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Sunday, July 8th
Seth and Dave talk about the illegal state budget, McMaster's veto power, road work across the state, and Trump's trade war. 

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It is that time again. 5 o'clock calls Sunday's 201063. W already it is time for Sunday nights with Seth and Dave where talk meets action. We are present denied by the freedom action network of South Carolina the premier grassroots group here in the palm out of state. Looking to eclipse citizens with the tools necessary to fight the corruption down Columbia. To take back control or state government and actually advocates for liberty and freedom does make sure you check them out and give them like old FaceBook FaceBook dot com. Ford's slash fan of their seat and join the conversation dial 180347. 1063. A lot of stuff going home. At the federal level over this past week of course we got the potential the Supreme Court nominee tomorrow morning we have a quote unquote trade war that no date has a lot to say about. And also we have protests in Haiti right now having a lot of American citizens being a conquering down and try to survive a lot going home all that fraud but Dave let's start. Only issue we've been following here the last couple months. Which of course is the illegal state budget that our state legislators have been crafting and molding and slowly dragging their feet to pass over the last couple months. No we highlighted. A couple of awful things and it. The biggest of which is that it is illegal they break the all. Every single year they do not hold the transparent join open hearings the deal Walt clearly calls for. And secondly it is the biggest most expensive state budget in stalled. History I know that they're cutting is played out is a seems like every year is the biggest say budget would got a rain and then one way to do so is to make them fall wall. But only believe was Thursday a new development in all of this issue has come Walt. Mean master is finally issued his veto statement and let us know what he's going to. Take out line item veto from this BO at thirty billion dollar monstrosity. And several things that we've been highlighting day of Alaska police he actually did veto it up first thing he vetoed some of the Planned Parenthood subsidies. This BO since taxpayer dollars to the largest abortion provider in the country. He did veto. A couple of the proviso is a gave money to politicians pet projects may wanna waste a of a nonprofit he was trying to get taxpayer dollars to that non profit. And a master veto that. Any also veto veto the dangerous and creepy data warehouse. That the Nur first trip bomb uncovered very deep down and build a state budget was provides a that would create a data warehouse and they can store. Our personal information. And it also gave politicians and their staff direct access to it. So Henry vetoed those things once again it's just a drop in the bucket of their overall spending but credit on your give Hillary credit and more importantly. Give ourselves credit because make no mistake. Without you guys call and down the governor's office without you email them without huge swing directly at a putting pressure on him. From all angles we would not be where we are right now so pat yourself on the back. But just snowed this fight has to continue Dave now at some point and still unclear win. The house and the senate are supposed to come back in though it's either sustain these vetoes or override him so we got a double down on pressure do we not. We do end and we also as he says then and really brought to. To centerpoint here at being in the show is that we have to. We understand why this is all happening fast. And it's all happening because they keep big break the law every year you big break the law every year. Typecasting by by by casting the governor's budget. In January. And basically taking last year state budget which was one that they made the legislature. And adding more spending until it. And in secret figuring out ways to show the out on a money to the east pet projects of terrorists or whether that data warehouse whether it's. Funding for evil organizations like Planned Parenthood. Or work. It is you mentioned before nonprofits that they sit on the board of they figure out ways to find. Craters are eight. Where you know it it really takes. Discerning eye. I just figure out and to know where I need things and so I thank goodness the researchers at the South Carolina all the council did data on the data warehouse absolutely were able to uncover enough about it lasted three weeks after a few remarks. In less than three weeks they uncovered it they analyzed it. We're gonna grab hold of it did out there to fit folks in the grass roots you know on social media and we were able to put intense pressure on the governor to stop this. Now. What can bomb back Q does the cause of all this goes it's because they don't have any transparency. When they go to the budget process. In that you said it be illegal they break the law every single year to date the lower section 11119. B at the South Carolina go to balls. And they they go forward with the budget that is basically just Morse spending. And an end in a non transparent way every year and bought born to it we wanted to stop all of this. It's bad stops it Kuwata bring all of those who are taught light and shot vital all of this. Sort of dark spending that they do these these dark money projects that they can't project of yours it's who want to shine light on that. We're gonna have to have transparency around to force them to follow the ball as creepy is that balance that as. As simple as that sounds. I believe if we force transparency and we forced them to follow the budget all. Day that make them come out with joint appearance discussing line out of a lineup dumps out of this budget are believed would have doubled Warren. A lot less spending. Number two. A lot less time spent in Colombia that's wasted and number three. You know all the sort of dark money spending that they're doing meet these sort of pet projects he gave a warehouse is responding to her organization that. That we don't want in South Carolina. Town and that go get our culture and approachable here I believe most of that. Almost all of that would go away if we just forced them to follow bowled ball on the budget. We would you would at least hopes of Randy Newman we talked to some of these legislators who actually voted for this data warehouse from the first go around. And even voted for the Planned Parenthood so seize on the first go around. When our advocates contacted them and let him know about it. A lot of them pled ignorance. Well we didn't know it was in there. Well of course she didn't and didn't read it you can't really good read you did or didn't really and you and you chop it up this you chop the budget up until million different pieces. Where the left hand very rarely even knows the right hand is doing when it comes to state spending. S foot briefing tomorrow larger point is we've got a double down and it distress SharePoint make them follow the wall because. Think the more the policy council found the data warehouse type although they found the Planned Parenthood selves is what have we not found. Right what is what is no doubt in his budget some layer that we haven't been able to satellite donor connected docile. So your point is well taken that if you force them actually have. Transparent. Open hearings where legislators can attend where the public can attend. You actually go alarm byline Indy governor's proposed budget. And process where we spending our money this happening him or Lisa be very very difficult for them to get by with a now it is. Easy they didn't hide in plain sight in the budget because like you say no one can read it. So the right now it's it's good to highlight two things I think you we've done a good job highlighting affected. You know we shouldn't have to be here and in this placing the to begin with right in a bad state this conservatives Oz we should have to be common through a thirty million dollar state budget. To find out than our politicians pool our personal information and direct access to. We should Ambien and do this and we should be formal ball. But secondly the only reason we are here today would mean masters. Vetoes as they are. Is because all of the pressure the folks who put on a hill from across the state. And we are talking about listeners are listeners but the close listeners listeners on this show listeners on Bob so Mensa show the folks are FaceBook page faced a guy come forts lifespan of SC. Newman these got went up north folks heard about the self and the egregious things there tried to followed with our money day. Right they responded in a big way but I'll take it where the double down twice as much going into personal automate and sustain these vetoes. But then secondly we're going to next year from the get go the messages got to be you're not gonna get away with breaking the law this year. If your goal what you spend my money you're going to win a transparent way where I can have some accountability. From where these bad ideas come from this whole other angle on this was her idea was this data warehouse. Hooper put it in there. Right we inflicted a different something he's maybe a rose from I know a lot of people are alluding that Brian white was behind it. Why right now and Anderson we know for sure. There's no way to Aslan of her. So I say your point is well taken we are here because of the pressure Gaza put Allman master so thank you listeners for doing. All we know the only solution we have this kind of corruption which is hold them accountable. But it's time to double down as soon as they get around to set a date for coming back to either sustain or overrun these vetoes we will let you know about it. And you give your way to put pressure on them to sustain them. Doubling back but more on issues going only Colombia right after the break here on Sunday nights the Sunday. Idol last seven we're talking about this illegal state budget and masters finally got around to our own happy new year. Yeah I'm out. Listen they've listened Al obviously at that. What you in his neck a gray area we it was his listen to music the rest noises sudden showing us up at four or more say is like Iraq. No sub fumble oversaw the break we were talking about this illegal say budget ending masters finally gotten around to issuing his vetoes now think about this guys we are now. Is July 8. The fiscal year indeed are this this fiscal year began on July 1. This week the state government are our governor has finally issued his vetoes almost a budget. Now these guys the Statehouse in the state senate you would think day if you would think. Is because like I hold their head high and brag about doing the business of the state. The they would be rushing to get back into session and take up these vetoes neither rove around to sustain them right. I mean they all are after all spinning thirty billion dollars or more money you would think that you do in a somewhat timely manner. But it's worth noting. Then in the nerves coverage of Hillary's vetoes and once again gas if you are not following the nerve or the SE policy counsel you're doing ourselves a disservice. They are the ones who I dive deep into this kind of stalled the let us know how they're spending our money. And what they're trying to get away with checked them out of the nerve. Not dot org but in their analysis of sinners he does it's worth noting they say legislators are considering coming back sometime in September. They've taken these vetoes. September they have to go also irritation before they come back and decide. But another gonna overrun studios don't. You are not what they're doing it or break their summer plans trips to Barbados and you know who may even Ted Turner's island in the navy Asians did your vacation or tell her style plays ball with the state budget. That's what you coast comment. I think that here in England players and they got they got you know. One Bora Bora is beautiful on The New Yorker what. We're only at the other that your you you're exactly right these guys are the ones that perpetrate this on us. And they're too lazy to come back in the Canon do their stake in job this insane is that it made it out boss you know it is our ball. It'd techno on an idea we had rejected it Y. And and you know we just you know it sorry guys we're gonna take the summerall. You get back to you later impacted at all. Or yeah. You'd be fired back to Olympic village we the people that citizens their boxer said. Know you guys this is a terrible idea to create a database to alvare personal data that you pay emergence. It can terrible idea on that you organization like on our third. Yeah that's a terrible that we old. And now they won't come back to their big kill late payments. It absurdity. They're conservative they're gonna take this summer all. And that the comeback when they darn well Lee. And they would be fired it is a real job they would have yet so far on the it's it's mind blowing. Late in awhile were a little gray duct work it's I mean he got fired for yeah Greg were so good and Anderson got fired or so you know what. At the end of the day some of them are funny bit that I reported trouble like in our November 4 well. Lesson muscles and ask him moving. Assaults are asking and they put all the the entire budget process sought to the primaries he's an Emmy trying to keep this thing down the road it's like November I think it's got to show you election behind the budget. It would not surprise me. In the least and looked again got the whole thing this is it just the John I didn't have the leadership team to do what you remember aren't quite. Well to a wide variety. It probably batter they they don't care about plant error that funny they don't care about. It's creepy warehouse that they're trying to bill they know that they are gonna try again next year in the body and and it eventually Beltran they'll get. Bet they're getting set proposed bid the game is they're gonna just wait are out. And they'll try to wait citizens out until we get distracted on something else. But this this is their game they ultra though 83 years to do that they don't mind as long as the game is played the way they wanna play that from saint. At the top assure you pointed out correctly. We moved and changed the entire game need to hold them accountable not just with the individual things in the budget which we have to do. Which we are doing. But we need to hold them accountable for the entire illegal system that they got won't launch. Big break the ball every year. When they aren't thirty billion that would make it thirty billion dollars money and put it to their various projects that they want flawed and we need to change begging me to make it transparent. We need to bring down the open when he got the public involvement. And we force the legislative leaders to account for every single dollar that they want stand it's the only way except that these things will try. They absolutely right on the tip his or speaking of breaking the wall you guys remember our old friend state senator Paul Campbell. Download country you may remember us covering the fact that. Couple months ago. Paul had been got a little salsa one night and a little too much drinking got behind the world's car. Wearing a young lady own eyes when he six and then when police officers came to the scene he'd lied to the police also according to the police report. The lives of the police officers about what actually taken place and try to attend the wreck all his wife and Baghdad Baghdad. Has gotten a promotion. And Dave Alvin Ira Glass in a single you know two says pair raft in my entire life is the irony that the all posting carriers able to pack into the description of Paul Campbell getting this promotion. They say and senate ethics committee chairman because don't forget this guy this this guy was largely the cops and driving drunken rearing meaning no lady. Is the is the chairman he allegedly according to police force is the chairman of the senate ethics committee I kid you not. They say senate ethics committee chair and Paul Campbell is succeeding Danny burden home from on agriculture and natural resources is a subordinate pals are and sent. Because agriculture offers a more public role first is ethics which I'm not making this up. Does most of which were behind closed portraits that I op. To make everybody feel better exactly that the ethics committees that are responsible for about being corruption entirely fade out. They operate behind closed doors well I feel better I guess and good night everybody exactly I'm glad or I'm glad Campbell's these are getting out of the young. The call also speaking and start doing things morrow in the open with a public role agricultural and natural resources but they weren't on the Ryder. The writer was not Don Teague who owns the same plus outside the ethics spotlight spotlight now on how you spotlight when the behind closed doors but neither here nor there. Plaza outside the ethics spotlight. Campbell see fewer mentions of the drunk driving charge dropped against them last year it hit an app because I guess your reason people are missing affected our Paul Campbell got away were driving drunken reckon all in to a young lady's car. If Z is only ethics committee as also do the fact he's a scumbag. Right so now we're real or not pass that were close a chapter and a par Paul's life form or remove them off ethics and put them on the agriculture and natural resources. Reid have a more public role which is exactly what Paul Campbell leads in the state. Because it there's we need a face old. On governance and South Carolina look no further thing good old Paul he already breaks low. Dual office holding our responsibility while being innocent and also being the CEO and airport down there. And not to be outdone he also has charges brought against her drunk driving and wrecking July 26 so you want a face of Al state government is Roland and South Carolina. Look no farther so at least again. Bring him out of the shadows from the ethics committee. As is inclined here in the article and bring him out into the the spotlight where everyone can see what a great show are an example we human being we have in our state government. Well it except it is also sure that you. And great. And do whatever it takes to stay in office because Sydney in new south Carolina state senate in Colombia. The leadership. Blatter. It's not meritorious. It is not by vote them. It is simply but how long you've been there and then step as you know but most are these are doesn't know this would be the tiebreaker it you've been there an equally. To equal period of time this is your fellow state senator. Alphabetical order. I do know I hate that literally wide Hugh leatherman is the senate finance committee chair and the senate president urged them and Harvey peeler is number two. Because I know. Cons before he data is said it is sick but it is the truth of the system and it's widely out why cheap steel to stay in. Political office it's what pocket able or. That charge of the you lie and lie in the league so so far. Because he gives the world war down the line. It's more and more power just a complete by sticking around stand their. Now follows her repeal amount has changed my unnamed army Koehler. And now lags I have lost seniority or reload the man I want you to due to the ice I wouldn't I was the president wants it well not easy. And Abbas the president was tried net in this this backwards statement. And also not the dark to show little do to protect their own hide each dollar economy this reported poll. The point about is an idealist mentions about the drunk driving charge. Adam jury and someone told him that he was going around and get new information that he was nominal now they have some they they cover each other and sells. A sad day in South Carolina does lead back after the break. The talk about some things going all at the federal level sick around with a serial Sunday nights for seven Dave. All right we are back here all Sunday night for southern Dave where Tony section. I'll just sold them and notes day then one thing we didn't get to in the first half the show that nothing's worth mentioning. While Favre all listeners is this new report from the nerve or seeing guys check malveaux nerve Donald were to only place you're gonna find out what's actually won only Colombia. But it's not articles titled what SE DOT isn't telling you about gas tax hike projects we've been talking about the gas tax hike. For over a year now Dave and and basically laying out our case of these gas line and they say they're gonna fix our roads would this morning. And they all point to right now let's all line listen they've created to show the taxpayers where we're spending your money. Well the nerve to go look at this this listen to this report kind of shows what they found. And the biggest highlight is via at the end of may is as of the end and a less than 8%. Of the quarter billion plus dollars collected from the gas tax hike and other related tax and fee increases. That way into effect last July 1. And actually been spent less than eight. Percent they are not fixing our roads but more than that mixing break down some of things they found it usually inched and they've. We say projects are added monthly without explanation. I think that's. Overall prospect announced increased by at least four million dollars and over the pin over the appear in each of fifteen counties. Including Florence county. Homo horribly in the states most powerful lawmaker senator Hugh leatherman. Which had the biggest jolt nearly 63 miles in total were project road miles won't go figure. Who would have full day of that when it comes to actually spending some of this money does new gas techtag money. The Florence counting and Hugh leatherman we bring in the predominant are the most amount of the biggest increase in spending. In the entire state. Who would have seen that coming out and remind me gave you know what realm you know is is it you know. Destroy six run through Florence is when he does 85 and A Gilman 95 and there just a little bit on that one major road Borger is needed. In fourth counting that's more important than what your fro here in Greenville. Or a home. Academy road down downtown Greenville or numerous projects around your part of state and local junior Charleston. What can I possibly spending the most of the biggest increase in gas tax money. All in Ford's counting. But he is even worse than that. Vs projects are prioritized or describe other than with single location and committed dollar amounts so taxpayers can't know which ones are the most important. Or details on the war to be done. And no explanation is given about why some shorter road projects are projected the calls for more the longer projects. So here we have this quote put transparent list they've created date and yes you are looking into it. It is is just a shady is not an analyst and they even go further to say it. The projects are low mainly to too broad categories pavements and safety or world's road safety which are defined on the list. DOT's overall safety program however includes pedestrian and bicycle safety projects. Things along mocha lawmakers didn't promise and pushing for the 75% gas tax hike. So here yet. They're not spending parlay any of this new money on roads. The money they are lumping in the big news the biggest jolt is going to Florence counting only Hugh leatherman go figure. And when you actually look at the list so what things are lumping together include the very things they said they want to spend this money on they've. Like sidewalks and bicycle past. I mean why I hate this daylight to say we told you so but these guys lied when they voted for this gas tax hike. Well look at me it is the bottom line here except with the potential Ford is. It says there is no real transparency at all. There is no real list the list changes because of the whims of probably what a politician I'm seeing. Are telling them how to spend that money. There's no doubt about it there and it and and on top of that the new body it's coming and they're not spending. We don't know why we believe guessed why we think it's because they wanna shut funnel into Letterman. Slush on the of these infrastructure bank. So that they can leverage at period to put us even the mortgage debt. But the bottom line here is that there durst a transparency. We don't know basically saying that there's a list or so blitzed itself we know what static. The dispute should commissioners want to month they can change that was an incumbent what effect we've done it yes watch until we can and yes so. The bottom line is is that there's no transparency. There's nobody that there's no way you all be commissioners accountable which is what we've been saying. Are have been more liberal former crosses state. We need to get rid of this deal he commissioned that they're really very few people know anything about. There's no accountability. At all there's there's no way for taxpayers to people actually they the built here at best bet on this whole thing we can't hole. These DOT commission that album available or thought they report to the legislature. Angela and fuel reported the governor bait they eliminate the commission they should have one secretary. A transportation. Report directly to the governor who we can hire or fire or four years. That is solve the transparency problem it will force them to show lost what these priorities are when they will be done and of what I'm there will be done how much they will. As it doesn't solve the transparent so I. Put themselves transparency issue release sauls accountability issue right like it or not. The list or no list transparency no transparency the roads are getting fixed you can hold one person accountable to governor. Right now that accountability is diffused throughout the entire state legislature the governor DOT commission. Mean no one knows who to hold a camel the fact in our roads are falling apart. But to your all in the first point about affected you know we said that they were not gonna fix these roads. We said that their uses money funneled to assume well now we're seeing that the roads are intakes and us being the money and in the same article from the nerve. They say they Kristi hall has acknowledged that funds generated under gas tax hike all could be used by a legislatively controlled state Trey are safe transportation infrastructure bank. Whose governing board includes elements to help finance earlier approved interstate widening projects including I Tony election counting summing. The face even save our bar playing in our reform area as the reporting that new money because they wanna use it for bonding through the sill in Chrissie hauled the secretary has Ari noted that is possible under the Walt as the nerve in the policy council have been reporting for over a year. So. And yet let let's not act won't do it DOT and Kristi hall probably everybody in law and this wonderful you know secretary administrator every bureaucrat where we will call perks to the greatest thing it's well spread but let's be clear here it's different. The first stop the DOT didn't think remarks you can't get supported not a couple months ago and up down at the wonder recuperates. Where they've been hiding information about that bridge and the structural safety back which could probably carries. About 60000 cars back for prevail on that bridge. They were hiding information from. The locals from taxpayers from all its. The citizens. About the structural safety that bridge. It's so it would it would. It would make sense that they hide other things and they're hiding things about what projects really need to be done as you mention what you're flirting grateful. What whether it's we KB I. Are you knew that the upstate. With the with the many potholes of bear every time we roll through time. Eight it's amazing could be tell this woman has gained any accountability but there's instead. There's such dispute responsibility. And touched a few accountability. That. It leads tax say it's hard first hold anybody accountable for this and dusk. Until we get the governor to be held accountable for all of that. By limiting all this middle men bureaucracy. We're going to be dealing with for a long time coming origin can do is set is hold everybody accountable and that he's. Anybody that we go to the ballot to elect we must hold accountable for these crappy worked we much older state legislators accountable. We must all the governor notable tech. We can lead to hold the attorney general the state treasurer Carol look at their involvement all this to. Why the attorney general haven't kept up investigation on destruction I don't know why the treasurer hasn't stopped bonding out money and the DOT the scene of searcher rent on a Nokia scientists checked. Eight it's all they all need to be held accountable for the net debt because they're all responsible for publish a coach or. Well it's a very serious issue when you bring up the wonder river bridge it's worth noting what ended up happening to that bridge when they'd been hiding for months the structural integrity on the they support cables snapped. Oh memories they had to shut it down. Which calls me up first of all. Because they'd gone hellacious dog traffic jam down low country now close in Charleston. Secondly. Body it out so it was a huge safety issue I mean these guys act like they pretend. Then go back door all play earlier with the state budget there is Tara lolly gagging like it's no big deal they treat this like it's no big deal in someone's gonna get killed. This of their negligence. I mean is absolutely appalling see your point about how Christie halt has somehow I escaped any kind of accountability or how she still like lauded. Bodies lawmakers asylum reformer some change agent when she's up to that her DOT's under the same no good that they did up to the last thirty years. Right and so your portal taken that. If we're not gonna have true reform and we're not gonna change the actual system where you can hold just the governor accountable. Right now everybody is accountable particularly the state legislature. Because it was he legislators who ran around the state and said how bad we need the largest gas tax hike in state history so we can fix our roads. And they even went so far to get there I think. We've got to save lives all but got to raise taxes the same Lodz meanwhile DOT's ignoring the fact that one of the busiest bridges and the state is about the collapse. And isn't saying we've got a hold them accountable not just because the roads are crowing but because they lied to our faces no they're gonna do this morning as I noted the nervous says. Some of these categories are wanting this gas tax money into includes things like pedestrian projects and bicycle all past. Is absolutely insane. Every one of them has been held accountable guys we will finally get. To the federal issues that are going on this past week when we get back after the break herald Sunday night with seven they've. All right we are heading into the home stretch Cheryl Sunday night for southern Dave where Tony it's action. They did you catch a story over the goal home. Holiday during the week July 4 we're Facebook's algorithms actually identified airy news the declaration independence for people's post. I'm in each of us. No all night it's a V Australia it's insane to me we were heading in this and FaceBook is all I know a whole another issue but where we are heading in this country where. I think I heard Tara say. Of one of her Promos and I'm sure we have not Independence Day next year. But people are just for him Facebook's Prussia a down decoration independence I think NPR tweeted out the declaration of independence and a left wing activist me over an outrage over. Unease is unbelievable and it was FaceBook it more more try to censor folks. And I understand their private company ended the social media platforms scanned. A lot of ways do with able to when it comes speaking in my own their platform but he just highlights the need the importance of the Supreme Court nomination. That looks nice coming up tomorrow morning from president trawl. Both ID these guys three finalist their raw Raymond templates in Michigan but Amy Tony pair of Indiana. And cabin on charmed members first name off on the head. Well Brent Cavanaugh r.s three finals they are doing at least three stick out sealing getting. Bolts are on a you've taken a horse in this race or to sub for the best. You know really don't. To admittedly I have been following it as much and probably should but I'll I have heard that. And I know that a group that we followed very closely arm and respected national association gun rights. Is really trying to evade it you know and you know this weekend and I'll read about. Britain they're they're very concerned about capital right and it seemed like I don't grow a little bit and seemed like there is. Eight conservatives'. Concerns. Conservatives are concerned about Cavanaugh. Argue that George W. Bush appointees. He's in Maryland I I think there's there is a concern that that that maybe he's not up to snuff. But you know a the other two are really haven't heard a whole lot about. Jeff. Further offer and the woman insists on tell the snails I think that the that Cavanaugh a home skepticism comes from only obamacare case. He opposed it they oppose or procedural grounds recent couldn't be. All of tax and be a fear the other way around and John Roberts took that reasoning when he. All voted in favor of Obama care as the folks are little you know we don't want another an applause like a sir John roberts' time which seems to be the the criticism mud. Ice hope that you know it is can we better no matter who it is tomorrow we get all of the rest assured it will be a lot better than who would have been if Clinton was in office right now. So I think did it have you're gonna I think all three of these guys are pre straight all instructional listen originals when it comes of interpret the constitution. And AM is better than what we had on there is always he votes in this Don the next ball Supreme Court justice votes the right way. Owned in the big things and some thousand may swing the here and they are male free speech and gun rights owned all their pro life issues things of that nature it sings all threes guys have a pretty strong track record so. Hope we India for the sake of our country and we just when did there because we do have a lot of threats when it comes to our constitutional rights mean. And we can't go to a two months without having some new you know obscene. Gun control measure trotted out in in the lauded by the press so we need to have and I did make it a good woman on the court and hopefully we'll get that tomorrow. All men at the rest assured there's going to be a political fireworks when it comes to the on nomination process or confirming a nominations sent. But they're ordering a few headlines for you or an issue this is being hit your read up on Alaska Malays we talked about it. Oh man from NBC news trade war could turn trust biggest strength and weakness. From vox US China trade war eleven XM satellite fell eleven experts explain how and if they can end. Trump's economic gamble solid job gains verse risky trade war. From Chicago Tribune how charge trade war which China could go sideways on Dave what do you make of Trump's trade what is going on right now. Sure I have this personal book the boy isn't this where 84. And we all Abby and it's unbelievable I'm knocking go on this diplomats I've been happy with the army fears that says we've been talking about this for four. But really concerned got elected yup. I believe that it is his greatest strength has bid is tough sell trait is willing to shake things up. Fault and you and it's been easily if he'd been out of almost every one of our conversations about how working folks. Now it's South Carolina and specific chapter on the across the country it's have really been used and abused by the strait policies and media leaders politicians. In martian DC. Our Ed Republican and Democrat I don't care party if it does not matter Lindsey Graham George W. Bush. They have all sold out American workers without a doubt. Which with the trade policy call and I had like the media trust that like the trade were to storm trump got elected I mean we've been losing the trailer for thirty years. We are much like we don't war we lost the war right there with the worst regular daily back at this point. Yeah well it's so. What what really. Angers me goes says it is it it eager South Carolina. You read these in Italy discs. Politician these leaders consultants. There are either they're quoting the United States chamber of Commerce Department asked a chamber of commerce just survive you were huge scandal militia. All. You know and and unfortunate on television is and they only can your first world war aren't right. I mean you know this thing goes I would chills. The gas tax again at the same folks that want to spend more money on mass transit inquiry Polk County these are the same boat that they. That China should have their way and it won't America just blow out the red carpet situation walking all over folks in the state who. Desperately need these jobs who moved to include our in our culture has been taken away from you because of the strait policies over the last thirty to fifty years. And set. It looked all our our parents go to bad. You know there was a time when this country depend on terraces it's there'll certainly become a blue book for the income tax yet. Scarce work were a large source of our national income. I'm were not talking about all polite altar and so would that chamber of commerce and their corporate tax. Come out and starts swinging. You've got a little bit something is up you know that we're on the court you know the president on the light on this one I think he needs to keep going I think he's a double down the strategy is bringing Cha and that to the negotiating table. Where they haven't been in at least thirty years. And that is a very very cute saying and and again. I'm no economist I'm just a regular guy. You can always a basic Aldrich irregular gusts to average a regular guy. Accurate you know. And and I think it will we know what hasn't been working so we'll try something that irked because we know. The policy that Glenn placed by Democrats and Republicans. Over the last eight years have not been opened last year specifically what city South Carolina. Especially. In world America. Let's try something different opting I give the president credit for going out there in any hard and forcing and so some negotiating table are you stoned out some terrorist. On and it might cost more. I don't know we don't know that that's to be determined and they can adjust from there. The set I'm sick entirely believe that. Alan that's condescending telling us we they know what's best for us. Dana what's best and and a group utterly organization that week so worked for is also up territory they know what's best. Air the dirty word in its ultra. It's just not true and I think is just written not in the last two weeks of watching the leaders come out here and tell us that we need more. More of the same with China border sanctuary policy back that's what that's little prop boring comes up natural Nicole that are. We know that not to be true bet that these all statement after fifty years a big lead in. Come to a conclusion that they or their version of trade policy sucks. Bonus I think again keeping in perspective what trump tried to accomplish with these terrorists trump is not going out and said. Hey let's go back to hear the 1850s where we funded the federal government was not strictly tariffs inject cares also about astronomical level. He simply said. The other countries have tariffs on our goods if you'll free trade has to be reciprocal and fair trade and they're not going to reduce short hairs. We're gonna start implementing them he's not trying to do it for a long term new vision where we have high tariffs across the board he tried to put a little economic pain that we've been feeling for decades always other countries. So they'll reduce their care so we've done for the elm. Of the last thirty years there's also worth noting that it seems to be working. I mean GDP is projected the growth in the second quarter this years projected net four point 1%. Haven't seen a decade braving unemployment. Is it low this the lowest unemployment history for African Americans Hispanics. Stock market such records nearly every week. Now some this may be well. But. By the way that it did BMW's screaming out loud in the Greenville news headlines this week's BMW. BMW how many. Million it now. Billion dollars had you gotten from taxpayers in the United States of America and set its date South Carolina to put your plane Spartanburg and now you're complaining. Yeah your complaining about a change about. I get out so it's not only that though we know. And a another night of Sunday night the seven day for a 1063 W already way back same time same place next week that she saved Tom. She say calendar Bob o'clock we'll see event.