The Tara Show - 1-19-18 - Hour 3

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Friday, January 19th

Busted Reboot store was a fence for millions in stolen goods; Alarming memo detailing Deep State surveillance of then-President-elect Trump circulates through Congress; Trey Gowdy joins Governor McMaster in obstinately refusing to allow energy exploration in SC


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Elaine good morning turned OK you have this in the news Aaron about this yesterday this is so bizarre did just the scale of it. This rebuke rebuke to stress. Now Reba boy they re routed at our iron and yet they ended she did call reboots. They like as in boosted exactly from somewhere else so as she service goes in buses but bless them merry. And Greeneville business. And it is one of these places you go and I issue get a discount you know I mean I'll let you can get stuff from you know like like this story but it'd team this. Town who now wait he came from the store. Like rape off the shelf out of the store. It was surprising to me about this isn't is it is that they got this far. I mean it did that they clearly were able to open a store fronts. An it was a big fencing operation we know pretty much I would everything you can imagine stolen from big box store words. Ominous closes vacuum cleaners are just you know what what ever where it was in there but what surprised me I mean you could. Since this myself the defense over a million dollars worth of stuff stolen from Georgia North Carolina South Carolina. I mean I just I had so many questions re Mac like how I gave meaning needed she could be that's. Com in your face about it and last as long as they did. But as questions today's kid and and this is WYFF reporting some deterrent. We do we are they sending you know they did. That people woods would do did discover it was stolen was was sold to reboot for pennies on the dollar term. He's done running. Okay look haters say you Sauna and vacuum from Wal-Mart and what's what's the tops of back to goes for from Wal-Mart depends on whether you go for the shark with a Dyson I know I really. Think it's a big difference here yeah it ill also dice your vegetables this so I'm. Egg soup and yeah I mean it's an anti about vaccines march I don't know who steals take the risk of stealing something like that. Fifteen bucks ten bucks five bucks and you apparently a lot of people there if you got a bad meth habit I guess. Wow OK and we see that image the scale of it was really surprising to. Date again I'm an easy somebody doing this. And I'm back on the track are consumed in and out of their home now wouldn't surprise me at all. Put put him in a million dollar short stuff before they got cut power tools computers vacuum cleaners who's gonna tell them. And if you think about it the people who war. Shoplifting that the merchandise they're not gonna turn a man the people who are buying get her happy about the price is they're paying they're not gonna turn a man. I can see why it took awhile to figure it out and and make the case and get make the arrest. This some a pin and leave the million dollars worth of items was just went what reboot sold on eBay and Craig's list now. That's in addition to what they sold to local shoppers an ad that they you know Agnes B I the store oh you mean there's illegal activity going on on the Internet. I know guys shocked I'm positively shocked. Agreement county sheriff I will lose said the numbers were astronomical deceit is not a projects products stolen shop with a from different places. Com. Yeah I just I don't know if they have put it on Craig's list in my not a god cultural heart of it I guess not it's. And then you're then usually too. I like you know the blood count bargain shopper I miss it just exactly how you manage all this did not need to be. No I wouldn't know in the shop their knowing that that had happened yeah I'm just shocked that I mean and usually I'm briefed on hunt if if it's on sailor it's cheap animal over it. Not I'm with we listen my my wife and I we go to these these do that the folks you know the the bid can't stores all the time coming you know. If it's close to being if it's just a little past me and not a day I'm good happens it's no problem if I'm paying a bargain price for it that's we do a lot of shopping like. Was amusing to see how they busted dump them on the hated his yeah me if I on this I would think you know what the first person who gets caught shoplifting for me. Allah is gonna tell the cubs say you know in exchange for cooperation on I want discharge my record tell you exactly what's going on here that's what I would think he would take a lot of heat. Yeah I mean how people it take to steal a million dollars worth to stuff. And that's a good question I think spin crimes fastening. Like how he how he set out to do it a million dollars would decide just what they sold on eBay and Craig's list at the reboot store. Om here in Greeneville before pristine ocean generated okay. Won't. Be good a crime I ordinarily due to recruit thieves steal stuff free that's a lot of the eggs. You know when he needed. Legged police ever heard of organized crime Tara. I know by. Some million dollars a lot of these neither are we have 1520 people working for you. That doesn't surprise me. The won't folks out there will be willing to do that and take that rest it does seem to tease me about sending investigate. If I go in and go into. Wal-Mart still a shark or something now and I'm in a detachable key item down you know I mean I did TVs they competed. Gee that some what you pay me pennies on the dollar forget that. Well I'll put on Craig's list myself thank you very much as a petite young woman you would have a hard time getting me a large items out of that store I guarantee you no way you'd be surprised. I my first job was at records meant I was on I can generate them. And they were so that they walked out I am and embarrassed we got pats only sixteen but they got past me. Bomb with like yep we are big big big heavy televisions back then they're like a foot oh yeah now. The storm which I didn't see some. Was the highest elected is losing not busy now. But there's really good at what they do. Nestle. You know but if you're talking about the several hundred dollar or you know thousand dollar object. And and you didn't do anything but just you know spend 1015 minutes going into a store shoplift. I guess so you find people to do that for retail. We put our ad on Craigslist gee they looking to steal yeah you let me get traveling in those circles you know and I'm saying I think there's. Plenty of clandestine ways I guess so I guess is he done. I guess I'm just too innocent to the whole thing I'd just like to sleep at night I just like to not have to worry about it you know it's Danny to. He took on an incredibly it was funny from everyone around here was laughing they tried to advertise on not here but on one of our stations yeah. Felt that yeah that's true night not on to be lowered to know when there was some. It it didn't work out I didn't and it didn't work out really that I think if I remember the email correctly there were via one of the individuals involved in this was involved in a legitimate business previously. Yes. And then head job. The legitimate side Leavitt head let's say parting ways and India. The scoundrel involved apparently was was still. Pursuing advertising opportunities. Well folks you were having family yesterday here's one of these samples Scripps that was written this what we do an intercom we don't have real jobs. We you know we this is what we do all that. The ice is because he kept out the middleman and everyone else too great selection if you don't see it just as Ford Dell lift emerge every Sarah and the hot steals just let us now thanks to us yet. Let's jump moderate she'd be common sensor retirement planning in text line tech straight most of the scenes in mad reboot. Ms. to sell a million dollars worth of stolen it. Stuff. On Craig's list just Craig's list assigning chatting with they did at an air Greenville store which was shut down yesterday after rain after the raid. Straight chair we all buy stuff from gangsters every day ever heard in Washington DC. I guess so. Text your race at Michigan thieves are employees of big box stores and they just puts. The items out of the back door they have someone come by and pick up Inspiron makes cents. Straight I see. Thanked and what they were trying to right. History to merchandise is being stolen by employees by the pilot they get jobs working the stores for the purpose of fat target. It's tons stuffed cash can I believe they got away with it for that would be a cell million dollars was stuff on Craig's list. I mean you really get as staff of people just put that on an in you know. Put that stuff happening adds up responding to them eating be gone in this a big operation can lead the kept quiet for so long managed so that much. It is so it's unbelievable well this is unbelievable tip. And post Olympic Carson. Where are about to tell you. Might make you mad don't let. This is a sign that we're winning okay. Now if I sound angry when I'm telling you this it's because I'm angry what they've done to my country but it's in the past. It's in the past and were finally after a year getting at the truth but they would have been yesterday because it was remarkable. The intelligence committee voted to share a four page memo. With the rest of the members of congress everybody got a copy. At this and now the vote was completely on partisan lines the Democrats did not want you to know what's in the memo the Republicans did. It's a Y. The memo four pages. Is about. On criminal. Why is there abuses by a neat top level of the FBI and the department of injustice. And apparently what is in it well let me give you a sample of congressional reactions to this memo. This is North Carolina representative mark meadows it's troubling it's shocking. Part of me wishes that period because I don't want to believe that these kind of things could be happening in this country that I call home and love so much. At Florida representative. Matt gets. At what is completely enraged and rage she's could go lose their jobs after the memo is released. I believe the consequences of this release will be major changes in people currently working at the FBI and department just this he said. And this is Pennsylvania representative Scott Perry said you think about is this cat is after Redman. Is this happening in America or is this the KGB. That's how alarming it is. Well. What's not them. Was cinema amount. OK so so far for members of congress to step forward to demands are that'd be declassified said the public good. I guess the question once again out where's our congressional delegation on the what a complete silence so sick of the silence. I can't. Restrict trade Audi banging gavel on demanding that all Americans get to read this would go very long way. Because of who he is an and it in the political week he had us where is he. Where is the hardest days. Here's our representative Steve King one of those demanding that this be ID classifieds currently top secret and share with the American people he warns it will shock America. Here's what he tweets I have read the memo. This sickening reality has set an against those you just tuning in this is about the criminal conspiracy to the memo is about the criminal conspiracy. Am at the FBI and department of injustice. To spy on track illegally. Steve King Arabs and seeking tweets I have read the memo the sickening reality has set and I no longer hold out hope that there is an innocent explanation from the information the public scene. Com. I have long I have long said it is worse than Watergate it was. Worse. Than Watergate. Well. What a that is. That's quite something here's representative Ron Desantis. They're reacting to this after reading too after reading it on now fox. The intelligence memo that we have just read this so alarming. That it must be immediately disclose to the American people in the disclosure of this intelligence document. Must be a top priority for the country immediately I cannot stress how important that this. Any American. That would see this document would feel as though people like rob rose inside and Bruce or need to be fired immediately and well. Thought here is our representative Ed Jim Jordan quotes this is our lesson on Hannity I think can lead this will not just and with firings I believe there will be people. Who will go. To jail. Now server reporter Sara Carter went a step further. About the memo apparently she knows what's in it. She said. Not early dad's. That it is so risky analysts that it could if ever released to the public immediately. Resolve the shutting down of the Mueller investigation. I just because it so I am completely. Informs the public about how absolutely false and quite frankly criminal the foundation of the Russian investigation next. Now I don't beaten up our. Congressional. Represented in South Carolina I would love to see their face is just once on the on the you know on the television advocating for us to get the truth about the extreme criminality. At the top for a law enforcement agencies that be refreshing. Com. Especially in a case like this. But he had tried to this list trump is so I had the top classification authority to declassify this any moment now if he won two so. A mad dad trump the list we need to see dates. We we absolutely need to see this he needs to declassify. Alma Hillary's I can think he wouldn't she is because so are somebody who come after him on obstruction charges or something I. I have no idea. Am but I am I'm tremendously disappointed so we only have four members of congress spent. And it seemed to think that it is important for the American people to get the truth about the capsule grows criminality at the top of our. Justice system. So interesting to see that he was interesting about this. It did to Democrats on the intelligence committee all voted no they did not want it released to other members of congress much less TO. I need the same people have been spring having not for a year about the need for transparency about Russia here's transparency. Yeah let's have some. Oh no actually we don't want any transparency after we yeah we putt about and we aid is your guys that transparency is not a good thing. After rock. So this and and you what is it different for for the terminology. Seemed to be used by Arabs and Scott Perry. Is this happening in America or is this the KGB. I really for a long time the FBI has long coveted the power of the KGB Henis. I mean you know you look at China you look at Russia Sergey look at the leadership or Russia for the past near a hundred years. Almost everyone up of them came up through. The intelligence community. The intelligence agencies that he had KGB. It's now defunct but there's another agency that is taken over. What they used to do meaning they've all come out there really be tracking the politics is not run for office and do your best like it is here it's. Bomb bespoke. Say get your political opponents and get office. So I mean that's clearly what we know where we are Libby to post we're living in times. We're top law enforcement agencies this country are being compared to the KGB by people who now. And they paid all of this in the memo behind the top secret. I security clearance to keep it from me. So. Let's have let's see how long they can keep dissing behind closed doors to cabbie evade. Your luck. WikiLeaks is offering a million net backs. For authentic happy. Of this so I. Happy I got you so you may wanna send it on owner known me some money. A certain segments. Are you teams out there teenage try and challenge. Which is really hot right now. We wanna energy issue to a new products you may be interested in. But we do the chided tied pudge challenge. Is tee is online eating tried pilots use little that it's hard times younger ones who could not with their. There with a washer. Yeah they can kill their toxic. Armed and so nor did an entire attention ended tees are finding themselves. Eating type putts. Now asserted the onion which is a parody site. Out road apiece. And in joking leak challenging teenagers to eat type but it was a joke. Apparently took Zynga debt and when fire. As attorney into actual thing. In the first Friday we're like yeah you know when I did you don't don't do that you'll die but then they went boom. Teens intentionally ingesting highly toxic tide laundry putts and posting the videos to YouTube challenging others to do the same. You've seen the news Procter & Gamble makers of tide of tried to discourage this thread until they realized okay. Reducing new Xerox ship tonight. Big tightly do you already know. Now with the advice did you give Sierra Tucson. Even notice yourself produces turning the ball. Lose their action tell iPods legal gray with a tasty Ajax lines or a big helping of sushi and furniture polish off. First Chirac should tide pods today until we're who really stupid. Or your teens by the way I YouTube is now banning those on mines apparently they're pulling them off. Okay. Update. Mix it disaster has taken it upon himself personally. For reasons that are unclear. Our governor bound to try to lock up our offshore. And massive offshore. Oil and natural gas that we have. So she that he is now written grinding he asking you try and put it no we don't know we can't have anybody out there now what he's opposing is not drilling. It's exploration. So head master. Column does not want you to know what's out there. So an ultra is doing right now is opening them to exploration need permits for that Novak kinds of this is the exploration process. Okay this is not the part where we decide we're gonna Andrew S the second face that has not been opened up pick have to eat expiration first. So this does mean that oil financial gas companies would get to go out there and see what's going on out there. Seed it would be worth in a drilling in the behalf. Now we know that we are already have. We we know with old estimates we have over three trillion with a T. Com cubic. Square was at my schedule yards increased resorts of natural gas out there. We've had two oil industry studies showing. A minimum of twenty and 50000 jobs created. By this industry. And do we know that that happens because we've seen in places like Texas. Which is growing at over 6% or you heard me talk about this before. So some disaster has doubled down. And written a term demanding that South Carolina be taken populist her from opening and opening up for exploration of the heat if you know it was out there and how many jobs that would create needy. What really natural gas industry could go out out there and tell you how they could do it in number arm only sound way. And you knew it would do for the state you freak out. By the way bomb the state government would get 37 net percent. Of the revenues generated PP profit revenues generated from that the oil and natural gas turnoff for source according to our congressman Jeff talk. So you know while they're in Columbia trying to figure out how to Jack your taxes. We're we're sitting on a mother let. Now think music we won enough they can do it you know I don't wanna ruin the beaches are going to when he died but Jeff Duncan says he sits on the committee. That studies this into the new generation. No platforms for both oil and natural gas you can even see them from the shore. But Mick disaster in shameful move our governor. Who was elected after. We liked and he's not our elected governor has decided to shut down debate that he is the only one who should have a set. We should be debating this at the legislature we be great to have this debate. But still he persists. Was tremendously disappointed and arm in trade. No one you know one of our listeners sent him an email. Asking him hey you know pin you would what do you think you can you support drilling Kenny Kenny try to talk some sense into those folks up there. Said that you know we we have to preserve our pristine beaches are married to you and in a bit from that letter that he sent to a constituent. That that I have free here so he apparently is for the most part on the same side as meant disaster. And they show right preserve the pristine beaches are important to South Carolina and up Chris from watts for what for what we. That's what we have to preserve because easy we have to say from what. Telus I mean what is it. That you're gonna save them fry up. Specifically what does tell us. What what is the rip what are the odds and was terrorist make your argument thinking. They came so I'm I'd do it for. And I guarantee you Andreotti and it disaster. Have never heard what I am about to touch. The or were there are thirteen and is just thirteen. Thirteen major oil spills in world history we're talking tens of thousands. Of doubt it's not natural gas bills by what creeping big disaster is is. Jeff Duncan. Why you look at the national gas. What why would you do that. There's been no as answer explanation from the thirteenth let's get a listing say let's let's do it Ari can't. I sort of a worst case scenario we all saw BP prize ring we don't want that to happen broke one of the ads. These thirteen there have been thirteen large oil spills in history tens of millions of gallons. One of them was the BP oil's been. Added thirteen large spills. Eight. We're from oil tankers. The tankers. Not a platform. Not though oil processing placed net. The tank car. The tanker. So I guess a question here do you do you drive your car day. Clearly one inch for gas and got into my ped and car. I would you're opposed to this and you need to stop driving your car we ran over at the web just slightly actually. A billion cars today on this planet active. 90% of them. More on gas. And we had thirteen major. Oil spills. That would over ten million gallons. Hot. Exit. At sit on the most of them in the sixties and seventies and again eight of them tankers. So let's end this way so we indicate tanker. Oil tanker most of them far out to seek. And bush need a collision is or some system meltdown in the tanker what are some was in the first direct war. It was a result of war. So I mean this idea today Digg if we don't drill offshore somehow we're gonna prevent an oil spill. And what happened with BP. In terms of the source is not good speller right after you as is is still right off the platform and is gonna go to the B couldn't. A little heavy what are you add to that. Infinitesimal. Bit they're tiny. When you look at Dennis. This is going public back to 1967. What what when we've had this bills at all again is the tankers transporting oil that happens every day it's going to have to if we run our cars. So I might still wished just just just you know indeed when asked why. What. Is your specific. Objection. We can't see the platforms. We know what's out there will always beat Massimo my jobs generate will be worth the risk. Would you risk kids. There isn't even any risk from natural gas. Gerald from captains you agreed with our governor. Ordered deported mouth drop open brittle so we journal which is okay. Yes I'll probably aren't aren't ready I'm ready to call it a lot here what I hear you should look back. Our goal. Is to tell fort. With the gold rested to California. You know they'd look look at California now. And it I would object it was all about the bowl it would be on the back side or in South Carolina faithful got a goal and are still there. It probably follow war would ultimately turn it Atlantic. Try to get to motivate. I it would be eight bait if that's. It is our problem Fargo global draw. And got got about Bob I'll April got it all up. Okay so. Okay because until liberals took over California it was our next to Texas the most prosperous state in the nation. Furlong. We're going to be your exit route the it turned into 88 completely with what is important watching football all unbelievable what itself or yeah. While all Gerald come on we did president this country is a drill under goal. This visited the illegal immigrants all went to California. The children that legal and vote for liberal and in dutrow. Like even beyond this. 43. Lowest household income for a family of four in the nation. 45 lowest workforce participation. Rates. And I destroy a web preserved from what X. Exam what are you afraid of why we at least get her never for national gap why. There's no explanation I think these guys fully understand usage and anybody Google. Text your raids continued his contact info. For the person persons. From. So we can urged them to ignore. Henry an export yet hmmm well I mean you can write the White House. You can also raids. Or call our governor Henry made disaster by texting gov GO GT the text line 713. 07. Interest rates. Hey Jerry is examiner will. Ms. say OK I'm quick at that interest rates. Tear it must be something that we're not seeing from it taxed or to fight this follow. The money that it takes to raise the governor Beasley is an idiot. Another street may master should take the tide and telling us. Boy. Antics strange Gerald drives all pick up only five miles names still use the post office it's not 1973 martyr is the gold rush. Is over in California. I'm sure there's a mining. And yeah and see it it's not just make it's not just me disaster unfortunately. This where is it since he mean by a seniority listener. DM and and say hey listen a YY. Eight yeah are you do you support you should support oil expiration offer crusty and not turn in a supporting drilling we're talking about it as supporting exploration. Jay just seeing what's out there. Again you're back South Carolina has unparalleled natural beauty which is a source of economic growth and part of what makes South Carolina unique. While technology continues to improve the safety associated with trying. The burden of persuasion is squarely on the shoulders of those seeking to drill off the shores South Carolina. My own presumption is in favor doing nothing to jeopardize the economic an aesthetic power of south Carolina's test. Okay. Here's a problem. He says that the burden of persuasion is squarely on the shoulders of those seeking to drill. Okay well we can't have the debates sir if they're not allowed to explore. We don't know where you where they would drill. We're out conceived from the coast. We know what the risk is of an oil spill and how far out is it even reaching the ghost we don't we don't know anything. We know what come on technology you're using what's happened since BP horizon. Here's innocent what are the odds and we must. Be nuts. But like an oil spill that comes. From a platform. It's it's absolutely tiny and I'm surprised there aren't more. When you look at me a platform or pipe related oil spills since 1967. There's been like five. In the world. That totaled you know I ten million gallons plus. Return my you know tens of many out tens of millions gallons hundreds of millions down the tape. In almost all of them are from the tankers. Com am a lot of them have bang countries that don't really have really good regulation. It's it's not our tankers that we usually have a problem with. And and so this this behind this idea that you know we we had we have tankers. Coming and going all the time. With oil and natural gas. All made disaster may have missed the part entry getting voter finesse. Where we lifted. The ban on exporting our own you know natural resource. Did you we we did and it was between fifteen and so what where does you'll going to do that weirdos that natural gas. Tankers. Where today. International waters. And apart from the East Coast golf at Texas a lot of what did the NPR Gulf of Mexico a lot of there are all over the place in international waters. And the biggest risk is not gonna platforms it's from the tankers. I I would you know what if you run into these guys I challenge you ask them. Ask them what I asked them how many Alan you know major spills we've had a Boyle. And what do they originate from I did they can't tell you. A source about eight A tiny tiny risk here and oil spill. Verses they gain above the 50000 jobs. For South Carolina. And we don't really want to have a debate. Real onto explores shall we can't have a debate according to nick disaster and apparently now trade. I am I just owners and I'm pressure exiting just a lot ignorance here.