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Tuesday, January 16th

U-Haul survey lists SC as 4th most popular state to move to; Trump sparring with Uniparty over immigration and shutdown; Survey shows women ogle men as much as vice versa


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Played good morning Sara Tucker Carlson making an excellent point on Fox News. If the left are such big believers. In no we should just take everybody on all the chain migrants from a country. And we should just do it Daiei. We're gonna take a certain percentage of people from you know each country and every year and we're not gonna look at their qualifications which we don't rate now for the most part except for certain visas. Which are limited. Then why doesn't go left if there's a strong believers in his policy. Implemented and the colleges and universities they ran. What we'll just dropped any sort of test score criteria for Harvard rate was struck that down it's no great pleasure raids which can take a certain percentage. Of people from different parts of the country will have. What will will run a Harvard Yale and Princeton and Cornell mostly is now rent exactly Laker immigration oxygen. And says you'll find out if you guiding and mom. You know what once the lottery comes back and it doesn't matter if your calls and is not a matter at all. Harvard will squirt just as high. There graduates will be just as successful as we pick them randomly. From the population. Rate. Just as big believers in this let's let's go and I bet that that would be say. That's today's un American to do it any other way. So we're managed wishes go ahead and you know if you get selected Garber and while you what you team in finish high school lets hate. Are you're not fluent English. Have been here fifteen years. Cable did you translator. Welcome to Harvard. You wanna go to school. Okay. Well we'll just net Gerri will whenever financial we will Willis offers the next person from zip code 212 night ago. And so was without big you would that way. They never did but that's what they're asking us to do with our country. It's some it's completely mad. It is. Meanwhile I see this the new U haul studies out. Yes and that we redesign of the United Van Lines well as they move before you. Right this is you all were you move humor before you they just ran to the trailer yet Brock. They detract at really interesting bomb to find out where the top destinations are for U haul it's much bigger sample 'cause they do more moving than united and my. Number one is popular movie destination country Texas. Okay and number two is Florida mom. Outlook there to test its net income tax generally that's funny. I'm number three Arkansas that's a little surprising you know I never fork South Carolina woman there you go yet numbers we had a trend we've got a trend going here. Sony and a then lined study dominates the South Carolina is the seventh most popular move to destination here's number force sound. Moving on up yeah I'm moving on up. Time is to any sect so newest questioning me about this idea of moving to Texas so we're seeing. It takes is number one destination cards to Hawaii is that. I worry well let's see where let's see where people don't wanna move to and compare. So called hell hole and well that's better than the alternative ideas yes. The tension these state now you people do not want him into this is the state with the least inbound moves according to U haul in the entire country horrendously you'll get it right. I will heighten it just guess you can't just guess most obvious the most obvious would be Kallis when their ego Ding Ding Ding Ding. Yet most at this with the says okay. California is losing population big California's. And terms of its huge it's huge. Just in terms of the number of jobs there they're should be in California 22. EI mean attract people and and they still did last. Then it's decides to stay you know I mean you think you would have obviously more jobs than one and Maynor RI some of the now. All those new green energy jobs I net as stray usually. If people would wanna move there for those sympathies printed up I'm strangely while it was this this is BM. The bottom the police moved to say it's a nation fact all of these are losing population. At least have to say the nation at California. Illinois. Pennsylvania. Michigan Massachusetts. New Jersey. New York mean well all blues states now interest and I wouldn't want to live now under a liberal regime of some kind I'm. Exactly but confused now. I don't understand. So people are fourteen states with liberal policies voting with their feet voting would give it won't end wooden. Why isn't the Republican Party incentives so conservative policies that. Sure seems I mean if you're under the troubled voting with your feeds them personally it was a live in these places. Amazing you know think about discriminate. In terms of what sap okay if you have to Texas. If you lived in Texas for the last. Fifteen years and you did not YouTube and you did not experience the Great Recession you don't know what that's like you've no idea they literally skipped. And worst in Texas is sitting in the growth rate of six point two of the worst Texas is done last fifteen years is 4% growth rate. The worst. And the words they just opted out of the Great Recession is what they did and you live near you don't know what that was like. Now of course things slowed and Texas still. Bomb but not like you address the country and you literally if you go back and live like they did in the eighties. Like Paris Reagan tax cuts when we would have huge growth Europe fear keep you can experience what that's like by just moving to Texas. Think about that with a six point 2% growth rate annual. Economic growth and without a hair bands back in the I don't even have to bring your your belly could if you once you wouldn't care. I'm so yes it does right take syntex is. Best case in the country right now probably growing around 3% or break Texas is twice that their economy. So even in a slowdown. You're way ahead of the game and you can make it taping him. And it you know and it's it did them it's it's it's drill its energy jobs. It's plentiful jobs it's no income tax. Yeah drilling in the Gulf Coast of Mexico there rightly wary does not ruin the tourism and Gerri at all somebody until the coastal mayors and Henry make disasters. Break we meanwhile South Carolina are growing at 2.4 percent. Bomb just slightly above California at two point wanna talk about the sometimes you think this is going on but people saloon to subtract I think it's because. The company Germany South Carolina because our wages are so allow me. And our workforce petition purposes facial rate is so bad that it depresses the wages and so you can't get work done here after pretty cheap. And so I think the companies are moving here because of that. And they're bringing Ijaz with them that than axis of magnet that's rankings don't I don't think it's like taxes plus the deals that the states and counties are doing with those businesses. Yet but every state does a Sauna on sort of a great idea so we must be doing a pretty good could or a well let me just can't but you can't beat that the wages of state and it is so low I mean that's why people are coming even professional. You know white hello wages are lower in the state. And reasoning get away with that is cost living Sola are now so I mean you know that works but that's I mean that is not a recipe for success long tar. I'll like Texas task. We look at even Florida. Refer its basket case governor all that mean no income tax what does decades and three point 6% grocery. Garza's 2.4 now. And so you can you can really see the difference in these states. An end note if you go to their he suffered during the Great Recession. I you can recession proof for Santa Anita is keep your job that you have your industry might wither but there's going to be others there's going to be alternative swearing in fairness it's it's gonna be healthy. Om and people are getting and they're going there. They want the country grab. And the democrats' policy is anti growth. And they even talk about economic growth to their voters of their they'll lose the primary. His economic growth as we know I mean that's that's when companies do well we can't have that course not because. Companies corporations are evil. Because corporations I mean if you give them a tax cut all they're gonna do was cable that money for themselves they're not border. Raise minimum wages and luckily give bonuses to their workers they're not good expanse oh wait a minute yeah they're doing all that. Like if we eliminate the income tax entirely by Texas look at them six point two. Percent growth rate. You know I mean that's that's jobs that's that's lifestyle less protection from recession that's you get to keep your job that he did to keep your house. That's I mean that is it's huge it's great for everybody it's great supports personal class is great for the upper class everybody wins. That's what it looks like and people want to live in places like that that's why they're moving their number one destination country. By the way good news JPMorgan Chase's CO. Jamie Dimon says not from supporter by the way he's democratic. Mr. invest further as a result of corporate tax reform the inactive enactment of tax reform the fourth quarter is a significant positive outcome for the country he said. In a statement the bank's fourth quarter earnings release US companies will be more compare. Globally which will ultimately. When hawk hey I'm US companies will be more competitive globally which will ultimately benefit all America this. Nancy Pelosi should I wasn't true now I mean that sounds like a Republican talking point there but he's a Democrat. Come. Let's redon and see how this works it's you have a fact every teens and three invested capital in the US. Will grow the economy. Ultimately growing jobs and wages. Free liberals that's what four people would be paid. If they were say a damn money and they need their mental anyway. We have always. Invested he said even in difficult times in our employees customers communities as a result this tax plan. We you'll be decreasing accelerating some of these investments. So we always do that but we're gonna have more now better rates. Break. OK so liberal Democrat Jamie Dimon. JB orange is. US companies get more competitive globally but we US companies why because we just do. And where's Occupy Wall Street now well but is ultimately benefit all Americans. The cumulative effect I just worry dissidence in the aren't liberals will go into a fetal position. It was in the ship and the Q all of this Democrat you morons. But you love the fact of retained and reinvesting chapel in the US will help grow the economy ultimately growing jobs and wages. There was say you cannot get rich. You cannot do and volume is sales would resell the matter. Without employing. Someone else. And paying them the going wage. In the industry to cost you pay people don't want to employ them. You can't you cannot do eggs you cannot get rich without employing people. In America is virtually. Impossible. Coming since retirement planning text lie detector rates as an eight in California I can tell you another California problem is it unions. It's strange how about states which is people are moving out of. On yeah I know that so those worn the states keep warm and out. The states with a net loss in population according to the U haul study. I never won it was California number two Illinois number three Pennsylvania. Number four Michigan number five Massachusetts these are all states with AM with with the biggest outflow of people everyone of them is net loss for the year. People are fleeing the ports and a New Jersey to New York. So leave it it it reads like a list of police Danny's blues stateless people don't wanna live. In place is run by liberals to the end of act. They knew they end up wax. And ECB growth rates for those places. Yeah its its abysmal. It is. PMP don't want to act. It's NA cell elude his New York. Didn't get guess would be York's growth rate is at the stock market New York City. No excuse for this New York's economic growth rate that's what the economy grows every year. One point 2%. One point 2%. It would cost to living here driven through the roof by taxi you can afford anything. See you hope you leave we go to Texas growth rate six point 2% the strain the lowest economic growth rate Texas hit. During the Great Recession was 4%. 4%. So that's that's doing crappy in Texas. Brady had grown at a six point 3% even Texas you don't experience recession the rest the country does she read about it but journalists like. Can they do business friendly ethnic and content. Of the texas' worst okay. South Carolina growth rate 2.4 percent so when there is eight a recession big says we can we hit hard and we didn't. We're gonna about the rate California's Wii video aren't here. Not Texas there's a cushion. This Texas is worse at 4%. It's almost twice what we're doing now in good economic times a South Carolina. Mission is simple. Look into report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis US Department of Commerce main reason is mining. Protects is number two is a minute I'm income tax. We did things we can easily do here in South Carolina but that would make too much sense. And so where exactly at us and impose coming has funny ways to get my they can just raise taxes they would on any new assignment and he does things. As respects. It I'd be summer she's. Married today's it makes grants. By Tucker. Carlson. I absolutely loved it's a little long it's long and I normally like to go but every. Everyone in this list. As he breaks down the real reason for the hysteria over terms suppose it. In safe but suppose it blank called comics. And why elites don't wanna have this debate on immigration here yeah it's today's ethnic Koreans. So why the people in charge hysterical about this is because trumps that something racially insensitive. We'll see just yesterday Nancy Pelosi dismissed the docket negotiation because they were too many white people involved in most people here didn't even notice. So left wing attacks is the basis of race are now common very common. So could it be they found it shocking the president would criticize an entire nation. May be but then the left has no problem bashing huge parts of this country. It could put. Half of trump supporters and do what I called a basket of deplorable is. Right. Their race says sex is homophobic examines all their. The Islamic saw bad. The tiebreak I don't call them. It's edgy you know overnight hamburger stand next or what. So I have a problem dismissing entire populations. So what is the real reason for the panic you're watching right now on cable television. Maybe it's because Trump's remarks are forcing precisely the kind of conversation our leaders don't want to half. He didn't do it on purpose it was accidental but he still raise questions they'd rather not answer like. Who exactly are we importing into our country how are they doing once they get here. Answer of course well their all of our victorious in war heroes in fact win more impressive and wait more American. Than you'll ever be so shut up. That's what we're told us or required to believe. What do that's not true. Last year the US accepted 23000 people from Haiti and 172000. From Mexico. Immigration from El Salvador has been so brisk in recent years and one in three salvadorans now lives in the United States. Has America become a better country as a result maybe. Maybe not maybe we ought to talk it through and decided before we continue with our current immigration policy. Leaders who actually cared about their people would do exactly that and yet our leaders just yell at us until we stop asking questions. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina released a statement today that uniquely summarizes how most of official Washington thinks about this subject. If this statement Graham dismisses the idea that America should even think about what kind of people it let's end quote. I've always believed that America is an idea Graham wrote not defined by its people. But by its ideals diversity has always been our strength not our weakness. America is defined by its ideals OK so what are those ideals that might be useful to know considering how important they are. We'll diversity is our strength is the only one our leaders seem to agree on the last we have in common somehow the stronger we are is that true. We better hope it's true because for betting everything on it. But there's a deeper problem with what senator Graham said quote America is not defined by its people. Really. What puts people think about that are they pleased to learn their leaders consider them merely a commodity a set of interchangeable parts. America's actual people with their actual families in towns and traditions and history in customs. May be surprised Florida there irrelevant to the success or failure of what they imagined was their country. According to Lindsey Graham you could take our entire population and swap it out for 320 million I don't know Chinese or Indians Africans or Canadians or people from New Zealand. And the place would be no different song is the idea was still there. Does anyone actually believe that. How about we test that idea starting with the US senate with South Carolina get the same representation from someone randomly select that in the phone book. There's Lindsey Graham would say the senate isn't defined by its people its really just an idea. Random select from the phone book instant. Tuck it away if randomly selected someone from the phone book. Instead of Lindsey Graham we did you she's Lindsey Graham or someone randomly selected from the phone book. The moment. No way this isn't space today. Lay I can't I but men if you listen the media lesser as men do nothing but walk around a prowler wryly. I'm looking for women and to ogle carrying an object to firing now as what they do. Pretty much well. I don't know how anything else in this country gets done and that's the cat is well apparently that's all we dual day is are you guys do on except hold on wait a minute. New study. Fines. That women and ogle men just as much as men ogle women. Real yes so it's equality there. There is equality there gender parity gender parity S. The researchers say the boat genders equally object to fight each other. And make snap judgments. On what they say. I kind of figured that's pretty much common sense them and. Married to women or object trying meant as much as men are objects for in women would not know that. To watch medianews reports now it would not mean this is the interesting part is just cracks me up the study also found that single heterosexual people. Are more likely to stare at people of the opposite sex but me people ten people or to say sex. Why they want them they wanna see if someone's around his significant other might be tempted to cheat with. OK I don't necessarily agree with that and now I understand the logic there. Attempt at logic there food so we just you know spread to stab published in the journal of personality and social psychology. Its civilian women equal opportunity. Offenders probably a government grant involved and I know I'm sure their wives. Mike from Greeneville good morning. Good morning Joseph did. All of that I had about China so they get their check money and property tax. It URL exit order belt all the proper equipment. Okay yeah out but if you look at the average property tax rate here. Where we have income tax here in South Carolina on average property tax reaching them pay here is about a third of Texas so he should getting off much better. On in Texas they are are are. Not a pure art there is that I had yell out OK don't retired Texas. You. Know I would not teenagers as these kind of your unbeaten big you know you know attention about this I looked this up because anywhere on the line. And you look at. The states with the higher height the total tax burden if you if you measured Texas is still near the bottom for the whole country or even with the higher property tax rate rate. The highest in the country New York. Twelve point 94%. Texas is like 7%. And then you don't like and you look at this is Minnesota's 10% can tag is 10% new Jersey's 10% Rhode island's 10%. California's nearly 10% and so it reads like a list of all of the states that you'll says people are full. Orders or. Net niece who. Is 10%. Now that they're doing that what what are pretext because there in context just one out op. Yeah this is a combat this is a whole tech guard assistant professorship or what you knew what yeah that's what I'm looking at this is this everything property tax sales tax. You know. Your charter you know like most expert in war so you're good. Yeah absolutely especially. A way to property tax is om is is done here where they put more of the burden on around you know well when Lawrence. Vacation homes. You know you get if you onto a house is is we learned we get clocked here. Which is actually not a good thing because we got out the landlord business in South Carolina because I mean a property taxes were such and second house that. I mean we we can barely breaking even. My brother while we're in it also involved as charter at about seven years that got caught. Oh you don't get tied I won't mess you up but he had to pay back all of that I knew they was not a happy. No. No that's sun yes so I don't I think it's a bit of a strange way to doing here but you know hang. And that's that's the South Carolina does Ari but anyway they even some easing Greeneville now though no surprise. He's not in Texas anymore. So there again bomb. OK so as any in the meantime. At Wii is suing Allison library trump is tweeting and this morning he's tweeting me and Monica and you suffer while here's what he has to say. Unemployment for black Americans is the lowest ever recorded. Trump approval ratings with black Americans have doubled. They Q&A little dead even much better. About what Yemen to tell you about diet that that. Percent of black Americans a set of overturn this is his his double which is awesome but so I'm still presented superstar yeah Abbott stuff on the G. You know our anyway. Try suite 9% of Tron 2070 nude news coverage was negative and much a bit contrived. I. We've got a whole Russian collusion going guided that is entirely contrived. I in fact he mentioned that when government to go do you real do you notice the fate he's mainstream media never likes covering the grade and record setting economic news. But rather talks about anything negative they can we turn into negative the rest inclusion heads instead except as it pertains to Democrats. Public. Gets it. You know if you look at the left wing media right now UC all of this rising in pain this hand wringing you'd think this country is going down the well you know that word evaluate yet. Besides not bad at all. Bomb. To sweep the day that's why shut down the government over amnesty for all and border security. The Biggest Loser will be our rapidly rebuilding military and it's time we need more than ever we merit based system of immigration when you now know more dangerous Larry. T think this one I was Saddam government evidence I do I want to Democrats had to go for it and I'll tell you why is not be like any of the shutdown we have ever had. Because every time we have to shut down the Republicans go. Sorry we gotta say this is that you played not us. And then in the Democrats. Start you know a parade of people who are gonna die because the government sent out rate well Scott Twitter chat voice and he's not afraid to fight. We never did a good government shut down before. What we the national Republican leadership who will make an argument. For our side silly we don't know what that's like. In my work out okay. You know what I'm saying Annie I just I I think shutting down over amnesties awesome let's let the let's let's let the public seat with the Democrats in fort. Well it will. It will depend on whether the Republican leadership. Will actually correctly framed the narrative on the debate live here and that's what I'm afraid not open trump will now he's are doing he's are already doing. And again with 35% of Democrats. Only 35% Democrat supporting shut down. Democrats like I was so this poll only 30% of Democrats who support this. Let's habit good why don't we spend a week forcing week to week whoever forcing Democrats to justify the MC. Let's do. Let let's let's spend we do that because we trumping charge. We're gonna have a T cited debate it's going to be all. You know 55 million on one side post media and him on the other but you know cases that's a fair fight. Just think if the if this country has to look at Nancy Pelosi and do and and Schumer and and Dick Durbin and the like. For an entire week on that I think that would quickly tire of also too much. Let me just the stump argument. We must pass security is another tweet has from an hour ago we must have security are very dangerous southern border and we must have a great wanna protect us. And help stop the massive inflow drugs porn into our country. Big bet. Wait you're shutting down the government over border security you Sherry you wanna do that. Down. That may not end well I don't think so. I I think this will illustrate I want to spend a week let's keep intermission down to three weeks are spent at times being amnesty was still at. Let's do it but trump tweeting all way. And as a well I wanna have a debate when you don't have I think they're gonna lose big time. To something trump tweeting all the way that that sounds like a song yes. So you know they're the whole tribe said you know as whole thing I mean nearly nine gateway another few days out that maybe few hours yet they can't sustain that for a month that he. Let's have a real debate in which people and you know you can see how dangerous this is because you know Dick Durbin came on said you can't use the word chain migration because it's racist. Because there are mines African Americans of how their ancestors came to the US. That is one of the biggest stretches political stretches I've heard a long long time well especially since he's was recorded using the word chain migration in the speech. On the floor of the senate in 2010. You know I'm saying so that makes determine -- he's guilty yeah but. Britain but here's the thing. The reason that they're trying to make the word chain migration racist. Is because they don't want you hear that word because they don't want you know how our immigration system works. That tells you everything you need to. But is and you actually knew our immigration system works and they learn more about that last six months than in the previous sixty years I think. Bomb that tells you they're scared. The day can't have the truth coming out and search and it sure it hurts incisive look good let's let's let's strip that government up. This is gonna be awesome if Cha cents a government out. It's not the national parks are gonna close carried out which day should Downey PA yeah you know joy should only FBI. While there's you know there's an idea and listen apartment and injustice. Description there are you'll be great. Which we should Don Mueller. Oh that's right sorry no investing doesn't actually. Do it was surge out. Well I can think of so many things I wanna shut out this could be so much fun. Text your instant your entrance is the greatest commander in tweet. We have ever head. This is your race the editing of the shutdown of the government is let's not let it be a paid vacation from the federal employees and get paid. They don't get paid when they are not working cash allowed him to. At which is unfortunate. Texture reached your limit trust playing chess and world playing checkers. Be interesting to see Adam how. It all plays out but I'm voting for trapped and other tech stories Olympus. Abbott said he they showed a winner noble men. As much as men or goal and objective by women since it's a two way street. Text your rates. I let that women object to men looking at them. And they get up and spend 45 minutes each morning getting pretty L well. Buried there is some truth in that tax. Tester race. I would never hit a woman but pretty policy I could make an exception PS I'm not sure she is. A woman I should abide actually endorsed her eyes is she's real weird. I'd sex or race. Jerry's both sexes but there are three sex is now free female and I actually asking Peyton fate if FaceBook is a couple dozen. Text your race. Yet Jerry campers here we would be much better served by B random phone book selection. So says Brian. And I talking about Tucker Carlson talking about we don't just randomly selects somebody disservice or sender from South Carolina by picking a random person at the phone book. So why are we running our immigration system like that. At tech stories let's go to random phone book right yeah over Lindsey Graham I would tip. Better odds of getting these are represented. Let's go to random phone book and less joined a down the chamber of commerce of course. And it is sure to pick me pick me I'll do a better job than flimsy for half the money. Check your race. If you pick someone randomly from the phone book he might get in illegal immigrant. Ice so let me do we're going year re receivers when I'm elected to congress before you know it. In what uncertainty no that doesn't he's not legally allowed no web so who cares when we full blown his country. Never. Right now what is something you know party wants. Dexter rates. And and written again. And just advanced I'm sorry. Tester race. Your momma she said when I was born she was not told I was record soared to support the world's for the people. Who did not want to work the Bible says. That he should determine in there are heard what to give not had a compulsion or reluctantly for god loves a cheerful giver. You wind happy about my taxes. Dexter raced here we still have photo looks. I use. An example. It's. As certain parts they were irate wrapping up to showed today. But here's what's going on this tiny it's in now. From and so Lindsey Graham. Is willing to tell the media unequivocally that trump did use the sole word that he did make those comments. Amelie many of them. And so far. Lindsey Graham is not been willing EG. He's not he he he had and he says he gave trouble lecture. He says. When they actually did or did he not say it in your first and a senator Tim Scott Tim Scott McClellan is Graham told me that with the media is reporting is basically dribble basically true is not true. Basically accurate decent. Basically accurate is not accurate. So even Lindsey Graham won't say for certain auto record intra set what does that tell he. Their line. Their own line. Considered terrified. That the house bill will pass and we'll end chain migration. That's nine million people per decade. Who come here regardless of job experience. Literacy. Ability to support oneself. Wiped off the books NSA disaster McKinnell that's so what's going on here easy to understand our have a great rest of the day.