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Thursday, January 18th

Effects and aftermath of snow in the Upstate not that bad; America winning under Trump


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Play good morning terra to get an okay yeah I'm. Pretty much. Went so what was the drive like Iran from the compound an energy fix tackling well it's compound in weather center Eddy actually out there wasn't too bad because some most of the roads were pretty dry the interstate 85 coming up I was interested to see that there are still they've treated it very well they've got a lot of the the board of the brine solution is what ever on some of the IC areas and downed Dallas. Could have been a speed limit ride if you wanted to take it at that but you can definitely see there was the potential for some black guys in some of the areas. But you know the thing is where I'm coming from we didn't get as much precipitation. Do get closer degree below and also north through north and east into the upstate and now more more than some of the residual. Water than evaporate Renault. You know got onto the runway yesterday. Now is I stopped not so much down where I live but. Definitely more so around Greenville Spartanburg area and there are still some of the you know the secondary roads and smaller roads that have not been scraped are treated and that's to be expected as we just don't anticipate this. Exactly. Exactly well I was pleasantly surprised driving interest in some military enemy that tried to day year thinking about coming in a word cannot shorten your not gonna do you sums and bombed out it wasn't too much different than any other day am I was simply shocked actually advance her. That again how am like yeah I have cleared the reds where is so I mean if you're if you're thinking and and you know of exceeding and there's really not a lot of ways to exit since bill. Com on your scuffle town Levon red. I'll go right ahead if it was say shockingly clear this morning there is some black ice out area. Com but I tip had big enough to grab both my tires. Just one and missed the black ice is on on the side of the road or India know that the middle lane where you would use to turn city just stay out of that it's like would your Fred. Same thing completely clear in the lanes. On that dissection on travel which is a pretty long section which report road and I'm gonna just one envoy to middle turn lane if you can't has is a lot of black ice there. Com but I'm the worst sections of ice in that I encountered. And you know maybe I should have perhaps file a complaint with OSHA. Is in our parking lot here so I he had to avoid 163 W already word parking lot you should be sonic. And your way. In to work says I'm yeah I expected to be a lot worse I got up early today. Thinking I'd have to you know and he 1015 all the way in or whatever stupid midnight up yeah Cheryl. And seven to abandon. It purely because I am I didn't I was able to do yeah dip refuse unified template speed and and that's all had to do and that was really an over abundance of caution records on the speed limit. That was more honestly yeah because the deer than anything else. That's true and that they they just they just about lately I don't have to Cole's got them all hip temper what you know it's cold there won't get out and he move and I don't know arms around. Yes so. And in I inevitably ends up with some full Blair and their they're braids behind me telling me. On the way to work down you know like scuffle town staff and I'm like. You try this at night my studio. You know why do the speed limit. Trust me don't out of the deer that a hood ornament there ACL or through the eyeball now dealers through the eyeball you know any. And AK yak is an I don't know I've probably nearly nailed wanna dozen times in. Say myself because I wasn't doing the speed lament and and you know folks are used to seeing them out there during the day but they are absolutely out of my that's my address so slowly said. To those who tell me a couple times a month and a work. Eat you may not like being blessing in your life and it's from the collision with dealers said they got a but that was more or about the deer in the eyes this morning said the thing about coming in from. Independent from Simpson fill it go ahead to an also by the way out of fourteen. Is is good lay out heavy drug that yesterday. And so late afternoon when that you know Larry the kind of known for its freezing up getting it was it was pretty clear by the NTC issue should be fine don't hesitate. You you put kids in the car you feel good about that. Everything's got. Is what I would tech sent me she get out there and Anderson. You know we got like about may be called. In to have two inches. That was about the Internet and dot com my daughter was a new pictures from charmer with a got over six inches. CC music is up with that now. Loves snow. Lived there I mean yeah lately any name and European and three inches six inches seven inch and what he never did I wanna live there and that. This was a mice no because there was very little sleet. Or freezing rain and fault dead is likely to John zero. Yet you know and and even this morning when I was going out one of the vehicles not. Was walking the stove news it was still you know what just looked crystal and it wasn't slushy and added wasn't crusty. Like it usually is around here because we usually have either some sleet or freezing rain on top of the snow after its and start to taper off. But it was just slow. Yep which is which is so which is really nice. So. And I don't know if you remember this from when from when your kids were little EE always pray for not a mess he's focused they got to go out Gary and you can't tell him what. Guys it's like half Mikey did and Matt King until they got it up. So I knew when I got home yesterday. Alone and that's why I say a little later and got some might worked on because I knew once I got there it was going to be nothing and but dripping wet floors him and load after load of laundry. But tell not to go out I mean too much you know what I mean so out they went and and the laundry we did all afternoon and it was my day yesterday. An N yeah you have kids are they got a big big come in over and over and over against you finally get the clock before cleans up and bam. Feel like they got a sensor. Source claiming. I kid you don't. Need. That's what this does force I knew it. Case say he had good time had piled up. Com so what are you found what what does it look like out there I would like to hear from folks. He could text me if you want if you're still too groggy to to Colin if you wanna call an 803471063. On average on year you know how many inches of snow did you get especially in the far flung environs. And dumb you know are what what do roads look like we do it trees down where you are so way here. We had a black guys at their roads impassable tainted Downey you know gig and a that's the kind of thing elements as we can let folks in the upstate note if they're traveling that route when it looks. But does go let's just totally gonna rule this morning in Greenville proper lessons malaria Simpson Larry yeah I'm but I know was enormously and I know the story so well. That this still I still say that there's a Tony the side streets and no secondary roads where most of the buses travel that would still be somewhat of an issue today and it's just not worth over you think even in town yet while months twelve that is intake side roads may Marion town right so I'm I really am not that familiar with the downtown environs of agreeable proper. During the winter weather in some usually on the main roads by two I do know that out on some of the secondary roads in the country roads did there still could be some issues out there and ask for a lot of those buses go. Absolutely speaking of not being too familiar with downtown environments. Here in Greeneville. One guess what it looks like everybody from Portland. And Houston and San Fran it is. To see this. But this is an and I don't want to upset anybody today but this is this is bad easily this disease this is this is not good this is not good enough did you see what happened we were out we were featured. Unfortunately. Indy Washington Post as a great undiscovered destination now. Yet now OK if we did feature detail like national review. As a great undiscovered location fine by me OK but the Washington post's knocked it. Mad get. Using your words like Smart growth. Smart growth Smart growth Ari is there dom growth. Yet job growth is what happens in red states. Susanna out yet say Smart growth. You know usable public spaces you know the buzz words right that the left likes them. They and their sustainable since I got that engineered to it was a nightmare I'm OK so yet and so foods seem great foods seem. Mountain view's. It's an iMac so I mean the word is out as out in the wash imposed. And any you know Ed and the only people who read that are folks who don't know what's fake news. And so Darryl liberals they have no idea and as so forcefully that the word is getting on all the wrong places about about green. So on I don't weren't about this. But done. But but this is this is not printed this is the third time in in the last what 34 months this happened we're doomed we are so doomed. Let's hear from you about your ear right in. It's waking up but tinian to figure out what's going on she's going to Wear today issued Gerris taking the kids somewhere elect can stuff. On the if you Simpson's jealous right driven from palm just didn't couldn't we could really clear writing. Levon road. Highly fourteen. Scuffled sound and Woodruff all looking really clear lines like stay at a center lane analyzer says so much by price they're me because they're not as much used as theater. Elaine Abbott didn't really say drag and not too much different than any other particular. Day on the way there's a little bit of black ice to one side of the road. But not enough to hit by attacks so yet you can do you can actually feel confident about. Wrote on on into work this morning Joshua good morning. Yes my tugged. I don't know a couple of law aren't. Outrage equally or outlets are our and then there was no right. It is pretty clear there. Good good good what are Arnold gee we're on any back roads or anything you wanna warn anybody about. Well that particular one at camelback critical act any. You know Matt Matt that's flat at all right that's been only in yet they were all cleared. Awesome and then that says it's great. Yet that's that's this really good job is so if you're right Philly Joshua and I. You're coming in from from Lawrence this morning thank you Joshua for the for the record that it sounds like you should be in pretty good shape. And let's show a jump on any comes as retirement planning takes line use him travel planning for this morning. Tester race. Boiling Springs Spartanburg three or four inches of snow back roads are bad this morning secondary roads have large patches of black ice but are passable. Main roads are okay. Thanks for the things that the report appreciate that of the text your rates I guess is done. Similar backgrounds and Boiling Springs or she device but when you on the main road it's finding. Penitentiaries from Pickens date is still agreeing Miller are definitely some dangerous spots mostly good though. And other text erased cherry using the term black lace is racist now. And don't laugh and don't get bitten do is do this is using the term chain migration is racist. But his Africans came here in chains season we did we can not talk about the nine point three million people. It came here not based on merit in last decade but based on known somebody who was your beer related to. Again about that because it's a race to set its raison says Dick Durbin. Text your grades K 414 in northern tiara is as travelers rest. Is bad. 25 is very good. What the heck is as CNN's history is what Aggies as he DOT doing more work on 85 south Iran except fourteenth. In this weather. That it takes to raise road from lay Greenwood through Clinton to Spartanburg clear that's going to. Chester race. Good morning chairman and Marianne Jones drove to 76 all the way through travelers rest passing Furman University now on poison highway roads are in fair condition. Just stay in me tired track claims secondary roads. Forget about it LL of the show so says mark off thank you mark. Just and distaste safe safe safe on your you're driving. Six straight to work ahead of schedule and under budget speed limit drive portion Donaldson sensor missile. In parentheses that jester race. You know are into doubt wondering 803471063. Text line 713. 07 still love to hear from you you are our eyes and our ears this morning JR from Inman is calling and AJ AJ aren't. Hey don't go. Kind of slick superior oil in the about anybody lives of ground or relative which stretch if Joseph or England. You know most. It was pretty rebels summer. They would summon secondary language or wrote. Well okay. Com any reds particularly when I'd caution folks about to air. No came down in Manama Gurode and it was so. Both black short. Should we care how many a how many inches you get women. Robert Horry for nearly. Yes so about double we got sensible. Irate bill alone there are voted. The only other yellow. Suggesting on my yard JR yeah where the kids are not allowed to come in to use the bathroom and they've played this now makes too much mass. Yeah it does very well JR I say stay safe. You know his dressing event they're thanks for the draft report certainly appreciate 803471063. Techs like 713. 07. OK I carry a tournament doing a segment but but I I wanna get the traffic conditions have been first for folks. Plan and their drive this one because I know this is when your upper most in a radio trying to figure out what's what mourners Wear. Com but but I wanna get into some just amazing. Amazing news that we have this morning and you know just what you know that this is this is only beginning of his country. Of what we're gonna see in the coming years and an Iran and literally so excited this morning I can jump out of my skin and it and it and I never thought that I would see things. Com the good news about my country and we knew was possible. Home for many years I never thought I would see this going to be cut agonies rescind naming every day at second when Americo. And now are really not I'm not exaggerating I do a miracle started around midnight on election night. What I said back in my husband sharing tears and I tears running down my face it was assigned read tears ran down my face of pelican wash America. I had not talking about trump winning. Hassan a perfect person sorry about him. It is about him but it's but it's not ultimately it was her feet. And the defeat of the naysayers to defeat those as south carolinian packet down. Onetime Democrat pollster worked for Jimmy Carter. But still a fine fine political minds. Describe recently in an interview on talk radio they they were picking me off the bones they were managing decline the country. They had made a decision in Washington. The decline was national policy. Anything else was silliness Hugh Hewitt cook and he declined. They all started Friday they don't stop talking about creating jobs your member might conversation with my liberal pollster friend in North Carolina. Just recess but Japanese haven't you have to have a job legal wind coupon would be sure to Hannity. And have a jobs plan well nobody talks about jobs and the economy anymore why. I said this was no about four years ago I just depresses people. We don't talk about winning. Welcoming the next general talk about winning. It was always possible. It was always that possible and it's happening so pumped for our country. We governor Henry Mick disaster. On board with the with the whole weight he got the memo. About what's going on with the winning and we need to get him the message. Irate. She calculators are liberals read is to mass. Yeah racing meth. With eleven my heart because really you're listening and it must be painful for you it is really hard to listen to something that questions her world view many do you do when. Office is for the pleasure of beating me up on the text line that's fine. But I think deep inside you somewhere. Subconsciously. No I'm Mary just haven't psychologically developed the ability yet to face it that's okay. That's okay. Is to have an economics lesson Canada economics lesson nanny got schools was not your fault. That your in her. What little emphasis in terms you can understand her liberal you're a victim. Area and I got your attention. You're picked you're a victim of those who've like you for so many years. About what makes people prosperous. And the reason they lied to me. Is because their vision doesn't work it never has. I don't have to lie about my economic vision. Improve it. And I flyby capitalism works. It is the greatest. Equal opportunity program ever invented. Let's have an example of this. Apple's CEO. Tim Cook a liberal. Not turned supporter. Just asked me is mind boggling one company. It into apple just announced that it will be repatriating. The vast majority. Of the 30252. Point three billion that's billion would be. Dollars. In cash holdings. That we're just sitting overseas edges they're sitting. Okay we are roughly 15% according to CNBC fifteen roughly 15% of what would be your economy. Sitting off sees a optional offshore hiding. From a tax me. And the highest at ten corporate tax rates in the industrialized world is a win that money you liberals is sitting in aid. Out. Think our calculators we is brilliant in explaining just what to. Art is good I I don't hate corporations rates so let us is just a person examine his corporations what percentage. All of that cash. Does the US government. Okay it's 00%. Zero dollars and zero cents a pays you can't hurt the cat corporations you hate mindlessly for no reason. If your offshoring them. Kate you like Korb you wanna punish them you want the money detects car first. They try and Republicans just slashed the tax tree. And apple. Want so badly to invest in the United States of America get it this not in mind boggling. Example of how wrong Obama last many facts and when I don't and a country where you gain of the Jaffna we must do that here there's just dead. Give but Kuwait's. But she's managed declined to conch country managed decline ninja declined manage or decline is such as Tim was Jeb Bush to use that phrase mentioned managed to decline. With the GOP leadership tip. And if he was wrong. Apple wants so badly. So badly to manufacture and America. That two to invest to repay tree to bring back to our shores the 252 billion dollars it has parked overseas. There are willing to make a what I. 38 billion dollar billion A week tax pain. Has his work well in the tax plan is it okay you're right no money over our shores. So world is you bring it back in at a 15% rate. They went OK we want so badly to invest in your eye sees America will pay 38 billion dollars into the treasury okay so liberals. You with me. Com if we have not and it's because it was self she was only to help the corporation grabbed 1% if we have not done this the 38 billion dollars would still be part. Are caught off shored to. Wells who yet. 252. Billion dollars. Coming home vast majority of it says apple CEO Tim Cook. They're in new investments. In the country do directly to the tax cuts. Well contribute 350. Billion dollars to US economy. CNBC reporting couple weeks ago on average a two billion dollar investment by corporations are cut economy creates 7000 jobs. Each two billion dollar investment in our economy creates 7000 jobs they're investing 350 billion. They are directly contribute that. Into our economy about 55 billion this year alone one company what the heck he's gonna happen the dam breaks this is just the beginning folks. Disney. So let's let's apple CEO Tim Cook. About what we don't we and not your support what why or why you notice so it sounds like this is ABC news. It Trump's tax bill has been a huge windfall for apple their chip parts of tax bill right there's a corporate peace and an individual case I do believe the corporate tax side will rule resulted in. Job creation and a faster growing economy. Although it's lifted. All votes lifted. Wages go up economy grows jobs create 20001. Pop that would not happen. So why. I'm sorry Dave C showed some good apple Apple's CEO Tim Cook and and I just take the audio from ABC so why did you liberals to. If you hear Fox News intern in my diaper when you hear from ABC this is Tim Cook on ABC. Without these policy changes. Would you be able to announce today the creation of 20000 new jobs. No they're clearly you let me be clear bearable but there are large parts of those that are result of the tax reform. And. Okay. So Tim Cook. There was the Gordon you leave you liberals and to clearly evil because he's you know associated with the corporation a major way. To say thirty billion dollar committed to making it thirty billion dollar repatriation repatriation. Payment to the IRS. That but for Trump's tax policy we would not have. So I am it is the largest ever one time repatriation tax payment in US history. Tell us in M why why did what do you not 300. Fifty billion dollar investment over the next five years you are bringing billions of dollars back to the United States to spend here. How would you be spending that money. We'll make the largest. Tax payment of its kind. To the US government as a result of the repatriation. Change. And will spend 38 billion there and I'm sure that will be used for for. Purposes of jobs or infrastructure and and so forth and then you know we're putting another site. In the US we're thrilled to announce that today we're lifting and manufacturing fun that we traded last year from 1000000005. Billion. We're thrilled what we've seen so far these are businesses that we can help expanded United States or set up operations for the first time in the US. I don't. I'm so excited wreckage of a jump out of my skin is just one company they're gonna followed by a boatload. Now let's assist current explained he's not a conservative. He's a liberal and he struck. But this is Tim could explain denounced you liberals okay and how they used to manufacture overseas but a lot to it. But our corporate tax rate kept them here take a listen he's explained why. All of this money is coming back why he wants to manufacture so battling in the US he's willing to pay 38 billion dollar tax penalty just to come back. We we sell two thirds of our products are two thirds of our revenues come from international countries. And so we we make two thirds of our profits are more outside the United States. Also remember apple hit continued ton of criticism for manufacturing in China. And so. What we've been advocating for for wild is the ability to bring that. We've got a huge penalty we've always felt very comfortable with paying a lot in taxes just not a it's not a huge huge and and we do we like. The repatriation. Agreement with on the corporate tax side and we're gonna bring the vast majority out here. And do things life that you're sitting in right now wind in. This facility in Reno. And investing here and we're investing in a lot of other places in the United States. This is high paying jobs is manufacturing. The job trade under Obama. We're to rest majority of them weren't they were part time jobs in retail. Crap work. Nothing you could ever used to get a leg up that's not what this is this is the apps now let's let's refresh is our our our our mind. What did. Nancy Pelosi. Minority leader in the house say about this bill let's contrast that with her fellow liberal. Tim Cook. This GOP tax scam that is separately it's that. Monumental. Brazen. Theft. An apple just agreed making 38 billion dollar. Tax one time tax payments repatriate 252 billion dollars for theft. Thefts. Theft. Genuine ignorance slot. Right let's continue. From American middle class and from every person who aspires to reach. Did GOP tax scam is not a vote foreign investment in growth or job. Is it vote to install a permanent. Topless seek in our nation. They'll be cheering that later. Oh we are honey we are. What's it look tonight to Adam thing here. Any place you want to warn folks about. On the way and dear fellow AW already family members. A solid and a Texas gives call. 803471063. Text line 713. Those seven let us know what it looks like out there I was pleasantly surprised driving interest in Seville this morning and left early because I really thought I have to go slow and I hit icy patches and didn't. We believe how clear the roads where there really did a great job remained nature didn't I don't know. But Joan but yeah I mean would your fruit was a breeze. And John even as secondary roads would leave on scuffle town and I really was worth about zero the two lane country roads. My heels of similar bridges are fine Mina bridges were clear. So I mean if you're coming from Simpson bill I wouldn't sweated I'd I'd come on in. But let's hear from you rights are not the case apparently in a lot of others other places folks coming in from. Boiling Springs says Spartanburg they're seen all of you know large patches of black ice you know passable but secondary roads kind of a less so depends depends where you lift. What you're gonna see. Alone. So. Text your race Tim Cook apparently has an agreement with the federal government as to where Apple's money's gonna be Spence and not our. Military so may I have an agreement with my where my taxes go up not just speculating in an interview. Come on you know what the government would spend the 38 billion dollars on. That's you know being repatriated. This week me and ended this to take away because I keep waiting for somebody. To make his point. About what what this really I mean it's incredibly exciting. A total 350. Billion dollar investment in the economy in the American economy. Com. Apple willing to pay 38 out especially your super political leaders told us. Well we're knocking manufacturing. Food now don't we just in hearing more risk to be a service economy. Ever Barack Obama side yet refuting trump. There's not convening manufacturing jobs. People are coming back to America it's over he's just lie until. Obama sect member that. Winning facts all along it was our consisted Torre. Tax policies that were blocking these companies. End apple and Tim Cook want to come back here from China which way Apple's take anti heat for manufacturing in China. They want to invest so badly in this country. They are willing to pay thirty. Billion dollar onetime tax payment. Three peachtree 25052. Billion dollar shot that means everything they ever told you was a lot. Mail decided they weren't gonna talk about jobs and fixing the economy anymore. Your campaign speeches and campaign ads is just upset people. Middle decided that they had managed decline know you what they decided they decided to have a decline. There's more profitable. For their donors. And they rip this country apart they destroyed economically. This is the beginning to recover. This is the beginning they were recovering. Apple said it would invest thirty billion dollars in capital spending in the US over five years it would create more than 20000 jobs. Total economic investment in pact. Would be 350 billion. To bring in our money back overseas we don't know entirely yet what they're gonna do it to bring him back. So they're obviously gonna invest here and you wouldn't pay thirty billion dollars to not turn around invested in invested. He would think that rich people keep money in the bank account has been the dumbest thing you can do with money. You invested in an asset I had an owner of a seat on the York talk it stock exchange tummy onetime never forgot. It was a very wealthy man self made he's terra even if I was an ogre and I hated people and I want it to anybody yet. I wanna employ anybody I know choice you cannot sell enough widgets what every show you cannot do enough volume to become wealthy in this country. Without hiring some. And just. Com you know if you wanna pay low wages. And I can get somebody orthodox. And this this is gonna cook put. Competition is brutal we fight for sales people all the time you're gonna com with other folks are across that the you know that the city. We do that's how capitalism works you cannot get rich without lifting others. Even if your a Scrooge and you don't want to. And matter. No matter who you are you have to have people work for you to make. A profit on a larger scale to become wealthy you can add to elect you have to lift others that's how capitalism works. How works and we're seeing this with what mr. could do nothing about this. This is just one name company. 55 billion dollar investment. In the economy in year one. They gonna invest eight total of 350 billion in the US economy courting a wall street journal of the next five years. Again I never aids each two billion dollars invested in the US creed 7000 jobs. All of that you lives. We Winamp will when it. We wouldn't have it and you that selfish.