The Tara Show - 1-12-18 - Hour 2

The Tara Show
Friday, January 12th

Liberals offend themselves over pink pussycat hats; Todd Kholhepp laughing at prosecutors over missing victims; Not a good week for Al Gore’s global warming predictions; FBI worked as extension of Democrat Party to defeat Trump campaign; Lindsey Graham’s Senate DACA bill would legalize nearly 10 million illegal immigrants


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According later that morning Terry well I like see ya at any moment liberals could do to good can declare something sexist and racist absolutely if we drop of I had the governor had and you need to keep a list it'll time got to do you have huge you you have to keep up the because. You know one day here's walking around in your hoop earrings. You don't mean your cotton briefs and think everything is hot in the next tier racing Jimmy may not know your whole life could be ruined you've committed an act of cultural appropriation yes. Our cultural violence. Or something. OK so I'm not your news I would hate for you to make an and I say sure I'd like to keep you updated on the list rate of things I appreciate that a pitcher yes double thanks families looking out for you. OK show added. Those pink pussycat heads remember the ones out billions of nor more marching in those red. I day dad is a price and and data has now been. Declared a racist. Sexist. Trans phobic trans phobic bomb and anti. Nine and gender binary conform. New. I get the good news say. On what I had outlined it speaks fluent. Yeah its I had underlined speaks slowly gate surrounds show I 'cause there's that you go ahead and add that to your list. Maybe Yankee born of of kids you'll be seen it wind in the be a pretty big list here yet isn't have a lot of liberals who listen to the show got a filing cabinet fullest. Yet so yeah I mean is if you have one of those who might wanna go ahead go in a dumpster fire with. Because she was so I was trying to hit them but it's not Nanette why he'd just alluded to the homeless I mean you know no hole. They can be attacked and beaten in the street you know what you're right we know we would want them to be targeted no. That that knows that would be an act of nonviolence to donate to the homeless is that okay. Now here's the reason this USA today okay. So you wrote this with a straight face. The reason the sentiment that he'd pink pussy cat had. At the sentiment is that the pink pussy get that excludes. And is offensive to transgender one women. Now the reason this is. Is because the hat's where response to the comments by trump but he grabs women's blank great so they say okay we're gonna make these blank cat hats. And we never gonna go pro says trends and there was a woman's march race now. And that. Well since it was a specific reference to actual Jun oh yeah. That the hats came from and transgender women don't have that genitalia in many cases and hurt their feelings that they don't. Com they felt excluded. The feel excluded. Because of the use of the term starts with paean to watch. That the whole Brit basis of things you and thank you and they're average by the idea that you would have to have such genitalia. In order to be a woman. Which say feet which is what they Philly. It was to get ahead. Denotes that that's what that stands for and and that that has excluded incident day here Larry Sanders that's a proper buttons but the and an agenda not by Harry people. There there are said to. And I am try to explain that this anyway I am at but but the pro Obama also was the selection of the color pink. Susanna from here. At the Brad this is a front USA today for some Chordiant. It is offensive to women of Keller because there genitals former likely to be brown and pink. And who. Get sick sick yet and should she prob anyway any interviewed AM feminists of color in USA is she could explain this to us. And so the equipment which at red Porsche ready by the unfortunate choice of the color pink for the pussycat net. Would that conveys. Is pink people. Leading a march. Of none pink people Sims and sit promising to people there we're leading it ligament is a pink color and I warmer brown color. Here's a quote you doctor can look just about anywhere NCAA weight person leading black people. That is a problem. And so the coloring decode choice of color was a portion to -- on the creator. We never thought we'd see the day at the the British champion to highly. Viewed in much celebrated crater of the pink pussy cat hat. Has had to apologize. Camp I'm sure this Seeking Asylum somewhere now yes maybe the Ecuadorian embassy in that and perhaps always good place to start exactly. Oh boy yes so it looks like a yet but speaking of which are the founder of pro WikiLeaks Julian Sasha has sown panic during citizenship who met when they're from and not good but it. Photo please do note note no they are in Amman and self editing here and softening us. All answering yeah I've become a bigger and bigger fan him I hope that he that the as CIA it's just not catch up with him. He hopes are to Al outside via embassy that may be a prompt do you or some officers. Law enforcement officers have from various countries clearly waiting outside DMZ to arrest him there have been for years or Heidi get that game. Cassini coming out of these types that we know my nose like this the only guy got to watch and I'm in London hey let's you know. Kerio and now he's one of them about six people on the earth doing actual I journalism along with a closer judicial watch. I would not for them and Julian Assange we would have no idea what goes on in this country. So while that's good. Okay and and in this this is what really scares me terror that your saying that this this whole thing that we just talked about him. Comes from USA today. Which basically owns all the local papers here to open the USA today so that I just read you from. And I'm sure that that will probably be in the local papers you'll see in the Greenville and Anderson areas here yet says it discriminates against women. Mom. Of now. Women of color and yes. Because quote if they participate once you create a pussy cat hat that reflects the color of purple. Oh gosh now we are important choice. USA and oh. She joined she only way you can doing it sent. I'm thirteen in the morning rain. And thought you were with me is what it's USA today. The I don't how anybody wrote that I wouldn't rolling on the floor with tears running out of my eyes I could have finished it. That is serious journalist today. It's a serious but I injured sterling yet text rates might toward children and their future now. History is only liberals can figure out how to defend themselves. The tree and gasoline is Corey only a little roll by the way only liberals can figure out how to defend themselves that is an. An analysis they don't treat Yemen print to show it to blow it up and posted to the wall in here that's it won't sugar Barbara it always happen that dumb or push to Tracy on the lower goaded him with a one with a bloody spot where go to bang my head. That is done. Yet and by Patricia had another genius when the other day to you want to encourage tracing Gaffney continued texting us please do. My ball below how Mike Lowell put into white that. Is sitting there it's it's. Oh boy. Okay now undated text line is loaded up with white Volvo drivers wondering what just happens. Okay. I yeah I don't know on how the pink pussycat had people would rule on net driving a white Volvo but at this point I would probably Celek is to be sick. That's what I would do it. 803471063. Text like 71 at three. 07. Text your tape you're live charge always get a pass. Boy you what you're talking about too early for that my coffee didn't kick in yet so says Michelle. I just I by just reports news maker WL. Text your race. Let's see I cried I. Would a brown no Volvo I had be offensive to albinos of ethnic groups. Out I would think you would it do. What you know you're asking the wrong person. Text rates you look stupid in them no matter what Killen had. Yeah. OK moving on. It's extra rates that guy with the way both are made my day. Legit question these people assert nuts. Speaking of nuts. And fruits and serial killers. This one had me for the show even began you know it's going to be a bad that the show even begin I'm over at the wall the moment police by banging my head. I hit when you how things were here in South Carolina because this is so bizarre it's Carolina. Well we do here is we plea bargain with serial killers. Yeah that's right we plea bargain with serial killers and we let them off with life. Still arrange that we did is buy into but you know with Todd collect. And call it did exactly what I predicted he would he took a victory lap time you're more victims. Anyone know madam. And it's a timely way away we're plea bargaining with a serial killer get the witted justice system works. I've been a court reporter for many years have spent countless hours in my life court covering murder cases. I become a crime. The stores is is it prosecutors do not have the resources anywhere to try ever murder case it's possible. So there is plea deal. The weaker moments. The less outrageous once every murder is outrageous but so are really outrageous like what Tyco had to read they would plea bargain the lower priority cases. There are trees serve punishment like to death penalty for the most heinous case this is based basic American jurisprudence this is what prosecutors and to infer for decades and decades. Except in the upstate. Where the prosecutor. Said. Because all the liberal legal challenges is hard to put somebody does anyway so I can about it with the we with a capital case on time call have been besides the victim's family say would hurt your feelings have to sit through a trial. Sierra disk in Amadou plea bar argument. He can have life. In the process outrageously trivializing what the cemented. They weren't give life and a plea deal to tackle up what then is outrageous. At a determined to listen. You pulled the death panel Lee over his head. And you ask him to go and find you go to show you the rest of the victims that will work no maybe not and you will. He seems unless you want to talk about his victims he's volunteering Mara more. So hold the death penalty over his head. I mean it at this time of the plea deal if you're a wife at least give them life in exchange. As for revealing that the attendees or location of the other victims if there are any least trying now. And is not a victims' families don't wanna go through it it was. Absolutely inexplicable. Bizarre I'm negotiating like. I just inch I'd edit it and I am sure that it's it's. Simmons judicial circuits list are very part and it's a fine person but this is the most bizarre legal reasoning I think you've ever seen in the current case. And so they deserved to be mocked by Cole had in the media for it is to he laughed at that. The State's most infamous serial killings laughing like victims all over the place I believe it. I believe he told a K I am playing better chain like a dog in the container. Do you think she'd Everly there none the other sad why everybody telling you that if it wasn't true. She wouldn't go anywhere. He intended to do it like he had the others easing around you because we finally found it. So now we of those. Headline in the Greenville news or might be true South Carolina looks at electric chair school have victims urged execution improvements. I yet. Here's a good number you got liberal whack jobs and they're out there and they are they're suing and terrorizing these pharmaceutical companies that make drugs that are used to execute people. Now we passed a shield law and is Enron filed for several years in the general summit that everybody get around too because they've more important things to do like gas tax hikes so. I'd tissue the prosecutor Gary Barnett use as an excuse what I have we might never get around to kill on it's Imus don't let him off with. Life. Life for serial killer with. What the heck well outrage has has sued the victims have had second thoughts another man. It was too late so unless we find more victims which we want now since we use the bargaining power of the death penalty inexplicably and bizarrely did not use so called make it fun of the judicial system. I agreement with Todd gold hat I ever been agreement with a serial killer on any think he's from each. This you're killer in this case is human and Lebanese this. Please make a foot and should use the death toll get to locations my victims enemy that they didn't. Write sir. Think I can't argue with it anyway so a race has ensued. And the. Legislature is actually considering. Bills that will allow the death penalty to reason. I never understood why is prosecuting say it's hard core employer right now it's hard for us to put to death but. That change any moment there's bills filed right now to do it. That's what I would Dunbar to tip to burn him with him for the victims like I was gonna go first you know off if I was him to life in prison gets up for. Der. But anyway. So why should never narration is decision now legislators say they may be able to find some time to get one of the two. Death penalty protection pieces of legislation to legislator. Do you both of them threats. Advanced asking too much but I mean they might could dip. To kill people like can call up. Justice in South Carolina folks. Good luck with that feel terrible for the victims. It's just don't. And I look the idea of bringing back the electric chair IAA and at an end in December. Legislator who took it upon himself a senator William Timmons agreeable who has surprisingly turned out to be a very good legislator. He's a former prosecutor. I took it upon himself to check the functioning. Amara literature you have an electric chair here and it works did you know. We we can't go for the pharmaceutical rattle but so let's zeppelin. From me enough for the roaches in my house is gonna be tied Conan let's do it. Let's do it. So they may get around to finding time frame bill let's put to stone down. And should be put down. Jenny from easily. But this one ordered it but here. He put deplore it. For. Eight Jolo but but but look they're plea bargain they're. You may go to the deal to buy and sell it anymore he keel it is so important. But if Pete I can hold on to meet what did you say Pete goes and tells about ten more. He killed what it. You seem more people have gotten some memorial don't play Borg and well what all we already know well ground what I understood. But I did a ghost I'll bet all of you in more higher order. If or hopefully for. Well no see no he's just too late now. They can't argue for anything we could have at least gotten to ten more. On if if we had been if we is it okay we're into debt coming up the tab he gives the victims we got to do that. There see what I mean. What. Yes it might want you'll see it yet he just may want deal he's even have to tell him anything that's why he's laughing at from the media. And healing response and have his or just ignore him. Why he's right. Dexter it's a concern I'm a little confused what are all the legislatures do it legislators doing if they never have time to work on any of these bills. Was it is Monday shopping Russert told Tuesday and then I quit on Thursday. Sims sank she did very limited time you got like three days a week to get to stuff dot CNN saint. Bad month for Al Gore. Yeah he did by the end of 2017 the last day of Tony seventeen says the weekend what two weeks ago. That John beat polarity north polar ice caps will it would have melted. Completely. How the origin out. Dance again. Instead we were having record breaking cold. That week and weekends at with parts of the country. At lower temperatures than Mars. And so yet she bit Vinci admit Ted how gorge weeded. With no sense of irony of self awareness. Actually. I mean that he would not have test that. We know that it's because of the climate change or global warning and why did he forecasted nine years ago when he predicted that by you know this weekend two weeks ago. The north polar ice caps would amount and I thought he was Sarah would amount to but it would would we have record breaking called him Sampras when he didn't predict. Or this. I'm not making this up folks this is real okay and joking headline. Snowfall. In the Sahara Desert. The desert briefly turns into winter wonderland. I am not joking. This is not the first time these pitchers have gone viral last year she has no sightings in the Sahara Desert. What does the last time it snowed in the Sahara. February. 1917. By the way in not a and that news folder today. Which is where most of the director real news goes that dates that did in on news the news that the media is not covering. In his voting you Princeton study says the whole way we've tracked climate change up until now. Is wrong. Oh and faulty. And the math doesn't add up as a pretty steadily not news why don't you walk around thinking that's news today because that came. From some. Princeton climate scientists and it's not it's easy not news. The party science only follows the science that they like. As so I feel like. I love this scene this Fiat Chrysler. It's need tax cuts plans to know our employee bonuses. At least 2500 new jobs. Now why is that. It's from facts this is get kite crisis of the tax plan will enable the company. Million from tax plan. One company to invest more than a billion dollars that's with any one billion dollars in additional funds. On its war and it truck plants. In Michigan. One billion in additional funds in the factory where bill the next generation of ram heavy duty pickup trucks once Chris. It. Stay with me medica. Is to begin in 20/20. And he says this do directly to the tax plan the investor announcement comes a year after Fiat Chrysler revealed the initial plans to invest in Warren. It'll launch of the new Jeep brand wagging your grand wagon here at the time CMOs Sergio marsh shown. Noted that the Chrysler hadn't made a final decision is that time had made a final decision on moving production of heavy duty trucks from eco. Saying trust policies could sack. Dirk into the final to six. And a billion dollars of investment comes to the U yes. As the Democrats do what they always do when. We learn of thousands more jobs. Wages increased bonus is paid. Companies moving back to the US the culture apparatus to move on. 80347106. Pretexts like 713. As seven. Perry Jim Jordan. Congressman Jim Jordan. Laid this out yesterday for Maria potter Maria Bartiromo. Where can always this no it was. My son fighting I carry Hank Aaron and the annual list. The whole outline of what has gone on net and in terms of spying on trump. At where the FBI. Essentially acting as an arm I extension of the Democrat party in a campaign to elect Hillary. Coming into focus listen how representative Jim Jordan. Describes that's. It is it's out there well as I looked at it it seems to me to confirm that the FBI I was telling Christopher steal first. That there was an investigation going on. And second what is the FBI telling Christopher steal the author of the dossier paid for by the democratic national committee to cling campaign. What is the FBI doing telling him that there's a supposedly some second source and four for information about the Russia investigation so that's troubling. And then when you take what you learned from that and couple that with this story yesterday from John Solomon in the hill. Where he talks about more text messages from Peter struck and Lisa page and and that highlight they were leaking things to the press to further their narrative to accomplish their play and I think all that together yes it just confirms what we suspected. Top people the FBI looked like they had a plan to undermine the trump campaign. Trump tweet yesterday called mysteries and. Sure. I mean I definitely think there's enough for grand jury to examine it. Under the did the federal statute for that if they would wind died and three putted sites is compelling case. Here's more from Jim Jordan talking about the FBI working hand in hand with the DNC and the Hillary campaign. Remember the one text message between Peter struck at least a page. Which they said we needed insurance policy we needed plan to make sure the American people don't like foul trouble the next president what was part of that plan I think it was using. Chris for still work product the dossier as the basis to go to the fines according get worse to spy on Americans and I think it was also part of their plan to take information. We get to the press to further their narrative and further their plane almost a self fulfilling prop to kind of you know they were engaged in. That all was confirmed in this did this this does Simpson testimony. Coupled with again what we learned now in the additional text messages that are coming to light as evidenced by the reporting it John Solomon yesterday. Yes area. BIA working as an extension and an arm of the Democrat party using ours by apple apparatus in violation of law to get a candidate elected. Is that amerasian. No no but trumpet using the term Blanco countries is somehow an average. It kills the bugs from Greenfield good morning. Good morning. I was at CNN MSNBC yesterday and they were trying to make it's now like. Option at that comment about people and talk about countries have you ever heard anybody in the Ryder the left to say first world country or second world country. They talk about Third World countries all the time that's code for insert Donald Trump comment here. It's me but it's the same eat it it's really the same thing you saw that you go to work. You go to Haiti and you correctly say grant this place is not insert Donald Trump commented here. Thought on under no I don't understand what all the above the doubt and the fact that they just want something else would be trump up about. Yes and you know I'd be careful with the story this morning Bob tube because. On they're actually two versions of that meeting now coming out and in one of them deed trump common makes a lot more cents. And then in the one that is being reported so I am indeed it was stories like this for the mainstream media given their propensity to lie I can usually lead to waited day even comment on it. So let's find out what actually happens is they just presume their life. Com so we'll have more on that but coming up. Tried to not use the term Blanco countries. Which pilot we don't support here and that was not a good way to describe anything Stan nice and say by the way she could set of butts. Would you have lost your minds. If you heard what trump heard from our senator Lindsey Graham and that meeting. I paint a picture of what happened in that meeting. Sit you can fully appropriate and ever appreciate how well on to up our president. What is yesterday in that meeting would take a whole story I am every year anywhere else coming up next. Way to change your picture. And I tell you this story. So you had to react. You had something where you know it's been a long week and is set like one last thing. That breaks the camel's back and you just blow to a gas can be so bad about her and later on maybe you know. Your head that happened. Okay now I'm in your trump. And you are coming pretty amazing the house bill this this how stark bill. While it legalize it the 800000. Doctors. Is good trade. Pretty good trade. And trade chain migration had nine point three million people come to the country. Via chain migration in the last decade. As we've had case so you're looking at basically treating off looking at a legalized doctors. But I get so wiped out nine point three male. So annoyed that all of it because it would still allow the spouses and minor children to come public none of the extended him. And that's how you get to the ice is terrorists to kill those eight people in Manhattan. Brought you know 26 of his best friends with. OK so the house plan ends chain migration. And as the visa lottery to terrorist used to come used come here and implements. Making it. Significantly harder for for illegals to work in this country. And it takes a way to Manny does a lot of great things body near I don't like and I don't like the doc had put the Dutch about Hillary he's going to diss changes to paint. Because if he's changed another point three million here this decade. Especially Chauncey and with cake it's so I mean spill was a victory in that way it's way beyond just what we could've gotten. Armed Mina. Paul Ryan in the other suitors joke to this and that I mean even numbers USA in Dorset. And there really hard court I've known Rosemary Jenks their main lobbyist in immigration attorney for well over a decade and does she seduced perches like. In their blood but this is damage is huge progress just and the chain migration issues soap to Trump's office yesterday said chase. I was senator Lindsey Graham speak. And it did to sidekicks Dick Durbin the appropriately named senator Jeff flake. And them some other Republican jerk Cory Gardner and day they lay out their plan. Before Chara coming you lose your mind hearing miss here's when he's playing here this. Get the house plan only legalized is the 800000 doctors that signed up under Obama and nobody is. Planned legalize is. 3.2. Five million. Dreamer illegals. Yeah. Both their parents. Militants and 3.2 five million. OK sit times. In case of both their parents at Britain nine points. Little over nine million. And they put that franchise. Edwards they system we have now and to make it worse. But he gets even worse Natalie did Lindsay proposed legalizing trip point 25 million dreamers. And getting 8 AM see your family which when their parents which would allow him to stay in the country for the rest their lives get the benefit so let's. Went to was just warming up and Lindsey plant we keep the chain migration. So that means the ANC uncles cousins nephews. Best friends. God knows who else the 3.2 five million dreamers. So get to got so put that to nine million plus whatever that it's. They walked in there with a straight face put down from the president I how Lindsay do you keep from laughing Ella. But they were only just getting started. You know what else Lindsey Graham misty and his or a Democrat sidekicks proposed the Tribe's history she can you can imagine trump listed to be tied this mean I lost my mind. I don't think it was said what he said. I think bridge deck one of them. Nash is me. Then Lindsay. Proposes may trump was secured the visa lottery that brought the nicest Harrison 26 of his best friends to the country right. Lindsay proposes. That. While still keeping. The countries that are prioritize now prioritized in his point. Okay least when you would that meet the US imported 150000 foreigners from terrorist funding countries. In the last decade. By the visa lottery and the resulting chain migration could he doesn't force. Including a 1171000. Foreign nationals since 2005. From this is a program. From Iran Syria and Sudan State Department designated sponsors of tears. OK so with a straight face Lindsey Graham Watson just. Do you what is keep happen. Eight people are dead. Senator from the visa lottery. Eight people into. Well. And people are still month. That's how is not considered offensive by trumpet using the term. Blank coal nations it's. Was as sick country realist. Think about that we know an ice is terrace brought 26 of his best friends here. That was in the fault we still haven't we we still haven't into the program and the best that Lindsey Graham and the cynic can come up with this you'll take. This many terrorists from the same shouldn't. What you've done. On asleep I think chart showed return restraint. I would decked one of that's just me it's not trump who blew up this deal the doctor Neil its validity.