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Friday, January 12th

US immigration policy debate following President Trump’s vulgar assessment of immigrants’ countries of origin; Lindsey Graham’s Senate DACA bill would legalize nearly 10 million illegal immigrants; Left’s outrage misplaced


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I played good morning Tehran some weird stuff going on with my. Your friends who eulogized you but I thought OK the we'll figure this out but anyway I can barely hear able get through this and hey so and looks like he docket talks blew up yeah the first film the senate. Yeah and okay. I'm not condemning trams words. Here I'm his use of the terms blame coal countries. Com and what people from playing cold countries I would call Matt. Bomb is the immigration policy. And the Obama administration. Okay and I show our rank history we can not describe him as Blake called country. Okay what let let me rewind and explained with what we've we've done here in in Rick immigration wise that is actually Obama's policy. We before the Obama administration in order to get refugee status. And you get refugee status you get a you're entitled to a better package package. Of public welfare benefits than American citizens can get. A process that for a minute and the reason that that is is because that the that status was intended refugee status only for those in the most desperate. Of conditions you do your life had to be under threat it wasn't good enough to just be pour billions of people on the planet are pork rarely the Democrats intend to take them all. Ahmed put them on welfare here and then we'll discuss the Chinese pay for it. But on double parliament but but but okay here here's the thing and and that's what federal law says and there's a very strict set standards for refugee status. Well Obama. Changed that. Anyway he can't change federal law yeah I know pet Ina. But he did and he offered refugee status to cam. Teens and individuals. That's basically everybody throughout Central America palm based on. Well being what I call having a massive game activity. And extreme poverty. So that now became OK first that now it was the beginning is targeting you and trying to kill you which was the old refugee status and you would take years to get it was very heart. It was just you lived in the country. And Abby kidnapped and we even went so far is going down to recruit them. Right now we have 60000 cams waiting to it to get into the country from Guatemala alone. Okay so the idea that these countries. Aren't. A mess and that we're not taking these people because their countries a mask let let's not pretend. I mean all of this faux outrage. That's exactly. Why Obama altered our refugee status to let these people. Says that okay show and and end up to properly understand this this meeting yesterday. Yeah you have to go to the ends. This Reuters article where they vary the truth. I own and you know the did this did did you description was that. You know Haiti is mentioned African countries you mentioned and trump uses the term Blanco countries. OK that's what version history here's another what. It's why spirited into the Reuters article and I source familiar with the meetings at trump. Was questioned why the United States should take in unskilled laborers from countries under discussion and should instead welcome immigrants from nations that can offer skilled workers. We need is another version of what was said that meeting. And can. What are your headlines about that one well because it's not the better story. So well okay you mean do you know what over 60% of Americans including majorities of Democrats independents and Republicans say we should do. Not one but your recent polls. That's what he was advocating for today so yeah some background on this. So that you'll know what our senator Lindsey Graham is up to appease Oreo what I'm honestly justify what Tom said yesterday it was a really poor way to say it. He was behind closed doors. Okay so he got totally ratted out by these guys. Al but it was behind closed doors he should the senate but but the senate what's. Was going on NN meaning because I don't know that I would use the word the trump did. But I would've blown apps and gasket. After being presented with what Lindsey Graham. Did German and active flake in that any of the Democrats presented him with yesterday because it was maps would be trail. It it really was with us Graham for pleasure is tricky this is the grand plan we give. Amnesty to 3.2 five million doctors. Not to want this 800000 signed up under Obama we have their names 3.2 five million. Oh and we also give protected status they can save the country to both her parents. Seek 3.2 five. Times to news. It's six million yes. Wow. Okay you hear that veteran said that's what Lindsey Graham present yesterday's or senator or can feel OK and then Lindsey Graham says we can't. We'd love this visa lottery program to really awesome nevermind that brought an ice is killer here who brought 26 of his best friends and and Odessa big people we think it's also on the and so we keep. Fifty purse and it. Like 50%. Oldest back prioritize the country's. Already in the system. Bull whip where women hold hostage and her. If we prioritize the system. And still be Brit did prayers as the countries are you is would we would be bringing in more. Palm people from under credible nations. Like we're gonna keep have to visa lottery senator Lindsey Graham. That imported a 150000. Foreign nationals from terrorist funding and sponsoring countries. Not in elastic. 150001. Or wish it hadn't have really really want have to terrorist we had before. Oh OK why is ideally I would have what actually lost my mind at this point I would I would I would be frothing at the mouth. That you even Bobby it's coming here insult me with this. Arm and makes me so frustrating is we have absolute. Outrage. Over trump using. The word allegedly using the word blank hole countries in in a prime mean number we have no outrage. Ovary visa lottery program among the politicians AB's Larry program that brought a terrorist and 26 of his best friends to this country. And they wanna keep. And there's no outrage. There are eight dead people because of this program. Ice is mated to our shores because this perk and you'll see it for me Lindsey Graham and proposed we keep half the country have to program. Rumor cut in half we want have to terrorists will be. You know pathogen is safe but we're still ways we have some terrorists use I would beat her but if we would surely have half the terrorist. You would shoot an outraged Americans yesterday and outraged politicians in the house who put together. Com you know they anchor a quads I non crappy. Immigration bill that went much further than what they were capable of two years ago. I mean I feel we should be outbreak you're tell me we're gonna keep up program that brings terrors here. And we're not even gonna change the countries the diversity visa lottery takes from. But Terrence a 50% reduction in the emission of terrorist into our country. Just totally awesome too she'll meet with that means they really don't have half the dead people exactly what. Ahead this course to make Lindsey Graham working for you have to dead people making America half safer again. Yes how none of the dead people. How about absolutely none of that now that no no that's too far but yet these same. Bomb yet you know these these these same man senators. Went running screaming with their hair on fire in the media he used the word blank coal country she used the word but who shatters. Caters to my home the opposition in the media do because compared to know the range of what was presented yesterday while this. All that's happening now is and this is what did the whole it brunt of the force against trump is going to be. They are going to criticize him for character and for. Comments and not the content of what he's trying to do. Mean this is this is how it fits into the narrative of their attacks. But it's quite honestly a lot of what this president is doing what look at what's going on economically right now. We have countries as companies all over the country that are jacking up wagers on the talking about like it tenths and 25 cent an hour race. Wal-Mart yesterday announced their at their base salary pay going from nine dollars hour to eleven dollars an hour oh by the way everyone gets a bonus you get a bonus you get a bonus it's Oprah Winfrey all over again at Wal-Mart now everyone getting Obama's. Elderly and off some folks at the Sam's clubs which are closing which are doing too well apparently. But this is the company after company after company is talking about what they're doing simply because the Republicans and trump were able to get this so textile for. And this is the only argument that they have. You know prompts insane he's he's you know. Who uses foul language. You know he's just not presidential that's that's only got. It's always got. You know what the outrages here. And and somebody out because nervous. We had guys on as we had a guy would finally loses station license. That's my number one mission by the way would be aired today just don't lose the station license thank you to everything else is previously worked very hard for that so. But yes no I mean it's outrageous trade American should be cursing or this is as we have this terrorist do this this past fall it's January. And he's a lot three. Israel's and I am not an act and have we plan that any kind of proposal to get rid Hui had a not not the leadership anyway. We've had bills filed they were ignored they can even get out of committee. And we literally head. Murderous politicians say well here's surely will trade you some American lives. We'll let you cut happier vis a lot of this is your senator Lindsey Graham's proposal will keep half the visa lottery cut the other half. But only if you will agree to legalized plea six million illegal immigrants. Really needed Mr. President. Darn people have to die you're racist that's what that meeting was yesterday. Easy you outraged. Americans should be testing at what Lindsey Graham had good goal to bring mayor yesterday. And you know at least they've known this the whole time they've known this the whole time they were gonna meet any of his conditions. They never had any intention of this thing passive. This is a game. This is a game to keep the terrorists and they're 26 best friends coming into the century because yet a blister step up. But they'll eventually good Democrat. Which erases all sense. OK still her background and context between here. Annette trumps. Blanco comment not an acceptable thing to say. But even Reuters concede this morning and that. The version of the story that the media is or reporting is just one version. In another version which they bury at the end of the story after 23 paragraphs is another source familiar with the meeting. Said try this question why the United States and taking unskilled laborers from countries under discussion and should instead welcoming immigrants from nations that can offer skilled workers. Chairman of the Center for Immigration Studies study. Just over 60%. And immigrants who had been here fifteen years or more were functionally illiterate. They reader are literate in her own language. And couldn't speak English or they were literate in our language because they largely couldn't speak English this is after fifteen years. In this country they're they're literally helpless or hopeless. You you can't assimilate. We don't even know what's going on around and you haven't gone to find out these are not people who want desperately to be a part of America and love this country these are leeches are system. They've been brought here directly. Two. Armed you know provide Democrat but the let me let me paint a picture of what trump walked into yesterday and I mean. Just see you can see what. He was facing when he lost his mind in an account approve of the way he lost his mind. Arm and the way it's being set out the ways being spun but but what I've lost. My mind generally speaking yes and so would most American Schering which from pure picked her gastric you show we hear the VD Republican plan house which. What would dramatically cut down on an eight immigration amuses he verify. Com you know it's and is chain migration. All that Rachel Lindsey Graham are senator in Dick Durbin sash day in the air along with Cory Gardner and and just the appropriately named senator Jeff flake. And present their plan. Tell me if you would lose your minds hearing next. The play and offers 3.2. Five million triggered dreamer illegal immigrants amnesty 9800000. Signed open era Obama 3.2 five million. Ended. Their parents. Get protected legal status they can live out the rest of their lives in America. OK I was so exercised earlier I did the math from honest. That that that totals nine point seven amnesty for nine point 75 mil. Yeah you heard that Lindsey Graham had the goal to walking in Trump's office and propose amnesty. 49 point 75. Million people. Associated. With the dreamers and the dreamers themselves okay. May inch up there the senate bill doesn't end chain migration. No. Nine point three million perfectly good Democrat but I mean immigrants to the country unless they get you yeah. You go all of them still look to walk in they must've been Laphen under their breath. Lindsey Graham meant he must've been thighs slap and until you what does this funny relate amount on it's it's. The program that bought that then tell. The program. That brought to terrorists in the country vis a lot but terrorist have won six of his best friends. What we are today. To me is completely in curious about them. Even in the ninety's he's I mean immediate even mainstream media would gone hunting them down trying to who they wore what's their background. What their social media counsel look like they subscribe to the ice is YouTube channel. Not a word and then this zero intellectual curiosity are they dangerous they terrorist nobody knows nobody cares I'm still Lindsey Graham has the goal. To walk in there this is this is trying to break part. Background on the meat. And enact dropping Obama the president yet we're not ending chain migration when we would like to use the doctor bill to provide amnesty for nine point 7519. And net feet yet he's per or eight people are dead about it this way. 31015. Million more merit the apes come on no will even notice. I didn't say that the demise well left. He does well that poses citric Lindsey Graham plays he's so good days. Eliminating the visa lottery. But then reconstituting it re starting it. In a way that would get. Allow 50% of the B did did the people to to still come here on the he's a lot it's all they did was cut to be a lottery in half. While keeping. While keeping. While prioritizing the countries that were already this system. Well like what what what countries are we really wish countries and answer. All ivory and Syria and Sudan. Well anyway she does she's sick there's a there's like an African country raiding Leno trump is prejudiced. That country is crawling with crisis. Crawling with crisis. So let me put this in perspective. Since 2005. This country has imported a 150000 foreigners you can just by the chain might be just via via visa lottery and the chain migration from. 150000. Foreigners from terrorist funding as sponsoring nations. Including more than a 1171000. A foreign national sister doesn't. From three countries the State Department recognizes a State's sponsor terrorism I ran in Syria. And Sudan. So Lindsey Graham with the blue blood at how to be she grabbed off the streets of Manhattan so she is in the air. And offers to cut the visa lottery and have. While still prioritizing the country's these people come from. I'm I'm just let you process that from now you sitting there and you hear this you you know as they're talking and presenting his plan to. Which is a secret plan really know the details of this. Because they'd leaked out sees this Chinese so that that Lindsey Graham. Doesn't date year to publicize. KG burned down his office. He did this this we operate they wait the last minute with easy embassies to keep the secret is they know you go nuts and then they try to jam it through. She'll find out what's in its last rim has Lindsey Graham operating Emma so Lindsey Graham is proposing. To cut. Are are her importation of potential untenable terrorists. Have. Only have to bloodshed made possible by Lindsey Graham how zero bloodshed we aim for that. So when you hearsay to think and and you know what we're all immigrants I come from an immigrant family I mean you know time is similar or there was a single one of us in this country. But we've come here or there isn't what Imus has ever been on welfare. Not want. We let this country we assimilate. And so when you look at the Reuters. Version of the story they they they spend 23 paragraphs telling you that trump. Cigna referred to to you know African neighbors in Haiti and African nations as blank coal country is. And then they tell you the latest another version of the meeting. Yes another source familiar with the meeting said trump was questioning why the united station taking unskilled workers from countries. Under discussion instead jet instead welcoming immigrants from nations that can offer skilled workers. Well it means so trumps not anti immigrant. He wants people who love this country and want to help build it to come here. Racist. So two versions of that meeting per presented by Reuters what pair address sent spent on the second version. And the second source at the meeting but an entire 23 paragraph article headlined trap questions taking immigrants from blank whole country's. Aum as a headline seat you see what's going on here. TC. Are you still though. I swear they have a device for everything now or an apt board device and announced. Didn't. Scientists. In Australia beat new owner with next fifty years and doing technologically. Scientists in Australia to successfully tested. I slowed to know what they can to market this is gonna be just successfully tested in electronic pill. That is swallow. To monitor the flatulence in your stomach you can watch against forming in real time when your phone. If for some reason that sounds great TO. On it will not hit the market unfortunately for at least three years they say but it works in lab testing. Yeah yes and by the way there is an app that you have to download the app because with it. Yet that you can predict precisely. You know when you might want to keep it more you. No Georgia when you might wanna say preemptively ruled on the windows in your car. Okay you know this is essence month. Way too much free time weighed too much free time on the on the part of somebody. Oh my lord. January moving nine. Just an assignment did produce some of the sun the world's coming to an enemy apocalypse is upon us. We're saving anyway anymore. It's I guess that with a smile on my face reflects its mind. What the pills cost 51 every day and the hours today last. This actually a little a device in there and the pill it's like a an intern was a major it's a hardware thing. And does it reads and transmits to the phone. Text rates until we get all illegals out of our country trapeze to go ahead and fully stop immigration just like we did from 1924 to 1965. He's liberals tell us we have sure of that aggression and even if it breaks the country we must consider 'cause we have a history while we have a history. I'm not having immigration tip. For good reason to leave it there if the thing is we got to follow history. Right well a let's do that. Texture it's terra trump should Blake slapped Lindsay. Listen it would have been all I had not too. When they do this at this meeting yesterday. Sure right I don't think there's everything wrong with president trump calling these countries blank holes any country an American won't move to app or live and Issa Weickel. Texture right trap called the country's. Those people blank holes not the people. Why yeah I mean just argue. The Haiti isn't an economic wreck it does. Hitting is a place everyone wants what does what I like having here. Text your grades so here at those outrage over John's comments. Well today when the NFL player and player I can't cabinet basically called America a blank Colin is disrespect. For our flag needed to. They sure seemed okay calling America a crappy place denied the hypocrisy is amazing. It's just went till six straight she retrieve and swollen over never judge rail oh. That's not true. I hope checks your rates your your math is wrong earlier yet I was so exercise they did the math wrong I'm sorry about that. I never I I'm good I'm I'm just fine with math on a piece of paper book but if I do in my head it's just not a good territory for me to go into. Tech sure you share your math is wrong earlier was. Three million immigrants docking immigrants. Let's go parents is nine million not six yes okay. So in this the thing yes it would happier share paid in which when you hear about trump blown a gasket but in the reason he blew a gasket. Is is Lindsey Graham marsh senator. And fortunately. Dick Durbin. Jesse appropriately named flake. And some of the Democrat who's not worth mentioning and I remember walked into his office or get so we got this house plan. That will genuinely solve the problem okay close to a anywhere there's there's he could be better in a lot of ways but it'll solve the problem in exchange for legalizing. 800000 ducks it's gonna have. Which will make you know getting a job in the US virtually impossible for an illegal immigrant. And a BE verify it is this his right now Carter and employers have to be DeDe facto immigration agents trying to figure out. If the Social Security card they just and he and it is a fake or not. Well this eliminates that you can easily find out if somebody is legally in the country or not they've overstayed their visa or not. With BE verify is to create a record of whether you checked. And so you can't have employers in her own what had you know it's hard to make a case against me because I tried to tell us that very obviously fake Social Security card to spank them I couldn't tells was not my fault. This makes it easy. As a lot of great stuff and so. They can't have that Lindsey Graham can't have that so he walks in the air and blows the whole thing up we've got this one great she is doing he claims he wants to do which is fix the immigration system. And they blew it up. And they they actually have the gall to hand trump. An outline. That realizes not just 800000. Doctors that signs up provided their names. Under the Obama executive amnesty. But free point 25 million doctors. And both our parents. The parents would get what they're calling it a partially amnesty which means they get to stay in the country. Okay so we're at nine million nap. But why does not enough no Lindsay in friends say pretty keep chain migration and we keep that. Oh. So these 3.2 five million doc is can bring about 26 of their best friends but the nicest dearest did. Much the whole village areas their growth or nephews there aunts and uncles nephews. Their presence. On and on and on and Ricky Chaman is Ricky chain migration are so red nine million let's go ahead and finds somebody who who knows. Ask yourself this point what a difference between what is indie Lindsey Graham bill and what we have now. There isn't one. Except the dark illegals. Getting embassy. And their parents can partial list there's no different age I'd just takes a system we have now includes an makes it worse. So let's joke. I know what they handed trump is an apps would you I can just see when he's standing there with the top of the corners of his now turning up waiting for trump to blow. To explode. This was yeah they mice will walked in there and slapped him. And all the voters who supported tramp across the face. Honestly it would be the same thing. So when you hear trump blew a gasket meet enemy away. Who ran the media with this was it Lindsey Graham. Are his friends. And it. You know I prettier than ever choppers on the radio on it once did truck can't keep our show ID call them black gold country yes but you cannot sue. That the people in the meeting are telling you the accurate story what happen to me again about this Reuters article 23 paragraphs. Describing how'd trump reacted to mention of oh by the way to Lindsey Graham bill also. I'm allows that the Haitians. Ands. 17 snubs or 15 of quiver of El Salvador 15 of the alsop Dorian population is here did you know that yet as a trap is percent of home. And this keeps them. L as similar to stay here it's a 300000 people. This would also make them eligible for citizenship welfare benefits. To be on the green card track. So. All all like this says so I mean you if you presented to that to me I would blow a gasket tip. I I've we would and the meeting. Which we screaming and yelling that's how that would go I don't know if I would use the term struck dead by EI keep in mind. That's not dealing version listening another this is Reuters buried at the end of the Reuters article again another source familiar with the meeting said trump was questioning why the United States. She's taking unskilled laborers from the country's under discussion and should instead welcome immigrants from nations that that can offer skilled workers. Again 62%. And Americans support that. So. Two totally different versions of this meeting. I listened waits. For the follow up reporting on SOK. This is a mainstream media story that means the odds are it's not true. Is Niger at the White House is not denying. That trump used the term boy called countries they're not tonight. Other than a statement that said listen you know this president is fighting. To bring people here who love this country. And wants to be a year and had a skill or something they can offered the country. Don't be productive. And it is baffling to me why that is controversial. Tester is drew a blank holes or Lindsay and his gang. Back text your rates spinning it he's a racist and so wager per day my party have been a registered Republican won fifteen years and he do those people. Stop lying. Have Tim's god come on your show and he's up TO. Oh Tim's got won't come on the show he's afraid of hard questions. So the odds of Tim's got coming on the show and kissing up to be our wrap pretty much nil. Killed maimed. The respective. We operate from in this country has become so skewed in terms of what is an outrage and what is not. Senate daily average jaded to is that diatribe used the term blame call countries to describe where some immigrants come from the shouldn't on that. Obviously we don't support that here. Charlie's watch his language is gonna cost the presidency. It's gonna cost us the country. She was slap your forehead when he does stuff like that. However. Skill here. I am amazed. By what would get outraged about. What we don't. It just in juxtaposition. Used I don't know today. An example of the continues. Here. Obama initial. Official. Midst. Administration warned terrorists that Israel was going to assassinate him. Wait what. Yep we're actually helping terrorists aboard assassination is surprised she would bring them to the country. Her rats which is one of the two big dailies in Israel. Didn't. Out reported. That the US. Fortis is under Obama may try to PR brand deal so we had to keep him happy. The US assorted and Israeli. Attempts to kill Irene in general quests Emma stolen money. Who is commander of the could force a US designated sponsor of terrorist. I'm saying I know this will matter in my next on its treason there that that just that right here that is or pastries I'm sending it pallets of cash. To a state designated sponsor of terror. Billions of dollars on pallets. Is illegal. It's a legal begins aiding and abetting a staged a Disney is sponsored trip it's also illegal because it was paid a ransom. In violation of our Los I mean you got into weights. No mean debt known but. Outrage. In the political questions see folks are condemned trump all day for this and it wasn't it wasn't wide by you know wise of him to use those words even closed door meeting. It wasn't we don't condone. At the scale of this two year you'll not hear outrage from Republican leader. Oh. Presidential. Candidate committed treason by thwarting. The attempted assassination. Of Iranians at home. Well okay what we do that. You remember. To begin in the truck administration chuck said some vacuum Carol it was now and he head. Accidentally exposed some Intel I think that he had been given from the brits. Wasn't anything really important but it was something that was leaking classified immediate it was illegal the president declassified he wants and he did declassified. Rate. An absolute outrage ensued from the median left right Friday's Didier is and that's. Okay well we eat beef trade in Israel. And a classified info. They shared with us in order to save. An Iranian. Terrorist military leader Lim is broke Lisa's story a little bit back. Did you know you you seem he UC headrest so when you they want our god bless. Leg blown off. At the metal leg. I saw the guy just judging by the name a lot of times you know it's it probably lawsuit more I asked to Margaret to mask must OK you know. Yes. He served in Iraq that's where his leg went well I laced a bra bra. All I'm is IDs were made by the yet via Iranians and the Iranian army's in Telecom point. So what about an Iranian general. Who deserved to die ample of his own blood. And for what they did or trips. We be trade Israel using their own and sell saves us. We're generation. What is the Grammy goes just don't. On a scale he. Does not. Is a but it president trump. Is a little bit too is who lives with the British and so. But that wasn't a winner was import was a big deal that that's it carries but if we save a terrorist stats stats show is can we wanted to we wanna negotiate with Iranians. Who blood lay eggs offer trips and works. No hesitancy here was we want they'll never meet congressional hearings about this post there never will.