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Friday, January 12th

Trump comments may have been mischaracterized; Left’s outrage misplaced; SC Rep. Neal Collins defends fraud by illegal immigrant


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Anyway you good morning terra disarray is as apologist Watson pie have pointed out ask a Democrat or they would rather live in Norway or Haiti and then ask them why. Norway because of get free health care. Yet com okay here set from turner Carlson last night on Fox News. Back he says he is confused ship at about why it trumps a blank called comments. Sparked outrage and was supposed to wait for the rest of the story honest. Which there has weighed tourist is right did did the bird okay this is a meaning with Lindsey Graham Jeff flake. Mom. And some Democrats as they presented their version they're their docket deal. Rate so I mean this is in this source is one of the people in the ram or staffer when he's got so you don't and he packages source. And you just I I have extreme doubts about the story. I usually we end up finding days later nothing of the kind was actually said console life and that's. Yeah I'll be surprised if some part of this is a lie because everything the media mainstream media reports now is news is a lion unravels and an amber average of 72 hours. So on the truck people have not denied using the term blank whole country's. But again I noticed Reuters article these tweets repair grass laying out how according to a source in a room trump said that. And they redo the very end here three pages in to get to this paragraph another source. You know print from the meeting since trump was quick Nat Nat did trump was slamming Haiti is we've been told. But finish this question why the United States should take in unskilled laborers from countries. Under discussion insurance instead and should instead welcome immigrants from nations that copper steel workers. On that's a sentiment that over 60% the US population agrees with him on in the last two polls honest so. It just be aware there's two versions of this story one way she reacts the idea of taking Mino keeping people from Haiti. In a way they're they're claiming you know is is a racist married and he didn't knock them not the country's. And it is another story completely contradicts that disparity in the Reuters article I'm so it is to be careful with this one for you. We're back on track too hard on this is after the the international press has taken this and run with it and you know is now you know getting reaction from world leaders and it's of the you know but not as accurate not makes absolutely no difference damage is done. Yet Tom and and things Tucker Carlson was saying last idea idea that you are now allowed you are not allowed to say. That there are pretty crummy countries. Haiti for example or else salvadorans and both of them he said that's why people leaving them to come here. So rehearsing what decision not allowed to point out other countries are as good places to lives America. The entire immigration policy was based honest. I this guy gave about refugee benefits like candy used to have to did delete your country used to have to be trying to actively Killian. To get here on under refugee status it's a different thing from from immigrant status I haven't seen folks in Miami who were putting together handmade boat to try to get to hate. No we haven't halfway now and we haven't. I'll win CNET so okay what happened was he a lot of peoples okay we're gonna give refugee status selling candy with refugee status. You get AM set of welfare benefits that you qualify for them that are beyond what even Americans get. Common terms of you know you get to combine the full Monty normally can't do that you know everything from section need to. We are free health care what Obama and mice so what Obama said was well the conditions. In Guatemala and Central America are so bad because of gangs and poverty. That we literally send a recruiter down there for Obama's camp program what that is as they go and find people who live in these places and it and say yeah I'm scared of the gangs. And I'm four and a miserable I liken the US and we do other immigration work for them down and they don't even have to bother walk. And then now an NN you know we we take him to 60000 of those right now waiting to get into the country. And truck stop to the inflow of those people from the camp program. But then a judge at city can't do that. You know basically made up the law and some. Because you know Obama's camp program was executive said trump absolutely can stop that with a another executive order he did but the judge said he's not allowed to because he's company and judged in like him. And so on now we have these people have flown back can get but but the very justification for taking these people under a bottle was there come treat. Us. Now everywhere I turn one use for it. That's Obama's immigration policy pushed it violates federal law. Federal Ali's at a very specific set of conditions for refugee status in and he literally have to be physically in danger from the leaders of your country for political religious. And a bomb just ignore that said Williams went down there in McLean you know you're scared them alleging it. Out so show any idea what would try instead actually was Obama's policy. So I made you read the camp program Google it I've got those the things right here he's basin because the conditions in the countries of so deteriorated. This is why we fled to mid. And other words countries duress. Now when you start terms term that used an enclosed were mean but still. It's just amazing how all of this stuffed always gets out and it's always amplified by the media and yet I mean Guerin during TG. That this type of language and things percent behind closed door meetings with Democrats and liberals about other. Areas of our country or other individuals or groups in this country and that's not repeated ness on amplified in the media. Look. I just predicted we're gonna find out debts are on the context of Tim's comments I think is a lie down and we will I mean just like I said I'm not yeah I had a bloody colonies say wanna comment on Roy Moore. And I sit out on the way to wake deceived Gloria on the Allred sinful to no comment and sure enough like clockwork my my day. Clara aren't involved while there again. You know it's all fake it's all made up its its its offer you know salacious public consumption. You chills you know this is is is galleries by but the shock to me is what we don't get rich yes yeah yeah I mean it just compared early in commissioners earlier. I'm in the last 24 hours just do what's broken last 24 hours that we're not outraged over. Armed the one of the top two dailies in Israel reporting. That they had to planned and would have successfully they believe assassinated in Iranian general. Who had terror funding and sponsoring connections. But did but the Obama administration be trading Israel. And warned him. Online's. Been trading Israel who was cheering intelligence. Your hammer when imprisoned trump has. The ability declassify anything he wants right so you when president trump say he says something is in became his presidency it was a British Intel. And it declassified effectively probably not the smartest thing he's ever said. Com and an animation and he went absolutely bonkers court he's so dumb he's so crazy. Ari well not dim one batter took the Intel and used to prevent the assassination. Other general. Of the country listed on the State's department sponsors of terror. This is the same or rainy in army whose Intel army yet he ego I'd you go around you see these guys walking around the ones with the steel legs because they're leg was brown not blown off thank you audience yet thanked Iranians those were their IIED's a lot of them. And in Iraq Obama administration was helping out that's who they help I was in general. That's who they held that that to me and well here say the latest potentially indictable instance of trees. Now we more upset about trump using colorful language to describe the existing Obama immigration policy or the treating. Our president's administration committee to keep Iran happy. Tip betray betraying Israel. Be trainer troops. Next time you see a guy walk around without lake. That's who he betray. Is there any outrageous weren't. We know now. So here's the selective outrage is just is so bizarre that you can't even take these people seriously. You can't. I just. Harry John from Spartanburg good morning sir. Yet only little homework or Trout says it is too loose. Under take understatement. Get everybody there around the world apology it travels which we have around the world there because there was a huge understatement. A home and I lashed back home. They Asian invasion that works some devious. Way we're talking about cabinet so proud cut to help program may. And the goal this program. The year 20/20. If you can't location and it perhaps but not only in the country. A one patient he'd. Open up to 75 that's why. It. I'm toilets okay. Oh yeah they shouldn't overlook. That is normal life ever joke facility in China. Immunity treaties. Can't describe which they know that there are over public radio yeah yeah. At any idiot or worse. Except for mayor Leo but hit six it was if somebody would have filled the or apparently if they keep these under control. Current snow all of this John that's why they illegally restructure our restructure our immigration system in violation of federal lot of tape people because their countries. Our guests. They're literally a disaster. So they know there is pretending they don't. Tech straight at least emphasized which is more than most politicians can convey. That exactly. Yeah. Com Ed ad in an entirely sure that stories like this hurt him. I'm not completely sure about that yet I. I think the net effect is really zero because back in many respects for those who support the policies that he is. Promoting they're like big deal so why it. An end is quick to preach fiscal I was saying I think if anything you may have understated expects but and and then of course those molested me apoplectic about any that I I. I got a and a friend of mine a liberal from the mine from a lower part of the state that was all whining about. Of yelled look at there. Odds from now now although wal mart's getting your attitude all were of an hour raise while another average workers and making 26000 dollars a year big deal they're still working at Wal-Mart. Q is it like it is in no way that anything that that goes well with the trump administration can you give any credit to. I mean economically. No no of course not now now. Nancy Pelosi dis the bonuses and raises. A court did you go. Just. Now. Even while her husband's. Toner factory still doesn't pay minimum wage because they have an exemption from the federal government. A rich white Nancy Pelosi. Who says white males are not supposed to negotiate anything to say yesterday about you that. Tears are included how SpinRite does she what she mentioned something about white guys negotiating doc and Steny Hoyer big Democrat and her a system basically her underling was ticked off. No but this is you know what delete I answers to a disk or swimming this Ed did this and most running on day in day out the racist language toward right white males and honestly. It's not funny anymore now really scary. We've not meat we didn't have this in in the ninety's we win they had listened to your 2000 we have this it was inappropriate to say racist things about anybody yet. Under the old you know diversity model now what is expected in and that I I really worried for myself because I really do Gergen point. It's it's it's becoming frightening what we except it's not even so it is not necessarily socially acceptable to mandatory. It's short but I don't wait there's say college we begin this later in the our that is offering masculinity 101 you can major in now. You can study what's wrong with my white males as a major what's wrong with you I would not you know are known to do and I mean I know is it's Hal. Max masculinity is toxic America and how I got that way you dissent yet for four years. Masculinity. Mine is not any other kind. I like nothing better then get burned. Yup. And no one and that better at delivering at least these days than Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Who I admire mourn Maurice. I did she could tell she's a mom. Moms JJ if you mean listen when her press cops you can tell she's a mom. She's just has carpet and bed down let Arab. Home just total exasperation. With a bunch I have grandchildren which cannot believe what she has to deal with Sawyer it's easy she's speaking to work toward children on a bad day. All right so your latest burn button just for your enjoyment no other reason. Senseless enjoyment this morning or Friday. This. White house Press Secretary sure had to be standards. Does it CNN's Democrats. Who nicely sets himself on port as lake. She just she just burn some day after day after he walks right into every time. Take a listen. There seems to be how. Right become wrong it's there's a pattern where president watches up playing on FOX & Friends and then he. Apparently this morning a one under. Personalities are very. Plus this is not a big deal don't do this and then he went on Twitter tweet about. The fighting program. There have been folks out there are saying you know there's a cause and effect if you want to somebody got foxy Brown's mind that he tweets about it is that what happened this morning and does that don't want. I'm sure you're disappointed he's not watching CNN. I think I Ozzie and if you don't mind. I don't think that's your your numbers would be higher on IO so I actually didn't wrestling. Zoo. Look. Your whole day actually better deal on time than and they they had been a long time. Flimsy. ON GRE. Here we have time for her trump. Tweaked. She ten. Another day of total toll tantalizing. Trumped sweetheart his achievement between church and found that Tera show America can. A Twitter president's choice 1063. WORD. I'm really not a bad person right away. Trump trade. Sadly. 36 minutes ago sadly Democrats wanna stop paying our troops and government workers in order even sweetheart deal monastery built for Dhaka. Take care of our military our country first really that's did each of Democrats and Lindsey Graham. Presented a doctor DeLia asterisk. Room who is responsible let's air our finds senator Lindsey Graham stayed right judge tweet. The way I use my knee doctor Mina was tough but this was not the language. When this is not the language used. What was really tough was the outlandish proposal made a big setback for dock and backing an academic. At trump continues country because. Of the Democrats. Because the Democrats not being interested in life and safety. I read the Democrats who integrate not being interested life and safety doctor has now taken a big step back risk dams will threaten to shut down. But what they are really doing is shutting down our Miller. Terry it's harming him as get Smart make America great get by the way TDC a trap here. Is is trapped it's being when. I see it. Went and checked on the government. Over all over MC let him do that. Is actually his point and I know he has to because he said the other day at that big love fest meeting he had with Democrats that he'd seemingly is pulling I was so grateful to hear that. Because we've gone from a blood of the point in in a primary Sweden Republican voters. Majorities of them supported Erica. Now majorities don't. Majorities of independence does support doc anymore. Or any of these big amnesties. And 40% of Democrats don't keep the rally more Democrats don't support the dip. Is it the Democrat party here. To make the lunatics in their basic a handful of unhappy. Let let the police please god shut down the government this is a prayer. Shut down the government over amnesty please do it if there's a fun I can donate to to support that. As a trap he is walking them into. The track. Suite is a bipartisan dark deal presented yesterday to myself. And a group Republican senators and congressman was a big step backwards arms so it was. Wallace not properly funded. Chain migration and visa lottery where made worse. And USA would be forced to take large number of people from high crime countries which are doing badly by the way Lindsey Graham is that one of the four key office of the deal to see now. I want a merit based system of immigration and people who helped take our country to the next level. I want safety and security for our people all I want to stop the massive inflow of drugs at trump tweets. I went to fund their military not do a damn defund. Term tweets. Nine hours of the Democrats seem intent on having people and drugs pour into our country for the southern border. Risking thousands of lives in the process it is my duty to protect the lives and safety of all Americans we must build a great wall think marriage. And and lottery in scenic. USA. Well it's on feds. This met Dolan had fun with this this smackdown between New York humble has to myself. And alleged Republican. And actual I can't believe he's actually be Republican representative from Pickens Neil Collins. What else thinking electing these gas. Let me to fully appreciate. You really got to know it was FaceBook page you really got to see this. He dedicated this piece opposed to myself. Gracious in 10 three W Doherty. I can tag you see it first here I understand your job is to make people angry so they'll listen your RadioShack. Would hey I would hate going to bed each night knowing I had to create chaos to pay my bills. For Chile instead go to bed each night asking how I can help someone. He said deposed about how the people he wants to help are dreamers. OK I was set to create chaos was to create chaos can pretty create chaos looks like to me Easter. It looks just like your bill that US filed. To allow illegal immigrants. To apply for insurance occupational. Licenses they can compete directly with South Carolina. Citizens. And it allows in state tuition. House allows them to get lottery scholarships. Bomb he says you either you we had to read one page bill enhancer or you're intentionally misleading. He's good to be clear I deal doesn't pay for anyone's college in allows streamers to apply for occupational licenses. And it allows in state tuition. Let me explain to you how math works at mr. counts when in South Carolina taxpayers. Subsidize. These two wishing it. An illegal immigrants so they don't pay the out of state raids. They use actual taxpayer dollars to do back. S coal mine it's mine and so yes. Yes his bill does use South Carolina taxpayer dollars to day. The college cost of illegal immigrants which at the instate grade are heavily subsidized. But you believe what happens. With me. In America anymore. Illegal immigrant that Neil Collins featured. As eight current re shoots in his words current rate is sixty. Of the many illegals. In our next. Oh you're gonna love this you're going to let certain yeah Collins. I read you know Collins reports that she's she's she's she is it totally awesome person aim I don't doubt that I don't blame her. I blame our lawmakers for allowing her to be here and to flaunt her breaking of our laws in her face and when that marks us. But he is Paris. This workings and she was seventy. When. Is a leap. Until we. And that she's paid into Social Security. While the way you would need eerie real or fake Social Security number in two would you. And that would be fraught. It's fraud and looked it up for the showdown. So did she commit fraud V. Legal immigrant whom represented no Collins calls courageous on his FaceBook page. I don't know I'm not seen the document she used but let me read you an exchange with steady illegal immigrants. Eight post about what Neil Collins rent. Okay poster Freddie. Social Security number is she using to work under. Illegal immigrant replies no one's is a main number and I appreciate your concern for asking. Thank you. Willem. Sacks through I the illegal immigrant that rap city neo Collins is telling us. Is courageous and that he wants to help because he's a better person and your humble host. Just editor writing T using a made up number. Two illegally get the edge admitted Social Security number to get the job. She illegally has been working out or jobs I don't know how many spend since she was seven. T. And I know. Creating chaos represented. Collins. Oh. George flies. Out yeah lead your your bragging about being. A criminal. Ginny answering more after that and there so. According should be courageous in real immigrant. It was an example all of what we should all be supporting and doing that are South Carolina tax dollars. She used me in her issues nobody is Social Security number it was number cock. Fishing could sketch sadness brought. That violates. Federal. Law. So you wonder if Neil Collins. How we feel it means that curry just. Some like chaos to need bullet. He's the one wants to support it not me acts I'm Craig is he beyond what on board crashed. You've still Collins I don't make people mad. I tell about what people like you're doing and that makes them met and you don't like that. Because you want to have to run on your own record. Gosh I would knee. Calling people who commit fraud to steal jobs from Americans curry just. That'll look awesome in opposition attack ad I can't would seem. The way mr. Collins. I am. A person in particular cares is if you listen to show deeply. For people. It was a show for lunch I mean nobody cares more than ideal. About the theft from our blue collar workers in America he didn't deliberate institutionalized corporate theft. That people like you have supported as we have they've just pummeled their wages. NPR. Blue collar workers without college degrees scifi percent decline in their wages since 1979. Guess in the wake of the am 1965 immigration act you can Trace the declining US wages. Directly to that. That is what Neil Collins is support he says he want stop bullying is you must help people who are not citizens getting Iran. About the people I care about. An ocean of blue collar workers who used to be able to earn a respectable living and be apart of the middle class. But for people like is illegal immigrants who commit fraud make it a number it's still a job for that which according to represented no conscious courageous but what have. Here's what's a Crisco back rates today in bright part about why we don't need to do docket deal. There mostly young adults their twenties and thirties the average age is 24. And they are competing for jobs against young Americans who think recede too I care about your column you Collins picture about them first. To summon Americans love my country I'm very loyal to my fellow countrymen. Despite the growing economy young American adults are struck the workforce. When you you could just big in helping. Fisher doing in the workforce with unemployment rate of 9%. Neil Collins. Alleged Republican representative from Pickens county and Americans without a college degree that's 66% of them. Are suffering unemployment rate that's unemployed are seeking full time work but steal a whopping you ready to misrepresent it Collins here's somebody could help. 34%. 34%. What the world would we want to give legal status to a nearly nearly a million illegal aliens they can compete against her own citizens the same group. I don't know but I would follow that question from Chris co buck up with this what hurts is represented Neil Collins what was step further. And have you subsidize there instate tuition. It gripped them occupational licenses. So they can compete. There with this group. For just did don't require. A college degree. Seems to me represented Collins and that's not. What helping looks like. The managed. Like we need yeah. Easily I don't match. Yeah. I'll just let up on the little Kabul police more in the Barroso warned about what we're living in the zone. Tom my whole thing if a little world. We had to fight every little boy here we got we know we are handouts we need you end up. I thought develop the play the American spirit what to fight. To get where you need to get through. Tell me until we will do you are are you any immigrants or use second generation. But I am. I was born in Nicaragua and I was brought here Obama moment did you to arm and he also knew I earn less citizenship by serving in the military. I mean. I think when I got here which relaxing today is we have to assimilate. TrueCrypt so culture. Didn't I didn't look fun well and I'm and I can't I'm in contention for a into the DC come here legally did you come here legally or not. No ma'am we are not legal we came here broke we did have a legal source security number. Is it will when the nurse. More generally how did you have how did you have legal I'm just I'm just arms into. When we came dude like in the early eighties but we have thirty and seven about it and so we came in the early eighties we came under the some of the exact rule but I know that we came as a political. Eileen. Can we were escaping communism and we'll give them legal status as far as giving Social Security number but Matt. Pregnancy or so leadership we have to do extra time that we need in order to spend money. That would have been go to we had a little processed in the country and. We'll take a look at this some things you did come here illegally that if you were unsightly correct. Correct I mean yeah what we did cross border illegally passionate but then you got the status once you've got here. Right what you got here correct okay. Are you go ahead on an end in I don't I guy and Jersey Steve is your viewpoint and BP did not come here legally that's all that's left it was a well you you listen to show you love this country. I want people like you who want to come here who want to assembly who want. To add to our economy torn national defense I want him to come here but I want them to do it legally. On an infant sister there that okay sounds more there. I mean no I don't I don't disagree with a laundry I agree. The fact that people who want to be here who want to come here need to want to be here and there is they have to take certain steps. Don't have a paper that's illegal why we should just blanket open for everybody. Everybody who feels good luck everybody who you need to be here. I'm really out of the American people myself I mean I'd I think it will be used to I I believe that Wimbledon I mean I don't. I just I felt the cardinals borne airborne I mean the fact from that my friend believe that I have here I really don't have anything to connect we do there. I didn't have a fear. So soon I mean you you're essentially were at taco before their wore dockers. Will or should should render curious what you think should should trump legalize the dockers. You know our food I bet they. All they can produce subject because I know that the point that you make or correct if we just allow them to be here than they're gonna compete for things. That they really shouldn't be competing for however. If there is a process technically they have to meet all of those are also will have to meet all of the penalties. In order to pay to be here say it to serve their time here than. Something like that could be reached. But that I got all the it would make them go to a process it would just a blanket here you glad you broke the law Lola sort of believe they saw here. I mean if they were picking persecution that's one thing but if they just came here because of the country's sucked then that's that's a totally different. I mean we persecution we were really being hunted down. Well I came which is why McLaren decided to lose here. I don't I'm. There are certain countries I would imagine. Yes I think you're way is it it is sit look a little bit different but I am going and we can grant is I want to thank you for your service to this country. No better way to look at countries and by serving at the way that you did so I want to thank you for that. And I'm glad that you I'm have gone the hard route to becoming a serious I agree with tiger brought here. But we can agree on our mutual love of a country. And in a thing is it I I think there's a lot of people like will who're who're I see in her hurts more American and a lot of people who were born here. The then fortunately when I went mob of them come over the border we can't separate them out from people who don't. Have any love for this country is someone herded me we just can't continue doing immigration. That way.