The Tara Show - 1-19-18 - Hour 1

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Friday, January 19th

Alarming memo detailing Deep State surveillance of then-President-elect Trump circulates through Congress; Massive widespread spying on anyone even remotely connected to political structures in the US; Skittles have same flavor but different odors


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And play good morning Tehran right you realize. That children. Of Greenville county the public school ones anyway like mine I have been to school exactly one day this week. Obviously when one day this week they didn't go one day aren't. Yes and we're not preparing them for greatest. We are preparing them for a life spent in there. Parents bat of basements yeah well at this rate. So narrow om and I I figured this would happen it just seems like. You know once things clear in Greeneville proper on the roads after snow and that kind of thing just seems like there's always an extra day lag because the outlying areas where known to further north especially. The spokesperson for the recovery school district Beth Brothers and sent an email late yesterday afternoon has some pictures from what they refer to as their ice team. And I can see exactly why they are not doing it because as of yesterday afternoon. There are some still very treacherous serious in the county. Where it you know. I would wanna be taking private individual level home you know busload of kids. Yet we are hearing that yesterday Ali heartless are exactly and again as the more. Far flung stuff that he's still don't say yadda when he I wanna you know school bus getting off threat Ernie can now so like I totally get why did I I'm I'm just kind of laugh and kissed. It's just kind of ironic that we took Monday off deliberately. For amount paid down bomb and just worked out but it's neck and down so they got pretty much the rest of the week off two with just 1% of but anyway yeah and so as he stays passed in my husband works at a house we built his office in the house and we built the house and I get beat a phone call you and spent a six becoming home. Late on rent a generator. Again term and he has a charity get his hair is clearly standing on end from running his hands through it so. Yep poor guy to strategize more diocese of pared some across there. County are experiencing our same except it's makes life difficult yes right guys yeah I'd say it's it was enjoy having them ham. And but you know it multiple loads of laundry and got the snow all that but it's nice to send them back. So when he went OK the big breaking it news that today is them and I am. Everybody's talking about it well for. Everybody is not the mainstream media is talking about it on a limit your media is not talking about something. Com that people are saying it is worse than Watergate you know it's a big deal. And because of there was nothing there they'd be talking about it. But part series is talking about it and it's a big deal apparently there's a four page memo circulating in congress now on Thursday the intelligence committee. Which I trusting that tray Gatti resigned from the intelligence committee is very weak maybe it's not connected on and actually see ethics commission on the intelligence was snow as the ethics committee. I was the ethics yes guy. An end when that's when the story broke I was honored about the two but then I understood because he is on. Three other committees and how dare I got over I had that right okay I apologize for that yeah that's that's the ethics committee which is the least important of the committees okay women in my. I do anyway. Here's what's interesting about this. This four page memo was in the intelligence committee in the house voted. To release it to the rest of the members of congress the public but to address the members of congress it's it's currently marked top secret. And at what has to do according to many members of congress who knew her credit what has to do with. Is the degree of the spying on trumpet illegally. By the top Echelon of the DOJ and the FB life. And here's just a simple what folks demanding it be released are saying here's Ohio representative Jim Jordan he says is troubling it's shocking. It's so alarming that the American people have to see this. North Trotter president mark meadows said part of me wishes I didn't read it because I don't want to believe. That these kinds of things could be happening in this country that I call home and love so much. I here's a Pennsylvania representative Scott Perry he's a Republican to you think about is this happening in America or is this the KGB. That's interesting we've liken the FB line to the KGB. Arm in terms of how they operate the power they cut it on the show so interesting. I you're interest and that he would go. Doubt route. President Matt gets say believe the consequences of its release will be major changes in people currently working at the FBI and Department of Justice. I ended. I also we shaming and along those lines they're not the only one saying as I think the most explicit things said about it so far came from representative Steve King. He said I've read the memo is sickening reality has set in. I no longer hold out hope that there is an innocent explanation for the information the public has seen I have long said it is worse than Watergate. It was so tracking again about the FBI and the department injustice using. Hours by technology. To spy on trump. And maybe others are Americans act is we're isn't just using the technology that is abuse of power. It's terrific. It is it is I've said for so long here exactly had a KGB operates exactly how the Chinese Government operates. Common in Allen those countries and if you look at the leaders of Russia. You know here in America we come up. Through city councils and congressional races in state legislatures and and and were elected to those things and wind up in Washington you're in those countries you copy of the KGB you come up through though the legacy Intel agency that came after they KGB. Yeah you come up through the Intel. Community that's who runs the country politically. And you know what we're what we're seeing here is a clear outline and an FB like that colluded with Hillary the DNC and the Russians. On to cover up their spying on trumped. I don't really interesting. And this and hold his votes. After they get. The 702 spying recount them finds them yet after they get the spying rip lunch and yes it's been widely abused. And good thing we we we reacted when we did. So. Interesting that it comes out and they they still wanna spy on you. They don't want occur in people spying on you spying. So I'm all of that is all of that is going on and show the there's been four members of the and of congress so far who have demanded the release of the memo. It's alarming the American people need to see this that's representative Jim Jordan ion now I am from South Carolina that's gonna disappoint. But jam you know maybe somebody from South Carolina will decide that you know pretty aware of are represented is that perhaps it is best that the Intel community not run the country. So I'm looking for them to once again somebody anybody step up and played guys come line. Step up leadership leadership leadership. So anyway well we'll get it someday if somebody. And Ron Desantis hears him on fox talking about this memo after he read it. The intelligence memo that we have just read is so alarming. That it must be immediately disclose to the American people in the disclosure of this intelligence document. Must be a top priority for the country immediately and I cannot stress how important that this. Any American. That would see this document would feel as though people like. Rob rose inside and Bruce or need to be fired immediately and. Now this rob rose and Stein if you work you may not know he is the guy running all the investigations. Of trump right now from the department. Of injustice he's the number two there and so since Jeff Sessions has recused himself. Com date you know he has you know he's been the one who's sick everybody I'm trump. And show we know for him to say hey listen no relation resigned. Found that's that's that's huge bomb and and it's a big deal I moved and we GT wherever you the truth uneasily. At. You're kidding me right. All of it. I never much Barbara I've just. The truth is such a relative thing for food for folks in Washington I mean for us. In the day hinterlands flyover country the truth pretty obvious. And you know when it comes to the truth coming out of Washington. Sorry I that confidence is not high pitched. I'd choose the memo from I don't know I try to figure that out reading through this and I can't find that this morning. On interesting also man gets out on penny less than Fox News said quote. I he's again wreck Matt gets is the is congressman I think that this will not end just with firings are believed there are people who go to jail. OK you know party never go to Jenna they never did out. You know an exhibit a wind you know would be low whistler it doesn't matter how flagrantly they violate the law. Are we literally have the victims of the IRS targeting. Palm you know who were Jewish. Now if that doesn't hearken back to Nazi Germany I don't know what does. And you were Jewish and conservative. Com and and they have one they AA which is almost impossible to do they have won a federal a court award for damages. For being you know literally politically profiled. Com and erroneously fragile and prosecuted by the IRS. And harassed so they've won an award for that because the iris broke flood doing it. And no one went to prison mean that is stunning. That is stunning as we simply your member of the party we just pretend that you didn't do which you did and everybody you know as their head down and moves a lot and that's how we operate his country. Bomb and and so that's who we issue that has to change at some point as somewhat and chose somebody sees a member of the unit party. Who uses their spy apparatus their political power whether it's the IRS. I'm you know whether it's you know through the size or whatever to harm Americans because of their political beliefs as a way until one of them just one goes to prison is is never gonna end. It has to be some level of fear of exposure. And consequences. And a shot there is in right now so yeah yeah what's interesting about this it had. Are you talked about the insurance policy Lian and how they you know young of those that Peter struck he mills has yet they've the FBI and her sit around lineup their insurance policy takedown trump and all that kind of stuff. People realize. The insurance policy is still up and fully operational. It's called the Muller investigation and that's the insurance policy they're still doing yet in front of our faces. On she's not Peter struck anymore it's not Angel McCabe anymore it's smaller. By the way fifteen Jersey inserted the they are now did you see this they are now investigating. And whether the Russians donated to the NRA gate you know funnel money into the NRA's to get them to support truck. Com okay. The chances the NRA or go where it was going to endorse Hillary what what would you put that absolute zero absolute 20. You know why would you have to give money to the NRA get them to support trump why would that be necessary rudely just. That those type of logic and evidence that is being shown here for these accusations against the trump campaign are. Positively Ludacris on their face. These people should be laughed out of the courtroom for even suggesting something like this. Tester race I'd been in Jacksonville all week away from the show stress free week and all smiles on my face at ten minutes in your show and I'm feeling. I'm not and we should be angry that this happened to them. But this is come and no you shouldn't be angry at all of this is we have made unbelievable. Progress. In this country. Know you hate you fuming would be if Hillary were elected. We'd be living under the Stasi the and have no idea what was coming at us. No I don't know addition these smiles sit back feet up like me smile get some popcorn. And watch them go down. Watch them go to by the way this is being called on greatest constitutional crisis we've ever had it. And far worse than Watergate. So jet just sit there are folks there elbowed out even if it even if there's never one. Goes to it goes to present it doesn't matter. This is our second chance is a country and thank god today that we got it. Yet that's it crank it. The way this is my favorite bands. And and I've got my son listening to them now he'll ask for songs by them as we drive. So I mean the American culture in them somehow. It's bad when bonanno from UT we talked about this last week. Says that today's music is too girly. And they public killed off rock and roll and that American males so I knew that was an in and wrap can't just be that outlet. It's it's that they if killed off rock and roll bands and music is to Kenya when you have bought I was saying music is too girly and five YouTube. I love you too young you don't get me wrong I have several of their. Songs. In the links for the videos saved on my. Phones or listen to them like honestly weekly but there may is early rack I mean it's not poison in on same. Starring Larry. His story sort of carry 1 because this so am every once and while one of your techsters early gut check you and this one has. He wrote a bit and Jacksonville all week away from your show stress free week above smiles in my face now attendance in your show I'm fuming thanks terra. Many don't legislate out about this memo that has come out. And we members of congress saying that it is worse than Watergate the spying on trumped the lawbreaking by the top Echelon. Of our you know our top law enforcement agencies in country what's topping your low on fort would push a law enforcement agencies can you wary corrupt banana republic you are. You you cannot go on functioning. In any kind of functional manner. It as a country. Non authoritarian manner until lettuce is dealt with. And use so I sometimes get lost my anger over what is on the country that I so passionately love. And I get caught up in my anger and I forget to tell you what is obvious to me. Which is that we're winning. We're winning. I get angry at what is the past I forget to tell you that the future. The president. Is a miracle. And something he's be so excited about. When you look at what we dodged. Here. So the fat disease is memo and cities congress members demanding to be released the public I would like to see somebody might got anybody from our South Carolina delegation step up. Step up to me to be released count time. What are you afraid. The machine unfair some. But on. I'm afraid I'm clean. I am squeaky clean and squeaky boring clean so I don't care and does affect me. But done. You know maybe semi war. Instead tell you what your country. What are you opened your mouth. Demand this memo be released Connie need a lot coming from trade Downey. Every when he disappoint me. Do you disagree you should be on those national news shows demand this memo be released. Bigger than Watergate. Shockey and we have a guy like Steve King okay who has never temper and he is he did your party. Marginally useful it sometimes. Good for good zinger every now and amateur again how he votes shall scary. Nice this time special on immigration resident's sting it is Steve king of Iowa. Republican. Tweets this I've read the memo. It's instill classified. It's the sickening reality set in longer no longer hold out hope that there is an innocent and it explanation for the information the public has seen I've long said it is worse than Watergate. I was. It was as this is this not allegedly. The absolute complete corruption the top of the department of injustice in the FB lack. It is still classified top secret what happened yesterday was that the intelligence committee mystery people as you tuning and voted to release it to all members of congress which they can get. And you know what I had tried to list of people I'm knocking today is going to be fair from a not forget a much hunted. He declassify anything he needs declassify this thing went by noon. This doesn't need to be float around. And we need to know what it says. Now we do. Worsen then what if this is like this be like if the FBI colluded with. The president Watergate. Committing crimes. Covering up these crimes it's just it's nuts. It is absolutely nuts. But she's the tip of the sport thanks. A man are racks congress. Intelligence committee just voted pure release sit. Some liking it as saying it is worse than Watergate the spying done by the FBI and department of injustice this four page memo documents it. But she'd seen it saying from upper Echelon of FBI's go to prison. Along with the upper Echelon of the department of injustice. And that it's much much worse than we thought. Has to do of course with phys accord spying on trumped that they illegally used our spy apparatus confirmation of everything that I've been telling you for your now. It's out in congress anyway. Still mark top secrets that catcher T hopefully some normally its suit that kind of thing should never be kept toxic or from the American public. How good a secret designation should never be used to protect. Government criminals from us. But please story. Because gimme much bigger than just spying on track that this is just. Scratching the surface. I mean any hint of what's coming with all of this we continue to get treated out there Tobin reporting easier to put together. To get the picture. What you head would quote have a tool like this what you had. An anathema Sheen or something computer and you queried. Anybody's name and a reader emails their pride personally. Financial statements. And you listen to your phone calls. He wanted. To put anybody. Well there is such a tool. It's part of the 702 surveillance. They just re up that congress and fortunately just real precedent that's very unfortunate. I'll tell you we'll see white men. So we're here modifies not wedded did Hillary played paid for the dossier and it's coming in and used it to spy on trop. They lied to the court you know the story that's probably what cinema. An LNG Cinemark prison for the rest of their lives. Just so this is the day that discretion surface. This is the cover story. In fact it really honestly should just be a footnote compared the rest of it. When you back here this is like the plot. Of a move. Mike Rogers. Is ahead of the NSA. They do despite may have this magical program where you can search. Up by name or by. Topic through people's emails collected as collect by the minister okay. Before. Any of the stuff got started dossier to go on to defies court which did not have until June 26. In January 2016. A report publicly this is not a conspiracy Mike Rogers Tenet the head of the NSA finds out. That people in the Obama administration have been just using this is their own personal toy they're they're trolling through trump and other folks. Illegally no warrant nothing he just got used it as they like. Doing about queries. He gets a tip about tennis and you launches investigation. His investigation should and this goes way before it can go to fighting to get the ability not to spy around trump folks they would suffice it to cover up the spine they were doing and it's mass. So trump wins the election. An NSA director Mike Rodgers gets the result of the spying operation and immediately shuts down their ability to use the seven out to court in that way. He stopped permanently. The next day guess where he goes. And invited by the way. Chose at the trop teller. Unannounced and uninvited to imagine the head of the NSA bang bang bang on your door it's like something out of a movie. But he did. If you go back to that time. You'll see the Democrats were enraged. Obama won the fire and they are condemned him her did you go speak with Donald Trump well the next day. The next day after. After. Mike Rogers headed in the sake shows a trump tower and yeah I can I got to cut 620. Best if we speak out top. It's so homely and which by the way can point to that comes back on. The next day after the head the NSA. Mike Rogers. Who has ordered this investigation of seventies by illegal spying. The day after he shows up its front tower the entire trump. The entire trumped transition team packs her bags and moves. Not trump tower to another state. They take up operation in a basement New Jersey. Swear to net a strange behavior. Pulled every last plug took every last computer and went. Why. It's obvious that looks and said he hasn't been reported it was final on. And Rogers knew he told the game was up gig was up that's why trump tweeting that he had been wiretapped. In parentheses. The only simple way he could explain it to the rest of us. A little bit further to get an idea of how big this bombshell isn't an again. This would just Stratton were scratching the surface here due sheriff Joseph prop Arpaio. Every used to keep the illegal immigrant. You know arrest d.s in in in pink jumpsuits and tense in the desert and every got arrested. You're why he got arrested ostensibly. Charm pardoned him. He got arrested. At because he was told. Not to surveil illegal immigrants as they went to church and other places by a federal judge. Acting is dictator and Arpaio chose to ignore him so he was sent to. Prison not for. Violate the law but afford to find court in order to enforce. Federal immigration law which is apparently now crime the United States of America. A sensibly but you know what else Joseph Arpaio was up to when they begin to target him he may have heard about this very well documented now. Joseph Arpaio. Had been contacted by a guy by the name of Michael Sula. Michael zillow had been given an NSA database. Highly classified NSA database there's actually fifteen. Servers. They currently sit a federal volt. Locked away. It was an electronic surveillance. Database. And so when Joseph Arpaio the sheriff. Mayor the county Arizona State got a hold as he opens his own investigation he began investigating B and a say in federal government as wells the FBI. Been investigating that began investigating them inside the database. Was eight evidence of a massive spying operation that way had begun during president George W Bush's term and continued through Obama's. Despite dated back. To at least 2005. Ex rights 2004. Spying on. What are your favorite targets for strong. Not just want trump but trump and a dozen. Of his highest level employees now why would the NSA piece interest to change and they were listening to his phone calls. And that's what this thing didn't document telephone calls that they had record. Emails they intercept. You Danone trampled run frogs yeah said he would before I mean until the but he never did was it was a joke. And yes. You're listening terms phone calls that you would know how serious he wasn't are running for president when you. Massive surveillance. Of trump. Top Echelon GOP donors hundreds of them they've been listening to Joseph Arpaio they'd been spying on top level members of the Supreme Court. Members of congress senate. And house. And they knew it is because the names would pop up. And that's who did database contained it was database as a reference is a phone calls and emails and things that they had collected not the actual emails and phone calls themselves. So when Joseph Arpaio. When Joseph Arpaio. Was originally indicted by the holder. Department of injustice aren't totally trumped up charges and again I couldn't get my crime he didn't commit one. Had to get him for defying a federal judge. When Joseph or patio. Which dragged into federal court he prison headed to the judge the databases. And claimed that that was why the federal government was harassing him. The judge then took the databases. Fifteen servers worth. And shorten the federal vaults. And directed the FBI to investigate. It went of course nowhere. They're still sitting in the federal laws now how big. How big do you think this being. Really acts. Did you Armon there I'd love to see much. Probably pretty short and kind of boring so embarrassed about that should be maybe I don't know. That's story thanks that's what we're eventually gonna learn about. Are we got another shocking elevation revelation I should say relegation into relegation to actually. Coming up later on in than this segment but first under the common sense retirement planning Tex when I know I just told you a story that sounds nuts. But when I first told you defies the story and the way that they all colluded. To spy on trumped. And it defies accord knew it and censored the FBI for lying I'd been telling you the story that you hear now since March. And out just now it's becoming news and it sounded crazy rappers towards you know less segments on the nights. But is that your. It's the truth. What we're gonna eventually find is massive widespread spying on everyone even remotely connected to the political system done by the FBI. With the knowledge of the DOJ. I'm using the NSA that's what we're gonna find we were all always under surveillance. And by all I mean political donors Supreme Court justice as members of congress. Oh and by the way remember congress river Al Green the Democrat who just so happens to be one of the few Democrats supporters of Israel remember him. Read that interview we did. When he's converse that phone conversation was leaked. And they asked me tell you why I try never to say anything on the phone I don't want a public because you know of course their listen. Coming up they don't. Tester race when Supreme Court Justice Roberts pretzel himself to allow Obama cares they into effect the first puck came to my mind was what to they have on him him need to. Bug tester race. What is this extremist spying not to feared that was spread when bush started this after 9/11. At yeah I was screaming and yelling about this and I was called a liberal an extremist not a Republican in the bush hater. Every everywhere in the book. When I was a WP team Charlotte. So I know the WBT listeners he's still listen to me today am smiling ear to ear is exactly what I warned about. And you know what because I hated bush dilemma country. Tech street cheered do you do you think Joseph Arpaio knows what is on those servers of course does he like he launched an investigation and NSA spying. By the federal government. One Republican Party members. That's a Joseph empire was doing that's what they went after him when he was sheriff. Chasing a ball to people that trump could use is part ability on it was him. It's all very interest in his. If Joseph Arpaio does know what's on the service why is he not putting it out there I know that he is going to run out for flakes seat in the center. That is out there it's locked in a federal vaults. Under orders from judge. Who said that the whistle blower. Could not provided to the public before he provided it to the FBI and let them investigate it's gone nowhere. Text rates when I was told when I was hoping truck campaign they said the building downtown could be bunt. They were operating from as for me I said no thanks. I'm just give you a preview what's coming up I know it sounds nuts but does beautiful me for awhile now I have a freeway. And I'm bragging here I do my homework I have a funny way of telling you things that sound crazy before they become true once events. And is one of those podcasting is rambling that is if you don't hear hear reaction here anywhere else. Okay by the way. Another shocking. Revelation. That will be of interest to you folks who listened to be a pulse on the weekend. And says Chris and lawns and and it turns loose with no adult supervision whatsoever which have always that was mistake. Arm and given a microphone. OK so proverbial mice playing well exactly. Armed OK so now I know wanna wanna tell us about the poll struck me was look. Is the pulses on live from seven to 9 PM Saturday night's. We we get you ready for your weekend. All week with terra Vince body MacKey even a couple of the the weekend shows you get all kinds of political talk. And we. Specifically break that mold we we step away from the politics and talk about entertainment stuff last week we had rob young on from a borrowing comics talking about the SE comic con it's going to be coming up in March. We yet we we've we've just got all kinds of entertaining stuff that we talk about. I yet and I agree it's a big enjoy watching our suggestions is well on the leisure to what I should bench. All OK so now I know one of the groundbreaking piece you've done polls on is sampling different candy flavors. We have sampled a variety of as of things we've done polls taste tests. For a for a variety of products and case and I'm asking this which is your favorite flavor of scale. Favorite flavor skill you know its interest in the chest because a while ago. I was challenged. By AM by a fellow polls. Posts that skills. Do not come in different flavors. They were thinking of the more like fruit loops you know every single ever loop taste the same. But Skittles actually do have UT even individual scandal and it tastes different then. A different kettle a different color so I I actually did alone taste test on scandals. And and and was able to correctly identify. The had a different colors of the scandals by their flavor my favorite as the red when I read it's like a strawberry. Labor kind of but it's it that's that's long been my favorite. OK see you think you think that the red one tastes the best yes OK well while having shocking. Revelations today on the show guess what what's that new study. It's in the secret is out. Skills are all the same flavor no they're not is there no there not I have I have proved it on the air I had an you know what here's here's what's interesting about you proving it on the air. Yeah how you did that this is so interesting skills are all the same flavor. But they put different segments. In the different color skills. So you're we're thinking they treat your brain to thinking it tasted better it didn't it tasted the same it smell different. As he tasted different we have a bit this is just this is a big breaking music and how they fool you into thinking. That you're chasing different flavors pitcher not the lemon. And the red taste exactly the same. The reason you can't tell us commissioner's house. You measure chewing. Well yes but flavor and and Mallard are directly related. Directly relating to not to thank you taste things note are we dating scale are we seriously gonna do this. Broad enough of a I absolutely evident here do you or your brain sees talent from the skills people just didn't. Oh OK that's the thing this is a blind taste as I could not see the color of the scandal OK she could smell it. You construct not you can less well I'm a senior Matt Newton smallest amount to the that's called flavor that. It's you know things can't smell things they taste different. So what is your nose informs your brain Howell the food tastes okay Skittles is just committed. That it's cheaper to make them all the same flavor. And to fool your brain. Out with a sense. So we know the yellow sands is supposed to mean lemon we smell it's I think it taste like Clement but doesn't. Is cheaper to send them different sense but went in the same claim they totally fooled you. I am I'm gonna take your word for our our time and I'm. Rescue and not my lying mouth okay.