The Tara Show - 1-18-18 - Hour 2

The Tara Show
Thursday, January 18th

America winning under Trump; Lindsey Graham holding Americans’ security hostage over amnesty for millions of illegal aliens; The Battle of Brooklyn and the value of not giving up


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I'm Nancy Pelosi. On Fox News. I just didn't tax cuts he added a corporation they just got beat the guy at the big payoff for their Republican buddies in these gave crumbs everybody else. Me and this is it's crops. I'd like a 2000 dollar crown Niemi to. Meet you as a swing 500 dollar employee bonuses and apple. Crum and a half men from the quarter idea. Here's more crimes. And I'm sure needed to people who get these jobs will consider them crimes high paying. Jobs. Apple 20000. On new jobs that would not have been created just one company. But for the trump. Tax cuts 20000. Jobs. In the US. And rushing to get a bit. Because is apple repatriated to their 52 billion dollars cash rate that otherwise would they they were gonna continue hiding in overseas. So what are you know what they're going to die yet the market is abuzz they're speculating that they me you know investing Netflix and they may do the things we don't even know. What they're gonna do with that. So all of the 20000 jobs is just what we know of now. Alma and again as CNBC figure on average it's a couple weeks into billion dollars of investment in the US creates 7000 jobs they're going to invest at least 252 billion. He's a mind boggling leave this just one company. You know one company and there's been several that have announced expansions. Bonuses pay increases. But to take away your I think I said this must segment me is that I'm delighted we've been told for so many years. By Obama by laughed it's over nobody wants to invest here and amphibious tourist economy which can manufacturer can't do anything were paralyzed. Palm and apple wanting to have to invest so badly in this country they're willing to pay a one time repatriation tax fee of 38 billion dollars not million billion. Just to bring their money back. That's how badly. Companies want to invest in our country we still got it we always did them. It was only Washington staying in his standing in the way that those tax policy it was our stupid tax cause I can't tell you over ten years how many liberals have called B. And said. Warn you you're still really elite thirty some percent tax you. Yeah this they moved things around so you know you can't say dad you really matters is they are really pay it has society really mattered to admit you chumps now. I mean really mattered and and worse and almost immediately. I'm Willis the tax bill passed. Me the most like the end of December what is this is what January 18. Yet this is one company I mean gosh decreed 121000 jobs. And put 38 billion dollars into the treasury. As you always say Lee. Had to turn tax bill not passed that would be zero dollars and zero cents isn't exactly that money. It 202 billion dollars that apple was hiding offshore Woodward would remain part. They're bringing it back thirty or 30% of zero is still zero is still zero court math tests are just takes more steps to had a good. I'm yet it's still zeros C. So that money is coming back. Is coming back then. And and this is you need this one and he it would afford doing a whole tax could think just create it 20000 jobs from this one company. Analysts point out here that corporate taxes were reduced. Which means that they we got now more money coming into the Treasury Department as always happens. Right and and we finally our tax policy. Is outrageous. Now thank you a liberal government of Canada is a very liberal parliament right now yeah. That they're socialists and their sub describes socialism I'm hiding it like our. Democrats their and it's great and they're debating. Raising their corporate tax rate to 19%. Raising its craziest 19% it's still are telling us exactly ice is 21 so you know they did I don't want to the treaty impression. That this is OK a egg capitalistic tax policy by any sense of that any sense of the word not on our socialist friends to the north. Al wouldn't dare go between went. And that 2% difference when you're talking about multimillion or multibillion dollar corporations as huge as a lot of money on and a. It is absolutely huge and the thing I am most excited about with this league is that it's. And Cindy this you for a long time it is at our side since Ronald Reagan has never made an argument whenever you're right we have never educated and then we turnarounds. And we say skulls full mush. What are we supposed to now. Obama was out there grand mostly lying to people every he was always explaining as a trump explains himself that's why they hate him that's why they fear him. Bush kid. The Karl Rove strategy on what will never gonna respond matter how much they lie about it. Yet we know what you failed to educate an entire generation Amylin Nielsen and they didn't get economic education is cool so how the heck are they supposed to now. Yeah I defend them because it's not your fault or ignorant or victims. They do we are victims and so you know this is the best chance we have had to educate an entire generation on economics. Arm and trump are unlike the Republican leadership. Is taking a chance and he's he is educating people. He's explaining he's taking credit he's panning in out again and again and again and again tax cuts create jobs tax cuts trade jobs. Spurred the economy less money for the government everybody wins and they're gonna see their paychecks and coming here and the Democrats are scared to death about this. Idea I'll play again later play the audio from Philip hearings last time longtime advisor to Hillary Clinton. And he was giving what was supposed to be closed door meeting. Strategy meeting on getting them colonials to vote for them and somebody locked out of the video and put it on line he was he scared to death. He's Lester learned there she did they're checks that detects it and there in the wrong decision. Yeah the right decision for them yet at the polls right the wrong decision for for government yes resort and Democrat Democrats at the polls I give myself. Interest in decision and moderate Republicans right yet exactly. So mom I'm just I'm I am over the moon today this is just one company this is only the beginning of these repatriation announcements is. We watch I think we're gonna see the bulk of the 15% of and our economy it's fighting off shores come back and we're we're gonna see a boom. Unlike anything most millennial secede in their lifetimes and at what point this out to Tim Eads plus plus face it yes most the time when politicians are talking their plot interior. But this is the second time we have seen something that conservatives and and conservative leaning economists and politicians have been saying. What happened we told you obamacare was gonna fail it did and it was and it will. Well what they say about the tax cuts to bring more money it'll bring more jobs it'll bring more money back into the US economy that's already doing it already doing it. How many people 'cause I was in which you then on nearly how many people called the station aren't liberals and argue with you about Obama care how you were so around Alia yup yup. But by but it's doing this but all these people are covered other art. Pay paying a fine for not having health care is not healthcare which is pretty much all obamacare did for a long time. On and it doubled. Our premiums yes a whole cost to pay for your health care premiums doubled Donna premiums limited curry or should I just a ministers of the so that when dispatched her I have yet. And clears we told the funny thing is I would have never dared to go so far is to predict it would double the premiums. I was easing fears like thirty and 40% which by the way were coming out of liberal organizations like bill Kaiser they admitted foundation in pride a by 30%. You know try a 105%. According to Health and Human Services Department which by the way if you lives wanna look at a bump pull a fact I invite you tip. On they scored a trip. Yeah I guess her health care premiums to tilt but yeah there's this girl. To the times since retirement planning at text and we can't takes direct. Backer is from clean landed through data is filled Greeneville are all. Clear right that's good. Texture it's your I don't twelve years old cutting taxes create jobs and no one taught me I was born knowing it. You would have to have a low IQ if you aren't able to figure that out. Essar may be just be very encouraged aides and some get it. They just don't. They don't get it. Here's one. Went to grant us okay. Have you had you seem willing to grant stewing. Yeah I was beyond shock. When it comes to Lindsey Graham and an apparently I'm not. Lindsay are you cut it now you don't you would know has no intelligent. Certainly can't count on the media or most of the rest of talk radio outside the station in the states tell you anything. You Graham just proposed its jaw drop. Lindsey Graham just proposed. Just progressed. Amnesty for twenty million people. In exchange. For border secure. And super important process for a hundred day. That Wheeler. That three out of four. Of the people convicted in federal court United States of America. Are immigrants on terrorism charges three or four people convicted in federal courts. Since 9/11. On terrorism charges are immigrants Rihanna for. Lindsey Graham drops this box. And what I is still OK if you if you just writing you you're here news today that the senate is four votes away from Dana Graham planned for this is the Gramm Dick Durbin plans you know it's mask. For bodes well. And what does is it read some news. Military pay. Would cause a government shut down if it doesn't pets you know who's behind the government shut down think. Well it's Lindsay the Democrats. Okay here's what Lindsey Graham wants in exchange. For our troops getting paychecks and our government staying open. He's one likes to walk around talking about that trains. He says the two syllables that trims. He's a traitor to everyone me. Because you know what he wants he is threatening yes threatening to use the work force. About this threatening to shut government. If Donald Trump does not signed his and Dick Durbin spell. Okay it's a two phase bill we don't it'll border security till the second face a little in the first though not much. In the first bill to legalize his nine million. Illegals. 325 to implement this part 3.2 five million darkest plus both their parents. An increase is chain migration. And words they make the prom horse makes a pro Morse rate. And if trump wants. His border security his marriage based system. And it premiered bassist and that's where we don't bring people here based on. We bring them here on whether they'll benefit the country not the Democrat party. He did you get it once once we got what we legalize the nine million in the first round. Now. Yet endorsed your you can't have what is unique not. Will do full port security after round two. When we legalize another eleven. As a total of twenty. Million people he's holding our borders security. Hostage. Our military paychecks how stitch the government shut down. How stage. In order to get amnesty for these trucks. Listed in the two hours senator this is this let's grim talking. Two cheers staying Nielsen head of Homeland Security as he lays this. Out. I can see here. The septic. Are here. Do you understand leverage. Sir you think the president understands leverage yes sir. Leverage he says he entered are going to force the president to legalized what do you people. In order for our country. To get border security he's literally willing. To leave this country unsecured. To get these illegal lawbreakers. Their citizenship and of course the voting rights. Now here's Lindsay explains his phase one OK this is this is seven. Here is phase one Isuzu explained to a hearing. Phase line. Is stocked up plus more than that doctor kids. In making down payments on border security. He's in recent docket plus more than a docket is he doesn't even want a voice what he's doing. He's so ashamed casinos so wrong yet stack of plus leanings Dak at what he means is Dak is get there amnesty and both their parents nine. So we did we can see nine million. We get a down payment on source security certain. Speech. Speechless. What are your face do you all of that you'll let it. What you know what a player real quick a good beginning and at. Phase two is sassy yet. As we move further toward border security and its false sense. That we began to find a pathway forward for the eleven million not included in phase once that light sweet get a glide path for them. I expect in return. They'll have a secure border. Annual increase legal immigration so people on the feature don't have to cheat. Listen to. Here's the Nielsen department homeland security's response to this does that sound pretty reasonable it sounds like a face to you. I think she meant a number two did you. Reveal haven't really an animal a blue eyed paddy did during easy. Decision that border security but until then we'll just put all your risk as your senator folks. Jerks that you or senator. Rich is beautiful morning in Greer good morning Sarah. I was snowed some fierce out there yesterday I let with a note there roads are like now that done more of yet the sun's coming up more of your out on the roads especially your hidden some. Dicey spots. Idea I driven from Simpson bill this morning it was clear is abounding it was a really easy trap left early. Think in the Indian mess on especially in the secondary roads and wasn't. As are some black ice but so aren't Slobodan sides of the road demand mostly it was in the treatment center turn lane to void that you be fine which are Fred totally glare. Set to center points. I you don't get to do the speed limit there so calm so yeah I mean a fourteen a school. Becoming ever since and though I would even bat an eye in fact I feel comfortable on the kids up if you need taken somewhere it's it's really clear Lee had a had a very easy ride in as well from Anderson this morning so. Let's hear from you. We are hearing some of the more far flung places her. You know that they around their bit messed up. So what you just have to just be careful at their brands and from green to. Good morning. Good morning there. I'm from Brooklyn. Are you a lot of the American. Take what would come into but it looks like an amendment and then in place first to collect ourselves against the government. So that my middle of the groups. You know at what point do we put that in the practice. You have the extent immigrant from Chicago. New Jersey's there's imminent threat to the task looks. Just to protect the yearly goals. So what point do we say enough is enough. Well brand let me out let me teleconference as we were nowhere near that point which is good armed. That the biggest threat to your second amendment rights and freedoms from art is a fact that we have had an immigration policy. Bomb that is extremely biased for many years that has denied. Victimized. Talented people who love this country not allow them to come here in favor of people who fed Democrat in the 80% plus rate. And so if at any Chinese people. Worry get their voting rights or they were the amnesty for twenty million Lindsey Graham proposed yesterday yes you heard that right twenty million in exchange for border security we dot country's fixed itself. I your Second Amendment Rights are going to be paper at a rate over. All but we're not there yet. How brain where were a far away from the air and you know I Amy expects to get the second chance that we have right now. I'm really excited about it and we don't know how it ends we we don't know yet how it is so we are in really long way Brandon and from that. Thank god I have more hope today and even this morning to see this apple announcement and I had. In in a very very long time but the thing you need to look at thingy pay attention to is what goes on with this this immigration debate because. It if if we if we get amnesty we had pathways. Firfer too many people are always the country. Yeah I agree you know what I wanted to shut down for a quick warns announcement to happen. Allegedly on on Friday will soon we'll see you know what goes on is it there's a house bill that's designed to avoid that did does not give the docket Z amnesty. So will will will see what happens with with that brand will Woolsey. Yeah blazing I am my kids and I rang our our reading and I survived book about the revolutionary war. And what is we actually just finished it and tests are broken in and my son and hiring by George Washington. And I am absolutely in awe of any love with George Washington I had no idea he was some white you know wig doubt white haired dude. I'm very attractive. Who I was forced to memorize facts about I had no idea who this man was a warrantless. And you know he would look where we are now it seems like we're in a desperate spot for our country burn out terms gonna get an a for years with Arnold you know ever gonna continue when we don't know anything. And I you know how you remember how you felt the night that the trump the one what you liked how much or not. It's still felt like a miracle I know it's it's neat because. Hillary had been defeated an Ani a party had finally been beaten back and it seemed impossible shouldn't we let it to today it's still seems like divine intervention. Like one more chance at an eerie feeling to it doesn't. Was not the first times countries and he. George Washington. Whom was born to wealthy family. Crew it was part of the land owning class part of 1%. Did something absolutely jaw dropping so I'm at the world in modern history never seen. He led a peasant revolution. I would hack. A peasant. Revolution that threatens the claim on you know major land owners like him had. And you read about what Washington did and it is an absolute miracle I can you explain how we want to revolution I'd nursing. I in this guy he's won around he's leading barefoot troops the biggest battle of the revolutionary war was battle Brooklyn. Hearing heard it. He's battled Brooklyn. Was the biggest biggest battle for 111000 Americans alone died on British prison ships actually 111005. Most limits starvation. Armed and disease was actually terrific the price that those people pay for your freedom. And George Washington was badly defeated at the battle burglar. The brits head the most advanced navy honor we'd nothing's similar they had Newmont in Campbell's. They were way outnumbered. Way out guns and they got actually crashed in the battle Brooklyn so much so that the that that they would declared victory. It. And everybody ran they rent what it was almost capture the entire revolutionary army. Everybody fled but 3000. And so furious he respects not burn. He he's of a fabulously wealthy man. And doesn't. He. Penned into. 3000 men left that was it. We. We horse finished. Britney party Europe he mansion. Being give up. Anybody elsewhere given that not Washington. He was an amazing. He fought and and they won two other small battles. But the British were still saying that the war was over. And that got people little pumped up and more and more came back. Utterly listen this even pay them. It. Again they were fighting in their bare feet. And they want. And if you go back through history you. Let me be the British yeah I rose to a well they had read 'cause they were ready yet. You should see what they were able to do showing us from the short. We. We beat them nor read about a revolution more that the board the war and the less I can exploit had a heck we did. It has that same field who has trust went Lisa we've been down to 3000 troops before with Washington defeated. About Washington to. From flak you'll hear about him yet he was a slave owner. Those are the times you lifted here's a radical for his time. His mother. Was made. And it was unthinkable for her to marry his father's time his father left her very much. And he was a gentleman who ate a landowner you you did not Miriam made who works for your family but he did. And so George Washington had a certain love and appreciation for for the for the peasants for four. The servants for the filler classes it was unthinkable act it's crying. The wind up in class. As a this may and who may. He was his father's favorite his father bypassed the older children in the family to hand these states him. Wash may many married Martha Washington she was fabulously wealthy tip she hit me he actually his house there's a light passionate British but he did. A farm behalf of people it is Muller. I ain't what in history think back about futile times in my here when history dismembered the elite ever. Who work. And Leah peasant revolution against his own class. Hasn't happened. And when given up. He wouldn't. And in Indiana when he didn't have to turn over the parent that they had when he curled like McKinney chose not sent. He chose not do you want to be president. He was even sponsor. He was a warrior that's what you like to do you like to hunt and the fight. He wanted to go back to Mount Vernon. Home but he didn't. And so you know why every and we have penned some really tight spot for this country of all but lost the country before and come back. And come back in such glory look at this country clear grew to one man's vision. Ten to 3000 trips. I can you imagine what it would have been like for Washington to know that 111500. Of this man died. On the ships. And failed. He lost the biggest battle of the revolutionary war. Anybody elsewhere quit anybody else was you know what I'm not gonna cost and in my life and can go home I like he's easy. But he just recruits and wanna. And that's what we have to do brand so if Washington and give up I'm not given a B I I am pumps and I'm ready for battle. Texture it's yours Sherri could understand the battle what the battle of Brooklyn. Yet there's a reason they don't teach you about it in school it's one of the most inspirational human stories I never heard. Can't have anybody know when that. Text makes me battles of kings mountain and then tell pins were a key turning point in the war that led to the victory at Yorktown. King was one idea man and you. I heard about brutality the British and wanted to teach them a lesson. In the British were brutal. They were actually brutal in the revolutionary or. Important lesson I didn't mean wander off like that it was of Washington to give up I'm not going to be there. We have we have to then nine. Much further on the Rangers razors edge. Before with this country then not we are today. Reminds me a lot of Washington he really does. Because you just fearless and care what anybody thinks. You don't Washington as that the leader that he was no revolutionary war meaning he he clearly defied his own class to do. Let Andy what what major what went huge landowner who leads a pessimist revolution. That does that doesn't have the peasants always lead that lead him there among revolution but Washington did. And that that battle Brooklyn was it was unbelievable. It's it truly was need to revolutionary army I mean everybody flat after that the British kick their rear end. And so on down to 3000 troops they almost captured Washington. I care is what it was like for George Washington to know that 111500. Jobs many been captured by the British in that one battle report on prison ships. And left to die of starvation. To literally starving to death was terrific. I know anybody elsewhere say you know what I'm not again more people come from going home to Montana and Washington to new quick. And British delta declared a war over and went home and made me go home but they you know they parallel we're done here. Everybody else thought they were too but he and European quake. Anyone in any sense would quit. How had she could do that. Who sign up for that for no money by the way it direct money he had to convince those men to fight. For no money. For no money. When if you forget he like killed. Killed would be easy on the battlefield you don't carbon bridge. That was worse it would slowly starve to death as he died of disease on Christian. Talk them into doing that for free. Agent. And that's where we have a country we have to. And in so eat you know white women more stuff folks so buck up will be okay. And fortunately this time by the chief enemy I can identify on this country's is our own senator Lindsey Graham. What he's doing is absolutely inexcusable. In excusable. He mom says he plans he plans to force trump. To vote for amnesty. And he laid out eight an amnesty plan to phase that would legalize 28 million people this week. I'm seem to be the only one in the media who can do the math on that. To face plant and the worst part of it is again on TV. Very we learned that three out of four of those convicted in our federal courts on terrorism charges to sign eleven. Are immigrants. That was by the way 400 totals about 300 of them. At 400 immigrants. What a waste of time and money in people's safety. And this jerk our per our our our senator. Has the gall to say well we're all border security captain. We're gonna get in the first phase and we weep amnesty for. 3.2 five million doctors and parents that's nine million will lead chain migration and place and a keep have to visa lottery. And keep the prioritize come to countries where we know we can't let these people. Did numbering terrorists here why I don't know I guess he thinks we need them. That's the same program the ice is terrorist. Who killed eight in Manhattan used to come here and to bring 26 of his press front. Was he thinks that's great programs must keep and not by the he'd have to program. This phase one. But as grim when said we don't get the border security in phase one known now not nothing for us no safety for us. Know what the border security after face to he sex which is where we legalize another eleven million you still counting that's when total. Is 2.0. And he sets. And secure our border here I'll let him explain to. Phase two is sassy yet. As we move further toward border security unit here that. Further took it to board your no no unless it's full sense. That we began to sign a pathway forward for the eleven million not included in phase once that light sweet get a glide path for them. I expect in return. They'll have a secure border. You'll increase legal immigration so people on the teacher don't have to cheat does that sound pretty reasonable. It sounds like a face to you. It's so she dissent when she really meant is Republican number two to hear that yes show after nine million doc has and their parents and get the get DNC if we would do a little Boerse to promote our holder becomes head and then when Duke's big east tournament of eleven million PMs. And what's your glide path. Secure the bowler. This guy this is a guy who likes to songs up at election time as a security hawk when she. Joked this Manning's. This little hat how much contempt he has for you for human life honestly particularly American human life. Oh and by the way there would be no and chain migration. Al Ani says after. After we legalize the eleven and make big billboards drink then we'll talk about America bassist. After. By the way his bill strips. So that employers. Won't have a way to know for sure if they're hiring an illegal learn American. You're just did didn't just show the illegals can compete for your job on equal footing today at Eminem was nice touch I thought as your senator that's your Saturday.