestretch. Here also they nice to set. And they were told meets action we've been talking about some very specific instances of corruption. First we start in Spartanburg with Eddie Moore spends about a cap on downtowns in a billboard that he is probably displayed all along with his campaign logo. You know sponsorship by the Boys and Girls Club. All of the upstate nonprofit completely fly outs as an end around. I campaign finance halls and seems to be a paid a place scheme we consider the fact that the Boys and Girls Club has gotten millions of all state dollars in tax Payer. Off funds. And soul which had been approved and directed by any talent. That we talked about Steve Amal sees these carry transportation committees. And up in Blacksburg Stephen mall stay rep actually got his driveway pay the tax Payer dollars while roads all over hit that county in his district continue to fall part. And of course and the last thing we talked about state rep Stephen Walt. Who also using BC TC off phones and Spartanburg directed our money to a campaign donors pet project. The benefit a a development a neighborhood being built over his arm Burke now the company that is a long. They're selling those home police and ourselves has employee ever had a long and his father once again eight. Easy example of corruption an easy reason why we need abolish these seats EC east. The morning get all fold the tax on the gas tax morning for just a minute and has eight issue we brought up a few weeks ago days. On the talked about a little in debt which was a law all that state lawmakers voted all a few years ago in many of whom voted for. Which we called a gag act which is a a direct. It's a way to shut citizens well when it comes to criticizing legislators around election time so. Meanwhile you know any Tel seven billboard for thirty days or election Tom but the Boys and Girls Club. But also lost a shot bustle around election time for criticizing him. And I couldn't help or be reminded of that wind on the the news broke over in the UK. With this column in a activists journalists Tommy Robinson got he's been very outspoken. A bell the down the Muslim influx in the UK and how it is negatively impacting their social life in the quality of living. When you look at a crime or are out right terror attacks in a fortunate we already one year anniversary today. Of a stabbing terrorist act in Britain. Wright is a guy who's been reported on that is now actually in jail. And an indictment it the right so the idea of freedom of speech. Our freedom of the press and the UK as all but been snuffed out unless there's a huge backlash which you may be in the in the first stage results. Overran the nineteen. But he reminding me that it seems so far away all across Iran ocean and liberal progressive. Europe right in Britain. And obviously always had our ball. Disagreements with Great Britain so it's easy to think what they're just they're not the same cultures we are but can never happen here. But what you're seeing over there is nothing more than a few years of development from the kind of idea. That is enslaved in legislation like to gag act. Dave if they can tell us that we can't criticize them. And we don't have the freedom of speech to criticize them around election time. We're not far all from Seoul being thrown in jail for exercising their first no rights not in Europe not in the UK but here in South Carolina. Right right know look I mean these guys these legislator and as we pointed out. Well except we we are not a campaign organization we don't endorse candidates don't coordinate with candidates. Diddley like politicians in general slowed we don't really like them or coordinate or endorser ringside that we love we stick with criticize and hold him accountable. That's right and and what. And so what they would love to do you are in Internet radio show and we would be in banker have been shut down oh yeah shortly before election. And in my same rapid approval of the chair of the house ethics committee has called us out this radio program all it is all FaceBook page and attacked us. So I mean I think they can not throw in us on the legally or waited they wish understand any heartbeat. In a heartbeat and it didn't have a clear they came very close. Our cost about three years ago a it came within one bit and end bless his heart our state senator Lee bright out of that filibuster this bill and eventually killed at all the watch that they were the gauntlet about. That's you know that this jab act it is seeing many different logic in many different ones and Vatican City and it's been on. It and got a many different bills and ended up almost every single year we didn't see it this year but would almost certainly see it next year absolutely. Can't hear about what senator and contested primary in giving a whole lot Q about corruption long Colombian being held accountable for you better believe it next year. That these guys are gonna go down there and try to once again have to get it but it's all about. Can preserving their power and shutting us down getting fitted in doubt who want to criticize and sets a very big source. All of the First Amendment we ninety constitution's. Speech. And they want to take that away from mark in the form to get back and it ain't gonna happen here in South Carolina look citizens stand up and dumb and and some old because how to make sure they don't even think about don't. Nestle anyway you look at how they treat our second and writes I mean here we are 250 years after the constitutional rights is written. We still don't have arsenic amendment rights are rights recognized. Our state legislators and so you better believe and as we saw a couple of years ago it they have an opportunity they are bored to try to shut us up they cannot handle. The criticism is truly. In a criticizing the bad word. Well what we're doing and what folks have a right to do is hold these guys accountable with Al fear retribution from them. And that's what this this whole gag gag is about it's not about because you know they don't like political dark money are they don't like quote unquote political smut. It's about they want to be able to retaliate against people who you know with groups like ours we are thousands that it's across state they wanna deal to attack them personally. Right and we see that in other states where laws like this past so it's not. Beyond the realm all possibility and this speaks to our personal experience Dave and I think it's worth noting too are. Listeners we talk about politicians tried to come actress you know we I just mention Mike Pitts. Mixing his radio program attacking you know has a FaceBook page but it was not put a couple years ago. When Hugh leatherman himself. The most powerful for a politician in the state mention you by name all the senate floor. And attacked Q so that the idea that. They don't wanna come out to private citizens or that they wouldn't come directly after on this radio program it's not far offensive already are you receive the rumblings on it. All the FaceBook pages only will all force of the chambers they're gonna come after our first animal rights and let's not you know split hairs here. When you last year of Memorial Day. We talk about reflecting on the all price paid for our freedoms right now a lot of times in these politicians get to speak it is the world they barbecues. One remember them fighting for freedoms they don't remember what the freedoms actually are. If you remember going back so you know Great Britain but our first disagreement. You know with how the right to anonymous free speech our founding filers could not have won the American revolution. They could not have won the hearts and minds of American citizenry if that's why the Federalist papers are written anonymously. That's why are all Thomas pains all pamphlets written anonymously. Common sense Thomas says that break in Spain and look at that and also about money at you know on the state has always and when it all comes down to it. These politicians have a good game going on right now Columbia. Big big big virtually don't have to report any of their income source of the real income sources. They edit as we mentioned in the previous examples in the predicting the bishops. They figure out ways student on pet projects take egg donors paid back employers. Create little slush fund. And we call them out of that but the Bill Brown looks they called an outlet that have been no dot org called them out of that on a regular basis. And they don't like. You take away their power take away their money sources and the only end when we do that. They want to bite back get up they want to snap back at us and they wanna take away but it has power and that's what good is all valid is. Do you believe that politicians. Should be able to do whatever they want. And have it be a view into all indictments to all sort of criticism. Or do you think its citizens should have control of their government and be able to call out politicians when they do why. When they get cheap and they didn't steal and that's the deal with the debt except that's what this bill vol batted in Polk protect. Acting politician it's really incumbency protection act that's what they should call it but it's real it. It bachelor and the protecting them and our expense taking away our constitutional rights. To protect themselves in the moneymaking scheme. And who got said that look. It's all fun and brought to sit out here and talk about it on the radio. But our citizens going to do something about it I'll be on hold these politicians accountable for the terrible ball decree to protect themselves and their money brackets. That's eliminate we have to send a very loud and clear message particularly when this monster rears its ugly head again next year which we know will. That message is guided missiles and transparency is for government. Privacy is for citizens. We have a right to privacy we have a right to free speech and we also any right to know what you're doing with our money. Transparency is for government privacy for citizens and they try to attack our first in our rights. Best believe when it comes up next year you hear about it first right here on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com forward slash Fennessy. Yasser at a time looking forward to next week when our special guest hairy killer be sure you tune in same time same place next Sunday it.