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Sunday, July 15th
Seth and Dave talk about the state budget planned parenthood funding, keeping honesty in politics, increasing the gas tax hike, and local demand for government services. 

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It is that time again. 5 o'clock called Sunday's hero 1063 WORD. It is time for Sunday nights for Seth and Dave where tall meets action. We are present tonight by the freedom action Miller South Carolina guys checked him out all FaceBook FaceBook dot com forward slash candidacy. Honestly where else can you get. Daily updates on token Monday through Friday daily updates on what's going alone in Colombia with your money. And more importantly what you can do about it if enough also faced the you're doing ourselves a disservice FaceBook dot com forward slash Fennessy. Also tonight guys join the conversation here own air 1803471063. They have further shocking news coming out sports world. That just this afternoon France's big Croatia for a two in the world cult now believe that all of America have responded with a great. That's kind of a failure on par producer but. The point would be developed America has responded with edit out there are pretty accurate is also allow dual exhaust trying to Q well let you know gray here in our esteemed producer dropped the ball let me. They either way when he got adorable and on normal at all among gray we we have to have the sound bison the goal the world Copenhagen any other attention we're given what sound bite us all again. Remove and also more important is they've got BR OC man. Some that we didn't fall in the last couple weeks the more I'll look into the last couple days. Is getting my read all kinds of bulk. And I'm talking about these subsidies in this state tax money when he what are called a subsidy would you wanna call on a feat what are you wanna call it. Tax money giving to Planned Parenthood the lord this abortion provider in the country or state budget now we broke the salt a couple of months ago. When the budget was first being debated is said latest second. We've got a super majority of Republicans are people who claim to be conservatives who claim to be pro life down the Statehouse. And yelled we're subsidizing Planned Parenthood. And that's that's become a big a debate over the last couple months and it culminated with Henry McMaster actually vetoed the line item for solo home. All the money biggest Planned Parenthood and I wanna emphasize that word soul because. Bring gore also went penalize you may be reading regard also what you see McMaster posting a FaceBook. Even regardless of what you see all their state legislators bragging about. As social media and other media forms Morrone is still going to Planned Parenthood in this state it has been four years. And regardless what Hillary does of this veto over girls legislator over Roger sustained that money is still gonna go to Planned Parenthood and the reason I think is an important. I'll piece of information is because if you weren't here Dave. These legislators. In these last couple weeks you wanna fault. That Eddie all the money go to this abortion provider was getting ripped out or there'd be some how we should just be happy with the fact. That settlements taken out but more but still won in. And it reminds me of you brought up a a documentary you soul a few months ago mean you have the lowest. And the Catholic Church or from Maryland who was praying own young people. Wright was a predator of young people and rather than being called out for. Brendan but he had the people who knows who don't call it out 4 in morning accountable and making him pay he is our price for justice day. Covered it well. They show what around the the church they moved in here the Newton there wherever complaints made a surface rather than call him out and I'm saying the exact same type. All pathetic response from legislators in the Statehouse when it comes these Planned Parenthood subsidies. The fact is I don't care if it's a single dollar. Going to Planned Parenthood it's a dollar too much because it does not represent how we will our money spent. And these legislators are going to bending over backwards David you've seen as well. Try to Culver for their colleagues. Are voting for our checks way to go low to this. Evil organization. And rhetoric and called their colleagues out only net. They won't bend over backwards to provide them cover and I have to ask the question. Is more guilty. When a crime was committed. Particular we're told a murdering children. Isn't the person who actually does it or to being enablers. That are well they call them out and hold them accountable allow them to continue. Doing what they do. Is that's what I'm saying Davone sales when it comes to this is a lot of enablers. Than they vote the right way who Mona may want to get the check more other names are the pro life. But they would not call out their colleagues who were sending our might to murder children. Well it in again enemy we we talked about this set for a long long time since we started showed since you know we sort of vernacular south Carolina's. There's the system. And the system is Baird and if you were you know if you get to be in as part of the system and being elected official Columbia. You have a vested interest in keeping the system only and that's really what you see here with. Quality and and set when we look at you know rounded social media and some of the responses to voted for the budget how it was an agonizing. Please don't judge others who voted to send money to Planned Parenthood over the top that over a lot of tough. There are a lot of votes. But yet time and time again we see. How these legislators act they they do whatever chicks to protect. That system once they become a part that campaign bluster when their challengers are gonna get incumbent may have. Yeah they sound really good seller you're gonna get out there and video promo you wrench into the system. The problem they're the biggest element too far too many of them is become part of the system and defend the system even if they don't flaunt that they don't agree with that. They defend the system now I will say that. It's very clear on this particular she saw on the Planned Parenthood this year. Could not be more of an opening for us to discuss why they are funded by taxpayers and South Carolina. Are forced to fund planned parent exactly only a matter of they want the federal money they want a federal matching on the com with this there are so scared to rejects these federal matching on W that is. It legislators are changing our cold Turkey and South Carolina they're forcing taxpayers. Should blog saying like Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics even though not. Technical anchor abortion which shall subsidize abortions. Act on these clinics. What they're forcing lost two important things that we don't want to on. They're trying to change our culture and Chet we have doubled apple or band accountable individually. For trying to not only. Send out money to our I'd been organization like Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics. But also try to change our culture and South Carolina. And then walking away and defended their system but change our culture and and it's a it's a very simple for further facilitate out too cold to us players council that's. If there's money because a Planned Parenthood did you throw like that you believe your listeners to hold your legislator accountable. They are the ones that are doing that to us and that will talk about later in the show that there's a whole lot of other things that we didn't quoting now legislators accountable for but this is a bit. No absolutely does if you blow to seeing your legislators that message that hey we are we are. The big governor has vetoed at least the majority of the money go to Planned Parenthood. Tell them right now to sustain those vetoes now we made a million a 100% this year and we wanna take and hold these guys accountable for that. Let's Gil we can't send them a message to sustain that veto this text the word sustained. The 52886. Its edge UST. AI and to five to 86 tell them to sustain a veto but they've you broke IA keyword or Bosworth and suddenly all slightly that is. These guys saying this was a self vote. Let's analyze exactly why this was a tough vote is because for years. These guys have the inflated the idea Auld. You know medical services. With Planned Parenthood as if you cannot do it. On medical services the type of Bailey playing services the player prayer parent provides Al so out of abortion somewhere else. But they did come inflated that they've subsidize and given money to. Plan paired for years so they're finally call out only now it's an excruciating. Vote. It's a telephone saved your clear cheer for someone who K are you guys have been failing below us as taxpayers and failing unborn children in the state. For decades. And it's time for to change and I'm sick and tired. Of this whole. You know what you said I think the you're armed. Bring in now I think was when minutes face opposes same house legislator down low country where. It was an extra I can understand. Why my colleagues to vote the way they did please don't judge them know. That's going out the window for me it's more important to protect the unborn. And to protect whatever type old buddy buddy system these legislators have in Columbia. Right and right. Once again if they are protecting. Their colleagues who are more happy and voting to send our money to Planned Parenthood. They are just as accountable for what's going all as their colleagues voting for gasoline back with a more. Aways and it legislators are wasting our money and spinning all things that we do double after the break also gets the phone Steve hold own Wii right back here Sunday nights for something they've. Yea your body. I. I ISIS' three Revver kind of I've real bad heroes Sunday night the set and they were taught me section. Does I know it's abnormal but our read is not the night. Over things in the South Carolina legislature is doing with our tax money including funding the lord's abortion provider in the country Planned Parenthood. Oblivion McCauley stable stuff about this very thanks Steve how Lloyd thanks Coleman. Why you know I was watching the legislature on line whenever they were about to vote and Mike pitch from down Aaron Lawrence was just downer matter fact this can be while you don't have to vote for their there's no reason not. You know old black hole budget over this one small item. And it Kirk and gently on the right note from down there around Columbia you know he's always got this. Not the attitude he was at her yet so really you know about it nothing when people say that they want to hold a whole budget because it. Fund Planned Parenthood. Gary Larry downer and Clemson. You know it's an all in all I've got this endorsement from this pro life group and nobody can be more prone like me but really mattered were given money. Planned Parenthood. Jonathan Knoll was only got a stern companies netted 813 countless more like 7980000. And it's a matter of principle and yes they could have. You know just held firms still on the budget and gotten rid of this is not like it was guru and everything because as we know. Whenever they have to get something done in a hurry Bordick and slipped one past the inner yeah. So I was like what had blitzed. Finley and query those are real and the lack all you know just as blatant as can be sent via Internet anyway. It's not a big deal. I will it will seat is at the same might pits the the state house got from warns that voted for the largest gas tax hike in state history. Eight and is the same like this have voted for the base load review act the sled denying electricity rate hikes in the last ten years and us paying the highest monthly electricity costs in the country. Same like pits. Yes at that same my it is it the same Mike Pitts who put forward a fake constitutional here but this past year than it actually would have raised. The A some of the buyer rifle from eighteen to truly wants essentially telling are no young service members still defend our rights are received when you come home we can't buy a rifle within yourself is so you might be just talk about here. In my pit two warships at the Alter our government will be a cup. Color me shot named Steve that might pits this fell woods good so principal by the wayside. When it came time to actually defending the unborn because as we see with his voting record. From like this point is so repressed by the wayside isn't an exception to the role it is he rule itself. Absolutely. And in the NRE. You know in a frenzy of mostly major appointments as we said for the distance. One piece of the products here are not big Steve hit on it is is she was talking about. How these guys based that he that they're pro life and able campaign that wave around. That's South Carolina right polite letter for endorsement of their campaigns or whatever else. Whatever else it is the that there are billions. But when it comes onto the only thing that we can hold them accountable for is of voting record have salute him and they said or how old money. Nobody the event like you know sometimes it's got money that becomes first man up from Abbott this without money he earned this money. Tibetan descent Al money toward evasion and so people so contrary to what our values are certain business that are pro white. Bob it's it could surge but it's actual reality and set and Ed and Steve until we hold them accountable man. So we hold them accountable they're gonna keep doing it and not keep getting on the war it is and I published I'm with you it's not those attitudes they have. I'll work only you know tens of thousand dollars that are going to evil organization don't let that. Block all the other billions of dollars or seeing it as well as is. Exactly the altitude and until we change their behavior that's gonna continual. Nicely and Steve thank you for you call but I think we need to put it this all of this Planned Parenthood spinning in the context ramming. It's somewhat just tuning in you haven't been following the last to a much you may think. My god we have a we have a legislature that make claims to be pro life in the legislature that claims to be. Conservative the most less government power power we have a thirty billion dollar budget. The most expensive in state history how we possibly subsidizing. Planned Parenthood the put into context when the reason they are allowed to do they reason they get away with it is because they break the wall when they write this book today. And they Wheaton we port door before in order to continue to pour opponent is that. Us South Carolina coach Walz section 111190. Is clear as day it calls for open transparent joint hearings between the South Carolina house Ways and Means Committee. And the South Carolina senate are far as committee to hold open hearings all the governor's. Proposed budget. Now we thought well it's on they about the corruption South Carolina about needing to take back control of our state government. And we say that we mean really two things that we need we need crystal clear transparency in how they're behaving down there and what they don't want our money. And we need a direct line of accountability. To hold them responsible when they do things wrong now section 111190 provides both right you can see exactly how the money's going to be spent. Who always jockeying a lobbying for what spending you also save. Who's footing for the motion suspend money he would transparency you have accountability that's why they thwart that wall every year and while we always. Every year for myself like. These Planned Parenthood subsidies like this creepy data warehouse have been talking about. About the taxpayer funded lobbyists about the pet projects for these lasers we find all of that buried deep in the budget every year. Because they do not all the wall in the beginning of the writing the budget writing process. As a before we can ever truly dig out. All the money going to Planned Parenthood but boy can truly. Dig out all the wasteful spending that goes to benefit politicians at the cost to taxpayers poured into any event. We've got to have transparency. And accountability in this budget writing process we've got to force them. The fall the wall next year when the writing it. Because if we do not. We are simply going to be doing a Groundhog Day politically every year at this time. Will be filling your hands up in disbelief how can week in South Carolina is concern or Israel or be spending money on what we York because we don't foresee a poll. And we can't lose sight of that point as we get into the details called the governor's vetoes of the data warehouse the planting hundreds subsidies at the end of the day. Our focus as taxpayers and ask constituents and has the balls all these guys in Columbia. We've got to keep our eye on the prize and that we've got to force them to fall the wall next year we have to deal to see where our money is going from the outset. And pressured them from the outset on what is right what is wrong not playing catch up because we're having to thumb through a thirty billion dollar state budget. To figure out where in the hell are monies go. So we cannot lose sight that. Put it. And it it to have them involved the way they do it it will only four try a little bit that control been hard at trying to grade point and they do it didn't end in cultural back rooms and yet in some cases. And the outer space. And they big figure out they hash out how to spend all the money now what. Well gonna be talking about next leg of courses you owe this money that they're spending. What are they spending all mobile thankful big dancer because some of this dude are fresher. Well let me tell you tell that set a mile dirt we're talking have been great our taxes last year largest guest acts like it's a history of elbow you know Abdallah talk about. Borrowing announced literally hundreds of millions of dollars that we're gonna have to take back with contrasts. So what are they spend our money on and and where all the money going to thirty billion dollars we spend every year weren't actually there's money going to Natalia. Depth is really the crux of all of this process. Is that they are figuring that because of this illegal budget process these days because they Corey a ball. They get to hide things like on the complaint errant bullet and got your back why until we stop that we're never going to be able to get. Utley get this straight away will never reveal our values represented in the state budget. No you gasoline right and main thing is does a moment after the break you will really not believe what they're trying to borrow money to stay in the dome went. It before your break grow fast about brake channel all this another of all day they break every year echoes the state budget you know they're supposed to send back a certain amount of dollars to local government fallen. Every every year and they're breaking it for years based keep Ford I think I remember they're supposed to be a wall soon to know about that. And I don't want to wrap up of the group out there that was gonna signal the end I don't know my breath they would back after the break here a sunny nice to set Sunday. And we are back carols Sunday nice assess and neighbor told me section day we just heard a promo couple commercials back about Bob McClain show timely though. Let Alyssa so they can catch you old Bob show every Wednesday. At 4 o'clock given them a mid week update on what's going on in the Statehouse but in all honesty why wait till Wednesday. When you get Seth and they've every day all FaceBook FaceBook dot com for slash candidacy. I guess a daily updates on what's going on Columbia. Faced a blogs videos were could not let you know what's the one owned we have a great partnership we just start out in Myrtle Beach lets you know what's going all the grand strength let's be honest. A lot of our tax Payer money insult all the grand strand figure out what's going on there all our FaceBook page as well saying up to date what's going all in the upstate. Now we've been playing day of the last thirty minutes about the ways these guys are wasting our money down a Columbia. And you brought a great point before the break you know just last year we had the largest gas tax hike in state history. As a reminder just last week July 1 it went up another two cents a thank you South Carolina legislatures they passed the largest gas excited state history. This year they passed the largest budget they say history thirty billion dollars right. Is that enough money for them absolutely not. Let's put this in the context this year's budget the vetoes have not even been sustained her over ridden this year's budget is not even complete. And is the largest state history and before that villages even complete we never report from the state newspaper. Now I give a lot of endorsements on this radio show for the nerve from Tennessee I will not give endorsed for the state however. Headline. SE legislators hope to borrow hundreds of millions to fix state owned buildings. Colleges. First paragraph. A bipartisan group ever notice is always my arsenal they are gonna borrow yeah a ton of our money spin into our taxes as always Bob Larson and let. A bipartisan group of SE lawmakers say they plan to push to borrow hundreds of millions of dollars. A paper years all of delayed maintenance at many state owned buildings in the State's colleges now they've. Could possibly irresponsible. For quote years of delayed maintenance and it's too many state owned buildings. When the passing I bigger budget year after year. How in the world do we have. Yeah here's a delayed maintenance. That the colts also hundreds of millions of dollars it's just not them just admitting we had the donor day job the last few years. Well end quote MB EE Natalie who has this to them and we wonder why more worse than what was Monroe Planned Parenthood set. Pet projects or legislators millions of dollars. I mean. But this is what 88 if you want it snapped what the legislature has done. In in in just one picture at this. This debt that this debt issue right here we have all the things that they should be do. It's that we got a last year it up where and when they were are talking about funding for the say or every start we have orders for the war falling apart right. And these are things that you expect government to do right our boot on Brodeur crumbling tell you which link. At first and wooden casket down there when they go to Columbia the first initially thought it is the roads. And every now and you're we have college buildings as National Guard building. These other things the government should be doing. Both are now. And said. There are spending our money on projects that benefit them thirsty all the Lombardi on corporate welfare. There are spending our money on Planned Parenthood there's probably nobody on get collect even more art. Personal try this debt. Bingo the same incident legislators and in these cold so great because you're watching ball in action. And there are more well but your ship don't let this one going hold up its matchup but let's see that's and a bill. Why should we worry about thirteen thousand or 30000 dollars will be got billions to waste here folks. And that's why attitude so it's amazing what it is that they believe that these guys don't see what the rest of us in which it. How how the world that the borrow money to do the most basic things that government should be doing. When you're spending billions are dollars on the other crap that nobody wants and it's changing our culture and goes against our very culture. Your job Carolina eight so frustrating watched it again it's up to our simple so let's there's. To hold them accountable for all this out. Not submit the EU. The I naming the ol' what's going on in the way that the media covers from them is astounding and the from the same. Oracle says legislators say they need Fareed borrowing proposal to help pay for calls her peers is. In this beautiful indisputable and now among the needs the first thing they'll stay. A 101 point three million dollars to pay for deferred maintenance of buildings the SE administration apartment owns and maintains Elvis surface that seems. Only opened up right they yell buildings made of titanium innate they've they've they've let it we don't waste away for years to say when they haven't roads release are gonna repair now. Hey you click a link. In the state oracle went talk 'cause 401 point three million dollars for these buildings what puzzling goats and two point eight million dollars to fix escalators. SE lawmakers late call C repairs to state building. They want to fix Dave a escalator. In the state house. That carries lawmakers all two before. That is now being repay your problem is there are forty times since 2009. Now this year alone they say the escalator which takes lawmakers employees and visitors to a from the state else. Has said he thinks Tim times now whole sect. So once again. These guys even know the surface right it doesn't seem great you've you've deferred repairs forever and you'll lose big bar and they'll make Al fort. He should have the bar in the first mission to take care as you went but. Even now he or you will borrow hundreds of millions of dollars and you wanna you sum this money all an escalator free so. Meanwhile as we pointed out months ago our national gorge buildings we have people on national gore who are working when it rains outside. They have to move their desks because the rain leaks through the roof. And yet these guys was detained three million dollars to fix an escalator. In the study or else I mean once again. We we always talk about the they'll build. Dichotomy of values between taxpayers and the state. And our legislators and it really can be summed up in the affected. They do whatever is best for them I mean they all lie and hide things from us they will get rich are stands they do things that are knock assert. They do whatever is best for them and we just pay the price for it every what do C a perfect example this right. You have. Yeah ears are delayed maintenance because these guys are too busy funding Planned Parenthood. They do take care of the buildings they own so now they wanna borrow money and what are the personal items they mentioned and not just they mentioned. But the state newspaper the mainstream media mentions as they need in this borrowing bill. Is a 101 point three million dollars a day buildings part of which is gonna used to fix an escalator. In the Statehouse because I guess when they're coming from there. Taxpayer funded or lobbyist funded luncheons and their stuff to the gills a good food line they can't be forced to walk up to stay year's day. They needed escalate Eric may end their walk out eyed at the it is but he's their USA waddle across the street from their lobbyist funded launch and icy have to walk up the stairs so forth we should be honored I suppose the pony up three million dollars so they're bad blood can get a quick ride up to the set a sales for. Where are they able to waste even more a I mean this isn't a perfect snapshot of south cal politics I don't know what is. Well it it it really hurts. And again not only is it. Set yet signaled that we can. Three million dollars. That's just the cold that they could cost money to borrow for that is Gordon her height three and four million dollars remember death were at eight. I thought that about my health. You via ports are those citizens and I think we ask our legislators it's okay to you wanna borrow three million dollars street half million dollars to. Seated at a escalator to the second floor of the state now. How many world avenue pot holes couldn't fix. It and do you think what what are we items. How many words a bad exactly and those same garbage rates. Yeah but things that we have to yet why are we even talking about that in the way they were talking about it at this. Amazing to me began did you sit it snapshot in it is beat her six snapshot of how our state government worked. We aren't all that crap. That nobody it didn't it's contrary to our values. Like like to be pro life. In this state and I would like a guy you'd be a bit of protecting the aboard we fund Planned Parenthood and instead of deep unplanned parenthood. What we're doing is we're borrowing money today Statehouse. You know legislators. Can get up and down that the second floor from from their lobbyists want she'd quicker. You are that this is the exact. Thing that's wrong with our state governor single player and bear remind everybody. Is they supermajority of trouble in the gates we're not talking about Democrats here. We're talking about. Republicans better thought I'd better try to borrow money and force. Us to pay their escalators going up this second tallest thing out instead of tax cuts. Turn money to working from that's the key EDO. Right deaths he they are words which they're clearly not doing and they're not they're not actually do which is dead out. You know fixing up our free our our schools our. The wanna do that let's focus on it escalator in order to borrow money Forsett. That is exactly what is wrong with our stakeout. Or this insane I think he's hit the nail head right we have a super majority Republicans they campaigned every two to four years a warning less government. But we can't even get to the conversation about tax cuts. For us because they're too busy wasting money. Although the whole host of things he laid out in the program and also it's worth missing ring into more after the break is that. In other way we can get tax cuts and just regular average Joes on the street because they're too busy giving hundreds of millions of dollars in tax incentives. For large corporations wasting our money and then giving tax incentives to large corporations which ultimately don't benefit us we'll get more to the details after this. All right we are heading into the home stretch here also and they nice for southern they've we're told me section you wanna join the conversation in the next. Ten to twelve minutes to the phone 1803471063. And also if you wanna send your legislators and the governor a message. All these vetoes it the governor issued this past week including some of the money for Planned Parenthood including the money for the data warehouse I creepy data warehouse. And also he also vetoed Illini and so gave money to in private nonprofits that legislators are actually sitting on the board of pet projects that benefit private groups he repeat kept that out if you wanna send a message to legislators sustain those vetoes dissects the words sustained. As UST AI in. To five to 86 sustained a 5286. And I'll tell you Dave we got a lot of are responsible social media when this is that. The pressure on legislators to sustain. Is very important but equally as important is putting pressure roaming master to icing get out here. And put any and let people know where he stands put pressure all those legislators to sustain his vetoes we saw what happened with the gas tax hike. He vetoes it would then 120 minutes of in passing game he doesn't take any time to take any effort to try to. Move some of those legislators in the right direction sustain his veto as that he there's a right away or they override a lot of people call that a drop by veto he didn't really mean it. If he wants credit for these vetoes he niece again out here and leave he's impassable aghast excite his impassable. The good statements in our form he needs to lead all this and get out here he doesn't he's just is accountable. As these legislators so once again just text the word sustained. The five to 86 a let legislators know sustain a massive vetoes and let hindering note to get out here put pressure on those guys to do just that. Now for the break we were talking about effective. Even though we seem to waste millions and millions if not billions of dollars every year would dollar state budget our illegal say budget by the way. Somehow they never far our legislators never find. The money are the a bill will all the way to return some of those tax money. To its base which is the taxpayer we never gave even in deep red South Carolina as they call it. We never hear our sailors are talking about a tax cut. For us the regular working people who fund all this nonsense across state. Never talk about tax cut now what you will hear. And we've heard once again this past week. Is you'll hear about these tax incentives these tax cuts for big corporations. Now. Everybody remembers when Boeing involve lower try to move down here. And does this say government as a way to try to have economic development. They cut these feel lieu of tax deals with these corporations where their tax rate is effectively way to lower van. Your regular citizens who have a piece a land right next to the the plant rice so giving them an advantage over regular taxpaying citizens and some Babel said. You know what this costs don't business. Whenever they here we go again is what we've always said what she let the camel his nose on a tent. It's harder Busch and Matt Volvo once again Dave. Has guiding a enormous tax incentive I know there. I'll be able tax agreements that according to reports on their says almost property taxes will now be lowered. So we can building new office. So mark pushing you is this. At what point. As conservatives won a bogus servers did we stop saying. That it's better to give think for people to keep their own money in their own pocket right and not have the government take it to begin with. When did that change too well the government can't take. Money your pocket. But if it's gonna give it to some corporation and they create some jobs you should be happy would vets like and what pointed this distinction make that come the big because. I seem to remember conservatives for my money in my pocket. Period the government is did that choose who gets my money after the fact leave the money with me. When conservatives start getting into the business of we wanna have investment for corporations through government. Well yeah and I think they bid the bottom want certain that we passed. Managed to. In lower expectations. And it in the end it fit in being sort of the river bed all of this corporate welfare of the call was brought back now development tech sentence do you whatever. It corporate welfare. And what happens ultimately news. There's these companies are ball broke on the middle country. And they get these deals that were they don't want to pay as much in taxes and property taxes. There's EL homeowners can. They get a local rate or big industry flat skinny. What happened is that the money that should be going to choose the tax base into the Gulf of Mexico were being black schools and our firemen police officers in that nature that probably it's probably Tolbert. Eight he'd get away and it doesn't exist and so existing homeowner has to. Pay money to make up for that fact that this this property is being timid and they're not an accident on so. Ultimately set where it is that exists in south carolinian those out there who would allow. We're gonna pay and make up and in a lot cuter that you receive around your tax hikes and the years into the green bowl. Agreeable school board has reached acted on them you're scrubbing and no doubt are Berkeley Charleston County. They continue to race the school board raises the property taxes. And it's because they're giving away all of this. Core leader of this corporate welfare. Their well being that he can actually passed the makeup we have to pay more for the same services. Because all those not paying their fair share burnout and will hardly anything at all so. It's a dangerous game I don't know when that transition occurred with conservatives but that you said we had a lot of discussion on her face 08 this week that since well dot com sports question that seat. We opera solvency while Boehner you understand. In the long run. Grocers to that this is all worked magic is more important for our attitude state and I just wanted to know. Did you question that who won the back flip over Curwood the doctrine that occur on this and it expectation. But when you become a goal of ours too cool to have just quote for the sake grow up. And his government for gold to grow that space and ultimately. Grow the size of government. That seems very anti conservatives to be as a conservative. Debt about the conservative at all. They actually ran I think you hit the nail on the head and then it winds up happening is that because you have these massive tax breaks for corporations. That doesn't stop the demand for local government Serbs is right so what is happening is older citizens pick up the slack through tax hikes. And it's funny because in this oracle that marine from with the ball the Texas and his. The told into a guy down in Berkeley. The super. Gig Wheeler this title the deputy supervisor of administration chief financial officer from Berkeley counting now that's an important bureaucrat and he says quote. The benefits for this region are tremendous the outcome for this county is going to be beyond what those to see right now. Here's of the money quote. If you're resident. And you don't have kids is go to secure your tax base right so it's going to hopefully keep us from having to raise taxes in the near future now so. Now that he's basically saying. Hey guys we're gonna have to take more of your money one way or the other boy motto is what I'll take it and give it to this corporation. So that you Lisa I hope for a few years you'll raise your taxes out right in the other way. My question for a girl till. Anyone else that is in that line of thinking is. BMW got enormous tax breaks to come here not to mention Michelin years ago. Thank you could say the same arguments for them they're making from Baldwin now which is that hey having this great investment. Is gonna Billy TB your tax burden lower let me ask a question for my fellow agreeable uncanny property tax payers how's that working out force. As I remember when I was in school. And Greenville and the schools just didn't have enough money to make copies right beast and the paper Dave. And I know Hamas homeowners they go all up property they race the Milledge rates in this county. It seems like every single year if not twice in some years right and they are still telling kids in the schools. We don't have an a minor make copies so so where have all the way this fantastic investment from BMW initial and now we're gonna keep our tax burden low. At Doral the wayside because as a property owner I'm paying more. And more and more and property taxes every year but every time I turn around some. Multi million not billion dollar corporation is gaining a convenient tax cut for themselves and argue is empty promises from bureaucrats like. Tim Callahan that well at least you can feel better about the world only that to raise your taxes a little bit more some a lot more because we gave your money where does corporation. I'm not sickness cracker. And bigger government jet bigger and bigger government really bad is what these. Subsidies is that little corporate welfare does he closed the sides of guff. And and is conservatives we have got to be extremely wary but we are having conversations that if the end game is going to grow government is not a good thing. And Walter was not a good thing Elise a less freedom lease restrictions. On your privacy your liberty we don't want it does for sun and also make sure in the week ahead go to our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com forward slash span of SE. We want to keep up the day what's going gold with these vetoes to check yourself faced a dot com forward slash span SA. It'll save us same town same place next week 01063 of your date.