The Tara Show - 1-19-18 - Hour 2

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Friday, January 19th

Government shutdown comes down to amnesty; Australian dad finds missing son on the brink of death after cops refused to search for him; Vegas shooting remains mysterious because FBI is hiding information; Lindsey Graham holding Americans’ security hostage over amnesty for millions of illegal aliens


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And lay good morning tirade as we silent. Push off to fast yesterday didn't it. Young did so once the sun hit Galloway gets we got some belting out of the way unfortunately not quite enough for the cream vocally school district in the outlying areas but tough. We have progress yet the kids are home again today which means Greenville county students went to school for exactly one day this week. It was just. Yes they knew I don't Dotson closure will be able to give of this of this hectic pace it does this act completely Mexican totally insane paste yeah okay. So we've been talking about this list of the government's gonna shut down. Am I I'm guessing down today and Paul Ryan warning. At first I'd seen him actually step up do some heavy lifting actually threatening the Democrats. Saying he listened in a few guys wanna shut down health programs for children. Paychecks for veterans and all that calm you know if you if you wanna do that fine but we know we have passed a you know continuing resolution here now team to government up and running in house. And he said so not a government shuts down that's on the Democrats who sent it yes and Lindsey Graham. That's on the Democrats in the senate Lindsey Graham he's actually sit up but that be the actual trees the case. So looks like I didn't notice. Think you'll play mean in in in times past there was always terror that the government would shut down because. It would be blamed on the Republicans. Arm but the death threats are taking a real risk your writing don't you mean shutting this down over illegal immigrant. So listen that they're getting ams they're gonna continue to get cover fire from CNN MSNBC and everything else and try to build that those outlets are gonna continue to try to blame trump however. This is clearly a situation where the Democrats are doing exactly what they were accused Republicans of doing before. And and it's interesting too when Democrats were in power they use this exact same tactic. And exactly the same way that they are now complaining about Republicans use. I PCI this alone but CNN Wayne's arm and it went and interviewed seven net Democrats lifelong Democrats from Democrat families who had voted for trot. A year later to Syria earlier coverage. And wanna know how you feel now. At that lion sack our present and cheers and Erstad and and probably two of them are black. And and you can see the score on the CNN them you know person's face in her York. As I guess ulcers aggression that is very interest and on this is in a rural towns in town in Ohio. And they and they should they ask you really think of luck they got just one part of the interview that and they should pay you what it is it would what's the young did the biggest thing. Like the biggest issue he would what it what it should start up an upset. Immigration. Wait what. These are these are Democrats and then switched her party at all now they're still Democrat and there and Ohio and Erin hi a US. And to their energy yes should there interviewing and they're black they're white and zero cents in the same thing it and monitored their black woman said a day do right it was it was his immigration. Is its embassy. And they should know you don't think trump deserve like I was using different nothing Tampa's you know Bollenbach is of the number comment that was attributed to him no. We great. May be the last time CNN goes to fly over country and yet at any we think having you need to to see that I I think is government shutdown will be different to do nothing you seem needs Cyrano. That there was a political morning console poll in which only 35% of Democrats. Supported shutting the government down over amnesty for doctors. Only 35% of Democrats supported shutting the government down over amnesty for doctors. The biggest plurality of Democrats biggest percentage 42%. Of Democrats are against the embassy for dockets. Including large majorities of Republicans. And intense as well. We say a winning ish. It's not. And so you know ready NEC I think she is gonna go up there with him is he's gonna go out there. A human go out there and then they're gonna started their digs followed the Republicans trust falls Oslo bomb about a month. But they're not be able to get around telling you. That this was ovary so we know it's over and it's this is reported firm weeks and we should easily just we we know that what this is over. And so you know let's go out there and say the Republicans shut down the government because they would give amnesty please please say that. Please go ahead and tell if you could repeat that over and over and over again it's trumps fault the government shut down because he won't give them amnesty. And it pretty bright billboards if you don't sing like commercials and there was a conference that. Com I I would I would gladly don't. Dude let's let's let's start and again we have tennis tennis is senate seats up for grabs next year. And she. Were looking up this year action I am still thinking twins 72 months. That's app by the way don't get and that will be in the February amateur you can put down put yeah but I mean if you look at the if you would would attend senate she's up for grabs. As the Washington examiner brilliantly pointed out seven of them are in Republican states we got a good chance to knock off a lot of Democrats here. And we also had a good she is the poll decent conservatives. At a primaries. And so you know there is no other issue in the country. Com on you know upon which over 60% of voters agree. Depending on how it's pulled sometimes it goes into the seventy's depending on how you ask the questions. People don't like amnesty they don't like it. And so I think it's possible it's it was a shadow government does another indication of an ignoring the rule of law. Yeah we we see so much of this in this country whether it's you're talking about the bin Ghazi investigation. Whether you're talking about that the Tron dossier the collusion. Accusations which are real proving to be to be false. But we we see the of the email scandal with Clinton. So many things we see where there's just and we have a long as we have them in place and we don't enforce them or we ignored them. And Deans of the problems that you have. When you continue to have lost that you completely ignore. The immigration system in this country is not broke. It is eliminate illegal immigration that has a problem. Yeah I mean I think people understand it's illegal. I think beginning to get it well that's why the left for so long has been having such a connection fit about the the phrase illegal aliens or illegal immigration. And then they're they're trying to tell them people's hearts are all that's that's offensive. You know that's so easy to full record or Betsy you know some type of racism or no it's not it is a legal defamation definite die definition. It matters not what the gender or sex race religion of a person that crosses the border illegally and enters the country illegally it has nothing to do. With with their nationality. With their ethnicity their gender. There are sexual orientation or or the religion ever anything else. If this individual has illegally crossed into a content a sovereign nation that is an illegal immigrant and illegal. Aliens that's what this is why a lot of this that we've been sold this whole well if you if you're against him is because you like brown people. Again I mean one of the most interesting things I ever saw was the report the sheriff. It was awesome to amend Pendergraph Olympic and I am a former sheriff in Mecklenburg County the Charlotte and heat would publish. Monthly basis on how many illegals were in any. Com jail in Charlotte embarrassed and a lot of them were arrested for drunk driving them and where what dirt NASA national atlas. And it was fastening you would think it was seen Democrats they're all Hispanic no it would usually be and we would publish every month it would usually be only slightly over 50%. Of the illegals and way to shocking thing at any given time in Mecklenburg count. Rate it which is which Charlotte 20%. On average of the jail population was illegal. And that is staggering him as just a local jail I mean at least prom as much screening when things. But convene key categories. On the Vietnamese illegals. A lot of rushing. And Ukraine are illegal in a bomb I was shocked by that polish illegals. There was a lot of that and there are a lot of Chinese illegals in the jail tip. And we never hear that cited it would T usually somewhere between the 5152. And 55% in the illegals. At any time the Charlotte gel were Hispanic. And add I was I was so surprised if you're going 90% of what we talk about it but it's but it wasn't and that makes sense to think about it because. Bomb you know half of the illegals are here has a visa overstays but every country on earth is represented Africa a rant. Nom in any any every country on our community they came from everywhere. Armed and it was just surprising how did you first feel legal community is it it's illegal diversity and credit few European illegals from different your. White. Because the government's gonna turn a blind eye and let them yeah because so remember the study for the past two years of his earlier this year that a single v.s over they had been prosecuted. Unless they'd committed a crime on top of it. Assuming you hear you come here to visit this link you just stay care nurse. Care. So this idea that they're yeah they're brown. Your racist if you don't like him breaking our laws it's just factually know it is mathematically that's just not the case. And it jest aim NFC's. As predicted by more. Probably getting to get the truth in the Vegas shooting. Which I belong said was a terror attack covered up by the FB lacked as they have so many before. Beginning to get a first inkling that that might be true Ollie the whole thing out coming up but first. Stop this was important for parents. And if your carrier was apparently your baby is seventeen her. 37. And we as parents get. Be arresting and you know by the way if you've ever had one of these when we get these funny feelings about her kits out time. It's just now that there's a connection there that I think defies words MR and X when explanations at least as far as our signs can go right now. My mom was particularly good at this I would I would pass on doing things I knew I shouldn't do. But as I can hide nothing from element she could look at my face and now she went yeah O. And how she knew that you would know we should know specifically what I did she know something was missing boy she gets the bottom of the well just feelings as parents we should listen to bomb and one dad did. Well the story seventeen year old kid. Went missing in Australia on Sunday. He'd gone to see his girlfriend he was he didn't get any second kid gives parents in trouble he commend biker fuel that well when he come home. Didn't answer is found and enjoy up to girlfriends house. Dad got a terrible sinking sick. Feeling so he pretty quickly went to the cops. And is often happens especially with somebody who's an adult or million adults. They brushed it off. They say I'd try just ran away and told his father dissuade form at home. But cereals dad knew Tony was never run away. And so he regularly sees listen you gotta you gotta held captive got a chopper I just I have a feeling up my sign me. Is on the side of the road somewhere and Nate there round he had taken it was very thick brush. So sick it did demeanor is no way to see a car that you might run off the road different from the route. As he beta please could you please key to a chopper six is they they said no it's not you know we we have strict guidelines we can't go up for a missing person. But the feeling continue to nag nag and nag at his frantic father. So so this is the kind of thing I am desperate parent dies so much so. That dead at took all of the cash she could quickly get its hands a 1000 bucks. And went to a nearby airport. Walking around desperate. I helicopter. Pilot. Few thousand bucks for the for that in January the chopper cost to run having worked for news organizations so I'm in this pilot had to have tons on a volunteer basis partly. Well that had a fear a disturbed if you're flying so so was his brother the uncle went up and helicopter. In less than ten minutes. They found Samuels car crash in the side of the road just like Tony's got had told him. Had happens. And it's good that they did it when they did because by the and he was near dead of dehydration and blood lust. But they miss again don't command car. Matt and he is recovering he'll be OK so as you know as a parent. Let's listen listen listen to those voices in your head when it comes to keep it seemed like gut feeling. Securely when it comes to your kids 803471063. Techs like 71307. Okay. If it increasing stuff going on right now. Wish that the Vegas attack and it even listening today show we've torn apart from the beginning. The flat out lies the FBI is told about time one. Including giving us the wrong date that I checked and to the hotel but hey that's not very hard severe if and jury member when it Mandalay bay hotel had to come out and three short had to say I hate to listen I'm the official time when it's wrong. Rumored where wash your hands of it. Yeah I mean this thing's been messed up from being so we're we're told the investigation. Is close to the victims have been told and so they're suing. Because they might see the search warrants and enforcing its close jitters det income. Close investigation give it was but they'll release nothing including the autopsy report and that's what if only one person was involved like the FBI told us. And he's dead. And investigations closed why can she got Oscar. Icicle autopsy reports. All the time. They're usually available within 72 hours of the autopsy being conducted that's pretty standard procedure. In the case it is extremely rare for an autopsy report to be denied so they would record in the day in Vegas. And Abbott the attorney for the press attorney for the victims. And a shocking thing was said the course so shocking that people gasped. That they can't release any the evidence. Including automotive every hour it was just a few weeks ago. That we are sold at the moment whenever we know. Never sing negro we can't release it because we are pursuing charges. Why. 00 let's see opposite where he never told us there were no accomplices. You're pursuing charged now to take the charges are not come from her. Not for you aren't they basically don't pick a gun and fire. So saudis are accessory charges now here's what's weird we're a girlfriend. And reference letter to wander ration do whatever she wants she says she didn't know anything. Yeah it was just came out what a couple days ago now she's admitted he might fingerprints might be on the bullets. And cartridges. And guns. OK. Sure. That's normal. On OK. But what are we fighting. For folks who said. No you're connection here there's no no no no it does he know there's none on now there's no chair again and it over 200 of its financial transactions. Work flagged him. On terrorism grounds she guys used. Big issue that does is sell roses coincidence my neck I happen to anybody at there's your kitchen oh. Oh wait. When you hear this next. Had arranged you're usually stringer show from easily to Cleveland Georgia everyday but. So to me and I say this morning your signal. Keeps going in and out. Could be conspiracy by the SA shut me up. Where by the engineering staff. It very deeply likely. 803471063. SE engineering staff period and come I'm just kidding. 71307. Ari text race Teradata shooter also did not use a bump fires stock as reported I have shot bump fire starts regularly for fun and neat sickly at rates of fire from a bonfire stack. Is a far higher than what I heard from a Vegas shooting video the video showed something there with a lower cyclical raid and possibly something like eight squad automatic weapon. Such as an M to 49 or an M 240. Those are not available to citizens elegy dry your conclusions. About that. Ari. This biggest thing gets stranger. Our Ivan highly spec skeptical ladies a hard drives us why did it. On the knowing didn't. We have the NSA. When I have search history he can't get that from Google. With the war. You can't get that from Internet providers and surely can search history we know exactly why did. We now. Know I had just written a hard drive lever up. Really don't have burger we're gonna move on. Okay. Sure. Now they know they don't we go any agony this example before all search for something for the kids online at home. I coming here I have not search for a ever on line and and stop parts are popping up on my work computer for it. When I'm here. They know it's me because I know my search history you tell me we can't get the search history the emails any of that. From the big issue Turks and her of her dress made you like my immediate liking young 1990 or something but not now. None of it adds up and now we're finding out according to release the autopsy. Will the case is closed the shooter is dead. Why can we see the autopsy. It's all very strings. Sitting court hearing about this in Vegas it's attracted wide attention because the the Vegas shares of our starlight Elena please we we can't no we see where not to be a release that because sat charges are coming. We went. He said it was closed. Any acted alone. Charges a pat moon what kind of charges might we be harking. About here and this is where this gets really really interest. Last night on Tucker Carlson. Can congressman Scott to. Perry at a Pennsylvania. Had this to say. I smell a rat like a lot of Americans are nothing chatting up it's been four months and he said we don't even. The man's dead they say it is a lone gunmen lone shooter yet we can't get the autopsy results but even more troubling than that. Recently I've been made aware of what I believe to be credible evidence from credible information regarding potential terrorist infiltration. Through the southern border regarding this incident. Terrorists. Yes sir connections okay so what's the outline of that oil that. Well they could be well let's let's face a crisis twice before the attack crisis. When the United States that they would attack Las Vegas but you may think in June and August and then after the attack claimed responsibility for times. Meanwhile the local law enforcement investigative services are telling us there is no terrorist connection lone gunman. Something again something's not adding well that's part of my confusion capping commuters confirmed that this investigation. It is and he goes on nine. OK okay so when you day one and leave I talked about this I is distinctly remember to set your British is larger than others and now. And like. The blood hasn't been scrubbed off off the asphalt and what are we talking about how even you look at. See here now rethink their motive would be wonderful story to get them. Have an impact. He came over the border. Well I there's nothing more precious to leave a party then there ongoing migration. To dilute the vote people. Nothing more precious than that. A mid day. Wouldn't. That that this is out there are told you how the states and string things together I'm not saying is disarmed just give you information and putting together in my may be most people haven't. Happened back in our Kate bag back well it's earlier this year. I told you about this date charged to ice is terrorists. Which apply it to a home she up to Times Square and concert venues. And they sealed the indictments. The indictments for some reasoning and I'd be the reasoning indictment diamonds were sealed by the FBI had concealed. Is because they were still hunting for other members of the plot. We still hunting for the other members the putts it was two it was two Islamic act. That was really interesting about this particular ring in. Or group of guys. Again the FBI told him the courts would we can't no we have to Sealy is because we even got hit rice is terrorists are planning to shoot up the concert venues. The interesting thing about them was other activities were funded. Wire transfers. Back and forth from the Philippines to a transfer is not one way. Up less interest in that is said that is really is it is that not exactly what the big issue dirt was doing. In part by a his Philippine girlfriends. Andrea we know this is because the London Daily Mail reported. After the FBI. After the court finally. Unsealed. Those indictments we now know that these guys that were arrested were just part. Of the grip. Of the nicest group to announce. I established and ditched. I may not be related. You may not be related. At all but when you consider that the play immigrant was to shoot up concerts and there dear dear final plat. Bite and traveling overseas. Home in part to Pakistan to get training for other ice is folks where. Did these big issue undergo a lot. Overseas including several Muslim countries. Number he like to do it by boat in to compare way to smuggle arms in the country he didn't wanna draw attention. And all of that after according to NBC over 200. And the big shooters. Financial transactions were flagged for Terre. Mean this week NBC reports that over 200 of his financial transactions or flag for chair we're told us no terror connection. Have you had any of your financial transactions flak for chair. A summit avenue. Text your rates why do you think companies FBI had her covering this up. My guess would be turn to snow anymore about this than you do. The head of the FBI is currently covering for the last ten in the FBI so the idea that he would go share this with trump I think is a bit of a stretch. Well in sue the weekends and figures parents. Send out. You know parents Greenville county students you're probably turn your hair out now it's show what one day this week I think they've gone. One day this weekend off today. I would be happy today yesterday because usually it takes an extra day after gringo clears to get the surrounding areas cleaned up so. Then back to school. Next week. Hopefully. Hopefully. Text rates. Dietary it's strange how the big issue here and Oklahoma City bomber both have ties. To the Philippines. Yet interesting stuff on. This year I'll let go on a lot of stuff going on to that we're gonna get into today. Really interesting last night on Fox News. Dish crib sheet Abdi amnesty plan being offered dissenting. Bite Lindsey Graham. And she's sidekicks. Jessup the appropriately named flake. Cory Gardner senator Dick Durbin senator Michael Bennet and senator Robert Menendez you know it's going to be bad. Here's what Tucker Carlson said less than it was scary to transcripts so apparently here are the features of the proposal we are looking at is what Lindsey Graham is put together for. It would find about 10% of the proposed border while about seventy miles at a 2000. No enforcement. Basically can't support anybody. Expanding. Chain migration. The Fox News transcript. Makes diversity lottery more on his guilt. It doesn't seem like it's moving in the right direction. As an attack on the country that's what this series. It's Saddam. It is is incredibly disappointed. For Lindsey Graham to be doing this so the house has passed a continuing resolution keep the government open but it's it's Don house has passed that it's on insect. And so Paul Ryan the rear of the house yesterday. Was saying hey listen if it if it should they don't look this doesn't Democrats is. Unity Democrats and Lindsey Graham but you send. This is a Democrat the senate the Democrats the ones that are gonna. You know stop the payments for child health care programs that the games the military families including act indeed Ed that's on now and that's that's not us. As a unit you know you want Maine senator Lindsey Graham senator Cory garner senator Dick Durbin and what rim is doing here. He's doing two things. Mean let me tell you would want what they say it's. He's four he is he's put arsenic so outrageous. That charm can't possibly sign and survive political. Any tips he he he actually knows and so what they're good they are keying up to do. Is it to put the blame on trump and the Republicans for the shut down. So the focus can be on trump and the Republicans for the shut down and not on the fact. That the Democrats want docking amnesty and that's what shut down government. So he's he's giving them cover Biden being a Republican by putting together something so outrageous. That it would make. It it would endanger the nation making immigration system works. Increase chain migration all that it is an absolute mess. And so Lindsey Graham is personally engineering the government shutdown so it can be were blamed on his part and try. That's that's what your senator is up to right. As absolutely mad. It is is absolutely Manning so that the in the playing SA related out it's provides amnesty for twenty million people. Nine million people in the first base that's the one dead. They did in the bill they have filed. That's all the docket is 3.5 million roughly plus both their parents. And then they all get the chain migration on top and in fact increased in migration. So this is going this is doubling. Down. On chain migration. I'm regardless of skill set regardless of physical health of the immigrants coming in regardless of their literacy level. Whether they're literate in their own country in their own language much less hours. I'm wishing you the change family reunification. Visa. None of that stuff matters elbows out the door when you have health problems are meant to take care do you Ferris paralyzing and I never played in the met paid in Medicare Medicare. Fine welcome to America. Oh you don't you don't read your own language nominees and to fill this form out forming OK welcome to America. What is of course so when you get he. Arnold. Welcome to America. You know on welfare wishy here. Cairo. Welcome to America. That's where we are right now. That's exactly where we are an EP get welfare when you know arrive. Initially but so you can't as you begin to move through the green cart cart process. Become illegal per permanent resident tech kinda thing. So this is your senator Lindsey Graham thinks is good. For America twenty. Amnesty for 29 by the way and then in the second rounds the eleven million against. That's the second era and an acting eleven I get the MC then we get the border secure. Wouldn't get much. What I do as we get an F five to seven miles. Of I'll walk. So I basically Lindsey Graham doing this at the George W. Bush case. Now do under a hundred Miami sure is funny places they can still cross. It's some. Say it's absolutely. Aaron it's a seat. What Lindsey Graham has done here. And keeps the terrorist visa lottery. Thank you if if you tried it. To wreck the country I don't think you could try any harder than Lindsey Graham is right