The Tara Show - 1-12-18 - Hour 4

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Friday, January 12th
Interview with Rosemary Jenks of Numbers USA – Ridiculous DACA proposal by Lindsey Graham would legalize over 10 million; Small acts of love mean the most; Statistics of police involved shootings contradict perception; Liberals offend themselves over pink pussycat hats

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Me tirades. Breaking down in this immigration deal. Attorney and rest and swift and numbers USA she's director of government relations they're mourning Rosemary. Good morning Kara Mario good case show. I would love if you because nobody in the media here will will do this honestly am we rose protect people's South Carolina what are senator Lindsey Graham has proposed that we should do in his version of the docket deal. Unfortunately what he has proposed. Is usually the case on immigration is a week and other chip. He is suggesting that we get amnesty you. 23 million so called dreamers people brought here at a young age before. 22012. So it is much broader than just adopt a population. Also want to give amnesty to their parent. Who brought them here illegally. He would do not saying you can't chain migration which is one of the president's. Primary concern. He would in fact give it give these amnesty aliens the right to bring in their siblings than there. You know adults children and aunts uncles nieces Carter and sellout. And then he would we let him run. Oklahoma or guidance counselor can see. Pasted 3.2 five million listless that analysts say a case in the den two times two because that would be each of their parents and our six point five million right. Okay Sudan citizen more than about what you know if you care you know two pairs today peso beverage case so we do. Three million doctor Otis. Let's both their parents were at nine Milli. I give a dinner telling me to after the nine million but ended doctors would get to bring. Like basically the everybody they've ever known. While another cousins their periods turns on and so in addition to the nine million. Under the Lindsay can land S not enough and now we would have amnesty. And would bring through chain migration and are the extended family as well so then we would we'd we'd be well in so more than ten million would we not. Oh yeah are absolutely ice warming our I got Debra OK got it it's like OK so continue. So then he would hate that it doesn't beat some lottery program which the president has also been very critical and which they've done program that is a lottery. And he would transferred those to be says too cute separate programs first while he would get half of them. To the same countries that qualify for the lottery. But apparently increased the debt requirements in and make it what he called a merit based system. But then he would get the other half Q the people who are in the country right now with temporary protected status. So the people we have agreed to let stay here temporarily. Because of natural disasters in their country. They would get to stay permanently with essentially an amnesty. So you know the amnesty for the young people and apparently not enough he wants to make sure that everybody who's in the country. Who started out here illegally because most of the child protective status. Beneficiaries didn't work here illegally when it did after it happened in their home country and they got permission to stay. So you don't want to get the ball. Permanent right to say the United States and potentially. Become Democrat voters. So okay swimming she worried that the exit visa lottery which our group which resulted intend dead people on the streets of Manhattan as they were run over by the terrorists who came into the country by Tony six as best friends with him. OK so we know on the to visa lottery brought in a 1171000 foreign nationals is so far is firmer Rand Syria and Sudan. And show an and we scenery is Mary that we do part of the problem is even if we wanted to bed these people in the visa lottery we couldn't. But Lindsay wants to keep the primary countries the same so he's grizzlies saying this this program resulted Nate desks so we'll just cutting in half. There we won't know what I have to bloodshed. Okay swimming Sharon and. Yeah you're absolutely getting them which is why it is a total joke. Can he take it seriously campaign slogan here for Lindsey Graham next election grammar let's see only have to bloodshed. How you're an idiot and all the amnesty my dad's Aaron answer Rosemary Jenks. OK so whit what else is our senator put in this doctor bill Hughes. No the only other piece of this is what they call the border security T. And what they think of as border security. Is there one point six billion dollars that how has already popped. And he made our construction of the wall. Except that they would condition it. Being used on. Sixteen existing fencing. And GAO reports. And environmental assessment and eminent domain assessments and various other reports and complications. So. You know whether or not the one place is going to actually be spent on constructing a lot of police. Up in the air and then they would you. One point I think there was one point 1000000001. Point two billion. On other non ball security. Which includes. Drug that meant for the Border Patrol. Oversight of the Border Patrol. And yet some very other technologies so basically there's no worse security duties as a steps called port security. She's Honeywell is Graham did is took. What little you know what two billion something border and border in while funds. And made sure that they could not be spent for a walk. That's what has told us okay. I'm I'm I'm not surprised okay anywhere else it. Where is marriage and so with numbers USA would also I did to her find senator from the state South Carolina I've put in that bill. What are. Great awesome. Sort of yeah freezing in the whole reason for even considering doing the docking amnesty. Was so there we can get the wall. They dead we've put the bomb quit and we we have put chain migration on steroids. We've given amnesty sue the dreamers. And their parents and anybody else from their family they wanna chain migrate tuition we would be bringing in over nine million people. Or giving them amnesty. I didn't come worse I mean why even bother let's just keep going hat. That's exactly right. There's no reason to bother with that this should be just thrown right into the trash and we shouldn't have bought. Well OK so you know everybody's reporting this morning that trump blew up the amnesty docking procedure put it sure looks to me like Lindsey Graham did with this bill. Yes well I think it was a joint effort by Lindsey Graham. Dick Durbin a Democrat from Illinois and just play the Republican from Arizona who is hiring and so has no recent chair. You one year here you mean you know dubbed the sort of lobbying situation there with the Sam C staffers wearing Jenks is is dead Danica is you actually were kind of a lukewarm Shay and of the house Billy wants thrilled with a but it was the best piece of legislation you've seen in your long career out there is this done and with with the with the sun adjusted with Lindsey just did. Well it if that is what we have to negotiated with then absolutely yeah. Being the house still the bill that was proposed by chairman did chairman McCall. And well Labrador and mark Mexicali is actually a good bill if you you know take away the fact that it doesn't Doug grant amnesty. But it only grants amnesty QV. 700000. Actual stock recipient. Not you though you know some broader population of illegal aliens certainly not their parents their parents would be disqualified from deep as ever. I think should be. And then how mandatory. It eliminates the birth beat the lottery program. It had a ton of great enforcement provisions. On the border security authorization. It deals with the have a lot of really good thing did it. But you can't. Have a negotiation between something like that and something as ridiculous as what senator Graham protests. So especially Lindsay Gramm just loosen up and you know we lose terribly heroes Mary because as you know. On why it makes me sick the idea of given to dock is amnesty particularly give it to 700000 in exchange for ending chain migration wa Y nice. Nine point three million people came here of the last decade under chain migration so you know you trades im sick for 700000. For not having to Cheney end nine point three million that's sounds like a decent deal to me but but Lindsey Graham just made sure that'll never happen. That's right. Oh no I it is it is just a pet set act. I'm reached each. You know the various amnesty gains we've seen in the past that he would always part. So essentially by doing nothing Lindsey Graham is just whine of chain migration for the next decade for another nine point three night is what he Stein. I don't list on court. That's done it's it's just really did depend depressing Rosemary in in you and I dynamic is and we don't want into the dark deal but when you start doing numbers and you have to pay T 18000819. Point three million deal us. It's it's pretty easy now -- some things you and I both don't like you that deal at a million visitor visas for. Farm workers coming here and we you and I know they'll overstayed those visas. Well that's the big without bill they're also a perk require net that eight state complete finally the entry Ed that come here is he. Yeah our man mandatory even my husband. You know they wouldn't be able to work if they overstayed their view that snippet the ending this now unbalanced. Would put us in a much better situation at the country are now on the. Yeah that's bill great. Yeah I'm an end Jenny now I I know congress is twice approved the visa entry exit which would you know track these people to see if they left the country. So which has approval to do that. Bomb could trump just go ahead and do. Could you can find the money yeah yeah. Yet while the sounds great on an interim trend in Chris where you are big proponent as a mire of a V verify and I was detects and RE verify want to anything where he had been verified. Yep it's not mandatory to use my real quickly we know what we. Yet either I would require that every employer. There are by the legal status you're in easy free Internet based at some. Each new hire that they hire. So it essentially is an illegal alien comes into the country or is already here and tried to get a job. Derek document would be entered into this debt bit. Internet and it. If it does not match then it goes. To the Department of Homeland Security database. You see it this person is an alien knew I had permission to work that happened and put into their the system yet. If none of that matchup and then the employer gets sent a notice it says. You need to tell your your new hires that they're the problem and that he needs to go six it was either that such sturdy administration are the department of electric. Unacceptable. Well so what if I had somebody else like ahead as somebody else's Social Security card cameras where am I amusing you're just using his Mussolini's illegals still. Com how would they catch me then. If you let out an illegal alien if you purchased the legitimate Social Security number and name and are gay are. You know someone else. And you you've got to get a job it would go through the system however. The Department of Homeland Security has an album renowned. That would show them Lou you may bet that Social Security number and name is being used I achieved our people with different employers. And then they would notify the employee eat. That they look like their plus security number have been stolen this your first time that we would actually be notified. If someone has. Stolen likely stolen our our security intermission and it eating for employment. Suing tweak it if we if employers actually did this I mean this would first chilly air rain some lesser some loophole I can find you know they can find in the government to not enforce the law. I mean mr. virtually erase the magnet of in the possibility of employment in in America I mean it's it's it's a shame that you know this could have passed the house Rosemary Jenks. But so I'm Lindsey Graham when they're blew up yesterday. Inge insure me he's sort of he's been telling us for years got to fix a broken immigration system without comprehensive reform well apparently and marsh exit. That's been alive this whole time. Yeah I mean he certainly has not indicated any way you are sick any. Now to make it a lot worse. Read real quickly ever his origins and numbers you sank in the Lindsay Graham bill did they have any of this. Any any it is still you know lasting Mellencamp well okay and additional funding for the visa entry exit system we don't wanna know if they over stay. There's nothing serious in that proposal. OK so we don't want to or not we don't want is we issue I know what about hassled illegal immigrants are actually overstayed their visas they don't come over the port. Right which is why in our view DE verify program that actually more important and the wall. Yet that I listen in for national security. Yeah I does it you taught me and I understand that because if you well. CU SA do you think this is a nonstarter then there's notre snowboard it's just dead there's no way we can. It's going to be hard. Well yeah but I mean it's a shame to lose that house them as the best chance we had an AIG told bride part. You know I mean he didn't would you have a lot of people are Matta -- thrown tomatoes at me this morning for even suggesting. Legalizing doc has been to get what you just described prisoner I mean that's the best deal we've seen. The GOP leadership battle to. I mean that's that is the huge step forward for that. Yes it absolutely is and that's the thing you know if we want to move our country toward an immigration policy that served the national interest. But I'll still is a good first step even though it has beat the volcanic unit. How far for the for the darkest. Well Chris Richardson he'll keep an eye on and I hope he'll be back to update us on what our senators really doing since I none of our local newspapers. Or television stations here in South Carolina seem too interested in telling us the truth about him so. I wouldn't be issued anytime parry thank you Rosemary and that thanks for everything you do for the country appreciate it. You you are dating. Yeah and it was fun wasn't it a person you're with now I mean in long term relationship new study. The big sacks of real love and their romance. And same dating to me. Phase as they are in any marriage or long term relationship. This every eleven Romans as tough as headliners. Shipwrecked but I had a clip is what is it. I was I was fault for those as it hurts. Just from. A you guys said he didn't have a doctor Laura Berman. A sex expert and a relationship therapist. In parts Arab based on her therapy that she doesn't it she sees a lot of news. Since since since his real love is demonstrated by small ax. And appreciation. And here's the example she gets so for example if you understand why your partner wants every channel on the house to match. You should try not react with anger instead issue puts your opinion or lack thereof aside and realize how much he or she cares about whatever's happening. This act shows how much you value them and you are relationship this is so true light years awareness. My husband and I were but when we're both high heads are both. Very stubborn people and we begin our relationship are very young age. And so we're both the kind of people that when whenever battle when Daniel hill and we are fat lot. And we hardly find anymore an and is he the most important thing you do in America swear or even any long term relationship with someone you love. He got to learn how to fight. This important thing you can do is learn how to fight fight you know to be dorm. Because the resentment will just builds and builds and builds and builds and I imagine is steady whereas a year ago. That couples that don't fight. There were some of the most unhappiness to and that was because and they weren't fighting just as simply given up on the relationship from a hand me. Incidents when you can leverage in the past the until. And it by not fighting they got their so what's a happy medium he awareness. A century ago argued doormat relationship. You don't wanna Diane every kill fight because you know what I went about you lose the war for their relationship. As he sighed and you mentally decided this is this is searchers some advice and he gave me and boy I mean it almost immediately. I made my marriage a hundred times and percent better and it's not there was bad but it boy it's it's what what I need to understand. You got to decide. Calculated way what's accordion. What are the top three things what are the hills were dying on free it. I should be a list of twelve or fifteen things should be two or three thing you can not compromise on is this is important here. Praised the kids' education. Some other stuff like that. And that everything else got what. It feels going let yourself so listen these are the hills a gimmick I can't bends on this. And then bend on everything else. You'll findings. That if you bend on the little things and you let it go. You have a lot more reserves when you need to go to war for what's important here and the two are you so much happier. The great state ice saint century and. Okay you wanna hear some crazy laid. We are blocked a we've been doing that all during the showed us a rehash. So when they spend a day not to use a term Hugh coined on the show H Craig Craig Craig that's a entry Craig great day piano and nothing goes on to something there the the inmates to not only escape the asylum there apparently running the country. Alms Simpson yeah everything we've heard today mr. Greene Matt column but Vienna aides are not happy about this kind OK here is if this is what trumps. An idea since Medicaid Medicare services. Has proposed. They sent to rule out on this right to stays Kate. If you'll receive. Medicaid IE free health care from the government paid for by your fellow American citizens who work. And you're able bodied. You should work to get. In. And what's wrong with that there is now see ya hear the crazy enact now Melbourne I don't I don't either. Well at this white if we are employed by inner cop who and we have wonderful benefits we have health insurance we have paid vacation. What if we decide not to come to work. Well that still gonna get those benefits I guess according Nancy Pelosi our fellow co workers continue to pay for health care right exactly now I guess that's why he's there working. I won the head dead misdemeanor selfish they won a paycheck until let's try this out next week we've got to know what I am OK dale okay Monday. Let's just not shall for the rest of the week concede along networks. Sure if it's a and you know what if the management doesn't understand we will refer them to Nancy to a and I salute and she can XY and absolutely because she's much smarter. Found that all of us are here now no question yes she is okay the centers for Medicaid Medicare services. Since the new guidelines. And they were greeted with rage here's here's what's they said hey listen the states. IE if you are aren't our air healthy and you are getting. Medicaid paid for by the people you either have been injured a certified job training program provide troops proof that you have to be working. Or you have to alms be volunteering at least twenty hours week. Yet to be doing something else to give back. Again this is not applied for the elderly disabled or a pregnant front. Just the able but now and can. And an apparent lead this is what now passes for marriage here's Nancy Pelosi. If their purpose is to chip away at our nation's promise. And dignity and security. For working families this really sad. What the heck is she talking about. What we know she. She says working families we're not talking right which would not working secondly this is people who were getting benefits who are physically and mentally capable of doing work. And asking them to contribute something in while there between jobs or whatever it is that they are the reason that they are meeting the day for text rates just throw your hands nearly you just don't care. That's how I feel nor do I thought for the day in her text her rates and so sick of modern media that a certain watching the Andy Griffiths Griffiths show. Now me and my wife cuddle up on the couch and charcoal to good old fashion humor with no hidden messages I was born in Iran error. This Hallmark Channel is taken off. If you talk about total escape. Total escape the story always ends and is well known in Narnia. Then homered channel and mean are there if your group and they didn't used to day. Any more crazy is coming out of television that you literally. It's just it's it's not speaking up the crazy coming up to television at the television on BI if you wanna escape. Right now I've got two free tickets to the South Carolina international auto show that's this weekend at the T convention center. Since her she can't win easily because you appeal of this. They've been card junkie I'm more I've been to almost every one of those that they pad and really may be going this week amateur component of this weekend but it's not because I don't Walters just. Other things coming up but as dusk or just we're really worth it if you're. If you wanna see a lot of if you if you're in the market for a car think you're going to be it's a great thing to do because you see all the latest models out there almost almost every. Manufacturer will have something out there. And that if you're like me might be at the classic ones is like we tuchman is no set was talking with a guy this sort of show the Corvette clubs there I think the mustang club circuit Merrill. Many the British auto the British on fans of the Reno on British automotive folks are out there they've got some of their classic cars out there. Police motorcycles or Reese modified cars enough but this is a great show alias. Well I've got so moved to free sets of tickets to there was a game where one right now and Chris I don't normally do this but I have not given up contest won yet and already somebody's calling so mean you know what. If you're going to be that much of an early bird and that prepared. Let's go ahead give them percent of tickets who really has put them up. Ed that's a glut organization and friendship of the station feel automatically know the gas line in a contest on number without giving it to give them the first pair. And then let's give a second pair. Add to the second collar and makes it through 22414334. That's 2414334. You can bite tickets jail. At South Carolina auto show dot com at South Carolina I showed dot com and again it is this weekend at the TD. Convention center okay. I'm so the C show today at could be it it is insane what we get outraged about. But it's even more insane what we don't care about them in contrast what we get outraged about. That's a conservative website the Washington Post it found its annual. Am. Cops. And by Indian police shooting and report right for the year. And show you how we believe we have we are told it ever ring is now washing the NFL and reporting back to us. That were really bad country on human rights big did you hear Edmonton mall is made a comment based on your calling Capra and he's kneeling in their own really his week we have a bad human rights record too so no Cantu did you catch that did you catch that karma I was like last week -- that I'm like I'm no unlike you guys we don't drag people buy into the gulag in the may never come back out back again. We we we don't beat them and kill them for wanting to have first amendment rights. So they may soon issue here this is how to use that against us okay. We'll all like every job that I was not wash post an okay police shot and killed none 187. People United States last year. That's. You know that's that's not good we don't want anybody tempted to be killed we don't know when any button put put let's. Slick it is to take 987. People. A 987. People. She did did that the media Montrae as if you shot by the police it's always in the back with your hands in the array when you're on our best the only way that it never happens. Net according to wash and hustles and is a B 987 people. Were shot and killed by police in 2017. Not in them your arm did. So this poll Mitt. And I'm gonna get shot prism black because I'm not arts because I'm because I'm an Anne and Emma and I'm an armed and ate it just 88 and is not epic. 987. People shot by police 900 in nineteen of them were armed that's like about 95 and 6% yes. A case show that would mean the single most likely to get you killed by the police is not being black it's. They all are did and refusing. Two term. Don't do that you'll get she holds yep sure he'd killed two black well met Washington pay used statistics. At V. Unarmed people shot and killed by the police in America last year forty and I need Wear white males and nineteen Wear black male. It's. So almost. Well a little bit more than twice as many. White unarmed people were shot by police then. Nonwhite people who bullies. Right now YouTube received only talk about what happens with black people. Like you don't try this while white it really doesn't work very well for you if you're armed them and you know surrender your arms. An in in his case against 49 unarmed white males and nineteen unarmed black knows this is what this whole hoopla is that okay now. We know from Barack Obama there are what 57 states in this country that something like okay show. Nineteen unarmed black males shot in the US I'm sure we don't want that to happen OK but I wanted to happen I would white black I don't care we went shot. And and we've been very firm anatomy we went to the mat for Zachary him to get justice he never did because he's the wrong color. He was shot back an extreme rarity in the United States of America. But anyway show we get to mid nineteen black males in total nineteen armed black males shot last year by. Police. Okay. Well that's. Less that was hit by GAAP and less than half of why mil per state. Less than half a black male person out of a population of what 350 to 375 million yes. That's. What all this is about that's with a mile nap that's what the mullahs are complaining about now. This is the human race atrocity. This is well let coverage was about the hours and hours and hours of paragraphs and paragraphs and paragraphs a film reels coverage and nineteen unarmed black suspects shot America last year entire country entire year 49 arms witness that's. But that's all that's with this is all about. That is an extreme act. Rarity. And get as Lee pointed out. Other 987. Shot and killed by police in America last year at 990. Were arm down. Over 90%. So. You know what when they tell you to put the knife the gun whatever down down. It's an idea dew that's what we learned from this not the police are race just. But they do this for a living when they tell you put the gunned down doing its. Utility said. Is double life. The media so the exaggerations. Nineteen an arm black men shot the entire country last year 49 on arms Weytman. Never tell an appointment to federal and a perfectly good narrative. It pushes people over the edge and we have constant never ending coverages is if it happens every days of black men leave their homes and arm to get shot down just for being black. And when it comes from what a lot of people regard to be a credible media source. Unfortunately. It drives people crazy they don't realize they're being lied to to being used. I just hearing you latest example of this this is in Nam. New York a crazy man jumped onto the subway tracks and threatened to kill himself. All pro ranting for equality and social justice. Ultimately explain that he is attempted suicide nor had they were at risk to themselves eventually able to get him off the tracks before he succeeded. He said he wanted to kill himself. Alone in protest of the unfair treatment of women and blacks in this country. When Shane. Wishing this is how insane media drives some people. I can't come at you pink pussycat hats remember those. Yes well I don't you you wash US is wearing those anymore and that's because they have been deemed to be highly discriminatory. And so they have to go out. We went. This could be pink pussycat ahead. Excludes and is offensive to transgender women and gender non binary people. Who don't have typical female genitalia and the women of color because they're volvos are more likely to be browned and pink. So reports as if it's news USA today. Okay. Okay the founder. Of these hats organization appease them is now apologizing. For the exclusion and and he hurt feelings that she has collapsed. The game is doing it I don't understand how what what how was this a sensible OK let me explain this T. They pay the that the twist can heads word mom supposed to be female. Jack tell Andrea thank and that was because remember Trump's comments they grabs him by the book right so. They weren't created indirect reference and supposed to be a is that debt apparently was offensive and insensitive. Because transgender men men transgender people. They go from Ellis Tina are as much female. As people who have actually heavy equipment depicted by the hat. They don't have they equipment depicted by how is it makes them feel left out. As it is not fair and it's hurtful Saddam because it's a reminder. That while they are women. They don't have that came out Genentech present except of course does did you follow along this is so yeah those cities leftist wearing these had interest because they're no offense. Okay but this is is probably. As she does this tip created is the big push to get at the problem the most unfortunate choice of the color of the hat. Which is pink. Not as she did today that his offense because. It assumes that all female genitalia or are pained. We're effective may be brown. And so it is it is who is still it is still acceptable to Wear what he's had apparently. Around if you are brown. Are these so risk offending the change genders. Siebert but the yeah okay. So from USA today Smyth he's intelligent camera cannot Wear them. Anymore. I ray is suspect who read was when the craters there's a deathly understand that there are people that are concerned that the put pussy cat had pink cat head. Is very specific for people. With the giants. But it is a very specific things specific to when president tribes say she said. As good believed ad because it is pink. We checked to be only mean white women and that is a race and gender thing and this is oppressive. There. Okay beat pink pussycat had reinforces USA today says the notion that what many Eagles. The China or that vagina equals woman when both are in correct you don't have to have. The female genitalia to be one USA today explained to Jimmy stem cell. Said Dick so if you if you have one name. You may wanna dispose of it because it's now AM racist symbol of the patriot. Our key so it's jam your mental note this going to weekend Scott had tie Steve pink pussycat. Hat. Text sir race. Were. So I don't. Is that offensive.