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Sunday, November 5th

Seth and Dave kick things off with new Spartanburg municipal buildings costing taxpayers, corruption in Charleston County, and politician Paul Campbell. 


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In this is the first. This is the star all the kickoff for sunny and I was seven Dave you're 106 point three W or. Gas you wanna call in or text today at the door conversation as we discussed. What is going home. Not just locally but also what's going on in Colombia will we can do about it issued a call or text 1803471063. We are as usual sponsor tonight by the freedom action that were South Carolina the premier. Grassroots organization in South Carolina tried to give. Folks the tools necessary. To fight the corruption out of Columbia. Take control our government and actually advocate. For freedom here South Carolina Dave. It is our first show here of 106 point 3 I am Paul though I know you more to lose let's get right into it what is going Olin. In Spartanburg native. We get a nearly a quarter of a billion dollar tax hike older referendum old Tuesday for folks in Spartanburg. And I know you feel like me. If anyone is listening Ang can do so please be sure to get out once farmer on Tuesday and vote no. Only nearly quarter of a billion dollar tax hike that'll be all about. Dave we've been talking all week about this thing and would it surprises me the most isn't necessarily. The fact that we have some folks will this'll local option sell sex we saw an agreeable few years ago. Or surprises me is that folks think this Barbour county. Who is right now already nearly fifty million dollars and then at least. He's in other quarter of a billion dollars to build a courthouse. They what are your thoughts on. Well set and in the week we. We've had a good practice with that kind of local option sales tax hike we caught it here in green 03 years ago we defeat. And the and the arguments that the liberals on the other side are using are pretty flimsy. They they they wanna spend money. On a court else. On a City Hall. And Serb you know whatever it is seven million dollars on some roads that they think they're gonna they're fixed but the end of the day this is big Mac. Serve sales tax hike. Everything that you all are going to buy. We buy and Spartanburg county. Is now going to be packed so fire. You know when you go out you. Gaga get to cage Hughes. You gotta go by close. You know it goes that they've got to get. EL a new computer. You gotta get all of supplies through business paper saying that major. That all of that is going to cost more. And it it hit it tumbled Leo we we we sat around happening green Goldman were shocked. There's very conservative county. This you know accounting that'd. Of represented. Via the Republicans you would think that would never happen in a place like Spartanburg like we get angry bull but it. And it as he says it nearly a quarter of eight billion dollar tax like billion would be. All of which is more then than they entered an entire year in Spartanburg. So so were given the same politicians that. You know are put the county fifty million dollars in debt. This thing politicians that increased spending the budget has gone up almost. 30%. In just four years then and imagined. They'd picked the baby increased spending. Obama 30% in just four years and now they want to basically. Yeah in the they want to rate another quarter of a billion dollars in the next six years. Fit to spend even more work. So would look at some point you gotta call on the mend that and like you said I hope everybody listening here tonight at Litton Spartanburg county. It's been all year it's an odd numbered year but you gotta go out and you've got a vote no on Tuesday got to kill this tax hike. On it it is undoubtedly. Is going to cost more more people. A lot more money. Was a quarter billion dollars they've so courses and calls. Everybody more and it if folks earns barber and they wanna go vote no to say they want a reminder. On Tuesday to go vote no. Just takes the words vote no the OT EN though the number five to 86 will he via a quick text on Tuesday mores remind you vote. And you for that'll do your friends and family to have to make sure they yelled go vote no on this is this absolute ridiculous they were talking about. The dead though a whole price tag for this tax I used 224. Million dollars. And the folks who are running around on the vote yes campaign sent all we need our courthouse when their coral swelled. We looked into the ordinance and they wanna spend a whole ordered in 54 million dollars on courthouse they've. Come on I think we fueled a on. A Nemo FaceBook with a picture of the Taj Mahal saying it. This is the artistic rendering of a homeowner 54 million dollar courthouse for. Who needs to spin this and alimony for courthouse and also what we you were saying it makes us and is you're sitting at the same politicians who of the last four years the bush just increased 27%. And not a single time hasn't put aside the renovate this courthouse. I don't you know I'm. I believe four years ago these guys knew that the courthouse is gonna need to be renovated replaced and yet. 27%. Volume increased four years and now I wanna they want a bailout promote taxpayers from a quarter of a billion dollars. They've I don't know a single building. England will Canon muscles Spartanburg that's what the holder 54 million dollars and that's we're expecting taxpayers to pony up for courthouse. Isn't it. A quarter up in the City Hall by the way that most folks and Spartanburg county are probably never gonna use. The war or are really not gonna be on a day to day basis using. Com and a 150. Work million dollars I mean you've got out what what could use them with that money. It is indeed what would it mean to have that kind of money back in citizens' pockets where it belongs. But it didn't and that is to go back and the new and we we were sitting around Monday in the office. And and our own I mean we just got blown up by spokesman farmer Annie says they found out about the there was a press conference. And and the newspapers picked it up and folks found out about this this kind of bomb brush on Tuesday to get this knack that act site at. And we're getting blown up from citizens all over Spartanburg county. You know folks that are in them that he would. Connection network column that were called not to think eight got what we do about this. And and again that I think you get it earlier. Is key you gotta get ya gotta vote no on Tuesday text the word vote no on yourself don't right now DO TE and O. The number 52886. That note note up 52886. We'll give you that reminder make sure that use your family or friend did out there in Spartanburg county and build on Tuesday. And vote no on this massive tax hike on the referendum. And actually clear will come back this issue all of the bomb in the hour but nobody is alone trying to advocate. The Nate public server and go work any facility has mold will walls or than it is dangerous which will have heard for home. The vote he has campaigned nobody warts public service that to deal with a discount facilities. At the same time. Is it too much to ask for politicians who manage these facilities it no there need to replace or no longer need be renovated. To put money aside before hand. To not come to the taxpayers at the you know 23 hour or so. Now we need a quarter of a billion dollars to. Renovate this courthouse or whatever the salinity. But nobody here and pretty next network or sign I was of Nate. Bullets public servants who work in facilities that are unhealthy. The same time it is the responsibility. All of county politicians. And city politicians and in certain circumstances. To maintain these buildings you should not. You know things are gonna hand be renovated you know things are gonna have to replace. Don't call the taxpayers in the last hour and say hey we had no solution mile pony up a quarter of a billion dollars for courthouse. I said Horner 34 million dollars for courthouse gives me a break. This is more Burke county. These folks are working class folks who like you say most likely art and use the courthouse anyway. Is a way they poll all they're just being a regular citizens and there ought to pay more. Or choose for clothes for a school supply store. Almost everything. So lit. Politicians can have a palatial. A Taj Mahal type courthouse as farmer Karen it's ridiculous. If your hands armored go vote no Tuesday and like Dave said you want reminder. Dissects the words vote no. The five to 86 guys were pitted to some Colombian politicians that are calls in trouble we get back after the break here on Sunday night or Sunday. Dave your liberal last week only Earl on the show on the old station. At her megaphone of Greenville politicians know what in the hills going all of them he had. One beaten a lead could be insurmountable lead hype. Yeah knowing that. And our sheriff there had an affair with a subordinate. Let's go on longer politicians and yet. You took the moment the kind of real B thumb and I have no it's criminal politicians well let's talk about Charles now it's the battle let's talk about Charleston politicians that. Fro a decent. South Carolina senator Paul Campbell arrested charged or do you lie in Charleston County busier guy naval Paul. Polity Campbell a Republican state senator from Berkeley county was arrested Saturday night. According to a chp Campbell is driving with a passionate call nightly six when he rear ended another car. Your Sig cables black hole of a registered as a point 09. He was charge of the do you lie and providing false information to police. The passenger and Campbell scarves or poorly his wife. There was also charge of providing false information. Although affairs they say she was released to the same. Joseph records show Campbell's bulletin to the sheriff Al canvassing and sinner in Charleston candidate and 1146. People Saturday. He was expected in Bonn for a Sunday more for hearing Sunday night and her when I'm as bond court hearing but. They have now Charleston politician dropping drone hit people's lives of the police what's going on Charleston Dave. Well I tell you what man com. Paul Campbell is not one of my favorite people in the world but I bet you know under the brand that this thing gets resolved. And that justices serve and done here and that everybody that was in that accident first and foremost is okay and can walk away and and deal lived to tell about it. Now that being said. As you know Paul Campbell is one of those dues in Colombia that is just ratchet yes his voting record is absolutely he is eight pool of the establishment in Columbia. Specifically Hugh leatherman. Who they'd deal he is one of Cuba the men's top lieutenants. In that state senate constantly voted for the gas tax hike. Voted to you know protect these energy to be power companies now that we're dealing with. Up the vote for a lot of bad stuff. Also by the way. You know dual office holding key that that oracle failed to mention he's also the director. Of the Charleston airport so. Out with barely illegal. Help all of you know. This in the first illegal thing allegedly that he has done enough and let it put it that way in in a while. The but look here's the thing man. And this is it is it if it worked in South Carolina that you just say it it did that can't be true. This is also the man that is. The in charge of the senate ethics committee's. Chairman of the senate ethics committee. And key at allegedly lied to a police officer he's you know he was basically charged with lying to a police doubts now. We don't know the details. An inning to beat him but you have to ask the question that and that is really. At this at the big question right. If you are willing to lie to a police stopped. As you were under the influence. I'll who aren't you willing to lie about how right I mean that the demand that the chairman of the ethics committee. In the south Carolina state senate. Quiet officers there but all the ball enforcement agency. He lied about. And so you have a look at the guys you're constituent and you're not go though many of all Campbell constituents. You know at home a lot of soccer it certainly would want to widen its constituents I mean there's no doubt about it and end in on some occasion he had. Vote for me. Forget the dishonesty right in your actually write it he's lying to evil force him off trees line to a sponsors but for me. The load the thing where our rural poll Campbell long time ago was this absolute. You know looking down his no booze and hard work my decisions of his during the guest acts like right. So here we will or we are debating only two more years gas tax hike in state history this Basil as they've session. And this guy gets up and says. You know what. You pessimistic side is gonna cost you a little less than can of soda a week. Or can't a and today is what infuriates him more and forget is Paul Campbell this goes for old now there all politicians that. They think if for some reason they or no. A step mobile the rest of us bad. They live a life that is so high and mighty that we couldn't possibly understand they're just trying to make decisions for us. And the consequences will always live look them right so. He wants to sell his constituents that I just past the lord is gas tax hike in state history is gonna count shoeless and he'll pay us Soto week. Paul we Sicily alternate Paul. When your Colston folks hundreds of dollars a year it's more than a can of soda. If furthermore who or you. To Jill age what how folks spend their money if they say they don't wanna gas tax hike. Both Ford and a deeper hole the state said no gas tax hike. And yet he wants to thumb his nose looked down on his constituents and vote for anyway. Man I'll say what he deserves to be in jail and for a more saying he lied to police officers about this. Yeah of course you do he's a secularist than ascent on the senate floor and basically drawn a lot the people South Carolina. And how much and the war is gas tax hike in state here issues or wholesome. I don't doubt for a sacking. That he lied to all fourth and I don't doubt for a second. The heels won't be dishonest and would save his own bullet is always do little to do for his entire political career and as you mentioned. The man is not just a state senator he is not Joseph sitting. As a chairman of that ethics ball word and Gasol laughing matter on a what is but he also rose airport down there. Rice Evan guy who's been entrusted. By the taxpayers of Charleston County South Carolina to run certain things and apparently. He struck at the wheel they've. And it would make sense if you look at our state finances and the airport while he's been in control. Well look again the ball very clear set. On the walker told you Ingle Albert do. OK there are inherently very clear wall that says you cannot hold to all who want. And it makes sense right I mean why why should taxpayers like you we as citizens. Pay eight. Paul Campbell twice what you Gilad doubled from from the treasury he should be allowed to do that yet he'd done. And the reason he does and the reason he's allowed to get away with it because. It's colleague and is very powerful colleagues that is very helpful. You know men port up there in the state senate. Allow him to do it because people vote the way that they want him yes. That's the look 8888 there's nothing else you need don't connect any more ducked that did it look. We get all a nice cushy job at the Charleston airport. About a way. Not just the night cookie got a 275000. Dollar a year yeah. Job. If we gave him back then he will owe us big time meaning you won't vote the way that we wanted to vote. That Howell works and so what Paul evil is doing is illegal forget the DY. Forget you know all that other stop the man is cool dropped. And use it if you hit the nail on the head set. That it will last week that the man at the head of the ethics committee. I think you've got to do what's right or South Carolina you've got to do what's right. Or is district and step down. Boy is shot down I think he is is. He's been breaking the law I'm finally glad. With a DUI charge you what able skirt the wall this family back after the break we'll sign a sudden they've. And we are back herald sun and I listen Dave 1063 new Lordi. Sponsored by the free connection there were South Carolina gas check out our FaceBook page basically dot com for slash Fennessy. They've it'll it's excellent. We're talking about Paul Campbell. So what's next then. I'll listen on the on the studio. But who won't be lots suit. He left to right. The chairman of the ethics board in South Carolina. Is arrested for DY analyze the police now. Lightly used before by the Texas said who won't he lied to how can the people old knowledge Charles in his district. The people South Carolina trolls film. To run the ethics board or do anything. In a palm moral way or all right way you can't. But leaving multiple cables the lie and his be a failure now is a person and as a politician. I wanted to bagged his former accounting tax like that does for saying. Is a couple things that. A scene alone we settled on social media a home up her little talk radio that kind of wanna address someone is this'll talking point that. I if you don't vote for this the quarter of a billion dollar sells tax hike on Tuesday. Where is gonna have to raise property taxes instead. Either gonna take anti gang attacks like being on this is the this is from the miles of Kelly's announcement. When the try to push to sell sex like this quarter of a billion dollar cells to excite the build a touch more whole. Looking courthouse over his former candidate. It aggravates and it is these same guys who'd. Will say well you know you don't look at this tax IR is also as they were in the race bird's eggs when you pin him down. And I Hammel social media are you gonna vote for probably tech site well now now I am now I'm knocking on the over Brett. The war are you talking about. While once again handled. Oh Tuesday if you're in its Barbara can I don't fall for the false rhetoric of these liberals trying to pass this quarter of a billion dollar tax like. Joseph vote no. If you will a reminder to vote no just text the words vote notified 286. The this whole this false rhetoric of hey you're getting your tax hike one player the dollar. -- it that is faults there's a third and a third option yet Tex I gay had sex like me at third option is vote no. On Tuesday and then vote no only temporary tax like these guys tried to open angle in the future. All of this is about government employee except me it was very clear. As they bowled good campaign now. This is about government employees warning eight pallets. Of course Al and a Pallet so that City Hall. So they can you know work in a really nice place and and again I don't blame them. I'm not I wanna work in a really nice place bottom line is when that taxpayers are supporting the bill. As we do want all of these government entities. You know we get the final say on what that looks like. And and I think it's very clear you mentioned that on social media folks are finding out about this they're furious. I think that they're not buy that Malarkey well you're gonna get a property up permanent property act like. If you don't at this six yourself act like new flash by the way. I'll there're. I think there's only one infinite Meehan higher history of the local option OPEC won't work county has not reviewed. The revived this sales tax hike once they've already had it. Go to your anecdotal or Kenny good Charlton gap that. And you're in the third and fourth iteration a lot of the sale act like they're at so. Want that they'll act like get at it did not temporary it's going to be there for a long time. Don't a look at who's that this supporting that is the chamber com source. Again that were born head to head with the chamber of commerce. And if they continue to quote for the attack sites because the government and that support them our our our support. And so they have to be or they're gonna pour a lot of money into the Al we've already heard from folks around the county that are getting mail pieces and getting world broke all the things that nature's. To try to support it. The other you know Mitt without their share. Is it and you need to kind of touched on a little bit. Is that there is there's only there's only one way to tackle this problem he's got that increased would have raised more money you could give us more money. Well again the budgeted 200 million dollars a year. I think is going up 30% in the last four years sat so there's a whole lot of spending going on. The actual results and has had you know how optimistic about the as a result of that spending. What you can be guaranteed attack site after that there's going to be more more spending let's also not forget that. That the local government on which is supposed to help all of these kinds of things. Spartanburg taxpayer money. Is being taken out of Columbia but the politicians go I mean we haven't talked about that yet but don't forget that the full preview vote yes on this thing you are paid sick. Sic league giving a full blown past. If you let him in all Campbell all the corrupt crept. In Colombia. Who were stealing Spartanburg taxpayer money and using it for their own pet project. That money is supposed to stay in Spartanburg. Every year. They can't bright light in Anderson county that. Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee in the house they have to provide that it says we can steal more of that local government fund money. In those artwork taxpayer money is being wasted in Colombia and if you give them more in Spartanburg. You're basically by voting yes your weight in the white like to think yet you let him and I agree. We need to waste more and more or money I'm gonna throw more money you don't know what you use it. However you want on your pet projects. Probably not gonna get any money that Spartanburg and you love him I don't believe why you basically about voting yes your way to the white flag and yet. Go ahead and waste all of our money down in Columbia has you know essentially at the end of the day that was gonna happen. My favorite example they of these local option sales tax of these global taxes to build. You know accounting infrastructure governance structure. Is once again and Charleston selling in Ramallah Umenyiora elbit and that didn't say it was like four years ago I think they passing tax hike for your library. Down there now. Three years later actually been collecting a sex no library still they Saddam broken ground to build a library anyone anywhere in Charleston County like. Litton bit. What they have they have a nice big sign that says what were coming soon he's still out. I cracked it and a billion dollars to build a library and what we got with a sign. And they can't even the aggressor in the last little while this. As a Muslim that's its not right always or bald and Charles and David. You bet you bet. I we have a call Dave let's bring him borrower and he was on about this sell sex like in the primary text like Brian how Lorie thanks Conan. Pom wonderful how much felt I live the dream world one. You know who cannot solve I think looked at me all the bones about it is actually in and they'll. On my new commercial engines and industrial heating and air. And most of a lot of markets aren't Spartanburg. And I'll lose a lot of money on there and not get a vote on each via property tax a lot of not a doubt about it because it. I have noticed in. Because of where war. Cannon ball in the RT eighty. Outmanned and outgunned 101000 dollar candidate multi. 800 tallying a hole in 2000. Darting here WellPoint. You would think but of club apparently if you ask politicians they had to see a problem spent 800000 dollars to fix it. Don't fix it and then they wanna turn around say give me another quarter of a billion dollars take Durbin this time I mean. I agree with what I heard from Bobby action I think anybody mention our architecture called an intended. They should be at the the lol yours because the lawyers of the one independent and that point taken packet talented people. This airplane galore yeah. You don't know that certainly everyone you. Meet traveler stats and third people worked and there. Everything felt it should be the people using that ability. Like I mean I'll wish tactic property tax. It's so I can make like you are how won't. Says. At that age mpeg Brian defect to the call man we're Wiki. Who in that it looks that they were talking about that they won't let me back to abroad and point. These that the vote that would support an attack on the chamber in the others. They were bragging about. The fact that other out of towners are tourists are gonna call man and a they they they estimated some crazy like seventy million dollars. All of this act like of the quarter 1000000070. Million that come from. Spoke at a county at any of what they don't understand what note that the fallacy of that are not all that argument it. The O'Brien. Look at the end of day. They're not gonna go shop in Spartanburg county people. Traditional. They're going to make that that the Smart decision when it comes little money. And trust that most of it and our bird get a little bit more expensive than they don't pick a sale at this artwork you allude where it. Yet industry but then permitted throughout the history of time when it comes. Well is the same organ they tried to use for the gas tax hike Dave remember they let go if we race against sex. Over a third of the revenue come from out of state. Now that that. Let's horse hockey begin with in the same aura other than that and oh by the way the same person him at the same to make their argument against excite the chamber of commerce. Are now making the same organs armor carry that idea is just raise your taxes older people pay most of it like. It in mind bodily stupid. How they try to come to the constituents and sold them all tax hikes as it is not gonna hit them in their pockets. Like. Eventually you run out of other people's money says that that is really the key Q2 all of that eventually you run out of other people's money and again go back to O'Brien says. Look that is gonna hurt business says there's been an especially small business. By the way it's gonna hurt working folks they're the ones are going to be hit the hardest but they'll act site. No of course up for sale or anyone else again hit not the word class fuel is is electricity rate hike DiMarco we're dealing with the South Carolina. We'll talk about that animal we give back from the break. Dave Allen I'll beat a dead horse would have seen Paul camels mug shot the hill and at and generous Purdue you rather annoyed. This man is absolutely Weis got the lazy I don't. I write as always look importantly. This is a hot tea like any rule will put it all calls to the suffer Sayer. Two stories and promised them or go to the home stretch here also and it was set and they've won a 63 to minority. Two stories both involves state politicians scurrying. More working people South Carolina alimony. First is always told that all we gave which is its electricity rate hike to block. The politicians in Columbia passed a Walton years ago that allow these power companies to charge customers all fraud. For the air on investments and these new a new nuclear facilities. Panel top of that. The same old pulses past. Allowed. These utility companies to charge customers. All the backing and if they were to walk away from these projects. And now is exactly what does happen. You have people in the low country. There in pay there bills as CNG folks all over the state to paying for their power through co ops who buy their power from Santee Cooper. Who are paying every more. Into a project that now has been walked away from an abandoned. There will never create a single kilowatt of electricity. And because of the law of these politicians past. Ratepayers and now may be on the hook Dave for ultimate sixty. Years. To pay this back up. So this past week. We had development and all this where Kevin marsh who's the CEO of SE NG a scanner. Step down. And of course all the politicians in Columbia Jay Lucas in particular speaker of the house. All they rushed to clap their hands and claim victory. Well we've we've got Kevin marsh data here. Dave explain to me why we should not be excited and we should have no enthusiasm. Over the Fed to Kevin marsh left. As it pertains say she stopping these rate hikes and stopping this mail. Looks I mean personal to be clear everybody looked into night. If you buy your electricity from electric co op. You'd better pay attention and that's the absolutely sex you or do more importantly your indirect Santee Cooper cuts that's right so electric co ops. Do customers. Did by the way they'd done bailed out on the nuclear power plant that they had yet bill. Up in Gaffney. OK so. That affects folks in the upstate upping we have gotten a lot as much. Media attention hurt most Jews in the upstate as we have in the midlands and the low country. But the real big deal for folks upstate. Especially those folks that are electric co op customers because of BM mail a debt you mentioned that. Santee Cooper. Eight billion dollars. K we can be that number of billion like Woodward you know. What were some what more billionaires than eight billion with all being in debt. And for as Coca-Cola customers. We are going to be playing that big eight billion dollar back. Are in debt with interest predictable what the interest motherboard like aboard. And horrible ones that are going to be paying him back there aren't any corporate CEOs or Wall Street hot shots that are delete and that fact it's gonna be spots. So folks need to pay attention to what's going on down a Columbia when concert electricity rate hike to buckle now set at you mentioned before. You know Kevin marsh CEOs cannot at the Indy he leaves he resigned he was forced out politicians spike the football say. AL look great look what we're doing it for you we we we got the CEO to resign. And again the fear should can or should resign from day one and all that he should resign two years ago when they knew that they want to screw up. Here's the problem. Well anyone escrow for his ball Harvard stockholders. Unsolicited annual report. Every suddenly got to sell our stayed out so get the more you run of New York City in his stockholdings I guess I got a no lose proposition void. So I mean he had done his job very well that's right until late agree I am doing politicians let him sell us out. That's right and he'll be retiring with 86 million dollar year old pair you're. And and so did no good Kevin marsh is it he would like men and need immediate halt the old brother he is just spot where he has. Now where we are certain the not so much. We got this bit of payback. We still are paying. For what they did. Do customers are going to be paying toward the nuclear power plant that they abandoned that EE NG customers and retain the power plant that Dave and still paying. The wall that forces us to save the base load review act. Still in place politician still have not done anything to add to repeal that law but that you're here's the most egregious part and and I negative wanna bring Paul Campbell back up but I got us. But get sick senator Paul Campbell. He's on that committee I'm Donald you weathermen appointed that committee to investigate to get to the bottom of all that right. To investigate what went wrong who knew what and win. The problem admitted that he got to want to call Campbell sitting on the committee. That are you know corrupt and boarding exactly politics I failed and they drove the legal. And it happens and sentence literally. Do you think you guys you know built and the current health and oak coney county. He got Mike Forrester. From Spartanburg county LA might if you look tonight. What have you don't look at local government on why didn't you Autry citizen Spartanburg county another now they got it have attacked a record but. Yeah why why don't your public service in Spartanburg illegal war in Mosul the walls Mike. So so so Lipton. You've got the fact that absolutely. Got us into this mess in the first place that. They're the ones that voted that it the ball ball into play but the one that a point to the yet he never. They're the ones who pointed it also regulatory cap that doesn't put typical book out rookie didn't. They are in control and higher system. And now they herbal want the data pointed to be apart of investigating it. That does not make any sense. Did that and are going to get screwed. Politician that they have to give a damn about about need to get that they have about how well they give a damn about how much our pal bill. Are out of our total income every month they could give a damn so we've got to play back. The first ever get these if we got a hall saw these guys that are investigating it gets hot it got off. That are the one that made all this is the guy out there in the first place and you can easily do that would make it bury either Israel sent ground. Just check the work fire at I already. The number 52886. It worked fired up at 286. Intel and your politicians that get rid of these clamp that got it into the net off the investigation committee. Evidently they got a kick me all they got it into the net. From investigating. And right now that if we do not bad exactly what's gonna happen. And you've got the guns like the Pope on it but up like he has Rabbani it doesn't mean I'll look for unique the pair electricity bill every month. Yes so far we head alms Lonnie Carter who was the CEO Lowell on saint CQ to retire when they sixteen million dollar. Colin pair shoot. Much of which is funded by taxpayer nice guy can't endorse who is the CEO SCANA retiring with a a multimillion dollar retirement package so far the only people who were heartened. As whole deal all the ratepayers. If the politicians they Harden you know the the executives obviously are heard and and wouldn't do it makes me so mad Dave does that is that you allow for rejoinder. Was when I first got involved in our local politics will be years ago the reason was. Is because when I first bowl my house here every day my first power bill ever got. Was from duke saying they want a raise or electricity rates. And so far along with hundreds of all the people while wind down and carry council or Paris where. If from the PSA a public service commission that as you point out these politicians hand picking a point. And we explained. Why a rate hike was unnecessary and Tyrod that your mind this was what 78 years ago long time ago. Wasn't necessary then. We know what happened might raise our rates. And since then they've raise our rates almost every single. Year. For what. For a power play it and Gaffney did they're never going to finish there and there's never gonna producing electricity. We're still we'll look for info solo coaching having the worst. As CEG go through their pay an 18%. Of their monthly bill to PayPal or Ali. Facility is never going to get off the ground. 18%. So you're paying 200 dollars a month for utility bill that's. 36 books the years old alike they never seen April. And like Dave said the. First of all zero repeal is mellow all you got to fire these politicians. All of these investor investigative committees who created the problem. That's a first step sex fire to five to 86 and gas runs the last of the show. Once again if you warrants barber and to vote no Tuesday text the word vote notified to basics. Was in your reminder. Gas station tune in this was the first show for say I was so naval 1063 the minority will be back next week.