The Tara Show - 1-18-18 - Hour 3

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Thursday, January 18th

Global warming claims not holding up; Fake news producers misreport Fake News Awards; America winning under Trump; Lindsey Graham holding Americans’ security hostage over amnesty for millions of illegal aliens


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May good morning terra Arie thanks takes steamy ending calling to 803471. As a street and now. I am house just looks. Around town mistress saying it's it's pretty clear out there net protester is just dunk in chapel road to be ten minutes of spinning and sliding to get in my driveway. Duncan chapel in my street is a solid sheet of ice. Right now them so rising damp yet still some still some areas out clear that that she won and own. Texture rates are so he's a great one less day of leftist indoctrination for the. And well that if they get a reprieve on that they may have to make it happen yet they may have to if absolutely should still have to hear from you again 71 at 307. Minute with a warning. A mission driven from Anderson this morning you said it was pretty clear yet they interstates fine for the most part I I did notice the black ice on some of the like the outside lane near the medium or maybe toward the inside line depending on the elevation of the roadway. Some of the exit ramps there's going to be some ice there so I mean you just be very careful. An and of course you get off in the secondary roads some of the smaller cities and towns roads. I know in the tailors and TRE area there's some very dreary as not just black guys his regular why guys since its regular snow and stuff so. Because the temperatures are still to just barely breaking the twenties now. And you know has been that way since late yesterday afternoon so. In all the stuff the fell still pretty much pros and other than what was forty blown all four melted off the roadway had during the day yesterday. But that's what's in the interstates looked pretty good you know there's been very light traffic which has helped. But you know they've done a good job of treating those serious and sending the really nasty areas on the interstates so for. I'm yet to say they'd done a fantastic job I mean I mean their secondary roads I expect to have to battle and they they were very clear cutting income since until fourteen. Leave on new scuffle town on the convey itself beyond that a quick run last night late about 8 o'clock just to check some of the roads and I take some of the the secondary roads getting over toward highway 29. And how surprised it was virtually nothing. And I got to thinking well let's probably because usually when we have snow and ice around here. That it melt quickly melts and then you get all that water running off the road like but the temperatures so cold yesterday there was very little melting going on. And it was five. I think midafternoon temperatures according drop below freezing so the rule there was very little. Melting so there was very Little Rock also there was very little wet to ice at the roadways so. One or at least in my area over Anderson county which got a lot less precipitation and we get over here in the Greenville area. Yeah it's what it was maybe wasn't via. The icing of me at the sultan of parents maybe it was just your mother nature parents the file but died but it was great. And Cadillac this injustice so couldn. All let's kinda set did you see this the world's coldest village in Russia. Hit minus 88 degrees and Corey as eighty degrees below zero. Pound for those who learned. Publicity below is you're so it's minus 88 as he should go and and it was so cold but it broke their top tourist attraction a big thermometer. It broke I broke it broke the thermometer us now here's what's significant. About this teacher remembered because the ice was supposed to melt off the north post according to Al Gore yeah. 9 years ago it's gonna be gone by December. This just past December Rachel a month ago on his lead on. And has been a Lisa wore right okay well this minus eighty degree temperature. Is a modern record of foresight area which last amber that's to the north has an aunt on you pretty much pull out rules area north of the bodies of six of them went OK yes the less time. It got this gold was at 1933. Moon moon. And somebody tell Al Gore so he. You know I think he lost big money investment of beach front property in Columbia. Armed so I say yeah it looks like it's getting mighty chilly around these parts. He's been copilot and I apologize. OK so meantime. Noneconomic Internet later on as Sunnis reality stuff going I'm what do you what do you think you used to be school tomorrow. Yes you think everybody got to be okay thanks to send us from the far flung regions it's a little Dicey Iranians may. He's somewhat of a delay I may be. You know can scribble county. Has got that since it's one district and geographically. The way they're in the south to be much different. From that of the north or at least a significant enough change where you know it could be an issue. Now I'm just guessing not gonna speak for about Brothers and their spokesperson who does a great job of that. But yeah I'm just guessing you might see a delay might not I think some of the other districts particularly some of these southern upstate districts are gonna probably go back tomorrow. Well we'll say so com. Anyway yeah I don't pay humid night this is I was gonna talk about it. Arm and this just came out to and is it is we are going Europe there is national to be going on about global warming right we're not allowed to have that hearsay and it was a new information but I have for whatever reason European press is more open an hours to reporting the truth. And a remarkable new study was just published in the journal nature Kessler found here this is this is not some right wing and I say this is. AC France presse that stare wire service at French wire service okay. Earth's surface. Will yeah well here's the headline worst case global warming scenarios not credible. Played wet. You'll never see this means to meaning here. Now Earth's surface and party signs rates they're when they're they would tell us about signs of it happened when ninety FaceBook would probably ban that yes YouTube would yank the video it's hate speech. Four or five degrees Celsius by 2100. According to a study released Wednesday which if correct boy so worst case UN climate change predictions. The rebar calculation of pandering gas greenhouse gases driver plans temperature reduces the range of possible and the century outcomes by more than half. Researchers said and where's Iraq. That's in the journal nature. Are steady all liberals out at varying. How I rate climate sensitivity is. And then they hear they Beasley go on to say no way no how is going to be anywhere as bad as what we've pencils. Yet now listen this business is they cashing it they actually admit okay that they don't know. But uncertainty about how hot things will get also stems from the ability of scientists to nail down a very simple question. Out by how much it will Earth's average surface temperature go up if the amount CO2 in the atmosphere. Is doubled so these guys were whether mongers there whether mongers yes sit there name. Don't know. Dismayed at all of so yeah it's remarkable that. This is going on at any came from the university of of Exeter was published in journal nature and an all. Respected. You. Flaunted its science publications and I think that the party sites would be Olympics. Yes rate because you know while that's right what a minute it's all settled science which means we can't talk about it it's totally. Settled. On not so subtle but uncertainty about how hot things will get stems from the inability of scientists to nail down a very simple question. How much earlier as average surface temperature go up they don't know. For those of you educated in public so they don't know what. They're not the enemy did not they're admitting they don't. Which we always nip. We knew that they didn't we knew they know mean you do it needs. That we knew. That's that scientifically we can prove they don't go knowing the unknowable right exactly. OK at meanwhile. I tell you what the deal left or weighing in purveyors of our culture are getting kicked in the teeth right left. Which is good news to listen this movie theater attendance hits 24 year low. Wow now. Al and this is fascinating they any record breaking quarter one at the box office. I know that they did. An import apparently. The Harvey Weinstein being an in everything that happened this summer was so bad posters like hysterics against him by Hollywood against trump. That there at the you know the quarters after that was such a disaster but in 20:17 am movie theater attendance it's one of Prioleau. Could also be that may be the movies just weren't that good I said do I mean I just quit imovie status such that the writing and did television is so much better. Now a lot of that's true a lot of the one of the things that are on you know the the web based stuff. Seems to be a little bit more intellectually challenging and interest. Yes it is calm mayday it seems there reading above a six grade level raid struck and that's that's what makes the difference. Final out like even Netflix produce tons of communal act. I watch it twice to get all their Summers there is so well Dutton. On where you couldn't said that before with what they are producing a decade ago. You gotta love this. Since yesterday. The anticipated 2017 fake news awards. Went out. GOP that count which is where they were released. A site crash. Say crashed. That's rate wish them I think he would which prompted more fake news. It figures rate. Wash format imposed. Prick in early on on Wednesday yesterday the president turns fake these awards would be floppy in which we can see those words. Yet. After which. They were posted to the GOP website crashing the servers. And then opposed to announce the awards a huge box that nobody cares very. What do they do a survey in their newsroom is validated. So what is. Exhibit the West Coast. A recourse that the fake news awards by trump were huge flop literally. As. The figures awards trended number one. On Google Twitter and AOL simultaneously. I think it S criminal Washington Post looking out the window seeing it's raining and reporting that it's not raining. Yeah they can deal. With that they're outright humiliation for the fake news they report. Is to produce more figures in what do doubt why. Just like I had went out. I'd let you my home favorites. Everybody thought he would he would denting CNET right. FN and fake news network but he didn't. To see who the number one award went to a stock of New York Times Paul Krug man. Who needy the place to start with investing figure out what's gonna go on read Paul Craig. And what every dies but every so where every predicts. Do the opposite. To get it it it it never fails and watching them for ten years. He's their economic comics. So yeah ten's top pregnant. Claims is the the number one big news award went to Kremlin. On the day of terms historic a victory that the economy. Would never recovered. Every headline. Paul Krugman says markets will never recover from trump. So literally as he could plant his nominee did. For forecasting. The economy would never recover. The day. At the Dow hits new record high you can make stuff up folks. Yeah I used up. Okay never your faith is a word. ABC news' Brian ross' chokes and sends the market into markets into a downward spiral spiral with his false report about Russia remember this. Just dad basically made it a very shootings and as things was just too good to check. It was a this this was said the number chipped it. Compared to testify we are told by confident against president trump against members of from family and others in the White House. He's prepared testified that president trump as a candidate Donald Trump ordered him directly to make contact your reluctance I was contradicts all the and so it's points. OK he's no longer allowed to report on trump he's been demoted. The Fossum. These were huge hit. Text your race on the come since retirement planning text line 71307. Is the number 71307. Text erased your please stop saying. That ice. Is on the road all the illegals are gonna get their cars and run. And now and in in the U at this Ron Paul politics do in Canada we keep saying prices on the red. To me the rundown Mexico. Harry never mind. Never right. Text reads your west and made about a committee Peter went for five dollars you can get any humor be released within three days of its opening at the jockey light hour by eight that's legal but. Thanks for the tip by the way. It ain't it affects the the beach crests. In our in unvarnished cultural. Institutions. The media Hollywood. We rail against Hollywood but can't we follow what they did. With color hair styles who dress like they do we betting action figures for kids for Chris to come on we do we really don't like. They still. I played a leading role but electoral crumbling all the institutions to fallen apart. Including the NFL to see this tiny bit this is playoff games but amazement and vikings game holy cap. Raissi had been out well surely. They're gonna see ratings you know on parity your up now. An absolute massacre. 23 million fewer viewers watched the NFL divisional playoffs. In fact. This is from Iowa at him or release him. Upon this is in fact ratings are plummeting so much that virtually no major media outlets are even talking about ratings at all. It's almost like the NFL and its television partners have put out a code red not to acknowledge that collapsed in viewership so far Tony teen can listen to this. This is how bad the says. 2018 is just this year rate since vikings game could get 35 million viewers that. Okay what are comparable playoff game last year 48 million viewers. Sony sillier same playoff game and a photos from 49 viewers and a 35. As a 26% drop. Our white cheese okay jag Steelers. 31 million watch that this year comparable game last year which was Steelers as Steelers chiefs' 379. As to take it hit pair of six million viewers. These these numbers are massacre. But a little better with the titans patriots game 26 million viewers for that last year was 29 point eight that same. Sewing this is I mean these are these double digit numbers and and it's a mess. This is just around even though. Adding up all those numbers you get 120 million viewers watched the NFL divisional by around playoffs 2018. Purse is a 144. Million last year that's declining get a 23 million viewers. So. Many of a with all the buzz around these game sick and Mac people Warren. Whenever. And this is only the beginning of that folks I'm I'm telling you know we are undergoing a huge cultural and it is revolutions country. It is you're just seeing the beginnings of an ounce can and but all these institutions are being a return reject. Com when now they don't fit the culture Americans. Are choosing. The first time in my life time post they're choosing their culture. They're make PH is no I would not have what American culture is dictated it to me I would sat. I would decide and what you are putting out I no longer recognize as Michael this is a conscious thing people are doing. Hi it's fascinating to watch I don't Wear it and see what comes of it but I can't help but think it's good. Well folks. The good news just keeps coming. Unbelievable news. This morning. And it you know when you when you read the apple investment his country. Here's what you keeping you need to keep in mind. They said this could happen. Manufacturing. Jobs couldn't come back here high tech jobs couldn't come back here could happen would happen. Was never gonna happen. Any news. It's. Just we he would sign it did not husband can't do it images can demanded up. Lower wages and steal and even have a job if we low your wage is for you by flooding the country with. Immigrant labor. We're doing you a favor but yeah you before we should be able to eat. That's gonna plus a funeral in class they lied what daylight stinking like. And this proves it dacha significance the story. I read this you think about this from it. This is how much apple wants to invest in our country. Our leaders should not don't want then a heck no man would do an academic no one in this here to do we do about it. Just think member Obama said that no wit you. Apple wants to invest so bad in the United States of America this chosen to pay a record. Breaking one time. Tax repatriation fee of 38 billion with a B billion dollars. In order to bring back beat 252. Million dollars. That it was sheltering off shores. Offer shores to avoid are consistent toward tougher. That's how badly apple wants to invest in US. Apple's it would invest thirty billion dollars in capital spending in the US over five years that would create more than 20000 jobs. A total includes in camp this. Which will initially house technical support for customers. So oh don't they PDF or my app has been criticized for years. For doing most of its. Firfer locating a a lot of it's our manufacturing and other facilities in China. But doing a commute. So much they paid thirty billion dollars to move their money back overseas. And back here. This is belied the political class is told us that we were done that all we could do was amused decline rely that was what ally. This is just one company listed as. Out. At all out also doubles it would directly contribute 350. Billion dollars the US economy over the next five years. Okay according to CNBC every two billion invested roughly. By corporations our country every two billion Jerry 7000 jobs. And it's shared with semi calculated earlier on the Texans like 700 some thousand new jobs cut than fifty someone tap. Maybe we'll see but arms yet. And has since. That is I wonder how many folks. Here's what's America Apple's CEO Tim Cook a liberal not a term not at all. Explaining to ABC. News one way or does. So it sounds like. President Trump's tax bill has been a huge windfall for apple there are two parts of tax bill right there's a corporate peace and an individual case I do believe the corporate tax side will rule resulted in. Job creation and a faster growing economy. Who. So CEO Tim Cook a more issue very why did you why does again bring all his money back to Custer company of 38 billion dollars or so desperate to. Invest. In this country that the political class was gonna managed decline of what what is or what why do you can't. Without these policy changes and a tax reform would you be able to announce today the creation of 20000 new jobs. Now they're clearly you let me be clear bearable but there are large parts of those that are result of the tax reform. Moon. OK. So let's tell me as CEO cook again this is at this is ABC edge does that feel liberals. Say you have a new source who do good belief. Cerner why what what does this mean for America what why Susan why did apple she's a news 300. Fifty billion dollar investment over the next five years you are bringing billions of dollars back to the United States to spend here. How would you be spending that money. We'll make the largest. Tax payment of its kind. To the US government as a result of the repatriation. Change. And will spend 38 billion there and I'm sure that will be used for for. Purposes of jobs their infrastructure and and so forth. And then you know we're putting another site. In the US was thrilled to announce that today we're lifting and manufacturing fun that we traded last year for 1000000005. Billion. We're thrilled what we've seen so far these are businesses that we can help expand in the United States or set up operations for the first time in the US. And how. Yeah me telling you I asked my pollster Miller proposed a friend North Carolina. When I was young nobody talks about jobs anymore maybe September job plan to get elected and you have when your opponent when he number talks about improving the economy anymore I noticed it. It's Lindsay Graham actually was running for office to South Carolina he never talked about those things as John we advise our Democrat and a Republican. You know our our our own. Yeah replies we do don't target but because in Poland we found it depresses people. Now and talk about. Some trump did he want. That's what it had come to. That's when he had come to first or Tim Cook explaining. Why apple is willing to pay 38 billion bucks a one time repatriation tax hit in order to bring its money. Back from offshore where was hiding from the highest in corporate tax rates in the industrialized world. We we sell two thirds of our products are two thirds of our revenues come from international countries. And still weak and we make it two thirds of our profits are more outside the United States and so. What we've been advocating for for wild as the ability to bring that. Without a huge penalty we've always felt very comfortable with paying a lot in taxes just nodded. It's not a huge huge and and we do we'd like. The repatriation. Agreement with on the corporate tax side and we're gonna bring the vast majority up here. How do things life that you're sitting in right now win in. This facility in Reno. And investing here and we're investing in a lot of other places in the United States. Men old song so many times we live our lives and seems whenever we know we have the key. Line there was so many years. There's no way around. Reminisce folks are play is now after which you just heard this is Obama ironically. I he's daddy a forum when trams running for office and two to black people. Who have manufacturing related jobs ask a question no when it. To receive or what could do what we do we know what we do to bring about coming do we know what about our jobs when I you know would people losing jobs our industry we're afraid holding on our jobs and under our jobs. A black man a black woman asking these questions gather. And this this is what Obama had dissect. Annie's he's heard about trumps your he won't name them by name he says I don't give many free PR mocking trump. The idea that trump that we as Americans could bring these jobs back. Some of those jobs of the past are just not gonna come back and when somebody says. Like the person you just mentioned to run bug or advertise for. Then he's gonna bring jobs back. Why how are occurring under the what are you gonna do. There's. There's no answer to. He just says well I'm all what I wanna negotiate another deal why how I wonder how exactly are you want to negotiate back. What magic wand you have. And usually the answer is you don't elements. So. What I've tried to do what my administration's trying to do is let's global manufacturing sectors. Like clean energy. Like. Some of these new technologies that are coming out. Yeah yeah let's focus on those weeks yet. Javy ignorant slut. Well Lindsey Graham is busy up there. Our senators sticking a knife in your back. And it backs of every American who wants to be freed from a destructive explosion. A van attack. It is unbelievable what this man is doing. And then be forgive label he ended turban have put together. A a dark amnesty plan. It's too phased plan. And Romney he actually bragged the other day that he was gonna forced trot to sign it's okay. This to say is planned. Legalized are you ready for this gives amnesty to twenty million. People. Eat your heart every twenty. Million. People. And yesterday was bragging he is just four votes short of getting it passed in the senate. It is a complete and utter disaster this worries that. Is it needs so what you are doing is he's helping McGovern beat the Democrats to shut down government. Make sure you know those military guys he says that he liked so much don't get a paycheck. And he's literally willing to with hold the border security. Inning his own words in order to get the illegals amnesty. I am not making his appears is planned really quickly took the first part of it. Phase one is amnesty for 3.2 five million doctors and other parents that's a total nine million. With of course chain migration for the mall. And Lindsay even says we don't get form we will get what trump wants reporters security. And that in the first round when I get most of it then in phase two he says he's going to force that was his word forced trump signed phase two and a husband do that. Abby says he has. And phase two is eleven million illegals as a total of twenty if you're still count. And at what would you. You get to be safe in your country. Here I'll let Lindsey Graham explain it to you. He was explaining it any committee to cure stinnett Nielsen as the head of the department. Of Homeland. Security. Here's what he set talking about trump do you understand leverage. Sir do you think the president understands leverage yes sir. Jerk. Tears they went illicitly sent about border secure way to deny the American people secure border. Italy this dude has the nerve to say this and did a study from the Department of Homeland Security that three out of four. Of those convicted in federal court on terrorism charges were immigrants. By the way there were 400 to convict so that's roughly 300 people since final of convicted on terrorism charges that were immigrants three out of four. He has the gall. To lay this out Ellis and Lee sang about border secures this is phase one Yemen into nine million in phase one we're gonna do Tennessee for dock and some others. Phase line. Is stocked up plus one and a doctor kids. In making down payments on border security. So we legalize nine million of phase one we get a down payment on border secure you actually get to a lab be allowed to be safe with a secure border. We have Islamist lunatics coming up. Not an anti. American blood on the streets that is totally worth it to get the dock is there Ramsey listen this faced him this is even more obnoxious. Phase two is sassy yet. As we move further toward border security in its full sense. That we began to sign a pathway forward for the eleven million not included in face once that light sweet get a glide path for them. I expect in return they'll have a secure border. And we'll increase legal immigration so people in the future don't have to cheat does that sound pretty reasonable it sounds like a face to you. Do you mind. Faced issue and number two is what she meant it sounds like a phase two knee jerk. So Sheila and I get glide path we get to be safe Aaron country. Says our center like keeps half of the visa diversity lottery that the ice is Terri she's come into the country bring 26 of his best friends. As the goal to announce this on the day again that we learned three out of four of those convicted on terrorism charges in federal court where immigrants. Listen he is this is raw he's it is last week listen to what he said. He's about to station there's nobody else has after lining in any former media including radio that holds him responsible but me and body Mac convinced was released a star but us. Right wing radio and TV talk show hosts are gonna beat the crap out of us because it's got to be and you see all over again. I don't know the Republican and Democratic Party can define love. But I think what we can do is do what the American people want to do it. Did Enos he knows this is runny noses run for the country. He has his base hates it doesn't want. But he's doing it Ellis he's due. With a little spice to what this what what this is what's the politics this. Could think about different. This is what's at stake for his Democrat France right. Rating 710 senators running for elect for reelection this ten up for reelection rate this year. Seven out of ten are running state the president won. Rate. The president what. And the Democrat party has been pushing them to the left. Forcing them to vote per unit you know I mean for him forcing them to vote for the stuff from the darkest. That we now know majorities independents and Republicans. And is a plurality of their voters 42% don't want. Only 35% of Democrats support docked at say yeah political Paul okay so the best thing that can happen here. Is for the Democrats to oppose this and we shut down the government programs to bring. Bring it. It'll get a seven out of ten senate seats Lin he's trying to stop that. So what does he do he gives his Democrat buddies protection. He puts up a bill he rounds up votes 48 a bill so outrageous. Nobody. It nobody who doesn't wanna commit treason against their cut the country would sign it great. Any round the votes of for a why. So when the government shuts do around in a B grade blamed on trump and not the Democrats. Lindsay knows this won't pass the house he's trying to shut down the government and shield the Democrats. From the blame so it'll acquit strip could Donna but he wouldn't compromise. Seven senate seats hang in the balance.