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Sunday’s with Seth & Dave
Monday, November 20th

Seth and Dave discuss Thanksgiving, interview Senator Paul Campbell, Politicians running for judgeships, and interview Republican Shane Massey.


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It is that time again. 5 o'clock here own one of 63 W Lordi. Thank you retain a night to Sunday night for Seth and they've sponsored by the freedom action over South Carolina guys you have not already. Be sure to check out the freedom action network or FaceBook FaceBook dot com Forsythe fantasy wearing his daily updates. Now what's going on Columbia what these politicians are up to. And more importantly what you can do about it. To check them out. Dave it's at the Sunday before Thanksgiving and man I can already taste the Turkey the Mac can tell you he's. Let's say what are you guys do Annan had never to my grandma's. Off for launch and I can outweigh our way every year in a full disclosure Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. Arsenal air alone good that it has and you did. And it these I think it's good to take today to sit down the failing reflect the what's the moral and and truly be thankful. And grateful what's going on it and all we have in both our personal laws that we having a communion we have in this country. But I am looking for the most. To my grandma's double days I love me some of legs man and it I want all a year for both that. And my Myanmar special recipe Mac and cheese so I'm on mount the selling just thinking about it. They can't get here soon enough warning what you do for Thanksgiving was the Swartz clan going to be Upton. Well abandon her post here all legitimate you know that brave soul that that that's great epic big threshold read it and that day. But that timeline marker right there when your family post Thanksgiving and they eat the elder generations actually this make you. For Thanksgiving dinner I think that's a big marker on the calendar they're on the on the eat a bite time. Right is when your posting Thanksgiving or Christmas. Currie eastern and that that the wanted to say you market outlook you know I don't think you know I know yeah I am and L affiliate there there's really can think he's right there there's. There's a heavily bid does the sweet potatoes and a marshmallows. And that has apparently that those domesticated graded to learn where do we find those unless you've got them just hear it curmudgeon that Sam is that. Have boat or or either wore it. They just all good third day ends and a variety is spice to life for detail things given. Well I looked whereas sweet potato fan you know love that that orange. With a marshmallow on top and that there's nothing better. Our animal like grant Ali do. But domino meant he couldn't do green bean casserole were were spit. But man. He could too sweet potato with the the march on top that was. That was his specialty man and so we have replicated that every year. And in this year I was gonna go I didn't try to do this would give mark a bit. There's nothing better than that. And so so little because and but I will say that one other thing that we're going to be Dylan and I wanna make you know he's the Kabul showed is that. You know get out there what what we're doing on the other side that there's more work and with our church because church and I don't. Is our all over the staters it a church of the green ball seekers church have been great bowl site there. I'll we're gonna be helping soak the dead on our need of a dinner and we're gonna be you know those network meet. Collecting turkeys down here. To make sure that that folks that. That that one dinner that need to get him or dinner or for whatever reason it bit you know day. They are now in need of going. To get in their skill Turkey. This Thanksgiving and we're gonna help and that and so are all the so that there are listening. You can text the word bitter DI and and you are. Took three Q 0320. And again that'll that'll help you either make a direct invitation to too much or seekers surge. I'll work nondenominational Christian church. I'll or you can pledge to bring. It's a big items but but in the upstate specially on the same week we need help we detonations. Again text the word dinner to the number 320322320. On end and help it says it needs this holiday season. It will bank in certain eaten Doug that your ballot I'm a little bit. Problem is it really is it is not they were a year and it's important to be the Stanley gives banks will be at what. What god Jamison and down there are some folks there at that are just been in more need than others and I don't wanna you know. Pick up to help them out and intimate that so against. B Blake contributed neglected. About Gil de. If you're church not donating or or I'll eat yet no. Coms not helping those in need objects award dinner in a number 3.3 one. Yep Celine and they view and I both know that the best for a Thanksgiving in this fairly Thanksgiving Day is the leftovers the day after and now I Turkey sandwich today after Thanksgiving is is absolute heaven. But you you know we do have a lot. To be thankful for a special and look at it we mean you both have. Odd children. Mail overlook you know to have some extended family home. But when it comes to politics or south cal there's not much to be thankful for. And we talk every week you know whether it is the the gas tax hike that politicians are you a lot to us about pending orders from the past it. Or whether it is the calm electricity rate hike debacle they've been talking about. Where the fact that our education system the worst in the country there's not a whole lot to be thankful for a colossus they politicians. And senator Paul Campbell who I know top not a pass is absolutely no exception. For those you enough for the story end. Two weeks ago say senator Paul Campbell from the low country down and days neck of the woods. Thanks Dave. Couple weeks ago so you caused it to me about his criminal politicians ought to get back estimate. The two weeks ago say senator Paul Campbell is arrested Ol and DUI charges and lying to police about the incident. And we detailed it you know last week there's a lot of you know sordid deeds cells whether it's the dash cam video Paul Campbell basically in the claim he's gonna change the wall now he's in ankles and please call. Or Helm laughing in the face of his victim's mother factory in rearing her in her car. When the victim's mother at the bond hearing is saying this could have been a lot worse and and Paul was is laughing matter. There's a lot of sordid details that we would ensue last week. Blight a big thing today more so than this is fickle nature Paul can't. A big deal with this case is the fact that after being arrested. Pretty you live analyze the police. On a station a pocket was issued a Cilic to hear his case eventually now believe he's going to be adding our core in January of next year 28 saint. But the agility he is a sign soon. It is magistrate judge somebody down there in Charleston who was the daughter old the mayor of Charleston Elliott some. Now the problem here. Beyond just the conflict that you know she is load the daughter of the mayor Charleston and the mayor Charles who happens to settle the armed airport authority board which Paul Campbell Rollins. Looking like from the public interest. Paul Campbell and that aspect Paul Hill had a direct impact on having judge Sami called nominated to the magistrate Mitch. He the other part of the body devoted to put her there anything or even a bigger deal date is when she comes up for re appointment. He'll once again be on the body that's responsible for voting her in or out. Now how could we possibly expect. Judge summing. To conduct a fair trial knowing that her career and her you know. Com a legal likelihood is dependent upon the man that she's now trying. And is there anyway we can next expect a fair trial for Paul Campbell. Well it and set them that goes into every game that we talked about so far this year which is. We had a concentration of power in the state house the legislators. Get to elect judges to interpret the wall that they pass. I mean there's don't wait we can expect equal justice under the law legislators if they're not being appointing judges. Are we gonna have a leg up in the legal system it's why we have rampant corruption in the state house. Because judges and the legal system the judicial branch is not separate from the legislative branch and that's the problem. Yes bullet the big problem for me is you know we're looking at these magistrate judges is not just in the politicians. Get to appoint the judges is that all of the times the judges themselves or former politicians. Many are as anywhere. Look up to the next cell renal appointments the F 49. Home. Folks who were trying to argue at least magistrate judge of these different judgeships across the state now some people include folks like air Jenny Horne. Well she used to be a GOP assay written Somerville. Four. Also come back a report is Charleston magistrate Jennifer McCauley. But she's the wife of legislator. Chemical or Charleston. And then a summing you have not only do they get to appoint the judges did missiles like a revolving door opening a little law degree is a state rep. K and and incidentally judge. And is that absurd but I would adopt more into exactly how the legislature. Controls judges threw a body called judicial merit selection committee who we get back after the break Carol Sunday night was set and they've won a 63 WORD. And we are back here on Sunday night with Seth and naval wanna 63 Denny Doherty. Guys this is where talk meets action before the break we're talking about Paul camp and how his incident. Being arrested for DU lie and lie to please has highlighted a major problem here South Carolina. As a state senator Paul can't well now goes before a judge. Judge sunny down on Charleston. Julius and direct hand in not only supporting but possibly reappoint. When she comes a three point. And before the break we're talking about us not just the fact these politicians kids who scream and appoint these judges. But also that a lot of politicians in the running for the B judges and settles. Getting a point four. And of course they I'd keep it on a family. Some politicians have their wives running for judgeships there's just too much of the day. On influence of the legislative branch holds. Over the judicial branch. And I want to kind of go win for fewest they've had detailed just how this foresees is not just with judges. More about the lay out with how the legislative Bob Burris controls is judicial branch is affable across all all aspects of our state government. Where you basically have a handful of folks spiritual most everything. On the reading from an oracle from the south our policy council which is a distinct thing down at Columbia. As the risque watchdog group keep an and I want our money owns an ethics own. Charge you actually have a open honest conservative say government South Carolina. You take tonight SE policy council not order the articles filed the legislators state how the general silly control South Carolina government. Now they called the legislators say they mean you like to refer to this as a legislative deep state. Misheard you see the same people often not time and time again when it comes to controlling different aspects are they government. From the article. South Carolina is one of only two states whose judges are elected by a legislature. The other state Virginia allows governor to make inner judicial appointments when the legislature is not session but in South Carolina the governor has no role whatsoever. In practice this means the judiciary is subordinate and not equal to the legislature. And they go through and expert and explained. That through a body known as a unit judicial merit selection committee. It allows the that Palestinian politicians. To screen our judges so basically before anyone can be made a judge in South Carolina. They have to apply before. Judicial mayors selection committee can be screened by them. Now once a day embassy says okay you know your five. Then they go before the general assembly to be elected and appointed to be able anything from the Supreme Court all the way down to fail a court judges. Literally on every judge in the state. So who is. This. The sides that you cannot be a judge they do now what should be judged in fact. Then you never get to go to that next up a little for the general someone you never give judge. But a full general reassembling it you first chance. Resource lady sting gas. Now who are. Well it's laid up all three different sets of politicians. Sense send members the first five or pointed by the house speaker. This is Jay Lucas down Harsco. Two of whom are appointed by the senate president approach him on this would be few other. Our good old boy you and the last three or point by the senate Judiciary Chairman which right now is look rank him. Said these three guys. Statehouse are up speaker of the house the president of the senate and the senate Judiciary Chairman. It two point 810 member board. That completely. Controls. Who does and who does not become a judge in South Carolina. As we said before. Alston towns. The very people going to become judges or for politicians themselves. But just aren't that day do you feel culpable heaven. Mean complete control people who mean you would have to go before. Were we to have a a criminal trial. Does that make you comparable. No in and said here here's where it really did not read about it is that the United States constitution. Which. Is you know essentially the law of the land here in the United States right the dark let's play incident that's about downing documentation right. It is very clear what the founders had in mind when it comes to. The the three branches of government. They wanted to separation of power worst one of the judiciary the legislative and the executive branch to beat three coequal powers. They kept checks and balances straight that the and I don't each other. And it had the ability if one got out of control that the other to become men and reinforce. In South Carolina we don't have it we're not abide by the constitution we don't have a separation of powers of what you're saying is we've got. Eight really small groups Sri legislators that essentially control court judges are going to be. So whether you're in traffic court for speeding violation or where do your own trial on the state supreme court for murder one. You basically are going into a system. That is completely controlled. By. The by the legislature by hand all very powerful legislators. Say essentially. Step which is a scary. And I as I said earlier in the last segment they elect judges who interpret the wall that they themselves past. So that is a clear conflict of interest it is unconstitutional. Is on record. And an eight I'll get what Virginia does. That is South Carolina it was doing it is recipe for corruption. In a recipe for disaster. And that's why we don't have equal justice under the law in South Carolina and it's why about a way that you never see. Corrupt politicians. Go to jail for long periods of time and never give the full extent. Of the wall. Because. Date control who is going to judge whether they're guilty or not. That a major major problem here that is being recipe for corruption face South Carolina. We have a broken judicial system mainly because we allowed to be Rolen and controlled and operated just a handful state legislators. Now unfortunately though it's not just the judicial system that. This this kind of on. Bull crap plays out. Made all crawls the all aspects they government look at suing or judicial systems and mass mail because these through legislation troll was look at erodes Dave. Everyone talks how about a roads are right and we just guy coming off a four year to date but the gas tax cut. But why would the roads mad in the first place is a wasn't because money is because politicians have missed allocated those phones for years. Now who controls the transportation process are spending process and South Carolina. It's not the governor you would think. That you would have anything Elliott executive appointed secretary of transportation. That be responsible for everything that we get hold accountable that's not what we had in South Carolina. Instead. You had this nebulous DOT commission. You even know earlier DOT commissioner is. I don't know people don't I don't ever and it ended did that do you really think he would cater purity in almost say it. Hey I want to see our dollar spend a falling though because he's our Cambodia cozy Carrollton. Summed up politicians that sit only joint transportation review committee. You guessed it it operates the exact same play in transportation spending the day. The JC RC it's a screen anybody who wants to be on the DOT commission. Meaning if they don't torture they if you're not gonna play the games and amid bootable they are not gonna put Sheehan. This is why we end up with Hugh leatherman sudden wall sitting over DOT commission making decisions about RS tax money. But this had influence. Far exceeds just to judicial branch. And even transportation it also effects are electricity rates which have got out of control we'll talk about more about that we get back after the break. Day day day on though we say we wanna start this the site little Facebook that calls stupid things politicians say I think we may have one of our first. All entries gas welcome back this is Sunday night was set and a able 1063 W Lordi. We've been talking about this process violates our judges are selected here in South Carolina. Where you had just judicial merit selection committee. This this never this group both of ten people appointed by three politicians who actually control everyone and anyone who almost become our judges. Now three front oracle earlier from the post and carrier and Dave I skipped over this did you see. What are good boy Shea saying massing senate majority leader Republicans saying messing. So in this article quote. Wolf the screening is done right he she equality candidates who took the first somewhere in the middle of the spectrum you have to be acceptable to both political parties and fragments that each party. So messy at turning. I don't know that there is a perfect system they have to come up with born with the least amount of conflicts truly ethical confident people as judges that. Stay out what do you think of Shane piping in all how we select our judges. It just in pure hate me. I think about eight or from two particularly as they sit at those and it's the conservatives that. I've got major issue that's saint number one. As as a citizen. We should get quality that we should get quality candidates who typically somewhere in the middle of the Specter of. They went since when did party platform or political spectrum become a litmus test whether or not somebody's got to be a good judge. I'm a politician SARS like new judges. I mean jurisprudence. Has nothing to do right following the wall understanding the law. Interpreting the law has nothing to do. What party or political platform your your partly and that that bothers me that there's some sort of. Political spectrum litmus test but then you go there at the conservative right. As a conservative. I'm curious because. Why does a geology have to be acceptable to both political parties. As a conservative. A conservative Joseph I want somebody that is obviously understand the walk and been in control that. Somebody that is you know a strict constructionist right who is now follow the constitution. I don't give a damn about what the Democrats. Think. About you know certain that you're for I want a strict constructionist judge so my question and interpret what the world do we elect him Republican or they're not gonna put strict constructionist judges of their. Right which MMI law that would. What I think that you had to take it both ways for I think the first all tiger a few in at any time you see a a statue problem. Justice she's always blindfolded dry because justice should be blind and we all should have equal justice under the wall so a judge's political bid. Should have nothing to do that in a corporate world however in these politicians like Shane Massey or what to assume the power. Of appointing judges. Then yes Shane out Wilson conservative judges you'll have a super majority in the house a majority in the senate. If you're gonna assume the responsibility appointed judges at least make sure the conservative. Why in the world would you worry yourself about who appoint judges to pacify Democrats. Running my how hard it if I say heated remove herself entirely. From it so that our judicial system is no longer a you know some warning to legislature and our judge selection processor is no longer a political. On event. Remove yourself or if you're gonna stay interjected you're going to roll over the issue branch. Yeah Elise and make sure the date we appoint or conservatives. Or. If you dole is just like what you said Dave why are we wasting our time electing Republicans. If they're not gonna act like Republicans. Yeah makes no. It it really does that and against city get back to the entire point that we're trying to make here with that segment. And initiative and you know on the show it. A handful of very powerful legislators in Columbia. Control that system. They control the entire system including the district mean you don't have checks and balances which we don't doubt. We don't have three coequal branches of government we've got one. Very all powerful legislative branch and the leaders that legislative branch control everything. We cannot expect equal justice and that we get about this all the time from accurate and physical state whether it. Having to do wit. You know divorce court when that he do attractive ticket for the had to do with. You know even up to cool option political correction center. Citizens are always under a different set of standards and different sort of lull the politician dark and at bat the case right. You can never give equal justice in this state and the most basic. Basic flight that we. Is outside a free speech is equal justice under the law that they that you says. It you know at the jet display yet at the line. That debt regular ordinary citizens would get that same justice. And deal leaked in our society but in stated South Carolina that is not the case because they can't pull out the legislators up point. The judges and interpret the law that they. Bull crap and it needs to change now. Absolutely and then the thing is and this is cluster on the in the last segment is that. As you say there's no equal justice that'll all the sum that up innings or judicial system is broken in South Carolina Dan. And I'd say it's broken because his compromise by the fact it is controlled completely holy bath three politicians. The speaker of the house by Jay Lucas president of the senate Hugh leatherman and then send Judiciary Chairman to crank and we have three politicians running. Our judicial LaBranche and it is broken. Similarly. Our roads the South Carolina are crumbling. And once again it is because you had to say handful politicians. And mostly the same ones. Controlling who this is similar DOT commission. So just like they had a judicial merit selection made it also had a joint transportation review committee. Previous determine who recently DOT commission and determine how we spend our guest next dollars. That's why I wrote in the fall apart for 25 years because politicians are running the show. And then when you look at our electricity rate hikes. Are electricity rates we pay the highest residential electricity rates in the country day. Why is that what he guesses because they hit a full politicians controlled bat process to you'd be right. Just like they had the judicial merit selection committee for judges just like they had the joint transportation of the joint transportation review committee. The DOT. They also add the public utility review committee par electricity rate hikes the perk war. This thing is 87 member board. Up the members are appointed by two politicians. The speaker of the house where you hear that before. And also the senate Judiciary Chairman where you hear that before Bryson hey Lucas and Luke Rankin. Completely control the airport now what does the perk boards it it does. Really simple things like appoint folks to the public service commission those who approve or deny elector rate hikes. It screens and reports due to the officer right of where staff. There were supposed to be. Considering the ratepayers. A point of view when goma for the PSE. And figure out to be a rate hike and basically tell public watched watched film. Say appointment of also the park board screens appoints members to these Santee Cooper board which is our state owned yes state owned. Power company in Atlantis after our day attacks payroll and powerfully that that we only hear South Carolina. So per port controls the PSE. They control the RS and they control Santee Cooper born. Is it any wonder date when you have a couple inept politicians nor already. Screwed up the judicial system. Already screwing up the road system. Is it any surprise you put those same people an absolute control of the electricity industry South Carolina. There we are now paying the highest residential rates in the country and not to mention. Safety Cooper. Taxpayer own state own safety Huber eight billion dollars in debt. Why. Because the politicians who oversaw all. Or receive it ran the same way they've run judicial branch and ran the same flavor on the transportation system. Well that's Flutie who burst with irresponsibility. With no. Consideration. For the taxpayer well for the consumer or though a user experience. We had the worst judicial system in the country or one album. One of only two were politicians control. We have some of the worst roads in the country because politicians control that process. Or paying the highest electricity rates in the country. And our own hook for billions of dollars. Nor Ford. Because the same politicians. Control the electric up production in street in South Carolina. Are you seeing a pattern that this is something we said from the beginning of freedom action or South Carolina. Is there's a whole lot of problems in south fellow won all strike. The education systems man the roads are bad this that the other thing but the Cold War. That the the thing that ties altogether all these single issues all these problems we see. That they had ties altogether. Is there all controlled by just a handful politicians. Who role on our state and a wave that as you said before when biggest Soviet Union czar blush. It would make him jealous and they saw how much power. Over the state. And so. Only talk about solutions. Only talk about. You know getting folks that error trying to change the state to pass a star Wii is not just drain the swap. Not just putting new people down there. But reforming the system breaking apart this concentration of power that we put into the hands of just a few men his make no mistake. Whether she leatherman pursue weatherman you know Luke ranking or do crank in its gonna be the same problem if we don't change the system. Yes we're up against a hard break will be back right after this you'll Sunday night was set Sunday. We head into the home stretch here on Sunday night in certain day I think it's worth noting Dave know what vote in the last part or talk about this electricity rate hike the bottle now. Our electricity rates are skyrocketing and mostly because. The politicians the same politicians who screwed up judicial system same politicians are secure the road system. There are charged all the electricity industry in South Carolina. And so we had this you know exploding. Crisis is the buckle they are now walking like these power plants what are we gonna do. Well thankfully. The politicians have low. Selected a blue ribbon committee to look into it to get to the bottom and another and she felt confident. And thank goodness and Hugh leatherman blood politician talk about who controls so much in the state. He decided he was a form a blue ribbon committee in the senate to look into this on nuclear power plant a mock. So politicians once again police and politicians that we all know. The problem the whole thing as a politician sold us out pass their place ironic and. If they if they were just it would just collected more honest people and the whole problem. If if following the one of the people and decided. In his great wisdom to nominate our diplomas blue to me is Paul Campbell. And hang on this is the same now we're talking daughter Alicia. Who is a bit arrest enough for do you lie and lying to police now I don't know much you believe you wanna drained a small. We can start with getting Paul Campbell first always a season chairman of the state or senate ethics committee. Get him off there and get him off this blue are actually looking into this debacle I don't trust Paul cabling for aka throw home. And I know I do not trust his judgment when it comes to investigating his power comes investigating what has happened so if you. Like me in his heart however Paul can't be kicked all the state are the senate ethics committee and also. The somebody looking into the electricity Wright debacle like your cellphone text the word drained as a drain the swamp. They were drained the 52886. As indeed they equate the opportunities to send a message to your state Sander put pressure on them to remove Paul Campbell from those positions. A day we talk a lot about. The legislators who would slip on legislative branch because. As we also we think we have a deep legislative stay here in South Carolina that. They control a vast majority called the decisions that are being Maine state governments and because of our focus own legislature and the castration power there. Sometimes we don't look to the governor's race is much is the mainstream media. Sometimes they'll let a couple we still mile without updating folks about it because from our opinion today. The the governor if even if he really really wanted to do one have that much power Mason Unck castration have a legislature. Andy because we're just not that confident any of the guys running right now. But after this solemn. Past week there was a event at the citadel a delicate Steve banning came to speak and afterwards. Com. Brian hicks from the post and courier or an article. Highlighting. Now his kind of opinion on the race up how we use as a juvenile all spy and get your thoughts on what's going on the governor's race. From the columns titled the Republican governor's race looks like a race to the bottom in the course sees in a mocking them for goals of the Steve Bannon com eve Denton. Saying their actual like on what to team operas and Justin Bieber concert which assists in him. Try to be a plan into orbit that is why I think it's funny he says during the civil Republican cited inner. They being the master can number I can't Hamilton of the three big south of France for the GOP nomination. They competed for the former trumps to tease affections by trying to out outsider each other. Has been a common thing in politics takes ever since cultural. One is that you'll be an outsider no matter how much only inside you are. You wanna be an outsider right so are quote this comes from lieutenant governor Kevin Bryant quote the concentration of power and our state legislature must be on done. Now Bryant mind you has been legislature nearly fourteen years. Quote we're here tonight to welcome a patriot a fighter a conservative who speaks for the rest of us said Catherine Templeton another of buyer for the GOP nomination. It was as simple to work in the Haley administration for five years there was state co chair of establishing candy Jeb Bush is presidential campaign last year. In the 2010 governor's race they she voted for the Democrat which have always been to sixteen. Then we've got. Her master quote. I've heard two people talk like that govern and talking about Steve band one ST ban any others Donald Trump. Nobody did mortal leg Donald Trump. The Steve van announcing master stroke play up the fact that he endorsed on trump first in the state even the McMaster has been nothing bullet. A Politico the last what three decades they've. So it. Meant. There I think that says that there is the object of the humor in the article is and and really have to look at that yet that the question. Why. Why are these candidates all wanting an outsider. Why are they all trying to you know hold this outsider mantle. And the reason is because. I'm handling it very clear assistant hate politician does point out. They're there than just a and outweighed sustained a bit the bullet you can feel it. It would staying put politicians that have been around a lot and all four of them sucks. And again you know we win those double obsess all Korea on them of not terrible people. Ultimately above all our big because they are swamp creatures in some way shape or Miami you mentioned. Kevin bond with state senator for fourteen years and ringmaster was you know attorney general for a long time is lieutenant governor for four years on the you know you've got to. Two year rather that you you know he he was chairman of the Republican Party in the medium McMaster did around Columbia and around politics her sister all cars are easier. And and and the new rookie cap or Templeton who. They have been you know filled degree you shall build our own credibility on his own an outsider but looked. She has been in politics I mean. It's if for a for a long time nominee obviously served and under Nikki Haley that secretary of the heck. But at the same time in the book. She was. You know make trips subsidy a member of the media report Asian making trips of the DC New York pagan doubt proper position the administration. Cheating get a tissue massage gonna run for governor. I mean spokes or anything but outsiders. And I think that was Brian hicks who by the way I rarely agree that his. Political views but on this one I think we can agree the story though Republican sources that we have in the primary. All of them without a shred of doubt. Column from the swap. You have to choose what region of the swampy that they can all believe according to split the small columns from the swamp and and then back. You know and not the way I view it is. This is nothing more this is not a bit more of the same. I don't think we're gonna get in the real change and that governor Manchin. But none of that ship that you mentioned are being very specific about. Ethics reforms they're double Baldwin or C doesn't think I'm disclosure they're not calling two. Fired to DOT commission they're not called in to. You know I everybody on saint Chico before. They're not doing any. It a little out they're not actually exercising at all one less thing right so forget the outsider thing right in your case we will as a fighter right some Wednesday say they go down there and stick handled to the sale legislature now these guest talking good game. Right. Kevin Bryant the concentration of power in our stimulus there must be broken up. And I can't tell them only on the campaign trail talking bad about the castration power what are they actually going to do. To break it apart when there's something they could call for right now. To really show the navy ABC ears about. We've got a guy in Paul Campbell says several Campbell. Arrested for DU aggressive towards the police and he's still sitting as chairman of the senate Ethics Commission he still sitting alone. This blue ribbon committee investigating the electrician or hike mock. Now as agreeable Tea Party could always good day I look Kevin Bright in the face and asked them would you publicly call for removing pocono for his positions. They told me I can't issue question directly now we enacted this sikh temples and speak ablaze again. I think it was last week they think will you call for talking earlier live when do so how are we supposed to trust they either one of these guys. Is serious about taking all the swamp. And draining the swamp. Win day or even publicly call for for the biggest swamp creatures of all Paul Campbell one he's been arrested for DUI airlines the cops. They wanted to call for him to be removed. From this powerful committee positions I mean how can we take these guys seriously. Here's a man that or lied to the police yeah in the police report in the not a withdrawal or. Right of pulling in the refer an arrest in front of driving under the influence. It also. Why actual ball force provided false information to law enforcement agent that is a crime at a very rare charging in the little country but big or senator Paul Campbell that. He lied to police and any stilwell yeah. How could you not call for him to be removed from the except that anyway didn't commit the president to make. And the cat would have opened flat out says no I won't do it. Right and police say how can a former outsiders. Not that knowledgeable and Noel battered me at all not much of land once again if you just wanna forceful call Paul Campbell all of these committee positions text the word drained to 52886. Guys got to wrap it up we'll see you next week here on Sunday night was something that it.